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Jackson County Marriage Book #22 Indexed by Bride's Name

Old Photo of Wedding Couple

RVGS volunteers have photographed and indexed the marriage record books housed in the Jackson County, Oregon courthouse. Below is our index to Marriage Book #22 for 1944-1946. It is in alphabetic order by the bride's name. This book used preprinted forms completed by the county clerk. Each page in this book contains the certificates for a single couple and includes both the marriage license and certificate (assuming the license was acted upon).

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Marriage Certificate
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Names of bride and groom
Book, page

Groom Bride Page
Enson, Edward S Acker, Eileen Norma 293
Reedy, John Burton Adams, Betty Lee 507
Murison, Irving C Adams, Marie L 46
Morris, Kenneth Adams, Patricia 599
Dement, Franklyn C Addington, June T 632
Freeman, Alexander Adkins, Henrietta 447
Butler, Rolland Paul Ager, Eleanor Blanche 370
Fierling, Gerald Wayne Ahl, Betty Jo 614
Strickland, Robert Norris Aikins, Frances Elizabeth 414
Schuster, John Edward Akers, Jessie Lucille 101
Dunn, Roy Milton Albertson, Dorothy Marion 199
Johnson, Melvin Wayne Allen, Donna Myrtle 388
Roth, Harry Lee Allen, Dorothy Mae 107
McPherson, Fay Edward Allison, Betty Lou 589
Chase, Vincen LeRoy Almond, Evelyn Mary 354
Evans, Jack H Ameral, Geraldine G 72
Smith, Rube Joseph Anders, Marilyn Maxine 567
Shopp, William Russell Anderson, Cleo Etha 106
Scott, Walter Harry Anderson, Daisy L 59
Nichols, Glenn A Anderson, Fae Mildred 164
Peebles, Clarence Reuben Anderson, Georgia Muncrief 307
Shirley, Gilbert Glen Anderson, Leona Christine 380
Cromer, Carl Anderson, Marian 249
Haley, Lyle Frederick Anderson, Marjorie Eunice 363
Sherman, Frank Haskell Andren, Vera Eleanora Teresia 424
Baxter, Robert Jr Andrews, Azalea Frederica 510
Elhart, William Newton Ansama, Phoebe 65
Fredenburg, Donald Everet Antinone, Alice Jean 570
Goodner, Charles Burnett Anzini, Jessie 561
Gardner, Edwin Chase Applegate, Gladys 312
Schramm, David W Armstrong, Joan Olive 117
Richter, Adam Arnold, Luella May 10
McCrystal, Thomas Charles Ashman, Muriel Enid 374
Lewis, Clifford Everett Askew, Viva Maye 111
Wilsey, Mark Autrey, Marie 131
Odom, John Richard Avent, Jeanette Frances 536
Alba, Robert Axtell, Joan 420
Sleight, Harold LeRoy Aya, Joan Katharine 419
Rutherford, Duane Rodell Azevedo, Mabel Marie 30
Pardue, Charles E Baars, Edna 42
Jacobson, Lester Emile Bachmann, Dorothy Mae 54
Hess, Sam Walter Bagley, Hazel E 284
Morehead, Cornelius Bahr, Alberta Mae 481
Facey, John J Baker, Dorothy Mae 459
Hart, Morris Dennis Baker, Virginia Marie 18
Harrell, James Fayette Baldwin, Alta Elaine 136
Able, Jesse DeWitt Ball, Virginia Roberta 186
Stach, Walter J Ballinger, Mildred Olive 203
Barger, Lyman Barger, Cordelia 214
White, Milford Elmer Barnes, Clara Myrtle 485
Marks, Harry Charley Barnes, Ellanora 520
Leslie, Thomas L Barnhart, Opal 582
Brown, Ronald Ensign Barth, Loreen Gladys 278
Dykes, James Arnold Bartlett, Joy Rose 619
Barto, Howard Lawrence Barto, Vivian Norman 20
Hallgren, Roy Allen Bastiani, Cora Roberta 395
Gorby, Jacob Alexander Bateman, Annie Jane 190
Hodge, Glen Elward Bean, Ava Mae 256
Lewis, Ervin Dow Beard, Ardith Elaine 579
Pacheco, Frank Jr Beck, Claudia Irene 49
Bostwick, Harlan W Becker, Rita Irene 395
Boettcher, Jack N Beeney, Charlotte 382
Dewald, Louis F Belcher, Iris E 163
Roberson, Winfield Alexander Bell, Lois Patricia 67
Womack, Loyd Allen Belt, Acacia Lee 330
Brown, Noble Hollis Bendickson, Erma Mae 186
Webb, Lancie E Bennett, Agnes Ernestine 61
Seago, John Samuel Berggren, Helen Emma 542
Broemmer, Warren William Bergstrom, Kathryn June 28
Cook, Leeland Fredrick Bernheisel, Bethel Blanche 337
Bliss, Merrill Nathan Berquist, Dolores Kathryn 496
Ford, Edward Eugene Bertram, Lila Gertrude 185
Stephens, Lester R Best, Grace 628
Sheetz, Donald McCellan Bickell, Thelma Louise 219
Moore, Vie Emanuel Bickett, Marie M 170
Patton, Roy Price Bigham, Della Belle 450
Coppedge, Eugene Victor Bigham, Earnestine 236
Finch, Kay Jean Bilderback, Elizabeth Zona 529
Jones, Kenneth H Billings, Laura 197
Negles, Leonard Birdsall, Aletha 280
Braun, Harold Tyal Bishop, Dixie Virginia 339
Hardin, Milo Harold Black, Edith May 200
Keene, Freddie Lee Black, Nola Joan 314
Ludwig, Albert Blair, Velma 250
Casebeer, Wallace Ray Blanton, Paula Frances 162
Abbott, Oril W Blasor, Gladys I 233
Blaylock, William Ora Blaylock, Rose Alice 245
Snyder, Donald Elvin Bloomingcamp, Marjorie June 571
McDonald, Ernest I Bloomquist, Elaine H 512
Thompson, John Gray Bohnert, Norrene Madelon 229
Hess, Lorren H Bond, Dorothy Paulina 257
Johnson, Carl E Booher, Elva E 99
Murphy, Charles Lyle Bookser, Ruth Elaine 184
Capps, Noble E Borders, Lveta 51
Askew, James Leon Borg, Marion Clara 373
Taylor, Frank H Borland, Bette 377
Baugh, Everett Eugene Borland, Mabel 308
Wilcox, Jerrold L Boston, Evelyn Estelle 368
Miller, Roy Russell Bostwick, Vivian Mae 240
Nichols, Carl E Bowen, Effie Lena 41
Woods, Melvin B Bowers, Mildred Apphia 369
Singler, August Bertrand Bowker, Nannie Lucile 296
Rentelman, Lawrence H Bowler, Milda E 108
Gitzen, George Nelson Bowman, Marjorie Jane 329
Trefethen, Charles A Boyd, Barbara 50
Goodman, Dale Boyd, Betty 393
StJohn, Leon Leslie Boyer, Mable Ida 75
Taylor, John Clayton Jr Bradfish, Mary Elizabeth 505
David, Matthew Mann Bradley, Loretta Gretchen 207
Sims, Dale Marion Branch, Alice Lucile 305
McCarter, Palmer Loyd Branch, Elizabeth 95
White, John Peyton Brasel, Doris Florita 60
Woods, James Bratcher, Berdena 276
Nelson, Richard Theodore Brayton, Barbara Ann 87
Brittson, Charles Benjamin Breeding, Dora Mae 495
Humphreys, Charles Brekke, Sylvia 406
Roberts, Kenneth A Brenner, Shirley Jeanne 557
James, Ronald Mansell Brennesholtz, Evelyn Jean 407
VanDyke, Samuel H Brewer, Belle 236
Hill, John Wheeler Brewer, Emma Jane 468
Brantley, Raymond Larry Brigman, Doris Louise 122
Kilburn, Henry Benton Jr Brittsan, Doris May 522
Tingleaf, Clarence Albert Brittsan, Juanita Mildred 327
McQuat, Paul Corwin Brooks, Beverly Lee 103
Chausse, Francis W Brotherton, Minnie 118
Lyons, Glenn Earl Brown, Alta Marie 350
Huson, Ray Melvin Brown, Bettie Ruth 315
Ayers, Raymond Clifford Brown, Doris Virginia 498
Gemaehlich, John F B Brown, Ella Josephine 150
Hale, Frank L Brown, Freida Louise 92
Oliver, Walter D Brown, Mamie A 45
Leever, William Hamilton Brown, Margaret Ann 467
Nelson, LeRoy Edward Brown, Sydney Ann 234
Barker, Sydney Smith Bruckert, Clara Ella 635
Martin, Cecil Ray Bryant, Alice L 190
Day, Bill Harmon Bryant, Henrietta K 617
Pruitt, Joseph Shurrell Bryant, Opal Marie 561
Henke, Ernest Fredrick Buchanan, Elva Lois 634
Vogel, Clair William Buckles, Lola Mae 166
Matthews, Howard K Buckmaster, Doris M 581
Budden, William Henry Budden, Hazel Lela 515
Buffam, Edmond Earl Buffam, Bessie Hinsdale 495
Riley, Wesley Herman Bullock, Irene Frances 329
Henney, Richard Paul Bumgardner, Marie Alma 478
Sanderson, Robert Charles Bunce, Nellie May 24
Howard, Albert L Bunch, Marguerite M 106
Noonan, Geore Edward Burcell, Sally Luella 510
Gray, Leonard Vernon Burcham, Margaret Geraldine 313
Walker, Robert Dale Burdett, Elizabeth Mae 633
Lowry, Elmer Lawrence Burgess, Beulah 217
Ortman, Alvin A Burke, Edda N 640
Short, Thomas J Burke, Teressa 403
Ashmore, Loren James Burman, Mildred R 347
Krug, Bernard Joseph Burns, Betty Jo 79
Howes, Robert Elton Jr Burros, Myrtle Gene 494
Allen, Earl Burson, Alice Julia 279
Songer, Frederick Slade Burton, Eloma T 56
Cowan, Claire Bigelow Busch, Lillian 535
Williams, William Bush, Isabell M 411
Shea, Victor A Busick, Dorothy A 621
Coppedge, Herman C Butler, Tommie Frances 377
Butterfield, Elmo LeRoy Butterfield, Dorothy May 260
Powers, Richard Ashley Byerley, Joyce Lynette 511
Riddle, Harold Clayton Byrd, Charlain 254
Sawyer, Wayland Edgar Cahail, Inez Mae 608
Martin, Roy Delbert Cahill, Hazel J 259
White, John Murray Caldwell, Evelyn 84
Fernandes, Louis Edward Callahan, Yvonne Joan 407
Herman, Louis W Calloway, Irene V 146
Cameron, Harold Douglas Cameron, Elsie 266
Warrick, Robert Campbell, Margie Marie 448
Rathbun, Lawrence Nelson Carlson, Bonnie Nellie 325
Work, Robert A Carlton, Jane Harriet 555
Howe, George L Carpenter, Novella Jean 146
Bates, Loyal William Carson, Marie Rigdon 570
Backman, A N Case, Ellen 261
O'Brien, Donald Fredrick Casebolt, Lilly Belle 237
Brinson, James Howard Catey, Patricia Roberta 457
Barnes, Warren Hiram Caton, Martha Luella 522
Leigh, Lawrence T Caton, Phyllis Joan 113
Spain, John Edward Caudana, Elma Rosalia 115
Turnbough, Harden Andrew Chadwick, Daisy Janes 180
Greenberg, Milton Chadwick, Margaret I 55
Smith, Wilson Harvey Chamberlain, Georgia Vera 624
Pickens, Wayne Russell Chambers, Gloria Rita 460
Champion, Ralph Floyd Champion, Velma Irene 479
Green, William Howard Chandler, Julia Ann 597
Watkins, Robert J Chandler, Norma Dean 600
Fay, William Edwin Chaney, Phyllis Eileen 569
Sanders, James F Chapman, Delores Ione 572
Still, Vern Louis Chapman, Mavis Desolina 615
Wilson, Woodrow Chapman, Norma Christine 363
Richardson, Frank Jr Charley, Eunice Marie 460
Rasmussen, Ervin Loyd Chester, Theresa Betty 611
Fraker, Chester LeRue Childreth, Neva May 584
Dalkey, Otto Chitwood, Lila Hazel 109
Lippre, Frank James Christean, Lelah Esther 598
Crain, Taft Feldon Christenbury, Flora Alice 78
Corwin, DeWiitt Willard Christie, Lillian Leutricia 338
McAdoo, Malcolm Ross Jr Christlieb, Yvonne 615
Aikins, Paul Robert Church, Doris May 545
Hensley, Jack Milton Clark, Doris Berteen 264
Boyd, Robert Enoch Jr Clark, Eva Marie 609
Harris, Ernest Way Clark, Hattie A 452
Stelle, John Raymond Clark, Isabell Sarah 201
Warren, Charles Homer Clark, Jarmaine Edine 618
Davidson, Harold John Clark, Marjorie Jeanne 388
Nichols, Francis Curtis Clark, Olga Maria 503
Stone, Clarence Anderson Clark, Viola Evelyn 198
Coleman, Darrell Cleo Clary, Alice Mae 636
Ferguson, Gerald Ivan Clary, Ethel Levisa 448
Miller, Robert Hally Claudy, Ethel Viola 367
Gleason, William H Clayton, Edna May 193
Valentine, James Roy Clayton, Evelyn Adelaide 248
Simmons, Walter Bradford Clearwater, Jessie 33
Colley, William Daniel Cleland, Mary Louise 563
VanHorn, Cecil H Clement, Enith Rae 431
Jones, Lawrence Chalmers Clement, Pauline Rita 221
Close, Perry F Close, Etta Belle 168
West, Raymond Elihu Close, Ida Lorraine 166
Cannon, Nelson Ernest Clower, Evelyn Lena 428
Olsson, Richard L Cody, Martha Margaret 78
Hickey, Raymond T Coffin, Mary Jean 206
Zulauf, Raymond Hugo Coffman, Iva Gladys 279
Wolf, Irwin Isaac Cohen, Tressa J 120
Warner, Alva Louis Colbert, Elma Hazel 155
Cox, Ernest James Colbeth, Betty June 122
Graham, Ralph Coleman, Ada B 171
Graham, Ralph Coleman, Ada B 334
Hassel, Kenneth E Coleman, Jessalee L 128
Claywell, Boyd S Coleman, June Doris 265
Swope, Donald M Coleman, Shirley Fay 580
Tamplen, Lee Manley Colley, Margaret Irene 134
Compher, Ben F Compher, Dorothy E 205
Chandler, William Edwin Conley, Dona Darlene 348
Engel, George Richard Conner, Dena Cordelia 318
Brucker, Joseph J Conner, Edyth Marie 175
Evans, Carl Lon Cook, Alice Delilah 569
Titus, Paul Phillip Cook, Beatrice Arlene 504
Johnson, Russell Parke Cook, Beulah Darlene 598
Williams, Fredrick Norman Cook, Faye Marie 191
Hogan, Francis Cebert Cook, Mary Eileen 26
Wilson, Quentin Boyd Cook, Mildred Olive 108
Shough, William Michel Cooper, Ada Alaine 376
Swindler, James Leroy Cooper, Doris Corrine 326
Peachey, George Henry Cooper, Elsie Lee 322
Coon, William Willis Cooper, Frances Gene 581
Smith, Arnold Ludlow Cooper, Gemmy Lee 434
Burke, Martin Eugene Cooper, Viola Mae 412
Seaman, Roy Augustus Coppin, Ida Alice 144
Waltermire, Dayle Robert Corliss, Effa Marie 476
Herleikson, Earl Allen Coros, Helen Anthella 261
McDonough, Walter W Coulter, Geneva Maude 627
Legg, Jack Courtney, Helen Kathleen 167
Dunlap, Jack Everett Cowan, June Patricia 341
Cox, Lennon J Cox, Deah Evelyn 105
Pruett, Dean William Cox, Joan Mary 435
Rapp, Joseph M Cox, Wanda Claire 469
Harrison, Cegal J Crabtree, Ruby 43
Brooks, Elmer Lee Crafford, Viola May 423
Hoover, Melvin Franklin Cramer, Rosalind Olga 89
Panter, John Sheldon Creason, Bernice Virginia 353
Naylor, Gerald Melvin Cromwell, Helen Marie 450
Warner, Charles Emmett Crowl, Jewell R 244
Hunter, John Alexander Cuffel, Ruth Esther 151
Martin, Robert Earl Culjak, Anna Marie 497
Gardner, Clarence Griffith Cullison, Ruth Elaine 39
Smith, Dudley Polkie Jr Culy, Geneva Lucille 560
York, Leonard Frank Cummons, Miriam Esther 562
Cornette, Eldon S Cunningham, Charlotte F 594
Deach, Charles Allan Cunningham, Mary Gladys 17
Foltman, Joseph Curtright, Dolores M 126
Carlton, John Herbert Cushman, Ivarene Frances 575
Fitzgerald, Ralph Lester Daily, Arlene Janice 63
LaBate, Carmelo J Dains, Lois Adeline 273
Briggs, William Craven D'Albini, Corinne 297
Guy, Harold Leroy Daley, Betty Lois 95
Meyer, Harold Clinton Damon, Lillian Augusta 358
Loftin, Walter Lee Daniels, Rachel V 198
Jones, Leland Elton Daugherty, Annabelle Rose 134
Ross, Edward Blaine Davis, Deloris Lorraine 294
Rosecrans, Rolen William Davis, Edro June 177
Daugherty, Clarence Everett Davis, Elsie Faye 245
White, Thompson E Davis, Hazel C 314
Flury, Franklin P Davis, Idella 340
McDonald, Donald Floyd Davis, Jacqueline E 92
Helms, Warren James Davis, Jeanne Alma 220
Stevenson, Jack Sherman Davis, Lily Betty 332
Mose, Orval Paul Davis, Mary Esther 366
Arlang, Frank Phillip Davis, Nadine Blanche 621
Dooms, Robert Llewellyn Davis, Olive Mae 1
Friend, Charles L Davis, Ruth A 637
Landing, Charles T Davison, Catherine 253
Durkin, Thomas Charles Day, Nancy Helen 622
Nowak, Edward Dean, Margaret Jewell 285
Piels, Bernard Deatherage, Jeanne 159
Thomas, Josiah Anderson Dedman, Ada 140
Stanley, Cecil Roy DeFord, Mary Anna 202
Harvey, Orville Duane Denman, Jean Frances 564
Zboralski, Edward R Dennis, Helen Irene 436
Mata, Ramon Dennis, Theadora 112
Church, Joseph William Dennison, Clara Elizabeth 461
Engelhardt, Henry Conrad Detillian, Eunice Marie 88
Gober, Luther Mason DeVaney, Jennie Delphine 64
Mossbarger, Elmer Earl Dewhurst, Effie Jewel 535
Bowen, Raymond William George Dick, Joyce Rose Emmerett 49
Bedsaul, George Elbert Dickerson, Benona LaVelle 345
Abraham, Arbeeny Dickerson, Fay L 520
Wheeler, Donald Peter Dickey, Anita 528
Townsend, Robert Jay Dillen, Ila Pearl 488
Jensen, Russell M Dishno, Alice Waltrudis 189
Witte, John William Dittemore, Mabel Irene 556
Penny, Irdell Dixon, Hazel Anna 40
Terry, Morris B Doane, Lilly Bell 328
Layton, William Wayne Dodge, Laura Nell 385
Stopp, Ernest Eugene Dolan, Elsie Elizabeth 439
Snow, Curtis Henry Donaldson, Genevieve Doris 81
Moore, Bert Donnelly, Elizabeth Anna 210
Watson, Robert Bruce Douglas, Ella May 180
Dow, robert B Dow, Amy C 588
Cox, Earle Robert Down, Clare Frances 83
Esterbrook, Eugene Doyle, Gladys Bertha 534
Lamison, Herbert Roswell Drake, Betty Lou 438
Hurley, Thomas P Duggen, Zemerie C 137
Gandy, Samuel Joseph Dumas, Mary Ann 401
Marsden, Lee Davis Dungey, Laura Louise 66
McLain, James Edward Dunham, Arlene Jane 455
France, Edward T Durham, Eva Marie 451
Colabella, Albert Dusenbury, Edythe Grace 225
Collins, Charles William Dwyer, Agnes E 199
Mann, Laddie D Dyer, Edna Mae 159
Wilson, Alva Harmon Dyer, Eva Mae 493
Storm, James Tolbert Dyment, Matilda Jane 174
Baker, Kenneth Raymond Eastlick, Margaret Ann 33
Guches, Reuben Raymond Eaton, Effie Jane 20
Cook, Robert Donald Eaton, Lillian Mae 571
Card, Preston J Eberle, Maude Grace 502
Bruse, George Kilian Edler, Nona Bland 364
Chambers, Raymond H Edmondson, Leola A 209
Herrin, Martin robert Ednother, Lois Elaine 12
Shrier, Glenn Marvin Edwards, Bette Jo 174
Reed, Kenneth Dwight Edwards, Helen Deloris 538
Dimmick, Vernon H Edwards, Martha 387
Furnas, Edward Eugene Jr Edwards, Marvel Jean 206
Watson, John G Elliott, Ileene Olfa 457
Hurd, Walter L Elliott, Mary E 616
Fletcher, Henry Albert Ellis, Beulah Mae 445
Miller, George John Ellis, Elva Louise 394
Whaley, Edwin Wayne Ellis, Evelyn Adelene 36
McNely, Walter Gordon Emmelius, Norma F 327
Schroeder, Richard Rubert England, Phyllis Iona 335
Vogue, Elmer Roy English, Imogene 121
Keene, Chester Marion Epperson, Mae Elizabeth 560
Crawford, Claude Herbert Jr Ettinger, Willey Allaine 596
Simmons, Gilbert Henry Evans, Vivian Shirley 485
Stone, Lynn Robert Everett, Joyce Irene 352
Williams, Kenneth Charles Evig, Edna Marie 53
Schaefer, William Ross Farris, Ellen Elaine 242
Brown, Thomas Edward Faubion, Mae L 559
Zumwalt, Archie Gerald Favero, Doris Jean 549
Clark, Edwood Milton Fawver, Louise Mae 210
Mead, George B Feagins, Marilyn Ruth 51
Hickey, Donald D Feller, Marjorie Annie 597
Bennett, Kenneth Harry Ferns, Marian Harriet 139
Hamilton, James Lee Feustel, Aileen Gene 381
Glenn, James Wellsworth Fields, Doreen Janet 435
Anderson, Lloyd W Fields, Ruth G 183
Montgomery, Merle Vernon Figaro, Doris A 340
Stinson, Lawrence W Finchum, Mila Jean 152
Finke, Albert Theodore Finke, Helen Charlotte 300
Morvay, Robert Anthony Fisher, Antoinette Estelle 121
Tryon, Robert Duane Fisher, Doris Lucile 231
Weaver, Earl W Fitzgerald, Frances I 157
Speck, Earl D Flath, Adelyne Lillian 70
Hamilton, Robert D Fleshman, Thelma Ellice 474
Hiatt, Amos Albert Florey, Phyllis May 593
Evans, Luther Greene Floyd, Zona 595
Birk, Eugene Raymond Flynn, Beryl Mildred 242
Swift, William Mathew Fogg, Gladys Yvonne 9
McMillin, Ray Foren, Etta May 192
Beebe, Kenneth Weldon Forslund, Patricia E 550
Branson, Carl Leslie Fortner, Lila Mae 91
Horning, Robert S Foster, Ruth J 626
Chapman, Zenas Hubert Franklin, Allie Ruth 287
Miller, James Delbert Franklin, Orel Joanne 590
Johnson, James Hubert Frazier, Leady Mae 393
Penland, Vernon LeRoy Frederick, Sarah Eleanor 318
Monsey, Robert S Fredricksen, Helen Louise 234
Meek, Irving Ward Freshour, Maxine 262
Albert, Glenne W Frey, Eva LaVerne 230
Williams, Henry Davis Friesen, Bertha 580
France, Alvord Herman Froman, Ruth Marian 427
Sheridan, Robert Jackson Froman, Wilma Jean 433
Brown, Gordon Ray Frost, Edith Rosellen 391
Hanlin, Robert Merritt Frost, Opal Mae 74
Burgess, Leonard Randolph Frost, Virginia 437
Martina, Mario Julius Fry, Jesse Anna 324
Price, Charles Fulcher, Mabel 235
Firstbrook, Thomas Jr Fullam, Helen A 636
Abbott, Lawrence H Fuller, Loretta Jean 356
Perdue, Arville D Gabbett, Charlotte I 511
Harrison, Ezell Jr Gaber, Lola Ella 312
Kolkemo, Lawrence George Galbraith, Margaret Jean 227
Arant, Joseph P Gale, Gladys Mae 71
Whitmore, Vaughn Patrick Galloway, Dorothy Lucille 179
Snook, John Charles Gambone, Naomi Lee 415
Gilbert, Arthur D Gandee, Alice L 473
Smith, Albert Leen Garant, Mildred Jo 445
Rowe, Martin Richard Gardner, Daphne Mrie 10
Badger, Earl V Gardner, Gertrude M 273
Jones, William Marion Gardner, Mildred Fay 313
Holman, Robert Earl Garey, Betty Jean 123
Deppen, Harold Edward Garner, Edna Louise 453
Lenderman, Eugene Raymond Garner, Isleabelle May 428
Carston, Albert Garnier, Helen M 7
Mason, Buck Garrison, Grace Zion 532
Miller, Elton Eugene Geiser, Pharis Ann Thomas 573
Warner, Kenneth Kelly George, Mildred Amelia 137
Needham, Robert Lee Geurin, Mabel Irene 3
Warner, Augustus Theodore Gibeson, Kathleen 241
Oliver, Orval O Gibson, Shirley C 384
Foster, Donovan Gibson, Winifred Lucille 518
Richards, Warren S Gilbert, Hazel A 70
Duffey, Joseph Lelland Giles, Juanita Ilene 37
Roda, Manuel DeSousa Giles, LaRue 286
Caulkins, Fred Anthony Gilham, Myrtle Ilene 38
Bobbett, John Raymond Gillette, Alice Nellie 629
Gossett, Ray Allen Gingrich, Winifred Jane 265
Fazo, Albert Goforth, Eelyn Jewell 604
Luman, Bert Preston Golden, Beverly Gertrude 606
White, Carrol Neil Golden, Mary Ellen 411
Fox, Elvin Otis Golden, Ruth Lavonne 239
DeCourten, Frank Dominic Gomes, Angel Jeanne 426
Cooper, Bert Ellis Gonzales, Mae 626
Palmer, W Warren Goodall, Carriebelle Gail 348
Bevens, Darwin Kirk Goode, Thelda Nellie 616
Smith, Roy G Goss, Nellie S 390
Mather, Paul Fredrick Govenor, Lorraine Mae 252
McIntyre, Bernard James Grantham, Jeanne Ruby 516
Kitchen, Virgil Max Gravelle, Dolly A 321
Matney, Andrew Lee Gravelle, Lulu 52
Canfield, Charles Jackson Graves, Reasie Mae 349
Hemmerling, Kenneth Harrison Green, Georgia Laurene 541
Burchfield, Earl Jack Green, Mollie Lillie 422
Lee, Arlee H Green, Sarah Frances 176
Hakala, Charles Edward Greene, Josephine Arlene 281
Sartor, James Dominic Greenman, Gloria 499
Sizemore, Everett Jackson Greer, Wilma Pearl 449
Heisen, Bernard Harry Gresham, Edna Dean 35
Keller, Lloyd Griffin, Susan Blanch 389
Tison, Vernon Moses Griffith, Bonnie Jean 356
Devine, Charles Llewellyn Griffith, Laura Maxine 554
Gibeson, Douglas Edward Grimsley, Ila Marie 509
Lake, Joey Grosvenor, Gertrude Fern 211
James, Edward Ray Grubbs, Judith Kathleen 547
Grigsby, James William Jr Gunter, Juanita 176
Burke, George Lyon Guthrie, Dorothy Leigh 294
Haas, George Haas, Veva 391
Bryan, Elmer Edgar Haberbeck, Gabriella Louise 320
Kurovsky, Paul Hackett, Dorothy Dale 574
Yancey, Robert M Hall, Audrey G 512
Wilson, Fred Paul Hall, Katie Beverly 558
Poole, Erford Horace Hall, Thora Leveive 164
Rose, John David Hall, Virginia Ann 607
Colpitts, Robert William Hall, Vivian Mary 551
Barry, John O'Neill Hallinan, Ellen 463
Settje, Arthur Halpin, Mary Eileen 455
Hoskins, Carl Syrel Hamaker, Bette Frances 56
Strahan, Ernest Dale Hambly, Marion Kathleen 306
Gonzalez, Roman Jaramillo Hamilton, Jessie Muriel Ayers 423
Waelty, Henry Hamilton, Rose E 604
Currey, William Lee Hammond, Gertrude 47
Dickson, William Hammonds, Susie Cornelia 133
Morse, George Roy Hampson, Berte Parter 387
Williams, Jack Melvin Hampton, Mildred Othlia 544
Bolz, Roy Arthur Hannaford, Margaret 8
Martin, Paul Hanscam, Zella Viola 91
Zacharias, Earl Thomas Hanscom, Lillian LeJean 515
Schnell, Weldon Maynard Hansen, Helen Marie 339
Scott, Donald G Hansen, Patricia Janet 548
Plumley, Walter Douglas Jr Hanson, Dorothy May 255
Curl, Clifford Wallace Jr Harbour, Patricia Rae 330
Iverson, Lowell Albert Harden, Mary Louise 577
Barraclough, Ned William Harden, Shirley Mae 349
Long, Tracy Eugene Harger, Ednamae 226
James, Leonard D Harkey, Ella J 364
Williams, Lewis C Harlacher, Alma Irene 192
Cooper, M E (Dr) Harmsen, Mildred 213
Smith, Joseph A Harnden, Idella A 155
Lunceford, Guy Harper, Gertrude 352
Goodrich, Kenneth Harold Harris, Beulah J 302
Covey, Charles Eugene Harris, Geraldine Tresa 398
Jones, Elmer Taylor Harris, Gladys Esther 25
Armstrong, Albert Thomas Harris, Harriet Esther 325
Sipe, Russell C Harris, Jeanne Louise 589
Robinson, Earl D Harrison, Elaine Ezma 514
Turner, Woodrow Norman Harrison, Erma Lenora 519
Wooster, Harry William Harrison, Hannah Helena 631
Langston, Loyd Clifford Hartley, Alta Dale 351
Tabla, Elias Hartley, June 579
Gleaves, Vernon Deale Hawley, Virginia Fay 212
Rosecrans, Charles Emmett Hayes, Catherine Neomi 422
Domingue, Lucas Jr Hayes, Elizabeth Irene 524
Buseman, Vern W Hayes, Natalie May 532
Hawkins, John H Hayman, Lorna E 25
Oden, William Loren Haynes, Winifred B 427
Delaney, Clarence William Hayse, Vivian Rose 351
Mix, Jim D Heasley, Elsie E 375
Richardson, Samuel Taylor Hedrick, Eva Eileen 530
Meyer, Lyle Bernard Hefley, Betty Lou 291
Morris, Louis Galston Hegler, Ida 386
Gonzalez, Carlos Reyes Helman, Janice 277
Hobbs, Erwin Leroy Hembree, Josephine May 4
Babcock, Elmin R Henderson, Mary F 218
Goldenbee, George Washington Hendrickson, Lela Pearl 309
Haldeman, Frank Connell Henry, Pearl Marie 270
Ammons, Jackson VanBuren Herdman, Glenlynn dorothy 5
Waud, Edward Leon Herrman, Rachel 129
Lewis, Lloyd Gerald Hess, Bettie Louise 404
Jones, Joseph Jefferson Hickey, Mary Frances 287
Dunagan, Eugene Gordon Hickman, Dewyna Margrette 75
Jones, Robert Leonard Hickman, Rebecca Maxine 114
Powell, Alden Deston Hileman, M Betty 6
Atkins, Claude Earl Hilkey, Ilene Mildred 602
Duncan, Harold Eugene Hill, Aline Hattie 586
Hilliard, James Arthur Hilliard, Harriet Mae 60
Wiggins, Arthur Roderick Hilliard, Mary Virginia 502
Brittsan, Ronald Robert Hiner, Yvonne 39
Rock, James D Hinrichsin, Martina Virginia 311
Tennenbaum, Siegfried Hirschowitz, Ursula Ruth 61
Schnell, Leon Gilbert Hitchcock, Doris C 640
Sullivan, Homer Allen Hobbs, Mary Alice 453
Adee, Frank Nester Hocking, Muriel Hope 82
Kerr, Robert Anson Hodgin, Frances Aileen 519
Hogue, Roland Frances Hollenbeck, Faye 443
Anderson, Lawrence William Holliday, Marjorie Marie 167
Lowell, Frank V Hollingsworth, Dorothy Mae 23
Parker, Joseph Renshaw Holmes, Helen V 165
Myers, Eugene Philip Holmes, Joan Riley 2
Coleman, Elbert F Holte, Marian Joyce 77
Walstrom, Estol M Hood, Loise Mary C 12
Boatwright, Charles Hoodenpyle, Lorraine E 343
Love, Walter F Hopper, Nina Mae 299
Robertson, Noah Arthur Howard, Olive Ardath 610
Steacy, James F Howe, Wanda J 42
Hughes, Jesse J Howell, Bertha Susie 41
Whillock, William Thomas Howell, Maggie Elnore 173
Sichelstiel, Mike Hower, Kathleen M 638
Narramore, Eugene Thomas Howsley, Marjorie Belle 369
Roper, James Robert Hubler, Elberta Louise 619
Nelson, Myron Jones Huddleston, Hester Lee 292
Watts, Wade Hampton Hudson, Elizabeth C 209
Creswell, Walker Hudson, Jessie May 270
Scott, Robert Milton Hudson, Stella D 371
Jones, Horace Edgar Hug, Shirley May 541
Hile, David James Hughes, Alta Bernice 358
Speece, John R Hughes, Helen M 309
Proppe, William Douglas Humphrey, JoAnn 525
Thomas, Henry Lowell Hunsaker, Verda June 193
Bergstrom, Carl N Hunsley, Doris J 563
Wood, Elmer Hunter, Eldana Estelle 538
Ogilvie, Alex Miller Jr Hunter, Eunice Elizabeth 544
Smith, Richard J Hunter, Florence Loretta 384
Baker, Horace Warren Huntsman, Dorothy Dorene 269
McManama, Benjamin Franklin Hurd, Phebe Elizabeth 479
Gibson, William Hyatt, Dorothy Lois 214
Ruth, Teddy Wayne Inlow, Rachel Lydia 474
Short, William Edward Ireland, Rosemarie 409
McLaughlin, Fay E Itschner, Lucille 189
Feltz, Hector Joseph Jackson, Helen 194
Williams, Vernon Edison Jacobs, Mary Jane 71
Tingle, Robert E Jacobs, Virginia Evelyn 208
Smith, Charles Francis Jacobson, Marie Julia 100
Courtright, George Washington Jacques, Letha Ora 40
James, Jim V James, Ruth G 29
Sander, Victor Francis Jay, Kathleen 591
Shermak, Carl L Jeannette, Carol Gladys 82
Krupicka, Adolf J Jenkins, Jessica Pamela 86
Deems, Milton Raymond Jensen, Ethel May 362
Johnson, Walter John Jensen, Juanita Adele 288
Poling, Donald Dean Johnson, Alice Lucille 3
Johnson, Orris J Johnson, Arlene Williams 102
DeAvilla, Johnnie Sylva Johnson, Florence Mary 76
Northey, Melvin Johnson, Grace Marie 500
Dunagan, LaVerne Wayne Johnson, Helen Janet 1
Johnson, Robert M Johnson, Helen M 347
Woodward, Leeman Allison Johnson, Leslie L 100
Ring, Ellsworth Johnson, Lois Elaine 72
Cooley, William Robert Johnson, Marie Annabelle 263
Smith, Herbert Samuel Johnson, Minnie Neilsen 215
Severin, Walter William Johnson, Olga Anna 222
Ross, Ronald George Johnson, Ruth Marion 66
Hooker, Alfred Clark Johnson, Ruth Mary 289
Smith, Joseph Marion Johnson, Verlene Kieth 207
Hicks, Roland James Jones, Florence 315
Pembleton, Charles David Jones, Florence Marie 454
Christensen, Oscar John Jones, Lola Helen 68
Cooluris, Paul E Jones, Margaret M 57
McCormick, Robert W Jones, Marie Alma 324
Esquivel, Salvador Jones, Marjories 344
Fordyce, Charles William Judson, Rosemary Saunders 437
Stone, Ervin Neil Jull, Dorothy May 547
Schmidt, Ben Rodney Karcher, Betty Leone 196
McLain, John William Kays, Bernice Louise 15
Carman, Leonard Clinton Keefer, Mildred B 36
Graham, Harvey Vernon Keeney, Helena Inez 432
Ruth, Irving Herbert Jr Keizur, ruth Elinor 432
Greywacz, Carl Frederick Kelly, Dorothy June 425
Magruder, Ivan D Kemesies, Esther Elizebeth 89
Hancock, Jack M Kemp, Evelyn 429
Reid, Roy Edward Kendall, Inez Josephine 359
Henri, Robert Emil Kennel, Lyla Virginia 494
Haynes, Freeman Kent, Mary L 458
Holman, William Robert Kenton, Mildred Roberta 592
Nesom, James Taft Kerr, Inez Valetta 573
Hulbert, Walter Francis Key, Laura Lyda 117
Stevens, Eden L Kezer, Mary L 603
Johnson, Derondo Kiel, Luella Lee 142
King, Kenneth Russell Kimball, Camilla 147
Snellings, Don Ray Kimbrough, Viola 368
Stevens, Samuel L Kincaid, Shirley 624
Shoemaker, Clifford J Kinser, Katharina 295
Griffith, Ray R Kirk, Bertha Amanda 68
O'Donovan, Richard Bertram Kirk, Leitia May 154
Sumner, Robert Kirkendall, Lauretta 204
Moore, George G Kirtley, Jacquoise 402
Kittredge, Walter Douglas Kittedge, Helen Lucina 420
Danville, John LeMoine Kittler, Patricia Rose 605
Johnson, Otis Victor Klimek, Julia 492
Smith, Marc A Klimek, Leda 556
Coulter, Earl Wade Klukkert, Mona Marie 323
Bortz, Fred C Klumph, Elva Mae 527
Fox, John Daniel Knoble, Cleo Opal 527
Stiles, William Earnest Knox, Eva Buetta 179
Eller, Alvin David Knox, Pearl LaFerne 239
Worden, Weston Asheby Koch, Clema Marlene 583
Konopasek, Leo Kotrous, Sylvia M 354
Learned, Clarence Albert Krause, Anna 129
Dollar, Harry Douglas Krieger, Ruby Kathrine 76
Bohn, Delmar E Krueger, Erma Frances 219
Schaefer, John L Kruger, Mary Helen 258
Porter, James Ernest Kukes, Katherine 225
Waters, William M Kurtz, Dellas E 38
Jordan, Rollin Edgar Kusel, Helen Marie 132
Callahan, Arthur F Ladd, Lillian M 125
Guild, Walter Allen Jr Landis, Mimi Jeanne 383
Lichens, Robert James Lange, Evelyn Arden 572
Terrell, Edward Halpin Lange, Ramona Jean 446
Jones, Wilford James Langford, Ann Lee 489
Williams, Kenneth Randall Langston, Patricia Louise 475
Miller, Walter Hudson Larsen, Lorraine Redden 148
Miller, Glenn H Larson, Clara E 185
Miller, Alvin Dale Lattergrasse, Leora Delores 93
Heaton, Frank B Lawrence, Emilie Belle 414
Chapin, Roy E Lawton, Jean Elenor 295
Smith, George Charles Lebengood, Eva Mae 252
Huffman, James Hubert LeBlanc, Eloise Marie 333
Corey, Leslie Judson Lemire, Eleanor Emily 317
Walden, Charles H Lenderman, Edith Lorraine 101
Ellis, Leroy Ray Leonard, Beatrice June 506
Rector, Robert E Leonard, Jean Camille 316
Betz, Samuel Leslie, Leonara Frieda 81
Stewart, James W Lester, Gloria Amelia 259
Minear, Donald M Lester, Margaret Zavine 156
Jorgensen, George David LeVeille, Marjorie Elizabeth 264
Varner, Ray A Lewis, Alyce Mae 272
Forsberg, Godfrey John Lewis, Edna 97
Lewis, Harry Otis Lewis, Elsie Durham 372
Willburn, George Raymond Lewis, Marilyn Jane 551
Nickasch, Harlan Albert Liesch, Joan 297
Moffat, William Henry Jr Lillie, Phyllis Lucille 175
Hanscom, Harold E Lilly, Mary R 163
Alexander, Joseph Edward Lincoln, Opal M 37
Schmeer, Donald M Lindgren Helen E 634
Botefur, Walter Jr Lindgren, Peggy Lou 559
Hamilton, robert Paul Lindsay, Alice Rebecca 478
Owens, John Sanford Lindsay, Jessie Olive 125
Henderson, Jack M Lindsley, Dorothy L 115
Adair, James Harden Lingle, Wilma Jeanne 181
Mordoff, Douglas Forsythe Little, Evelyn Marie 284
Copple, Charles Monroe Little, Gertrude 489
Pannett, Elmer Lloyd, Glory 274
Lane, Alfred B Locke, Leona M 481
Vargas, Roman Lockwood, Dora Lucella 103
Jackson, Larry Alvin Loeffler, Mary Ellen 470
Gale, Nathan B Jr Loree, Wilma J 635
Coffman, Alfred Ike Lott, Nadine Audrey 162
Bailey, William Winford Love, Anita Pauline 67
Rogers, Lloyd James Love, Hazel Marie 94
Morehead, James Dudley Lovell, Virginia May-belle 578
Wells, Clinton Lloyd Lowe, Kathryn Mae 334
Corum, Gordon Leslie Luman, Ann Ellen 639
Pardee, Warren E Lunder, Irene L 85
Matthews, Gail Borden Luyben, Ruth Joyce 476
Seibert, William H Jr Lydiard, Jean 215
Gifford, William Arthur Jr Lyons, Ellen Marie 464
Bryan, Donald L Lyons, Evelyn Emily 430
White, William Burgan Lyons, Julie Mary 372
Hiner, Richard Clarence MacDougall, Madeline Jean 31
Lynch, James Martin Mack, Mary Elizabeth 496
Craig, Jack William Malcomes, Mary Elizabeth 319
Milloy, Don Mangold, Marietta Virginia 316
O'Duane, James Patrick Mann, Doris Violeen 79
Hilliard, Newt E Marberry, Wenoka 575
Richardson, Elmer Dewey Marrell, Melva 288
Perkins, Merle Wayne Marrs, Mildred Frances 446
Marsden, Lehi Harold Martin, Aimee Olive 394
Francis, Jesse Freddie Marty, Hilda Elizabeth 444
Babb, Charles C Mashburn, Hazel Irene 585
Marlin, Gus Hoyle Mason, Cleo Lee 310
Ramsey, Bloomfield Byard Mattheisen, Hazel Mae 500
Wirta, Richard William Mattila, Senia Elizabeth 576
Paul, George Henry Maunders, Grace Arline 554
Rose, Robert Lee Mauzey, E Lorene 583
Siler, Paul Patrick Mayfield, Bonnie Janice 336
Wilson, Ray Wesley Mayham, Thelma Margaret 16
Stevens, Arthur Lee McAdams, Dixie Elaine 138
Kipp, Melvin B McBee, Genevieve 638
Larson, Kenneth Loyd McCallister, Faye Louise 609
Beal, Roy McCarthy, Grayce 58
Earl, Howard McCauley, Freda Eleanor 88
Harris, Jack Leonard McCausland, Maxine Louise 46
VanDeVeer, Albert Hale McClarrinon, Hazel Irene 370
Sheahan, Joseph W McClelland, Lorraine Virginia 73
Kaufman, Noah N McClure, Dorothy Agnes 74
Copeland, Grover Darrell McCollum, Lucile E 341
Breeden, William B McCoy, Erma Jean 303
Keen, Richard Colburn McDermid, Esther Barbara 402
Brobst, Samuel Archie McDonald, Alice Florence 248
Hawkins, Edward Harrison McDonough, Irene May 344
Strickland, Dewitt Bruton McGonagle, Bertha Mae 275
Bounds, Rene Leroy McGraw, Gloria Wanna 171
Sparks, Ben F McGraw, Leilla L 201
Vaughn, Wendell M McGrew, Marjorie Alice 516
Bell, Bernard George Jr McIntire, Geneva Grace 332
Barnes, Jesse F McIntire, Jessie L 112
Barnes, Jesse V McIntire, Jessie L 577
VanDyke, Oran McIntire, Thelma 319
Smith, Joseph Elmer McIntyre, Donna Maurita 216
Meservey, Bustin Harvey McIrvin, Betty Lou 226
Marquess, Clarence Woodson McKay, Roberta Frances 232
Cushman, Paul Edward McKenzie, Geraldine Louise 473
McKinney, Herbert Salva McKinney, Emma Christina 308
Higgins, Lester Arthur McKinney, Mary Bianka 116
Cady, Garner William McKitrick, Nora Brock 342
Frohreich, Rudolph Herman McMullen, Janice Louise 507
Isaacs, William Francis McPherson, Louise Williamson 487
Morra, Michael R McTaggert, Billie June 467
McTimmonds, Bert W McTimmonds, Iva M 148
Sacquety, Jay Irvin McWethy, Vernice Daisy 229
Verschoor, William Frederick Meeds, Martha Annie 600
Bom, William Burnett Meehan, Dorothea Edith 480
Steen, George W Meehan, Glenita Ellen 178
Crocker, James C Meeker, Esther Fay 52
Long, James K Meeker, Esther Faye 144
Belts, John Warren Meggs, Lillian Eloise 172
Ager, Jerome Bonapart Meiss, Susie Rose 452
Grisham, Nathan Robert Mekemson, Frances Mae 484
Bostrom, Paul R Melberg, Margaret E 188
Stickel, Vernon Ray Mellor, Mildred Marie 633
Jones, Emery Elbert Mendosa, Eleanor Marie 383
Wagner, William Methvin, Rachel Effie 490
Wallace, Joseph Ronald Metsala, Ailie Martha 21
Hardesty, Jack Earl (Dr) Metternich, Clare Jeannette 632
Goodrich, Vernal L Metzger, Phyllis Joyce 355
Sanders, Joseph D Mewhinney, Juanita 549
Harmon, Walter Wade Meyer, Elna May 360
Lehman, Howard Lloyd Meyer, Juanita 611
Gueringer, Clifton E Milbrandt, Vendola Ella 477
Berkheimer, Walter J Milburn, Florence Pearl 289
Northey, Kenneth Arthur Milkowski, Agnes Marie 605
Tannar, Clair Ellis Miller, Doris Marguerite 188
Morrow, Paul Miller, Dorothy Alice 488
Brown, Francis E Miller, Frances Ellene 220
Rundle, Garnet W Miller, Marguerite M 22
Grimes, James Anderson Miller, Mildred W 546
Lamb, Vaughn Harold Mills, Betty Lorraine 285
Jessen, Edwin John Milton, Bobby Jean 323
Millard, Iris B Jr Minger, Irene Berniece 629
Johnson, Lorenzo Gale Minger, Irma Nariece 145
Lamb, Douglas Stephen Mitchell, Faye Florilla 480
Darby, Marvin Lindberg Mitchell, Shirley Ann 172
Crank, Wallace Morrell Moller, Annelise Colberg 552
High, Eber F Monroe, Minnie M 48
Hostler, Darrel Dwight Moon, Idell F 5
Roper, Curtis Edwin Moon, Twila Marie 278
Hunt, William E (Pfc) Mooney, Ida M 111
Henry, Oscar Moore, Bernice 280
Cardin, William Luther Moore, Betty Louise 482
Hargitt, Harold Eugene Moore, Geneva Jane 141
Beebe, Kenneth Ray Moore, Marian Spaulding 256
Hilkey, Allen Richard Moore, Marjorie Juanita 574
Edwards, Herbert LeRoy Moore, Marlys Yvonne 530
Anderson, Omar V Moore, Mickey O 390
Sherwood, Russell R Moore, Nina M 187
Coleman, Benford Wayne Moore, Violet Mae 23
Smith, Charles Edward Moorhead, Roberta Susan 403
Holland, John Paul Morehouse, Elizabeth Marie 170
George, James Eugene Morgan, Joyce Lorraine 258
Bergstrom, John Arvid Morris, Iris Elaine 397
Hatch, Donald Franklin Morris, Rosa Lee 521
Claflin, Vincent C Morrow, Betty Jo 275
Shinn, Charles Frederick Morton, Coral Genevieve 612
Mace, Jack Charles Morton, Olive VeOna 257
Adams, Dale Alvin Moseley, Margaret Evelyn 267
Reynolds, James Clarence Moss, Juanita Viola 47
Rodgers, Jess Jr Mulhollen, Vivian Wanda 596
Palmer, George William Mullins, Jessie Lee 2
Short, Max L Munro, Milicent Orrell 246
Breece, Walter Olin Muns, Lula Bessie 353
Campbell, Ed D Murphy, Alice G 53
Henson, George Washington Murphy, Nell 255
Morris, Arthur Merl Murray, Geraldine 165
Miller, Jesse Ellis Murray, Jayne Elizabeth 630
Bass, Walter McLain Myers, Blodwyn M 346
Griffith, Robert DeWayne Myers, Marjorie Rosezetta 22
Garrett, Marvin Myles, Ruby Bernice 63
Halvorson, Richard Donald Natcheff, Louise Ruth 623
Sanders, Vernon L Neal, Neoma Jo 536
Sanders, Walter M Neal, Ruby L 291
Robinson, Raymond Earl Neff, Barbara Louise 471
Murphy, Willis Ira Nelson, Clara May 183
Thornton, Denver Elgin Jr Nelson, Jacqueline Jane 343
Crawford, James R Newbold, Steve Alberta 19
Fuqua, Gill Urton Newland, Lorena 613
Smith, Charles S Newton, Lois LaVerne 50
Barger, Laurence Leon Nichols, Betty Jean 105
Bowden, Glen William Nichols, Enid Loraine 567
Fortin, John Nelson Nichols, Eva 93
Lorton, Bill J Nichols, Frieda A 630
Stubblefield, Robert Clarence Nicholson, Beverly Ann 433
Short, Arthur Nicholson, Nellie Ann 396
Duke, Frank Roger Nicholson, Ruth Evelyn 268
Saunders, Roy J Nielsen, Lillian 19
Medlin, Curtis Herman Nill, Evelyn Ruth 43
Walden, Walter Parker Noblitt, Pearl May 412
Biggs, Fred William Nolan, Theodora Valentine 9
Crawford, William Warren Noonan, Pauline May 365
Elam, William John Norberg, Dulcia Erlene 366
Mattei, Charles J Nord, Ivy StClair 62
Mitchell, Robert Edward Nordstrom, Eleanor Mae 184
Knudsen, Lawrence M Norton, Mabel Lucretia 17
Marquess, Robert Frank Nowlin, Winona Jean 410
Wissenback, Darwin Harold Obrist, Jacqueline Marie 454
Ridgway, Clinton Steven O'Connor, Mary Elizabeth 475
Gaines, Billy Jean Olea, Dolores Carmen 524
Kiddle, Leland S Oliver, Marie 65
Prowell, Virgil Joe Oliver, Roberta Evana 631
Perry, Merlyn Delmar Olsen, Barbara Jean 336
Ross, Raymond H Olsen, Dorthea Minta 120
Lambert, Harland Frank Olsen, Ella 550
Plank, Roy Edward Olson, Betty Jean 617
West, Raymond Elihu Olson, Elaine Joyce Yvonne 509
Holmgren, Robert Orme, Joyce Olive 244
Allen, Fred Albert Orr, Loretta Marie 227
Jackson, Dewey C Osborne, Ann 367
Matteson, Hartley D Osborne, Lillie Lorena 378
Meyer, Arville Lescester Osborne, Maxine 90
Hankammer, August Ostling, Elizabeth 501
Milhoan, Donald Wayne O'Sullivan, Florenza Evelyanza 470
Stone, Robert Dale Ott, Wilma Louise 586
Peterson, Melvin Stephen Overbay, Alberta Mae 456
Ingram, Jewell Owens, Juanita Fay 14
Merriman, Herbert Neil Palmer, Mary Agnes 504
Braack, William R Pappas, Barbara Janet 138
Oatman, William Frank Parker, Fay Frances 73
Mee, Anderson L Parker, Ruth 237
Rudy, Robert E Parkhurst, LaVerne Marguerite 57
Lytle, Ernest Monroe Parkinson, Claudia Sue 406
Stephan, Ralph Gordon Parks, Minnie Emma 293
Haynes, Junior Frederick Parr, Dorothy May 169
Winchester, Jack Jesse Parson, Shirley Marilyn 459
Kilgore, Duncan C Patton, Frances Lyle 292
Gates, Martin J Paulsen, Marjorie Helen 360
Frey, John Thomas Pearce, Maxine Lorraine 282
Hugdahl, Randolph W Pearson, Beverly Joyce 228
Stauffer, Harry R Pearson, Marilla G 30
Shaffer, Don DeVere Pederson, Margery 355
O'Dell, Ralph B Pendleton, Madeleine J 113
Ware, Jack Fletcher Perry, Nettie 523
Davis, Clarence Hadden Perry, Ruth Anne 48
VanHorn, Jess W Peters, Georgia W 212
Clogston, Jeffery William Petersen, Marie Louise 58
Sanders, Phillip Robert Peterson, Astrid Marie 521
Callas, Mike John Peterson, Helen Marie 490
VanMeter, John Alden Peterson, Loretta Mae 588
Hannam, James Edward Peterson, Martha Bell 142
Lewman, Marion Francis Pettingill, Marvel Lucille 26
Petty, Lyle Ellsworth Petty, Mildred Laura 77
Nickelson, Robert William Phelps, Afton Bernice 114
Whitehead, Frank Leroy Phillips, Evelyn 513
Conrad, Gordon Willis Phillips, Ina Lois 440
Wintterle, Robert Emmet Phillips, Inez 531
Simpson, Edward Phillips, Jeanette 27
Davis, Maurice Walton Piatt, Joan Carlin 281
Bartholomew, Orin Gilbert Piatt, Muriel Gail 379
Johnson, John Thomas Jr Pierce, Ferne Harriet 612
Pierce, Paul Clay Pierce, Wilma Louise 62
Houston, Frank William Pittman, Bertha Elizabeth 59
Fichtner, Warren Edward Pittock, Gloria Anne 486
Clark, Ira Benjaman Poore, Lillie Alener 416
Vicars, Arthur Everett Pope, Alta Rae 405
Fears, Arthur D Porter, Frieda Grace 472
Langlo, Elton Rodney Porter, Viola Evelyn 526
Barry, Nicholas Lofftus Post, Lois Marie 408
Wisner, Marvin Potter, Olive 32
Hackett, Chester E Powell, Marjorie Mae 429
Jones, John Howard Powell, Ona Maxine 565
Callnin, James Alexander Powell, Rosa 594
Messal, Lawrence William Powers, Blanch E 302
Pyles, Carl Hershel Prather, Mildred Kleger 145
VanMeter, Keith W Pratt, Elsie C 628
McKinnis, Richard L Price, Beulah 55
Vallier, Harley D Price, Thelma Louise 533
McCorkle, Robert Earl Prince, Doris Cecelia 303
Camm, John Richardson Prose, Sidna Helman 238
Pugsley, John David Pugsley, Ellen Jane 491
Guidry, Francis Joseph Pursell, Kathleen Ann 361
Kerby, George Donald Quackenbush, Verna Grace 331
Funk, Carl Brower Rae, Vera Lenore 505
Dixson, Blann Clair Rahte, Patricia Irene 262
Swisher, Ralph W Raines, Mary Lou 195
Mitchell, Ismal Nelo Ramsay, Nancy Lou 508
Beck, Paul Timothy Rasmussen, Alice Esther 441
Woolway, William Wayne Rawe, Mary Patricia 231
Ambrose, Thomas F Rawstern, Susan E 392
Brown, robert Floyd Ray, Elinor Olive 376
King, Albert Timothy Rayner, Mary Alice 545
Thurman, Louis Robert Read, Frances Baldwin 548
Smith, Hampton Ream, Ruth 205
Meyer, Harrison G Rector, Leona E 283
Wellen, Clyde William Jr Redford, Lois Margaret 537
Hannaford, George David Ree, Erna Viola 290
Heard, Weldon F Reed, Betty Sue 104
Buckles, Robert John Reed, Elizabeth Arlene 552
Morris, Alva Cecil Regier, Lethia Lorene 321
Wiseman, Louis Raymond Reginato, Emelda Olympia 202
Marsh, Edwin Walter Reiker, Katherine 613
Reedy, William Harold Renzema, Grace Ruth 300
Gay, Cyril George Reynolds, Elsie Margaret 382
Figi, Glen H Reynolds, Erma Blanche 373
Lawton, Paul Irwen Reynolds, Joyce Eleanore 401
Holmes, Roland James Reynolds, Vera Lucille 539
Mittelstead, Leonard Cecil Richardson, Clara Ann 584
Prouty, Robert Richardson, Jean Marie 249
Walls, Billy Lee Richardson, Ruby Mollie 614
Halliday, Russell Bittner Richmond, Bertha E 386
Johnston, Woody S Ricks, Ida Gladys 592
Welch, Edward C Ridgeway, Hazle Vivian Coleman 168
Bushnell, Sherrill L Ritsch, Anna 143
Levulett, Elvin F Rivallier, Frances Pauline 357
West, Richard Lee Robbins, Joyce Lenore 253
Burdic, Joseph Thorn Roberson, Clara Ann 442
McCoy, John F Roberts, Amanda 218
Mast, Frederick Mathius Roberts, Eldora 566
Lewis, Jennings T Roberts, Georgia Pauline 7
Rusho, Edward A Roberts, Lula May 483
Lilly, Robert Joseph Robertson, Betty Jean 442
Gain, Joe Robert Robertson, Nina June 625
Lovell, Charles William Robertson, Norma Jean 306
Hamaker, John R Rock, Betty Jean 465
Brackin, Erwin N Roff, Eula Mae 86
Garilli, John Paul Rolls, Betty Jean 466
Davis, Dean D Rose, Carolyn Louise 534
Fisher, J L Rose, Huldah Rae 139
Hatcher, Daniel Wheland Rose, Joyce Marie 430
Newman, William H Rosecrans, Mary R 243
Wolff, Donald Eugene Rosecrans, Millie May 562
Utter, Russel Howard ross, June Moonyeen 576
Buteau, Phillip Howard Rouse, Mary Frances 141
Iverson, Blaine Evan Rouse, Ruth Barbara 251
Young, Grant Ruch, Jennie May 298
Moore, Kenneth E Runnion, Florence Josephine 610
Price, Lester Lee Russell, Edith Mae 153
Cass, Lester C Russell, Mary Alice 462
McFarlane, Fred W Rust, Julia Elizabeth 283
Beck, Alfred Michael Sample, Elizabeth Jeannette 241
Long, Floyd Alfred Sams, Mildred Amada 517
Williams, Jack Wesley Sander, Caroline Anita 274
Reams, Bernard Neal Sanderbrink, Dorothy Mae 606
Rominger, Donald Robert Sanders, Ida Mae 251
Smith, John Elzie Sanders, Margaret Ellen 13
Bicknell, Lester L Sanders, Shirley L 123
Owens, B Frank Sanders, Theresa Marie 243
Weisenburger, Robert Conrad Sands, Barbara King 540
Vosika, Donald Arthur Sandvig, Marna Doris 346
Babcock, Melville William Sarvis, Zelma Gaffield 135
Fleming, James Davenport Satterlee, Katherine 29
Hall, Melvin Clifton Schiber, Constance Esther 18
Parker, Eugene Lemont Schleigh, Lesley Beryle 421
Fourtnier, Homer H Schooler, Ethel Pearl 503
Kurz, Earl Albert Schuler, Dorothy Evalina 14
Smith, Bert Alvin Schulz, Alma 408
Kendall, Joseph M Scoones, Marilynn Lund 126
Brown, Harry Bincham Scott, Clarice 247
Dorris, Rene M Scott, Evelyn J 15
Buchanan, Joseph Marion Scott, Ione Iola 482
Doney, Donald Merril Scranton, Julia Marie 397
Prickett, Delbert E Scripter, Annis Henrietta 477
Wright, Neil H Scrivner, Joanna 268
Perry, William Seefield, Augusta E 143
Carter, J Robert Seiler, Cherokee L 417
Cramer, Charles Warren Seth, Elizabeth Ellanorah 602
Gonzalez, Ildefonso Padilla Settell, Olive Mae 147
Shelton, Gordon Ardell Severson, Thelma Dolores 438
Wanier, Eugene Albert Shahan, Erma Mildred 410
Fairchild, Wayne Milton Shakespeare, Ina Z 267
Grice, Henry Shanahan, Nellie 140
Hanscom, Earl H Shaver, Sallie 250
Conger, Lewis Elias Shearer, Margaret M 83
Lamke, Harley Arnold Shellabarger, Mildred Mae 233
Fields, William Henry Shepard, Geneva Augusta 539
Jordan, Wiley B Sherier, Analee Maxine 398
Lake, Leland Arnold Shiell, Marjorie Fern 317
Zahnow, Theodore Henry Shopp, Donna Belle 533
Rose, Clarence John Shores, Charlene Ray 6
Rose, Clarence John Shores, Charlene Ray 69
Thanos, John Loucas Shuler, Carrie Leatha 136
Burns, Robert Shull, Joan Hazel 240
Waterman, David Shults, LaVona Fay 537
Sidders, Clyde Leland Sidders, Dorothy Lee 158
Silva, Carl A Silva, Evodia Schlipf 282
Mendoza, Jorge Alberto Ortiz Silva, Hazel Edna 462
Kubach, Wilburn August Silver, Julia Margaret 338
Rosendale, David Simerl, Georgia Ellen 469
Bachlor, Thomas Amos Simmons, Mary Anna 131
Payne, Maxwell Drake Simpson, Clara Mae 326
Hickman, Oliver Chester Simpson, Dorothy Lelah 247
Flynn, Harold Eugene Sims, Doris Eva 595
Duncan, Woodson Vaden Sims, Virginia Doreen 208
Lofdahl, Herman L Sinnott, Agnes 223
Morgan, William Lee Skaggs, Alice Madeline 96
Krewson, Clarence Skarin, Edna Mae 13
Miller, Richard Skelly, Marian 458
Hughes, Jessie J Skidmore, Helen D 444
Grigsby, Raymond Everett Skinner, Charlotte Cleo 400
Witt, Adrian William Smith, Alda Esther 447
Lowther, Lawrence Luther Smith, Allie 130
Hickman, Floyd Lenn Smith, Barbara Ellen 557
Fleck, Fredrick McKay Smith, Betty Ann 203
Lockett, Donald Jay Smith, Betty Lois 385
Mathews, Edward Bartlett Smith, Cheryl Jerene 620
Killingsworth, Joe Oscar Smith, Clair Louise 127
Hancock, John Julian Smith, Dorothy May 506
Merriman, Rodney Oris Smith, Emily Louise 443
Pierce, Louis Bryan Smith, Eudora S 441
Garnier, Ray A Smith, Geraldine Verna 601
Spalding, Howard Martin Smith, Hazel Elaine 310
Ralph, Harry Dallas Smith, Irma June 223
Fowler, Russell Raymond Smith, Janeann 392
VanScoy, William Lyle Smith, Johnnie Fleet 305
Adams, John Maurice Smith, Lydia Margaret 322
Phillips, George S Smith, Mael F 80
Condon, Norman Morten Smith, Mary Catherine 440
Emmons, James R Smith, Mary Estelle 98
Smith, Harold LaVerne Smith, Mary Estelle 526
Driskell, James Benjamine Smith, Myrtle Jeanne 456
Webb, Ross McRae Smith, Regina Olive 498
Blakely, Glenn Arnold Smith, Roxie Jean 350
Shollenburg, Clinton Maurice Snook, Mary Jane 191
Smith, Paul G Snyder, Dorothy I 216
Miller, Leon S Snyder, Patricia M 331
Greene, Lorenzo Stephen Soctt, Mildred Arlettie 466
McFarlane, Edward Leroy Sorenson, Audrey Ione 157
Root, Donald Goffe Southwick, Doris Evelyn 54
Kissinger, Stanley Paton Spangler, Agnes Marie 269
Wood, Clarence Edward Spargus, Vera Ilien 625
Downing, Wayne Elton Spencer, Jean 32
Simpson, Frank Edward Jr Spindler, Lora Marian 107
Goedker, Edward James Spivey, Aurilla D 254
Moore, Dwyght Vernet Squires, Marjorie Jeanette 31
Golden, Donald Eugene Stancliffe, Beverly Gertrude 150
Stein, Frederick Peter Stanco, Rose Elizabeth 98
Martin, Oliver Standley, Edna G 158
Conner, Grady Allan Stark, Virginia Dell 365
Sehnert, Paul Leslie Statton, Shirley M 415
Goodenough, Hiram Irvin Stauffer, Betty Alice 169
Buccio, Rodolfo Stearns, Verda Marie 230
VanOsdol, Donald T Steinke, Cecilia 578
Trotter, Clarence William Stelle, Doris Irene 607
Jones, Harvey M Stephens, Juanita Isabelle 436
Hartzell, Harold R Jr Stephenson, Beulah Marie 8
Stephenson, Ralph O Stephenson, Josie Lenore 102
Mansker, Otto Herman Stevens, Jean Marie 35
Wright, George Turner Stevens, Margaret Ray 21
Nunes, Henry L Stevenson, L Pauline 197
Stevenson, Clive Norman Stevenson, Wilda Belle 513
Herndon, Glen Allen Stewart, Billie Glen 320
Mason, Howard Carl Stewart, Billie Glen 540
Tabor, Roy F StGermain, Lola Belle 235
Wilson, Leslie Glen Stickel, Edna Mae 130
Frost, Victor Arlie Stieger, Heidi 431
Brown, Darrel Albert Stiles, Lorna Lydia 593
Blunck, Elmer Wesely Stinson, Betty Marie 149
Eubanks, E Cordell Stoehr, Joan 64
Bushnell, John Daines Stone, Geraldine A 187
Crenshaw, Walter Bryan Stovall, Bernice 124
Newton, James Robert Strahan, Margaret Mae 290
Beckley, Harold Sewell Strubel, Margaret Mabel 80
Gardner, Jack Junior Stuart, Doris Barbara 151
Rosecran, Benjamin Stubbs, Clara Louise 608
Cole, Warren Benny Stults, Gracie Elizabeth 546
Foster, Richard Fredrick Sullivan, Fanie Belle 217
Kuehl, Arthur Walter Sullivan, Margaret Marie 337
Lindsay, Philip Allen Sumerlin, Lavonne Louise 182
Black, Troy Lee Susan, Jane Andre 421
Riddle, James L Swanson, Barbara Hughlene 196
Edwards, Owen Walter Swemmelaar, Louise 27
Bell, George Fred Swift, Sarah Elizabeth 493
Cullen, Clayton Edward Szybczynski, Irene Theresa 497
Wyatt, Richard Douglas Talbot, Barbara Jean 591
Howard, Frederick Ralph Talbot, Thelma Neathamer 486
Shaver, Clarence Vern Tatten, Mary Alice 178
Tallman, Max Derby Tavis, Violet Elizabeth 16
McCoy, Durward Charles Taylor, Aletha Gail 487
Asher, James Perry Taylor, Edna Baxter 362
Hansen, Clarence A Taylor, Florence K 195
Grace, Kenneth Earl Taylor, Frances Cecella 238
Selvey, John Francis Taylor, Hattie M 311
Hughes, William M Templin, Caroline 224
Peart, Cecil Jesse Terry, Martha Beth 359
Presenti, Elvin Thanos, Mary Lou 124
Wyant, Stuart Conner Therres, Rosemarie Cecilia 298
Walker, Odom Thomas, Alberta 361
Thorsheim, Orvie G Thomas, Louisa Evelyn 160
Marshall, Francis A Thomason, Ina E 379
Carl, Elwood Evans Thompson, Elva E 434
Kanclier, Anthony J Thompson, Ethelmae 119
McKee, Delmar G Thompson, Janet L 568
LaPlant, Robert N Thompson, Margie C 87
Pippin, Cohin Thorsen, Helen D 135
Stuck, Earl Harrison Threat, Mary Alice 85
Stumbo, Clari Warren Threewit, Mildred Ella 484
Worley, Carl Jr Thurston, Genevieve Ruth 425
Vancil, Ray Horatio Tilson, Donnie Mae 328
Wright, Jefferson Davis Tolbert, Effie Estelle 514
Worden, James Lester Towndrow, Mildred Virginia 335
Farmer, Glen Treisch, Lola 232
Wright, Harold E Tresham, Betty Lou 277
Harbison, David Lindsay Troxell, Dorothy Pauline 307
Greene, Levi E Truesdale, Minnie L 424
Winterhalder, John Paul Trullinger, Betty Winifred 389
Buchanan, Kenneth Ray Tucker, Lela Mae 266
Duran, Servet Ahmet Tucker, Martha 418
Hixson, Lee Arlett Tucker, Nellie Rea 34
Ashcom, Richard Clarence Tumy, Deborah Gilbert 161
Clegg, Clifford Eugene Turner, Norma Clair 345
White, Vern Edwin Turpin, Janet Lillian 69
Rayburn, Richard Gale Tuttle, Cornelia Dean 357
Conlon, James Harry Twitty, Betty Marie 381
Bullock, Denver Liebenow Tyrrell, Arletta Lou 156
Purdie, Robert Wright Uhrine, Clara Elizabeth 418
Loew, William A Underwood, Beatrice Emalie 222
Dyer, Glenn Burton Valdiaz, Antonia 463
Timmons, John Thomas Valin, Mariah Frances 119
Cramer, Robert Clifford VanAuken, Elsie Arlene 517
West, Robert Edward Vance, Vivienne Viola 590
Beers, Phillip A Vandagrift, Valla Vee 94
Gordon, Charles G Vandiver, Mamie E 84
Shadduck, Ervin Babe Vanesse, Lucille Catherine 104
Harper, Lloyal Galen VanHise, Evelyn Mae 153
Carter, Frank E Varney, Edith 152
Bird, Jack Claborn Vernon, Bernice Marie 599
McGowan, Clyde Francis Verschoor, May Louise 529
Holmes, David Hugh Jr Vilas, Susan Elizabeth 416
Davis, Robert Guy Villair, Jeanne 194
Bostwick, Andrew Bert Vivier, Grace D E 528
Keck, Leonard Esterbrook Waddell, Emma B 587
Reeder, Wallace W Wade, Jennie M 45
Reed, Clarence H Wagner, Naomi Ruth 28
Casey, James Allen Waldo, Nina Laura 11
Sloan, Ruben Walker, Marguerite 271
Barr, Gilbert Wesley Walker, Mary Callahan 531
Denman, George William Walker, Mary Elizabeth 564
Lee, John Henry Walker, Mary Myrtle 413
Fitzgerald, Gerald Clement Walker, Shirley Ann 405
Reed, Daniel Jackson Jr Wallin, Margaret 472
Darneille, Lester Raymond Wallmann, Dorothy Irene 449
Day, Orrin David Walsh, Vergia 97
Erickson, ElRoy Preston Waltermire, Delores Arlene 374
Lintow, Cecil Darrel Walters, Mary Pauline 342
Cole, James Charles Walton, Jeanne Kathryn 400
Scholer, Walter Herman Walton, Mamie Charlotte 182
Baker, James Madison Jr Walton, Vivian Irene 301
Amer, Philip Wandler, Pauline 263
Davis, Calvin Ward, Kathryn Faye 375
Pittman, George Vern Ware, Lois 558
Miller, Leland F Warner, Barbara Stallcup 623
McCormick, Harry Grant Warren, Laurena 543
DeMello, Zedon Waterhouse, Loma Marie 213
Preslar, Garvin Orent Waters, Laura Belle 127
Robertson, Louis A Waters, Lucile E 639
Bell, James Robert Waterston, Lou Ella 96
Vanderlinden, Milton Edward Watson, Beverly Jeanne 276
Martin, Gordon Gilbert Watson, Catherine Mae 371
VanOrtwick, Clyde Emory Way, Margie Ann 553
Raymond, Robert Abner Weathers, Anna Margaret 542
Fairfield, William A Webb, Helen Jean 272
Cox, Herbert A Webster, Thais 177
Smith, Kenneth C Weems, Martha Jane 491
Proctor, Raymond L (Lt) Wegmann, Bernadine Frances 304
Rikard, Dewey Virgel Weidman, Irma Carol 128
Roberts, Cecil Rodger Weikum, Marie Katherine 603
Hayner, Frank Joseph Weisenburger, Shirley Mae 525
Hobbs, Lee E Weiss, Maureen Ann 618
Skinner, Floyd Kenneth Welburn, Lucille 181
VanBuren, Howard Eugene Welch, Dorothy May 508
Barker, Edward Lee Welch, Mary Ann 523
Love, Raymond Lloyd West, Opal Lea 4
Williams, Glenn Allen Westfall, Elizabeth Alice 419
Putman, James Edwin Whaley, Losa Esther 211
Crews, Robert Wayne Whillock, Alpha Belle 154
Comblo, Charles Francis White, Fae Edrice 160
Hedberg, Elwood Brewster Whittle, Betty Laura 426
Hennan, Price M Jr Whittle, Margaret Alice 286
Decker, James Reese Whorley, Florence Lorene 587
Bergstrom, Roy W Wickburg, Leona L 116
Jarmin, Lyle Edward Widmer, Mary Theresa 565
Walker, Cleve Grant Wier, Beverly Rae 582
Kerby, Douglas Emmett Wiggins, Dorothy May 518
Kneebone, William Henry Wiggins, Lola Evalyn 224
Barker, Thomas Chris Wilcox, Natalie Louise 404
Merriman, Dick Lawrence Wilcox, Shirley Beatrice 620
Myers, Jesse Frank Wild, Florence Ethelene 149
Stricklin, Lloyd Jr Wilder, Elizabeth June 499
Marques, William Packwood Wiley, Claire Ann 465
Hutchison, William Jr Wilkie, Dorothy Moffat 333
Pfeifle, Donald Elden Wilkinson, Elnora May 173
Burfeind, Richard Frank Willard, Jean Ann 399
Chamberlin, Wayne Franklin Willard, Shirley 301
Mead, Wilfred Lorenzo Willburn, Lois Ann 601
Oppegaard, Orrin Alfonso Willey, Angeline Letta 228
Regan, Perry Dale Williams, Dorothy Laverne 204
Weast, Clarence Williams, Georgia Eleanore 417
Swift, Henry Williams, Grace Ella 492
Ireland, Herbert Dale Williams, Lila Lorraine 409
Wright, Marvin H Williams, Mildred Lorraine 439
Center, Eugene Williams, Muriel Mae 380
Vary, William R Williams, Nelda 378
Perry, George Phillip Williams, Nila Marie 413
Zupan, Leo A Williams, Vida V 221
Langum, Palmer Julius Willis, Lynn Louise 396
West, Glenn Lawrence Wilson, Katherine Marcene 11
Peterson, John James Wiltrout, Betty Marie 585
Balfour, Marcus Luzerne Wimer, Juanita Jean 501
Brattain, Paul Edward Winchester, Mildred Jean 622
Sanders, Robert Winkle, Nellie May 296
Dykstra, Carl Raymond Winningham, Mabel Esther 260
Erickson, Albert J Winters, Celia 464
Brown, Elmo James Wirz, Betty Lucille 246
Garrecht, John Withers, Lillie Faye 44
Slade, Verne Anthony Wolf, Shirley Arlene 451
Simpson, Roy C Wolgamott, Dorothy M 109
Grant, Noyce Avon Woods, Lucille M 24
Schneider, Anton C Wooldridge, Hazel Joyce 399
Martin, Walton Russell Woolever, Betty Louise 627
Osborn, Leo Edwin Woolven, Barbara Jean 118
Johnson, Henry B Jr Woolven, Lois Anita 44
Gardener, Raphael Virgil Wooten, Helen B 553
Sparlin, Jerry C Wright, Florence Marie 566
Vernon, James Wesley Writer, May Mamie 543
Eastwood, Robert Hubert Wunderlich, Betty Jean 568
McCauley, Keith H Wyant, Fern Elinor 34
Alcorn, Woodrow Wilson Yarbrough, Almira Annie 161
Yaryan, Earl Wilbur Yaryan, Lois Gladys 304
Harris, Harold Lee Yockel, Inez Marie 99
Pixler, James Eugene Yocom, Ruth Barbara 471
Stagg, Harold Allison Yocum, Violet Ruth 133
Converse, Frank Floyd Yost, Lois Irene 299
Haun, Jack Joseoph Young, Barbara Ann 132
Shearin, Thomas H Young, Dorothy Helen 483
Friesen, John Lawrence Young, Dorothy May 110
Rogers, Frank H Jr Young, Margaret Anne 200
Hayes, Gordon Lee Young, Marilyn Rae 555
Tedrick, Guy Leo Yowell, Nellie 637
Kinkennon, George Leroy Zieschang, Ruby Malinda 90
Chamberlain, Dean Richard Zimmerlee, Caroline Jane 468
Lees, George Edward Zimmerman, Maxine Lorena 461
Bowman, Lorne David Zuspann, Iris Leona 271