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Jackson County Marriage Book #17 Indexed by Bride's Name

Old Photo of Wedding Couple

RVGS volunteers have photographed and indexed the marriage record books housed in the Jackson County, Oregon courthouse. Below is our index to Marriage Book #17 for 1932-1935. It is in alphabetic order by the bride's name. This book used preprinted forms completed by the county clerk. Each page in this book contains the certificates for a single couple and includes both the marriage license and certificate (assuming the license was acted upon).

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Marriage Certificate
How to order:
Names of bride and groom

Groom Bride Page
Wenzel, John Gaarden Abbott, Glenna Maude 387
Clyma, Leonard A Abraham, Gladys A 20
Lofthus, Melvin J Ackley, Helen 298
Bostwick, William T Adams, Ethel N 327
Albert, Marvin Graham Adamson, Mary 515
Norton, Roscoe Joseph Adamson, Mary Elizabeth 10
Briscoe, Issac M Adrian, Annie 26
Meyer, Jack Affeldt, Mada 297
Aiken, Russell A Aiken, Ramona S 92
Bianchi, Joseph C Aitkens, Mabel 77
Krauss, Henry Akin, Roberta Fay 537
Brown, Bernard Fay Allen, Augusta Lillian 98
Koster, Alvin J Ames, Pauline C 188
Bell, Budd Anderson, Doris 75
Connell, Alexander Anderson, Edith 279
Esslinger, Walter William Anderson, Ethel Marian 50
Christian, John W Anderson, Evalee 241
Byers, Paul Praque Anderson, Jean Ursula 404
Mills, Linn Edward Anderson, LaVonne Eileen 108
Mills, Linn Edward Anderson, LaVonne Eileen 563
Schreiner, Ernest Louis Anderson, Mildred J 305
Goodwin, Edward Anderson, Venita C 336
Thornton, V Merrick Andrews, Mildred 254
Rogers, Lester Andrews, Verla 289
Kessler, Ernest W Antle, Katherine Jane 413
Martin, Edwin C Applegate, Catherine Joan 320
O'Hara, Thomas Junior Applegate, Ruth Maxine 550
Weber, Edward J Armstrong, Lydia A 456
Huson, Darell F Arnold, Margaret 212
Hopkins, Elmer D Arnold, Orpha R 168
Nelson, Frank Floyd Arrington, Ruby Lucille 452
Turner, William Stephen Artley, Lillian B 270
Roberts, Ralph Housten Ashton, Emma Irene 230
Painter, Dick Allen Atteberry, Virginia Rowena 533
Jury, James Wright Atwater, Nellie J 47
VanDorfy, Orval LaVerne Austin, Blossom Ardis 398
Rossell, Harold E Austin, Hazel Fern 407
Hemmila, Eino K Auten, Ruth M 162
Moore, Orie Stephen Avery, Mae 475
Whipple, Stephen M Aylsworth, Nona V 25
Richey, Victor Babb, Mattie Lee 301
Holt, Cyril Edward Badger, Gail Eveline 224
Tepovac, Mike Baker, Bertha 517
Straumford, Johan F Baker, Edythe Irene 261
Sargent, Melvin Snowden Baker, Elsie Louise 562
Bailey, Saylor H Baker, Lora A 527
Quinn, Frank J Baker, Louise Aldah 266
Conner, Elgar William Baker, Ruth Elizabeth 13
Paolinelli, John Peter Balassi, Lena 401
Troxell, Vern J Balderson, Jessie M 489
Hobson, Kenneth B Balis, Janet 243
Frye, Robert D Barnes, Allison 49
Walker, Odom Barnes, Clarice 306
Watkins, Ervin L Barnes, Frances Irene 452
Hunt, Wilbur Robert Barnum, Thelma L 423
Herrmann, George F Barrett, Joyce 111
Tenney, Joseph G Barrett, Maude S 72
Meliza, Ray V Barron, Elizabeth V 422
West, Archie Robert Barshaw, Madge Fletcher 111
Knox, George Bartlett, Dorothy 317
Godfrey, Charles J Barto, Marion E 269
King, George C Bartow, Eunisa V S 116
Dooms, Willard Bates, Lola Ione 360
Good, Herbert D Bates, Stella M 228
Lockett, Theo Bates, Teola 211
Wood, Merle Elloyd Batson, Flora 79
Gilinsky, Benjamin Jack Batty, Hazel 203
Morris, Lloyd Howard Baughman, Dorothy Lee 352
Thanos, John L Bault, Edna L 516
Wade, Byron Henry Beach, Bernice Blanche 174
Brown, Harold H Bebb, Mary E 68
Probstfield, Merritt Michael Bedford, Lefa Ione 518
Hoover, George Henry Bell, Almedia 258
McDougall, Herbert L Bell, Esther 365
Foley, William McK Benson, Eula Lenor 501
Clark, Floyd L Beswick, Sarah Ann 397
Fassler, Albin Betschart, Elsa 40
Ross, James M Bills, Thelma 39
Foster, Joe Glen Bingman, Ila Mae 177
Keaton, Alfred A Bird, Elsie 476
Mayfield, Raymond Blackman, Ella Elizabeth 466
Morrow, Randolph L Blasing, Grace 149
Wallin, Iver C Bloom, Inga M 190
Poole, Richard Bloom, Ruth 524
Hicks, Leonard Sidney Blunkall, Helen 29
Johnson, George Ludvig Bohl, Emma Margaret 463
Nealy, Oscar B Boling, Ethel M 418
Allen, Paul G Bolz, Mildred L 147
Woodward, Stanley Bonney, Laura 43
Bowers, Floyd P Boomsluiter, Beth E 331
Erwin, Howard Lynch Boring, Margaret G 99
Silliman, Chester Wilbern Bottom, Edna Agustine 346
McNerney, Jack D Bounds, Dorothy 226
Meyer, Harry L Boussum, Marion Pearl 152
Frederick, J Warren Boussum, Mary Ruth 343
Baker, Louis E Bowden, Mildred Marie 485
Louden, Russell Bower, Edna C 414
Gandee, Kenna LeRoy Bowman, Alice Louise 59
Reedy, Thomas A Bradley, Laura 440
Orr, Alfred Eugene Brassfield, Marjorie J 376
Hartley, Roy Clyde Bratzel, Frieda Ernestine 386
Bean, William Harris Brauer, May E 75
Barnthouse, Frank H Braymer, Dorothy Mai 323
Anderson, Edwin V Breese, Melba Irene 222
Parr, Roy B Brenneman, Irma 161
Russell, Emery F Brickey, Ruth 411
Ayres, John W Bristow, Mary B 78
Livingston, Edward George Brockman, Hattie 195
Small, Arthur R Brommer, Louise A 542
McNames, Arthur Brooks, Linda M 104
Bales, Boyd B Brosi, Helen H 547
Lowe, Lester Dee Brown, Arleta Ellen 276
Broll, Roy H Brown, Beulah 164
Young, Donald Brown, Donna 353
Smith, Don Beverly Brown, Juanita 218
Jones, John Browning, Annie C 192
Thomas, Glenn William Buckley, Mary Ann 278
Astley, Arthur V Budlong, Madge 369
Vieira, George J Bunce, Bonnie Belle 87
Brinkerhoff, Hugh W Burdick, Janette 16
Davis, Cornelious M Burgoyne, Lular 411
Card, Loren William Burns, Edith 109
Krause, Francis A Burns, Myrtle 438
Bukowski, Phillip Stanley Bushall, Nellie Inez 558
Ritchson, Leroy L Butcher, Mildred G 375
Thompson, Charles Claude Butler, Arliene 367
Mullen, Claude Victor Byard, Florence Holly 5
Farmer, Myles L Byrd, Neva Ilene 264
Miles, John M Caldwell, Anzonetta M 83
Calhoun, Hugh Berry Calhoun, Effie Frances 316
Smith, Charles Robert Calhoun, Henrietta Susie 430
Connor, Ira Ovan Calkins, Allie Ruth 457
Elliott, Roy Callahan, Polly M 222
Langston, John W Cantrall, Gail 351
Jackson, Felix Captain, Edna 262
Mullins, Linsey E Cardin, Norma G 399
Rockford, Max C Carless, Mary Elizabeth 414
Gregory, Elden Carlson, Jean Elsa 88
Thompson, Robert Gordon Carlson, Ruth I 526
Woods, Harvey A Carlton, Gertrude 366
Engleman, Pat Carrell, Delia Mae 513
Mete, James Joseph Carter, Artha Sidne 265
Rosenbaum, David Orran Carter, Betty Louella 9
Curry, Arthur L Carter, Josephine 481
Edwards, Ray E Caster, Sybil Enid 238
Perez, Favian Castro, Juanita 472
Welch, Glenn E Cave, Clara Thelma 88
Great, Carl J Cavenee, Lillian Mae 490
Burns, Dale E Chamberlain, Kathleen D 239
Chapman, Charles Russell Chamberlain, Lena L 486
Grisham, William Teddie Chapin, Grace Beryl 126
Cooksey, James Orbin Chapman, Berneece Lila 207
Super, Alva Charley, Elizabeth 484
Millard, Arlin Chester Charley, Garrel M 191
Hunt, Charles Milligan Chastain, Lelia L 67
Cheever, Arnold M Cheever, Katherine 225
Boggs, Roy Cheney, LaVina 482
Felt, Harold Arnold Cherry, Alice Marie 373
Swayne, Samuel A Cherry, Frances Louise 382
Johnson, Jesse Alonzo Cheyne, Mary M 541
Krumm, Wilbert R Childers, Margaret E 506
Lowrey, Robert Chisholm, Jacqueline 51
Butler, William Clark, Alberta 83
Belcher, Edward C Clark, Annetta 12
Hall, Robert O Clark, Cora Lee 2
LaMae, Bernard Clark, Eleanora L 468
Clawson, Lorell Clark, Ruby 85
Danish, Frank Clark, Willie H 77
Bingman, Wayne E Clegg, Cleo 396
Porter, Robert D Clemenson, Camille C 197
Guches, Chester W Clement, Janet 74
Troutfether, Richard Clevenger, Fern Winnifred 361
Perry, Joseph F Clevenger, Maye E 119
Judy, Norman E Clogston, Sarah 108
Truax, Donald Clute, Vera Blanche 122
Hulse, Marion Sylvester Coffman, Geneva Ionia 425
Wallace, Wilmer Liles Coghill, Anna Lucille 248
Clogston, Frank Coke, Muriel 400
Clark, Web F Cole, Sallie 408
Harris, Roy Colley, Elsie 358
Elliott, Ellis Maxwell Collins, Dorothy May 165
Rees, David Hamilton Collins, Flora Sandra 294
Jenks, Marion Collins, Helen 69
Greene, Fred W Collins, Ruth Ann 42
Rubattino, Joe Collins, Ruth Ann 310
Anderson, Alton M Colver, Agnes L 484
Casteel, Harold Evans Colvin, Dorothy Ellen 193
Bechtle, Christian G Comes, Mary Florence 57
Green, Wesley Earl Conant, Leone G 346
LaFrenz, Gus Conklin, Elizabeth 121
Roberts, Clinton D Conway, Esther 64
Fouts, Jack Cook, Helen Barbara 311
Bradford, Vester S Cook, Ruby 234
Painter, Ray Emmett Cook, Sarah Rebecca Theo 342
Hill, Claude B Cook, Treva 21
Cooley, Harold Alfred Cooksey, Donna 551
Corson, Arthur L Corson, Euretta S 505
McKinstry, Edward Newell Costley, Hazel May Florence 559
Myers, Walter Cotton, Mary 319
Sloan, Charles Edmund Courtney, Katherine Genevieve 555
Harmsen, Paul L Cowen, Mildred B 172
Dinsmore, Wallace A Coy, Dorothy M 252
Carter, Hugh G Cramer, A Frances 385
Bartley, James Terrell Cramer, Ava Ernestina 330
Munson, Orvan Cramer, Fern 493
Spross, Lothar W Crandall, Marjorie D 236
Penfield, Charles Fuller Crause, Isabel Maud Kathryn 545
Hughes, Rolland Edward Crawford, Connie Imelda 436
Stringham, Fred Crawford, Emma 564
Williams, Charles Barnes Crocker, Eva Louise 208
Ross, Charles Gregory Croft, Madge Ellender 530
Larson, Adolf Charles Croft, Mary 464
Nickson, Linn E Crosier, Catherine 315
Gregory, Alfred Arthur Noll Crowell, Jeannette S 252
Frees, John M Crowl, Mary Euvon 62
Wilder, Donald H Crowl, Pearl Lois 451
Durkin, Patrick Crowley, Mary Agnes 506
Carter, Thomas Vern Crowson, Ima Elizabeth 425
Hodge, Charles Fred Crum, Alma Anna 318
Ellis, Elmer Ross Jr Culbertson, Dorothy 297
Kantor, William A Cunningham, Marguerite A 180
Bannister, Robert Emmett Cunningham, Yvonne J 149
Erickson, Robert Wilbur Dabney, Marcia Marie 93
Warner, James Herold Daggett, Lenora 288
Warren, Henry S Dailey, Nellie 406
Fichtner, Clyde Carl Daley, Bessie Violet 355
Anderson, Lawrence Truman Dalton, Margie Jane 407
Alaway, John C Daniels, Mary Ann 62
Gilinsky, Joseph Wilson Daugherty, Leona 357
Bordwell, Albert A Davidson, Mary F 512
Werts, John Sherman Davis, Ada M 71
Jones, Isaac Charles Davis, Elizabeth 266
Eastlick, Douglas G Davis, Elma J 40
Hopkins, James G Davis, Frances Anita 15
Wilkins, Ernest Davis, June 26
Wilson, Richard H Davis, Martha D 146
Coleman, Joseph M Daw, Mae N 166
Layton, Joe Dawson, Pearl 289
Iversen, Waldo F Day, Evelyn Elvira 82
Deardorf, Louis Everett Deardorf, Alice 263
Rover, Bert DeAvillo, Doris 194
Webber, Harry Cecil Deen, Ima 341
Daugherty, Murray E Deer, Carolyn W 194
Olcott, Robert Henry Jr Deere, Emma Edith Louise 439
Jones, Jacob W Deeter, Lezora 184
Pech, Henry E DeHaas, Marguerite 113
Toombs, Edwin Eugene Dellinger, Isobel Jane 242
Wood, Elman Denevan, Viola Mae 139
Phillips, Harry H Derrick, Eugenia V 209
Kaufman, Walter Lee DeSanno, Mavis Maxine 122
Dugan, Joseph P Devaney, Yvonne 363
Rogers, Joseph V DeVore, Alice U 279
Cross, Claude H DeVore, Elizabeth B 80
Arnold, Melvin LeRoy DeWolfe, Lucille Corinne 143
Strahan, Paul Robert Dickinson, Dorothy J 90
Hume, Walter G Dietrich, Estella May 73
Stringer, Ray C Dietrich, Leah A 206
Danforth, George Herbert Dillian, Jessie Jane 408
Graves, Herbert Monroe Dimick, Ruth Eleanor 327
Washburn, Luther C Dingman, Haley F 255
McDaniel, Edwin H Dockery, Wilda Mae 379
Johnson, Albert Emil Dodge, Mildred Irene 409
Kiefer, Samuel E Dolan, Kathleen E 305
Kenney, Virgil Paul Donovan, Beulah May 11
Matthews, Raleigh Doren, Lula Gladys 307
Pitcher, Francis Lyle Douglas, Mary 147
Patton, Sanford Downie, Rosemary 236
Wells, Thomas L Doyle, Anita 184
Bates, Loyal William Doyle, Mary Cathryn 539
Smith, Harold J Drennen, Josie M 174
Keen, Walter Wilfred Dressler, Luella 72
Malde, Edward Drew, Margaret D 11
Bremer, Herman Driscoll, Ethyl 471
Flowers, Dale Duanne, Verna 536
Hughes, W E Dudley, Emmeline 547
Norris, Carl W Dudley, Verna K 232
Woodson, George B Duggan, Mary 229
Porteous, John M Duncan, Rosalie A 395
Boston, Lloyd E Dunham, Ruth 30
Berry, Neil C Dunn, Fay 336
Souza, George A Dunn, Irene 145
Jacott, Frank Warren Dunsworth, Beverly Opal 81
Darrow, Berger Frank Dunton, Grace Frances 178
Biles, Raymond Dusenberry, Edith 235
Morrison, Raymond Dynge, Olga Dorothy 249
Johnson, Paul Irving Earhart, Violet 118
Helgert, Nels C Eddie, Isabella B 405
Gehrke, Orville Edler, Alma 70
Rouintree, Montell Edmiston, Hazel 525
Abbott, Elga W Edmondson, Emogene 205
Warner, Irving Hudson Edsall, Bessie Dell 345
Blinzler, Lee E Edwards, Katherine S 8
Edmonds, Earl William Edwards, Ruth LaVina 415
Rouse, Marion T Ehle, Anna Gertrude 29
Helland, Gordon Arnold Ehlers, Margaret 213
Metternich, Grant J Ehlers, Theresa 201
Arthur, Ray M Eicher, May I 478
Bennard, Joseph Elam, June 350
Samon, George Patrick Elander, Marie Fredrica 93
Rayson, Stanley Carl Elliott, Lois Evelyn 300
Light, William T Elliott, Oma 287
Whaley, Todd Bb Ellis, Wilma Pauline 328
Burns, George Paul Ellithorp, Emma H 203
Eaton, Glenn Melvin Elson, Jessie Lee 427
Beaton, Alan James Elson, Lucile Mildred 263
Buhman, Charles Franklin Elson, Vera Lavonia 344
Massie, Lemuel Edward Ensminger, Ubert 469
Kampling, Herman C Eskridge, Opal 244
Clark, Cleo Claud Espy, Alderene 465
Ramelow, Walter Esslinger, Clara 34
Clegg, Delbert Evansizer, Alice 231
Hampton, Enid Fairly, Ruby 544
Hall, Orville Willard Farman, Ruth 309
Roff, John Victor Farnsworth, Mildred Marion 116
Oppie, Leo E Farrell, Agnes Dorothy 415
Harrington, Ivan W Farrin, Frances 522
Coverdale, Ned Albert Febl, Pearl 32
Fenton, Joseph Irvin Fenton, Lou 360
Smith, Nathaniel H Ferrell, Hazel Ellen 151
Edwards, Grant H Fewell, Irva Kathleen 542
Brown, Earl A Fields, Elizabeth Mae 257
Mercer, Harold B Fields, Lillian Rosella 52
Blatter, Alvin Frank Fields, Mildred Hannah 371
Warner, Gordon Finch, Evelyn J 127
Anderson, Arlet A Findlay, Reta E 337
Vicars, Brady R Findley, Dorothy 550
Price, Raymond N Fine, Alma 53
Jackman, Richard Elwin Fisher, Marjorie May 350
Woolfolk, William Clyde Fisher, Minnie Jane 546
Gibson, Ernest E Fitch, Elna May 379
Sturdevant, Gaeton F Fitch, Margaret B 141
Langslet, Paul Verl Fitzgerald, Elsie Ann 113
Pugh, Aubrey Fitzgibbon, Jean 200
Hinch, William F Flackus, Dorothy M 467
Carlson, Nels Flanders, Helen 521
Masters, John L Fleck, Clara 105
Taber, Frank L Fleming, Audrey 491
Fehl, Wilbur G Fleming, Eunice Juanita 435
Snow, Charles S Fleming, Hulda N 389
Olson, Warren E Fluhrer, Louise W 186
Thompson, Owen Henry Ford, Lucy Briggs 280
Bartch, Frank Forslin, Tresey May 479
Ward, Gerald Huson Fortier, Dorothy 282
Hartman, Henry Foss, E Marie 349
Grow, Sylvester Foster, Bertha 61
Zappa, Peter Fournier, Margaret 7
Morin, James L Fraijo, Esmeralda 201
Cahoon, Percy Judson Franks, Verna 308
Kellogg, Noel Parker Frederick, Virginia Myrtle 348
Lennard, Frederick B Freeze, Helen Mae 374
Leclerc, Howard Fride, Blanche 41
Wilson, Stephen O Frink, Eva L 429
Harper, Charles Colvin Frisbee, Maud Helen 234
Schiesel, Emil Fuhrer, Minnie 134
Nast, Frank N Gail, Anne J 474
Nichol, Darrell M Gale, Patricia 364
Davis, A Hobart Gardner, Irene 86
Wright, George Clarence Garrison, Fay D 372
Cunningham, John Wallace Gentry, Thelma Frances 394
Riddle, Marvin O George, Ethel Marjorie 472
Seaman, Charles Byron Ghelardi, Elda Geraldine 371
Jones, William David Gibbs, Lorene Rose 130
Berettoni, Mario Gibson, Jean 392
Austin, Almon James Giem, Julia 453
Orrell, Buell Gilchrist, Lucille Mary 321
Mark, Lawrence Giles, Kathryn 507
Agee, R Donald Gillam, Clara V 282
Day, Fred R Gillaspy, Ethel L 3
Hilton, Floyd Raymond Glass, Thada Alice 239
Frantz, Charles R Goetze, Vestal I 401
Gunton, Harold N Gold, Hazel M 538
Hollenbeak, Jack Leroy Goode, Nina Belle 267
Gaines, Charlton C Goodman, Ruth Julia 528
Goold, Charles G Goold, Margaret E 496
Jones, Walter S Gorden, Lucile 395
Gorden, Robert E Gorden, Ora 335
Davis, Arthur Ross Gordon, Lura May 16
Jockisch, Richard A Gordon, Norma L 189
Adams, Clyde Delmer Gott, Edith 450
Childreth, Wilbur Rufus Gould, Jenet Rae 390
Creveling, Benjamin W Gowing, Marjorie 253
Edson, Melvin George Grace, Moscelyne 31
Bartley, John Granell, Edythe 370
Messinger, Don Leroy Gray, Altha Lucille 177
Bragg, Robert O Gray, Doris L 70
Converse, Alvin E Gray, Hattie 470
Brotosky, Harry Gray, Rose Mary 531
Stone, Harry Gray, Zella Faye 359
Fleming, LeRoy James Gray, Zella Ruth 311
Miksche, Robert M Green, Arvilla Fae 179
Handsaker, Vernon Green, Florence 500
Krohn, Howard O Green, Marie C 106
Wagner, Eugene Lansing Green, Ruth Marion 125
Briggs, Grover C Gregory, Blanche Elizabeth 312
Cutler, Earlwyn B Gregory, Mildred M 402
Cook, Ralph L Gregory, Virginia Dorothy 354
Tully, Pierce Edward Griffeth, Dorothy May 4
Stephenson, Homer B Grigsby, Keitha Louise 556
Stacher, Casper H Grinnell, Ruth 185
Strickland, Arthur R Grissom, Blanche 447
Relling, Donald T Groves, Virginia Claire 498
Doty, Allan F Guches, Marie E 445
Goodrich, Orville Millard Gunston, Florence Louise 136
Yocom, Samuel Fred Gutches, Georgia Wilma 148
Curry, Howard D Gysbers, Frances 397
Bryant, William J Hagedorn, Dorothy E 49
Suver, William Luther Hall, Julia V 418
Mann, Richard Edwin Hall, June LaVerne 499
Flackus, Wolbert Charles Hall, Lillian Irene 322
Cook, Lemmual Benton Hamel, Chalena Bernice 166
Hegarty, Leslie J Hamilton, Julia Ruth 38
Lee, Ernest Earl Hamilton, Mary Lucille 562
Wilson, Raymond Hammel, Ada 526
Biles, Dave Hammer, Amy 63
Hale, Richard J Hammond, Dorothy 326
Walker, Asil A Hamner, Evelyn 127
Ravenor, Everett H Hamons, Florence L 243
Silver, Donald L Handley, Juanita A 478
Hood, Elton B Hankins, Sylvia L 358
Weidman, Rudolph Thomas Hannaford, Mary Hellen 204
Lindsey, Eldon Robert Hanscom, Gladys Ruth 53
Hach, Lloyd E Hansen, Adine L 369
Roberts, Roscoe William Hansen, Anna 90
Stratton, Henry Hodges Hanson, Jean Genevieve 150
Stratton, Henry Hodges Hanson, Jean Genevieve 150a
Amick, Dexter Franklin Harcourt, Inez 333
Hunter, Elwin Grant Harpe, Margaret Helen 303
Greb, Alvin Paltow Harper, Geraldine Wilma 557
Miller, Germain Wiley Harris, Lillian R 151
Crowl, Cleo Albert Harrison, Annabelle Bird 224
Birkholz, Roland J Harrison, Elsie 275
Gibson, Jack Harrison, Lillie Mae 300
Lewis, Orland Neil Harrison, Verna Irene 260
Speirs, Verne H Hart, Ollie 364
Johnston, Roy M Harvey, Evalyn 563
Michelbook, James L Hasbrook, Marie 504
Lottes, George Hathaway, Fern 561
Cox, Willam W Hauser, Virginia 106
Bryant, Arthur Wendall Hawks, Kathryn Lucille 97
Denny, James McConnell Hayden, Rosalie 512
Waterman, Robert A Hayman, Bernice Davis 428
DeHaas, Kermit Haynes, Melba 378
Valley, Miller W Hays, Audrey 225
Burdell, John Richard Hays, Eleanor Elizabeth 545
Beam, John H Hayward, Ila 499
Williams, William LeRoy Hazzard, Ema Modena 139
Cochran, Charles S Heard, Gussie A 27
Obenchain, Oliver Hedgpeth, Merle 509
Giovaninni, Albino Hefner, Helen 210
Nyback, Alrick Helfer, Nina 556
Lawrence, Jesse Brown Heltzel, Opal 46
Storm, Roderick Thomas Hemphill, Lucile Frances 271
Hockaday, Lee Philmer Henderson, Evva Laurene 372
Patterson, Albert R Henderson, Mabel Ruth 295
Slack, Amos Derrough Hendricks, Rena Belle 543
Weckwerth, Herman H Jr Henry, Lace 283
Goldenpenny, Gus Henry, Vera Jo 182
Thuemler, Harold Carl Henry, Vera Olive 217
Glaser, Willard Angelo Herman, Thelma Elizabeth 392
Fontaine, William E Heryford, Freida E 458
Conrad, Ernest Clifford Hibbard, Marguerite 214
Robin, Lester Hibbert, Vesta Rae 295
Boice, Charles Bannister Hickey, Helen Amelia 99
Sallee, Melvin Franklin Hilkey, Elizabeth Blanche 312
Conner, George Hill, Ila May 557
Wilson, Manley George Hill, Leatha Ellen 128
Lane, Oliver P Hill, Lois 119
Hulen, William B Hill, Margaret 198
Beals, A N Hill, Ruth B 552
Olson, Robert Hiller, Opal M 157
Johnson, John Rudolph Hinds, Nina Belinda 378
Dusenbury, Edwin H Hirven, Anna Pauline 473
Lindley, Lyle L Hittle, Lucille 247
VanAusdall, Lee Edward Hitzler, Eva Emily 381
Bodin, Lawrence Martin Hoagland, Lu Ellis Gleason 94
Harris, Vern Wood Hoduffer, Velda Irene 387
Johnson, Marvin W Hoffman, Gladys E 529
Harris, William J Hogle, Audella M 69
Atchinson, Earle F Hogue, Lucille Alice 95
VanDyke, Frank J Hohman, Naomi E 347
Herndon, Robert W Holbrook, Dolores 137
DeVore, R Ronald Holt, Dean 219
Stearns, Carl V Hood, Elma E 189
Clark, Lewis O Hooker, Ruth V 52
Kessell, Alfred Lampshire Hope, Rose E 229
Chisman, Robert Lee Hopkins, Juanita 193
Bruner, Paul Erwin Hopper, Eva Blanche 23
Meerly, Otto Horlacher, Ulla 23
Smith, Mark N Houlihan, Edith L 231
Bennett, Henry McClain House, Blanche Luella 463
Sparks, Earl LeRoy Howard, Dorothy Jean 2
Sexton, Mason B Howard, Finis C 444
Finley, Everett Howel, Lydia May 446
Myers, Chester L Howell, LaVerne Alletta 131
Roberts, Archie Vernon Howell, Opal Elsie 80
Stevens, Lathel B Howell, Ruby E 495
Neumann, Edward J Hubbard, Osa M 144
Waters, Max A Hubbard, Portia 210
Holmes, Roland R Hueners, Minnie Joann 464
Griffis, William E Hughes, Candace 290
Powell, John W Huitt, Irene Mabel 230
Ray, Willie A Huitt, Lillian 426
Cunningham, Robert A Hull, Wynonia 58
Roundtree, Walter Clinton Hulse, Mary Elmina 473
Beard, Percy J Hulse, Ruby M 492
Dobbins, Lauris E Humphreys, Viola Sylvia 107
Adams, Eddie L Hundley, Rita 531
DeFord, Fred Jasper Hunsley, Mary Anna 244
Starr, Eradmus Franklin Hunter, Doris Jane 324
Pemble, Robert Hunton, Berneice 85
Gardner, Bennett Ben Hurt, Margaret Mable 190
Baldwin, Ersel Husted, Lucile Eloise 197
Hardman, Cyril J Hutchins, Mildred 382
McCullough, Ralph Clarence Hutchison, Mabel 205
Diess, Chester W Hyde, Olive I 18
Simpson, Alonzo William Ice, Agnes Theola 308
Zenz, Theodore Iden, Jeanne 191
Craig, Homer J Igo, Edna 235
Loshbaugh, Oliver Ingell, Vernice 489
Sanders, Chester Isaacs, Alice 27
Stanfield, Norman W Iversen, Melba 420
McDowell, James Jack, Mary 490
Bjornsen, Karl Sellik Jackson, Zenna 268
Parks, Ralph Stearns James, Genevieve 532
Wheeler, Chandis O James, Gladys 95
Osborne, Evan B Jaycox, Lou 303
Smith, Barnum E Jeffres, Evelyn Caroline 120
Pendleton, Herbert E Jenkins, Anna Doris 521
Jones, William Sundray Jennings, Diao Damma 286
Rowden, George Jester, Glenneweir 477
Anderson, Frederick Augustus Jr Johnson, Aranalle Copple 540
Williams, LaVon Johnson, Aulda 362
Croucher, Leslie Leon Johnson, Beulah Aloha 459
Swan, George L Johnson, Bonnie Ruth 406
Couch, James Henry Johnson, Celesta Verla 431
Mieske, Carl E Johnson, Clara M 1
Hall, John Lester Johnson, Doris Matilda 487
Faber, Donald E Johnson, Leola 178
Strahan, William C Johnson, Margaret Lillian 480
Preston, Frank Carleton Johnson, Marian Louise 325
Steele, Frank Gage Johnston, Lucille 37
Handsaker, Melvin Jones, Eleanor 188
Smallwood, Paul Norman Jones, Essie May 479
McNeill, John Jones, Hazel Irene 326
Anderson, Ragnar Jones, Ila Isabel 24
Rooney, Stanley Jones, Ilene 110
Hendricks, Ralph Albert Jones, Lule Iren 549
Taylor, John E Jones, Naomi B 241
Hug, Ashley L Jones, Shirley 34
Smith, Sheldon J Kaim, Katherine 449
Fontana, Attilio Karver, Cecilia C 32
Smith, Lorraine C Katzenstein, Thelma June 275
Parrick, Jay James Keen, Rhoda T 294
Truttman, Richard A Keith, Nora Ann 293
Arthur, Hadley B Kellenbeck, Hazel 549
Weathers, Fred L Kelly, Martha E 265
Morang, Arthur S Kennedy, Eva J K 318
Young, Albert Lyman Kimball, Mary 368
Lester, Edwin Wade King, Jessie Irene 54
Caldwell, Willard Richardson Kinnicutt, Dorothy 283
Wicks, Fred Leon Kintana, Nina 285
Little, Frazier Walter Kirk, Adeline Louise 112
Baker, Robert Glenn Kirkland, Lila Marie 24
Gallup, Henry Clarence Kirkpatrick, Hattie V 60
Gastman, Clarence A Klein, Irene 502
Lingren, Ernest Lenard Kleinhamer, Maxine 256
Lowd, Philip B Klum, Claudia LaVerne 132
McCarthy, Orville Vernon Knapp, Marjorie Mae 539
Moulton, Charles Hobart Knopp, Ruth Lois 481
Haynes, Vernon J Koenig, Lyda E 195
Karstenson, Hans Koepp, Iris 156
Brockhoff, Louis Curt Kominacky, Rosa 240
Ross, Tony Koster, Amy 355
Cole, William Kostiz, Della 159
Price, Thomas J Kunkle, Blanche L 437
Caster, Earcel Clair LaDieu, Francelia 398
Lee, William Ladkins, Edna 249
Robbins, Edward E Laing, Frances A 533
Seely, Eugene Adellbert Lane, Ethel May 221
Gould, Leo C Lane, Ethel May 299
Schrecengost, John Robert Lane, Thelma 344
Pierce, Drury F Lange, Hildegard 261
Broili, Adrian A Large, Ferne Mary 4
West, Lorenzo M Larson, Vivian E 291
Culy, Bernal E Lassetter. Judine 216
VanHorn, Edgar Bryon Lay, Delora Rose 109
Young, Ampere Lay, Delores Edna 165
Rodgers, James Hartleigh Lazotte, Jessie 171
Robison, Merle B Lee, Wanda 175
Martin, Edwin Paul Lees, Helen Noreen 431
Pierce, Elvin L Lehnherr, Margery 313
Spence, Charley Dowl Lemmon, Kathleen 208
LeVander, Edgar Allen Lesh, Maybel Helen 413
Rutledge, Gerald E Lewis, Patricia 543
Snyder, Earl Lewis, Yvonne 517
Ward, Ray C Limbeck, Dorothy K 416
Herriott, Donald F Lindley, Melba 110
Taylor, James W Lindsay, Ruby S 560
Johns, Richard M Link, Paula 226
Mitchell, Garrison C Liskey, Emma M 366
Leyda, C Philip Litch, Mildred 104
Murray, William H Littrell, Lucille 504
Warden, Earl Frederic Lockie, Marion Agnes 15
Butts, Maurice L Lofland, Laura F 168
Robley, Fred Grant Loftus, Mural Eleanor 555
Marshall, George Logan, Margaret 129
Wallace, Claire Deford Logsdon, Julia Ann 518
Hegdahl, Harold Lohr, Dorice E 410
Sanderson, Milton Long, Annie 221
Highley, Fed G Long, Eloise M 227
Stark, Mervin Warner Long, Marjorie 409
Spindler, Charles L Looker, Linna A 441
Sargent, Willard Loos, Evelyn Lola 462
Meyer, Chester B Lord, Evlyn May 71
Morrison, Wesley Loury, Jean 213
Young, Harold S Lucas, Geneva F 388
Frizell, Charles B Luddon, Edna M 383
Potter, Earl Luderman, Pearl 9
Ryan, James Andrew Lusk, Elsie Mable 510
Rowden, Orville A Lyon, Delma 534
Zundel, LaVon Lyon, Hylda Oneta 446
Brown, William E Mackey, Emma Grace 361
Brice, Claude E Mackichan, Jean 357
Reigel, George F Madden, Helen Doris 302
Eldridge, Gene Maguin, Donna Mae 457
Guenther, Herbert Henry Mailing, Elizabeth May 564
Dusenbury, Earl A Maloon, Francile 274
Hayes, Rollo Stephen Maneely, Chrystal 494
Newton, Ernest Edward Mann, Cathryn Virginia 317
Harper, Ronald L Mann, Marion M 293
Bonney, H Curtis Marbach, Myrtilla G 247
Marcier, Robert E Marden, Elizabeth F 33
Wallace, Roy E Mark, Myrtle D 471
Dill, Jay Markman, Velma Lucille 14
Cate, Jack R Marks, Frances 515
Rose, Frank Oliver Marlatte, Rita Mae 20
Cox, Delous Marshall, Marjorie 319
Stewart, Charles Clinton Marshall, Ruth Alberta 216
Perry, James Lee Martin, Elizabeth 433
Spencer, Verne Elvas Martin, Frances 233
Short, Floyd Martz, Eva 228
Broglio, Amilcaire D Marvel, Marian 306
Estes, Roy L Mason, Katie (Mrs) 101
Wright, Leslie B Mason, Mavis 534
Harper, John T Mathren, Margaret M 288
Monner, Ernest Matlock, Leanna 412
Nesbitt, Verne Matney, Leila 419
McAuliffe, Michael J Maupin, Mary L 273
May, Arthur S May, Florence N 124
Foster, Benjamin Otis May, Margaret Rose 292
Goff, Wayne Leroy Mayfield, Nadene 260
Yergenson, Everett William Mayfield, Ortance 284
Groves, Charles Herbert Maynard, Virdie V 253
McFadden, Marius Mayne, Nella 202
Hawley, Del C McAlister, Edna 128
Stevens, Glenn McAlister, June E 47
Short, Howard C McAlpin, Thelma 167
Reed, Stanley Vince McAnulty, Myrtle Rosaline 324
Smallwood, Preston McCabe, Mamie 508
Stephenson, Earl L McCarvel, Margaret M 454
Jackson, Theodore E McCaskey, Louvisa Elsie 245
Roberts, L Dale McCay, Anna Lee 430
Hoyt, William C McCollum, Ruth Ethel 455
Pine, Ellsworth Earl McConnell, Bessie Mae 117
Haslet, Harry Wilbur McCoy, Bernice 232
Weeks, Tom J McCoy, Frances L 251
Robertson, George W McDonald, Lydabelle 19
Warren, Jerome McDowell, Catherine K Bunting 39
Steele, Charles Lorraine McDowell, Elizabeth Hazel 421
Fredrickson, Joseph Ardin McElhinny, Josephine 443
Grove, Maynard O McFadden, Jeannette 368
Martin, Dan H McGee, Amy O 290
Upton, Marvin H McGee, Mae H 82
Tynes, Glenn F McGinty, Frankie 302
Croucher, Sherley M McGonagle, Genevieve B 248
Wissman, Herman McGuffin, Ethel E 21
Tubbs, Ellsworth McIlmoil, Scinda Matilda 143
West, LeRoy McIntire, Mildred Marie 412
Brizinski, Joseph McKee, Evelyn 465
Myers, Kenneth Vern McKinzie, Jaqueline Grace 396
Vimont, William Harcourt McKnight, Thelma Kathryn 160
Guetzlaff, Theodore John Paul McLarnan, Opal Fern 310
Newton, James E McMillan, Hazel 424
Dalzell, Robert McNames, Margory Maud 200
Henry, Wesley McNames, Nettie Henrietta 8
Cox, Freeman Merritt McNerney, Jeanette Dorix 35
Smith, Howard H McNulty, Helen M 325
Findlay, Archie Meadows, Thelma Rosella 432
Herrick, Vernon Mecham, Laura 186
Wooldridge, Frank Meeks, Ruth 258
Mongold, William Delbert Menegat, Mary 530
Hudson, Robert Ellis Mercer, Helen Ivalo 375
Thomason, Louis B Merickle, Sylvia A 154
Merrill, Paul D Merrill, Thelma 338
White, Herbert Wayne Merrithew, Ceceil Meriam 66
Devaney, Leo Giles Michael Merritt, Frances Jean 451
Hansen, Stuart H Merryman, Wilda 44
Hankins, Earl C Mersereau, Helen 135
Morningstar, Gerford Riley Messinger, Arleta 491
Mackey, Robert Parkin Mete, Virginia Edith 487
Forbes, Robert A Metzger, Roberta L 207
Jennings, Ralph G Meyer, Dehlia S 323
Ragsdale, Wallace W Meyer, Dorotha Lillian 351
Pettegrew, Frank Meyer, Milly 45
Dorsey, Kenneth Lee Mikkelson, Annie Leonie 524
Hutchins, George Milhoan, Lillian 237
Lewis, Arthur Howard Milkowski, Leona Frances 215
Havens, James Clinton Miller, Elizabeth 363
Eidman, George Miller, Ena Elizabeth 427
Chinell, Tedward O Miller, Helen Ann 298
Lawrence, Andy Allen Miller, Iva 112
Davis, Alfred C Miller, Jean Lorraine 405
McMurren, Warren O Miller, Lillie 509
Truitt, Frank W Miller, Mabel L 141
Wirick, Frank L Miller, Marian 314
Hartman, Hugh O Miller, Maxine 540
Shults, Virgil V Miller, Mildred 429
Davis, A Calvin Miller, Nina L 81
Day, Maxie N Miller, Olga Alice 121
McConochie, Bert Miller, Patricia D 286
Sanborn, Byron Emerson Miller, Ruth Barbara 7
Jones, Ivor T Miller, Wanda 155
Cearley, Arthur B Mills, Geneva E 281
Harrison, Howard Leslie Mills, Mable W 182
Starns, Jesse Lee Newton Milner, Hazel Louise 259
Hale, Fred Wilber Milton, Bessie 343
Williams, Carl Edward Minear, Gladys Eileen 516
Somersett, John C Mittelstaedt, Alice 169
Bryant, Phillip F Modrell, Luella Marie 447
Stoehr, Alfred Eugene Mohr, Edna Hedwig 272
Peery, Joseph LeRoy Mohr, Verneta Alice 134
Peery, Floyd Mohr, Winifred 394
McCarter, Thomas Wilburn Moine, Louise M 250
Heagney, Everett S Molise, Marie H 57
Woolfolk, Edgar William Monroe, Blanche Vivian 458
Turnquist, Warren I Montgomery, Opal Lee 352
Lathrop, John Tennyson Moomaw, Estella Marie 439
Hunt, Elbert Giffin Moor, Margaret Louise 450
Sylvia, John Henry Moore, Agnes Lucille 176
Womack, Everett Leon Moore, Fay Margaret 142
Williams, Fred Henry Jr Moore, Gwendolyn 117
Butts, Elbert F Morford, Ruby 59
Kinney, Theodore R Morgan, Hilda L 417
Epperson, Glenn I Morgensen, Mabel 223
Daily, Theodore Morris, Elda 262
Newman, Arthur T Morris, Elva Lola 340
Mohr, Francis W Morrison, Margaret Eleanor 444
Bushnell, Kenneth Morrow, Freda 339
Heard, Wayne W Mosier, Joan 307
Moore, Raymond K Mote, Lusenie A 86
Lattin, Jesse Mulcahy, Merle 158
Stephenson, Kenneth Ernest Munkiss, Leitha 58
Goodwin, Carl Burton Murphy, Velva 287
Roof, William Andrew Murray, Lena M 420
Armstrong, Ardell T Musty, Eunice E 333
Phillips, Lester M Napper, Nellie Morris 129
Hathaway, Romaine K Naught, Zelma 46
Taylor, Myron T Naylor, Thelma 442
Cabler, George Neal, Mary 483
Crump, Charles A Nelson, Lucille 480
Dahlquist, Ralph Nelson, Verna 220
Hawn, Albert LaVerne Ness, Agnes Dorothy 552
Hill, Gilbert Hyman Newbry, Edna Margaret 432
Poole, Erford H Newbry, Ruth 192
Newland, Herman William Newland, Evelyn Mae 511
O'Brien, John Edgar Newman, Neva Saphrona 91
Baker, Louis R Newton, Margie E 514
Pinkstaff, Keith Arthur Newton, Zelma Mae 320
Turner, Gordon Egbert Nicewood, Dorotha Frances 107
Hahn, William Albert Nichols, Doris Irene 498
Ellis, George W Nichols, Ella 12
Long, Floyd A Nichols, Violet 123
Palmer, Robert Lewellyn Nielson, Jennie Grace 523
Hertel, Edward Oscar Nigro, Violet 140
Heldstab, Martin Nixon, Loretta B 115
Noble, Wilfred Noble, Edith 284
Brazil, Ernest L Nunamaker, Helen Alyse 6
Jones, Ivan H Nye, Mildred 466
Jackson, Andrew Grove O'Farrell, Patricia Elaine 274
Wheeler, Henry Hale Offenbacher, Kathryn 342
Tolliver, Edward Lane Olcott, Hazel Lydia 433
Moffatt, James D Oliphant, Bertha Mae 321
Beal, Lester Clarence Oliver, Elizabeth Jane 196
Hansen, Charles Augustus Olson, Esther Doris 558
Casteel, Daward O'Neill, Dorothy 196
Anders, Leland L Opsal, Genevieve Earle 87
Robertson, Harvey W Orth, Eleanor L 183
Renner, Russell G Osborn, Leota Eloise 281
Hough, James V Owsley, Helen C 314
Ferrer, Victor Villanueva Pacheco, Arwell Clarke 440
Greenleaf, Norval Pankey, Dorothy Faye 13
Sine, Elwood Frances Parent, Dorothy C 386
Kaump, Floyd Raymond Parks, Nancy Elizabeth 30
Johnson, Delbert John Parsons, Florence L 544
Fredrickson, Oliver Fredrick Partin, Velma Louise 441
Milne, Robert J Pasos, Rose Marguerite 474
Wiley, Thornton S Patterson, Fredrica M 245
Kuykendall, Hugh E Patterson, Harryette 31
Blackford, John M Patterson, Marian Agnes 164
Covey, Oscar B Patton, Lucy 167
West, Thomas J Payne, Daisy E 105
Straus, William H Pearce, Dorotha Marie 354
Tidwell, Gordon F Peart, Helen A 328
Waters, Austin Pemberton, Evelyn Fern 381
Duffy, Harold A Pence, Geneva Alberta 257
Raybould, William Edward Penfield, May J 204
Gail, Budd William Pennington, Margaret 403
McGrew, John C Perkins, Eleanor 443
Newell, Clifford Alvin Perkins, Georgia Lauretta 89
Kennerley, George O Perry, Henrietta E 428
Barcaglia, Domenico Perry, Madeline M 36
Enos, John Joseph Perry, Olivia Monica 187
Cox, Harold Edward Pesante, Isabel 211
Bernheisel, Nye Edward Peters, Elizabeth 505
Biehn, Harland E Peters, Theda Theresa 362
Rusher, Guy Edley Peterson, Bernice Ione 277
Thomas, William Arthur Peterson, Doris Estella 393
King, Johnie Earl Peterson, Octa Mae 438
Travis, Arvell Peyton, Naomi Pearl 436
Davis, Willis Edward Phillipe, Edna Lucille 170
Mathisen, Jens Phillips, Helen 462
Mortensen, Carl Phillips, Velda 347
Kimmey, Stewart Pinson, Mina 477
Singler, Raymond J Pitman, Zua Belle 215
Soracco, Walter J Ponte, Eugenia V 78
Nisson, Sumner G Poole, Lucile 157
Friebel, Charles R Popejoy, Ede 511
Schott, Raymond C Porter, Mabel 185
Anthony, Douglas Porter, Pearl 74
Rankin, Lyle Potter, Hazel 124
Holland, Claude Loyd Pratt, Alcie Florence 246
Bagley, Henry Allen Preabt, Nona 403
Lackey, Harold L Prey, Wanda 340
Stevens, Herbert Richard Prideaux, Etta Lucille 332
Love, Walter F Puhl, Augusta 144
Breedlove, Glenn Herbert Purcell, Elizabeth 448
King, Leslie Lee Purcell, Irma May 73
Currin, Ivan Purdin, Eileen 250
Woolridge, Earl Roy Purves, Margarette 28
Lawson, Albert G Rametes, Mabel E 271
Hedlund, Lloyd Ramos, Mary E 169
VanEtten, Chester L Ramser, Florence 348
Metcalf, Samuel A Rayson, Sally 356
Metcalf, Samuel A Rayson, Sally 356a
Morton, Lindell Oscar Rease, Vivian Berneice 97
Brown, Clyde Elmas Redmond, Helen Madelyn 546
Castner, William A Reed, Fern O 181
Dahack, Irvin Regan, Nellie 48
Hueners, Ernest A Reinking, Marie A 214
Brenner, Glen Irwin Rhoads, Pearl B 551
Jeschke, Curt Rhoten, Santon 384
Ealderton, George A Rice, Bessie 102
Ross, Kenneth Richard Rice, Jean Bailey 76
Neathamer, Norman Delbert Rice, Jean Florence 259
Jones, Forrest G Rice, Marjorie 393
Nealon, Robert Emmett Richardson, Doris Lucile 100
Wells, Laurence E Richter, Gertrude E 140
Rice, Bernard Thayer Rickman, Nadine Alice 493
Clark, James Allen Ringer, Evelyn Alvera 391
Allen, Walter Roy Risby, Zetta Rose 316
Mills, John Wesley Jr Roat, Dorothea Aurelia 238
Reed, Charles O Robbins, Nellie Anna 206
Brown, Herbert Lee Roberson, Laura Marie 276
Archer, Ellsworth Roberts, Fannie 256
Purdin, Laurence E Roberts, Grace H 272
Maentz, Robert Caldwell Roberts, Mary Lee 199
Shrode, John Byron Robertson, Juanita E 548
Hostler, David Robinson, Josephine 17
Davis, Gerald Merritt Robinson, Mabel C 365
Voelkner, Herman Bruno Rodgers, Lizzie Louise 522
Moore, Clifford Harold Rodgers, Velma Martha 246
Rice, Daniel D Jr Rodriguez, Carmelita 6
Wilson, George M Rogers, Edith Sarah Belle 332
Coleman, Jesse Hubbard Roland, Esther Evelyn 50
Caldwell, Woodrow Jack Rose, Doris Isabel 500
Aitken, William M Rose, Elizabeth Van 45
Jones, Rollin R Roseberry, Venita H 103
Fitzsimmons, Herbert Francis Rosebury, Alice Lorraine 329
Hall, Edward D Rosenberg, Georgia 158
Foster, Clifford E Rowley, Lucile B 434
Schoenenberger, Ernest B Rubell, Marcella 353
McGrew, Elroy Emmett Ruland, Ella Mae 404
Barrett, Haney F Runk, Della 460
Carter, Wayne G Rush, Celia Opal 527
Fleener, Gillis J Russell, Dorothy 485
Johnson, Abey N Rutzer, Josephine 434
Bayley, Arthur N Rychard, Eva Faye 373
Starrett, Percy F Salisbury, Minerva C 96
Mathisen, Victor H Salladay, Edith 280
Adge, Ernest Godfrey Samish, Doris Ethel 532
Smith, Clifford R Sanborn, Ruth 525
Martin, Kenneth Leslie Sandberg, Esther Victoria 335
Tipton, Donald C Sanderson, Alice 374
Keithley, James W Sanderson, Dorothy M 461
Martin, Melvin Archie Sanderson, Thelma Agnes 449
Grim, Willard Allen Sandry, Doris Wray 273
Bunch, Alvis Garret Sanford, Fannie Fern 131
Guidi, Armido Louie Sanguinetti, Amelia 388
Wilson, Paul Harold Santo, Loree May 240
Stencil, John S Sappe, Mabel 84
Littlefield, Arthur W Sargent, Lonie 142
Meriwether, Joseph D Sargent, Mayme 435
Fitch, Frank Warren Sauer, Luella Mae 254
Balsiger, Stuart R Saunders, Beulah E 227
Hayden, Lyle E Sbrana, Elsie E 410
Goble, Oris Schauble, Betty 460
Patrick, Oswald Ben Schnebele, Georgia 520
Gibson, Melville Coffin Schneider, Ardath Maxine 494
Cook, Edward Schnurr, Mae E 41
Sellards, Dennis L Schotte, Blanche 56
Bowman, Roy R Schump, Gena Mariah 218
Dressler, Harley Virgil Scott, Elizabeth Ellyn 296
Mattiazzi, Victor V Scott, Harriet 76
McIntire, Allen Henry Scriven, Florence 304
Underwood, Charles Frederick Scroggins, Louise 173
Underwood, Charles Frederick Scroggins, Louise 173a
Underwood, Charles Frederick Scroggins, Louise 173b
Messer, Cecil A Seabrooke, Alice 180
Moser, Voris R Secor, Hannah 103
Sargent, Harold William Sellers, Mary M 377
Hankli, Halvard Seng, Charlotte Simington 183
Tallis, William Edgar Severson, Irene Florence 22
Davis, Robert F Sexton, Helen L 89
Caton, Samuel Robert Seybold, Bessie Loretta 60
Batman, Charles Willis Seymour, Maureen 380
Weidmann, Frederick A Shadwell, Ella Virginia 437
Nye, Emery George Shafer, Dorothy L 391
Cunningham, Otto Vernon Shaffer, Anna 172
George, Darwin Melvin Shannon, Margurette 138
Stacy, Floyd Shaw, Dorothy 488
Haidlen, Adolf Shawk, Zelda L 339
Randles, James Ellis Shelley, Ethel Sarah 495
Kenyon, Weyburn M Sherard, Cleo D 126
Davis, Clifford E Shewmake, Bessie Ann 356
Beecher, Allan Thomas Shipley, Helen Lorraine 421
Greaves, donald Arthur Shirley, Cora Lucille 400
Howard, Charles B Sidebottom, Lavina 120
McPherson, Harold L Sigford, Ruth Evangeline 536
Porter, Lloyd Leroy Silver, Isabelle 548
McCampbell, William Charles Silvers, Elizabeth Margaret 370
Pinho, Albert Simas, Mae 79
Whittaker, Elmer E Simpson, Alene Esther 296
Fenton, Joseph Irvin Simpson, Clarinda I 162
Winslow, Lawrence P Simpson, Fern L 426
Clifford, Delbert J Singler, Hilda Marie 150
Hunt, Robert W Sivesind, Helen 56
Adams, Thomas J Skyman, Floris 136
Steed, George B Slamen, Martha 560
Silva, Joe Oliver Small, Alberta 137
Robinson, Ben C Smith, Bette 367
Brigham, Henry E Smith, Blanche 315
Bundeson, Louis Smith, Gertrude W 331
Chase, Richard F Smith, Hazel Marie 255
O'Donahue, James L Smith, Helen 514
Slinger, William H Smith, Iona B Bechtel 160
Jackson, Thomas D Smith, Jeannette J 152
Shelton, Eugene G Smith, Marjorie Mae 198
Learned, Franklin L Smith, Ruth 528
Vincent, William Frank Smith, Zella LaRue 299
Byrum, William L Smythe, Lois H 135
Nelson, Laurence N Snelson, Constance Lucile 176
Fowler, Vernon H Snook, Bessie 468
Cougle, Ralph Rowley Snowzell, Edith Frances 132
Abbott, Elmer Glenn Sommer, Marie Caroline 187
Carter, Everett Vernon Sorahan, Ann Margaret 237
Raffetto, Martin Albert Soubirou, Marie 161
Turpin, Vernon Albert Spangenberg, Esther Alice 181
Madison, Kenneth O Spayde, Leona Dale 541
Tarabini, Louis Specia, Stella 37
Clark, Grant Spencer, Ardeth I 156
Parker, Otto E Spesert, Mary 91
Geffert, Frank H Spitzer, Wilhelmine 64
Parlin, Byron Starling, Virginia 486
Smith, Ivan Lee Starns, Edith Evagene 145
Crosby, Luther D Starr, Amana M 123
Nelson, Clarence M Stech, Pearl McEwen 376
Lindquist, Melville B Steel, Beatrice Jane 467
Bigham, Earl LeRoi Stephens, Gladys 476
Stephenson, Romney Orvis Stephenson, Artie E 163
Johnson, Gus Stephenson, Ina Reynolds 338
Dougherty, Winston Thayer Stevenson, Zerline 10
Trimble, George Stewart, Blanche 453
Cunningham, Calvin Seth Stickel, Vera Gene 334
Chamberlain, Ellis Arthur Stiles, Addie Vesta 48
Scott, B Willard Stiles, Pansy 61
Studdert, George M Stone, Bessie R 17
Stephenson, Oran W Stone, Nellie E 220
Knickerbacker, M E Stone, Thelma E 559
Smith, Archer Carlyle Storm, Frances Elzina 199
Fitzpatrick, Albert O Stougard, Hazel M 402
Renker, George Stough, Ida M 115
Sullivan, Claude Stowell, Evelyn 416
Dolby, Earl Milton Strand, Esther 67
Linebaugh, Thomas R Sturges, Genevieve 43
Bagley, Berl Warren Summers, Lida Jewel 349
Hawkins, Robert E Summers, Theta Carroll 44
Soares, Manuel Swearingen, Addie 159
Kumasawa, George Takahira, Edna 497
Nunn, Floyd W Taylor, Edna M 66
Gillette, George V Taylor, Elinor E 277
Spicer, Arthur R Taylor, Esther M 223
Wolcott, Kenneth Frederick Taylor, Myra Louise 322
Griffis, Newton A Terry, Mabel R 424
Meredith, Harold Clarence Thiede, Esther Loida 268
Allen, John F Thomas, Charlotte 377
Crank, Wallace Morrell Thompson, Dorothy 523
DeVolld, Dan D Thompson, Flora 118
Brock, Boyd William Thompson, Patsy O'Hara 153
Ramus, Clair Iven Thomson, May Elizabeth 301
Fowler, John Lambertson Tilton, Mary Caroline 179
Bastian, John Alois Tippin, Olathe Almyra 146
Holzhauser, August Tisdale, Marjorie 173
Lighthill, John M Tompkins, Agnes E 102
Falwell, C Dean Tonner, LaVoun L 285
Oden, Volney Sylvester Train, Arlene 133
McLellan, Lewis N Triplett, Mildred 51
Erickson, Eric Alvin Troest, Lillian Joy 519
Kellett, Stewart C Truax, Josephine Smith 313
Dickey, John E Tryer, Anna 448
Shaffer, Paul E Tucker, Ethel Isabele 345
Westall, William B Tucker, Frances 337
Riordan, William David Turnbow, Zeena Lois 125
Price, James A Turrell, Myrtle H 483
King, Jack C Uhl, Violet Goldie 42
Hegler, Carl N VanBuskirk, Ellen M 508
Fredenburg, Benjamin Theodore VanGroos, Naomi 251
Young, Axel Gottfreid VanHardenberg, Anna Jean 233
Vawter, William I Vawter, Lela 264
Layton, Clyde Vicars, Lillian 390
Long, Edgar Lee Vieira, Sylvia 68
Snyder, Earl V Vincent, Letha 202
McCoy, Barney Vinsonhaler, Cleo 267
Snyder, Michael E Virtue, Ellen E 55
Harris, Milton F Wadsworth, Jessie B 5
Swanson, Virgil Wakefield, Grace Marie 155
Latimer, Marvin Waldemar, Helen M 507
Powell, Harry Elmer Walker, Foresteen 100
Halla, Harry Thomas Walker, Honor Duvall 38
Perry, Irby R Walker, Tura E 19
Eddy, Blair E Wallace, Anita Isabel 1
Stubblefield, Raymond James Wallace, Vera Agnes 153
Walland, Ted Walland, Elizabeth 36
Anderson, Brov Hugo V Walters, Dorothy 33
Neff, James T Walters, Mary 501
Hudson, Edwin C Walton, Ethel Mae 445
Gillmore, robert M Walton, Helen Catherine 84
Drumm, William W Warford, Anita 242
Becker, Maxwell H Warner, Winifred Birdseye 278
Fields, William Homer Washburn, Margaret M 502
Dittmer, August Watkins, Rose 217
Black, John M Watson, Marguerite 94
Wilson, Charles Othell Watson, Thelma 520
Rowley, Jess W Weeks, Emma Vina 175
Curry, Joseph A Weil, Henrietta Elinor 98
Houck, William Edwin Weitfle, Iola Lois 63
Farmer, Rolley W Wellington, Helen 309
Briggs, Raymond P Wells, Annie 269
Gertson, Peter Wells, Hazel D 96
Perkins, Joe O Wert, Helen Lucille 212
Poole, Robert West, Juanita 163
Wilson, Phillip Luther West, Nola 492
Goff, Herbert Andrew Wetherell, Merna Evon 461
Alter, Robert Newton Wheeldon, Edythe Mae 54
Francis, Alfred Edward Wheeler, Almary 537
Milhoan, Samuel Andrew Wheeler, Eunice Harriet 538
Burbank, William O Wheeler, Marjorie Grace 419
Wilson, Doanld M Wheeler, Mary Ruth 442
Weldon, Glenister Clifford White, Margaret Helen 385
Hurst, Norman White, Mary 470
Conn, Otto L White, Neola 334
Johnston, Glen Dee Whited, Hazel Odessie 469
Arrington, Loyd W Whiteley, Bertha Cloe 209
Tucker, Wilbur Layton Whitman, Jean 535
Casey, Leroy L Whitney, Velma L 148
Williams, Clarence F Whitney, Wella 519
Fibush, Kenneth M Widasky, Esther 459
Joynes, Harold L Wilcox, Elberta M 101
Kelts, Donald M Wilcox, Helen G 154
Haskins, Russell George Wilder, Vera A 359
Hart, Ira R Wiley, Ellen L 422
Rohl, Wesley Wilfong, Gracie 503
Bellows, Edward Herbert Williams, Armada 529
Longstreth, Walter H Williams, Dot 330
Morse, Fremont Williams, Edythe 65
Larimore, Gale Williams, irene 496
Silva, Frank Williams, Katherine Ruth 25
Sieber, John Williams, Minnie Alice 133
Peterson, George A Williams, Ramona M 130
Burk, Clifford Glenn Williams, Stella Sewell 329
Millard, Ralph W Williston, Jessie 384
King, Manuel A Willoughby, Frances F 28
Martin, Jess C Wilson, Anita 270
Gail, C Norman Wilson, Ellow Mae 456
Tonn, Harry L Wilson, Frances E 341
Thompson, Norman U Wilson, Frances M 18
Tanner, Henry C Wilson, Glenora M 503
Hubbard, Delmar A Wilson, Goldie 304
Stewart, James Wilson, Maude Ida 482
Smith, Raymond R Wilson, Myrtise M 383
Konsella, Clarence Alexander Winfrey, Daisy Lee 219
Wilbur, Frank Perry Winkleman, Violet 35
Cunningham, Francis L Winningham, Marian 389
Gwin, James F Winninham, Grace M 454
Hoig, Vernon Sidney Winslow, Gladys E 513
Harper, Gaither Paul Winter, Emma M 22
Brockett, Jo Miller Jr Wodrich, Mathilda 292
Rose, Cecil Marion Wolff, F Edna 171
Firstbrook, Howard Wood, Laurel E 475
Colton, Samuel Gordon Wood, Tyrone Heloise 510
Lindsay, Arch Bert Woodyard, Nancy Armenda 399
Finch, Douglas B Wooldridge, Rachel Crane 380
McFarland, Andrew W Worthington, Lola Viola 14
Otis, Miles Harrison Grey Wright, Edith Verona 497
O'Connor, Jolin R Wright, Hildreth 170
Spence, Afred Melvin Wright, Myrtle E 423
Newnham, Harry Arthur Wyatt, Mildred Ellen 55
Butchart, Charles S Yeo, Dorothy Ruth 561
Stearns, Robert W Young, Elizabeth L 65
Cross, Minor Wallace Young, Lillian Barbara 3
Thomas, William D Young, Madeleine S 417
Childreth, John Carl Young, Mildred V 455
Radcliffe, Spencer D Zib, Elaine 114
Brittsan, Granvil F Zier, Eva 488
Zigler, Claud A Zigler, Ada V 138
Gillette, Granville Harry Zimmerman, Violet 114
Fleck, Carlos A Zink, Doris 92
Hoffman, Alton I Zint, Leota Frances 535