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Jackson County Marriage Book #20 Indexed by Bride's Name

Old Photo of Wedding Couple

RVGS volunteers have photographed and indexed the marriage record books housed in the Jackson County, Oregon courthouse. Below is our index to Marriage Book #20 for 1940-1943. It is in alphabetic order by the bride's name. This book used preprinted forms completed by the county clerk. Each page in this book contains the certificates for a single couple and includes both the marriage license and certificate (assuming the license was acted upon).

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Marriage Certificate
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Names of bride and groom

Groom Bride Page
Robbins, Stanley Edward Abel, Charlotte May 84
Lang, Clarence B Ackley, Mildred M 214
Harlan, Stewart M (Lt) Adams, Dorothy E 361
Backes, Bill Emory Adams, Hazel Pauline 137
Mower, Clarence LeRoy Adams, Marie C 270
Jackson, Ivan Noel Adolph, Margery 222
Cornelius, Robert Milton Agee, Myrtle I 381
Todd, Donald Lester Albert, Elisabeth Rosa 111
Monteith, Donald Alborn, Norma 214
Davis, Lorence T Aldridge, Nona Dorothy 299
Kellogg, Joseph Boyce Allison, Mary Margaret 204
Tuttle, John G (Pvt) Alves, Constance M 475
McBride, Elmer James Anderson, Arlene 235
Williams, Charles Lee Anderson, Helen Ruth 138
Kinser, James Alvin Anderson, Leta 559
Swingle, Alvin J Anderson, Zola Jonina 268
Feist, Daniel George Andreason, Frances Lorraine 252
Graves, Marvin A (Pfc) Andrews, Frances 576
Seratt, Joe A (Cpl) Andrews, Mary Lucille 347
Bennett, Glenn Roldon Applegate, Dorothy Alice 6
Kerr, Herbert C Armstrong, Dorothea M 387
Armstrong, Thomas R Armstrong, Mary E 128
Witzke, Harold Sheldon Armstrong, Velma Thirlene 298
Edwards, Lowell Clinton Arnold, Helen Ernestine 489
Joyner, Alonzo James Arnold, Norma Jean 322
Clark, James Robert Arnold, Thelma Isabelle 205
Hobbs, James William Arthur, Lucille Marie 578
Milligan, Omar Astra, Marjorie Nuala 440
Ellis, Herbert N Austin, Julia Theresa 176
Sims, Ren Austin, Ruth Ella 30
Dunbar, Paul Martin Aya, Joan Katharine 564
Stewart, Daniel Francis Ayres, Alma Louise 547
White, Harold Mecham Ayres, Geraldine Helen 186
Cummings, Jess Ayres, Vera 28
Nash, Arvel Lee Jr Babcok, Lorena Rosabelle 340
Dusatko, Bernard Babl, Margaret Elizabeth 534
Johnson, Vernon L Backencamp, Mary B 315
Pinion, Charles B (Sgt) Bailey, Ruby R 448
Olson, Robert Klas Bain, Daisy Blanche 281
Adkins, William Shepard Bain, Rhoda 196
Jumper, Valadie Baker, Bernice 60
Wadsworth, Leon A Baker, Bernice 181
Stockwell, J C Baker, Peggy Jean 26
Perry, William Edward Bankson, Ruth Adeline 203
Gonzales, Ralph Barbieri, Clarinda 408
Mitchell, Harold U Bare, Frances 581
Evans, Eugene W Barnes, Mary 491
Long, Charles R Barnes, Nixie Ardeane 406
Moner, Michael Barron, Betty Lou 566
Lingo, Frank M Bartlett, Elsie I 438
Griffin, Elbert C (Cpl) Barton, Frances Lee 377
Fleeman, John William Jr (T/Sgt) Bate, Allyn Leone 416
Miller, Jack Beaulieu, Phyllis Mae 240
Hover, Roland Henry Bechtold, Lillie 175
Stockman, Roy Fugard Becker, Elizabeth Louise Martin 238
Sinclair, Clarence James Bedingfield, Ruth Aileen 213
Allen, David Weld Beebe, Barbara Ethel 335
Birkland, Louis Albert Beers, Elizabeth Adelaide 84
Hall, Royal Earnest Bell, Diana Gladys 497
Arnold, Warren Ira Bendickson, Elaine Deloris 402
Kleven, Merle Edwin Benner, Joyce Meora 80
Jennings, Jerald Thomas Benning, Marie Elizabeth 418
Sorensen, Willard Philip Berg, Lila Bernice 392
King, Allan H Berglund, Evangeline Christine 424
Wendorff, Lowell F Bergs, Velma C 509
Rutter, Milton Frederick Berry, Gloria Jean 478
Shoemaker, Russell Dean Berryhill, Dorothy 311
Stone, Donald R Bevan, Barbara K 161
McNeal, Bird Jr Bickel, Lena 187
Shumate, John Biddle, Hazel 22
Johnson, Vernon Arnold Bigelow, June Louise 555
Anderson, Donald H Bigham, Cora A 336
Fodge, Tommy Aaron Bilderback, Mary Alice 385
Bishop, Jasper Presley Billings, Arline Kathryn 404
Welburn, Cecil Ralph Birdsall, Alcie Elizabeth 232
Ernst, Clarence H Bishop, Catherine J 543
Cullar, Lewis Baxter Bishop, Evelyn Jane 337
Bullis, Seth Madison Jr Black, Ruby Mae 15
Metcalf, Howell M Black, Vera Lydia 65
Curtis, Clayton R (Sgt) Blackwell, Winifred Inez 336
Jandreau, Charles Stanley Blaser, Celene Rose Morgan 286
Whalen, William A Blomgren, Florence 167
Blunck, Elmer W Blunck, Lela A 393
Madden, Clarence T Boardman, Della Charlotte 249
Cavin, Albert Lewis Boardman, Ida Luella 8
Wood, Hollis O (Sgt) Bodemann, Susie Ann 369
Governor, Lloyd Otto Boen, Erma Doris 103
Peterson, George H Boland, Catherine A 447
Foley, William Bolger, Lenore Bridget 439
Terrazina, Sam B Bonavia, Connie Marie 550
Robinson, Darrell Bonomini, Irene 56
Neff, Lester Leroy Bostwick, Avon Maxine 265
Grow, Lowell Eldon Bowen, Edith Jean 20
Nelson, Albert Lawrence Boyd, Anna Margaret 111
Reiswig, Ernest A Bradford, Elsie C 185
Reiswig, Herbert B Bradford, Freda Lorene 73
Ward, James Patrick Bradford, Mary Anna 160
Hunnicutt, William T Brady, Louie May 18
Paulson, Paul W Branam, Marcia Jean 442
Shults, Sherman Taylor Branyan, Eunie 225
Schultz, Elvis LaVerne Breeding, Edna Maude 216
Winter, Gerald Henry Breitbach, Ann Margaret 480
Frink, Morris Lester Brennesholtz, Lucile Alice 32
Crane, Fred P Bresler, Corinne A 558
Sullivan, John Franklin Bridgeman, Martha Frances Ruth 265
Townsend, Robert Jackson Briggs, Patricia Ruth 570
Morris, Lorraine Mack Brim, Virginia Mae 492
Collins, Billy Dean Briscoe, Helen Bernice 76
Woodrich, John Brooks, Edythe Margaret 54
Simmons, Robert Harley Brooks, Grace Marie 247
Whaley, Lois James Brooks, Margaret Juanita 139
Brooks, Edward H Brooks, Ruth D 495
Squires, George Robert Brophy, Barbara Elaine 52
Barranco, Anthony J Brosseau, Alice M 346
Hunter, William Lawrence Brower, Velma Irene 587
Morris, Alva Cecil Brown, Ardith Gwenivere 192
Marshall, Archer William Brown, Beverly June 390
Montoya, Solomon Brown, Cecil 457
Spinas, John Sylvester Brown, Ellen Maxine 326
Morgan, George W (S/Sgt) Brown, Grace Irene 434
Morris, Marvin Dale Brown, Harriet Alberta 17
Clark, Raymond Claude Brozek, Charlotte Mary 141
Norforth, Berlyn W Brubaker, Charleen 512
Glass, Wilmer Tyrone Buchanan, Delta Lorene 205
Reter, Raymond R Buchanan, Joan Maxine 391
Walters, Bruce Campbell Buck, Charlotte Lucille Walden 345
Cleveland, David Marcellus Buck, Claudia Vern 71
Beer, Hubert Donald Buhl, Clara Elfrieda 62
Wekkin, Joseph Arthur Bull, Doris Gaile 166
Holmes, Theodore Breckenridge Bullis, Josephine Mary 140
Mathieson, David Bullock, Anna Belle 473
Steinat, Carr Whipple Bulson, Martha C 394
Hershberger, Adrian Lester Bundy, Rachel Sue 13
Fortune, Harry F Burtch, Pauline 10
Onstad, Noel Richard Burton, Arbecca Emma 426
VanVorhis, Everett Wayne Butler, Mary 309
O'Dell, Elmer Lewis Cahill, Maxine E 350
Yaryan, Earl W Calkins, Lois Gladys 539
Knapp (/Kropp), Louis E (Sgt) Cameron, Florence Mildred 551
Davidson, John T Camp, Alice Louise 578
Clinton, Dewey Campbell, Helen Marie 409
Graham, Melvin Dale Cantrall, Donna Jean 535
Norris, Wiliam Thomas Cantrall, Osie 323
Carmichael, Ralph C Cantrall, Shirley Maxine 119
Twitty, Luther L Cardwell, Betty Marie 498
Smith, Robert James (Capt) Carlin, Ruth Marguerite 435
Carpenter, Charles E Carpenter, Marie L 314
Moore, Chester Carpenter, Nellie Eva 471
Stephens, Elmer F Carr, Eleanor 516
Ramsdale, Arthur James Carr, Pauline Revena 258
Kudma, Fred Cassidy, Edna Hazel 595
Prentice, Harry D (Sgt) Cassinelli, Betty Jane 376
Grissom, Everett Andrew Cassman, Adalene Josephine 164
Keeslar, Ralph L (Lt) Caster, Beatrice M 476
Waldorf, Lynn Everett Castle, Alma Matilda 495
Tier, Alfred G Castle, Bertha P 348
Baldi, Peter John Catalano, Mary Theresa 117
Mattox, Everett Leonard Cates, Vivian Marie 513
Izzi, Louis Joseph Cator, Nell Louise 441
Albert, Valmire Maternus Cave, RaChel Lucille 400
Gabbert, Gilbert B Chaney, Kathryne M 521
Warmoth, George W Chapman, Effie M 63
Murphy, John D Chapple, Dorothy May 541
Evert, Wallace Samuel (Pvt) Check, Helen Marie 461
Reid, Ray E Childers, Adoree Bernice 329
Corchero, Leland Childers, Marjorie Irene 291
Heim, Eddie Maxwell Childers, Maxine Joyce 250
Johnson, Wayne Emanuel Childress, Emma Loraine 372
Davis, Robert E Chisholm, Cleo Jacqueline 527
Cruz, James E (Sgt) Chrabaszcz, Bronizlawa 421
Schuster, Erwin A Christensen, Doris I 498
Monson, LaVar N (Sgt) Christensen, Florence 499
Johnson, Albert Robert Clark, Mildred Jean 335
Anglin, Odus Clark, Pearl 184
LaFleur, Peter Clark, Rosa Lee 375
Lemon, Fred Cleveland Clegg, Maurine 518
Cooley, Stanley A Cleland, Dorothy May 188
VanHoy, Harold Raymond Cleveland, Ruth Georgia 89
Clark, Russell B Clutter, Shirley Marie 560
Coffman, C Roy Cochran, Edith D 12
Willoughby, Kellie Eli Coffman, Beatrice Lucille 278
Randall, William E Colbert, Carrie Clairetta 455
Hudson, Harold Ray Colby, Mary Lou 411
Douglas, Alfred D (Lt) Cole, Elora W 330
Ireland, Willis Wilbur Cole, Ida Ardelle 199
Beckley, James Howard (Sgt) Coleman, Adele Eleanor 395
Tippin, Roy C Collie, Clara Lorena 587
Frye, Bruce A (Lt) Colwell, Margaret Gertrude 284
Laws, Cecil S Compton, Marilyn E 95
Stevens, Thomas Albert Compton, Maude 510
Plane, John Rupert Condit, Martha A 34
Connor, Ira Ovan Conger, Hilma 356
Ellefson, Elmo Floyd Conley, Zola Jean 79
Keck, Elmer George Conrad, Eloise Theda 367
Miller, Walter Lewis Jr Cook, Ada Jewell 239
Harrell, Hugh Talmedge Cook, Marylyn Elizabeth 523
Anderson, Bruce Gordon Cooke, Anita Mary 90
Cox, Robert William Cooke, Ethylene 496
Wild, Bernard Austin Cooper, Dolora Grace 61
Stanek, Lawrence R (Pvt) Cooper, Eleanor J 464
Johnson, Albert Cooper, Fay LaVelle 95
Wilson, Doc William Copeland, Virginia T 9
Johannson, Arnold James Corey, Rosemary Ellen 116
Forsythe, Jack Adelbert Cornett, Erma Jean 174
Rojas, John Z Correa, Rosa Marqus 534
Snyder, Fred R Coultard, Janet 479
Lockhart, Wayne H Cox, Lola B 3
Clifford, Charles Leonard Cox, Marjorie Jean 162
Ross, Ernest T Coy, Bertha C 276
Stickler, Delbert Raymond Crawford, Ollie Louise 310
Bigelow, Harold Edwin Cripps, Alice Marie 142
Johnson, Ressie R Crocker, Ruby Lee 393
Godfrey, Roy N Crook, Noma L 140
Weaver, Kenneth Dale Croucher, Lila Dale 194
Dutra, Claude I Crowe, Marguerite J 558
Ryall, Theodore L Crowl, Mary Euvon 93
Myers, Elmer L Crowson, Clarice May 430
Keown, Berthol Blair Cumming, Elsie M 236
MacCorkle, Samuel Lyle Cummins, Charlotte 546
Monde, William Cunningham, Elsie 379
Wheeler, Leigh Franklin Cunningham, Lucille Marie 283
Reinking, Elmer Otto Currier, Rosie Helen 296
Barnes, Richard Lee Cushing, Shirley Margaret 415
Evanson, Edward C Custard, Doris R 242
Paget, Albert F Jr Dale, Della Mae 280
Eklof, Clarence S Dale, Edna Maxine 357
VanDyke, Harold Henry Daley, Eleanor Marie 109
Lowe, Ralph Wilson Daley, Letha Call 198
Schrecengost, Howard E Dallaire, Mary Elizabeth 27
Marston, Jack D Dallman, Verna 18
Swatzlander, Justin C Dalton, Grace 502
Hibbard, Francis Fredrick Dalton, Maude Mary 515
Cash, John Anderson Damon, Luzella 474
Andrews, Robert Neil Danford, Elizabeth 260
Hensler, Thomas Jacob Dano, Elizabeth Jean 288
Evans, Harold James Darland, Marie 81
Loika, John Daugherty, Lillian 475
Yerkes, William F David, Maude R 30
Clave, Louis John Davidson, Frances Mildred 170
Driver, Norman Davidson, Marie 196
Scripter, Kenneth Earl Davis, Anita Kathryn 141
White, Charles A Davis, Ida Belle 350
Cool, David Fredric Davis, Mary Pearl 124
Tucker, Roland Arthur Davis, Rheta 294
Smith, Henry Davison, Mae 58
Horsley, Clyde Marion Day, Almeta 589
Forncrook, Dale Alder Dean, Bessie Mae 67
Staples, Lloyd William Dean, Phoebe Folger 98
Johnson, Charles B DeFries, Jewel 493
Seats, Thomas Howard DeHoog, Sena 585
Freeman, Truman Hobert DeLozier, Modena Gonce 376
Hofer, Charles Edward Jr Demmer, Ruth Elizabeth 105
Stancliffe, Bert S Denzer, Kathryn 75
Kavanaugh, Paul Walter DeSouza, Martha F 200
Nevens, Howard Lee Deter, Jewel Rosalind 408
Long, Osmer Wallace DeWitt, Minda Lou 172
Howard, Russell H Dexter, Ruby Loraine 229
Clark, Benjamin Ballard Dickey, Anna 227
DuBuque, Joe Francis Dickey, Joanna 396
Mohr, Harvey Clyde Dietrich, Verna Lily 331
Getz, Jack Dillon, Carol 207
Dixon, Albert A Dixon, Alice B 483
Cummins, Robert Dale Doane, Charlotte 225
Minear, Floyd Loren Dobbins, Ruby Helen 82
Huskey, Willard Dodenhof, Fanita F 482
Haney, John Carroll Dodson, Clara Marie 122
Steinbach, Melvin Lyle Doe, Jeanne Pauline 150
Moore, Frederick J Dolan, Ida Mae 241
Killick, Victor William Dolese, Leona Bailey 262
Vachon, Albert Knox Donahue, Hazel D 216
Martin, Paul J (Lt) Donahue, Marie 414
Cuming, Donald Donaldson, Faye Vance 389
Walker, Harry S Dorman, Nettie B 102
Billo, James Donald Dorris, Barbara Elaine 234
Watson, Ellis Leslie Douglas, Florene Audrey 180
Bufkin, Ray B (S/Sgt) Doyle, Mary Alice 510
Haddock, Airon B Dresbach, Dorothy Nell 39
Rood, William F Dresbach, Ilma R 188
Thompson, Floyd H (Pvt) Driscoll, Doris R (Mrs) 432
Hartman, Eugene E (Pvt) Driscoll, Rosemary 504
Scanlan, Arthur Thomas Driver, Dorothy Ruth 198
Darnell, Norman Andrew Driver, Myrta 114
Davis, Carnold C Jr (Cpl) Drummond, Alice May 509
Hinman, Robert Sherwood Drury, Mildred Helen 224
Andrews, Paul Leslie Dubs, Olivia Bernetta 152
Albright, Oliver Frank Duddles, Betty Jean 304
Garver, Clyde Vernon Dudley, Monica June 380
Owens, Joseph Edwin Duggan, Marion Elizabeth 88
McClain, John Jacob Duncan, Christine Lawrence 147
Barry, Edwin Charles Duncan, Dorothea Mary 341
Turpin, Ross Duncan, Virginia Mercile 173
Kenney, Virgil Dunlava, Geraldine 33
Lewis, Harry Otis Durham, Elsie 221
Kaylor, Jay C Durham, Nancy Fay 152
Dunlap, Patrick Clare Durnin, Shirley Ann 406
Hemmerling, Kenneth Harrison Durrer, Virginia Hope 549
Mace, John Freeman Durst, Gladys Margaret 85
Morefield, Orville N Dutton, Rhodempa 586
Stanley, Radium Eads, Alma G 156
Ginn, Tom Clifford Eads, Dorothy Anita 271
Rolls, Darrell William Earl, Dixie Virginia 450
Montgomery, Dale Clinton Eastman, Dorothy Pauline 219
Darrah, Samuel Jay Eberly, Pauline Florence 341
Sipes, Wendall Ray Eccles, Blanche Orpha 345
King, Vernon Browning Edelman, Nellie Bernice 291
Hull, William L Edler, Elisabeth Mae 157
Reynolds, Robert Ivy Edmunson, Genevieve Fay 443
Bessonette, Marshall O Jr Edwards, Anna Kathleen 300
Sweeney, Edward W Edwards, Mary Evelyn 215
Peters, Charles Adolph Eggland, Julie Anne 444
Burbidge, William James Eifert, Edna Eldora 108
Bink, Jack G Eismann, Mary Patton 484
Giem, Ralph E Eldridge, Olive Eileen 93
Hopper, Charles Hunt Elliott, Helen 72
Jorgensen, Andrew Ellis, Belle 301
Stack, Frederick O Ellis, Beulah Alice 538
Bardon, Harry P Ellis, Gayle 19
Pruett, Guy Ellis, Verta 321
Hill, Lester Archy Elmore, Bessie Berteena 259
Rubino, Joseph Anthony (Pvt) Elsner, Louise Threasa 418
Arnegard, Newell H Erickson, Frances M 473
Ritter, James LeRoy Erwin, Bernice I 266
Phillips, Marble Ray Esters, Ethel May 264
Eri, Wallace Lee Evans, Betty Jane 116
Solinger, Leo Philip Evans, Dorothy Eleanor 466
Schafstall, Harold G Evans, Hazel Marie 285
Curtis, Kennedy W Evans, LaDonna 505
Kerr, Norman McLain Jr Evans, Leah Etta 194
Nye, James Justin Falewage, Marguerite Florence 373
Franks, John Lloyd Farrow, Ilah Amy 436
Richmond, James Fay, Gertrude M D G 68
Feingold, Sol Fellman, Marian R 568
Arant, Lary Cliford Fellows, Edith Eldora 500
Hardin, James W (Sgt) Felps, Ora L 330
Yowell, Harold Lawrence Ferguson, Jessie Yvonne 261
Oby, Carl M Fex, Catherine Marie 392
Hill, Walter Emmett Fieguth, Elizabeth 231
Duke, Richard Lewis Finley, Mildred A 430
Fieguth, Ernest Walter Firestone, Violet Lois 151
Walden, James Burl Fischer, Carol June 545
Thatcher, Will Allen Fischer, Catherine A 91
Hughes, Earl Fischer, Geraldine B 449
Hartman, Ludwig Adam Fischer, Madeline Martina 427
Proctor, Ray Olean Fish, Betty Jane 538
Scott, Edwin David Fish, Zura Robertson 202
Beightler, Darwin Elbert (Lt) Fisher, Connie A 279
Gehring, Lee W Fisher, Idamae 228
Miller, Clair Leroy Fjellanger, Minnie Josephine 494
Pitts, Rolene Lanse Fleischer, Barbara Jeanne 106
Sims, Edgar H Flynn, Audrey F 22
Allworth, Edward Alfred Flynn, Joclyn Noreen 592
Strawn, Archie Samuel Ford, Betty Louise 574
Lewis, Floyd Elmer Ford, Wilma Mary 132
Rodriguez, Valentine Forrester, Sarah Wayne 407
Hardie, Philip R (Lt) Foster, Florence A 277
Howard, James Leo Foster, Frances Jean 588
Campbell, Leigh Edward Foster, Leola Matilda 162
Asher, Robert Leeland Foster, Shirley Winona 308
Shafer, Stanley Baldwin Fraley, Marie Violette 525
Roberts, Frank C France, Clara Gladys 248
Oaks, Jep Franklin, Barbara Winifred 419
Maplesden, Amos Arlington Franklin, Beverly Fern 519
Russell, George Burton Franklin, Georgia Catherine 302
Borah, Clarence Raymond Franks, Effie Louise 257
Younger, Rufus Nicholas Fredenburg, Virginia May 37
Caravello, Stephen J (Cpl) Frederick, Virginia M 466
Dodge, Steven John Freeland, Ruth Lyon 340
Thomas, Vernon L French, Coramae 298
Rickard, Glenn Oliver Frey, Lucile Marjorie 292
Thormin, Anthony Freyman, Helen Aileen 102
Filla, Maurice F Friedrichs, Leona A 483
Nutzman, Carroll Phillip Frost, Ruth Alice 572
Boliver, Roy Bernice Fry, Doris May 426
Sneed, Ivan Fry, Mary C 72
Scott, LeRoy Russell Fullerton, Janet Lind 490
Eskridge, Harry Earl Furch, Mary Lillian 154
Kyker, William Furry, Marita Isabelle 259
Porges, Leslie Gaines, Betty Jane 213
Fry, James Franklin Gammill, Charlene 263
Underwood, Elmer W Ganfield, Mary Isabelle 399
Cappel, George Julius Garberson, Myrtle Ruth 564
Arnold, Sherva Garfield, Audrey Alice 114
DeJarnett, John Henry Garrison, Rosella 11
Vreeland, Chester William Garwood, Beulah Ellen 47
Lalo, Leon J George, Alfretia 36
Kerby, John Oscar George, Eleanore E 204
Wright, Orval Gepferd, May 36
Marko, Steve J Gerster, Lillian E 295
Smith, LeRoy Elmer Giles, Virginia LaVelle 52
Knudsen, Richard Gill, Mary Dolores 1
Lunt, Dixon H (Lt) Gillooley, Marian Louise 435
George, Harry B Gilman, Dorothea J 105
France, Wesley R Gilman, Lorraine Bertha 129
Flood, Joe Glassford, Edith Arlean 300
Matheny, Murle Wendell Gleason, Betty Jeanne 88
Daniel, Frank James Jr Gobey, Constance Helen 508
Casley, Raymond Otis Goddard, Gladys Mae 253
Byars, Hilma Levander (Cpl) Goddard, Mary Albertha 456
Janosky, Frank Sylvester Godley, Bernice Grant 550
Burnidge, Earl Eugene Goll, Dorothea Freida 368
Andersen, Glenn H (Cpl) Gonder, Lillian 343
Swisher, Keith Devane Goode, Margaret Jayne 85
Whyte, Joe Jonathan Goodman, Hattie 313
Johnson, Robert H Gottschalk, Hazel 517
Dykhuis, Raymond Jake Goulet, Winifred May 431
Holloway, Ollie J Graham, Juanita J 268
Rush, Wesley Glen Graham, Lelaine 97
Johnston, Leonard L Graham, Ursula M 316
Dean, Woodroe W (Sgt) Grant, Edna G 367
Howard, Roy Gene Gravelle, Thelma Lucille 416
Nilson, Hans F Green, Elaine 306
Root, Lincoln Horace Green, Ollie 153
Hinueber, Robert C Greenberg, Evelyn Alice 415
Sherratt, Charles L Greene, Dorothy A 524
Ward, Joe Peek Greene, Edith Louise 317
Fowble, Keith D Greene, Geraldine 275
Ross, Charles Fredrick Greenia, Elmira D 334
Platko, Charles Anton Gresham, Lola Jane 143
Prescott, Lucius Pate Griffin, Mildred Marie 384
Harlan, George Blakley Griffith, Almeda Margueretta 262
Gettling, Donald E Griffith, Jewell Mae 115
Wicker, Roland Earl Grimes, Virginia Maxine 5
Stone, William Arthur Grimm, Ola May 176
Pryor, Kenneth L Gross, Dorothy 542
Smith, Alvia Oakley Ruland Gross, Margaret Viola Ruth 63
Hunting, William MacGowan Grow, Eileen Rose 337
Eckett, Norman C Guerin, Barbara L 507
Driver, Theodore Earl Gumm, Wilma Juanita 512
Dapron, Frank Gordon Guthrie, Frances May 230
Dale, Homer Lloyd Hackett, Esther Edna 135
Kerby, John Oscar Haddock, Jaunita Lousia 579
Stiffler, George B Hagen, Helen M 520
Nunley, Charles W Hagen, Thelma Carolyn 522
Olson, Ralph Wilfred Haggard, Avelena Francence Geraldine 470
Case, Aaron Earl Hale, Maxine Harriett 384
Morrison, Lowell L Hall, Bette Jean 148
Morton, Marcellas Clarence Hall, Elizabeth Wilma 267
Coffinger, Hugh Byron Hall, Marjorie Eleanor 594
Loudin, Harold Lester Hall, Mary Virginia 363
Brown, Edward N Hamilton, Mary L 594
Smets, Homer Wallace Hamlin, Roberta Muriel 303
Hankla, John Edward Hammond, Arlene Emma 324
Roberts, Joe Hammond, Millicent 16
Walker, Asil Arlington Hancock, Betty Marie 59
Neel, Robert Daniel Handy, Betty Jane Charlotte 46
Carter, Roy Hannah, Afton 252
Cameron, Rob Roy Hansen, Dorothy Viola 165
Davis, LeWyatt Hanson, Lily Betty 448
Lokkesmoe, Benjamin I Hanson, Thelma O 519
Coy, Tony Ray Harden, Anita Fern 181
Dodd, Chester Arthur Hardman, Marjorie Jane 365
Archibald, Jean Clair Hardy, Elizabeth Eloise 547
Ballard, Neal Blake Harnish, Mary Ella 245
Barber, William Glennie Harris, Betty Jane 124
Hall, Bertram A (Sgt) Harris, Hope Estelle 552
Weirich, Colin R Jr Harris, Marcia M 378
Catalano, Edward William (Dr) Harrison, Mary Susan 344
Murphy, Chester Hart, Medelene Elizabeth 413
Smith, Lee Harold Hart, Pollyanna Belle 472
Hogan, Julian L Hartley, Frances M 366
Jenks, Joe Henry Harvey, Alyce Ethlyn 223
Robbins, Kenton Eugene Harwood, Connie Inez 251
Neilson, John Herbert Harwood, Nola Irene 57
Johnson, Keith E Haselton, Marcine May 195
Beal, Henry John Hastings, Rose 195
McNeese, John Q Hattaway, Francis Loreace 577
Flint, Curtis E Haverty, Dorothy J 383
Corliss, Robert Harold Hawkins, Joan Elizabeth 61
Smith, George Curtis Hayes, Patricia Anne 282
Wright, Richard Alford Hayse, Jean 228
Quehl, Frederick H (Lt) Hazlitt, Juanita S 571
Howe, Roy Leon Heard, Thelma T 422
Croft, Earl Dermore Hedgpeth, Bertha Irean 10
Younger, Frederick Wilton Hedgpeth, Phyllis Gale 154
Crouchley, Earl A Hedlind, Josephine K 503
Proctor, Albert Raymond (Pfc) Hedrick, Sylvia Alyce 399
Rodau, LeRoy Heist, Marian Lenore 44
Luck, Edward John (Lt) Helweg, Patricia M 476
Lloyd, Willam Emery Hemenway, Mary Etta 92
Beberniss, August Rudolph Hemmerling, Mary LaVelle 139
Young, Edward Lee Henderson, Gloria 186
Mead, Sterling Garrett Henderson, Lea Grace 83
Mouser, Theo William Henderson, Maxine Gertrude 458
Cleveland, Edward Evert Henderson, Viola 189
Finch, Richard Victor Henselman, Jean Elizabeth 588
Peacock, William T Henson, Frances E 577
Fansler, Robert E Heringson, Lenore M 580
Gottig, Alexander Christian Henry Herman, Elsie Merle 218
Whalin, Donald Bennett Herman, Lois Henrietta 576
Wright, Vernon A Hermanson, Hildur Grace 212
Danielson, Richard Glen Herrmann, Marcelle Vivian 119
Corlies, Austin DeWitt Herron, Ruth LaVerne 100
Piche, Albert Hamilton Jr Hess, Eleanor Ruth 451
Bell, James Edward Hess, Nina May 557
Ward, Charles Henry Hesselgrave, Letha Josephine 130
VanOrtwick, Clyde Emery Hetrick, Lucy Evanna 55
Barker, Gordon R Hewitt, Mary Elizabeth 365
Hall, William Nelson Hibbard, Charlotte Ardith 532
Crockett, William A (Sgt) Hichliffe, E Elizabeth 354
Wolgamott, Walter Willis Hickey, Grace Ellen 220
Thomson, Robert Eugene Higgins, Katherine 169
Offringa, Allan Richard Highkal, Adele Edna 362
Peterson, Leonard Otto (Pvt) Hildebrand, Lois Elaine 469
Roberts, Lloyd E Hildreth, Viola M 317
Hooper, Gerald Bertram Hilkey, Coral Emma 555
Garrison, William Edwin Hilkey, Lucretia Alice 468
Moore, Floyd Charles Hill, Alcy Tharon 166
Saxon, Warren Harris Hill, Carlyn Jeanne 485
Otte, George Warren Hill, Nancy Jane 305
Halliwell, Edwin Hervey Hill, Ruth Eleanora 62
Shugart, Bernace O (Sgt) Hines, Inez 419
Gibbon, Clarence Francis Hite, Shirley Lucille 397
Harger, James Hughey Hobble, Mildred Elizabeth 191
Francis, George Thomas Hofacre, Mary Emily 217
Hubler, John Lee Hofbeck, Dorothy Pauline 358
Fleming, Walter H (Lt) Hoffman, Sara 299
Kruggel, Reinhart F Hohl, Esther Ellen 13
Scott, Wesley C Holloway, Treva Gail 333
Lemmons, Elzie Holman, Mary Ellen 407
Kelly, William David Honoré, Helen Elizabeth 279
Williams, DeWayne Kenneth Hoover, Helen Rosalie 395
Evans, Don Haven Horne, Helen Beth 598
Gates, Tommy Manuel Horton, Helen Lucille 482
Merrithew, Fred W Houdashelt, LeRee 123
Johnson, Albert Floyd Hovin, Eleanor Ida 327
Atwood, Woodrow Wilson Howard, Dora Maxine 211
Skinner, Watrous Earl Howell, Janet 144
Cummings, James Herbert Howes, Edith Louise 146
Verbick, Robert Huber, Ruth Myrtle 137
Black, Charles C (Pvt) Huff, Verdie 499
Mallett, Adolph Huling, Edna M 342
Reed, Edward Hurshel Hume, Frances 352
Copponex, Maurice M Humphrey, Mary Elizabeth 506
Childress, Raymond W Hunsley, Dorothy Louise 599
Todd, Albert R Hunt, Corabelle 118
Roberts, Elmer C Hunter, Frances Helena 29
Batzer, Rudolph J Jr Hunter, Josephine L 596
Leavitt, Ernest Pearson Huntress, Katherine Sue 561
Crocker, Lawrence Pelham Hurst, Jewell Elzina 45
Ruff, Robert Bruce Igo, Joy Pearl 7
Carroll, Yokeley Inks, Ruth 528
Woodall, Raymond C Iozzi, Marie 417
Johnson, Charles C Iverson, Lucille M 540
Ellis, Ralph John Jacobson, Betty Jean 592
Nab, Walter James, Louise Florence 314
Gilbert, Alfred Melbourne Jefferson, Ana Marie 531
Rood, Reginald S Jeffrey, Bettyjane Lenore 334
Bascom, George Rolland Jenkins, Leonora Stubbs 572
Parker, Thomas C Jensen, Izala Dorothy 308
Bronson, Seba M Jensen, Margaret A 39
Bounds, Charles Francis Jensen, Melba Rose 125
Jeray, Mathew Joseph Jeray, Mary Golob 401
Mann, Kenneth L (Lt) Jinks, Virginia M 305
Winkler, Mayer Louis Johannes, Marie Helen 459
Marsters, C S Johnson, Carolyn 313
Pheister, Ernest W Johnson, Elsie B 490
Bass, Warren O Johnson, Genevieve Anne 59
McDonald, Walter Ralph Johnson, Geraldine F 178
Adams, Charles Aaron Johnson, Grace Mae 16
Kohl, Frank J Johnson, Inez Ruby 87
Stewart, Middleton Franklin Johnson, Jessie Isabelle 468
King, Earl Valentine Johnson, Mary Christina 591
Lindstrom, Frank Augustus Johnston, Gladys Elizabeth 23
Beal, Harry E Jones, Ethel May 42
Earl, Eugene Myron Jones, Gladys 249
Shine, Cecil Eppes Jr Jones, Jessie Elizabeth 492
Cooper, LaVern Charles Jones, Laura Iloise 354
Byrne, Archie Clinton Jones, Nellie Mae 14
Brown, Green Elmer Jones, Ruby Jean 164
Jones, Walter Howard Jones, Thelma Hansen 486
Herring, Robert L Jones, Wilma Erlene 40
Mooney, Elmer H Kaster, Bertha 53
Beem, Ray G Keaton, Frances Evelyn 263
Linville, Thomas Jennings Keenan, Ruth R 467
Imhausen, Maurice Eugene Keene, Valerie N 201
Southerland, Cornish C Keesee, Lorna Louise 450
Loper, Lewis Kelley, Alma Ellen 44
Barnes, Jack L Kelley, Delma R 269
Harrison, Elmer (Pvt) Kelso, Genevieve 437
Walden, Donald Amason Kendall, Floris 215
Lacy, Ellis Winifred Kennedy, Etta Ellen 123
O'Hara, John Francis Kennedy, Laura Lucille 532
Bale, August G Kennedy, Mary M 323
Thompson, William John Kennedy, Virginia Jarman 172
Kenner, Otto William Kenner, Margaret Nina 74
Boyd, LeRoy George Kent, Mary Jane 472
Thompson, Roland Young Kerns, Jennie Marie 251
Taylor, Robert Chalmers Kerr, Margaret Anne Dean 398
Bartlett, Marion Norman Kerwin, Dorothy Ann 165
Warren, Earl W Kincaid, Eunice E 226
Younger, Donald Warren Kincaid, June 210
Byrd, Maynard Cordell Kincart, Dorothy Hall 148
Larson, Frans Peter Kindred, Ione 593
Weaver, Herbert W King, Myrtle 357
King, Earl Henry King, Ruth Margarette 254
Weddel, Roy T Kingery, Nadine L 274
Roarty, George E Kirk, Mildred G 557
Wright, Gene Anderson Kiser, Mary Alice 433
Hodge, Willis Wilbur Kivett, Luella (Mrs) 556
Anderson, Walter Arling Klith, Edna Pearl 590
Emig, Robert E Klopf, Mildred M 477
Essmaker, Roland Joseph (S/Sgt) Knipp, Virginia Stanley 359
Dymond, Levi Alfonso Knox, Helen Burleigh 274
Carothers, Eugene Joseph Knull, Dorothy Mildred 237
Allen, Ralph Knupp, Suzanne 586
Maleski, Joseph V (Lt) Koepsel, Jane M 320
Shawley, Max Donald Kohn, Maxine Ida 17
Pfaff, Robert John Konopasek, Libby Kathryn 167
Biziorek, Raymond J Koopmans, Evelyn Ann 469
Roley, Otis McCann Kos, Anne Marie 235
Reese, Charles Everett Kosak, Laura Hazel 177
Merrill, Gilbert Bruce Krapf, Dorothy Justine 173
Atkinson, Robert James Krumholz, Dorothy Irene 471
Lester, Donald Warren LaBelle, Darleen Joyce 517
Melzer, Theodore R LaCoss, Irene May 372
Lovell, Thomas Samuel Ladevick, Ann Elizabeth 234
Weber, William Eugene Lamb, Della LaVerne 104
Standish, Myles Walter Lambathas, Norma Katherine 347
Hather, Ernest Frank Lambrecht, Lorraine Marion 543
Smith, Nathan Robert Land, Lucy Elizabeth 391
Halligan, Thomas Joseph Landau, Ada 449
Lieberknecht, Earl Frederick Lane, Bette Lee 319
Messner, Frederick George Langslet, Fern Lauretta 388
Mead, John E (Lt) LaRochelle, Mary Fernande 318
Fitzgerald, Duane S Latham, Helen I 243
Shirk, Theodore Roosevelt Latta, Helen 368
Sims, Raymond O Lawrence, Shirley Jeanne 294
Brickey, Ralph Newton Lebow, Ferne Lucille 25
Schoettle, Dale Elmore Lee, Ada Pearl 489
Traylor, Fred R LeFevre, Roma Rae 548
Tennant, Barnaby C Legge, Ethel C 287
Lathrop, Merton Harlow Leland, Helen Alice 285
Pelzek, Henry S (Sgt) Lentz, Loretta Virginia 562
Colton, William Leonard, Catharine 193
Lear, James Norton Leonard, Hazel Effie 226
Hamman, Ira Lee Leslie, Lucille Irene 428
Baldi, Julian Lester, Anita L 12
Jett, Leslie Verne (Sgt) Lewis, Lydia Roberta 420
Hess, Andrew Charles Leybold, Virginia Louise 561
Willock, Robert T Lindt, Florence 156
McDow, Carl W (Pfc) Link, Freda H 410
Polk, Perry A Litster, Gloria Jean 290
Renzema, John Jurgen Little, Neola Helen 282
Clark, Virgil L Lockard, Ila Maxine 157
Stover, Delbert William Lockhart, Maxine Ellen 325
McPhaill, Clifton F Lones, Nancy Ollie Mae 236
Woodward, Thomas Glen (Cpl) Long, Dora Emma 565
Bushnell, Byron Oscar Loos, Nellie Fay 203
Villarreal, Edward M Lopez, Emma B 290
Schaffner, Andrew R Love, Minnie E 168
Napper, Henry Lowery, Evelyn LaVerne 301
Harris, Allen Lubbers, Naveta 53
Kozanecki, Raymond Thomas Ludes, Bertha Elizabeth 521
Steele, James Thomson Lukens, Emma Anna 516
Saunders, Gerald Luman, Marguerite 222
Douglass, Beverly Gordon Lund, Olga Marie 440
Skou, William Carlsen Lynch, Amy Harding 563
Peterson, Albert L Lynn, Mayme B 179
Wilson, Robert Bruce Lyon, Patricia Dana 1
Wilson, William B MacNeal, Ada 233
Oatney, Virgil Edmund Perry Magerle, Lucille Agnes 441
Harkins, Amos Acey Magness, Joyce Myrtle 47
Korchenko, Melvin A Malone, Francis Lorene 409
Legg, Pat C R Mann, Jane Marie 66
Crawford, John Goble Mann, Janet Irene 474
McGowan, Raymond John Marcil, Bertha 369
Puetz, William M Marks, Munita Laura 331
Qualls, Otis W (Pvt) Marshall, Clara 445
Matton, Herbert L Martin, Bernice E 520
Ruplinger, Richard Boltes Martin, Cecilia 151
Watterson, Claude Ray Martin, Dessie Maxine 208
Osborn, Cecil Gilbert Martin, Lois Mae 199
Jackson, Thomas Brine (Pvt) Martin, Mary 423
Bruder, John James Martin, P Gabrielle 505
Mora, Salvador S Martinez, Sallie C 366
Draney, Thomas M (Lt) Mass, Helen Eugenia 446
Langley, Raphael Farris Matheny, Marion Louise 297
Kolda, Joseph Vernon Mathern, Fern Theresa 145
Pearce, Joe Brady May, Barbara Catherine 315
Johnson, Lester R Mayrand, Gladys L 582
Barrow, Albert McBee, Ethelyn E 74
McCaleb, Sidney K (Sgt) McBeth, Helen M 364
Wooden, Richard Albert McCaleb, Eunice Lavelle 400
Mero, James Ashland McCandliss, Maxine Mattie 110
Keller, Arthur J McCann, Permele Alice 128
Bell, Cecil Joel McCarthy, Alice Marie 68
Dunahee, Allen Martin McCarty, Marjorie Vivian 57
Spaur, Troy Randolph McCasland, Sadie Magdalene 46
Levdansky, Walter William McClain, Agnes Jeanette 580
Metzger, George Blake McClung, Helen 309
Fenning, Harry Albert McCool, Eleanor Laura 585
Spalding, Robert Garner McCormick, Clarita Ann 168
Naumes, William Joseph McCormick, Frances Annette 143
Mefford, Donald McCoy, Beatrice 227
Mills, Linn E McCullough, Maurine June 206
Patterson, Jack Hunter McCune, Willeyne Angle 497
Armstrong, Leroy John McDonald, Mellie Chrity 386
Freeman, Bert McDonald, Sara M 361
Payne, Maxwell Drake McDougall, Mildred Maxine 281
Kitchens, Rowland Jackson McElrath, Ruby Geraldine 544
Ginn, Walter Stanford McFarlan, Inez 515
Ford, Cyril B McFarland, Thelma M 277
Paulson, Kenneth McGilvray, Gladys E 453
Duffey, Edward Joseph McGinnis, Marcella Cecelia 293
Coto, Edmund McIntosh, Myrtress J 273
White, James C McKee, Arlissa Ann 358
Heiden, Arthur Henning McKeel, Alice Vivian 318
Petersen, Walter W McKenna, Margaret Rose 328
Bidgood, James Edwin McKeown, Esther 76
Stripling, Henry Clyde McLaren, Marie 109
Lindsay, Rolland Crawford McLaren, Mariece 56
McElheny, Hal James McManama, Leah Jane 575
Herrmann, Alton Fredrick McManama, Lois Alice 239
Look, Claude Leighton McMerrick, Elsie Leuwana 78
Anderson, Norman William McNair, Marjorie Kathleen 589
Ayres, Russell V McReynolds, Roma 183
Harwood, Francis Frank Meals, Phyllis Marie 527
Prentice, Robert James Meier, Helene Christine 51
Wetzelberg, Hugo Frederick Mellor, Veda Beatrice 454
Pfander, Raymond E Melton, Hazel E 451
Moffet, Glenn Vincent Metzger, Lula Elaine 99
Lee, Willie E (Sgt) Michaelis, Jimmie Louise 462
Skrepich, George Michalski, Irene Agnes 568
deJarnette, Clifford Wilson Milestone, Mary Eleanor 132
Becker, Fred Lowell Milkoski, Rita Irene 319
Hall, Leland Miller, Charlottie 209
Shirley, Corbin Louis Miller, Gladys Pearl 460
Coons, Joseph F Miller, Joyce LaVonne 413
Hasty, John E Miller, Loretta Margaret 447
Jordan, Albert O Jr Miller, N Pauline 48
Straup, Walter Dail Miller, Opal Evaline 149
O'Hollaren, James L (Pvt) Miller, Peggy Patricia 456
Stanchfield, Wilmer A Miller, Rose Carolyn 134
Crane, Richard S Miller, Rose Carolyn 142
Schaefer, Frank J Millhollin, C Marguerite 600
Phillips, Earl Mills, Ella C 91
Thompson, Charles Hiram Jr Minear, Glenna Maud 113
Walkemeyer, William Henry Mitchell, Dorothy Lorena 21
Raney, Kenneth Birdno Mitchell, Viola Estelle 420
Dahl, Donald B Moe, Evelyn J 562
Sorensen, Benjamin D Moen, Irene 504
Bieber, Rudolph John Monterastelli, Elda Mary 579
Kerby, Joe Donald Moore, Amelia Arlene 14
Bankston, Buford B Moore, Annie Lee 493
Simmons, George W Moore, Emma Dorothene 348
McMannamy, Raymond Moore, Gladys W 514
Tyler, Ira Graham Morgan, Wilma Christeene 255
Furry, Norven Robert Morris, Bonnie Darlene 374
Breese, William Henry Morrow, Bennie Bell 160
Bush, James Thomas Morrow, Violabelle 145
Smith, Windell B (Pvt) Morton, Dorris 429
Engel, Lawson S (Lt JG) Moseley, Ruth Imojean 460
Huffman, Roy Mosher, Hazel C 9
Ammerman, Leland Earle Mount, Jane Weeks 107
Lincoln, Leonard Lee Mower, Betty Carma 112
Taubele, Henry Carl Mulholland, Marjorie Ann 71
Rians, Reuel Kellogg Jr Mullin, Janet Eileen 271
Johnson, George Edwin Mundy, Elizabeth Lewella 201
Butler, John Edward Murphy, Marjorie J 522
Murrell, Walter Murrell, Loretta Goldie 569
Townzen, Embrey Calvin Muscutt, Barbara Jean 328
Pyle, Sidney M Muskopf, Caroline 66
Ritchie, Carl W Myers, Caroline Shirley 272
Hunt, J D Myhre, Jeanne Eloise 362
Castellani, Frank Nahon, Lucille Margaret 412
Sauers, Eugene Edward Neal, Gertrude Dolly 206
Fleischer, Alan Stuart Nealon, June Antoinette 43
Eddy, Edgar Eugene Neel, Elsie Louise 118
Baldrey, Louis M Neeley, Margery F 455
Brown, Jack Caywood Neill, Virginia Elizabeth 446
Milligan, George Elliott Nelson, Arliss Virginia 371
Thompson, Robert Earl Nelson, Evelyn 180
Clark, Charles Leonard Nelson, Marva 45
Clark, Charles Leonard Nelson, Marva 599
Brehmer, Donald Willard Nelson, Shirley Ann 566
Colwell, Lowell Ray Newlun, Velma Lucile 54
Inghram, Chester Edward Newman, Sadie 153
Muth, Loren H Newton, Frances L 344
Mason, Ai Willard Newton, Jessie 159
Putman, James Byer Newton, Lois 597
Eaton, Myron Ellery Newton, Winifred Winona 352
Ollom, Ellsworth Lee Nicholls, Charlotte Ruth 219
LeRoy, Malden Lucas Nichols, Mavis Shirley 296
Bush, Morris Clinton Nicholson, Lillian Elizabeth 224
Chapell, Albert Marion Nicholson, Marie Delia 479
Gifford, Herbert Wilson Nissen, Dorothy Ethel 133
Pearce, Martyn L Nissen, Evelyn M 94
Archer, Robert L Nix, Martha Jean 398
Cullison, Wilbur Dean Nomer, Ellouise Mae 8
Norberg, Earl B Norberg, Martha 375
Montgomery, Stanley Francis Norbury, Ruth Margaret 421
Ness, Thomas Hooper Norregaard, Vivian Viola 178
Wilson, Norman LeRoy Norris, Theresa Mae 131
Hadley, Charles Norman Norton, Margaret Aileen 38
Jackson, John Clinton Jr Nunn, Margie Kathleen 386
Johnson, Raymond William Nunn, Olive Irene 20
Patterson, James H (Lt) Nurkowski, Alice B 312
Day, Clifton A Nussbaum, Wilhelmina 481
Olesrud, Ingvald G Nye, Sylvia May 485
Wolcken, Stephen J Nyswaner, Dorothy L 131
Sarale, John Jr Odysseus, Elsie 287
Morrison, Wayne William Offord, Evelyn Mae 537
Blane, Ruben Robert O'Kean, Helen 565
Cox, James D (Sgt) Olds, Betty Lorraine 444
Bunten, Floyd L (Pvt) Oliver, Laura Edna 378
Waddell, Vernon J Ollom, Esther E 342
Pearson, Stanford Everett Olson, Mary Sophia 185
Saalasti, Allen Alfred Orjala, Anna Greta 567
Nuzza, Sam Francis Orlando, Elizabeth Ruth 569
Fletcher, Howard H Overbeck, Ella 307
Hutchins, Earl B Owen, Evelyn D 541
Franklin, Thomas I Owen, Willella 5
Valmy, Roger Ownbey, Ruth 500
Nall, Philip Kelton Palmer, Helen Bell 488
Owen, James Heaton Paris, Georgia Fay Stevens 79
Sinclair, Stanley Boyd Parker, Esther Lily 293
Millard, Iris B Jr Parker, Jeane 256
Morgan, Johnnie Leon Parker, Lillian Mae 110
Stockman, John C Parker, Marjorie Winifred 560
Carter, John D Parker, Maxine Eloise 250
Davidson, Clive Leland Parrish, Nora Marie 237
Haynes, John H Parsons, Clara Lee 530
Helgren, Ira William Paske, Elizabeth 113
Kimbrell, Robert W Payant, Alletha M 567
Hagerty, Alfred C Peacock, Ruth W 182
Thompson, Ralph Seelinger Peeble, Marjorie Lucille 549
Stegeman, Lawrence Bernard Peitzmeyer, Clara Jane 554
Goodall, George Albert Pellicello, Virginia Dale 359
Gary, Benjamin Edward Jr (Sgt) Pendergrass, Geraldine Lillian 326
Dickson, Melvin Dalton Pepper, Nina Lucille 546
Tonkin, Elmer Alvin Pereira, Isabelle Mary 97
Smith, Chester Arthur Perry, Nettie 37
Myhre, Loyal Jesse Petersen, Joan Olivia 325
Carter, Jefferson William Petersen, Mary Bertha 98
Tupper, Gilbert Horace Peterson, Ellen Geneva 264
Clemmons, John LaVern (Cpl) Peterson, Marie Laura 461
Conrad, Warren Peterson, Mary 25
Still, Melvin M Petrie, Thelma 242
Settell, Elmer Wesley Peyton, Martha Irene 349
Schone, Henry John Picray, Madeline D 443
Kendall, Charles E Pizzimenti, Stella Eugenia 327
Mortenson, Lorin Martin Pollard, Lora Myrtle 159
Newsom, Julian Thomas (Lt) Popwell, Mary Elizabeth 404
Seibold, Preston John Porter, Georgina Frances 276
Hawk, Norman Ray Porter, Phyllis Virginia 19
Williams, Elihu B Post, Mina Virginia 253
Tucker, Stanley V Powell, Relta Lea 597
Burdette, Maurice R Powers, Margie Jean 506
Gibson, Douglas Earle Pratt, Bonnie Kathryn 122
Brown, Robert W Pratt, Dalma Jean 388
Prince, Eugene E Price, Edith Elizabeth 149
Chamberlain, Clyde E Purdin, Elizabeth Ann 169
Jobbins, Charles William Putman, Shirley Louise 197
Cole, Delmar W Quigley, Ruth Irene 310
Newell, Lester Quint, Evelyn 507
Vail, Robert Emmett Radford, Elizabeth Jeanette 431
Satterlee, Leonard F Ralston, Leola May 329
Ford, Hugo Louis Rammin, Helen Elizabeth 163
Feagins, William Edward Ramsdell, Marilyn Ruth 106
Taylor, Alford Henry Ratty, Beatrice Moore 43
Edwards, Verle Durrel Rawson, Wanda Mary 40
Forbes, Donald A Ray, Alice Lucile 27
Kaspar, Henry Raymond, Helen L 551
Line, William E Jr Read, Reva 210
Mitchell, Harry Donald Reed, Florence 246
Coffin, Robert D Reed, Florilla Ardis 280
Ray, Vernon Edward Rencehausen, Janiece Irene 356
Mann, Elwood Renshaw, Arlene 453
Torrano, Frank S Repose, Maria J 272
Madland, Jack R Requist, Elsie V 202
Politz, Thomas Reynolds, Martha 381
Morgan, Warren Steele Rhoads, Betty V 108
Wilson, Thomas Jay Jr Richards, Rosemary 297
Edmondson, William B Richman, Zelda 101
Troutman, William Ricks, Lila M 138
Riggs, Orval Milton Riley, Mildred Agnes 51
Walch, John Woodrow Ring, Betty Lorene 129
Mitchell, William Eugene Robb, Eleanor Jane 470
Quick, Erle F Robbins, Covie Ellen 480
Hutchins, Duane Israel Robbins, June Maxine 83
Johnson, Eugene C Roberts, Aretha A 528
Tittle, King H Roberts, Gwynne W 370
Albaugh, Russell Blaine Roberts, Lydia Vincent 136
Smith, Glen Roy Roberts, Mary Adelaide 15
McNaughton, Gordon N Robertson, Etta G 266
Crank, Clarence Charles Robertson, Janet Josephine 231
Huffman, Harry A Robisnon, Leona S 254
McIntyre, Owen W Roemeling, Helene M 529
Hoban, Gerald T Rosch, Opal D 511
Miller, John Peter Rose, Arvile Blanton 303
Colby, Lionel Augustus Rose, Cleo Theadora 133
Tatham, Vernon Rose, Dora 240
Brown, Daniel R Rose, Geraldine 212
Kelly, David Charles Rose, Helen Virginia 464
Lambert, Luther L (Pfc) Rosecrans, Lucille E 459
Pilkington, Wilfred Bernerd Ross, Rebecca 526
Keith, Frederick Joseph Ross, Vivienne Mae 158
Gragert, Harold Frederick Rotherham, Dolores Mary 343
Milkie, Edward Claude Rouquie, Erma Antoinette 278
Sewell, J J Lorne Rude, Audrey Martha 182
Francis, Forrest L Ruff, Ethel 125
Lamb, Lloyd Ernest Rumley, Mary Delilia 410
Dolva, Roald E Rushfeldt, Bernice V 478
Daily, Donald J Rusk, Frances L 533
Landreth, Clifford Estel Russell, Anna Lee 261
Marshall, John Phillip Russell, Jane Elizabeth 101
Kincaid, Robert Jr Ruthrauff, Thelma Olivene 559
Buckallew, Robert Emmett Ryder, Frances Bonner 563
Smith, Frank Ryder, Rose Marie 363
Franke, Walter Sackmann, Gertrude 390
Miller, Arthur Delaney Sage, Norma Rose 501
Bishop, Bill Hardcastle Sage, Ruth Margaret 58
Lowry, David Britten Sander, Mary Louise 120
Cowan, Arlis Santo, Marjorie 73
Gibson, John Frank Sargent, Mildred Marguerite 144
Warren, Roy J Sargent, Velda Mae 190
Degerlamoe, Tony Sauer, Evelyn Lucille 570
Henney, Willard Leroy Saunders, Elsie Sabina 255
Huft, Ernest George Saur, Dorothy 582
Fink, Bernard Sawyer, Joyce Barbara 403
Ford, Dean Wallace Schaad, Dorothy 217
Parker, Henry C Schadler, Frances Mae 209
Weekes, Alvin Muriel Schaefer, Helena C 535
McCormick, Charles E Schaffer, Dorothy Aretha 48
Stark, Kenneth Alexander Scheel, Anna Mamie 77
Hueners, Albert Edward Scheidereiter, Louise Joan 24
Wendt, George Lester Schempp, Hildegard E 382
Harris, Montague Scheumann, Ruth Ellen 417
Johnson, Roy Kenneth Schlaman, Lisette Marie 243
Hoefft, H Lyle Schlinsog, Alice Marie 147
Kamberg, Kenneth W Schlinsog, Helen L 21
White, Jack Elwin Schlund, Shirley Lou 4
Carder, Robert Franklin Schmitt, Violet Rose 346
Head, Cecil M Scholpp, Naomi June 465
Schleining, Alex Schone, Beatrice Dian 403
Treece, Walker M Schuler, Barbara Jean 380
Lockwood, Howard Robert Schuler, Marie Louise 189
Kowaleski, Chester Martin Schultz, Erna Edna 503
Poznik, Benjamin Ralph Schusterman, Ruth 463
Smith, George D L Scofield, Dorothy Dell 6
Brown, Richard Harold Scoville, Ruth Naoma 23
Coffman, Elmer Cleo Scrivner, Lenora Millicent 405
Taylor, Thomas Clark Seckinger, Dorothy Marie 355
Nulph, Floyd C Seehorn, Wilda M 96
Knight, Elmer Calvin Sellers, Grace Eleanor 245
Pearson, James S (Cpl) Sellers, Katherine C (Mrs) 351
Eslick, William R Service, Eleanor Dorothy 320
Seagraves, Edward Leon Service, Pearl Maxine 322
Barker, Raymond Clay Setchell, Ellen Elizabeth 4
Havlicek, Frank J Severa, Irene 267
Kliban, John A Sevey, Mae Mahala 33
Jones, John C Shackelford, Essie G 69
Trautman, Ted George Sharp, Deloris 67
Eller, James Edward Sharp, Helen Mary 78
Wine, Leo Curtis Sharpe, Anna Mae 256
Wallace, Theodore Alexander Shaw, Rosalie Ania 92
Banry, Nathan A Shoemaker, Elizabeth Jane 103
Allen, Walter H Shoemaker, Hildegarde Elizabeth 382
Christean, Willard Leith Shoemaker, Irene Frances 2
Martin, Emil Albert Shollenburg, Velma Ardelia 377
Poyer, Melvin Dale Shortridge, Doris Grace 75
Romilly, Charles Shough, Violet 49
Lawless, James B Shoultz, Virginia Dane 273
Cordova, Eloy Shults, Dorothy Jean 425
O'Hara, John Christie Shults, Lois Marguerite 351
Jackson, Spencer Dale (Lt) Sigler, Enid A 434
Meade, Floyd Wayne Siler, June Leota 100
Baker, Lewis Walter (Sgt) Silv, Mina L 553
McReynolds, Francis W Simonson, Dorothy Marie 595
Reynolds, Homer LeRoy Sims, Minnie Lee 316
Meade,Charles R Siple, Alice B 3
Sellers, Wilfred Joseph Sivils, Joyce Adella 332
Guches, Glenn Six, Vera M 158
Lowe, Fred E Skaggs, Sophia D 438
Quartararo, Salvatore Vincent Skiles, Nancy Virginia 332
Beebe, Joe E Skinner, Maxine 50
Smith, Lawrence Percy Skitton, June Jean 581
Doty, Norman Richard Slater, Marie 487
Totten, William B Slingerland, Helen Fern 324
Drozdowsky, Edward Michael Sloan, June Rose Marie 306
Mathews, Keith James Sloan, Lillian Lorene 177
Clark, Chester Warren Slusser, Cleo Belle 355
Hubbard, Allen Francis Smart, Bessie May 218
Gunter, Ancil B Smets, Delores 238
Fernlund, George Edwin Smith, Bonnie Jean 221
Vasseur, Joseph Earl Smith, Cathrena Beila 246
Corwin, Louis A Smith, Corabell 90
Dorich, Tom Smith, Dora E 452
Merrithew, Francis Bertram Smith, Dorothy Ellen 127
Loucks, Archibald H Smith, Dorothy Lillian 171
McWhirter, Arthur George Jr Smith, Earlyne 496
Crane, John L Smith, Helen Patricia 458
Dawson, H Kenneth Smith, Jean Iris 28
Szczepanik, Stanley Joseph Smith, Lesta Modell 385
Mee, Warren George Smith, Marjorie Katharine 32
Cozo, Loyde Smith, Mary Elizabeth 397
Lawrentz, Lester W Smith, Vivian Elizabeth 427
Ross, John T Jr Snook, Naomi Jean 275
Cochran, Forrest L Sommers, Edith 179
Stokes, Truman Dale Sorensen, Lillian Helen 211
Masters, John H Sorensen, Tillie C 107
Hall, George Sowers, Jane 31
Kendall, Clinton DeWitt Sparrow, Harriet Lu 192
Rotruck, Charles Edward Speicher, Ruth Mildred 339
Eisenmenger, Wilfred J (Sgt) Squibb, Grace Ann 338
Grimes, Arnold Stafford, Mildred Fern 373
Brady, Roy James Stagg, Evelyn N 7
Hopkinson, Edward Arthur (Lt) Stahnke, Dorothy Elizabeth 286
Trulove, Glenn W Stanley, Marjorie E 439
Mann, Marion S Starnes, Margaret Venita 34
Speaker, Tris Charles StClair, Verna 161
Folger, Robert Lee Stein, Marion Louise 600
Dale, Wilbert L Stelle, Ruth Miller 41
Six, John Edgar Stephenson, Coleen Zoe 353
Tompkins, Orman Lendle Stevens, Esther 77
Howe, Arthur Kenneth Stevens, Julia 64
Gee, John Hovland Stevens, Maudie Pauline 94
Warren, Jerome Earl Stevenson, Della Alma 134
Reed, Leonard Franklin Stevenson, Virginia Lee 241
Strube, John Henry Sthay, Hedwig Olga 258
Corey, James D Stiffler, Margaret Ellen 540
Jones, John Lewis Stimson, Mary Alice Virginia 396
DeWaard, Hartman Stoddard, Ann Barr 121
Skeeters, Everett A Stone, Billy Ranney 89
Luman, Ira David Stout, Virginia Rhoda 80
Stone, Oscar W Strahan, Darlene Grace 573
Barker, Lambert John Stratton, Marjorie Florence 437
Wolfe, Herman Strauss, Bertha B 379
Brooke, Charles Patrick Streeter, Helen 339
McCart, William H Stuart, Patricia A 524
Harlow, Glenn E Summers, Alice E 467
Brainerd, Philip F Swartsley, Leta VerNetta 35
Lytwynec, Nicholas Sweet, Charlotte Marian 302
Ewaldsen, Otto Aage (Lt) Swem, Phoebe Helen 502
Davis, Ivy M Swincki, Aurelia Mary 486
Wheeler, Harold Sylvers, Theda 423
Olson, Oscar Ingvold Tandeski, Agnes Catherine 402
McCord, Jack W Tant, Carrie A 533
Edwards, Roy I Tate, Charlotte Althea 544
Dow, Howard B Taylor, Ella Lucile 536
Newton, Chester H Taylor, Esther Mollie 26
Cutshall, Jake William Taylor, Irene 207
Smart, Virgil Cloy Jr Taylor, Voncille 183
Young, William H Teig, Laura Lois 175
Galvin, William E Teltz, Genevieve A 244
Matheny, Paul Robert Terrill, Dorland 96
Maskew, William Virgil Thierolf, Virginia Jean 553
Sperow, Kenneth Oscar Thom, Bernice Marion 383
Riede, Edwin P (Lt) Thoma, Paulyne Faye 554
Rodgers, Cecil Everett Thomas, Marian Gladys 69
White, Gordon Thomas Thomas, Mildred Lenora 429
Miller, John Henry Thompson, Leona 508
Naumes, Robert A Thompson, M Jarvie 82
Huegli, Douglas P (Lt) Thomson, Nancy Elizabeth 307
Wood, Berwick L Thorndike, Elizabeth Ann 596
Waldron, Harold Orrington Thorpe, Muriel E 230
Rezek, John Charles Thrasher, Yvonne E 24
Patterson, Elbert Wilmoth Thruston, Geraldine Ellen 432
Atkins, James Cyril Tice, Eudora Mae 233
Davidson, Floyd Ellis Tiedemann, Mildred Evelyn 537
Dillman, Robert A Timmons, LaVerne J 312
Darrell, Laurence P Timms, Lois M 556
Prior, Irvie Leo Tobin, Marie Emily 513
Ryerson, Laurence A Todd, Olivia 197
Wood, Thomas H Tompkins, Helen 523
Smalley, Villa Valjean Tompkins, Joyce 223
Nelson, Charles Fred Tompkins, Loretta Rose 70
Leonard, William D Tomseth, Edith L 244
Meyer, Vernon Leo Totten, Helen May Jamison 575
Murray, Lue B Towner, Gerogia M 526
Hager, Rufus Morgan Townsend, Vivian Lenore 371
Cook, William Herbert Tracer, Lucille Mary 465
Roberts, Dale Maurice Tricker, Corinne Ellen 514
Nelson, William F Trumbly, Clara M 311
Tessman, Curtis Leroy Tucker, Maxine Isobel 208
Rhoades, Richard L Turner, Betty 191
Matthews, Ezra Cecil Turner, Dorothy Pearl 65
Schaff, Joseph A Turner, Elsie Margaret 117
Clark, Ronald Turner, Ruby 591
Eller, John Edward Twedt, Helen Annette 545
Bowdoin, Joseph A Tyrrell, Margaret Arlene 112
Gray, Howard Andrew Tyrrell, Marian LeVon 529
Johnson, William M (Cpl) Unruh, Naomi 411
Galbraith, Harry Arthur Valentine, Lulu Dell 11
Carrier, Daniel VanHorn, Margueretta Lavinia 135
Daubert, Alex (Pfc) VanNahmen, Martha Elizabeth 422
Williams, Pat VanOrtwick, Freda 41
McCarty, Aurbin Thomas Vaughan, Ava Violet 394
Bibby, John C Vaughn, Leora 321
Kaul, Emmet Edward (Pvt) Venice, Kathryn 428
Morey, Galen Chester Vincent, Pauline Mae 121
Gartland, Edward Joseph Vonada, Helen Eva 248
Wilcox, Lester A Jr Vroman, Joan 590
Alexander, Boyd Allen Vroman, Pauline Lorina 292
Lamb, Robert Wade, Helen 42
Hatfield, Sam Clifford Walch, Catherine 494
Buck, Eugene Edwin Walden, Charlotte Lucille 64
Crapsey, George B Walker, Anna Mae 155
Garrels, William Charles Walker, Betty Marie 525
Hanscom, Albert Ruben Walker, Grace Adeline 190
Fairbanks, James A Walker, Marilynn 229
Poyer, Marvin Alvin Walker, Mary Elizabeth 50
Knapp, James Verden Wall, Anna Ellen 104
Miller, Rowland L Jr Wall, Frances I 598
Trzil, Daniel Wallace, Doris Ellen 174
Holman, Edward Francis Walseth, Marilyn Rosalie 463
Grant, Donald L Walsh, Rose Mary 487
Boyle, James Joseph Walters, Elizabeth Lee 433
Royse, Frederick Edwin Walters, Helen Westway 126
Hicks, Walter Dean Waltz, Anne Marie 99
Young, Henry Horace Warnken, Ruth Lillian 425
Daniels, Fred Rolland Warren, Zepha May 349
Redfern, Walter Wilbur Warwick, Velda Elizabeth 284
Spayde, Joseph Everett Watson, Ella Josephine 200
Owen, George Reid Watson, Evelyn Jessie 548
Clark, Otha Warren Webb, Elva Edith 289
Stout, Ray Miller Webb, Lois 387
Clark, Elwood Luther Webster, Ileen Maud 126
Lindsay, Arch Bert Weeks, Georgia Lee 87
Elliott, James A Wegner, Lilamae 38
Goldsmith, Irving Marvin Weinberger, Rosalyn Carol 442
Payne, Guy E Welburn, Doris Agnes 184
Cox, Wesley W Wenker, Doris E 283
Jones, Delbert E Wenner, Geraldine Valeria 364
Hess, Parker Thomas Wenner, Gertrude G 35
Milton, Robert Homer (Pvt) Wergedahl, Beatrice Jane 454
Pruitt, Royce Wertz, Clara 86
Hill, Otis Hiram Wertz, Roberta Marie 414
Schumaker, Ray Julius Westerman, Dorothy Bernice 424
Butler, Edward Norman Westfall, Emma Mary 115
Weide, Russell Graves Westlake, Edith 457
Weiss, Linford Eschbach Westrup, Elaine 462
Hammett, Leslie Elmer Wetterer, Margaret Louise 31
Deranleau, Wilford E Wetzler, Helen M 542
Wise, Lloyd R Weygandt, Thelda Mae 530
Vannice, John M Wheeler, Agnes Emma 193
Bowman, William B Wheeler, Caroline Fay 539
Jackson, Harold Wheeler, Virginia Iva 552
Donoff, Jules Joseph Whetsel, Bette June 389
Jordan, Clarence Hamilton Whillock, Martha Lucretia Bateman 260
Dinsmore, Ralph Owen White, Bernice Alice 171
Wood, Harold Mart White, Betty Lou 484
Clark, Nolan Ray White, Isabelle Delores 353
Fleming, Oscar Robert White, June Carol 120
Grannis, Frank M White, Lillian E 86
Reed, William Graham White, Lois Lucille 146
Floyd, George Wyatt (Lt) Whitehead, Eldred Leona 488
Valentine, Henry Adolph Widmer, Anne Christina 2
Fort, Prather Widner, Margaret 401
Caldwell, Austin Edward Wier, Alma Phyllis 247
Wilson, Robert M (Lt) Wilcox, Rita P 518
Small, Havard B Wilde, Hattie L 573
StArnold, Gail J Wilder, Audrey E 55
Pray, Lee Elmer Wiley, Bernice Constance 481
Musser, Lee Daniel Williams, Augusta Daisy 220
Lathrop, James R Williams, Carolyn Joy 187
Bonner, James M Williams, Cora Louise 593
Davis, Esther May Williams, Floyd Shannon 163
Faber, George Newell Williams, Hazel Viola 338
Ulrich, Charles M (Pvt) Williams, Imogene Ellen 436
LeAnce, Harold Williams, LaVonne 574
Trask, Floyd Williamson, Juanita 536
Senkovich, Steven S Wilson, Elizabeth Laurel 270
Yakel, John Wilson, Gayle Estelle 370
Ryder, Glenn William Wilson, Naomi Elaine 257
Morris, Richard L Wilson, Norma Nadine 531
McIntire, James Roy Wilson, Thelma Lenore 511
Stinson, Richard G Winkler, Evelyn F 269
Thompson, Paul Creighton Winn, Myrtle Mozell 445
Smith, Ira Vern Winningham, Evelin Mae 170
Pelton, Lester A Wise, Marcella 232
McDonald, Wilfred Alexander Wolfe, Emily Mildred 360
Thurston, Ben Edward Wolgamott, Ruby May 127
Fletcher, Rodney E Woods, Mary Elizabeth 81
Barnett, Paul Edward Woodward, Wilda Virginia 289
Fretwell, Willard Franklin Wooldridge, Arlene June 491
Ensele, Kenneth W Work, Doris M 29
Denman, Walter C (Lt) Worsley, Helen M 333
Harris, Archie O Wright, Eleanor J 155
Mims, Tom H Wright, Mildred Mary 360
Rycraft, John Warren Wright, Verna Jean 136
Fairchild, Thomas Hector Wyant, Wanda Aliene 70
Comer, Ernest Wylie, Fannie 412
Young, Harvie Edmond Wynd, Gertrude Louise 49
Gisbrecht, Edmund Wyndearo, Estelle L 374
Coombs, Francis Place Wyness, Alice Burgess 501
Knight, Earl Anthony Yocam, Bertha Gay 405
Zash, Joseph Peter Youmans, Grace Mildred Florabell 477
Miller, Joseph Robert Young, Earlene Loraine 288
Young, Elbert Ray Young, Lena 130
Boetcher, Edward William Yungfer, Mae Alice 452
Pilisek, Theodore Laddie Zajicek, Bernice May 571
Mohr, Jordan L Zeichner, Phyllis Rhona 304
McLain, Raymond Clair Zeiger, Betty 295