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Jackson County Marriage Book #13 Index for 1921-1926 Alphabetized by the Bride's Name

RVGS volunteers have photographed and indexed the marriage record books housed in the Jackson County, Oregon courthouse. Below is our index to Marriage Book #13 for 1921-1926. It is in alphabetic order by the bride's name. Marriage Book #13 uses preprinted forms completed by the county clerk. Each page in Marriage Book #13 contains the certificates for a single couple and includes both the marriage license and certificate (assuming the license was acted upon).

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Marriage Certificate
How to order:
Names of bride and groom
Book, page

Groom Bride Page
Taylor, Herbert Lester Abbott, Frances M 528
Farmer, Earl John Adamsen, Rita Wynne 499
Badger, Raymond E Adamson, Helen E 176
Bauer, Ted G Adamson, Marjorie 335
Manley, John Ager, Irma 480
Bekdoldt, P Earl Allen, Alta May 148
Anderson, William Allen, Edna 256
Wray, Lloyd F Allen, Helen 218
Baker, Gordon E Alstead, Jeannette 417
Amberson, John Amberson, Sarah J 31
Nickerson, William E Anderson, Maude M 201
Roop, Wade Thomas Anderson, Stella 546
Pringle, Henry H Antle, Hazel 48
Guches, Archie Alvin Applegate, Bertha 314
Nye, Waldo Paul Arant, Imogene Loretta 406
Armpriest, Walter M Armpriest, Anette 272
McNeill, James O Armstrong, Alice E 620
Fletcher, John A Armstrong, Helen Adell 393
Caldwell, Kern Armstrong, Lottie 214
Quackenbush, Vaughn Leroy Armstrong, Mabel Beatrice 499
Brown, Arthur L Arnest, Julia Churchill 605
Hamilton, Lee Hallack Arnold, Gertrude 413
Hovey, Joseph L Arnold, Lydia E 179
Henspeter, Frank A Arnold, Reva E 403
Jones, William V Ashcraft, Esther R 289
Carr, William Henry Avery, Mae 416
Gregg, James R W Avery, Rena 537
Jacobs, Weaver G Baardson, Annie O 206
Long, Clarence B Babb, Tiny May 146
Elliott, Roy Bachmann, Clarabelle L 594
Taylor, Ross Baier, Lenore C 205
Breeding, Henry C Bailey, Leone 441  
Walden, Wilbur Leroy Bain, Ruth 368  
Morrow, Harry W Baker, Leila 340  
Morgan, Austin A Baldwin, Mary E 376  
Holloway, Garrett B Ball, Hazel 585  
Rosecrans, Fay Oliver Barker, Winifred O 553  
Daly, Michael Barkley, Marie 634 Marriage
Hilton, Ben Barnum, Marion Elizabeth 263  
Askew, George Barr, Ella 408  
Halsey, John H Barr, Nettie 45  
Lund, Leonard F Barrell, Bertha May 383  
Inskeep, Kenneth K Bartges, Beulah 509  
Laidley, William Glen Bartholomew, Lametta E 278  
Rowson, Arthur Barton, Edna 144  
Barger, Frederick Louis Barton, Jennie Gladys 325  
Keller, William C Batcheller, Arlie J 502  
Whillock, Floyd B Bateman, Martha Lucretia 490
Miller, George Edward Baumgardner, Irene 296
Angell, John Beal, Ruth 298
Thomas, William E Beaton, Mary A 436
Stannard, Edward M Beaver, Nellie M 64
Smith, Lloyd Stanley Bechtel, Iona 390
Badley, George W Beck, Nora D 63
McCargar, Richard H Bedwell, Dorothy 113
York, Earl H Bedwell, Gladys 144
Ritzsinger, Vincent T Beebe, Mary Faye 399
Tucker, George W Beeks, Mattie E 40
Snyder, Charles C Beeson, Thelma 537
Olsen, Thorwald M Belair, Margaret 538
Reinhart, James E Belair, Orilla 66
Hilty, Carl E Bennett, Gretchen 46
Steiger, Edward Bennett, Mary Agnes 131
Sinclair, Isaac Lawson Berrie, Alta Estella 639 Marriage
Whitney, Harle L Berryman, Lena 128  
Hankins, Orey Bertram, Grace Hadaway 467  
Blass, Louie Biberstedt, Olga 156  
Smith, Fred B Bigham, Lelia 236  
Mackey, Robert Bingham, Nellie (Mrs) 485  
Helman, Otis O Bippus, Julia 438  
Barneburg, Harry W Bish, Austia 371  
Anderson, Donald Bish, Hazel 371  
Clary, William Roy Black, Goldie 611  
Huson, Victor Edward Blackburn, Thelma Ruth 269  
Brock, George Albert Blalock, Stella Marie 312  
Phillips, Harold E Blankenbeckler, Willa 508  
Hughes, Cecil W Blankinship, Viola G 127  
Dodge, Paul R Bliton, Mildred 178  
Stuart, Edwin James Blue, Alicia Katherine 513  
Robinson, L Elmer Boardman, Arline 292
Kidd, William T Boardman, Irene 159
Birchfield, Jack Bodenhamer, Margie 533
Rathburn, Bruce E Bohn, Katherine 148
Pellett, Kenneth Bond, Thelma 421
Brenner, Truman Boomer, Donna 604
Johnson, Clarence A Boon, Edith J 10
Trojosky, Joseph Booth, Gertrude M 218
Broad, Joseph Borde, Josephine 72
Shepherd, Oscar Melvin Botkin, Lela 99
Jamison, Robert Voil Boutz, Marie Marguerite 582
Paul, William Howard Bowen, Anna 222
James, Edwin Thomas Bowman, Lola 384
Hicks, Stenard Boyd, Clara 177
Howsley, William M Bradbury, Mary 178
Norman, Fred J Bradwick, Florence 394
Duros, Nick Brallier, Velma 586
VanFleet, George Sigler Brandon, Eunice Ora 602
Dolan, Gordon Braun, Rosella 354
Webber, Clifford E Brenner, Grazia 524
Wilson, James Dee Brewer, Geneva Ann 204
Dougherty, Albert Hartman Brickey, Allie J 439
Pankey, Belmont T Bridges, Julia A 581
Harrison, Raymond T Bridges, Mildred C 403
Gilliam, Luther Owen Bristle, Lena 436
Miller, Jesse Bristow, Mildred 500
Callan, James Edward Brobeck, Eula L 21
Willitts, Merle M Brooks, Edith N 49
Mangin, Joseph N Broseau, Ellen 496
Callahan, Ora William Brown, Alice Joanna 476
Paxson, James G Brown, Dolly 121
Stevens, Roy Brown, Elizabeth 363
Squier, Kenneth Brown, Eulalah 243
Hawk, Harry E Brown, Goldie May 158
Davison, W E Brown, Katherine 150
Pech, Adolph Ludwig Brown, LaVerne 618
Fish, Theodore J Jr Brown, Margaret Clara 288
McCarthy, Kelly F Brown, Marion 350
Bailey, Chester M Brown, Velma 438
Melane, Howard A Brown, Viola H 22
Grant, Earl Bruner, Ethel 118
Barr, John W Bryant, Miriam 242
Deane, George W Buck, Jeanette 497
Sutherlin, James Marion Buck, Josephine 492
VanZandt, Ray J Buckles, Evelyn 607
Knutson, Karl James Bullock, Arletha 587
Sherrig, Alexander Burbidge, Isabelle 569
Sanberg, Charles M Burger, Myrtle M 58
Bentsen, Peter Burkey, Cora D 613
Holmes, Lovilo Lester Burnett, Valieta Hortense 66
Runk, Andrew Martin Burns, Della 473
Knight, Earl Burris, Vera 237
Jarrett, Walter Grady Burson, Ruth Elizabeth 529
Arens, George H Bush, Eva 112
Kathan, John R Bush, Nellie Grace 340
Nortridge, William Bussey, Dayton 527
Heriford, Earl N Butler, Mildred 217
Savage, Alfred M Butler, Nellie E 518
Kouns, Jacob Rice Butterfield, Anna (Mrs) 477
Force, Harry D Byerly, Eleanor 124
Thompson, Paul C Byerly, Evelyn 98
Stevison, John Cahoon, Mary 123
Scott, George L Caldwell, Mabel J 330
Hudson, Joseph C Calhoun, Katherine A 248
Whetstone, Newell Campbell, Bulah 2  
Webster, Ransom Wilber Campbell, Edith L 348  
Thumler, Bernard Campbell, Eva 601  
Berry, Rollie A Campbell, Isolene G 614  
Dunlap, Wilber Dewey Campbell, Margaret Caroline 566  
Vimont, Louis Jr Campbell, Ruth 151  
Sander, Gunden O Card (Cord), Callie F 608  
Homfeldt, Emil Cardwell, Nancy C 486  
Taylor, Glenn O Carkin, Theone 501  
Witham, Clinton A Carlson, Alice 639 Marriage
Puhl, Albert Henry Carlson, Lillian Christian 534  
Shelby, Joseph Claud Carmen, Jeane 518  
Bailey, Glen Frank Carmen, Margaret 259  
Hicks, Elmer A Carney, Harriet 404  
Filer, Joseph H Caron, Elsa E 503  
Hill, Olga Wiliam Carpenter, Eva 476  
McKee, Bert Adelbert Carroll, Lillie H 363
Blaylock, Jean R Carter, Dell 539
Crump, Raymond H Carter, Grace 377
Gravelle, Frederick Eli Carter, Louise May 412
Heller, William J Cary, Alva Benicia 415
Ross, John Donald Casebeer, Letha Sadie 547
Clark, Robert R Cassida, Viola C 306
Constable, Earl Cave, Clara M 77
Dininger, Harry F Cayton, Nellie (Mrs) 540
Morgan, Charles W Cearley, Jessie E 425
Powers, Dewey Centers, Josephine Childers 422
Trask, George A Chamberlain, J Elenor 164
Patterson, Frank Champie, Josephine 62
Oswald, Joseph Paul Chapel, Fern 48
Edsall, Harold Ray Chapin, Florence Gertrude 461
Gilbert, Cecil A Chappelle, Gladys 79
Brophy, Leland S Charley, Verna 90
Rutledge, Wright G Chase, Lillian B 291
Klingler, E A Chatham, Edna 343
Kincaid, Marion G Chattin, Wilma A 494
Fisher, Harry W Cheney, Zelma 328
Jones, Chester L Childers, Thelma 248
Robertson, Paul W Childreth, Nora Ellen 548
Waddell, Ivan Kerron Childs, Octavia Belin 548
Dagg, Harold Clancy, Winifred Eileen 501
Taylor, Marion Francis Clark, Elizabeth 51
Erickson, Arthur Edward Clark, Helen M 11
Williams, H Hall Clark, Margaret Mae 458
Crow, Cecil M Clarke, Mae 241
Bilderback, John Redmond Clarkson, Glynnie 30
Grow, George P Clarkson, Nora E 563
Winne, Charles B Clary, Mollie 318
Daily, Oris C Cleland, Alice May 231
Barnum, George A Cleland, Helen Viola 213
Sparrow, Alex Clemens, Ruth W 45
Maloney, John T Clemmens, Jennie 611
Minnick, Sterling C Cleveland, Ella 71
Bowman, Herbert R Clinton, Lucy 203
McVay, Henry D Coffman, Viola May 344
Voss, Albert M Cogan, Grace 187
Runyard, Donald A Coggins, Clarissa L 344
Gillilan, Harry K Coggins, Ella R 1
Grigsby, Linden Coggins, Tressa 258
Boone, Thomas Everett Cole, Cordelia Maud 192
Mitchell, Charles E Coleman, Elva 69
Cole, William Peter Coleman, Merta A 183
Guches, Raymond R Coller, Ethel Blanche 571
Boone, Charles Homer Collins, Anna 557
Stinson, Arthur Carl Collins, Neva 406  
Newell, Merritt R Collins, Norma G 185  
Welch, Edward Alexis Collins, Ora Albert 453  
Collins, Walter A Collins, Pearl V 210  
Borough, Lionel Colson, Lorena 534  
Wolford, Ernest E Colt, Marie A 357  
Short, William J Combest, Ardith 448  
Sprague, Mahlon Comstock, Laura Charlotte 348  
Moore, Andy Cone, Marie 419 License
Geary, Sam E Conover, Ethel Estella 487  
Burgess, Edward G Conrad, Ursula R 55  
Skevington, Charles Newton Conway, Sarah 236  
Zeh, William H Conyngham, Harriet 327  
Cook, Charles Ray Cook, Agnes B 424  
Vincent, Dewey J Cook, Estella 102  
Knutzen, Charles Coombes, Dorothy 170  
Caris, Rollie Cooper, Bessie 8  
Hall, Magnus J Corbin, Oralee 460  
Grigsby, James S Cornell, Anna 70  
Thomas, E Harrison Cornish, V Loraine 574  
Thomas, Netherdread Corthell, Edith 133  
Rupp, Walter Corthell, Rebecca May 40  
McFarland, Horace Coulter, Velma Edna 530  
Hoffman, Edward Wesley Coverstone, Bertha 621 Marriage
Wright, Hal Cowan, Betrice Margaret 223  
Anderson, Arnold Clement Cox, Claudine C 159  
Inlow, Fred E Cox, Thelma Pauline 543  
Reed, Wave C Coy, Lola 94 License
Robinson, Richard Arnold Coy, Maud 201  
Carlton, Lyle Hurst Coy, Nellie 26  
Putman, Charles Cozart, Aleta 481  
Nichols, Tom Cramer, Lillie 16-Apr  
Stone, William Henry Crance, Lottie Ella (Mrs) 305
Butler, Warren David Crawford, Juanita B 53
Hewlett, George Crawford, Naomi 84
Waite, John A Cressey, Annie 163
Wilkins, Willis Raymond Cromar, Margaret 577
Davis, William B Cromwell, Blanche 245
Penniston, Frederick S Crosslin, Geneva M 171
Teal, Alfred Crouch, Ada J 47
Alford, Herbert Lindsay Crowson, Bernice W 85
Bussey, Henry D Crowson, Elsie 571
Loomis, Jasper J Croy, Delia 119
Argujo, Cleopas Crue, Louisa 595
Ewing, Doctor Leslie Crump, Vivian Bell 87
Gates, Delbert Culbertson, Maggie 129
McIntyre, Ernest D Culy, Helen 407
Kinsler, Alvin P Cummins, Myrle 552
McCarty, Paul A Cunningham, Alice 253
Miller, W Oscar Cunningham, Thelma 253
Rowe, Joseph C Cushman, Ida 37
Grames, Elgin A Dalton, Ella 515
Bodenhamer, David Lester Damon, Fay 33
Klingle, Charles Emmett Daniels, Alma Ruth 416
Carney, Thomas Joseph Daniels, Amy 507
Murray, Howard S Daniels, Arisa 474
Brown, Elwin C Daniels, Laurena 423
VanRader, Fred J Daniels, Olive 356
Martin, W Wilbur Danough, Lillian 538
Couty, Arnold L Darrow, Lois 457
Weir, James William Dauk, Anna Gertrude 399
Weir, James William Dauk, Anna Gertrude 399a
Walton, Olin W Davis, Ena Clara 337
Currey, Fred D Davis, Grace H 366
Willhite, G F Davis, Lillian F 521  
Nelson, Matt P Davis, Viva 323  
Phillips, James J Davison, Esther 233  
Wyatt, Roy M Davisson, Frances L 110  
Talbert, Robert Day, June 54  
Dittebrandt, William T Day, Mary E 572  
Parsons, Noah A Dayton, Alene A 401  
Parsons, Woodson Thomas Dayton, Martha Mayfanwy 523  
Burton, Charles DeAvilla, Amelia Frances 485  
O'Neil, Virgil G DeCarlow, Jean Ritter 632 Marriage
Macdonald, Vaughan K DeCoster, Catherine Mary 427  
Ression, James DeGarmo, Elsie 175  
Gleim, Harry N deLano, Louella M 381  
Shean, Edward M DeLoe, Ellen 372  
Wood, Elvin DeLozier, Eunice 375  
Deniff, John M Deniff, Myrtle 563  
Krutzler, Paul Detlor, Margaret 412
Vilas, Edward Deuel, Catherine 133
Guenther, Herbert Henry DeVore, Rozela 427
Sherwood, Russell R Dew, Virginia Lane 512
LeRoy, Malden L Dewey, Fern 14
McCallen, Andrew J Dickerson, Helen 272
Hartley, George L Dillon, Florence Irene 575
Thompson, William Dingler, Juanita 103
Hescock, George C Ditsworth, Florence M 384
Merriman, Lester A Dittemore, Helen A 131
Vaughn, Uriah Dittsworth, Hazel Edna 458
Ward, James H Dixon, Sallielou 186
Bell, William D Dodge, Pearl M 207
Wilson, James A Doren, Anna Wilbert 417
Wolfe, John Doren, Hazel 474
King, Otto Everett Doren, Wave Artia 493
Rinabarger, Rollie Jay Dougherty, Blanche 541  
Rush, Charles Raymond Dougherty, Margaret Ruth 597  
Burch, James A Drake, Myrtle S 65  
Dodd, John Drew, Mary E 439  
Clark, Jack Duncan, Lida 364  
Guse, Ralph C Dunlap, Lona C 561  
Foster, A J Dunlap, Luella M 521  
Bloomfield, John J Dunnaway, Lida M 168  
Newman, Ocie Dupray, Edith 418  
Smith, George L Dusenberry, Eva L 125  
Wylie, Melvin Robert Duston, Lillian Alice 588  
Shepard, William Jomes Dyer, Jessie 81  
Samovitz, Thadd Dziadak, Marie 100  
Kent, James C Eaton, Ruth 56  
Brittsan, John A Echard, Grace C 81  
Moore, Charles Robert Edgerton, Evon Dolly 315 License
McDowell, Ralph Leonard Edgerton, Myrtle 442
Denney, A Wayne Edmeades, Della W 260
Hendricks, Charles Edmondson, Veva I 268
West, George A Edwards, Elizabeth 212
Hodges, Newbern T Edwards, Elsie M 388
Owen, Howard W Edwards, Louisa 67
Darmody, Ralph Mitchel Edwards, Minnie 35
Messinger, Arthur Eggers, Wilma 164
Maier, Morris L Eittrein, Rose 101
Cook, Earl Hamilton Elder, Ida M 43
Banks, Carl E Elliott, Dorothy M 249
Bellinger, Waller E Ellis, Della R 365
Christianson, Soren M Ellis, Ruby Marie 191
Elsesor, John A Elsesor, Grace L 209
Whelpley, Frederick Emerick, Mary 443
Ridgeway, Charles Eldridge Emerson, Florence Elizabeth 503
Morris, Harry R Emery, Ruth 335
Lednicky, Thomas Guy Emig, Catherine 258
Johnson, William P English, Lydia Ella 49
Million, Archie E English, Margaret 281
Gage, Albert H Eppling, Helene 194
Oberg, Arthur Erickson, Alice 329
Beckwith, Acel Carloss Escue, Mable 396
Bohnert, Arnold J Evans, Eudora M 235
Cooper, Alvis E Evans, Hester Maxine 250
Oliver, Walter D Evans, Philena 215
Bishop, Russel H Evansizer, Virginia 488
Haynes, Henry Everett, Mary 247
Sullivan, Floyd Everitt, Mabel 149
Hanks, Dennis William Fansher, Isabella 283
Damon, Lloyd Loren Farlow, Elda 304
Sowash, Henry Alvin Farmer, Luvina 408
Shay, William F Fausel, Jessie 617  
Garner, Alfred W Fay, Anna Louise 517  
Winterhalder, John H Ferguson, Anna G 1  
Brown, William E Ferren, Mildred H 313  
Hamlin, George Edward Fiddler, Lulu 397  
Addis, Glenn Harold Fifield, Marjorie E 430  
Cleveland, Claude R Fifield, Ruth M 326 License
Cleveland, Claude Raymond Fifield, Ruth M 326a  
Matthews, George E Finch, Zelma 584  
Redding, Samuel J Findlay, Eva Jane 126  
Culbertson, Joseph Everett Finley, Clara Gladys 593  
Jones, Theodore R Finley, Essie M 97  
Turnbow, Alva Finley, Maude 259  
Barton, Elza David Fischer, Gertrude Elizabeth 245  
Smith, Cecil Leonard Fitzgerald, Elizabeth L 23  
Faucett, Harold James Fitzgibbon, Mary 111  
Elliott, Russell Richard Flackus, Bernice 366
Robison, Ralph L Flackus, Ruth 577
Frost, John Fleming, Lottie 216
Winter, Paul R Fleming, Ruth 576
Flock, Robert R Fleming, Vineta 450
Schmidt, Walter C Foeller, Lucy 191
Logan, Carlton K Forberg, Ann 183
Grimes, Lafayette D Ford, Bertha 424
Yokum, Jacob Ford, Bertha K 149
Lusby, John W Foster, Edith 76
Grigsby, Tom Jr Franklin, Mary 152
Pratton, Paul R Franklin, Ruth 96
Shirley, Arthur Blaine Franks, Irene Lanette 455
Wendt, George W Freel, Catherine 227
Rietmann, Omar Freeland, Elaine Olive 134
Farra, Arthur J Freeman, Alma 516
Doyle, Edward Freeman, Ethel 267
Cushman, William Edward Freeman, Ethel Mary 463
O'Connell, Allen Wilbur Freer, Blanche 85
Davis, Roscoe French, Cora Belle 590
Taylor, Irving Freudenthaler, Louise 428
Gilbert, Harry C Freuer, Letha 19
Fleming, James R Frost, Elva M 535
Barber, Lloyd Frances Fry, Alice Lucille 172
Etter, Ralph M Fuerst, Olga 3
Cook, Floyd J Gale, Helen C 140
Harris, Ira L Gale, Violet 177
Spafford, Frank Galet, Amy 246
Leaming, James Edward Gall, Ekron 110
Trowbridge, Spencer R Gallier, Gladys 353
Lindsay, Harry Alfred Garrett, Kathaleen 578
Misner, George Garwood, Bertha 447
Holman, Guy J Gass, Ruth 134  
Dahack, Everett Vance Geary, Clara 342  
Busby, Author M Geary, Elva Leona 308  
Pace, Henry R GeBauer, Dorothy Inez 396  
Thompson, Cecil Robert Geer, Lorena Elva 633 Marriage
Wright, Laverne Harry George, Ruby 62  
Farmer, George E Gerig (Gerid), Keturah 180  
Cuppanini, John Gilbert, Gladys 480  
Donnelly, Arthur J Gilbertson, Anne Marie 426  
Waldron, Alford Elton Gile, Dorothy Eiben 602  
Force, Paul Gillett, Lillian Alice 321  
Keyes, David A Gillilan, Jennie 16  
Bundy, Ellis Jay Glass, Thelma 591  
Close, Francis Wallace Gober, Elsie M 172  
Taylor, George H Goings, Lois 165  
Goldsberry, Archie Alvin Goldsberry, Carrie 58  
Knight, George M Gonyeau, Effie 247
Freeland, Eugene L Good, Anna Vera 88
Wells, N D Good, Bertha M 338
Haight, Fred Alton Goode, Ossie 464
Barnum, Joseph R Goodlet, Thelma T 454
Brack, Edward Goold, Lucile 132
Walker, Jesse Gorden, Olive 115
Dudley, Ralph Gore, Mary E 429
Williams, Ray Gorley, Mabel 217
Cook, Alva Edwin Gorsline, Violet 154
Neff, Adiel A Goss, Hellen 478
McAuliffe, David Gowen, Ruth 212
Johnston, William B Graham, Edith L 317
Armour, Marvin W Grantham, Pearl 351
Verlings, John Adam Jr Gray, Carol Johnie 582
Simpson, Charles I Gray, Inga M 529
Pinkerton, Fred W Gray, Jennie 257
Gray, William P Grazer, Elsie Maye 359
Gibson, James Craig Green, Anna M 5
Gibson, James Craig Green, Anna M 5a
Durst, Charles William Green, Carrie 465
Jones, Fred Sherman Green, Ethel 393
Shores, Blanford F Greene, Ruth 255
Sellars, Arthur Gregory, Grace 287
Yashin, Frank Gregory, Josephine 158
Stilson, Lowell C Greiner, Daisy 127
Robertson, Louis A Grieve, Etta 146
Whipple, John W Grigsby, Leta Belle 95
Wicklein, Otto Albert Groves, Lillian L 13
Baker, Marshall A Gruchow, Mae 395
Dutton, Harvey J Guches, Effie 550
Larsen, Donald Guin, Anna 420
Roe, J L Gundelach, Harriet 544
Godward, Paul Hackert, Mary 230
Lacy, Lloyd S Hackler, Ethel 89
Wilhide, Glenn C Hagedorn, Margaret V 185
Neidermeyer, Otto H Hake, Millie B 309
Kellner, John Halb, Anna Mary 17
Case, Harley J Haley, Eula 141
Young, Nicholas Haley, Ruby L 549
Jaqua, Claren Ellsworth Hall, Anna Josephine 568
Spencer, Milo W Hall, Emma 206
Luy, Fred Jr Halley, Lee 156
Mabry, Jesse L Ham, Mamie 219
Griffith, Carroll L Hamaker, Hilda H 520
Hansen, Harry O Hamilton, Elizabeth H 374
Olsen, George Peter Hamilton, Ruth Lee 352
Simpson, George Osborn Hamrick, Joy Elizabeth 200
Pierce, William S Hannford, Elizabeth 155
Arens, Fred W Hanscam, Hazel 107
Foose, Thomas Otto Hansen, Celia 47
Morgan, Harvey Franklin Hanson, Hilda Lucinda 590
Miller, Sharon E Harbaugh, Fay 568
Smith, Charles J Hardin, Ila 615
Heckenberger, Melchior Harrell, Donna 342
Pettit, Leonard C Harrell, Helen C 252
Pierce, Andrew Lee Harrell, Louise 51
Mulkey, Miles W Harris, Alice 224
Brooks, Charles Henry Harris, Mildred M 519
Jensen, Frederick Harris, Thelma 93
Miller, W Harold Harrison, Adelaide 324
Harrison, Edwin G Harrison, Agnes I 299
Stover, Donald Hart, Georgiella 525
Wallace, Waldo W Harte, Ruth E 57
Brown, Earl A Hartley, Marie 6
Reynolds, James Hass, Evalynne 347
Webber, Edward F Haswell, Mary A 20
Sugg, Clay Marvin Hatcher, Marie 166
Agee, Loren G Hatcher, Nelda E 165
Riggins, John A Hatherly, Alice 196
Robbins, Gerald G Haymond, Gladys 42
Wallace, Cedric Paul Headlee, Bessie Dianna 226
Blum, Harry Heaney, Marie Frances 61
Shann, WilliamT Heckert, Ethelyn 32
Weaver, Carl E Heckman, Caroline 504
Swigert, Charles F Jr Heckman, Christina 370
Hessenauer, John Heilmann, Mary 385
Durham, Charles Albert Heine, Mildred Lois 573
Banks, Richard Edward Heinz, Sarah Elizabeth 105
Christensen, Arthur Raymond Helen, Ruby Inez 234
Masters, John H Henderson, Fannie L (Mrs) 479
Davis, Ulysses Frank Henry, Annabelle 301
Harvey, Milton M Henry, Beatrice 234
Gospo, Thomas B Henry, Laura E 497
Bold, Oscar Frank Henry, Louise Virginia 316
Van Hansen, Maxwell Henry, May 21
Hassler, John R Henson, Minnie 43
Hammer, Joseph E Hepler, Mary Edna 619
Cawley, Lloyd L Hepler, Samantha Alma 386
Chaney, Rondo N Herbert, Violet P 125
Pirkey, Orval Herman, Mildred 459
Rohrer, Charles W Heuston, Lois A 500
Peter, Edward O Hewitt, Hellen 223
Hoxie, Ray H Higginbotham, Ethel 136
Akeyson, Montie E Higinbotham, Bessie E 283
Mattison, Allen Hiles, Helen 39
Dailey, Arthur Hilkey, Clara Viola 512  
Montelius, Charles S Hill, Edyth 382  
Scott, H M Hill, Elizabeth S 139  
Reynolds, Glynn Otis Himrechsen, Juanita 514  
Hinds, E S Hinds, E S (Mrs) 310  
VanLeeuwen, Earl R Hinman, Gladys June 88  
Yordan, Walter S Hodges, Harriet E 562 License
Autry, Allen Newal Hodkinson, Pearl 322  
Watson, Lee Estes Hoffman, Eugenia Ethel 419  
Everhard, Henry C Hoffman, Lucile 261  
Root, Sidney Donald Hogan, Ethea Irene 487  
Graham, James R Holderman, Hilda Marie 106  
Blackburn, Jesse L Holler, Beatrice 530  
Edgell, Corbin Holloway, Ruth 5  
Robinson, Thomas B Holmes, Gladys K 303  
Carter, F S Holmes, Susanne 54  
Kelly, Roy E Hood, Alta A 302
Dubbs, Harry E Hood, Zora Loraine 307
Heath, Loyal W Hooker, Eva Loraine 585
Eves, William A Hopkins, Jessie Belle 382
Parchen (Parker), Ramon M Hopkins, Rozella Mary 405
Morgan, Marion R Hopper, Clara 539
Powers, William J Horgan, Rosalie 361
Boggis, Arthur Henry Horton, Ida May 565
Warner, John G Hoskins, Violet 80
Smith, Herbert Allen Hostutler, Martha Inez 612
Wolgamott, Lloyd R House, Melba 364
Alter, Hugh Housley, Lola C 551
Phillips, James Arthur Houson, Mildred 326
Meadows, Bolton W Howard, Fay 75
Ruiter, William L Howard, Fay 410
Herr, C A Howard, Lenora G 332
Stancliff, Bert S Howard, Mabel Gertrude 274
Neagle, Martin Howard, Mable 161
Smith, Everett A Howe, Ernestine Natalie 619
Humphrey, Guy Howel, Nona 482
McCoury, Mannard Howell, Elma 152
Gardner, Claude Edward Howell, Myrtle Cleora 478
Neathamer, Webb Howell, Wilmot 394
Myer, W Cedric Hubbard, Audrey B 387
Clark, Henry William Hubbard, Dora 535
Offenbacher, Frederick Leon Huber, Lola Fern 517
Oden, Alfred F Huffman, Violet 495
Russel, M T Huggan, Helen R 445
Brooks, Wade Hughes, Louise 484
Elderkin, Jesse P Hughes, Ruby Flint (Mrs) 352
Skeeters, Everett A Huitt, Lucy M 451
Diess, H G Hulen, Stella 145
Huit, George V Huls, Ellen Ethel 541  
Fraser, Donald M Huls, Marjorie M 219  
Bilderback, Leroy Humphrey, Alice 115  
Albig, John William Jr Humphrey, Helen Martha 603  
Cole, Winton W Humphrey, Mabel 128  
Robinson, Riley B Hunt, Kathryn A 496  
Branstetter, G C Hunter, Evelyn 410  
Davis, Dan Wesley Hurst, Rachel L 204 License
Erskine, Noel L Huson, Alena 214  
Armstrong, Louis Stuart Hussong, Dorothy Louise 526  
Glascock, Howard Bates Hussong, Frederica 560  
Cole, Irwin R Hutchison, Lowell L 169  
Culver, Clarence F Hutton, Elizabeth 356  
Phillips, Claude W Huxley, Martha 29  
Davies, A L Hytti, Amelia 271  
Klapp, Henry L Ice, Lenabelle 30  
Gale, Nathan B Inlow, Gladys M 73
Henderson, Oscar E Inlow, Marguerite 239
Dusenberry, Calvin L Iverson, Ada L 220
Matthews, Raleigh Jacks, Dolly (Mrs) 287
Schmidt, Harless E Jackson, D D 169
Forrest, Mark Leroy Jackson, Nellie B 75
Armstrong, George J Jackson, Zilpha A 69
Withrow, Glenn D Jacobs, Mary E 334
Lindsay, Charles Jarvis, Jessie 443
Deveney, Tracy Lee Jennings, Bertha 558
Dyer, Ely Jentry, Bell 256
Bell, Floyd Victor Jobe, Ada Denia 53
McGhehey, Arthur W Johnson, Ellen Florence 580
McClanahan, Pleas A Johnson, Eula 129
Avena, John Elmer Johnson, Hulda 211
Shearer, Ernest L Johnson, Margaret 225
Trowbridge, Ben James Johnson, Pauline Winifred 421  
Wyatt, Luther Melvin Johnston, Belle Norean 41 Marriage
Wyatt, Luther Melvin Johnston, Belle Norean 621 Marriage
Johnson, Edwin I Johnston, Bernice M 153  
Turnbough, Wiley Jr Johnston, Elizabeth G 620  
Peck, Fritz W Johnston, Eva 431  
Gale, Webster Wells Johnston, Katie 184  
Householder, Eckell Jones, Dorothy G 112  
Hedberg, Clarence E Jones, Dorothy Jane 224  
Albert, W J Jones, Estelle 607  
Merriman, Myrle M Jones, Irene 430  
Minkler, Lee Darrell Jones, Lorraine Pearl 336  
Pence, Ralph L Jones, Lucile 118  
Stroud, Alfred H Jones, Mary Virginia 385  
Brault, Jean B Jordan, Maude L 147  
Craig, Frank M Jordon, Ethel Mary 123  
Witt, Ralph Julian, Blonnie 367
Camps, Max V Kaegi, Maye 138
Willfoung, William T Kanoff, Flora 89
Moore, Charles L Kathan, Mamie 310
Bhenke, Fred Keener, Mildred 471
Lockard, Roy L Keith, Ethel 339
Watson, John V Kellogg, Leah Elizabeth 432
Mayberry, L Harry Kelly, Rachael 587
Mintle, Fred B Kelts, Grace 39
Crandall, Hartford DeForrest Kelts, Nellie Irene 468
Ferguson, Russell Kenney, Margaret May 306
Hall, Leonard O Kenney, Zelma 276
Smith, Rolan A Kent, Amy 203
Taylor, Edward George Kerby, Eva Lucille 516
Garner, Joseph Tracy King, Clarice 104
Dillstrom, Elmer E King, Dorothy A 592
Barron, George W King, Elizabeth V 402
Barron, George W King, Elizabeth V 402a
Davis, Harold Jean Kingery, Elda Melissa 397
Starling, Frank Kinney, Irene Wilkins 290
Chisholm, James W Kinney, Wilma 560
Puckett, Prentiss S Kirk, Olive B 57
Penrose, Ed Kirkbride, Lydia 569
Weisenburger, Lester M Kitto, Elsie E 338
Young, Clyde G Kleinhammer, Esther 483
Jackson, William P Klingensmith, Julia 262
Wakefield, Roy Wesley Klum, Anne Jane 583
Green, George F Klyver, Iva M 120
Eckelman, Charles E Knecht, Clara 431
Silvester, Thomas Kramer, Bertha May 36
Saxton, Roy Lacy, Iva 6
Boone, Thoams E Ladu, Eliza 378
Lamb, Charles B Lamb, Matilda 238
Homes, Clarence I Lamb, Vera 293
Simmons, Jay J Lane, Olive 157
Lull, Lucius Lange, Helen 286
Elliott, John S Lange, Hildegard 395
Gladish, Paul N Lange, Katherine 523
Boyden, Francis E Langford, Kathryn 481
McSweyn, Norman F A Langlois, Myrtle 574
McCoy, Charles L Langston, Ethel 467
Petroff, Basil Lares, Mable 311
Faught, Charles H Larsen, Elsie E 63
Ferns, Archie L Larson, Ida 120
Breedlove, Harold Lashly, Mabel 617
Robbins, Marion F Launspach, Ruth 606
Butler, Arnel P Lawrence, Elsie L 600
Markham, Leslie Lawrentz, Laura 282
Morris, Major M Lawton, Marcia Loraine 15  
Kincaid, James Ellis Layton, Audrey Kathleen Hope 278  
Offenbacker, Lance C Layton, Stella 367  
Cook, Floyd Leamer, Opha 117  
Young, Harry Dale Leathers, Louise 298  
Williams, John Calvert Lee, Kate A 4  
Hedley, William James Lee, Ruth Helen 634 Marriage
Bingham, Willard C Leewright, Hattie 368  
VanderMeer, Anthony Leigh, Grace 402  
Lansing, Kenneth H Lennox, Elizabeth 425  
Jones, Robert M Lennox, Leona May 270  
Studebaker, Alvin Leonard Leon, Sylvia (Mrs) 369  
Lawrence, Lyle Lester, Frances 289  
Lydiard, John Stanley Lester, Harriet B 122  
Merriman, Chester H Lewis, Beatrice 181  
Haertle, Harry Elmer Lewis, Eula 556  
Stowers, W E Lewis, Myrtle 305
McKinney, Rufus H Lewman, Ytle 221
McCampbell, Roy Liedloff, Mary 442
Boyce, Leslie Lindenmeier, Josephine M 300
Ross, Lester E Linderman, Lucile 228
Leach, H L Little, Allie 383
Elam, Loren E Lockhard, Mabel 139
Zumwalt, James I Logan, Virginia 24
Mackay, Lloyd Logeson, Maude 391
Whitlock, Philip A Lollar, Mary Ethel 32
Cook, Fred Long, Pearl 559
Freeman, Francis C Looker, Bernice 137
Aylsworth, Brian Loomis, Nona 194
Marquess, Frank J Loos, Leona 99
Beck, David L Lord, Stella M 18
Bensen, Alfred Loveridge, Lee 329
Wade. J E Lovin, Lidda 581
Burke, Henry Lowe, Margurite 389
Mason, Frank N Luddy, Marie 398
Smyth, William Orville Lull, Viola Ruth 198
Adams, James Quincy Lunde, Betty Charlotte 565
Waddell, Guy Lusby, Daisy 145
Tuter, Avie E Lutman, Vera 353
Bell, Paul J Lynch, Charlotte 71
Perkins, George Franklin Lynch, Eleanor L 400
Moore, Harry L Lynch, Hattie 23
Quackenbush, Earl F Lynch, Verda Z 244
McClain, Burros S Lyon, Wilma F 135
Peterman, Roy Franklin Maben, Doris Lucile 566
Brown, Calvin Henry Macaulay, Frances 471
DeJarnett, Harry Macentire, Ida Mae 266
Marsh, J E Mackie, Ethel 341
Pinson, Jack Raymond MacLean, Irene 195  
Hannah, Dolphes B Madden, Afton 495  
Brooks, Howard R Magnuson, Olga 615  
Childers, Ira Dan Malone, Eva 28  
Saltmarsh, Dean Marke, Flora 323  
Jeschke, Hans Mars, Ruth Lee 307  
Knapp, Albert H Marsh, E Louise 632 Marriage
DeMerritt, Joseph Weymouth Marsh, Margaret Mary 579  
Whitsett, Clarence A Marshall, Beatrice 311  
O'Neill, Victor E Marshall, Lucile 59  
Reness, Percy Garfield Marshall, Marguerite 506  
Strahan, Frank Marshall, Meda 559  
Foy, I E Martin, Calla M 522  
Sims, Robert H Martin, Jane 346  
Grubb, Arthur W Martin, Julia R 322  
Barnthouse, Frank M Martin, Nina 252  
Evans, Carmen L Martin, Roberta 83
Hawley, Virgil B Mason, Clara 221
Inman, Glenn L Mastier, Florence 9
Halpin, Thomas J Mathews, Nellie M 143
Borde, Paul Mathwick, Martha 312
Lafferty, Townsel C Maxwell, Minnie 222
Patterson, James May, June 604
Shelton, Ross Maynard, Lillie 531
Stanley, Christopher C McBee, Sylvia 82
Larson, James McCabe, Mary Ellen 473
Jackson, James D McCallister, Viola 208
Maxey, Samuel H McCarvel, Mary Edith 65
Ashcraft, LeRoy McCaslin, Emma 20
Knight, Darrell McClane, Ruby W 317
Schwerdfield, Merle McCormick, Ellanore 372
Heublein, Lww McCormick, Hazel 79
Perry, Elmer Harold McCourry, Pearl 597  
Enders, Henry G Jr McCredie, Vetris M 260  
Yost, George A McCredis, Velma 600  
Gardner, Fred Hyrum McCulloch, La Vesta 556  
Luy, Lawrence McDaniel, Thelma 33  
Garcia, Louis McDaniels, Hazel 16  
Nollner, Lloyd I McDermott, Mary Gladys 599  
Briskey, William A McDermott, Ollif 599  
Howe, Benjamin F McDonald, Gertrude B 345 Cancelled
Nehl, Albert H McDonough, Rose C 479  
Gatton, Raleigh M McDowell, Mabel Inez 608  
Rempel, William S McFadden, Mabel Esther 170  
Hayes, Daniel McFarland, Gracie 174 License
Rhodes, Chester S McFarland, Naomi 92  
Specht, Herbert E McFurson, Dorothy Frances 28  
Schram, Fred C McGee, Olive 34  
Cramblitt, DeFore McGregor, Rose B 332
Swaney, Oscar H McIntosh, Mida B 86
O'Brien, John E McKee, Clara 238
Collins, Allen B McKee, Helen 18
Schuler, Paul Revere McLaughlin, Teresa 2
Willoughby, R Wayne McMahon, Bernice (Mrs) 573
Hall, Arthello J McMillin, Mary B 282
Gile, Kenneth R McNabb, Janette 567
Tinker, Dwight McWilliams, Helene 108
Jewett, W Herbert Meade, Mary E 72
Rodgers, Jesse Gibson Meadows, Dalton 95
Stang, Jacob Meadows, Lucile B 103
Jackson, Charles F Meadows, May 345
Guches, Vernon Meadows, Viola Ethel 580
Baker, Hiram H Medley, Mary C 46
Hubbard, Frank W Medley, Osa 507
Jones, William Arthur Menzel, Corinne 334
Stille, John C Merritt, Maude Ella 261
Mosier, Delmar B Messenger, Edith O 153
DeMacon, Gilbert P Mettauer, Addie 520
Davis, Ray Middlebusher, Enid 216
Elliott, James R Middleton, Mary 299
Logan, Julian M Miksch, Gertrude 60
Bickerstaff, Thomas Miksche, Patricia 313
Webber, Ezra John Mildowski, Marie 277
Vincent, Jessie Milkowski, Helen 392
Weedon, Orney Shirrel Milkowski, Teresa 195
Egger, Audley Ralph Milledge, Gwen Elma 545
Umphlette, Ernest Earl Miller, Kathryn Rachel 11
Umphlette, Ernest Earl Miller, Kathryn Rachel 11a
Scislowski, Edmund Miller, Lucy 226
Summers, George Otto Miller, Mildred 506
McCasland, Frommie Miller, Nathel 24
Hawkeswood, J M Miller, Ruby L 392
Bostwick, Francis E Milner, Mina 466
Wilson, Walter L Milnes, Bernice 542
Watson, George Leslie Milnes, Harriett 362
Geiwitz. George Milton, Mabel 579
Tayler, Fred A Minard, Claire 440
Powell, William Thomas Minkler, Bessie Mary 320
Hutchings, Fred A Minshall, Frances 280
Beaulieu, Theodore E Minter, Dechless 9
Robinson, Donald Edmun Moffatt, Lois Alberta 437
Chaney, Ira Moller, Eva Lenora 318
Haller, Victor Monette, Violet 197
Trulove, Ernest Montgomery, Cecil 286
Mose, Clyde D Moon, Lola 536
Fifield, Lee Max Moore, Cecile M 315
Wolf, John A Moore, Eleanor 277
Holmes, Carroll Hote Moore, Geneva May 52
Hansen, Hans Marion Moore, Gertrude 588
Barrows, William Joe Moore, Mary Doris 365
Singler, Richard H Moore, Velma 232
Schmidt, Harry E Morgan, Jenna A 27
Jorgensen, Rasmus C Morgan, Mary 163
Turnbow, James P Morgan, Olive E 94
Bojenoff, Thomas Morris, Clara Mae 331
Avent, Oren B Morris, Edna 210
Smith, John Wendell Morris, Frances E 572
Lockhart, Theodore F Morris, Jewell 333
Morris, James Morris, Josie L 189
Carlson, Carl F Morris, M Audrey 19
Dunn, Miller P Morris, Obera L 373
McDowell, William C Morrison, Hazel 387
Fields, Leo Clyde Morrison, Verda 549
Furry, Raymond A Morton, Marie 171
Ward, Irving L Morton, Pearl 162
Hilderbrand, John H Mote, Margaret 333
Hetherington, Glenn F Motley, Elizabeth 184
Hagle, Ernest E Moy, Rethea 508
Thomas, George O Mullin, Anna Elizabeth 347
Finneran, John F Murphy, Isla Fern 25
Hendrickson, Chester V Murphy, Ladena 284
Brown, Albert E Murray, Clara 359
Ferguson, Dugald M Murray, Elizabeth 141
Richmond, Sterling Case Musty, Esther A 564
Lewis, Joseph Wesley Musty, Ruth C 447
Walters, Clyde Myers, Mary Martha 433
Flanders, George Mynatt, Irma Gertrude 595
Fidler, Robert W Myrtle, Frances 301
Peck, Samuel E Nash, Doreen 270  
Lepper, Joe D Nash, Laura K 268  
Huntress, Donald D Nealon, Katherine 633 Marriage
Wendt, Chester H Neidermeyer, Anna C 179  
Carkin, Everett Y Neil, Carroll Frances 13  
Stokes, Truman Dale Nelson, Bernice L 52  
O'Brien, John E Nelson, Mamie L 12  
Arnold, Ivan Clifford Newbold, Helen Lucile 594  
Roberts, William Bernard Newland, Ada Ruth 504  
Lawrentz, Lester Newland, Mary 509  
Sutherland, Robert Newton, Mary Ethel 640 Marriage
Conwell, Olin G Nichols, Lelia R 140  
Natwick, Carlyle R Nichols, Ruth 37  
Houston, Milton A Nicholson, Frances Belle 309  
Wilbert, Jack Nies, Rose (Mrs) 589  
Leonard, Harold A Nisonger, Florence V 220  
Frazee, Frank W Nixon, Karna O 593
Wood, Robert Lindsay Noah, Margaret 101
Hedrick, Ercel H Norcross, Helen E 192
Lehnherr, Gerald Norcross, Marjorie 290
Snore, George Northup, Emily 207
Stuart, Gilbert Norwood, Sara Calhoun 454
Jackson, Albert W O'Brien, Ellen 26
Daugherty, James Oden, Margaret 109
Ryan, Trilley L Oetjen, Freda 449
O'Hair, Ray O'Hara, Beatrice 208
Siemann, Harry Nicholas Olds, Bertha Gertrude 609
Nelson, Albert E Olsen, Elna 142
Medley, James Aldon Olson, Percia 601
Moore, Henry William Olson, Violette 609
Shirley, Harold W O'Mara, Leona 486
Judd, George M Orr, Ella M 616
Olsen, Ben F Osborn, Nellie M 482
Ghiselin, John Oslin, Orpha 29
Watts, Charles Hiram Otis, Letha M 135
Ryno, James E Owens, Loretta S 121
Tracer, William M Owings, Effernetta 279
Silva, Jack Oxford, Elmira M 297
Moore, Raymond Pack, Stella 3
Berrian, William Theodore Page, Leonora Ellen 446
Cronemiller, David H Palen, Irene 160
Thomas, Edwin E Palmer, Dorothy 462
Rummel, Everett Marques Pankey, Cora A 294
Simington, Robert Joseph Pankey, Esther M 59
Guest, Frank W Parham, Hattie M 239
Breen, Frank Park, Agnes 456
Denzer, Marshall P Parrick, Esther Belle 613
Foster, Walter L Parrick, Laura Fern 554
Tobin, J S Parson, Virginia M 357  
Van Goethen, George F Patterson, Eva 241  
Van Goethen, George F Patterson, Eva 241a  
Smith, Sidney L Patterson, Ida M 187 License
Smith, Sidney L Patterson, Ida M 189 Marriage
Renfro, Floyd E Patterson, Ruth 266  
Deadmond, John J Peachey, Bonnie Belle 96  
Johnston, Newton G Pechin, Amy 60  
Brockman, William S Peery, Hattie 488  
Morgan, William A Peil, Emma V 489  
Esposti, D D Peile, Kathleen 522  
Rusk, William E Pemberton, Anna 554  
Ditsworth, Stewart Pence, Zella 213  
Neeley, Milton M Perkins, Lena 377  
Palen, Lloyd I Persons, Mildred 168  
Wimer, Lewis C Peterson, Dorothy 193  
Hutchinson, Ervin Peterson, Edna 91  
Bike, William H Peterson, Hazel 190  
Girard, Edward Wallace Peterson, Mabel L 297  
Young, Ralph A Peterson, Mildred V 591  
Sether, Victor C Pett, Ruth 319  
Fisher, Elvers L Petterson, Irene 42  
Miller, John G Peyton, Ruby Lillian 50  
Chamberlain, Vord L Phelan, Bernice 15  
King, David Sheridan Phelan, Ruth 41  
Sargent, Alonzo Phillips, Emma 300  
Vinson, Raymond F Phillips, Fern 74  
Carlsen, John Phillips, Lillian 491  
Darland, Bert C Philo, Irma 237  
Collins, John H Pickett, Alta Mae 420 License
Wade, Malvin L Pieper, Alma 155  
Bergleen, Ernest N Pierce, Beatrice B 578  
Culberson, Cecil R Pierce, Helen G 167  
Pittman, Ira D Pittman, Alice 498  
Buckley, George Poe, Elizabeth 91  
Bell, John Waldo Pool, Cora M 465  
Hart, Philip M Poole, Minnie E 321  
Rawlings, Oliver Clark Poor, Alice Moore 229 License
Leever, Earl C Porter, Ruby M 452  
Harris, Russell Eugene Potter, Gladys Elaine 489  
Petard, Auguste Pousseuer, Laura 426  
Willson, Albert Powell, Alice May 250  
Kruggel, Fred Ernest Powell, Alta E 308  
Clary, William Roy Powell, Ethel 117  
Peyton, Ralph E Powell, Mary Opal 433  
Hood, Henry Davidson Praul, Hattie E 555  
Hahn, Charles Vincent Presler, Maxine Pearl 464  
Josephson, Carl Leonard Price, Caree 546  
Waltermire, Harold Gage Price, Gladys M 273
Schulz, Adolf Prien, Ruby 293
Wingfield, Orville O Provorse, E Margarite 174
Harrison, Robert Monroe Pulford, Selma G 358
Farmer, Ivan W Pulse, Helen 411
Dix, Raymond Wilson Putnam, Fiona 154
Bishop, M Pyle, Laura 150
Hamilton, O B Quigley, Effie V 343
Day, Fred John Jr Quisenberry, Lois 351
MacIntire, Donald Ernest Rader, Ida Mae 77
Jones, Raymond G Rader, Zelda Laura 285
Schmidling, Raymond A Ragsdale, Nancy Jane 463
Lorton, Charles D Randall, Amy L 336
Wheeler, Lewis L Rankin, Hazel 97
Mee, Eugene Ray, Frances 257
Kubli, Edward Watson Ray, Rita Leona 80
Parker, Oral Curtis Read, Vera Pearl 132
Millard, Orval J Read, Winifred 273
Brayton, Everett H Reddy, Helen D 55
Poole, Harry J Redlund, Edna 114
Leaper, Walter James Redwine, Elizabeth 285
Book, Laurence B Reed, Lillian K 376
McGee, James Andrew Reid, Alice Gordon 130
Nixon, James W Renard, Edna L 296
Jennings, Ralph G Reter, Barbra E 418
Nay, Felix C Reynolds, Eleanor A 494
McDonald, Raymond L Reynolds, Ruth M 67
Hunt, F E Rhinehart, Estelle 355
Ackerman, Peter Rhodes, Maud M (Mrs) 570
Wynkoop, Perry E Rians, Cora May 598
Croxton, Thomas Henry Richardson, Eva 536
Senodenos, Tom T Richardson, Sarah 34
Hite, Reuben Lawrence Richey, Georgia Rose 551
Moore, Eugene F Rigel, Neva Mary Bell 407
Winthrop, Robert J Riggs, Goldie 105
Hanscom, Charles H Rigsby, Zetta R 202
Drake, Ira K Ring, Lillie M 180
Kohn, Jesse C Rinkel, Emma 284
Ross, Walter Riordan, Berenice 160
Varela, Antonio Rios, Jesus 379
Ritter, John J Ritter, Lulu M 265
Miller, Paul V Roady, Velma Zuba 449
Radtke, Harold A Robbins, Dorothy M 386
Newton, Byran Robbins, Myrtle Irene 475
Myers, Dennis William Roberts, E Rowena 531
Redpath, Burrell T Roberts, Lola 532
Hinkle, Arthur Roberts, Nila J 409
Salisbury, Briggs Fish Robinson, Corinne 249
Geiter, Sumner C Robinson, Edith M 612  
Hawkins, George Leroy Robinson, Gladys Mary 567  
James, Idris Robison, Jennie May 441  
Simmons, Thoams J Robison, Martha J 276  
Stewart, John Quincy Robley, Eliza Edith 111  
Barker, Richard M Rodgers, Edna J 84  
Boardman, Edwin J Rodgers, Marie 38  
Goodhue, Frank B Rogers, A (Mrs) 341  
Patton, Charles I Romtvedt, Alohild 35  
Douglas, John William Rooch, Elizabeth Mabel 143 License
Hussong, Herbert O Rose, Carmen 325  
Throckmorton, Elmo Rose, Gladys Agnes 275  
Ruger, Raymond Rose, Maxine Ann 405  
Deuel, Luther J Ross, Edith May 190  
Heck, John A Ross, Linea 82  
Konkle, Thomas Routledge, Ellen P 176  
Beinheisel, Frank W Rowden, Bessie 562  
Silva, Carlos L Royal, Cathyron 398  
Ramsay, Elton R Ruger, Harriett M 362  
Peart, Clyde Walton Ruger, Louise 527  
Harkins, Clinton G Ruger, Pearl N 14  
Muellenberg, Joseph T Rukes, Geraldine 98  
Hughes, Raleigh Runnels, Blanche 151  
Cress, William Russel, Myrtle Annie 370  
Shaughnessy, Joseph L Rutledge, Margaret 251  
Smith, Lee Fred Ryan, Mary 378 Marriage
Brock, Leonard Hobert Sagar, Mabel L 440  
Lassau, Maurice A Sander, Marcella A 575  
Allen, Verner Sanders, Shirley 589  
Dusenbury, William Leonard Sanders, Stella 175  
Moore, Charley Sanford, Irma 193  
Churchman, B M Sargent, Elphia 331  
Hanscom, Irving Sauer, Bertha 505
Horton, Fred W Savage, Margaret 50
Watson, Ralph W Schleichert, Alice 138
Raymond, Austin Stockwell Schleichert, Maudie Marie 264
Raymond, Howard Earl Schleichert, Minnie M 264
Rowe, LeRoy Schmeck, Ida 455
Thompson, George Lester Scholz, Helen 327
Anderson, Elroy W H Schrader, Helen Viola 429
Penson, Paul LeRoy Schrecengost, Emma Jane 610
Carter, James Franklin Schulz, Henrietta Marie 328
Laden, John Schutt, Mary Etta 303
Bush, Elber H Schwahn, Jennie 472
Reed, Frank Scott, Elizabeth 240
Griswold, William H Scott, Iona Iola 349
Brown, Stewart M Scott, Josie 254
Messenger, Walter J Scott, Mabel P 505
Wolff, Christian Scott, Rose 532  
Smith, J B Scriber, Lucile 113  
Hickson, Clifford Sears, Beryl 444  
Kenton, Thomas R Sears, Mildred R 295  
Russell, Roy L Sebasky, Bertha 281  
Rybensky, Stanislav Seidl, Marie 87  
Hanna, Mark L Sepulveda, Marie 316  
Kelley, Donald G Severe, Grace 542  
Wooldridge, Frank Fred Seyferth, Fern Grace 275  
Mars, Paul A Shafer, Lenore E 142  
Soethwick, William Marshell Shaffer, Bernice 528  
Connely, Harold M Shanks, Mary M 100  
Scott, Clyde H Shaw, Bernice 596  
Brons, Charles E Shaw, Mary B 189 License
Crowl, Harold Sheets, Margaret 271  
Dorman, Alfred Edgar Sherman, Marie Anna 640 Marriage
Parker, Arthur R Sherwood, Alma 267  
Moore, Raymond Shoemaker, Agnes 255  
Tavis, Albert Lonney Shoemaker, Icy 262  
Watson, Dan Short, Grace 557  
Porter, Lea A Shultz, Neva 116  
Thompson, Earl P Simmers, Margaret 346  
White, Frank M Simmons, Ruth 401  
Knips, Raymond E Sinclair, Norma Odessa 553  
Maddox, Rupert B Singler, Zita D 514  
Summers, Robert Sisson, Ethel 349  
Harwood, Harry C Skeate, Eleanore 265  
Lawrence, Donald G Skinner, Pearl 76  
Lavering, Leo Slate, Ellen 358  
Poff, Welby Tipton Slavens, Hilda Mae 598  
Danielson, Victor D Slinger, Faye 86  
Keesee, William A Smith, Agnes 638 Marriage
Call, Francis H Smith, Bertha 230
Clift, Harvey Smith, Hazel 254
McWilliams, Leigh Smith, May 199
Oden, William Smith, Mildred 469
Smith, Kenneth G Smith, Mildred E 614
Boyd, Howard J Smith, Ora Frances 233
McCallister, John G Smith, Sadie E 428
Evensizer, Reason O Smith, Susie C 78
Lewis, William Leon Smith, Viola Lucille 543
Collier, Dan Smith, Wilhelmina 199
Piening, Marion Franklin Snearley, Fannie Belle 304
Houry, Charles Snell, Sarah 360
Skinner, Robert Arlon Snyder, Edna 294
DeHaas, Irvin C Sollander, Nellie 227
Fewel, John S Sorrel, Stacey E 7
Wright, Charles A Southern, Ione 116
Fields, Melvin Sparks, Marguerite 390
Kincaid, Lucius Spencer, Hazel 10
Maupin, Ben Spolek, Carrie 274
Quigley, William F Standard, Nellie P 330
Garrett, Otis Stanley, Elsie 570
Garrison, Dannie Otho Stanley, Mabel 484
Rogers, James Hughes Stearns, Ruby Blanche 460
Reed, DeWayne Leland Steele, Ruth 544
Walker, Verl G Steiner, Delia J 450
Bichan, John B Steiner, Edna Sophia 360
Miller, S N Stennett, Edna 126
Smylie, Lloyd William Stennett, Lulu Ellaleen 413
Grant, Paul R Stephens, Carol Grace 288
Marine, George Sherman Stevens, Freda 157
Malone, John C Stevens, M Berneita 533
Johnson, Cecil B Stewart, Agnes 445
Normile, Norman J Stewart, Ercle C 22
Frolli, William C Stewart, Georgia 380
Clarke, Ralph Lincoln Stewart, Ida Jane 8
Adams, Marion A Stewart, Ina 93
Brown, Lee P Stewart, Susan M 564
Green, William L Stickland, Vesta Adelia 459
Nourse, Harold H Stiehl, Nora Emma 540
Noud, Thomas P Stillwell, Mildred E 448
Roberts, William D Stinson, Grace 444
Warren, Harold A Stinson, Olive 7
Nelson, Emil Stockford, Frances (Mrs) 550
McManus, Albert Stokan, Leonilla 446
Clinton, George Frederick Stone, Emma Zella 375
Million, Levi P Stone, L Ella 373
Williams, William George Stout, Ida Ramona 437
McClure, Floyd E Stout, Mildred 493
Dunlap, Merle T Stowe, Mary A 391
York, George V Strang, Edna A 490
Holmes, Robert H Strang, Helen Marie 605
Hukill, James R Stringer, Jessie May 202
Bishop, Harvey C Studebaker, Gertrude E 215
Trent, Smith Sturgill, Mabel 525
Moore, Hugh E Sullivan, Georgia 92
Roberts, Chester A Sutherland, Mary 136
Barron, Hugh F Swayne, Mildred 456
Knolander, John J Swem, Kathryn 102
Handy, Jesse H Swift, Henrietta H 243
Henry, Carl William Swisher, Ethel Clifford 422
Boucher, Charles R Tambyln, Echo 4
McDougall, J Arthur Taylor, Alta 483
Cline, Carl Taylor, Blanche L 524
TenEyck, Maurice A Taylor, Dorothy 498
Pierce, Elroy Taylor, Evelyne 526  
Butler, C Ramon Taylor, Fanna Lucile 558  
Older, Harry W Taylor, Isabelle 545  
Seybold, Robert Willis Taylor, Laura 511  
Gentry, Reese Virgal Taylor, Pearl 229  
McBeath, Albert Harold Taylor, Zella Pearl 469  
Haselton, Adin Lyman Tedrick, Mabel 70  
Kleaver, Merritt L Teevin, Lenora 173 License
Caster, Grover V Teich, Grayce C 320  
Woolfolk, Sidney Teman, Pearl 211  
Leonard, Rupert W Templeton, Bessie E 355  
Pugmyer-Rouse, Thomas G Terry, Margaret A 44  
Blass, John J Terwilliger, Florence E 162  
McCormack, Harold Eugene Terwilliger, Nellie 205  
Meyer, Henry C Tetherow, Hazel M 354  
Kruggel, Reinhart F Thatcher, Jessie B 200  
Davis, Leslie Albert Thomas, Bessie May 242  
Dutton, Edward Thomas, Cora L 235  
Lanier, Peter Thomas, Effie B 295  
Smart, Frank J Thomas, Viola 638 Marriage
Sapp, Charles C Thompson, Alda 263  
Carmack, Harold E Thompson, Freda M 122  
Murray, Francis J Thompson, Ruth J 379  
Reid, Owen William Tinker, Dorothy 12  
Davis, Joseph Darius Todd, Elaine 280  
Goodlow, N S Toney, Florence 61  
Ager, Jerome B Toney, May 228  
Grigsby, Roy Tonn, Vevia 73  
Smith, Claud M Towne, Annie W 114  
Martin, Fred A Townsend, Anna 475  
Peters, Elmer Owen Trask, Helen 491  
Temple, Thomas I Trautfether, Elizabeth A 36  
Jacobson, Albert M Trefren, Elizabeth 108
Bilderback, Andrew Trefren, Nellie E 137
Marx, Harry V Treichler, Laura L 319
Mahlsteh, Jacob A Tremewan, Hattie 477
Rose, Karl M Trott, Mabel L 457
Rowden, Melvin C Truax, Jessie 513
Hendricks, Raymond Truax, Mary 552
Henry, Percy A Tucker, Mildred 388
McDonald, George Tucker, Rita 555
Ellis, Chester Tungate, Wanda 472
Coleman, William M Turnbow, Esther Alice 492
Neff, James A Turnbow, Ruth 109
Woods, Jack E Turnbull, Jean Russell 231
Helsel, Oscar W Turner, Amy 576
Clark, Frank C Turner, Ida M 56
Heimroth, C R Turner, Mable J 25
Driskell, Wesley Turner, Martha 38  
Grove, Charles T Turner, Stella 244  
Cornell, Henry Edwin Ulrich, Anastasia 468  
Slattery, C Frank Updegraff, Mildred 462  
Jackson, Eugene E Upton, Grace L 409  
Hansen, Chub Albert Van Camp, Etta 381  
Hake, Stanley VanBuren, Dora 225  
Carpenter, Caroll Frank VanScoyoc, Vera Macy 374  
Cornelius, Clarence A VanVlerah, Gladys 209  
Antilla, Alexander G Varney, Edith 196  
Smith, Robert Roy Varney, Elma May 44  
Magerle, Carlos A Veit, Agnes Helena 400  
Donohue, Roy W Vigue, Pearl Bell 31  
McCormick, George Rudolph Vimont, Susan Ann 466  
Winn, J Russell Vincent, Ora 166  
Conway, Jerome Julien Vinson, Mabel Georgia 637 Marriage
Dawson, Frank Leonard Vinson, Zita Leota 637 Marriage
Briscoe, George A Vogeli, Callie 337  
Zundel, Harold vonderHellen, Dorothy 130  
Moore, Marvin H Wagner, Ethel 502  
Kinney, Willis Oliver Wakeman, Sarah 78  
Bergman, Wayman W Walch, Clara L 68  
Jones, Leon Walch, Ruby Ruth 584  
Shaffer, George H Walcott, Harriett 292  
Smith, Warren Burton Walker, Annavelle 596  
Kay, Daniel F Jr Walker, Arleen 511  
Finley, Clemma Samuel Walker, Opal Marie 423  
Furry, Robert Samuel Walters, Elva C 17  
Williams, Joseph W Walters, Grace 27  
Offenbacher, Fred O Walters, Minnie 415  
Bebb, Royal Evan Ward, Roberta 380  
Nestor, Reford Wardle, Maggie 279  
Deringer, Luther F Wardrip, Ethel 547
Pugh, Charles Glenn Warner, Esther 104
Campbell, William R Warren, Jessie H 324
Judd, Edmund H Watkins, Eva 246
Schmall, Henry Howard Weaver, Suze 515
Beck, Gustaf Wedge, Bessie 470
March, Dewey Wedge, Marietta 124
Williams, William R Weitmen, Lila 414
Franklin, Del Wells, Lydia 106
Buntin, Luther C Wells, Roxie M 167
Poutre, Leonard Louis Wenzel, Iris 561
Frisbee, Charles S Weybright, Maud H 64
Albert, Glenn Worth Hue Whaley, Essie May 68
Cox, Lester L Whealy, Laura May 83
Lytle, Lester L Wheeler, Mary 232
Dykstra, Rudolph Whiessill, Bertha 432
Smith, B Clyde Whitaker, Flora 119
Klingle, John Franklin White, Alice Ruth 618
Alpheus, Robert E White, Louisa 606
Redpath, Carl Leon White, Margaret Violet 510
Rambo, Godfrey Joel White, Ruth Elnora 616
Peart, Benjamine F Whiteside, Rachel M 188
Jennings, Sam Whitlatch, Velma 510
Brown, Clair L Wickersham, Germaine 339
Burnfield, Thomas A Wilkensen, Ella 389
Kelts, John A Willard, Sophie E 269
Bockus, Lewis Stephens Willhite, Inez Telsie 519
Cowan, Charles L Williams, Birtannie 583
Sowers, Truman Leroy Williams, Ethel 586
Hess, Arthur D Williams, Georgia Nadine 186
Murphy, George Carl Williams, Maude Purves 610
McAllister, Robert A Willis, Nellie 147
McKnight, Joe Calden Wilson, Alice Rebecca 369
Hemstreet, John A Wilson, Jane 240
Whittle, William David Wilton, Violet Nelson 314
Kleckner, William R Wing, Mildred Onalee 453
Piper, Charles E Wirtz, Estelle 592
Martin, Carlton H Witham, Edythe E 291
Gandee, Kester V Withrow, Hazel Waive 451
Mitchell, William E Wollott, Helen Louise 603
Coleman, Thaddeus P Wolverton, Ada B 181
Vieira, Andrew A Wood, Alta 361
Anderson, Adam Wood, Edna 251
Boyles, Forest E Wood, Violet 161
Crosman, William Woods, Goldie 74
Sargent, Jay W Woods, Jennie May 198
Duff, D D Woods, M B (Mrs) 411
Dole, Charles Elmer Woods, Ollie Elizabeth 173
Morris, Gene J Woods, Thelma 197
Morehouse, Samuel Wooley, Nellie Marie 414
Milkowski, Alfred John Wright, Velma 404
McIntyre, Joseph Earl Yocum, Thelma 302
Hood, David Anthony York, Clara Ruth 461
Arnold, Hiram J York, Maud J 90
Stillwell, Edmond J Yost, Lois 470
Schnack, Earl P Zimmer, Lena 350
Barber, Frank L Zimmerman, Esther 182
Simons, John B Zinn, Vera 182
Steele, Ralph R Zirkle, Frances 452