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Jackson County Marriage Book #21 Indexed by Bride's Name

Old Photo of Wedding Couple

RVGS volunteers have photographed and indexed the marriage record books housed in the Jackson County, Oregon courthouse. Below is our index to Marriage Book #21 for 1943-1944. It is in alphabetic order by the bride's name. This book used preprinted forms completed by the county clerk. Each page in this book contains the certificates for a single couple and includes both the marriage license and certificate (assuming the license was acted upon).

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Marriage Certificate
How to order:
Names of bride and groom

Groom Bride Page
Walkowski, John Joseph Abshagen, Julia Marie 186
Neilson, Clayton Fredrick Acker, Agnes A 489
Jimenez, Rosendo G Acosta, Inez 401
Jeffrey, Edward R Adair, Eleanor 332
Thommessen, Edward F Agnew, Eleanor Marie 254
Strosnider, David Agostini, Ida Minnie 120
Wilson, Roy Ainsworth, Rose Lee 487
Riessen, Nicholas E Albrecht, Laura D 262
Hedgpeth, Kenneth W Alger, Emily May 269
Fagan, Edward Ervin Allen, Alice Maud 565
Wootan, Jerry D Allen, Florence C 577
Zurilgen, Albert Frederick Jr Allen, Maxine 39
Petty, L J Amador, Laura A 425
Johnson, Joseph Alan Anderson, Blanche Elizabeth 468
DeGraff, Duwayne Anderson, Elizabeth May 291
Matheson, Elmer Anderson, Inez Odessa 270
Strand, Millard Carol Anderson, Myrtle Lorraine 197
Miller, Sterling Clyde Anderson, Nina Roberta 379
Hamilton, Walter Eben Anderson, Rosalee 281
Schauer, Karl Andrews, Constance B 352
Parks, Theodore Roosevelt Andrews, Helen Marie 410
Gravett, Ivy Leonard Andrews, Kathryn 71
Perkins, Earl C Antis, Viola Mae 242
Mills, Ralph William Applegate, Oneita May 208
Bezoff, Jack L Arnett, Genive 589
Cook, Herbert William Aubrey, Malinda M 276
Williams, Raymond Clarence Austin, Margaret Jean 553
Korslund, Arnold M Autry, Willie 198
Peterson, William Lyle Avery, Mary Jean 8
Meredith, Henry James Ayres, Rose Winifred 371
Rice, Chester D Babbitt, Louise Dorothy 354
Zander, Edward J Bagley, Betty J 330
Grimes, Elmo DeLos Bailey, Alice LaVerne 163
Lubbers, J D Junior Bailey, Mary Rose 279
Baker, George W Jr Baker, Clover Josie 492
Terrill, William Ralph Baker, Sarah Frances 423
Hesse, Harvey W Bakken, Lorraine Willetta 236
Rusho, Charles Lee Balderstone, Beulah Vaughn 177
Woodrich, Adolph Barker, Lulu 544
Helmen, John Barnes, Clara Myrtle 297
Jones, Thomas Grant Barnes, Rose Alice 569
Tomeo, Carol Anthony Jr Barnett, Leta Mae 37
Miller, Gordon Eugene Barnthouse, Margarette M 443
Logan, George Bernard Barnwell, Colleen Maureen 355
Kellogg, Joseph E Barton, Joanne L 593
Graber, Gerald Lynn Bassett, Marietha Irene 180
Melanson, Frederick Baudreau, Stella Mary 21
Terhune, Albert Horace Bauersfeld, Marguerite Anne 78
Childers, John William Baylor, Lida May 551
Berglund, Robert John Bazata, Mildred Josephine 53
Thomas, Robert Eugene Beck, Jean Marie 505
Mehan, Lewis Coolidge Beckett, Eula Marie 538
Jones, William H Belcher, Dora Ethel 263
Krieger, Robert D Belcher, Lois Arlene 431
Teninty, Eldores Vensin Bell, Betty Jean 227
Armstrong, Claude M Bell, Eleanor M 405
Hutchinson, William John Bell, Jacqueline Marchon 341
Gardner, Robert Hugh Bell, Mary Frances 442
Seemeyer, Charles L Belzer, Anna Mae 159
Balla, Earl Edward Benes, Phyllis Carol 101
Shuster, Don B (Cap) Benner, Helen Marie 389
Messer, Philip Theodore Bennett, Dorris Helen 438
Winn, William Allison Bennett, Florence Ruby 438
Sivia, Alfred Betts, Mary Lois 501
Lange, Harold Kenneth Beym, Helen Valeria 88
Claver, Milton John Bialkowski, Evelyn V 549
Rogers, August John Bieschke, Gloria Ann 321
Kolter, James Paul (Sgt) Bigaouette, Mary Catherine 380
Lamb, Kenneth Peart Bishop, Janet Beverly 62
Hamilton, John Shelby Blazer, Patricia 583
McKale, LeRoy Dale Blood, Ila May 483
McGill, James H Bloomfield, Gloria 397
Willems, John Carol Bodary, Margaret Florence 435
Berriman, Job Britton Bogart, Jessie M 346
Sinderman, Erven Bernard Bohanan, Bessie Irene 502
Persch, William Joseph Boley, Kathryn C 112
Ames, William Azel Bottom, Nadine Marie 310
Nelson, Raymond O Bouska, Dolores L 522
Brown, Kyle Bowman, Gladys M 33
Openshaw, Samuel Smith Boyd, Faye Davis 261
Long, Dunphy T Boyles, Iva Jane 542
Nolan, David Gerard Brane, Mabel LaVone 160
Iverson, Clifford Charles Breazeale, Alda Veneta 338
Steinbeck, Wayne Frederic Brelsford, Mavis Lorraine 377
Lyons, Howard Brenton, Bessie Lena 141
Meehan, John Francis (Pvt) Brereton, Beatrice Mary 28
Shipp, John L Brewer, Evelyn 314
Gates, William H Brewold, Edna A 234
Leonard, Irwin Eugene Brinker, Lorraine Ruth 365
Magness, Morgan Roe Brittsan, Arla A 202
Schuchard, Richard Antle Brobert, Frances Marie 477
Drewyour, Norman L Brock, Avalene 501
Smith, Oliver S Brockway, Evelyn 152
Buksyk, Norman William Brodzinski, Mary Loretta 50
Blum, Leo Bromberg, Sue 432
Savageau, Ernest J Jr Brooks, Ethel Gene 287
Trahan, Paul Brown, Dixie Mary 97
McMurray, Lysle Ellwood Brown, Edith Vonetta 549
Cohea, Jesse Lawrence Jr Brown, June Marie 220
Harrison, Wesley Brown, Lavona E 432
McPherson, Roscoe Martin Brown, Virginia A 520
Chappell, Louis Edgar Browning, Virginia Nellie 504
Vogelpohl, Norman E Brust, Patricia Lee 244
Bratton, Dailey E Bryan, Ida Marie 135
House, Earl Lloyd Bryant, Annis 103
Dillinger, Joseph M Buchholz, Viola 158
Watson, Edward Lee Buchter, Joanne Rose 343
Thaler, Vrn Hill Buckner, Shirley Ann 319
Wood, Harvey Walker Buddi, Ann Cathrine 573
Turchetta, Arthur C (Sgt) Buford, Betty Jane 579
Belknap, Benjamin Homan Bunch, Florence Geraldine 363
Westerberg, Hjalmar Richard Jr Bunnell, Elizabeth Ann 578
Swall, Ross Forrest Buonocore, Beatrice Dorothea 184
Manzer, Bernard A Burket, Dorothy 21
Sommers, Donald John Burns, Margene Georgian 399
Warnke, Allen John Burns, Ruth Mary 422
Bieghler, John Charles Burreson, Helen Margaret 177
Ackenheil, George O Bush, Verna Marie 453
Dennis, George E Bushnell, Betty Irene 251
Wire, Walter E Bussard, Sedonia Merie 267
Figgie, Orie Harvey Butcher, Bessie A 574
Stucky, Samuel Basil Butler, Doris Elaine 136
Long, Carl C Cady, Ouida Lee 428
Katsampes, Thomas E Callahan, LaVera 447
Clementz, Philip J Campbell, Mary Alice 27
Dolby, William A Campbell, Phyllis Odette 461
French, James Richard Campbell, Theadora Helen 571
Kenealy, James Anthony Cangelosi, Mabel Frances 484
Morley, Thomas Leo Cannistraro, Marie Louise 69
Hughes, Robert Joseph Capeloto, Eleanor Dora 87
Meaux, Robert Linward Cappadonna, Mary 304
Tolleson, Hubert Joseph Capps, LaVerne 106
McElvany, Robert M Cardin, Bertha Mae 128
Lammers, Clarence William Carey, Mary Alice 16
Haug, Chester W Carlberg, Ruth 111
Arnold, James Edwin Carlson, Elsie Maria 582
Whitaker, William Garold Carpenter, Helen M 521
Ray, George C Carroll, Jane E 368
Prior, Obie E Carruth, Vollie Jean 320
Burns, Francis A Cartwright, Ann C 461
Purdy, Victor Hal Carver, Marion Lois 157
Slade, Eugene F Cary, Alice Jane 440
Garris, Joseph W Casad, Dorothy Jean 416
Oliver, Joseph Cassinelli, Phoebe Emmeline 130
LaBanco, Sam Castaldo, Rachel Ann 63
Robertson, Olaf B Cates, Evelyn Margaret 333
Riseley, Ralph A Cavanaugh, Lena E 478
Milos, Patrick Theodore Chaffin, Juanita 59
Shields, George Edward Chamberlain, Jane 490
Lubbock, John Luther Chandler, Eva Lilly 18
Thompson, Gilbert B Chandler, Jessie Katherine 482
Walker, John B Chapman, Betty Jane 124
Pokrzewinski, Edward Alex Chaptman, Patricia Mae 456
Guerra, Ricardo Valle Charles, Stella Valdez 406
Seffinger, Ben Chatfield, Madelene Veronica 486
Spaulding, George Arthur Cherney, Beulah Victoria 72
Kreil, Willy Paul Cherryholmes, Anelda Fern 3
Boeldt, Kenneth F Chester, Phyllis A 340
Merriken, Harry Franklin Childers, Flora I 229
Davidson, John E Childs, Helen B 109
Thomas, William Ray Chirgwin, Helen Mary 593
Ruzek, Carl A Chmelik, Stella Ann 70
Ballard, Oliver Howard Jr Chopic, Marguerite Louise 310
Jones, Samuel Thomas Christensen, Evalyn Kristine 415
Anderson, Clarence Lynn Christiansen, Harriet Esther 105
Isensee, Robert W Cingcade, Elizabeth F 597
Barkhoff, Fred Clapp, Ann Joan 129
Whetstone, Percy Everett Clark, Eunice 278
Jones, Walter Roger Clark, Nancy Lyon 470
Chamness, James Lowell Clark, Ruby Pearl 464
Reid, George (Sgt) Clark, Winifred Nell 73
Green, Ralph B Clemenson, Camille C 528
Miller, Albert W Clifton, Eugenia O 189
Jordan, Virgil D Cobb, Anna Adell 470
Erickson, Raymond C Cochrane, Dorothy Lucille 250
True, Bernard K Coleman, Ada B 316
Beucler, Hollis Floyd Coleman, Evelyn Leona 24
Phillips, James A Colgrove, Margie Fay 581
Ray, George Leonard Collins, Bettymae 240
Butcher, John Edward Collins, Made Marie 518
Poppe, Clarence E Comstock, Hallie Jean 317
Straus, Stanley D Conley, Evelyn Elizabeth 360
Brown, Harold Richard Conner, Pauline June 372
Rogers, Charles H Conner, Verna 450
Jones, William A Conrad, Emma June 117
Meeker, Frank O Jr Conrad, Mildred Marie 239
Williams, Cabe Basil Cook, Jessie Mae 494
Noble, James B Cook, Marie 278
Caton, Kenneth W Cook, Maxine 252
Cook, Wallace E Cook, Shirley Marie 585
Frazier, Robert T Cord, Marjorie Faye 388
Sekarski, Joseph John Cordes, Lorraine Marie 187
Benjamin, Nicholas Chester Corum, Peggy Pauline Hess 422
Bowman, Earl M Cottam, Audrey Laura 110
Piper, James C Couch, Mildred Jane 484
Reece, Marion A Coughlin, Marion Elizabeth 171
Backes, George B Coulter, Letha Grace 589
Wright, Robert Charles Cowan, Hazel May 521
Ingram, Lawrence W Cox, Norma Lenora 43
Wallace, Otis Delbert Crane, Wilma R 433
Quale, Fred E Crary, Helen 591
Almond, Samuel Thomas Crawford, Joan May 534
Troutfether, Richard Crippen, Ellen Berless 598
Perkins, Capalin Loomis Croft, Lucile 49
Krause, Norbert Carl Crosby, Shirley Eileen 392
Patheal, Lester Wilford Crow, Patricia Victoria 458
Crowell, James Richard Crowell, Viola Grace 168
Hockett, Harold J Crump, Donna Rae 575
Lewis, Wilmer L Culley, Blanche Marie 230
Lewis, Samuel F Culp, Margaret Elvina 236
Taylor, George Albert Culpepper, Iva Jean 346
Thornhill, Theodore Thomas Cunha, Pauline Frances 55
Hatch, Arthur L Curtis, Doris G 416
Friend, William Dale Jr Curtis, Effie Marie 337
Bergstrom, Harvey Nelson Curtis, Josephine Margaret 149
Gray, Woodrow Wilson Cuthbertson, Patricia 219
Smith, Bernard R Dailey, Claris W 44
Dale, Joseph S Dale, Juanita A 104
D'Alessio, Gennaro Damora, Helen R 572
Davidson, Walter S Davidson, Cleo 387
Eck, Edward H Davis, Betty G 168
Porter, Wilbur Lester Davis, Cassie Elizabeth 447
Smith, Lee Roy Davis, Darlene Marie 231
Pugh, Robert Davis, Ellen 337
Iler, Charles A Davis, Emma 377
Wheeler, Roy J Davis, Nelle 255
Age, Willis Raymond Davis, Rosella May 575
Potter, Edward Robert Dawes, Meryl Joy 284
Krieger, LeRoy V Dean, Everal Colleen 390
Ghering, Kenneth M Deaton, Dorothy 170
Gregory, Farris Melton Debo, Myrtle Jane 121
Fink, Earl A Decker, Delilah J 199
Lynch, Edward Francis Deeter, Ethel Alice 374
Bailey, William P DeHaven, Alice 254
Kerekes, Ernest J Deivert, Faith Maxine 555
Smith, Clifford Cleven DeLuca, Virginia Louise 275
Sanders, Samuel Louis Demarest, Dorothy May 420
Belles, Lester R Derr, Miriam M 143
Demarais, Homer A (Pfc) Dessellier, Rosalie A 152
Spracklen, George Emile Deutschman, Jeanette Elaine 228
Marshall, William R DeVerne, Vivian Nannette 381
Akins, Jerrold Wayne Devilbiss, Ila Grace 331
Olson, Robert Leo (Cpl) deVisser, Marie Johanna 174
Cavitt, Sheridan W DeVoe, Mary Elizabeth 39
Wegener, William Henry DeWanz, Helen Clara 414
Critchfield, Kenneth Howard Dickinson, Theda Elloene 354
Mihalovich, Joseph E Dietrich, Eleanore 169
Geren, Donald Dippel, Mary Patricia 597
Dunn, Howard Wilson Dodge, Ida Bell 445
Benson, John A Dodson, Kathryn Eleanor 326
Kosmos, Carl Dolnick, Molly 233
Dickinson, John Morris Donaldson, Edith Kathryn 1
Schritt, Charles Herbert Donnelly, Gertie Ethel 494
Rouse, James Grant Dooms, Ruth Barbara 205
Hutchins, Grant Hale Dougherty, Betty Jean 157
Coombs, William L Dougherty, Vera Ethel 14
Taylor, Robert H Doughty, Opal M 247
Nelson, Robert Thorson Douglas, Elene Lillie 509
Brakken, Balvin Julian Douglass, Mary Kathleen 347
Wolgamot, David E Doxsee, Ella E 312
Stewart, Fred Chancey Dozier, Shirley May 154
Bradford, John Ray (Pvt) Drake, Lois Irene 308
Hoover, Donald Wayne Drinkwater, Myrtle V 590
Frank, Neal H Drolette, Alfreda May 14
Myers, Jerome Francis Drysdale, Gladys Jeanette 302
Drell, Stanley Duke, Rosalie 559
Gustafson, Gustav Helmer Duncan, Dorothea Mary 350
Mavrakis, Peter Duncanson, Marilyn Dorothy 407
Dunlap, Howard Dunlap, Viola Sylvia 532
Stacey, William Beville Dunn, Betty Jean 356
Meier, William Robert Durkee, Mayme Lorraine 67
Call, Jesse Franklin Dusek, Louise 336
Barrett, Joseph E Dusenberry, M Regina 353
Bohac, Irwin E Dye, Dolores Charlotte 519
Turley, Lemuel Dale Dye, Maudlene 114
Mann, Laddie D Dyer, Edna Mae 539
Casserly, Norman R Dyker, Joan M 560
Peters, Maurice G Easley, Annie Almedia 103
Strang, Charles Virgil Ebinger, Helen Mae 408
Williamson, Thairl Eddy, Otherine 217
Wright, Alva Aaron Edler, Joan Celia 536
Holman, Henry Taylor Edmonds, Thelma Geraldine 356
Zimmerlee, Dallis H Edmondson, Iona Mae 322
Hytla, Adam Edwards, Betty 472
Chappell, Frank C Edwards, Frances Anita 11
Brown, Robert Pelton Egelston, Lois Ruth 361
Schuckert, Joseph Francis Ehlers, Ruth Marion 86
Reimer, Henry Carl Eichten, Cecelia Barbara 191
Ponder, Tommy Roy Eickert, Aldora 165
Face, Edward Vernon Eldridge, Edna Travel 382
Hester, George C Elias, Freda B 56
Foster, Warren B Elkins, Bernice 423
Elliott, George N Elliott, Ruth 530
Tannehill, Lindsey Alvin Ellwinger, Marjorie Mae 588
Helvey, Eugene Elrod, Zelma Lorrene 443
Peterson, Monrad Jerry Erickson, Marian Eleanor 150
Giffin, George M Eshelman, Charlotte 526
Caldwell, David K Eshilian, Mary 348
Durdy, Gordon Clark Evans, Myrtle 288
Stewart, Raymond Henry Evory, Grace Muriel 61
Wasielewski, Jerome Ewald, Frances Helen 96
York, James H Ewan, Lillie Blanche 542
Cullen, Phillip B Fagan, Mary Irene 218
Magee, Harry Elmer Falk, Leona Mae 515
Hughes, Ralph Jennings Falmer, Ida Kathryn 94
Dadovich, John Farber, Miriam 523
Cooke, Charles R Farley, Evelyn Mary 455
Feinman, Maxwell H (Lt) Fay, Justine L 1
Hoffman, Reuben F Feil, Gladys Marian 224
Cooper, Clarence William Fenton, Josephine Elmyra 487
Gasdeck, James George Ferguson, Iris Mae 214
Hammond, Cecil James Fields, Dorothy Madelyn 273
Glass, John S Fields, Helen Viola 325
Mansfield, Ross Julian Filson, Maud Ann 359
Williams, Horace L Findlay, Marian Lenore 309
Spieker, Allen Willis Finger, Matilda M 154
Houston, William Milton Finley, Margaret Alene 405
Fieguth, Dale Dean (Pvt) Firestone, Nancy Mae 357
Hamer, Orville Clyde Fischer, Helen May 116
Lennon, Edward J Fishback, Flora A 418
Edens, Enos D Fisk, Mary J 488
Smith, Henry Ambrose Flynn, Lois Elizabeth 7
Augusta, Jerry Foltz, Helen Freda 372
Schlankey, Sam Jr Ford, Lois Catherine 290
Rinker, George E Forster, Phyllis R 287
Knox, Fred James Foster, Mae Gertrude 149
Root, Robert Whipple Fowler, Betty Jean 491
Fedot, Valentine Francis France, Laura Lillian 552
Licht, Franklin France, Muriel Virginia 435
Sawyer, Dale Franklin, Eleanor Merrill 526
Maplesden, Lewis Daniel Jr Franklin, Patricia Jean 142
Drew, Robert Wilbur French, Margret Laura 11
McDonald, Floyd Alvin Frenzi, Daisy Ann 15
Bauer, Arichard A Freundt, Edna Louise 406
Campbell, Thomas A Frey, Flora 217
Severson, Andrew Gustav Frick, Elizabeth N 547
Broyles, Walter Frideger, Katie Sitton 550
Hart, Julian Friedman, Mildred 417
Imhausen, Maurice Eugene Friend, Marjorie Jean 266
Hopkins, David Samuel Fuary, Pansy Lorine 284
Peck, Homer E Gabrielli, Charlotte Eliza 398
Santos, Daniel Gonsalves Gaggero, Mary Lorraine 43
Volpe, Manuel A Gambino, Rose M 98
Larson, Ole Sam Gammelgaard, Kristine Martine 412
Cope, Eugene E Gantz, Ruby A 513
Maifeld, Orvil Lee Garrett, Clema Elzina 167
Hasson, Wilson Garrison, Linda Lee 99
Hoeppner, Joseph George Garvey, Anna Marie 190
Hosick, Joseph R Garvin, Virginia Mary 262
Smith, Paul Edward Gates, Mary Anne 390
Jones, Clyde R Gay, Betty 246
Kosar, Felix Adam Gazdziak, Nellie Verna 86
Welsh, Donald M Gehman, Jessie L 169
Cardin, William Luther Geiger, Joyce Evelyn 455
Sullivan, Claude L Gemar, Victoria 26
Zabriskie, Shirley Lowell Gentner, Laura Beatrice 80
Hanna, Robert Geore, Joyce B 307
White, Lester H Gerard, Celestial Gertrude 247
Thomas, Barclay Leon Gianaclis, Katherine 578
McCovey, Harry Gibbens, Ruthie Maxine 536
Kneesel, Joseph E Gillespie, Leone Janet 460
Gaddis, John C Gilman, Jacqueline M 89
Harris, Elmer Lee Gilmore, Mary Margaret 12
Mitchell, Edwin Gilmore, Verna Marie 263
Scanlan, Elmer B Ginther, Lois U 449
Girard, Herbert Frances Giselman, Helen Irene 163
Moore, James Morgan Gisler, Rhoda Bell 183
Wallis, Roland Joseph Glasser, Hazel V 402
Namitz, Vern Jim Gleason, Inez Mae 80
Bennett, Edward Carl Jr Gleaves, Darlene Kathryn 496
Croft, Alex James Glenn, Jewell Dorothy 155
Monson, Maurice L Glover, Dorothy 581
Bassett, Carl L Gnau, Rose Marie 493
Offenbacher, Charles LeRoy Godward, Dorland Arlene 524
Bachert, Glen Earl Goff, Flora McMahan 567
Holbrook, Lonzo Gooding, Virginia Lee 503
Kosak, Steve G Goodrow, Celia E 457
Persky, Bernard Gordon, Mary Miles 465
Watson, Leason K Gott, Isabelle M 13
Porter, Frederick A Grabner, Elaine Mary 184
Getchell, Robert John Grafton, Lois Frances 462
Sheller, Gaylord Ellsworth Grannan, Mary L 466
Brandt, Edmund Ross Gray, Theda Eileen 574
Browning, William M Greeley, Helen Marjorie 376
Cooper, Virgil Greene, Barbara Jean 90
Schmidt, Frank Gregory, Esther 363
Kaltenbach, Hubert Ray Grier, Phyllis Grace 425
Young, Raymond A Griffin, Donna F 467
Shaw, Aaron Griffin, Verla M 331
Doeding, Donald A Grigg, Juanita Faye 353
Quammen, Byron S Grinols, Winifred 75
Householder, Wesley Grissom, Joyce 193
Wray, William F Groeger, Marjorie M 463
Simonton, William F Gross, Eileen M 375
Moore, Melvin Ira Groth, Katherine Marie 511
Mancil, John D Grow, Bessie Blanche 321
Ruedy, Willard R (Pvt) Gruenwald, Gladys D 162
Kearns, Martin V Gunsten, Lillian 172
Guthrie, Lee Guthrie, Mary Jane 235
Skudas, Joseph T Haber, Dorothy Jane 379
Barnes, W J Hadden, Mabel Odelia 293
Whitehouse, Vernon E Haehlen, Jeanne Marian 385
Morris, Ray Kenneth (Sgt) Hagen, Dolores Edwina 66
Gilbert, John Alfred Hagen, Helen Elizabeth 90
Lamb, Homer T Hahn, Martha Ellen (Mrs) 231
Morris, Robert C Jr Halasi, Ann 557
Richardson, Delmar William Hale, Frances Ann 383
Diuguid, James C Hale, Ruth Edra 368
McKinney, Lynn Wicken Hall, Augusta Caroline 373
Vullo, Samuel Francis Hall, Frances E 450
Noble, James B Hamaker, Grace V 38
Barton, Harley Asher Hamann, Martha Marie 181
Reed, Donald Edwin Hamilton, Adeline 434
Jenson, Rex D Hammond, Della Gene 5
Landrum, J D Hance, Agnes Dolores 479
Davenport, Jace Vernon Hancock, Helen Louise 95
Redinbaugh, William Edward Handley, Juanita Marie 444
Dunivent, William Leroy Hanscam, Linnie Sarah 344
Miller, Lawrence F Hanseth, Holly 586
Zimmerman, George Henry Hanson, Anna Louise 506
Galbraith, William Shaw Hanson, Esther Bertha 419
Cropper, Paul Eugene Hardin, Georgia D 336
Roome, Joseph Franklin Hardinger, Doris Gay 95
Brewer, Albert L Hare, Agnes Cela 277
Martin, Lorne Irwin Harker, Alice Edith 507
Bresnan, George F Harp, Dixie F 410
Epling, Clarence Jane Harrington, Elaine Lois 122
Jones, Paul Bruce Harris, Elgava Arlette 537
Quigley, Victor Diamond Harris, Faye Elizabeth 164
Moore, Stephen A Harrold, Mary Lenora 186
Lyon, Earl B Hart, Juanita Dorothy 98
Hawkins, Lloyd Curtis Hart, Margaret Emma 478
Kunz, Howard R Hartman, Verna Viola 317
Bowen, Sam J Harwell, Juanita 328
Anderson, Orbery W Harwell, Melba F 160
Wilmot, Roy Henry Haskins, Elizabeth Beulah 219
Hassett, James Howard Hassett, Mildred Helen 522
Wicken, Alvin B Hassinger, Florine Eleanor 215
Thompson, Irvin H Hattenbach, Lila White 258
Thomas, Jesse Edgar Havird, Ella Beth Smith 386
Ryall, Theodore L Haw, Willetta C 344
Douglas, Francis Hawgood, Marjorie Christine 442
McMillan, Hugh R Hayden, Elmore 441
Ehrman, William F Hayes, Dorothy J 592
Lindmeyer, Hilarius Benedict Hayes, Vernona Irene 214
Lake, William Roller (Pfc) Hays, Barbara Steffen 74
Inman, Elmer Amos Healy, Nelle Kirk 118
Nelson, Samuel A Heap, Hilda Bertha Florence 430
Shock, Ryland Hearn, Leila Marie 225
Adams, Henry LeVake Heath, Nancy Jean 2
Frunz, John Junior Hedberg, Helen Marion 371
Whitaker, Philip D Hedges, Ruth Louise 594
Kern, Franklin Moore Heffner, Florence Roverta 6
Wenzel, Harry Alvord Heim, Helen June 516
Lang, George M Heinke, Gertrude Martha 548
Lang, William Francis Heldt, Lola Jean 134
Audia, Frank Hemsworth, Violet Waunita 58
Gladish, Lawrence W Henderson, Pauline 26
Forgus, Elwood Henry Hendricks, Mary Gean 298
Wadsworth, Durant Hendrickson, Dorthella Vie 309
Coulter, Allen C Henry, Betty Eileen 238
Day, Bill Harmon Henry, Margaret Louise 176
Frint, Coy D Henry, Maxine 421
Caffey, Clyde Donnelle Henselman, Barbara Joan 93
Lawton, Boyd Aldo Herbert, Ruth Lyle 288
Thorimbert, John Francois Herman, Betty Mae 102
Moran, Virgilio M Hernandez, Rebecca Morales 513
Collins, Sammie J Herrera, Frances 124
Jacobs, William Herrmann, Nina May 17
Smith, Donald Lee Hiatt, Gladys Lenora 361
Welch, Daniel O Hiatt, Lilly Olivia 499
Samson, Charles L Hickerson, Nada 460
Coy, Rex Joseph Hilkey, Marjorie Clara 556
Moyer, Donald Norman Hilton, Marcelle Rose 520
Trautman, John Hilton, Rachel K 577
Pearcy, George Himes, Elizabeth Catherine 312
Claflin, Ellis Duane Hindes, Lois Lucille 515
Koehn, Ervin H Hinrichs, Elizabeth 327
DeVolder, Joe Morris Hirschberger, CharlotteElizabeth 57
Smith, Walter B Hite, Georgia Rose 315
Geiss, Arthur R Hoagland, Mildred E 358
Novak, George Virgil Jr Hochrein, Joyce Lavera 398
Ruozi, Gilbert Hoefft, Edith Loueen 327
McCowan, James Hogg, Janet 378
McEnaney, Pete J Hogne, Lois Do 496
Huber, George Jacob Holland, Mary Lucy 531
Alspaugh, Robert E Jr Hollands, Marjorie Cleo 514
Gibbs, James Walter Hollingsworth, Helen Ruth 471
Leverette, Walter Harrison Hollister, Evelyn G 259
Broumley, William C Holloway, Georgianne 94
Harshbarger, John Junior Holman, Patricia Marie 595
Megahee, Buford Vasco Holt, Alethia Monterey 427
McCoy, Charles E Hoodenpyle, Catherine Leora 580
Davis, Marshall A (T/3) Hoopes, Carolyn L (Pvt) 530
Regnani, Silvio Domonic Hornbeck, Dorothy Jean 311
Duvall, George C Houser, Hazel T 44
Minnis, James McCay Houston, Emma Jean 583
Piersal, Meridth (Col) Hovda, Jennie Margaret 221
Kast, Frank Allen Howard, Bette Ellen 385
Cummins, Loren Howard, Ruth E 192
Rankin, Robert E Howell, Gladys G 430
Chase, Richard H Howell, Wanda Elnor 452
Johnson, Herbert M (Cpl) Hrtanek, Mary 286
Littman, Karl William Hubner, Joan Marie 50
Bertrand, John Henry Huddle, Minnie Lavern 349
Bedell, William Henry Hudek, Helen M 107
Danner, Rex Webb Hueners, Katherine Lorraine 96
Hill, David Huffman, Katie 218
Nellis, Clarence Lorn Hufford, Frances Lee 77
Squires, Ernest Gilbert Hughes, Betty Eldean 300
Lewis, Thomas S Humphries, Ruth 445
Hayes, John William Hunsaker, Margaret Mary 65
Rowe, Raymond H Hunter, Mary Kathleen 196
Bergo, Andrew H Hupp, Gladys Nan 554
Thompson, Philip E Hurd, Janet Lucille 323
Ferguson, Dan J Hurd, Ruth Virginia 328
Thompson, Albert Cobb Huston, Leona May 532
Hutchins, Enoth Golden Hutchens, Alzada Ruth 276
Sorensen, Earl C Iannariello, Eleanor G 448
Schwable, George (Cpl) Ingalls, Ruth Mary Anne 55
Lawler, L W Ingram, Lucille V 308
Avery, John (Sgt) Inman, Hattie R 249
Thomas, Joe A Irion, Gladys Ida Lee 454
Rinear, Wilbert Carlton Irion, Millicent May 145
Long, Ralph E Irvin, Doris Mae 459
Jones, Russell Thomas Ivey, Dorothy Lee 35
Reynolds, Joe Edward Jack, Othello Rose 125
Karstrom, Allen Chancellor Jackson, Susan Elizabeth 227
Haston, Harold Thomas Jacky, Jean Carolyn 206
Speers, Charles R Jacob, Donna Muriel 446
Gustafson, James Richard Jacobs, Margaret Alice Holly 301
Martin, Chester C Jacobs, Ruth Elizabeth 173
Leidecker, Richard Edward Jaggers, Minnie Jewell 100
Cook, James James, Ocy Cora 183
Schaffner, Raymond W Jans, Kathleen Anna 440
Trenholm, John Howard Jassen, Doris Veronica 64
Taflinger, John J Jekel, Evelyn R 510
Chaufty, Samuel Clyde Jennings, Lucille M 37
Boeck, Richard Earl Jiencke, Dorothy Sophia 365
Mansor, Richard John Johns, Elizabeth Helen 104
Faraci, Albert W Johnson, Ann T 396
Ahern, Bryson Johnson, Bernice 563
Davidson, Burnett Thompson Johnson, Helen Carolyn 471
Spurlin, Charles H Johnson, Marian Avaree 174
Hicks, William Jackson Jr Johnson, Mary Lou 22
Mann, Clifford Russell Johnson, Pat 274
Woodward, John Russell Johnson, Selma Eugenia 426
Ellicock, Robert William Johnson, Vivian Ruth 127
LaMonte, Salvatore Charles Jones, Avis Estella 114
Corbett, Julian M Jones, Dorothy Helen 111
Richardson, Martin O Jones, Joyce L 364
Sanford, Ellis L Jones, Margie Fern 132
Parker, Clarence Sherley Jones, Mary Josephine 311
Larson, Luther A Judge, Kathryne B 400
Larson, Luther A Judge, Kathryne B 400a
Cooper, James Kalkan, Helen 391
Gerleve, Oscar Gerald Kannasto, Gladys Pearl 420
Hileman, Raleigh G Karcher, Erna 225
Heyman, Louis Karp, Rhoda 324
Underwood, Robert R Karspeck, Eleanora Marie 268
Sadoff, Hyman Kasten, Rose Steinbauer 13
Maples, George V Kayle, Marjorie 558
Dobbs, Boyce T Keil, Wilma Mary 436
Durre, Lawrence E Kelley, Helen E 303
Kress, Ervin Robert Kemp, Dessie Eula 221
Derogatis, Paul Kenney, Alice 266
King, Austin L Kent, Genevieve 396
Manzo, Albert John Kerstiens, Rose Anna 437
Hanks, James Lewis Kester, Ramona Myrtle 145
Thompson, Dolph G Keyes, Jessie 158
Woodworth, Frank Burrell Keyes, Mary Evelyn 101
Root, Herbert Nathen Kimmel, Vera Susan 88
Elliot, Pat Kenneth Kimzey, Janet Marilyn 215
Virden, Hubert Lewis Kincaid, Ruth Larsen 540
Satterlee, Arthur Lee King, Constance Ruth 130
Boren, Earl L King, Elizabeth F 531
Smith, Sheffield Bramley King, Lucille Georgia 413
Gwinn, Jeff Austin King, Mary Helen 135
Ashinhust, Fred A King, Mary J 473
Vickers, John Austin (Cpl) Kint, Margaret Jane 216
Caldwell, Stroh Graham Kirchgessner, Betty Lnora 33
Plouff, Fred J Kirvilavich, Adella 240
Jenkins, William C Kiser, Dorothy Irene 205
Bufton, John Llewellyn Kitsmiller, Frances Jean 243
Waters, Wallace Kenneth Knain, Edith Geraldine 313
O'Quinn, Hubert N Knapp, Frances Ione 516
Hill, Arthur Ambrose Knowles, Gladys Jean 248
Hanke, Laverne Gerald Knutson, Hazel Elvina 137
O'Neill, Norris Eugene Konop, Catherine Annette 232
Evans, Warren Koster, Eunice Louisa 42
Thrasher, Orville Jr Kotschwar, Gladys L 256
Gotheridge, Floyd Dale Kral, Norma Rose 161
Smeaton, John MacMillan Kreissig, Zelda Ann 269
Ash, Ralph Herbert Kriggel, Loisgae 362
Trammel, Joe W Krines, Martha L 591
Sauer, Bernard T Krueger, Mildred Marie 500
Clinton, Carol J Kruk, Mary Ann 380
Lambert, Vivian M Krulyac, Anne 84
Scheffler, Matthew Jacob Kubalsky, Hazel Jessie Louise 196
Morris, Jesse M Kuehn, Ida E 259
Martin, Thomas Floyd Kurtz, Evelyn Irene 584
Ferguson, John G Kurz, Emma 28
Haynes, Clifford D Lambert, Mabel J 558
Berg, Alan B Lambourne, Myrtle Frances 409
Hope, Joseph Francis Lance, Ruth Minta 69
Watson, Gordon Lane, Marian Belle 402
Kouzins, Stanley L Lane, Mildred Beatrice 290
Handel, George G Langdon, Helen 595
Watkins, John Rayburn Larimore, Hazel Louise 61
Frederick, William Grant Lattieri, Edith Mary 297
Orf, Richard W Lauer, Margie Marie 162
Levtzow, Lewis B LaValla, Leone 411
Barrow, Albert Ray Lawrence, Marjorie Phyllis 78
White, Billy Lawrentz, Dorothy Mariane 204
Ballinger, Wilton D Lawson, Marjory Faye 417
Crawford, Ernest J Layton, Ruby M 395
Pilot, Allen D Leazer, Melba Jane 136
Plante, Ernest Ludger LeBlanc, Marie Eva Pearl 60
Bishop, Alton W (Sgt) Lee, Katie 500
Dana, Francis Xavier Lee, Mary Amanda 146
Dennett, Wilfred John Lee, Virginia Marjorie 29
Scheerschmidt, Frederick W Leive, Margot 23
Stewart, King Lemansky, Ruth 552
Burton, Willis Elmer Lenz, Lois Pauline 458
Pelland, Robert Leonard, Lucille 525
Hanscom, William Albert Leslie, Deloris Imogene 580
Ham, Zeb Vance Letchworth, Christine 175
Cameron, John Washington Leverett, Edwina Lucille 260
Kotchik, George Clair Leverette, Jeanne Margaret 360
Conrad, Warren G Lewis, Bonnie 72
Leavitt, Elmer Avery Lewis, Merrill Lorene 68
Alexander, Robert Brown Lewman, Florence 303
Mitchel, Herman Budd Libolt, Phyllis May 138
Buffington, Ellis Dean Liedloff, Maxine LaVerne 119
Trenary, Charles L Lier, Helen M 497
Cuddie, Norman Kelly Lillie, Carol Emma 268
Carroza, Gerald R Lilly, Henrietta Mae 251
Sweeney, John J (Lt) Linderman, Loretta Claire (Lt) 82
Claus, Harold William Lindsay, Betty June 386
Priebs, Frank W Lindsay, Lillian Daisy Cole 566
Sandler, Sol Arthur Lipson, Irene I 141
Torrez, Max L Lobato, Virginia 54
Anderson, Milton L Lock, Ina Lou 191
Wilson, William Charles Locke, Ada June 117
Maready, Ray Love, Ione Florence 335
Armstrong, Andrew C Love, Maxine Elizabeth 600
Latimer, Harry Millard Lovejoy, Patricia 394
Gormley, William Clark (Cpl) Lowe, Ellen May 203
Deulen, Frank Elwood Lund, Carolyn Louise 452
Court, John W Lupen, Ludella 545
Vallad, Len E Lutton, Ethel Belle 511
Jacobsen, Lester Clifford Mack, Mary Evelyn 224
Sadler, William Henry Maddron, Joy June 153
Garrison, James L Malone, Emily 517
Holmgren, Carl Roger Mann, Margaret Mary 212
Haussner, Richard Edwin Marberry, Mildred Pauline 370
Kolenic, Joe Leo Martin, Stella Mae 12
Nichols, James Melburn Mathews, Lillian Lorene 384
Gore, James Fletcher Matson, Cora Irene 431
Hansen, Robert Peter Mattea, LaVerne Mabel 436
Bauer, Francis Clarence Mau, Leona Katheryn 52
Billings, John S May, Gladys Winifred 230
Duran, John G May, Magdelyn H 527
Daggett, Albert Alexander Mayham, Rachel Carolyn 474
Hald, Christian P McCandliss, Jacque Jean 409
Vaca, Charles R McCart, Lucille 34
DeHaven, Neil W McCauley, Louise 564
Wilson, Clyde E McClain, Marilyn Nadine 419
Jamieson, Warren Ervin McCourry, Wilma Grove 286
McCoy, Maurice Arthur McCoy, Alice Belle 415
Morris, Edward Ifor McEntee, Ruth Margaret 2
Bockes, Virgie Leslie McGrath, Irene Kathryn 292
Blumhagen, Walter E McGruder, Stella C 572
Smith, William Alvis McKee, Doris Marcene 463
Peck, Franklin Wayne McKimmet, Eleanor Mae 495
Clark, William McMasters, Ruby Lee 118
Fahrer, Arnold Franklin McMillan, Lois Jeanette 159
Minturn, Rae W McNeil, Blanche Dorothy 510
Maple, Thomas A McSparrow, Helen M 428
Reinhold, Ames I McVay, Phyllis Jean 389
Knight, Everett Thomas Meadows, Anna Mae 18
Woods, Melvin Bee Meadows, Ruby Irene 519
Smith, Joseph Dean Meadows, Ruth Eliza 481
Williams, Chester Glenn Meier, Dorothy Margaret 342
Chambers, Homer Hall Meikle, Ruth Lorraine 493
Nygaard, Vernon DaWayne Meisenhoelder, Esther 429
Rogers, Lee Walter Meloy, Agnes Marie 296
Coffey, Arnold Preston Melvin, Carolyn Janette 42
Williams, Ernest D Menges, Eathes Elizabeth 339
Garza, Joe Leal Meraz, Carmen 185
Gibson, Oakie Mershon, Esther Huldah 483
Russell, Ronald W Metcalfe, Mary Alice 482
Nelson, Carl Metternich, Clara Ella 9
Dusenbury, Leonard Ralph Metternich, Maude Lucille 529
Julson, Elmer Meyer, Margaret Elsie 490
Nodus, Isadore James Micek, Bertha 320
Smith, Norman Clifton Milhoan, Eva Joyce 116
Dawson, Tremaine Hamilton Milhom, Pearl May 261
Andresen, Walter Paul Millard, Geneva Adeline 424
Beneke, Elroy Rudolph Miller, Adaline Bernice 561
Horton, John V Miller, Jacqueline 304
Thompson, Clarence J Miller, Marie E 306
Waite, Warren M Miller, Mary B 548
Shaffer, Steve Ernest Miller, Shirley Nadine 208
Haney, Walter Henry Mills, Veretta Ione 60
Frye, Harold Arthur Jr Millsaps, Betty Agnes 545
Allen, Howard M Mitchell, Faye 481
Prime, Frank Allen Moffitt, Jane Alice 314
McClincy, Willard Edward Mohr, Mary C 295
Griffin, Leonard F Montagne, Claire Ione 54
Laird, Johnnie Franklin Montague, Patricia Mary 476
Wilson, James R Moody, Gloria E 584
Blankenship, William Claude Moore, Emma Caroline 357
Guyette, John N Moore, Grace Elaine 424
Halaas, Harold T Moore, Jean Elizabeth 393
Humphrey, Frank Conrad Moore, Mary Alice 203
Marshall, Donald Ray Moore, Mildred Irene 289
Wyatt, Bert B Moore, Verena Ann 299
Johnston, Frederick G Mooren, Kathleen Mary 475
Akers, Walter W Moos, Dora May 561
Kyker, Wayne Herman Moran, Donna Jean 134
Crawford, Van S Morgan, Donna Jean 480
Hamlin, Bert Morgan, Lillian Mae 378
Moore, James R Morgan, Mary E 384
Crnich, Joe John Jr Morgenthaler, Bernice Mae 93
Barrow, Donald Lee Morningstar, Ivajoy 457
Bruner, Delbert Wayne Morris, Dorthey Evelyn 25
Retseck, Robert W Morrison, Beatrice 144
Carson, Robert Lee Morrison, Fern LaVina 576
Durgin, Kenneth W Morrison, Mary M 367
Romano, Robert J Morrow, Marion 232
Dessen, Donald I Mortimer, Elinor 79
Howard, Donald E Mott, Beatrice Maud 439
Wright, Claude Allen Moulton, Mary Frances 456
Strunks, Robert Melvin Muchmore, Helen Lucille 25
Walter, Jesse W (Lt) Mullinix, Esther L 596
Allen, Curtis Levi Munkres, Ann Gertrude 107
Ingalls, Eugene Munson, Winnie G 282
Goold, Henry Randall Murphy, Lois Addline 556
Lohre, Eddie Selmer Mussetter, Lillian Cora 339
Bianco, Sam Myers, Catherine Rae 164
Driesel, Orval Frederick Myers, Ella Mae 318
Schnurr, Roy Albert Myers, Georgia Loretta 570
Meinecke, Earl W Myers, Jollie Opal 397
Guenther, Eugene Joseph Myers, LaVern Alletta 567
Brush, Jerome D Nafziger, Esther Irene 485
Gendler, Herbert Nathanson, Pearl 180
Banks, Robert Arthur Nation, Evelyn Dolores 73
Savage, Roy Eugene Neale, Mickey 413
Lutz, William D Neil, Jean C 523
Hamilton, Chester D Nelson, Arline M 27
Heroux, Arthur A Nelson, Doris E 373
Ellis, Chester E (Cpl) Nelson, Flonell 36
Rader, John F (Sgt) Nelson, Helen Jane 291
Straus, Louis John Neubert, Katherine Mary 369
Gaines, Ernest Newby, Gladys Mae 156
Caster, Orville Otto Newton, Velma Mae 133
Collins, Edward Thomas Nichols, Beulah Mae Myers 143
Douglas, Frank Allen Nipper, Nellie Lucille 264
Crawford, Elwin R Niva, Ercell A 564
Poley, Wilmer M Norcross, Alta P 109
Allender, John DeVere Nordstedt, R Arlene 10
Dalton, Harry William Nunn, Hannah 282
Duke, Robert Calhoun Nygaard, Neidre Corinne 544
Reynolds, Bertis L Nygard, Anita Gayle 403
Peacock, John Shillington Nylin, Gloria Lucinda 83
Faue, Alfred Louis O'Brien, Helen Mary 491
Clouse, Harold W (Sgt) O'Byrne, Mary Margaret 499
Gray, Alexander O'Connell, Julie E 74
Gregor, J Russell Ohlund, Ruth H 226
Mahoney, Jeremiah P O'Leary, Sheila Ann 123
Sellers, Edward Raymond Olejnik, Florence Rose 467
Isbell, Hollis E Oliver, Ellena 38
VanOhlen, Raymond Arthur Olmstead, Delores Bernadean 51
Ficklin, LeaRoy Olsen, Margaret Elaine 267
Smith, Hazen M Olson, Alma I 334
Swinhart, Alan George Olson, Norma Avaleen 65
Nevins, John Asbury O'Mara, Dolores Marie 576
Kruggel, Reinhart Frederick Orlow, Wilda Ann 77
Varah, Wilbur Thomas Orsborn, Ilien Margaret 294
Ynclan, Simon M Ortiz, Alice 123
Hudson, Lloyd D O'Sullivan, Eileen M 190
Yeager, William Joseph Ownbey, Aldine Carroll 209
Claiborne, Herschell E Padgett, Norma Lee 333
Roda, Manuel DeSousa Page, Mary L 100
Bederka, Frederick Palmatier, Shirley Jean 222
Cummings, Herbert Dean Palmer, Lola May 108
Rompot, Edward Palmer, Ruth Ann 57
Williams, Robert H Pankey, Julia Ann 7
Rice, Russell Harold Parker, Valerie Georgia 533
Jobe, Richard Parks Parkes, Dolly Medlen 272
Price, Raymond F Parton, Celia Glendora 547
Graham, Roy L Partridge, Helen L 359
Reid, Sam Paschka, Letitia Marie 514
Allen, Herbert Earl Patterson, Jeanne Marie 535
Aplin, Glenn R Paulson, Verna Louise 439
Gilchrist, Clarence Payson, Annabell Gene 429
Davis, Robert R Pearson, Edith 81
Lewan, Carl J Peck, Jean 15
Lesnowicz, Edward John Peckham, Donna Lea 366
Myers, Ivan G Peery, Bettie Faye 108
Hall, Gordon Darwin Pelk, Martha Moller 351
Swartz, Edward C Pellas, Beulah T 296
Vaughn, Donald Raymond Perkins, Jan Ellen 265
Randell, Isaac Perry, Estell Jane 188
Holmgren, Philip Samuel Perry, Lois Corinne 193
Cox, John Sam Perry, Monah LaJoyce 110
Small, Walter C Peters, Madelyn B 22
Franks, Newell Wilson Peterson, Lula Adelia 207
McGee, Lee R Peyton, Betty E 223
Crovitz, Alex Donald Phelps, Martha Elaine 280
Gower, Elgin Orville Phillips, Ella Marie 76
Stephenson, Alva W Pickens, Virginia H 592
Cook, Marvin Pirker, Betty Carl 91
Champion, Ralph F Pledger, Velma Ireen 35
Prince, Walter Polkinghorne, Mary Ellen 212
Arens, Joseph Daniel Pool, Bessie Adaline 524
Ziegler, William Henry Jr Pool, Maude Eleanor 468
Clark, Harland Helvern Port, Frances Maude 102
Bonin, Otto Christian Porter, Charline Agnes 19
Eads, John Gilbert Porter, Jettie Jouquette Moseley 280
Eck, James Edward Porter, Mary Ellen 211
Ward, Henry Milton Porter, Ruby May 202
Olson, Martin O Potter, Helen Corothy 56
Ashton, Allen Thomas Potts, Eleanor Winifred 283
Karry, Johnnie J Poutré, Phyllis June 404
Montgomery, Ray S Powell, Mary Jane 551
Barker, Emmet Kevin Prazen, Annie Mary 182
Marler, Joe Preabt, Eloise Jane 64
Banks, Mathew Prebeg, Margaret Ann 115
Martina, Merritt J PreFontaine, Catherine D 220
SanFilippo, Michael Joseph Preston, Catherine 294
Miles, Roy Jay Price, Audrey Eileen 533
Rora, Tony Price, Ruth L 329
Holmes, William Gilbert Prichard, Sibyl Marie 85
Schroepfer, James Albert Priest, Marian Frances 170
Pilcher, Charles Ray Prine, Emma Lee 89
Escamilla, Leonelo Edwards Prosise, Darlene Marie 68
Roberson, Roy Thomas Quackenbush, Elinor Agnes 131
Fraga, Raymond Lloyd Quadros, Marjorie Mary 151
Corrigan, James E Quehl, Matilda P 47
Metzen, Daniel F Quigley, Elaine G 573
Leler, Robert Harris Radigan, Alice Marie 36
Gage, Joseph Eugene Rammin, Matilda May 97
Plato, Clarence Ervin (Pfc) Ramsey, Edith Mae 132
Sparks, Murphy Linwood Rapp, June 472
Snell, Shelby Lee Rarey, Emmalane 518
Hull, William L Rasmussen, Frances Isabella 273
Bailey, Kenneth R Ray, Lillian 358
Hunter, Robert Horrell Reames, Bette Belle 31
Bryan, Clifford Paul Reaney, Grace Lois 364
Lowder, Lloyd Eugene Reece, Annie Kathern 446
Berry, Henry Earl Reeder, Edna Henrietta 546
Roach, Cherry M Reese, Virginia Louise 211
Morris, George Edward Jr Regan, Margaret B 568
Turpin, Treavell M (Cpl) Reiff, Dorothy 534
Gazdag, John G Reindl, Betty Jane 387
Maki, Edward Ensio Renegar, Virginia Lee 565
Meyer, Julius J Renier, Mildred Elizabeth 486
Maughan, Joseph Revelette, Electa 238
Niksic, Joseph George Reynolds, Josephine Alicia 399
Smith, Jack Clifford Rhodes, Gene Maxine 91
Deering, Alex Joseph Rhonish, Bonnie Grace 541
Gaessler, John Edward Rhyno, Elizabeth Emma 237
Boverini, Daniel Rice, Dorothy Marie 587
Hack, Edward Wallace Rice, Eleanor Grace 165
Bryant, Gerald J Rice, Marcelle J 140
Kurz, Walter Richards, Betty 76
Kibler, Melvin D Richey, Ellen Cathreen 201
Caulkins, Fred Anthony Richey, Lydia Jane 285
Stuart, Deanson Janarrow Ricks, Grace May 40
Moss, Kenneth N Riesenhuber, Vera I 421
Silverman, Robert L Riggs, Myrtle L 539
Petterson, Stanley A Rittgers, Dorine M 79
VanGampelaere, Albert J Rivard, Betty Ann 119
Wyatt, Norman Edward Robberson, Clara Estelle 562
Christopher, Thomas M Robbins, Carol Gertrude 106
Roberts, William B Roberts, Ada Ruth 543
Murphie, Donald Wilson Roberts, Erma Ilene 305
Pratt, Cecil R Roberts, Mae Jewell 506
Burba, Joseph Warren Robertson, Anita Laura 411
Ring, Elza Robertson, Dolores Elaine 569
Clark, Gordon Ehrman Robertson, Ruth Coral 401
Jacobsen, Stanley Marrion Robinson, Doris Mae 507
Olson, Albert Jarl Robinson, Dorothy Marie 508
Ross, John David (Sgt) Robinson, Roberta Jean 48
Boehle, Frank Bernard Rock, Florence Clarissa 121
Fipps, Walter James Rock, Martha Jan 5
Manbeck, Maurice Wesley Roels, Dorothy Marie 210
Moon, Robert James Roeper, Genevieve 306
Wagner, Richard Joseph Rogers, Dorothy Adelle 275
White, James Edison Rogers, Priscilla T 538
Collins, Lloyd Russell (Pfc) Roggenbuck, Monica Ann 70
Falcetti, Elmer D Rohling, Lenore F 391
Kurek, Edward Joseph Roman, Stephanie 194
Hammons, Howard R Romine, Arvilla C 550
Egness, Thomas Roncevich, Goldie Ann 375
DeLuca, William Ferdinand Roof, Elizabeth Eileen 20
Inman, Lloyd J Ropiequet, Katherine 161
White, Lewis Rose, Cora Mae 53
Queen, Cyrus Sanders Rose, Doris Jeannette 228
Sanderbrink, Charles Fredrick Ross, Dorothy M 570
Dickinson, Wayne Lee Ross, Janet Elizabeth 559
Leimenstall, John R Ross, Nancy Lee 46
Hoagland, Henry S Rouse, Marilyn Virginia 369
Riebling, Charles R Rowan, Jeanne H 253
Kaleczyc, Adam F Rowden, Melvina Nadine 178
Twilling, Henry M Jr Rowe, Christine Iva 122
Williamson, Elven Arthur Rowe, Marvidean 274
Brown, Patrick M Rush, Della L 517
Rush, John F Rushton, Vera Jean 498
Hanscom, Harry Alvin Russell, Wilma May 543
Tichavsky, Louis R Ryan, Mae 285
Davidson, Edward Joseph Sager, Matilda Alma 239
Skaar, Peter Salseg, Esther M 395
Peterson, Gerald Vern (Sgt) Salvano, Antonia Marie 301
Blackmer, William Sander, Roseangela 329
Hofman, Karl Sanders, Ellen Martha 316
Brittsan, John Allen Sargent, Bernice Anna 233
Cooke, Eugene F Sargent, Elsie Louise 195
Larison, Jack Clark Satterfield, Doris Genelle 204
Kight, William Hershell (Sgt) Saunders, Edith Suzanne 347
Shultz, James Walten Sawyer, Marcella Reynerdine 67
Walker, Donald Layson Sawyer, Velda Doreen 250
Beine, Frank Lewis Schabel, Lila Deneu 3
Linder, Alvin Albert Schadt, Glenola June 412
Edmonds, Lawrence E Scheffel, Eleanore Othelia 342
Levstone, Kenneth Joseph Scheinman, Helen Frances 83
Budge, Everett R (Sgt) Scheller, Mary Priscilla 48
Lee, Glen Dale Schieferstein, Margaret Adella 480
Carpenter, Willis Lee Schiesser, Dorothy Louise 207
Miller, Kenneth A Schilling, Frances 115
Helberg, Toivo A Schmidt, Elizabeth 325
McKeever, Fred Wesley (Cpl) Schmidt, Lola Gracious 182
King, George Gilbert Schmitt, Mary Wilda 8
Schuelke, William Schofield, Lillian G 213
Oberman, Stanley Schonbrun, Selma Ann 469
Hills, Wilton Francis Schrock, Mary Kathryn 92
MacCulley, Robert J Schroeder, Rita 502
Koontz, William Lawrence Schuck, Eleanor 226
Blanchette, Lawrence Henry Schuette, Arvilla Frances 345
Speegle, Homer M Schuld, Gertrude E 84
Banister, Ward Schultz, Vera J 508
Jonas, George Stephen Schumacker, Mary Barbara 92
Strauch, Paul Schwiderski, Rita M 323
Taggart, Arthur Richard Scofield, Rosemary Loretta 562
Bridges, William Andrew Scoles, Helen May 319
Laurie, William W Scott, Harriet E 300
Sloan, Weldon Ralph Scott, Lucille Evelyn 600
Hixon, Raymond G Scott, Martha 528
Vierth, Connie Maurice Sears, Margaret R 509
Hines, Herbert W Seaton, Vera Haldeen 187
Lange, Wilfred Lester Secor, Evelyn M 120
Safford, Dan K Semenza, Rena 557
Napolski, Edwin L Sepplo, Orella Ellesa 271
Reyna, Victor Alonzo Sepulveda, Ledia Garcia 150
Hall, Frank A Serafine, Dorothy 179
Fiala, Edward Joseph Shank, Thelma Astella 46
Homstad, Gordon Lester Shannon, Laura Belle 553
Ridenour, J D Shannon, Vivian Irene 201
Davis, Howard L Shaw, Emily E 504
Custer, Gomer Shaw, Marjorie Phyllis 289
Lamb, Jones Houston Shearer, Suella Mae 137
Young, William Henry Shearin, Vona Elizabeth 32
Lee, Bob E Shell, Alfaretta M 140
Freeman, Raleigh Sherfy, Vesta Elizabeth 185
Smith, Augusta Milton Sherman, Mary Magdelene 41
Lennox, James Daniel Shipley, Carmelita 527
Nay, Frank H Shirley, Thelma E 194
Skinner, Francis Asbury Shoff, Marion Louise 9
Lassetter, Robert Hays Showers, Jeanette Loy 34
Bridges, Donald Eugene Shults, Barbara Virginia 469
Compton, Norman Kenneth Shults, Della Leile 270
Sternitzke, Richard Oscar Siders, Mildred Leola 326
Quast, Walter Phillip Siegel, Lillian Ruth 313
Baker, Beryl Elsworth Simmons, Elma Annabel 414
Robertson, Louis A Simmons, Georgine M 305
Nichols, Harvey L Sipes, Marie G 340
Myers, George F W Siple, Bessie M 588
Brosten, Heming Skiftun, Benida 253
Lee, Everett Davie Slaght, Harriette Augusta 23
Deardorff, Robert Horner Slaybaugh, Elmira Florence 6
Miller, Virgil A Small, Margaret M 464
Hanson, Elwood Emery Smallman, Janet Louise 554
Fagone, Sebastiano J Smedley, Helen Mae 293
Kelley, Louis Raymond Smith, Bernice 454
Johnston, Glen H Smith, Bettie Lee 566
Hembree, Arvle Eugene Smith, Betty Yvonne 142
Smith, Samuel Smith, Billie 525
Matina, Nicholas Smith, Bonnie Rae 87
Voss, Billy Robert Smith, Clarine June 200
Keaton, Herbert Smith, Donna Mae 555
Busby, Albert Smith, Elizabeth LaRue 465
Miller, Gordon Smith, Grace Maria 279
McAtee, Glenn R Smith, Harriet Winifred 466
Shults, Burton Filmore Smith, Hattie 264
Stayton, Samuel Arthur Smith, Lella Mae 241
Evans, George L (Cpl) Smith, Marjorie May 192
Hammonds, Jesse Bufud Smith, Mary Margaret 82
Peterson, Robert Henry Smith, May 302
Prevette, James Alvin Smith, Myrtle Eva 246
Wilson, John Joe Smith, Orpha Emma (Mrs) 59
Lyons, James R Smith, Roberta 598
Roach, Hugh A Smith, Wilma 166
Ballo, Morris Smithson, Ethel B 596
Walter, Nathan Snap, Ruth 451
Dixon, Everett Basil Solari, Doris Claudette 489
Lukaszewski, Clarence C Soward, Iva Mae 257
Hartman, Norris Howard Sparling, Ruth Mabel 223
Steig, Joseph P Spivey, Henrietta 351
Batey, Robert William Sporney, Claire Irene 448
Kohlhoff, Herman Arthur Springett, Rose Mae 503
Beal, Noel Lester Srite, Alma Margaret 444
Shaw, Clarence A Stackel, Aileen M 200
Grantham, Billy Claud Stanford, Betty Jo 350
Copinger, Leonard Woodlock Stanley, Evelyn Carol 475
Taie, Earl Raymond (Sgt) Stanton, Laura Mary 45
Ramsey, Gilbert Staples, Sally Ann 473
Basney, Donald Craig Stebbins, Ruth 277
Waggoner, Osa Owen Steele, Viola Agnes 408
Fiegenbaum, William Edward Steffgen, Alice Louise 295
Stewart, John Steimle, Marion P 599
Jacobs, Richard Stevens, Beatrice 139
Kuehster, Carl Ethelbert Stewart, Frances Dorothy 175
Caufield, Richard R Stewart, Jeanne Claire 476
Lefkin, Philip (Lt) Stigers, Elizabeth Ann 47
Campbell, Cecil Earl Stiner, Lottie Mae 586
Millard, Iris B Jr Stinson, Roseann Margaret 585
Tower, Damon Stinson, Willamae 10
Sorensen, Henry Lorenz StLouis, Myrna Mary Magdeline 32
Alexander, Clarence Franklin Stocker, Inez Irene 29
Kelling, Dale Lloyd Stone, Beatrice 571
Johnson, Charles E Stone, Rose Mary 563
Woods, Douglas H Strahan, Mildred E 434
Guttke, George H P Strauss, Elsie 20
Stroede, Arthur Gerhard Jr Strube, Ruth Adela 206
Simser, Mark Struss, Hattie 75
Smith, J D Struve, Delores Catherine 49
Lucky, Joseph J Stubblefield, Ella May 153
Kincaid, Whitney G Sturgeon, Melba Dean 260
Wonderlich, Albert Charles Jr Sturm, Catherine Ethlen 71
Brekke, Kermit Earl Stutlien, Evelyn Merle 51
Crockett, Linn Finley Suiter, Anita Fern 148
VanDyke, Vern Sullivan, Anna B 237
Johnson, Harold Leland Sullivan, Florence Mae 210
Way, Howard E Summers, Margie Ann 546
Prilliman, Roy Jr Sutherlin, Norma 433
Flannery, Elias George Sweeney, Catherine Cecilia 113
Castagno, Mario Marcello Sweetman, Verla 355
Smith, Stanley D Swoape, Thomasine Evelyn 281
Stepina, Frank Jr Szczepaniak, Sophia 382
Danenhowen, Harold Louden Taylor, Cecily Ann 541
Barron, Carl Henry Taylor, Jean 244
Knoche, Vernon E Taylor, Mary Elizabeth 128
Greenfield, George Audrey Teames, Laura Josephine 181
Pruitt, Andrew J Tedrick, Mary E 129
Southwick, Roy O Teel, Mable Isabel 512
Wilson, James Cecil Terry, Elizabeth Richmond 248
Jerry, John W Thom, Geneva I 151
Hone, Vivian R (Cpl) Thomas, Ann Edith 52
Cantrall, Harlan M Thomas, Margaret 31
Gries, John H Thompson, Bertha M 407
Oropeza, Jesse Thompson, Effie S 4
LaKose, Henry Thompson, June 234
Wright, Donald Francis Thompson, Marion Francis 426
Fulbrook, Milton Shaw Thomsen, Marjorie Anita 298
Kennedy, Floyd C Thurman, Clyna Harriet 245
Garner, Harold G Tickle, Ruth I 599
Whelan, Thomas F Tiedemann, Mildred A 62
Waddell, John Joseph Titus, Maynah Helen 125
Patterson, Ollie Todd, Arlene Elizabeth 126
Henry, Elton Allen Todd, Florine Myma 497
Reynolds, John C Tooley, Mary F 488
Searles, Harold G Towry, Yola 271
Cook, William Herbert Tracer, Lucille Mary 462
Steele, Harry Vernon Tramel, Wanda Lee 40
Wells, Chester B Traverra, Merle 594
Harris, George Sillers Travis, Ruth Ellen 131
Mercer, Richard Troendle, Bettie 257
Nanney, Joe Ervine Troutier, Allie Eveline 265
Nantell, Wilbur Louis Trtan, Mary Elizabeth 127
Snowdon, Fred Robert True, Daisy May 362
Rosenberger, Rollin Cassidy Tucker, Victoria Lulu 173
Dunham, Forrest Truman Tuffs, Helen Aline 315
Simnowitz, Hyman Turgolsky, Florence 195
Bolz, Sidney Ralph Turner, Esther Belle 343
Phillips, Lewis Turpen, Sadie I 403
Hulse, Harold S Valentine, Erma 235
Emery, Lee Duane Vandehey, Alberta Marie 258
Larsen, Lawrence Julius VanDerel, LaVerne Joan 66
Cross, Alton Boyd Jr VanHoy, Betty Marie 172
Alves, Manuel S vanVliet, Ellen 245
Ayer, James Uriah VanVliet, Jeanette 255
Coltrane, Donald W Varner, Pauline Margaret 376
Davis, Hudson T (Lt) Varnum, Leola A 529
Loessin, Leon A Vestal, Esther L 492
Morris, Stanley Veyhle, Helen M 197
Leiby, Garold Gay Vincent, Betty Jean 568
Bosch, Fritz Vincent, Estelle M 338
Long, Joe Doyle Vogel, Marie Annazetta 479
Tilley, Bertrue Moore Voget, Marjorie 322
Morgan, William Irving Vowell, Myrtis Mae 370
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Allsop, Lloyd A Wagstaff, Betha 198
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Telford, Henry Franklin Walker, Mary Ethel 113
Cofer, Edward L Wall, Dorothy 256
Waldroup, Bartow William Wall, Elsie Jean 427
Jensen, Otto James Wallen, Margaret Mary 189
Kenny, Jack William Walsh, Mary K 334
Braun, Frederick Carl Walters, Charlotte Florence 166
Jones, Owen John Walters, Esther Buelah 381
Simpson, William Harold Ward, Betty Ann 19
Hernandez, Benjamin H Ward, Carmen Sally 58
White, Gilbert C Ward, Norma Lee 209
Ware, Lester Merle Ware, Sue Savilla 105
Martin, Raymond L Warnecke, Kathleen 147
Aaron, A C Warner, Leona Mae 451
Stancil, George G Warren (Narron), Doris 81
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Boehm, John C Washburn, Louise Congdon 167
Swartz, Harry A Watkins, Adele E 155
McConnell, Merlyne L Weatherly, Dorothy 216
Clawson, Theodore S Webb, Mary Ruby 63
Munshaw, Joseph Jackson Webster, Ruby Nellie 512
Geske, Lyle E Wegner, LaVonne 144
Schwartz, Samuel B Weisberg, Sandra S 394
Sanderson, Margaret Welch, Robert R 112
Siddle, Thomas Edward Wells, Cherrill Lee 292
Nicholls, Walter Wells, Grace Josephine 579
Estes, George Marvin Wells, Leta May 474
Kepler, Frank R Welsh, Ruth T 4
Graber, Milton Edward Wenans, Eula Ethlyn 540
Ruello, Douglas C Werling, Rosemary J 16
Braden, William Delphin Werth, Beatrice Marie 199
Hollifield, Cleve Westmoreland, Nezzie 392
Gray, Arthur Robinson Weston, Katherine Mary 252
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Clements, Gus Whetstone, Penelope Elizabeth 349
Armstrong, Horace White, Helen 383
Preuss, Gilmer E White, LeAnna 393
Anderson, Berman E White, Marie 404
White, William P White, Maxine Doris 441
Polzin, Howard A White, Phyllis Ann 133
Smith, Edwin Frank Whitley, Dorris Bell 241
Bertholf, John Barton Wildey, Genevieve Hird 126
Collins, Jack Wilkins, June Anna 400
Fantini, Louis P Wilkinson, Florence Mae 30
Bornofska, Donald K Williams, Cleo 330
Minneci, Ross A Williams, Gloria Vann 179
Fischer, Aaron L Williams, Juanita 485
Simmerman, Theodore Williams, Mary Rickard 582
Smith, Samuel H Williams, Mildred G 188
Hiatt, Vernon T Williams, Noma 367
Walsh, George David Williams, Verle Mae 229
McIntire, Raymond Darnell Williamson, Phyllis June 17
Meyers, John Philip Wilmette, Lucille Rita 99
Mead, Warren L Wilson, Carolin Joy 307
Martin, Loren L Wilson, Lillian Alene 374
Lindsay, Stuart W Wilson, Mary Louise 147
McCary, Herbert J Wilson, Valetta Jacquelene 388
Orenyak, Stephen Wiltrout, Ruth Alice 590
Rotton, Travis B Windham, Jewel F 283
Decker, Leonard Harrison Winters, Viola Marie 332
Snead, William White (Lt) Wirth, Glenda Ann 341
Mount, Lee Walton Wirtz, Louise Anna 156
Smith, William Harold Wiseman, Lela Frances 537
Charpentier, Robert Thomas Wisnowski, Isabelle 335
Dean, James Witcher, Hazel Marie 272
Gledhill, James Travis (Sgt) Wolfinger, Lois Carolyn 85
Anderson, Simeon P Woodard, Jaunita Fay 560
Bradley, Lawrence E Woodworth, Leonella A 324
Hatmaker, Clayton Lee Wooldridge, Mary Ada 477
Williams, Robert Alfred Wright, Etta Mae 453
Johnson, Robert Carlton Wright, Frances Mae 535
Griswold, Jerold R Wright, Ida Belle 498
Verley, Arthur Wright, Viola LaVerne 505
Hays, James Bernard Wright, Waldena McGuire 318
Dombrowski, Joseph John Yaksick, Mary D 495
Fierling, Gerald Wayne Yarnell, Margie Lorraine 299
Decker, Dean Adams Yeager, Alma Gertrude 449
Hill, Virgil E Yeager, LaVerne B 249
Lull, Edward Reed Yost, Velma Grace 352
Frost, Norbert Young, Anna Lee 24
Faas, Arthur C Young, LaVerna C 366
McClain, William Willard Young, Nell E 138
Weiser, Frank Zaslowsky, Geraldine 41
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Rappmund, Erman Henry Zuercher, Elza Alvina Emma 459
Unruh, Abram Anderson Zundel, Janet 146