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Abridged Jackson County Birth Records (1911-1914)

photo of a couple with child

Our library has a set of digital images of birth records for 1911-1914. The images were made from handwritten transcriptions abstracted from official records available from the Jackson County Health Department in the 1960's. Each record is limited in content to legally allowed facts presently available to researchers. Each record includes the name, sex, and date of birth of the infant as well as the father's name and the mother's name.

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Jackson County Birth Records
Last name, first name

Name (A-Frye) Name(Fu-Oxley) Name (Oz-Ysunza)
Abbott, Dorin Fuller, (Daughter of James D.) Ozburn, (Daughter of William A.)
Abbott, Glenna Maud Fulton, Barbara Wright Page, Virginia
Abercombie, William Warner Furuta, Kazuno Parke, Maxine
Ackley, (Son of L. S.) Gaddis, Albert Crawford Parker, (Son of James)
Adams, Florie Norma Gaddis, Earl Angle Parker, George
Adams, Genevieve Gainer, Charles H. Parks, Ralphe Stearns
Adams, Jennica Gale, (Daughter of Robert E.) Parmerle, Enid Hellen
Adams, Lois Marjorie Gall, Ester Pearl Patterson, Edward Boyer
Adamson, (Daughter of Edward B.) Gallivan, Euylin Anina Patton, Joseph
Ager, Gene Guiniveri Gardner, (Daughter of Edward Chester) Payne, (Son of J. Theodore)
Ager, Rae Garland, Henry J. Payne, Ruth
Aikins, Jane Evelyn Garman, Wilma Edith Paynter, Ettie Mabel
Aikins, Paul Robert Garnett, Henry Clifton Paynter, Raymond
Aikins, Rose Marie Garrison, Andrew J. Pearce, Dorothea Marie
Alexander, (Daughter of Divella) Gaskin, (Daughter of Richard) Peck, Virginia
Alexander, Margaret Blanche Gaskin, Cecilia Peffey, Esther Elizabeth
Allard, Wiletha Marie Gasper, Melvin Joseph Peile, Earl Kirchgessner
Allard, Wiletha Marie Gault, Donald Leonard Peile, Lottie May
Allen, (Son of W. D.) Gebhard, Alice Gertrude Peirson, Helen
Allen, (Son of Y.H.) Gebhard, Allen Edward Pepper, (Daughter of Carl H.)
Allin, (Daughter of Robert T.) George, Alton Bryan Pepper, Violet Alwilda
Amadon, (Daughter of Elgan) Gerkins, Wilber Merit Per Lee, Mary Angeline
Anderson, (Son of John Munroe) Gibson, (Son of Walter C.) Percival, Albert Victor
Anderson, Josephine Gillaspy, Frances Lucile Perrine, Nellie Marie
Anderson, Maxine Lureva Gillette, (Daughter of Ira S.) Perry, (Daughter of Harry)
Anderson, Melvin Walter Gillis, William W. Peterson, (Daughter of Charles A.)
Andren, Dorothy Gilman, Lester Henry Peterson, Francis Leopold
Anning, Jane Harberta Ginet, Jenette Olivette Peterson, Harry LeRoy
Antle, Katherin Jane Given, Catherine Peterson, Silver Ernest
Applebaker, (Son of Joseph) Glover, (Daughter of Paul) Petri, (Daughter of Washington M.)
Applegate, Chester Low Glover, Barnard Isriel Cox Pfeiffer, Arvina Dora
Applegate, Dorothy Alice Goetze, (Daughter of Albert C.) Phillips, John
Applegate, Elizabeth Luella Good, Raymond Phipps, William
Applegate, Lola Enid Good, Virgil Piatt, William Douglas
Applegate, Ruth Maxine Goodlett, (Son of Oda C.) Pierce, Thelma
Arant, (Son of Ernest J.) Gore, (Daughter of Ed. E.) Pierson, Laura
Arant, Albion Howard Graff, Mow Pinkerton, Arthur D.
Arants, Della Louisa Graham, Patrick Pittman, George Verne
Armpriest, Robert Grantham, Bulah Pitts, (Son of George E.)
Arnspiger, Bertha Jane Grantham, Jewel Platt, Halett Homer
Arnspiger, Mary Helen Graves, Esther Ruth Plymie, Giles Clayton
Ashcraft, Leland James Gray, Charles Marshall Poe, Ethan Allen
Ashcraft, Ruth Marion Gregg, Edna Ruth Ponting, Wilbur Jacob
Atterberry, (Son of James E.) Gregory, (Daughter of Loren) Poor, Clarence Alexander
Atterbury, (Son of J.E.) Gressley, Lucile Glacier Poor, Frances Ellen
Atterbury, Iris Gribble, John Foster Porter, Dorothy Annetta
Austen, Elizabeth Hawkhurst Grieve, (Son of John L.) Porter, Elias Hull
Avery, (Daughter of Leland B.) Grigsby, Mabel Porter, Helen
Avery, Earnest Eugene Grisey, Dorothy Porter, Hildagarde
Badger, Clarence Ronald Grisey, Dounald Porter, Marguerite
Bagley, Charles Miller Grisey, Katherine Lillian Porter, Thelma
Bagley, Marion Esabelle Groff, Forest Potter, Albert Sylvester
Bagley, Mary Warren Grow, (Son of Homer S.) Powell, (Son of Arthur E.)
Bailey, Elmira Grow, Phil Gordon Powell, Benjamin L.
Baker, Clarence Edwin Grubb, (Daughter of William C.) Powell, Bernice Ilene
Baldwin, (Daughter of Marshall L.) Guernsey, Frances Power, Esther
Baldwin, Charlotte Gunter, (Son of Schuyler C.) Power, Josephine Etheldra
Baldwin, Howard Gethwal Guthrie, (Son of Ernest F.) Poyser, Lila Alice
Bancher, (Son of Luther) Hackard, Dorothy Prescott, Harriet
Banta, (Daughter of Arthur B.) Hagen, Vincent Chandler Presler, Horton
Banta, (Daughter of Roy) Hale, Frederick Abner Preston, Frank Carleton, Jr.
Barber, Emma Elmira Hale, Ruth Mary Preston, Helen Virginia
Barber, Mary Arvilla Hall, Edwin Edward Prock, Jean Beadle
Bardwell, Elizabeth Hall, Ernest Wayne Provost, Charles Philip
Barker, Orpha Eleanor Hall, George Oglivie Pugh, Franklin Leroy
Barnes, Charles Hall, Mona Fay R. Puhl, (Daughter of Frederick)
Barnes, Joseph Hall, Nellie Pulaski, (Son of R. L.)
Barnes, Robert Otto Hamaker, Bernice Pulaski, Olin Charles
Barnett, Albert Stephen Hamill, (Daughter of P. W.) Purdin, Jean
Barnett, Jennie Hamilton, (Daughter of Charles) Purdin, Walter
Barnum, Thelma Leota Hamilton, (Daughter of Fannie) Pursel, (Son of Nelson)
Batchelder, Irwin Roy Hamlin, Jerald Frederick Purves, James
Bateman, Irwanda Mabel Hammer, (Daughter of Loyd) Putney, Harris E.
Bateman, John Perl Hammond, Gertrude Quackenbush, (Son of Ralph)
Baughman, Hannah Margaret Hammond, Rosamond Arlene Radford, Arthur William
Beagle, Melvin James Hanold, James E. Rafferty, Margaret Kathleen
Beart, (Daughter of Jim W.) Hanscom, Thelma Luvern Ralston, Lucile Ethel
Beck, James Hansen, Frank A. Ramsey, Lavern May
Beck, Wanda Hanson, (Son of Charles E.) Randles, Dale
Beckett, (Daughter of Thomas C.) Hanson, Samuel Griffith Rankin, (Daughter of John P.)
Beckett, (Son of Thomas C.) Hardy, Eleanor Frances Rankin, Ruth Guseeda
Beeson, Richard D. Hardy, Eleanor Frances Rasso, Victor Earnest
Bell, Bessie May Harland, Guy Brain Ray, (Daughter of Thomas W.)
Bell, Virgil Albert Harmon, Dorothy Louise Raymon, (Daughter of Clarence)
Bellinger, (Daughter of Fred C.) Harper, Chauncy Albert Raypholtz, Wilma
Bellinger, (Daughter of Fred C.) Harrell, (Son of Joe) Real, Mathias Clifford
Bellows, Mildred Elizabeth Harrington, Donald Charles Reames, Eugene Earnest
Bender, Clifford Laurence Harrington, Virginia Dorothy Reames, Lucious Edwin
Bender, Janita Belle Harris, Fern Minerva Reames, Roberta
Bennett, Edward Franklin Hart, (Daughter of Alfred C.) Redden, Loraine
Bennett, Frances Eliz Hart, Elizabeth Reddy, John Francis
Bennett, Harry Lawson Hart, Leon Dale Reddy, Mary Agatha
Bennett, Loleta Marie Hartley, Joseph Clinton Reeder, Ira Rush
Bergstrom, Dorothy Elizabeth Harvey, (Son of John Albert) Reeder, Ira Rush
Berkley, Val Felix Harvey, Opal Hendrix Reeder, Lucile
Betts, Louise H. Hash, James Jones Reese, William Alvin
Bevington, Mary Harriett Haskins, Gertrude Leona Reeve, (Daughter of Clarence M.)
Bigalow, Earl Hatch, Gordon Larue Reeve, (Son of Clarence M.)
Billings, Ruth Frances Hawkinson, Mary Evelyn Rehkoff, Benjamin Franklin
Billings, Terence Enoch Hay, Raymond Renaud, Alice Elizabeth
Bishop, Inez Vivian Hayes, (Son of Elfred) Reynand, Gordon Luscious
Black, John Maupin Haynes, Irvin Riley Reynolds, (Son of James W.)
Black, Leslie Francis Hazelwood, Cliff Shirley Reynolds, Larkin Darrell
Blackburn, Marie Hazen, (Daughter of Clarence A.) Rhodes, Herman Lyal
Blackington, Frederick Hazen, Quenton Douglas Rhoten, (Son of John E.)
Blake, David Grant Hearst, (Son of Fred) Rhoten, Mary
Blake, Edgar William Hearst, Claude Rice, Elizabeth Bidwell
Blake, Robert A. Hedge, Mona Dixon Rice, Virginia Lee
Blaker, Opal May Heffnair, Rosemond Juaneta Richards, (Daughter of Newton A.)
Blasing, Paul Wesley Hege, Harriet Mae Richardson, (Son of George)
Blodgett, (Son of James W.) Heisel, Harold Naylor Richardson, John Franklin
Blotter, Michael Hendrickson, Ray Richmond, (Daughter of J. Edgar)
Bluett, Dorothy Agnes Henry, Elenor Edythe Riggs, Beatrice
Boardman, (Son of Elmer B.) Henry, Robert Ring, David Ray
Boardman, Joseph Augustus Henry, William B. Rippey, Helen Frances
Bobier, (Son of Earl) Henson, Stanley Rice Ritchie, Mary
Bolch, (Daughter of Fred) Herbert, Margarite Isaelle Roach, Claud
Bolch, Helen Hervey, George Henry Roach, Phoebe
Boltz, Thomas Franklin Hibbard, Margarthe Roberts, (Daughter of Count P.)
Bolz, (Son of R. F.) Hibbs, (Son of Marvin I.) Roberts, (Daughter of Robert R.)
Bolz, Walter Hickman, Bessie Marie Roberts, Dorothy Frances
Bond, Clyde Herbert Higgins, Robert Lewis Roberts, Mary Lee
Bonney, (Son of H. C.) High, Cathrine Isabel Robertson, (Daughter of Charles W.)
Boone, Marion Higinbotham, William Clare Robinson, (Son of George E.)
Booth, (Daughter of Robert F.) Hilliary, Norman Eugene Robinson, (Son of Reuben)
Booth, (Daughter of Roderick F.) Hines, (Son of Eli Irvin) Rodgers, (Daughter of Charles)
Boren, Nellie May Hittle, (Daughter of William W.) Rodgers, James Hartligh
Bosqui, John William Hoagland, Verita Neomi Rohr, Hardin Ralph
Bourget, Louis Ernest Hodgkiss, Edwin Theodore Root, (Daughter of F. M.)
Boussum, Bullah Jene Hodgson, Robert Anthony Rose, (Son of Charles R.)
Boussum, Mary Ruth Hoffman, (Son of John R.) Rose, Marjorie Elaine
Bowers, Jno. Holbrook, Delores Rose, Rebecca Jean
Bowers, Raymond Rolfe Holdridge, Esther Gertrude Rose, Robert Woodrow
Boyd, (Daughter of Joe W.) Hood, (Daughter of Earl A.) Rose, Virginia
Boyd, (Daughter of Joseph W.) Hood, Milton Lorenzo Roseberry, Vinita
Boyd, Alma Fern Hoogerhide, Kenneth Clyde Rosecrans, Edward Everell
Boyd, Donald Charles Sylvester Hooker, (Son of John D.) Rosencrans, Rodney William
Boyd, Eleanor Lucile Hooker, Ruth Rouscher, Leon Ronald
Boyl, John Frederich Hopkins, Dorothy Louisa Rowley, Ione
Boyl, Robert Morris Hopkins, Howard Franklin Ruble, Flora Ollie
Bracher, Marjorie Eloise Hosley, Robert Leroy Ruch, Nona May
Brad, William Blair Hover, Laurence Ruger, Francis Dorrance
Bradley, John Hover, Veria Annabelle Rush, (Daughter of Orlie B.)
Bradshaw, Leonard Lee Howard, (Son of Harvey F.) Rush, (Daughter of Orlie B.)
Bragie, Rolland Bert Howard, Mary Isadore Russell, Emery Fay
Brainard, Clarence Hughes Howard, William Stanley Ryan, Lewis Laurence
Brandon, Juanita Mildred Hoxie, Beatrice Jane Ryan, Wayne Jennings
Brant, Dorothy Hoxie, Norman Sabine, Elsie
Bratney, Robert Elgin Hubbard, (Daughter of Ralph S.) Samuels, Jack Wagner
Britt, John Addison Hubbard, (Son of Morris) Sander, Leona Elizabeth
Britten, Lillian Louise Hueners, (Daughter of John H.) Sander, Mary Agnes
Brittsan, (Son of Herbert W.) Hueners, (Son of John H.) Sander, Mary Louise
Brobeck, (Daughter of Carl) Huffman, Howard Walter Sander, May Ruth
Brobeck, (Daughter of Walter) Hughes, (Daughter of Linsel Harrison) Sanders, Richards
Brobeck, Lillian Luella Hughes, Charles Edward Sanderson, Phyllis
Brockman, Robert Eaneril Preston Hughes, Ethel Pearl Sandstrom, (Daughter of Rolf L.)
Brommer, Alma Louise Hull, (Son of William H.) Sankey, (Daughter of Frank)
Broms, (Son of Earl) Hulse, Hazel V. Sargent, Snowden Gregg
Brooks, Donald William Hunt, Itha Mary Savage, (Son of James C.)
Brophy, Margaret Louisa Hunt, Willard Thomas Schmidt, Frederick Watson
Brower, Norma Alberta Hurn, Theodore John Schmidt, Jane Elizabeth
Brown, (Daughter of George) Hutchison, Neva Jessie Schnack, Helen Catherine
Brown, (Daughter of Ozio Louis) Hutson, Blossom Schnack, Henry George
Brown, (Son of Elmer Jim) Ingram, Edward Schneberk, (Son of Matt)
Brown, (Twin Daughter of J. Amos) Inlow, Clarence Ray Schneider, (Daughter of Frank E.)
Brown, (Twin Daughter of J. Amos) Isaacs, (Son of William F.) Schnier, (Daughter of William A.)
Brown, Donald Milton Iverson, Wallace George Schnier, (Son of William)
Brown, Frances Jack, (Son of Wilbur L.) Schrack, Morgan
Brown, George Ingram Jackson, Marion Deloris Schrock, Amelia May
Brown, Leon Dehoy James, Mark M. Schuchard, Earl Adolph
Brown, Marie Catherine Janney, Kate Denneston Schuette, Herbert Harold
Brown, Marion Jasmine, William Louis Schuldt, Francis Jacob
Brown, Mary Susan Jeffery, Florence Alberta Schuler, (Son of Harry)
Brown, Ruth Jane Jenkins, Maxine Leonore Schulz, Gladys Mae
Buckley, James T. Jennings, Raymond Edward Schump, Elizabeth
Bundette, Ula Mildred Jescke, Rudere Ernest Wilhem Seuright, Andrew W.
Burnett, (Daughter of George W.) Johnson, (Daughter of S. L.) Seymour, (Daughter of George)
Burnett, (Son of Henry C.) Johnson, Louis Augusta Shaffer, Clarence Dee
Burnette, Parthena May Johnson, Lulu Shaffer, Donald
Burnette, Virgil Jonas, Paul Everett Shaffer, Francis Theodore
Burns, James H. Jones, (Daughter of William E.) Shaffer, Janet Isabel
Burns, Richard Houghton Jones, Edna Helen Shaw, (Daughter of Clyde C.)
Burr, Mary A. Jones, Eva Louise Shaw, Allen Abraham
Burtan, Bessie Jones, Helen Maxwell Sherard, (Daughter of Albert)
Bush, Austin Faust Jones, Loleta Louise Sherard, Dorothea
Byerly, James Killman Jones, Paul Shimoda, Ayaho
Cadwalader, (Son of Sherman) Jones, Sarah Shipman, (Daughter of Ralph W.)
Cadzon, Jean Elizabeth Jordan, Fred E. Shoemaker, (Son of Edward)
Cadzon, Robert Murray Jordan, Robert Ewalt Shoemaker, Francis
Calder, Ladonna Joy, Adena Harriet Shump, Thelma Lovita
Caldwell, (Son of Thomas) Joy, Beulah Elizabeth Silva, Earl
Calvin, Maria Joy, Richard Carturight Simerville, Josephine Elizabeth
Cameron, Ruth Charity Judy, Violet Cristobel Singler, August D. Jr.
Campbell, Richard Kamikawa, George Seiso Slack, (Daughter of James M.
Canfield, James Lan Katen, John Corey Slievard, (Daughter of Ruben B.)
Capp, Hazel Keizner, Margaret Irene Small, Alfred Elvin
Carey, Lawrence Albert Keizur, Frances Smith, (Daughter of Clark Allen)
Carkin, Earl Turner Kellogg, Joseph Boyce Smith, (Daughter of Herbert A.)
Carkins, (Son of John H.) Kelts, John A. Jr. Smith, (Daughter of James C.)
Carless, Mary Elizabeth Kendall, (Son of George S.) Smith, (Son of Charles A.)
Carper, Eileen Kennedy, George T. Smith, Alfred Frank
Carrie, (Son of Reuben T.) Kentner, Harriet Barbara Lucile Smith, Beulah
Carter, Clara Deylene Kentner, Herbert Thomas Smith, Charley Urich
Carter, Elizabeth Kenyon, (Son of E. E.) Smith, Clarence Guy
Carter, Glenn Hughes Kerby, Ella May Smith, Elmer Emerson
Case, Alice Irene Kerby, Eugene Forest Smith, Elsie May
Casper, (Daughter of Hampton M.) Keyes, John Patterson Smith, George J.
Cassidy, Edna Hazel Kime, Helen Margarette Smith, John Joseph
Caster, Elizabeth King, George Wesley Smith, Leonard William
Caston, Richard Roy Kingery, Garold Lobert Smith, Lois Ernestine
Castor, John Thornton Kinney, (Daughter of Clarence E.) Smith, Mabel Lorain
Cates, Ada Viola Kirby, Ila Smith, Mary Elizabeth
Caton, (Son of Harry F.) Kirkpatrick, Blanche Louise Smith, Orville Roy
Cave, Joseph Donald Kleinhammer, (Daughter of Fred) Smith, Philip R.
Chamberlain, Verl Barton Kleinhammer, (Daughter of Fredrick) Smithston, Hugh
Chambers, Walter John Klum, William George Snook, Roy F.
Chandler, Lorene Josephine Knutson, (Son of John) Snooks, (Daughter of Frank)
Chaney, Richard Lee Koontz, Robert Eugene Sousa, Paul Franklin
Chapman, Pricilla Krause, Frank Muller Sowers, Dorothy
Chapman, Vivian Isadore Kroschel, (Son of S. (or J.) A.) Sowers, Jeanette
Charlton, Abby Trafford Kroschell, (Son of S. A.) Spaer, Lillian Gladys
Cherry, Ruth Kubli, (Daughter of Chester C.) Spalding, Robert
Childers, (Daughter of Elmer) Kuntzen, (Daughter of Jacob C.) Spayde, Geraldine
Childers, (Father - Frank) La Rouche, John Gow Spellman, Howard Goodlaw
Childers, Charles Harvey LaCerf, Rose Spellman, Irene Rhydle
Childers, Raymond Wein LaClair, Bernardine Matilda Spencer, (Son of A. G.)
Childers, Spencer Lyons Lafferty, William Gordon Spencer, (Son of Harry D.)
Childreth, (Daughter of George M.) Lang, Walter Leland Spencer, Altadena Charlotte
Chisholm, Jean Martha Lanini, Louis Vincent Spencer, Arthur
Chisholm, John Allen C. Largent, (Father - R.) Spencer, Floyd H.
Chrissinger, Florence Etta Lathrop, James Leigh Spencer, Pauline LaVern
Christian, (Father - Ralph) Lathrop, John Tennison Spindler, Dorothy
Churchman, Margaret Helen Laudram, (Son of Porter) Spindler, Roy
Cincade, Donald David Lawlor, Richard Liddell Spitzer, Eliza Margaret
Clansing, Walter Orville Lawrence, Josehene Mildred Sprague, Lucile Deborah
Clarey, (Daughter of Charles T.) Layton, (Son of John Lester) Springer, Cale
Clark, (Daughter of Jno H.) Leaming, (Daughter of Edward Waldo) Springer, Jean
Clark, Arthur W. Leaming, Bertha Elizabeth St. James, (Daughter of Raleigh)
Clark, Lloyd Ford LeBaron, Roy St. James, Raleigh
Clark, Opal Fern Lemini, John Stagg, Leroy
Clark, Violet Lennox, Keith James Standley, William Ellis
Clary, (Daughter of C.F.) Leonard, Claud Arthur Stansell, (Daughter of Leslie W.)
Clement, Marcelle Leples, Eli Herron Stansell, Donald Elmer
Cockran, Esther Sabra Leslie, Constant Tetus Starns, (Son of Jesse D.)
Coffman, William Merton Lester, (Daughter of Elmer) Steadman, Robert Douglas
Coffman, William Merton, Jr. Lester, (Son of Elma E.) Stearns, Roberta
Coggins, (Son of W. E.) Levenson, Chester Albert Stennett, Mabel
Coker, Wayne Edward Lewis, (Daughter of C. W.) Stephenson, (Son of Henry B.)
Colbert, Dorothy Lewis, George Henry Stevens, Bertha May
Colby, Dorothy May Lewman, John Albert Stevens, Cleo
Cole, Margaret Lewright, Roy Stevens, Donald H.
Cole, Thelma Limini, John Stevens, Lathel Boyd
Coleman, Louisa Demon Lincoln, Hayford Nelson Steward, David Dawson
Collins, (Daughter of Charles E.) Lindblad, (Son of Frank) Stewart, (Son of Milton N.)
Collison, Leland Franklin Lindley, (Daughter of Frank) Stewart, Alfred Ray
Colver, Agnes Low Lindley, Alton Blucher Stimson, Steven
Colver, Eldred Lindley, Franklin, Jr. Stinson, (Son of Frank)
Colvig, (Daughter of Donald) Lindley, Gertrude Alice Stinson, Benjamin Franklin
Colvig, Frederick Wall Lindsay, Rolland Crawford Stolz, Elizabeth Emily
Combe, Grace Elizabeth Linsey, David Thomas Storm, Roderick Miles
Combest, (Son of Cyrennius) Little, John T. Stover, Jean
Combest, (Son of Hugh) Lloyd, Mark Owen Stratton, Kenneth Percival
Comser, Guy W. Lockwood, Lowell Straub, Louis Adolph
Conger, (Son of H. E.) Lofland, (Daughter of H. N.) Stringer, (Son of W. W.)
Conner, Hellen Rosetta Lofland, (Daughter of Roy F.) Sturtevent, Alice
Conover, Victor Johnson Lofland, (Son of Percy D.) Suey, Samuel
Conrad, Netta Lommasson, (Daughter of James R.) Summer, Lewis
Cook, Frances Mae Long, Albert Charles Summer, Thurman Ole
Cooke, (Son of William B.) Long, Earl Summers, Leora
Coombs, Ellamore Mary Long, Jim Swain, John Alden
Cooper, Elizabeth Narcius Loomis, (Daughter of Al M.) Swank, Victor Lenwood
Cooper, Francis E. Losey, Mildred Swanson, (Daughter of Carl E.)
Cope, Geneva Love, Roy Swartzfager, Dow
Copple, (Daughter of William E.) Lowden, Iola M. Sylvia, Esther Elnora
Corbett, (Daughter of James Roy) Lowe, (Son of Oscar E.) Talent, (Daughter of Charles P.)
Cornell, Edward G. Lowry, Cleo Bell Taylor, (Daughter of Claud L.)
Corum, (Daughter of George H.) Loyd, Alice Carrol Taylor, Alfred Henry
Cowden, Gladys May Lyon, Thelma Taylor, Gertrude
Cowley, (Son of W. A.) Mahan, (Son of Edwin J.) Taylor, Josephine Naomi
Cox, (Son of Carl) Mallett, Georgia Elizabeth Teeters, Merrita Louise
Cox, Louis Marion Malone, Duane Earnest Teeters, Mersita Louis
Coy, Dorothy May Mansfield, (Daughter of George A.) Tekoias, George
Coy, Seth Mansfield, Rose Tepovac, Mary
Craig, Francis Marcus, Freda Christina Thacker, (Daughter of A. D.)
Crance, Frank Marion, Benjamin Cartwright Theis, (Son of Fredrick)
Crank, (Son of Walter Samuel) Mark, Alma Thomas, Ralph Steward
Creecy, Ardith Marshall, Helen Frances Thompson, Margaret
Crews, (Daughter of Artie C.) Marshall, Marjorie Joy Thurman, (Daughter of William Henry)
Crews, Nelda Martin, Byrl Genevieve Tilman, Laura Elizabeth
Croft, Madeline Eleanor Martin, Helen Tone, Alberta Estilla
Croft, Melvin Reaves Martin, Neal Trask, Alfred James
Crosby, Luther Martinvale, (Daughter of Edward Lee) Tremonti, Oren
Crowson, (Daughter of Frank H.) Marvin, Maxwell Stickel True, Ruth
Croxall, (Twin Son of James) Mason, Velma May Tryer, Carl Elsworth
Croxall, (Twin Son of James) Matthews, Daphne Amelia Tryer, Ida Laura
Croy, Violet Vernia Vivian Mayer, Marjorie Ethel Turnbough, Donald Willis
Crum, (Son of Ray V.) Mayne, Janie D. Turnbough, Gladys Opal
Culy, (Daughter of George A.) Mayne, John D. Turnbough, Howard Theodore
Culy, (Daughter of George A.) McArthur, Mildred Turner, Paul Daniel
Cunningham, Mildred Iris McCain, Robert Allen Turpin, (Daughter of Arch K.)
Cunningham, William Edward McCall, Jesse Irving Turpin, (Son of Charles W.)
Curran, (Daughter of Frank) McCallister, Elva Subina Turpin, Donald Willis
Curry, Edward Donald McCallister, Julia Turpin, Guy Woodford
Curzon, Louise Marie McCardle, (Daughter of William) Turpin, Ollie May
Cyester, Edward McConchill, Jno. Everett Tyrrel, Jeremiah
Cyster, Millard Edward McCoy, (Daughter of Bernard) Ulrich, Frank Ray
Dallaire, (Son of Adelard) McCullough, (Daughter of E. C.) Ulrich, Helen Blanch
Danford, Mary Edna McCurdy, Margaret Ann Ulrich, John Armand
Darby, D. Caleb McDonald, Norvall Woodrow Ulrich, Rowland Lockwood
Davidson, Verne Stevens McDonough, Carlos Wesley Urake, Ichin
Davis, (Daughter of Elmer E.) McGrew, Elmer Emmett Uyby, Monrod Frode
Davis, Arthur William McIntosh, Evelyn LaVerne Valentin, Walter Lee
Davis, Eilene Fern McIntosh, Kenneth Raymond Valentine, Ned Christian
Davis, Lester McIntyre, Janet Isabel Van Buskirk, Leon
Davis, Selma Marie McKinnis, (Daughter of Will) Van Decar, (Son of B. T.)
Daw, Vivian Blanch McKinnis, Myrtle Van Dusen, Lytle Richard
Dawson, Carl Lester McKinnis, Warren Van Dyke, Everett Spencer
Dawson, Carl Lester McKissick, Eleanor Van Landingham, Alden Francis
Dawson, Hazel Gwendolyn McLean, Edward Hutchinson Vance, Charles Porter
De Noe, (Son of Claude A.) McMann, Albert von der Hellen, Theodosia Elizabeth
DeArmond, (Daughter of Hugh L.) McManus, Elizabeth Cleora Vonhordenburg, Anna Jean
Delana, Albert McManus, Estene Naoma Vroman, (Son of Oris G.)
Delano, Elaine McMichael, Pauline Wahlstrom, Cecil Arthur
DeLap, (Son of Chester) McMichaels, Glen Walch, Easter Vanita
DeLap, Mondis McNab, Ione Estelle Walch, Edith Myrtle
Dellaire, Joseph Arthur McNealy, Ruth Arreno Walden, Carl Robert
Demmer, (Daughter of John) McPherson, Alvin W. Waldruff, Earl Hicks
Denham, James Franklin Meadows, Ora Henderson Walford, Dorothy Evelyn
Dennis, Ivan Mee, (Daughter of Warren D.) Walker, (Son of Alva)
Densmore, (Son of Joseph M.) Meier, Ernest Walker, Albert Roy
Dent, William Elmer Merling, Elizabeth May Walker, Mary May
Denton, Delbert Louis Merrifield, William H. Wall, Barbara Eleanor
Dexter, Elmer Clifton Messins, Donna Wall, Rosamond Eloise
Dixon, Helen Metsler, Columbus Irvine Walruff, Olive May
Dobyns, (Son of Willie Lee) Mettermuch, Juanita Waltermire, Edith Marie
Dodge, Donald Frank Metzler, Marg Walters, Zola
Dodge, Dorothy Amanda Metzler, Mary Anna Walton, Helen Katherine
Dodge, Marion E. Meyer, Amelia Luella Ward, Elsie Dolerca
Doran, Margaret Louise Meyers, Glendowen Everett Wardrip, Holt Crews
Dornbeck, Ella Meyers, Violet Marie Warner, Charles Emmitt
Dougherty, Howard V. Middleton, Daniel Warner, Gorden Calvin
Douglas, (Son of Ernst Arthur) Middleton, Nathaniel Warner, Winifred Birdseye
Douglas, Mary Janet Miles, (Daughter of Fred I.) Watanabe, Harnko
Drury, Barbara Miller, (Daughter of Jackson W.) Waters, Myra
Duffy, (Daughter of Allen) Miller, (Daughter of John) Weaver, (Son of Walter L.)
Duggan, William Miller, (Son of Alfred Harner) Weaver, Dorothy
Duncan, Ruth Eileen Miller, Esther Mary Webber, (Daughter of Harry E.)
Dunford, (Son of Oscar W.) Miller, Peggy Ankeny Webber, Harry
Dunn, (Son of William) Milligan, Donald Wells, (Daughter of B. R.)
Dunn, William Milligan, Floyd Wendt, (Son of E. J.)
Dunnington, Margaret Ellen Millner, Kenneth Allen West, Juanita
Dusenberry, Edith Anna Mills, Marjorie West, Orville
Dusenbury, Alfred Oliver Milton, Eva Westerfield, Richard Herman
East, Lucile Minkler, Gladys Ann Whetston, (Son of Henry Francis)
Eastman, Robert Leslie Misuor, Percy Carter Whetter, Emma Mary
Eaton, (Son of Lewis) Mitsumori, Lily White, (Daughter of Roe B.)
Edmeades, Donald Moffett, Glen Vincent White, Charles Omar
Edson, George Monia, Donna Lucile White, Edna May
Edwards, (Son of George F.) Montgomery, Claris Eva White, Edwin James
Edwards, Willis O. Moody, Joseph Millman White, Lenora May
Eggers, (Daughter of P. H.) Moore, (Son of Felix E.) Whiteman, Leola
Eicher, Nellie Maude Moore, Felix Enoch Whiteside, Fern Earline
Elliott, Frank Donald Moore, George Edwin Whitten, (Daughter of C. S.)
Elliott, George Neal Moore, Grace Whitten, Clark S.
Ellsworth, Elizabeth Glover Moore, Margaret Louise Wiede, Henry Jesse
Ellwood, (Son of Loyd R.) Moore, Martha Henrietta Wilcox, Nathan Talent
Elmore, (Son of Charles H.) Mopps, Agnes Louise Wilcox, Virginia
Emery, (Son of Melvin) Morgan, Floyd Chester Wilder, Eunice Opal
Emery, Maxine Marie Morgan, Mary Wilder, Ona Wave
Emmens, Jocelyn J. Morse, (Daughter of Dolly) Wiley, (Son of Thornton)
Emmens, Robert Gabel Morse, (Son Elmer H.) Wiley, Louis Emily
Endren, Dorothy Morse, (Son of Elmer Henry) Wiley, Mary
Engelhardt, Henry Conrad Moust, Raymond Cambell Wilker, Dorothea Ugenie
Engleleast, (Son of Conrad) Mowery, (Daughter of Edward) Wilkerson, (Son of Leon)
Erickson, (Daughter of C. W.) Murphy, (Twin Daughter of Omar W.) Wilkes, Emilie
Erskine, (Daughter of Henry) Murphy, (Twin Son of Omar W.) Wilkinson, John Edward
Erskine, (Daughter of Herbert F.) Murphy, Charles Francis Williams, (Daughter of W. E.)
Erwin, Ruth Murphy, Thelma Ella Williams, (Son of Charles Mahoy)
Espey, Dennis Mathison Murray, Mary Genevieve Williams, John
Estes, Catherine Jane Musgrave, (Son of J. S.) Williams, Mary Rachel
Estes, Rankin Thomas J. Muskopf, Dorothy Marie Williams, Ward Westerlund
Evanson, Elizabeth Mary Musser, Elsa Zimmerman Willson, Sarah Edna
Evenson, Florence Esther Nail, William Wilson, (Daughter of John)
Evenson, Joseph Earl Nakanietsu, Tsutonei Wilson, (Daughter of William Wilby)
Fager, Eunice Neathammer, (Daughter of Joshua) Wilson, (Son of Harry)
Fallace, Nellie Elizabeth Neet, Reva May Wilson, (Son of John R.)
Farmer, Daniel Nelson, (Daughter of Fred) Wilson, (Son of Owen T.)
Farmer, Genevieve Newlan, Leland Edwin Wilson, Bernice May
Farnham, Virginia Ann Nichol, Darrel Marvin Wilson, Georgia
Fehl, Roberta Nickell, William Francis Wilson, Helen Grace
Ferns, Edith Clara Nininger, Dorothy Louise Wilson, Maynard
Ferns, Victor Earl Nordman, (Father - Herman) Wilson, Orral
Ferris, Gladia May Norris, Robert William Wise, Cecil
Fichtner, Clyde C. Northridge, Walter Bunell Wise, Wanda
Fick, Virginia Eleanor Nunan, Virginia Elinor Witt, Keith
Fields, (Daughter of William J.) Nutsumori, (Son of Kiokadzia) Wolcott, Elizabeth June
Fields, (Son of George W.) O'Conner, Raymond Ward Wolf, (Daughter of George)
Fitch, Frank Warren O'Dell, Irene Margery Wolf, Edna Fern
Flackus, Dorothy Margaret O'Dell, Opal Wolfer, Stanley Jorden
Flackus, Jessie Elaine O'Dell, Thea Alta Wolgamott, Irene
Fleming, (Son of Silas) Oden, Bernice Womack, (Son of M. G.)
Fleming, John William Offutt, William Nathaniel Wood, (Daughter of David R.)
Fleming, Leroy Oien, Frieda Claressa Wood, Catherine
Fletcher, (Son of Mary Alice) Olds, Ruth Dixie Wood, Hazel Maxine
Fobrick, Frances Oliver, Edith Velma Wood, James E.
Foley, (Son of Clarence L.) Oliver, Havel Fannie Wood, Viola
Folk, Belle Oliver, Lewis Temple Woodford, Jimmie Lewis
Forbes, Donald Alford O'Niel, Franklin D. Works, (Daughter of Frank)
Forbes, Robert Arthur Opdyke, Paul Reginald Wright, Eugenia
Foss, Elizabeth Stone Orday, Richard Adrain Wright, Ivan Roy
Foss, Vivian Verna Orth, Dorothy Wright, Rex Henry
Francisco, Evelyn Oslin, (Son of Samuel J.) Wyant, Burrill Oliver
Francisco, Wilma Anaxin Ossing, (Son of James J.) Wyatt, Mildred
Fredenburg, (Daughter of W. Jack) O'Toole, Walter Henry Yamashita, Kimi Ko
Fredericks, Virginia Myrtle Owens, (Son of George S.) Yeo, (Son of George H.)
Fridiger, Gilbert Adolph Owens, Dean Yeo, Harold
Fritch, (Daughter of Walter Edwin) Owings, Carl Young, (Daughter of Marion)
Frost, (Son of Charles Walter) Owings, Harold Edward Young, Fern Hariette
Frost, Esther Irma Owings, Mearl Young, Irwin Courtland
Fry, Walter George Owings, Queen Young, Lela Eva
Frye, Jno. Earl Oxley, (Daughter of Wesley R.) Ysunza, (Son of P.)