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Jackson County Marriage Book #19 Indexed by Bride's Name

Old Photo of Wedding Couple

RVGS volunteers have photographed and indexed the marriage record books housed in the Jackson County, Oregon courthouse. Below is our index to Marriage Book #19 for 1937-1940. It is in alphabetic order by the bride's name. This book used preprinted forms completed by the county clerk. Each page in this book contains the certificates for a single couple and includes both the marriage license and certificate (assuming the license was acted upon).

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Marriage Certificate
How to order:
Names of bride and groom

Groom Bride Page
Doty, Cornelius W Aborgast, Sarah Eliza 9
Porter, Elias Hull Jr Abraham, Julie Ann 250
Prescott, Hubert W Ackerson, Justine Emelia 255
Gonce, Vollie V Adams, Lucille M 435
Cearley, Charley Adamson, Lois 97
Lorton, Reginald Duke Ahlstrom, Gertrude Lucylle 217
Peterson, John Akers, Rosa 313
Doyle, Edward Alexander, Elsie 107
Buker, John A Alford, Anna Lucille 206
Hewitt, Harry Clair Allen, Olive Gertrude 268
Gleim, Charles Will Allen, Virginia 5
Reber, Clayton W Allison, Leona 371
Stagg, Leroy L Alwine, Elsie Mildred 4
Blackburn, Dean Russell Anderson, Elsie Evelyn 200
Andren, Emil Bernard Anderson, Elsie Florence 326
Rosenberger, Russell E Anderson, Ida R 580
Reisinger, W H Jr Anderson, Inez E 391
Myers, Delmar Otis Anderson, Lela Craig 147
Mortensen, Norman J Anderson, Marguerite 561
Peyton, Reuben William Anderson, Olga Roberta Elizabeth 337
Maharry, Floyd Anderson, Rosie 64
Lamison, Robert B Jr Andrews, Elva 39
Greenwood, Gordon N Annis, Lela 48
Fray, Claude Appleby, Whynema 302
Hardy, Robert Vernon Applegate, Alicia 575
Lewis, Henry Ervin Applegate, Sadie 440
Colbaugh, Jack L Archer, Joy 106
Bridgman, Charles W Arens, Mary Ruth 352
Johnson, B L Argent, Lenora 246
DeCaprio, Robert Pierre Arison, Opal 448
Weisert, Adolph Armitage, Lottie 412
Breazeale, Harold A Armstrong, Louise 278
Taylor, Charles S Arnespiger, Mary Helen 46
Klukkert, John B Arnold, Rhea Esther 73
Bitzer, William Albert Asbury, Thelma 49
Hyatt, Robert Ashley, Dora 321
Jones, Glenn Atkey, Dorothy 78
Coleman, Milton Allen Augustine, Lois Marie 173
Bradford, Everett O Aumack, Ruth I 281
Boenig, Fred John Austin, Lucile Verbeck 397
Miller, Harry Earl Austin, Pearl 123
Grimes, William P Ayers, Avys 367
Martin, Wayne Roy Ayres, Avadna Adelle 377
Finch, Roy Grant Fleming Ayres, Nell Dulcie 338
Hust, William L Bain, Bernita B 497
Riggert, Lloyd Baker, Florence Ellen 396
Young, Jonas Baker, Isabel M 457
Hall, Sidney L Baker, Opal 584
Soffel, Charles William Jr Baker, Vera Frances 277
Crandall, Russell K Balfrey, Grace M 477
Myers, William Martin Bali, Nona Izola 385
Arnold, Roy Francis Ballantyne, Ruth 314
Kerwin, Laurence W Ballard, Geneva May 75
Dawson, Harry Edwin Banish, Joyce Florine 384
Dotson, Paul M Banner, Gladys N 237
Cress, Eldon Barkley, Lelah 94
Montgomery, Raymond Barney Barkley, Susanne Helen 343
Taylor, Ira Barnes, Peara Ruth 134
Dragon, John E Barnhart, Leona Margaruite 534
Ice, George L Barnhart, Ruth 382
Leonard, Donald Chester Barnum, Jean Catherine 364
Wright, Robert Carey Barrett, Alice Lucille 360
Wolter, Ernest E Bartch, Tresey 378
Taylor, Clyde S Bateman, Margaret Laura 315
Fawcett, Mervyn J Bates, Glowrene Mae 213
Eastlick, Edrick Preston Bathmer, Mary M 14
Manning, Albert M Bauer, Marian Jane 545
Elrod, Franklin Allen Jr Baumgardner, Mary Allene 591
Carter, Jack B Beatty, Mary 105
Newton, William Henry Beaver, Minnie E 482
Johnson, Forrest Allan Beck, Norma Frances 573
Headlee, Roger J Beebe, Mary Jane 407
James, Velton Vau Beebee, Goldie Leoni 114
Schall, William Lester Beers, Fern Evelyn 340
Trent, Smith Edward Beeson, Edna May 142
Meade, Ellis Belknap, Frances 509
Reeder, Dallas Dalbert Bell, Jaunita Doris 472
Moore, Carlos Eugene Belleci, Petranella Harriett 370
Monaco, Eugene J Bellman, Helen 334
Sherman, Floyd Walker Bennett, Eva Lois 539
Martin, Leo C Bennett, Frances 336
Thompson, Ralph Andrew Bennett, Ruth Ellen 424
Sanderson, Lloyd Richard Bennett, Ruth Mae 165
Sample, Maurice Joel Bittle, Elizabeth Jeannette 220
Tucker, Ormal W Bjorge, Norma 339
Smith, Walter F Blackwell, Betty 500
Forbes, Stuart Blaine, Arlene 365
Marshall, Glen Walter Blake, Elmira Rose 74
Bailey, Paul E Blakeley, Nina Franklin 241
Jones, Orville L Bland, Margaret L 323
Holland, Robert A Blundell, Avis 159
Northup, Edward Nichols Boardman, Bertha May 269
Dunlava, Les Elmo Bodenhamer, Geraldine 259
Fisher, William Henry Bogert, Marian 55
Berrow, Percival Boggs, Lucy Hetty 45
Walker, James E Bokirk, Verna 338
Davison, Alvin Milford Bold, Lucile 204
Simmonds, Merle W Bolz, Addie D 305
Brown, Russel Marvin Bonham, May L 452
Henning, August William Bowman, Ida May 527
Collins, Cornelius Beck Boyle Margarite 504
Frank, Walter Bradley, Mildred F 93
Harrison, Joseph A Bragg, Susan 154
Ayres, Elmer Viven Brahs, Elizabeth E 304
Munson, Charles Gordon Brandsma, Janet M 287
Todd, Ralph Angus Brantley, Gladys Belle 190
Jones, Morris M Breeding, Jennie Evlyn 124
Anderson, Melvin Walter Breitemayer, Caralie 1
Harrison, Glenn William Bridges, Opie Lorraine 465
Dudley, Eugene Earl Briggs, Eleanor Marie 56
Graham, Gale T Brinson, Lois Landon 531
Cole, Harry Harland Bristow, Edith 456
Klein, Ralph E Brommer, Fredericka 561
Gillaspey, Jack William Brood, Ruby Violet 152
Agee, George Marshall Brookfield, Lucille 597
Oden, Lester Brown, Alma 184
Hoehner, Frank R Brown, Dorothy R 135
McClure, robert Leonard Brown, Emily Frazer 294
Kennerley, W H Brown, Genevieve E 148
Bumgardner, Phil Brown, Lillian 27
Wilson, Horace David Brown, Maxine 492
Buck,Otis Brown, Rhianon Nickolls 452
Newman, Ralph Brown, Rosezella 286
Reich, LeVern H Browne, Mollie 49
Gosnell, Thomas S Browning, Elizabeth Barrett 28
Dorsey, James William Brownlee, Alpha Gladys 77
Coe, Winfield W Brownwood, Mary Lucinda 441
Panger, Charles Ray Bruce, Geraldine L 512
Rimer, Vernon Granville Brundige, June Evelyn 572
Knight, William A Buckley, Beatrice M 174
Fry, Richard M Bundy, Kathleen 84
Tollefson, Alvin O Bunn, Emily Alice 264
Wilder, Bernard Burch, Audrey 13
Friend, Stanley Mervin Burck, Inez Luella 24
Burroughs, Gerald Thomas Burdell, Norma 234
Cherry, Raymond F Burke, Inez I 207
Heavelin, Oral Burnett, Mary 599
Grigsby, Garl William Burns, Bessie Lee 463
Smith, Johnnie R Bush, Iris 42
Pascoe, John Bush, Josephine 182
Endicott, Leroy Edward Butts, Orpha Louise 456
Pierson, Lester Ray Caid, Wilma 15
Root, Horace Lincoln Caldwell, Wilma Marjorie 350
Smith, LeRoy Albert Campbell, Dorothy Marie 46
Kee, Glen S Cannon, Maibelle 120
Munn, Lester Charles Carey, Josie Ellen 588
Lovell, John T Carey, Mary O 80
Bengston, John Emanuel Carlson, Gertrude Marie 245
Kewitt, Albert Carlson, Irene 23
Thompson, Foster D Carlton, Leila 305
Grow, Elmer Hugh Carmean, Jeannette 22
Whitnack, Guy G Caro, Laura B 134
Clegg, Maynard Emerson Carpenter, Kathleen 308
Thompson, John Walter Carr, Hattie May 430
Hayes, Edward E Carrick, Sarah 411
Jacobs, George William Carroll, Mabel Northrup 400
Koehly, William Burton Carroll, Virginia 248
VanHardenburg, Albert Wayne Carter, Avis Ingrid 447
Rush, Gale Carter, Carole 446
Peterson, Gustaf Fredrick Carter, Catherine Gertrude 308
Royston, Victor Adolph Carter, Elsie Margaret 403
Merriman, Lee Carter, Esther 474
Hout, Kenneth Wesley Carum, Rita LaVoune 126
McFadden, Thomas W Casad, Ardis 21
Wiltermood, Carl Herman Cash, Zada 324
Woolfolk, Ira V Casper, Helen Ann 185
Ratliff, Clay Lee Cathey, Peggy 229
Clayton, Albert Chadwick, Dorothy 372
Lorton, Garland Neeley Chambers, Bertha 253
Norling, William Carl Chambers, Jessie May 97
Down, John Francis Chambers, Lucinda 406
Daily, Charles Chambers, Marie 482
Stewart, Russell W Chandler, Goldie 296
Raymond, Ira B Chapman, Zella R 312
Edmondson, Kenneth B Chase, Hazel Marie 408
Yeglic, Leo Cheatham, Esther 20
Brewold, Erling Lage Childreth, Etta Arlene 112
Luman, William I Chord, Ethel 332
Copeland, Clarence E Church, Gladys M 283
Dunford, LeVon Clark, Doris 138
Whitley, Richard A Clark, Eleanor Helen 345
Green, Charles P Clark, Josephine Arlene 166
Collingwood, Allen P Clark, Leatha Mae 532
Ney, Colman A Clark, Mildred 65
Gay, Ivan Leslie Clark, Pearl Elizabeth 54
Mecum, Lyle Clarno, Virginia June 340
Young, Bernie H Claycomb, Jean 345
Jacks, Robert Clement, Lois 182
Stanton, Max Ray Clemons, Avanelle Lettie 541
DeVroey, Leslie E Close, Mildred Jane 7
Wheeler, John Vernon Clymer, Gertrude Elizabeth 13
Haurahan, William LeRoy Coburn, Alberta 37
Holt, George Andrew Cochran, Esther Sabra 498
Lee, Robert E Coffeen, Jean Elizabeth 547
Byrum, William L Coggins, Naomi H 436
Carter, Arvell George Cole, Sylvia Bernice 181
Ritchey, Maurice Collins, Leah Louise 138
Daniel, William Joseph Collins, Lenna D 577
Krause, Virgil Theodore Collins, Martha May 359
Durrell, Lyde Mount Colwell, Mildred 61
Caldwell, William E Conger, Doris C 585
Habicht, William F Conlon, Etta 152
Besoain, Alvin Conrad, Pauline 210
Johnson, Melvin A Conrad, Wanna E 539
Scruggs, William Freeman Constable, Caludia Rae 192
Curl, Walter D Cook, Blanche Bernice 165
Curtis, Hake Cook, June 51
Skipton, Ray M Cook, Mary E 600
Frost, Russell E Coombe, Grace Elizabeth 324
Martin, George H Cooper, May LaVerne 421
Mattson, Aldrich A Coppage, Vernice W 413
Anderson, John Richard Cordill, Idora 30
Spencer, George Carey Costolo, Sarah Elizabeth 379
Roberts, Lloyd Coulter, Florence 368
Swindler, Jacob Coulter, Louise 84
Medcalf, Victor Siedell Cox, Charlotte 258
Jordan, Russell W Cox, Dorothy 519
Walker, Wilbur Raymond Cox, Kathryn 207
Anderson, Walter James Cox, Thelma 245
Young, Elbert Ray Coy, Loretta May 414
Schuack, Martin Detlef Craig, Margaret Opal 109
Tungate, Edgar Crandall, Clara 79
Colver, Harold Clifford Crawford, Corrine Helen 590
Fowler, Losco C Crawford, Lauraine M 483
Boyce, Fred William Creswell, Edna Mae 63
Kubli, Henry Lee Cripe, Martha Elizabeth 475
Wilson, James B Crockett, Florence E 373
Harrison, Forrest Vernon Crockett, Mary Etta 297
Gibson, Earl Pershing Crockett, Ruby Geraldine 546
Miller, Eugene Charles Croft, Sylvia 70
VanPelt, Franklin H Cronn, Lozena Mae 492
Hixon, John D Crosby, Shirley Ann 1
Schritt, Charles Herbert Crume, Clara Bell 169
Smith, Jack Raphael Cullop, Edith Virginia 559
Klein, Leonard M Culy, Dorothy 331
Ohrt, Daniel Kenneth Culy, Jean Marie 262
Campbell, J L Jr Cundiff, Betty Jeanne 233
Tharp, Ray Stanford Cunha, Frances Kae 40
Plowman, Emmer William Currier, Elizabeth May 18
Hood, Kenneth Elvin Curry, Alice Irene 524
Ross, Orval R Curtis, Edna M 320
Callender, William Richard Daily, ruth Henrietta 252
Gass, Durward Dale, Forest 535
Harris, Cecil Dalton, Eleanor 348
Wilkinson, John Edward Daly, Frances Lorraine 392
Cate, William P Daly, Mary E 489
Fraley, Richard Darby, Leona 280
Darby, John H Darby, Nora 150
Dixon, William Hunter Darham, Joyce Elaine 481
Doty, Shirrell Rogers Daugherty, Fredene Ama 540
Ocheltree, robert D Davenport, Lila 92
Wakeman, Miles S Davidson, Bess 41
Lees, John Junior Davis, Alice Elizabeth 516
Chamberlain, Elmer F Davis, Antonette 107
Hartley, Jack Martin Davis, June 381
Davis, Rollie Lincoln Davis, Lillian Malvina 468
Blackford, Eugene Lowell Davis, Lorraine Ellen 549
Weitman, Gene William Davis, Vaidee Ruth 370
Mulligan, Walter B Davis, Velma Marry 73
Johnston, T Slater Day, Lois 303
Blackwell, Joseph W Dean, Elsie 437
Ivie, Lisle Wilton Dean, Lela Bernice 477
Struve, Victor Deardorf, Blanche 425
Dalkenberg, LaVerne Herbert DeArmond, Loretta Gertrude 93
Marin, Donovan DeBard, Melva 158
Deetz, George L Deetz, Alice E 386
Tolle, William Lorraine DeJarnette, Gladys Alene Long 290
Covalt, Jerry L Dell, Grace Shane 528
Johnson, Lyman Dellinger, Florence E 367
Hunger, Richard H Delsman, Genevieve Anna 515
Brown, Gilbert W deLuce, Ione Dorothy 144
Savage, Harold A Jr Delzell, Jennie 208
Knips, Gilbert Gearhart Denman, Gladys Irene 171
Hurd, Harvey J Desaveda, Matilda 44
Miller, Jesse J Detillion, Rose L 183
Kelley, Clarence J DeVries, Grace J 255
Hasey, Stanley DeWitt, Phyllis 41
Vega, Domingo John Dexter, Dorothy Irene 239
Campbell, Gerald Dickey, Murlene Zelma 566
Morse, Lane W Dickey, Naomi 547
Ellerson, Arthur Lymon Dillon, Lula 115
Kirkpatrick, Melvin C Dixon, Dorothy E 549
Evans, Vernon M Dodson, Helen Docia 514
Gaines, William Franklin Dole, Phebe Dolores 379
Cockrum, Harry G Dorrance, Jean 423
Vetter, James Charles Downs, Hazel Hope 244
Stearns, Robert W Dowty, Jean Lincoln 329
Dimmick, Melvin A Dozier, Adeline L 530
Briggs, James T Drager, Mildred Gretchen 191
Driver, Edward Raymond Driver, Mabel Gipson 466
Underwood, C Fred Drury, Barbara 480
Porter, Norris Kent Drury, Laura Chandler 200
Totman, Russell A Duer, Mary Jeannette 271
McMullin, Jesse Clifford Duggan, Ethel Mildred 406
Shafer, Howard Price Dunford, Agnes 538
Ritter, James LeRoy Dunkin, Betty Mae 269
Richey, Othar C Dunlap, Doris 546
Pierce, Edward Fred Dunlap, Vivian Gertrude 203
Gentry, Dee Dunne, Dorothy 31
Boggs, Jess W Durham, Lorna 78
Mercer, Alfred Rexford Durst, Lavon Elaine 543
Lund, Carl A Dye, Doris 455
Robertson, Raymond Dyer, Delpha 289
Roberts, Lloyd East, Elizabeth 266
Bostwick, Vyron Maxwell Eaton, Delma Dean 521
Yoakum, Harold Harriman Edelman, Orletta Inez 43
Blick, Robert B Edlund, Mildred 256
Conley, Benjamin Franklin Edmonds, Erlene Bernice 428
Gill, Lawrence D Edwardes, Sue Idell 444
Wilder, Peter C Edwards, Georgia 499
Cote, Maurice Ehrheart, Katharine 169
Beckelhymer, Edmond P Eifert, Edna E 173
Newman, Melvin L Ellingwod, Ora June 48
Erbes, Louis Elliott, Margaret 277
Palm, Raymond Elson, Chloe 322
Colwell, Kenneth Emery, Maxine 598
Barlow, Howard Raymond English, Iola H 390
Baldwin, Edward Erdei, Marie 72
Prather, James R Erlich, Ann 118
Demmer, George Essary, Augusta C 317
Wolfe, Eli H Essenberg, Doris 62
White, John Dumphrey Estes, Kathleen Estella 303
Thatcher, Jack L Estill, Jean 223
Bradbury, Charles E Evanson, Hazel 118
Selby, Paul J Fabrick, Jeanne Frances 11
Keen, Bruce W Faganello, Elve 257
Watkins, Arthur J Fagerstrom, Ruth 193
Hall, Elmer Parker Fairchild, Agnes Corene 445
McConnell, Carl R Fairchild, Leah Harrison 225
Lewis, Robert Paul Fallin, Elisabeth 29
Atkins, Paul Fanger, Mamie E 337
Fargus, Edward Elmer Fargus, Edna Blanche 51
Berwert, Frederick William Farnsworth, Irene 155
Murphy, Marion Lloyd Farrington, Laura Lucy 485
Ingraham, Charles C Farrow, Zilpha C 598
Knutsen, Ford Ferguson, Jeane Elva 465
Ferguson, Walter S Ferguson, Leta 513
Azzari, Giuseppi Ferrera, Genevieve 108
Ford, John Lawrence Ferry, Loisa A 151
Sherwood, Robert Gordon Field, Barbara Jean 388
Hostutler, Ernest C Field, Helen M 284
Warner, William Andy Finley, Alta Iris 95
Pieper, Dean Fisk, Mary 154
Henselman, Edward Bruce Fletcher, Audry June 446
Shelton, Harry David Fletcher, Evelyn Bernice 176
Straube, John William Fletcher, Kathryn Olive 65
McLean, Robert L Fluke, Naomi O 179
Harrington, George E Flynn, Betty Margaret 356
Atwell, James Hardin Forbis, Dora Maud 168
Kell, Charles Clyde Force, Mary Katharine 596
Lowd, Howard L Ford, Bertha 242
Reh, Vernon N Ford, Doris 218
Goble, Wendell Y Foresee, Etaile 17
Boling, Alfred C Fortin, Thelma 434
Gordon, Irv L Fortina, Virginia Marie 273
Meyling, Robert Russell Foslet, Laura Mae 389
Morgan, Philip Reed Foster, Gloria Ann 391
Stuart, Ralph B Foster, Virginia Nell 301
Millspaugh, Donald Fouste, Margaret 437
Dole, Glen Dale Fowler, Velma 14
Kaiser, Laurence Franks, Margaret L 197
Powell, Kenneth DeWitt Franks, Violet M 416
Waggoner, Ralph Walter Fraser, Mildred Irene 579
Skillman, Lambert Frazee, Ellen Maria 436
Sanders, Kirby Sentclear Frazier, Geneva 483
Blakeley, Benjamin Alfred Frazier, Jetta Avanelle 517
Smith, Melvin G Fredenburg, Jean 506
Levtzow, Lewis B Freeburg, Nannie Lee 537
Jessup, Charles Freit, Ida K 125
Gilmore, William Elmo Frerichs, Ruth Margaret 508
Bennett, Marvin Jasper Frink, Emma Laura 369
Hotell, Winston Orren Froelich, Maybelle Roessel 26
Schuler, James David Furber, Ruth Erville 237
Whetstone, Alton R Furry, Carol 476
Blair, Aurell R Furry, June 540
Boothby, Harold Glenn Futter, Mary Louise 53
King, George A Gaddy, Jessie L 77
Brewer, Albert Luther Gaines, Dorothy Louise 365
Pickola, Albert Adolph Gamberg, Velma Ruth 36
Ellis, Bert Gants, Mary Irene Rogers 460
Rarey, Major W Gardiner, Katie V 396
Cottingham, Dwight Gardner, Esther Carolyn 185
Brower, Allan Miller Garey, Gertrude 129
Davidson, David A Garlock, Ruth N 581
Fish, Fletcher Thomas Garman, Jean 414
Hollenbeck, Donald W Gartland, Verna C 69
Grossen, Clarence Leroy Garver, Anna Louise 21
Thompson, Albert Forrest Gast, Thelma Marie 112
Hunnell, Ford Gearhart, Maxine 575
Medley, Theodore Gentry, Dorothy 599
Klumph, Royal Eugene Gentry, Elva Mae 466
McQuigg, Cecil Harry Gerber, Mary Lou 565
Hinkle, Arthur Gianque, Enid Renee 179
Conley, Howard Gibson, Adonda 100
Powers, Vollie Nelson Gibson, Cora Ellen 295
Young, Walter J Gibson, Dorothy 563
Byrne, Paul Morris Gifford, Florence Miriam 314
Kerr, William E Gilham, Vera Belle 360
Cyester, Millard E Gill, Nancy L 85
Nahss, Henry Gillette, Alice Nellie 462
Page, Hugh Clinton Gillmore, Emma Jane 505
DeLara, C Allyn Ginn, Liddie 590
Carnitsen, John Ginter, Beatrice F 596
Bedingfield, Thomas Alfred Glass, Erma L 103
Dysinger, Leland Leroy Glass, Jessie Geneva 343
Lombard, Ralph A Glass, Theada 332
Darby, Raymond Scott Gleaves, Naomi June 493
Baglien, Mervin Earl Goddard, Marjorie Edith 454
Comstock, Chester Eugene Godfrey, Jennie 472
Miller, John Gordon Goings, Bertha Mary 552
Coffman, John Travis Gossett, Verva L 473
Ashbaugh, James H Gould, Nancy Helen 105
Mushen, Samuel Albert Gove, Beulah Lucretia 574
Duda, Albin John Grable, Mildred Alice 428
Gray, Roy Clarence Gracey, Mary Rose 283
Clark, Orris E Grady, Mary Ellen 354
Schwyhart, Lester Leslie Gray, Delaine Marian 113
Goodwell, Peter L Gray, Mary F 368
Reed, Paul Gray, Ruby 427
Collins, John Gray, Vera 306
Root, John M Green, Nila Mae 381
Evans, Lyley Orlando Green, Virginia May 293
Leavens, Darrell Grenbemer, Helen 476
Sleen, Harvey A Griebler, Carman Colleen 566
Kahl, Fay Curtis Griffitts, Edna 161
Reavis, Maurice Gritsch, Evelyn 589
Elliott, Bert Roy Grubb, Julia 393
Mack, Charles Gudehus, mary Louisa 32
Eberlein, Arnold E Guetzlaff, Ruth Helene Ann 564
Hamm, Leo Richard Guiley, Peggy Gertrude 293
Morrison, Lloyd W Haas, Helen B 551
Habicht, William Albert Habicht, Etta 534
Austin, Wesley R Haden, Lucille 29
Lowden, Eugene E Haefner, Ermal B 15
Reich, Walter Haley, Ruth Marie 302
Murphy, Earl K Hall, Coral Theresa 59
Newcomb, Paul B Hall, Katherine 64
Howell, Minnis Henry Halpin, Ada May 170
Hubbard, Walter LeRoy Hamaker, Evelyn Virginia 533
Parkin, Victor Hambaugh, Leslie Leona 392
Fitzgerald, Ira Dewey Hamilton, Margaret Lois 586
Pearson, Ted Lockwood Hamilton, Marilla Emmert 458
Bordwell, Raymond Oren Hammett, Marguarite Mary 429
Ford, Robert N Hammett, Marie 494
Beaman, Cecil L Hammonds, Hazel M 281
Rowden, Melvin Hamons, Florence 117
Blake, Leonard Harrison Hampton, Elizabeth Emily 449
Massey, Henry Earl Hamrick, Erma I 582
Coggins, Leland Stanford Handy, Georgia Virginia 460
Griffith, Forest Lawson Hanover, Beatrice 60
Parkinson, Thomas M Hanson, Ethel A 86
Hammond, Richard Watt Hanson, Vida Louise 357
Baker, Cyrus A Harader, Ellen Pauline 104
Crowell, Lloyd Francis Hardy, Grace May 576
McLean, Clifford Harker, Margaret A 577
Gray, Marqus D L Harmon, Ruth Lois 34
Farrar, Robert Stephen Harrington, Jeanne Grace 317
Stephens, Mitchell M Harrington, Leida Marion 595
Chisholm, John A Harris, Dorothy 383
Keeble, James B Hart, Charity 544
Jackson, Virgil W Hartwell, Lucielle 298
Hibben, Lynn Maxwell Harvey, Ivadelle Florence 429
Niedermeyer, John Louis Harvey, Opal Hendrix 545
Risse, Charles Frank Haskins, Gertrude Leon 527
Burns, Kenneth Raymond Hastings, Gloria Marcene 194
Warren, Dean Elliot Hastings, Margaret Jeanette 198
Gatgens, John C Hauschild, Paula 19
Capel, Paul S Hawkins, Adele L 42
Smith, Clyde H Hayes, Dorothy Alberta 351
Hart, John Harvey Haynes, Alpha Edith 141
Parks, Gloyd Irving Haynes, Alpha Edith 442
Stevens, Fred Nelson Haynes, Dorothy Helen 484
Wilson, Howard Hays, DeLoris Rae 22
Grantham, Larry E Hector, Claire 189
Wescott, George P Hedman, Esther Inga 103
Smith, Clifford C Heinze, Wanda 183
Jackson, Conrad M Henbest, Katie 33
Tullis, Howard L Hendricks, Jessie Lee 471
White, Roy Gordon Henry, Elizabeth H 88
Swingle, Charles Oliver Hensler, Alice 592
Ayres, Walter W Hepler, Ola Elizabeth 149
Hoxie, Wesley Vernon Herbert, Mary Edwina 177
Watson, Richard E Herman, Evelyn T 231
Mansfield, William Asher Hermanson, Geraldine Rose 486
Stratton, Frank C Herrin, Dorothy F 347
Brown, George Robert Herriott, Genevieve 294
Ashcraft, Kent Norman Hervey, Beulah Marvin 394
Ghelardi, Charles Leo Hesselgrave, Janice D 83
Fahlen, John Olaf Hesselgrave, Olva 215
Leggett, Dan C Heyne, Martha 178
Jenkins, Leslie Raymond Hibbard, Lila Allen 523
Littrell, Harold R Hibbitt, Grace Maxine Gunnette 59
Helman, Benjamin Franklin Butler Hight, Viola Margaret 288
Vogel, Clair W Hight, Virginia R 528
MacCrindle, John C Hill, Florence 70
Rust, Raymond J Hill, Julia 439
Lusk, Calvin Lee Hill, Sally Ruth 347
Mack, Charles Hill, Wilrose M 215
Harriger, George Wesley Hillerman, Betty Maxine 140
Christean, Leonard G Hilton, Dorothy 90
Bradford, Ira Truman Hixon, Verla Aleen 420
Wilson, Elden Bruce Hober, Zena Mary 518
Richardson, John Hobson, Jennie 235
Souza, Eugene Joseph Hodges, Marjorie Mae 175
McClure, Howard David Hodgkins, Alpha O 295
Laurence, Edward Everard Hoffman, Shirley T 232
McNally, Paul S Hoilien, Myrtle 236
Williams, Harry Milton Holden, Clara L 511
Staley, Eugene G Holderman, Muriel J 334
Wooldridge, Frederick Vanuxem Hollars, Flonnie May 172
Hedgpeth, Harold Victor Homer, Frances Louise 536
Burke, Donald Harold Homer, Virginia Pearl 441
Young, Edgar D Hood, Allie M 5
Kaye, Richard B Hoover, Ruth 268
Comer, Arthur Grant Hopkins, Fredamay 299
Mann, John William Horn, Llola Jane 525
Harrington, Joseph F Hornby, Ruth 496
Crews, Robert W Horner, Muriel E 537
Anderson, Lloyd W Horton, Arlene 226
Prevatt, Clyde Houck, Bertha M 326
Taylor, Don M Houghton, June W 267
Boothby, Frank Merritt Houston, Doris Barbara 417
Bunnell, Chester A Jr Huber, Ruth 454
Barker, George William Jr Hubler, Esther Muriel 260
Ring, Elza Huddleston, Lillian 267
Reagh, Charles Hudson, Jean 234
Higgins, Robert Huffman, Esther Naoma 479
Reinhardt, Robert E Hugger, Henrietta M 579
Luttringer, Charles M Hughes, Cecile 99
Pargeter, Dick Hughes, Jean 235
Knox, Franklin Ansel Hulbert, Vivian Eileen 276
Dodge, Robert Edwards Hull, Rae Isabell 243
Evans, Harry L Hullquist, Camilla 229
Goeglein, George H Huls, Dollie M 251
Mardon, John Thomas Humpton, Thelma Dorothy 422
Elkins, Everett L Huston, Georgia R 32
Wilson, Orville Riley Hutchinson, Sarah Ann 198
Bromley, William R Hutchinson, Susie L 357
Chamberlain, Lon Hutchison, Hazel 453
Wheaton, Robert Flynn Ingram, Frances Angeline 541
Nunn, Earl James Ireland, Hazel Brown 351
Duncan, Rudolph L Irons, Jennie L 222
Craig, Frank D Isaacs, Darley Pearl 40
Bailey, Ralph J Isaacson, Agnes M 573
Conley, Warren Dale Jack, Evelyn Elizabeth 403
Seale, Gary Jackson, Alice 161
Meloy, Bertis Frank Jackson, Myrtle M 560
Meadows, Paul C Jackson, Viola 395
Cameron, Royal Danmur Jacobs, Edith Lyndall 504
O'Brien, Walter James Jacobson, Elizabeth Goldie 380
Harley, Robert Ralph James, Grace Mabel 507
Shelledy, Fayette James, Winabell 274
Garvey, Howard Jandreau, Margaret 171
Bolz, Walter Richard Jarman Eleanor Mignon 310
Ballard, Gene Jarvis, Anita 244
Brown, William Jefferson, Lois 240
Beers, Lloyd Stephen Jenkinson, Louise Evelyn 353
Seapy, Chester Retan Jennings, Mary Lucile 186
Moty, Norman William Jensen, Jenes Elizabeth 564
Potter, Boyd Monroe Jimmerson, Zona 500
Rutledge, William Alexander Johnson, Alice E 242
deJarnette, Clifford W Johnson, Arlene 223
Breniman, Clifton R Johnson, Delila 299
Brooks, Hal Vincent Johnson, Edna Arline 438
Womelsdorf, Oaklen Johnson, Esther 96
Womelsdorf, Russell William Johnson, Evelyn Louise 270
Wright, Lloyd Johnson, Freeda 228
Noble, James William Johnson, Olive 87
Bobbett, James Richard Johnson, Olive Lorraine 390
O'Neill, Percy James Johnson, Pauline Hannah 501
Teske, Harold F Johnston, Ada V 121
Thompson, John Enoch Johnston, Nola 89
Killgreen, Edward Jolly, Elizabeth Bryce 470
Hendrickson, Clifford Walter Jones, Beatrice Irene 160
Stewart, Glenn Logan Jones, Eathel Mae 216
DeMers, Lloyd A Jones, Elnora Bon Nell 214
Newhouse, Raynsford Wren Jones, Elva Claire 312
Laird, Linval L Jones, Evelyn 176
Hill, James Jones, Lelavene 66
Hood, Melford M Jones, Leota 325
Troyanek, John Frederick Jones, Marcella 322
Yost, Roger Jones, Marjorie 56
Hester, William Orville Jordan, Opal Bernice 487
Jones, Emerson R Josephs, Elsie 120
Prideaux, John A Joy, B Elizabeth 572
Chambers, Eugene Earl Kane, Eunice Rose Anna 193
Nye, Waldo Paul Kas, Alice 50
Bennett, Carl Loren Kaufman, Iris Lorene 386
Zamrzla, Joseph L Kaufman, Violet 361
Whitesides, Otto L Keene, Alyce V 279
Gay, Donald F Kegg, Kennethea 102
Hughes, Paul Warren Kellogg, Alice Maxine 530
Ruff, Robert Bruce Kellogg, Mary Louise 190
Hope, Edward K Kelly, Margaret Ellen 418
Campbell, Verne Martin Kem, Mary Elizabeth 263
Conley, Ray Vernon Kempsky, Edyth May 203
Hoffman, John Richard Kendall, Reita Hazel 339
Powell, Thomas W Kester, Ramona Myrtle 353
Cook, Fred Keyt, Wilma LaVerne 211
Hardberger, Claude Kiely, Jessie Colter 585
Spencer, Len F Kilburn, Muriel L 503
Samuels, John William Kile, Josephine Dorothy 467
Lusk, Leslie E Kincaid, Daisy 149
Verdni, Manuel S King, Alice 71
King, Kenneth L King, Ruth May 101
Johnston, Glen D Kinkade, Naomi 243
Baxendale, Roy W Kinser, Lois M 374
Herron, Mark B Kinter, Ione 172
Rouse, Maynard E Kirkland, Alice Beulah 204
Perry, Ceres Louie Kist, Betty Eva 287
Berghagen, Oscar J Klenzendorf, Vettlene Ormenta 373
Harper, Harry Jules Kludt, Annie 285
McDonald, Calvin Bruce Knapp, Roberta May 92
Olsen, Leonard Knight, Margaret 531
Smith, Lloyd Knopf, Mary 25
Williamson, Percy R Knox, Edna Lucille 554
Anderson, Oscar Melvin Knudsen, Lenore Edna 205
Archer, Almon F Knull, Viola A 467
McDaniel, Glenn Vernon Knutson, Hilda C 423
Glidden, Harry Lester Knutson, Marian Virginia 167
Mallow, James Willard Koning, Louise Rosemond 554
Wilson, Robert B Konkel, Wanda 479
Vaughn, Joseph M Koplin, Lois J 542
Davidson, Neil O Kramer, Kathryn L 433
Ocheltree, Bert Kreeger, Bernice 256
Dodds, Clinton H Kruse, Mary Ann 213
Skoog, Ole Kurtz, Dorothy 307
Michael, Holly W Kyker, Verl 23
Cavalere, Chester Laffranchi, Silvia Ruby 469
Nachreiner, Anton Lake, Evelyn 202
Monroe, Harold Alvin Lamb, Dorothy Mae 7
Griffiths, Edwin Patterson Lamm, Maude E 424
Cook, Donald Lancaster, Dorothy Dale 349
Morgan, Edward Leonard Landers, Yvonne Alice 506
Painter, Charles Emmett Landing, Jessie Evelyn 238
Haas, Jerome Landing, Letha 108
McQuigg, Earl Langston, Maxine 260
Dunlap, Marion Elmo Lantroop, Ruby Louise 187
Davis, Virgil W LaPree, Verna 163
Taylor, Mark Latham, Geraldine 451
Peterson, Eugene Kyger Latham, Madeline Aileen 415
Schmidt, Robert Lathrop, Katharine 212
Randles, Guy William Laurent, Mildred Edith 412
Bryan, Charles Chick Lawrence, Helen Rita 488
Kline, Boyd Catey Lay, Lila 197
Keeney, Dalice Leabo, Vera 128
Bagby, Robert Lee Leathers, Audrey 402
Grant, Huston A Ledebrink, Anne 239
Hung, Pao Lee, Alma King 139
Ashpole, John Donald Lee, Bette Muriel 278
Dixon, Elmo E Lee, C Annette 523
Ellison, Elwood Lee, Georgia 119
Vaughn, Eugene B Leigh, Margaret 355
Dupray, Lewell A LeMire, Olivia V 532
McKowen, Henry Lemley, Oleta Levoyce 374
Scott, Raymond Lendt, Mary M 458
Loveall, Orville William Lenhardt, Antoinette 79
McCree, David Leonard, Annie 511
McMullen, Raymond Glenn Leslie, Rosalie Thelma 439
Elder, Gilbert G Lewis, Ellen Mae 490
Kaiser, Michael Joe Lewis, Inita R 186
Way, Don Arthur Lewis, Jarva Edna 405
Humphreys, Philip Gordon Lindley, Marjory Anita 66
Parker, Jack Clyde Lindquist, Betty Viola 461
Jennings, Evert A Lindsay, Nancy Armenda 491
Roberts, William Franklin Lindstrom, Avalon 558
Wright, Bert Ellis Lininger, Gladys Mary 309
Loerpabel, W H Loerpabel, Nora K 98
Owens, Deane Lofland, Ellen 9
Goin, Floyd Glen Logan, Leta Frances 580
Comer, Joe Long, Doris 85
Wagner, Calvin Verle Louglitz, Eulamae B 31
Bowen, Robert Lowden, Claudia 60
Gallagher, Laurence Lowe, Clarion Sally 440
Cowley, Charles A Lowman, Betty 62
Wood, Roy Monroe Lubbers, Leota Marie 282
Dawson, Carl Thomas Luman, Neva Frances 263
Ketchum, Devier Fullmer Lundberg, Mary S 122
Smiley, Joseph Whitcom Lundeen, Anna Marie 571
Miller, Harry Charles Lynum, Alice Charlotte 371
Galbraith, Paul H Lyon, Thelma 217
Kerby, Fred H Lyons, Ruth Elenor 550
Daniel, Guy R Macdonald, Enid 125
McCay, Howard Elwyn Mack, Nellie Evangeline 544
Couey, Joe Richard Macklin, Roberta Alice 289
Peterson, Orval Hale Madden, Ellen Marjorie 249
Peck, LeRoy Magnin, Valeria 188
Dowler, Lewis Maguin, Mary Alice 422
Learned, Clarence Albert Maharry, Rosie Lee 426
James, Robert Albert Mahoney, Edna F 567
Probst, Fred W Jr Maine, Dorothy 464
Elson, Robert B Mallery, Betty 318
Sutton, Joseph Benjamin Mann, Nelda Irene 55
Smith, Marvin Mansfield, Lola 151
Crouch, Charlie Mansfield, Martha Adaline 401
Martin, Charles Gilbert Marchant, Dorothy Fannie 241
Brown, Ross K Marean, Madge M 361
Goodnight, Clayton Benton Marshall, Mary M 453
Walker, Robert E Marshall, Sallie Ione 52
Jasmann, William L Martin, Alice 166
Smith, Andrus Hollis Martin, Audra Allene 216
Gilman, Lewis George Martin, Dorothy Mary 68
Wagner, Richard A Martin, Eleanor May 261
Novak, John C Martin, Evelyn 16
King, Clifford C Martin, Hazel Gladyes 230
Lee, Robert E Martin, Maxine Ellis 431
Bushong, Thomas Gilbert Martin, Vada Elizabeth 584
Nininger, Logan Martin, Vivian 126
Tacchini, Aladino F Martini, Florence 272
Hannon, Leonard Massey, Irene Pearl 145
Thompson, John P Matney, June Roberta 292
John, Walter Clay Matthews, Violet 201
Heryford, George Mattson, Ann 352
Whitten, Eugene N Mattson, Ina L 565
Canine, Clarence R Maulding, Lela Mae 139
McAuliffe, Daniel D Maxwell, Josephine 311
Woods, Marcus B May, Erma Mary 221
Horst, Benjamin M May, Nettie 279
Miller, Leonard McAbee, Marguerite Ollie 143
Rafferty, John D McAllister, Helen 421
Lamb, Charles W McBurney, Audrey Gertrude 111
Roberson, Maxwell McCollum, Lucile 155
Willard, Oscar John McCollum, Martha 180
Stoddard, Guy H McCormick, Lucie B 205
Gilbert, Leonard McCoy, Bernice 82
Bowen, James Clifford McCreary, Vineta Christine 6
Martin, Elwood McCullough, Marcella 135
Murfin, Arvel McCurry, Fern 12
Fehige, Carl Henry McDougal, Elizabeth June 517
Parsons, Kelvin A McDougal, Shirley Louise 199
Atteberry, C Everett McDow, Florence 80
Hibbs, Frank John McElfresh, Amanda Eliza 587
Anderson, Colver Farlow McGee, Avis 442
Blaylock, James Samuel McIntire, Mildred Marie 271
Vess, Ransom McKee, Marjorie J 519
Anderson, Benjamin B McKeen, Portia J 250
Rosenberger, Norman Oliver McKenzie, Dorothy May 133
Duggan, Charles William McMartin, Rose Ellen 119
Field, Merle John McNeil, Margie 91
McTaggert, Charles McTaggert, Fern 219
Borgerson, DeLore Wallace McWithey, Hazel Blair 99
Petracich, Andrew Medo, Bella 67
Abel, Norman Alfred Melton, Wanda Mae 74
Contreras, Faustino Menendez, Carmen D 124
Mallery, John Harry Merriman, Alma L 58
Read, Earl William Messenger, Evelyn 81
Randles, Alfard Lee Metcalfe, Mabel Marguerite 432
Richardson, Howard R Metz, Opal 346
Hankins, Lawrence J Metzger, Audrey 484
Jamieson, George G Michelson, Marie P 47
Hoxie, Harry Eugene Milhoan, Iliene Margaret 310
Dobbyn, William Clausen Milkowski, Clara Pauline 209
Lamb, Robert H Miller, Alene R 116
Loper, Wayne Miller, Audra Mae 45
Larsen, Andrew Miller, Belle 104
Mars, Ned S Miller, Betty 463
Beam, Lloyd R Miller, Dorothy E 578
Hawk, Simon McLellan Miller, Elizabeth Coral 521
Knighten, Cleo Miller, Elizabeth Coral 567
Carpenter, Ivan Wayne Miller, Freida Philena 459
Roberts, Edward Joseph Miller, Goldie Mae 20
Mahugh, Lloyd E Miller, Helen Elizabeth 83
Brigden, Edward Lee Miller, Hester Barbra 583
Carlon, Eugene Miller, Inez 141
Emmens, Robert Gabel Miller, Justine 404
Wray, Richard Albert Miller, Leabel 407
Colegrove, Delmer Miller, Sophia Ann 191
Huffman, Wilfred Scott Miller, Vesta Gertrude 457
Fiock, Leslie G Miller, Wynes 127
Thomas, George Albert Mills, Violet 413
Thomason, Forest W Mires, Dorothy Pearl 12
Atkins, Walter R Mitchel, Elsie Anna 571
Jennings, Paul C Mitchell, Elva C 109
Hawley, Bruce Clifford Monge, Margaret Elizabeth 25
Doty, Irwin Roscoe Monteith, Dorothy Viola 158
Baughman, Clinton H Moon, Juanita 384
Carothers, Roy John Moore, Fern Hazel 522
Mapel, Derwin Clyde Moore, Melva June 358
Snead, James Helton Moore, Ruth Elizabeth 333
Walker, Bill F Moran, Margi A 316
Ramsey, Ernest Earl Moravet, Lois Louise Belknapp 375
Porter, Harry B Morehouse, Caribel 574
Williams, Leon Morin, Virginia Lee 376
Decker, Clifford P Morley, Kathryn 136
Smith, Robet L Morningstar, Iolene 156
Cullop, Woodrow Jackson Morris, Edith Rosella 594
Minneman, Edwin Eli Morris, Ella May Wheeler 375
Davis, Albert Marcellus Morris, Tressa Wilma Bradshaw 555
Harbert, Richard L Morrisey, Patricia 164
Lee, Myron Morrison, Dorothy 306
Hanson, Orvelle Morrison, Eileen 296
Stelle, Russell Edwin Morrison, Olga Dorothy 366
Dauford, Richard Herbert Morrow, Vanassa 2
Moss, Frank Christie Moss, Ruth Margie Boggs 344
Camp, Ervin M Mougin, Myrtle Idell 398
Simington, Fred Mullen, Ethel Louise 259
Mills, Carroll Mullen, Frances 156
Schaffer, Paul W Mullen, Mrna F 325
Taylor, Lester D Munco, Dorothy Adele 44
Miller, George L Murphy, Clara 164
Calhoun, Eugene L Murray, Lee Ann 10
Brewold, Alf John Myers, Elsie Pearl 376
Savage, Gene Neal Nahss, Emelie Elizabeth 513
Liggett, Warren Nave, Katherine 350
Denzer, Frank W Neilsen, Alberta Mero 526
Lewis, Albert A Nelson, Lilly Ann 548
Stevens, Carl E Neumann, Florence E 329
Hasper, Henry Neville, Cora 292
Parsons, Walter C Nichols, Alpha 129
Campbell, John DeForrest Nichols, Lois Marguerite 178
Hunt, William H Nichols, Marjorie 420
Close, Ralph Lorin Nickell, Vida Aurora 188
Maust, Raymond C Niedermeyer, Erma L 588
Caldwell, Lewis Nipper, Wilma Arlene 542
Lung, Laurence Nitcher, Ethel 162
Collins, J Harlan Nomer, Joy Delores 510
Coffman, Leslie North, Katharine 115
Bagley, Leland Fredrick Norval, Corday Mae 262
Hutchison, Norman Dunlop Nugent, June Mauergueritte 359
Marvin, Maxwell S Nutter, Wilma 512
Jantzer, Stanley Edward Nye, Irene Lydia 382
Schermerhorn, Gordon L Nye, Lillian B 525
Thorndike, Eugene D Oakes, Inez LeNora 210
Smith, Rolland O'Brien, Clara 61
Jordan, Ernest E O'Brien, Florence 196
Baptista, Teofilo J Ohye, Ruth 72
Ward, George F Jr Oium, Eleanor A 401
Bennett, William Morton O'Neill, Margaret Isabel 498
Centers, Robert Burdette Orr, Kathryn Jane 522
Bolton, Demitri James Padgham, Florene Carol 39
Taylor, George M Painter, Eva 275
Schaffner, Harry L Paley, Catharine 132
Lawson, Creighton F Palmerton, Mizpah V 520
Andren, Edwin Pankey, Roberta Maxine 335
Johnson, Edward Henry Paris, Brooksie Odean 354
Holmes, William E Parker, Gertrude A 478
Fanger, Charles Howard Patnode, Josephine 219
Dutton, Gay Patnode, Lillian 111
Harris, Wayne Patton, Doris Warner 47
Jandrean, Howard S Peachey, Kathryn 563
Ham, William Orlie Pearce, Jennie L 130
Hicinbotham, Walter Pearson, Eileen 136
Whitham, Emmett Pearson, Helen 184
Coke, Robert Marshall Peebler, June Evelyn 363
Meliza, R V Penfold, Frieda 254
Mallery, Ralph Penfold, Viola May 362
Harpold, Ben Penney, Winnogene Cecelia 131
Moore, Bernie B Penwell, Elsie M 145
Kosel, Albert Perrin, Wilva 19
Souder, Walter Miller Perry, Mary Ann 568
Southard, Grover Cleveland Perry, Nancy Jane 257
Dickey, James A Peters, Alice M 264
Mckinney, Stan Artle Peters, Dorothy Melicent 246
Yates, John Donald Peters, Ethelyn 177
Peterson, John L Peters, Virginia F 529
Hall, George I Pett, Phyllis Elnia 8
Ramirez, James Pfaff, Louise P 562
Visnaw, Ed N Phelan, Ruby Dean 100
Breeding, Jake Preston Phelps, Ruth Myrtle 133
Gail, Robert Card Phillips, Jean Winifred 485
Grim, Chester E Phillips, Persis 228
Woodley, Clifford Eugene Pickins, Virgia Ellen 593
Schroeder, John Pittock, Regina 54
Rodman, Claude V Plummer, Thelma Mae 251
DeWit, Nicklas R Poling, Mildred Nellie 501
Mansfield, Dennis William Pollock, Lunetta May 497
House, Byron Pollock, Nell 89
Griffin, Burle Pomeroy, Arlian 425
Roake, Robert Frederick Pook, Jennette Agnes 167
Steele, Harry Samuel Porter, Virginia Louise 313
Zissos, Frank Paul Pouder, June Beatrice 117
Edhill, Glenn Seyler Powell, Mary M 68
Bieberstedt, Donald Preabt, Minnie Elizabeth 355
Jones, Joseph Albert Prefontaine, Mary Josephine 280
King, Jack Pruitt, Alice 87
Woods, Robert Pugh, Virginia 335
Roush, Clifford Allen Putman, Florence 140
Miller, Carll Burbank Putman, Jean A 356
Prescott, Paul Ford Putman, Melba Grace 323
Redbarn, Albert Putnam, Amy L 318
Young, Gordon Edward Queen, Mary Regina 491
Graff, Charles Arnold Radach, Louise Frieda 254
Foreman, James Rainier, Iola S 57
Porras, Felix Ramirez, Alejandra 555
Cussins, Clyde E Rankin, Margaret Dian 209
Goodsell, Don Ranney, Gail Carriebelle 194
Stone, Vaughn D Ranney, Wilma A 157
Lewellyn, Donald Rannie, Ellen 137
Rawie, Ralph D Rawie, Velma Pearl 248
Reinhart, Earl E Rawley, Mildred I 586
Bowers, Everett L Reames, Patricia 218
Rutledge, William J Redbarn, Lelia Velean 385
Schlinsog, John Elmer Regan, Beulah Mae 201
VanZyl, Ralph James Renzema, Frances Sena 533
Johnson, Marion Henry Reter, Janet Rae 481
Baker, Floyd Henry Reter, Peggy Marie 556
Silvey, Poey H Rettig, Marice 475
Tolle, Wendell Jasper Reynolds, Mildred Albertine 445
Webb, George Arthur Rice, Ann Georgia 543
Albright, Dwight J Richesin, Jo Helena 220
Laird, Thomas Warner Richter, Mildred Rose 307
Mount, Darrel Ricks, Susan 148
Ayres, Ralph William Ridgeway, Elizabeth Gertrude 261
Werner, Russell Lee Ridgeway, Ruth Ellen 581
Smith, Wayne Wayburn Riggs, Hazel Lee 431
Dunne, Joseph Clifford Riggs, Ruth Ann 153
Holmbeck, Harold J Rish, Charlcia Drake 397
Quackenbush, Paul J Risse, Helen Marie 94
Governor, Fred George Ritter, Alma Jean 450
Ring, George William Ritter, Lulu M 309
Adams, Bertrand C Rivers, Carrie 290
Stewart, Willis C Roady, Ermine A 69
Garrett, Howard Reed Roberts, Edna Mae 320
Booth, Chester Mack Robertson, Phyllis 38
Lawhead, Max Robinson, Gayle 225
Lamb, Aloy C Robinson, Grace Elizabeth 387
Brown, Russell I Robinson, Kathryn 576
McCaleb, Delbert M Robinson, Lena Lucile 230
Boyl, John Frederick Robinson, Maxine 364
Young, Robert Lee Rodemaker, Kathleen 35
Wells, Edward H Rogers, Alneta 146
Culbertson, Emory Grant Rogers, Mary Pauline 450
Jones, John Mack Romine, Naomi Lucille 393
Grenko, Joseph J Roney, Maureen 116
Sanderson, John Merritt Roseborough, Alberta Winifred 265
Barnett, Alven Menton Rosecrans, Beulah Marie 443
Phares, Eugene Thomas Ross, Bertha Clair 110
Burnette, Milan Ralph Ross, Verna 550
Kindred, Kenneth K Roundtree, Juanita 106
Durst, Robert Miller Roush, June LaVerne 143
Linton, John Smith Rumsey, Lois E 50
Bostwick, Edward Everett Rush, James Pauline 510
Jackson, John Leonard Russ, Beverly Eileen 589
Namitz, Vern J Russell, Ellen J 405
Ring, George William Russell, Frances 63
Frazier, John Oscar Ryder, Amy 170
Mullins, James Albert Sacomano, Marie Louise 195
Klein, Alfred A Sample, Evelyn V 3
Nichols, Carl E Samuels, Neva 595
Thomas, Clark Sander, Genevieve 593
Eilers, John J Sander, Rita C 583
Kramer, Jay Sanders, Florence Rose 101
Sessions, William Clarke Sanders, Lillian 284
Trebesch, Carl A Sanderson, Anna M 328
Bennett, William R Sanger, Betty Jean 300
Rogers, Louis A Santsche, Margaret 275
Sanger, Charles Glen Satterfield, Lottie 409
Muse, Arthur M Satterlee, Katherine 67
Roberts, John L Saunders, Marian 18
Stearns, Clair Saylor, Berte C 212
Norris, Richard Beaver Schall, Kathleen 582
vonStein, Neville Scheel, Helen Ione 196
Leidel, Frederick Scherrer, Viola L 487
Beasley, Harry Markel Schmidt, Barbara M 341
Haines, Paul W Schnaidt, Isabella D 553
Dahler, Sigrud Halvor Scholer, Verona Pearl 226
Cramblet, Howard Schuck, Louise 11
Evans, Oral J Schulz, Delia 35
Clement, David Roger Schwartz, LeDora Leona 163
Prescott, Alan J Schwein, Wanda 2
Higinbotham, Glenn I Scott, Margaret L 114
Manning, Thomas Wayne Scroggin, Evelyn Glory 34
Biggs, Harris Edwin Searcy, Clyde 38
Bray, Earl C Segsworth, Erma Jane 372
Starr, Henry C Senodenos, Evelyne 321
Gilstrap, Robert R Severson, Velma 404
Pratt, Louis C Sewell, Islay M 96
Lindon, Frank D Sexton, Jennie H 594
Huber, Clarence Shade, Emma 26
DeGraaf, Andrew Shafer, Genevieve 122
Graham, Theodore R Shaffer, Bertha Evelyn 214
Elliot, Don J Sheets, Eleanor 346
Hartley, Marion Lincoln Sheifield, Parlee Anna 430
Neff, James Asher Shelby, Louella A 316
Rogers, Lucius O Shelley, Velma I 227
Webb, Martin Boggs Jr Shelley, Verna Rae 464
Williams, Dell Sheridan, Dorothy 8
Neuens, Stanley Edward Sherman, Mildred Louise 426
Ford, Thayle Morgan Shirley, Eileene 507
Walker, Clyde Leslie Shoemaker, Virginia Valetta 27
Morris, Robert Judson Shreve, Janice Beckman 174
Beattie, Robert Clifford Shults, Elinor 433
Comstock, Harry Hobert Shults, Lucile Marie 495
Glass, Ralph Henry Simmons, Margaret Mae 514
Babb, James Marion Simmons, Myra Myrtle 468
Powell, Roscoe Jay Simpson, Clara Olive 30
Skelly, Frank Edward Simpson, Kathleen Louise 233
Pearson, Ernest Clair Simpson, Nellie 17
Willarding, Ervin H Sipes, Thelma J 520
Zimmerlee, John Franklin Sizemore, Edna Frieda 557
Daley, Leavitt L Slape, Veda Nadine 282
Estes, William H Sligar, Isabelle 276
Uhrins, William Russell Sloneker, Rose Ellen 336
Vance, George Samuel Sloper, Lillie Mae 419
Margan, Glenn Smith, Alice 76
Sheldon, Wilford Arthur Smith, Alice Ellen 410
Doe, Richard Smith, Barbara 578
Hubbard, Francis E Smith, Beulah Mae 415
Severson, Andy Smith, Doris May 331
Edwards, George M Smith, Dorothy Jane 43
Bruton, Ray Mose Smith, Geraldine 398
Conner, John S Smith, Janet Wray 28
Armstrong, Louis M Smith, Jessie E 319
Campion, Virgil Robert Smith, Kathleen Rose 560
Sexton, Berl W Smith, Mabel 137
Helms, Frank Malin Smith, Martha Maxine 461
Flynn, Harold Eugene Smith, Naoma 409
Barr, Jack Erwin Smith, Patsy Elinor 330
Johnston, William B Jr Smith, Velma L 587
Obenchain, John Morris Smith, Zaidee Elizabeth 81
Figg, Gilbert Snider, Nora 10
Johns, James Andrew Sparkman, Kathleen Inez 378
Cook, Riley Charles Sparks, Jene Margaret 349
Borland, Bruce Willard Sparks, Minna Beatrice 394
Dillon, Ralph Spears, Lillian Mary 496
Anderson, Howard Spruill, Ola May 399
Buell, Guy William Squire, Juanita May 591
Yarem, Thomas G Stachniewicz, Verus 102
Bray, Gordon J Staley, Celia 319
Sanguinetti, Angelo Antonio Stefni, Marion 222
Thomas, Jack Aladine Cooper Stelle, Julia Eliza 387
Goodrich, George K Stephenson, LaVerne G 502
Livermore, Fremont George Stevenson, Lois Louise 249
Thomas, John W Stewart, Bessie May 258
Chandler, Frank L Stewart, Doris 168
Westrong, Emil George Stewart, June Louise 469
Wood, Russell Reid Stickland, Elvia Lucile 557
Wright, Hugh John Stinson, Pauline Mildred 536
Perry, Clesson Eugene Stocks, Muriel Ruth 552
Cole, Charles Clifford Stone, Edna 505
Pinniger, Sidney Stone, Gheratine W 153
Hammon, Adin S Stowell, Verta 291
Lininger, Raymond Blair Stringer, Thelma 181
Wooldridge, Earl Roy Struve, Arlene Anna 548
Heath, Robert Morley Struve, Geraldine Frances 408
Wattenberg, Adolph Stuart, Leona 369
Garner, Harry William Stubblefield, Irene M 600
Heider, R Harold Stubblefield, Mary 82
Schulz, Herbert Stuckle, Esther 90
Rock, Garland Winfred Sturgeon, Violet Charmian 435
Haynes, Alfred R Surber, Opal 377
Saunders, Frank H Swanson, Marie Joann 247
Gilmore, Roy Markham Swarts, Catharine Vietti 427
Galusha, Morris Edgar Sweezey, Margaret Alice 380
Smith, Lauren E Swift, Sarah Elizabeth 327
Thompson, Lester G Swindler, Edith Izola 490
Nagayama, Kisoo Takahira, Kachiyo 144
Lanon, John Dwight Jr Talle, Effie May 597
Jury, James W Tate, Bertha F 160
Johnson, George Franklin Taylor, Margaret Isabel 417
Cross, Allan Taylor, Nancy Elizabeth Ruth 195
Bowler, Sidney H Taylor, Nelda Bernice 272
Johnson, Russell Taylor, Renamae 508
Hierholzer, Charles M Taylor, Virginia M 71
Ragsdale, Wesley Benjamin Tede, Ethel C 211
Jones, John H Temple, Elizabeth A 265
Stewart, Victor Vance Templer, Carol Eloise 288
Wood, Leonard P Tennant, Irene M 221
Conley, Anzel Clifton Terry, Ellen Jane 252
Holdridge, Clarence Edwin Thayer, Genevieve Mae 362
Eberlein, Harold Paul Thiede, Ora Mie 562
Vieselmeyer, Leonard William Thiede, Sarah Rubina 342
Brooks, Daniel Roland Thomas, Anna Constance 270
Aubrey, Earl Thomas, Eliza 123
Kime, Gerald Evan Thomason, Velma M 327
Schenck, A Orin Thompson, Annabelle 447
Gifford, Randall M Thompson, Erma V 411
Charley, Clinton M Thompson, Ernestyn 274
McCauley, Oliver A Jr Thompson, Ruth E 232
Leslie, Vergil Thornell, Ethelind 110
Frazier, Vester Tice, Juanita 95
Sanders, James Carl Tice, Wanda Marie 559
Brantley, Robert Lee Todd, Edith 515
Larsen, Harvey A Toler, Virginia B 121
Starkey, Milton Paul Tompkins, Dorothy Lucile 538
VanRheen, Willard Forest Tompkins, Evelyn Lula 400
Bolz, Ernest James Tompkins, Lorraine Ruth 180
Cameron, Harry C Tope, Edna D 502
Giem, Thorburn Moody Tracy, Irene Mae 98
Sanders, Alfred Tramel, Elsie 76
Trefren, Joseph Trefren, Malvina S 344
Wells, Harold L Trent, Jennie Margaret 91
Watson, Russell Trotter, Mabel 131
Heavilin, Harry H Trubee, Violet H 189
Howard, Billy George True, Frankie Bernice 509
Morse, Irl W Trullinger, Phyllis 224
Groat, George G Tucker, Maryan M 298
Tye, Burr E Turner, Dorotha F 451
Webster, Ben R Turner, Vivian 253
Ogilvie, Wilbur Robert Turnwire, Juell Lillian Christine 6
Espey, Arnold L Twombly, Louise 333
Birdsall, Herbert E Ullman, Ida 224
Hoover, Claud Walter Upp, Doris Anna 113
Gilman, Lester Henry VanDemark, Leila Mable 291
Croucher, Loren Dean VanHorn, Betty 494
Ballentine, Ora C VanLindt, Jane L 52
Stockford, Carl Irwen VanOrtwick, Agnes Loraine 199
Waterman, Andrew VanZyl, Anna Theresa 410
Roberts, James Allen Vidal, Chastine 75
Muse, Tracy James Vincent, Gladys May 187
Webb, Martin Boggs Sr Vincent, Maye 556
Osborn, David Elmer Vogel, Beulah Mattie 478
Fugere, William Ned Vogel, Mattie 162
Herriott, Karl Eugene Wagner, Daisy Ellen 341
Grove, Ross K Wagner, Helen Wilhelmina 286
Wylder, Robert Walden, Marjorie 227
Hall, Clifford Lyle Walker, Dorothy Ann 130
Unruh, Roy Charles Walker, Hazel Jeanne 459
Mekemson, Herbert Monroe Walker, Kathryn 495
Correia, Joseph P Walker, LaJean A 24
Clower, Woodrow Haskell Walker, Margaret 16
Olson, Edward Lawrence Walker, Winifred Alice 192
Boshears, Jerome Templeton Jr Wall, Alice L 558
Lowry, Burton George Wall, Barbara Clarno 297
Tice, Fred H Wallace, Hazel G 486
Girard, Martin Eugene Wallace, Olive Eula 471
Hess, Henry Walls, Wanda Wyoni 568
Christiansen, Peter Holten Walton, Shirley Elizabeth 455
Harrison, Earl Murdock Wanke, Marianne 4
Davis, Gilbert Harold Ward, Edith Margaret 273
Friend, Marion Clifton Ward, Enid Ruey 383
Dupray, Frank Miller Warner, Evelyn Finch 462
Neill, Richard L Warner, Mollie Ellen 342
Moschetti, Louis Jr Waters, Frances Luise 493
Williams, Thomas Watson, Margaret Ella 524
Clark, Ira Benjaman Wayman, Hattie Amildred 395
Inlow, Harvey B Wayman, Lyla Grace 247
Sumpter, Ray G Weatherby, Cynthia 238
Sutton, Robert H Weatherford, Evelyn Marie 266
Hamner, Kenneth Gale Weaver, Joyce L 86
Kintgen, Clinton H Weaver, Norma L 146
Straw, Orville Webb, Frances L 57
Green, Donald Pierce Webb, Georgia Laurene 418
Johnson, Bill E Weber, Wilma G 159
Mangis, Maurice Wesley Weddle, Frances LaVerne 231
Simmons, Floyd E Weedmark, Elsie 315
Hobson, Russell Weide, Margaret E 304
Crosby, Ellis Edgar Welch, Geraldine M 128
Eads, Harvey G Wentworth, Audrey Inez 175
Kays, Milo Werth, Bernice 202
Barber, William Lockwood Westergaard, Maesy M 470
Dopkuis, Marshall Wheeler, Helen 37
Hoag, Leo Elmer Whillock, Edith Lee 434
Simmonds, Otis Lee White, LeVera Artie 132
Lodien, Dennis Erland White, Merle Pearce 358
Simpson, Alexander Irving Whitney, Patricia 416
Shaw, John E Wilcox, Doris 127
Mittelstaedt, Clarence Wiley, Lois E 518
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