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Jackson County Marriage Book #24 Indexed by Bride's Name

Old Photo of Wedding Couple

RVGS volunteers have photographed and indexed the marriage record books housed in the Jackson County, Oregon courthouse. Below is our index to Marriage Book #24 for 1948-1951. It is in alphabetic order by the bride's name. This book used preprinted forms completed by the county clerk. Each page in this book contains the certificates for a single couple and includes both the marriage license and certificate (assuming the license was acted upon).

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Marriage Certificate
How to order:
Names of bride and groom

Groom Bride Page
Thomas, Frankie Lee Abbott, Dorothy Virginia 568
Bethke, Donald E Abbott, Florence Edna 143
Hunter, Billie Joe Adams, Joan Louise 514
Seymour, John P Adams, Lillie Catherine 158
Wardle, John H Adams, Mary E 329
Jones, Charles Earl Adams, Mary Janith 216
Marshall, Edward Lewis Adams, Venola Darlene 396
Chamberlain, Jack L Adamson, Winifred Jean 82
Reid, Howard H Addison, Jane Hazel 624
Dufur, Kendal Junior Adkins, Leota Houser 487
Wattles, George Dewey Adkison, Ella Dean 211
Gann, Luther Paris Allen, Elma Irene 565
Cummings, Robert Thomas Allen, Elsie May 517
Schneck, Chester Hill Allsberry, Thelma Inetz 333
Thomas, Wilbur Bernard Alpheus, Vina Edith 472
Hamilton, Arthur Lavine Alspaugh, Marjorie Cleo 39
Davis, Dale Warren Anderson, Linnea Anna Marie 164
Solomon, Larry Otis Anderson, Loveta Rose 590
Kirkpatrick, Donald C Anderson, Patricia 478
Note, Roger Josiah Andrews, Audree Lee 369
VanCurler, Fred Andrews, Mary Opal 45
Morrison, Dwaine Dell Anseth, Betty Lou 29
Brown, Chester Edward Archer, Ruth 438
McFarlin, Danube Ray Archer, Zora 13
Thomas, Kenneth Edgar Arms, Frances Jean 180
Hall, Roger Clyde Arney, Nancy Haroldine 385
Janes, Thomas Preston Arnold, Delores June 593
Green, Ellsworth Arnold, Josephine Adell 6
Hauer, Theodore J Axland, Goldie B 116
Worth, Rolland Edwin Axt, Helen Mayola 200
Nelson, Glen Floyd Axtell, Catharine Joyce 183
Lewis, Dean William Ayers, Viola Lucile 305
Osborne, Winford Dale Backes, Anita Mae 263
Lacy, Donald Ray Backes, Norma Jean 115
Florey, William Redmond Bagley, Darlene Marie 247
Reese, Lynn Carol Baker, Cora Belle 198
Deming, Norman Eugene Baker, Georgie K 373
Palmer, Milo Gardner Baker, Gladys Irene 469
Baldwin, Carl Edward Baldwin, Marian Ruth 49
Wieskamp, Christian Frank Balfour, Shirley Elaine 193
Hahn, Fredrick William Balin, Frances Marie 567
Morrison, Clifford S Ball, Vivian Wylene 117
Peyton, Ernest E (Pfc) Barnes, Ardis May 16
Sparks, James H Barnes, Jessie L 150
Perdue, Gale Baker Barney, Hazel Fern 299
Beadnell, Robert Wayne Barnwell, Beverly Elaine 334
White, Hannie Brewer Barr, Zina Morris 406
Barker, Ray Bartolomew, Jessie E 55
Hollbeck, Donald Harry Basey, Marlea Fay 414
Hurst, Lyle F Bates, Bessie Lee 452
Center, Charles E Baugher, Maxine M 285
Shriner, Floyd Will Baum, Mabel Catherine 635
Hale, Orvie C Baumgartner, Margaret May 87
Addington, James Franklin Bebb, Dixie Dee 602
Brantley, Gene Richard Beck, Eisal Elaine 405
Beck, George Beck, Velma Leta 194
Laubach, Arthur Clinton Bedoya, Alice 423
Nimrod, Donald Harold Beers, Ruth Marie 618
Iverson, Louis Ingolf Bell, Myrtle May 141
Long, Josiah G Bell, Ruby Jean 375
Cummings, Walter G Bellinger, Minnie B 495
Norris, Joe Bennett, Mae 393
Dyke, Edward John Bennett, Norma Louise 338
Boatman, Louie Eugene Benoit, Carol Elinor 278
Settell, Ivol Elmer Bentley, Laura Frances 63
Fasel, Willis Thompson Bentley, Lucile W 288
Lewis, Harry M Benton, Inez Jessie 468
Krause, Laurel Elmer Berg, Barbara Lucille 556
Boatwright, Frank Harold Berg, Marilyn Ellen 264
Goodwin, Robert E Bernheisel, Helen L 343
Howard, Edward Armed Berry, Ellen Dolores 548
Burgess, Ralph Clyde Jr Berry, Ellen Dolores 579
Mason, David Carlos Best, Lola LaVerne 614
Greenwood, Harold Winston Best, Mary Eldina 490
Bolen, Edward Junior Bewley, Frances Mae 516
Jordan, Irving Ray Bews, Eleanor Jeanne 351
Lawton, Keith B Billings, Aleatha M 20
Ferguson, Henry Clinton Bingaman, Agnes Laura 363
Foster, Arlie William Bingham, Lorraine 261
Hembree, Herbert F Bishop, Rosie Lee 440
Johnson, Orris James Bishop, Winabelle L 383
Gregg, Edward R Blackwood, Earldene Vernell 339
Nielsen, Merlin C Blair, Jessie Maxine 550
Harrison, Thomas Hodgson Jr Blankenship, Elizabeth May 53
Enos, Paul R Blankenship, Lerlah 387
Whitford, Carl Garfield Blankinship, Mary 312
Bostock, Arthur Blass, Maxine Louise 347
Tidwell, Gordon F Sr Blazer, Lorraine LaVon 57
White, Dalton R Boatwright, Delores Joan 86
Krupp, Joseph Rickard Jr Bohnert, Anne Marie 114
Thompson, Alda Duane Boland, Frances Loretta 346
Skerry, Harry A Jr Bolton, Margaret Ruth 150
Watkins, Murillo Al Bonesteel, Wenda Lee 520
Asker, Bernard Francis Booker, Joy Ardella 636
Bostwick, William Albert Bostwick, Essie Jean 526
Lehnherr, Richard Charles Bostwick, Norma Jean 202
Powell, Walter Evans Bougman, Mary Frances 620
Norton, Hallie Eugene Bourn, Ruby Della 536
Arnold, Elvis Milford Bowser, Rowena Joan 388
Schantol, Paul Garth Boyd, Eva Marie 463
Wooldridge, James Allen Boyd, Geneva 468
Michaelis, Richard Lawrence Boyden, Barbara Belle 273
Boyer, Wesley Boyer, Mary E 382
Lubbers, Verle Dean Leon Brabbin, Reta Inez 305
Durham, Glenn Alfred Brabham, Lucile 140
Robertson, Vern Elmer Brackenburg, Lorraine Violet 543
Frasier, Floyd E Bradford, Donna Deane 418
Bradford, Elgie J Bradford, Verda C 557
Staten, William James Bradley, Elizabeth C 178
McCann, Fred Wilson Bradley, Minnie Evelynne 543
Fowler, Lowell Edgar Bradley, Virginia Rae 99
Cox, David Floyd Bradshaw, Betty Ann 445
Altman, Samuel Arthur Brandon, Margaret Elizabeth 424
Dumas, Murrey Alexander Branson, Jeanette Alice 539
Mayfield, Harlan Neil Brantley, Clarice 114
Fjarli, Merlin Wayne Bratcher, JoAnn 42
Sidesinger, Quentin E Bratfish, Virginia R 607
Dixon, Donald Edwin Bray, Peggy Ruth 394
Kadin, Hugo Fred Braziel, Lorene Ellen 480
Colby, Richard Albin Breeden, Opal Marie 17
Billups, Homer Eugene Brehmer, Dorothy D 209
Walker, Robert Eberle Brennan, Virginia Lee 424
Anhorn, Melvin Leland Brennesholtz, Linda Loree 35
Townsend, Amos E Brewer, Zelda Mae 32
Cousins, Bruce Alvin Bright, Patricia Jean 474
Hayes, Calvin Lester Briseno, Roberta Jeanette 578
Messenger, Walter J Bristol, Phoebe B 324
Thompson, Clyde Everett Brittsan, Lucile Margaret 624
Jenkins, Lynn Roland Brock, Winifred Hazel 21
Acrey, Marvin Loyd Bromley, Darlene June 138
Lawson, Carl Vernon Bromley, Phoebe Mae Collister 251
Brown, Truman C Brown, Ardith Maxine 510
Reich, Jack William Brown, Carole Joann 414
Krager, Elmo Emerson Brown, Doris Elizabeth 126
Bailey, Clarenece Jefferson Brown, Dottie Ellen 298
Barnes, Jack Andrew Brown, Hazel Franklie 395
Nidever, Hoy V Brown, Loreen Gladys 171
Eades, Wesley Harold Brown, Lucille 466
Williams, William Ralph Brown, Marjorie Aliene 135
Thurston, Charles H Jr Brown, Pauline Austin 316
Combs, Everett Leslie Bryant, Ethel Louise 17
Boling, Earl Alvin Bryant, Genevieve June 120
Pruett, Leslie Newton Bryant, June Florence 26
Geddes, Karl M Bryant, Rose M 189
Hull, Charles Stanley Bucknell, Viola 25
Bonesteel, Jack Delose Budd, DeLores Grace 542
Patterson, Thomas J Buell, Beverly Doreen 551
Muse, WilliamFranklin Buell, Dorothy Elvira 27
Nichols, Edward Keith Bunnell, Alona Jean Katherine 605
Mehline, Oscar Bunt, Rosie 610
West, Max Burger, Liselotte 617
Corning, Stanley Banks Burkhart, Betty Luella 379
Lyttle, Kenneth Russel Burks, Patricia Lucille 611
Strom, Roy Arthur Burnette, Parthena Mae 137
Smith, Cecil Everett Burson, Delta Fay 250
Wirkkula, Charles Ruben Butler, Julia Ann 437
Morgan, Clyde Y Butler, Mary Elizabeth 484
Grow, Homer Samuel Button, Mary Ann 220
Smith, James Corbett Butts, Vera Marie 235
Williams, Glenn Charles Byrne, Gladys Mary 58
Davis, Bill Edward Byrns, Betty Joan 535
Hayward, Clarence J Cady, Betty LaJeanne 169
Hackert, Adelbert Frederick Calhoun, Joan May 167
Heller, Walter Furman Jr Calkins, Zita Rene 433
Cogeshall, Harry Eugene Campbell, Maggie 537
Dunlap, Kenneth Ray Campbell, Thelma Pearl 576
Hoag, Lawrence David Canon, Grace Lorraine 535
Johnson, Walter Robert Cardona, Patricia Jean 578
Harp, Ralph Arthur Cardwell, Marjorie Rose 296
Clyde, Jerald Lynn Carlisle, Elda Elaine 122
Netherland, Leland Ray Carlton, Selda Lee 246
Meyer, Leland Gerald Carnes, Luella Christine 179
Hutchins, Gerald E Carroll, Laurel G 506
Hovice, Guy W Carter, Virginia Fay 4
Stangl, Frederick Bernard Cary, H Barbara 222
Bishop, Cecil Hudson Cassman, Wanda Faye 105
Claflin, Elverton Ray Caster, Elva Ethel 542
Huskey, Theodore R Caston, Edith Marie 48
Hoehner, Frank Robert Caton, Maxine Hope 448
Platko, Joseph James Cedar, Pearl 177
Glazier, Milton Celis, Ellen Marie 328
DeJanvier, Glenn Valdi Cerveny, Lois Floy 518
Mather, Richard Wallace Chaboude, Clara Marie 353
Klidies, Gerald Joseph Chadwick, Dora Leona 125
Harrison, Richard B Chancellor, Dorothy June 270
Morrow, Bernard E Chapman, Mabel 69
Dungey, Herbert Albert Chapman, Marilyn Joan 237
Bray, John William Chapman, Vivian Lenora 458
Williams, Samuel G Cheetham, Mary Elizabeth 440
Quinn, Floyd Lee Childers, Dolores Lorraine 528
Bernheisel, Norman Harold Chinazzo, Germana 358
Alber, Clifford William Chinn, Rose-Zella 237
Baird, Richard Neal Chipley, Dorothy June 233
Herndon, Roy Lyons Chisum, Doris Joan 321
Cook, Charles William Jr Christean, Carol Marie 120
Johnson, Edward Lee Christensen, Anne Virginia 428
Martin, Raymond L Claasen, Katherine A 352
Nutter, Lewis Wesley Clark, Cleo Belle 377
Axel, Donald Clark, Dorothy Marie 441
Walker, Raymond Carlton Clark, Ethel Irene 531
Gray, John Richard Clark, Geraldine Mae 497
Law, Fred Mansfield Clark, Josephine 203
Hartley, Jack Martin Clark, Louise 515
Jennings, George Scott III Clark, Mary Ann 497
Burleson, Robert Wood Clary, Alma Jean 124
Arnold, Loyd V Cleland, Juanita Barbara 376
Eldridge, Merle LeRoy Clemmer, Eva Marie 264
Gairson, Bill Olen Cleveland, Dorothy Ellen 473
Lewis, Floyd V Clifton, Aileen Alain 93
Brew, Harold Kenneth Cline, Dixie Lee 174
Humphrey, Ralph Donald Clymer, Barbara Jean 585
Truax, Keneth Andrew Cobble, Ola Mae 145
Denny, Noel Cochran, Herrel Francis 455
Francis, Jesse E Coffman, Earlene 519
Mayfield, Dean F Coghill, Dolores Frances 458
Zeigler, Hilton Dalmer Coldwell, Ruby Ramona 554
Dixon, Robert Cole, Zelma Alice 532
Arant, Neil Morton Coleman, Joan Alice 186
Black, Gerald Glenn Collett, Carmen Rosemarie 172
Rienks, Jack Donald Colley, JoAnn 137
Gresham, Allen Ray Collier, Patricia Rae 429
Wagner, Dwight Alan Colton, Lois LaVonne 380
Mathes, Lester Perry Colvin, Margaret Josephine 234
Albini, Primo Compston, Louise B 456
Woolfolk, Robert Victor Conant, LaVonne Tomlinson 344
McKenzie, Wesley A Jr Conley, Betty L 319
Stoll, Donald Franklin Conley, Vera Louise 450
McKinley, Chester T Conroy, Irene K 93
Garrett, Jesse Hubert Convers, Delilah B 639
Sample, Carl Don Cook, Barbara Jane 378
Hermann, LaVere Cook, Barbara June 254
Watson, Donald Leroy Cook, Beverly Anne 541
Konopasek, Robert Raymond Cook, Louise Ardis 313
Haase, Clarence Edwin Cook, Ruth Evelyn 415
Rose, William Clarence Cooley, Donna Lee Inlow 98
Anderson, Raymond Clarence Cooper, Vernita Laverne 303
Dean, Isaac Crane Cooper, Veronica 556
Leaf, Chadwick O Cormie, Donna Jean 118
Hemmerling, Gifford Aubrey Correll, Alvina Louise 621
Beck, James Harold Corthell, Mary Elizabeth 627
Morgan, Rex W Coss, Darlene Evelyn 374
Lewis, James Alanson Cottier, Gail Jeanette 256
Myers, Ivan Grant Coulter, Geneva Maude 571
Wright, Jack Everette Cox, Lelia Fern 242
Shafer, Clifford Earl Cox, Margery Idamae 476
Parrack, Joseph Glenn Cox, Nancy LaVerne 435
Murray, Austin J Crandall, Kathryn 402
Parke, Warren W Crank, Nancy Harris 106
McMahan, William Victor Crawford, Donna Gail 316
Stafford, LeRoy A Crocker, Barbara M 31
Hastings, Keith L Crone, Eearlus Carson 449
Sanders, Marvin William Cronewett, E Frances 291
Crowe, William H Crossley, Patricia Mary 533
Byrd, Robert Irvin Crosslin, Donna Lea 470
Simmons, Claude Alexander Crosslin, Virginia Ann 404
Matthews, Raymond Leon Crow, Marjorie Jean 183
Reeder, Dewey O'Neal Crow, Mary Janell 228
Johnson, Lewis Frank Crowell, Darleen Maude 626
French, James Richard Crownover, Elwanda F 138
Kirby, James Millard Cummins, Elizabeth Nora 603
McLain, James Edward Cundiff, Mary Louise 294
Hukill, Phillip Neil Cunningham, Virginia Lee 407
Dalton, Louis Melvin Curtis, Loda Belle 98
Leaming, Charles L Curtis, Lola Jane 131
Cochelin, Edward Henry Cushman, Florence Munn 384
Anderson, Eugene Walter Cushman, Roanna Mae 161
Dugan, Timothy Richard Dahack, Victoria Marie 370
Duff, Leon Eugene Dailey, Mary Louise 620
Clark, Edwin Wilson Daily, Beverly Jean 348
Delsman, Charles Herman Jr Dallaire, Margaret Ann 538
Kyle, Robert Floyd Jr Dalrymple, Erma Rae 399
Waddell, Claude W II Damon, Dorothy Amelia 563
Wagner, Albert Eugene Danz, Jeane Marylin 55
Smith, Charles Chester Davis, Carole Ann 489
Erdei, James Davis, Eleanor Bertha 148
Dunn, Kenneth W Davis, Etna Blanche 634
Pederson, Robert Leon Davis, Helen Doris 28
Hueners, Walter Robert Davis, Mae Jean 367
Clary, Orrel Nathan Davis, Marjorie Fay 409
Clifford, Ferdinand James Davis, Maud Ellen 494
Spence, Perry Dewey Davis, Shirley 154
Lovell, Donald Howard Dawes, Donna Levonne 610
Force, Robert Day, Lenora Pauline 59
Chandler, Benjamin M Dean, Bernice Peggy 479
Kimmet, Bernard Theodore Dean, Cora Lou 89
Morrison, Douglas Arold Dean, Rebecca May 490
Pasmore, Kenneth M DeBerry, Viola Mae 626
Presnell, Charles Raymond DeChiara, Immacolata 110
Smith, Ernest W Delamar, Lucy 1
Nilsen, Paul A DeMaurez, Belva Jean 349
Morton, Raymond Allen DeMoss, Shirley May 96
Pierson, Leland Thomas DeVore, Joyce Angela 380
Cobb, Owen Walter DeZell, Anna Bernadine 94
Voss, Robert O Diehl, Juanita Jean 545
Read, Robert Keith Dodge Dorothy Mae 74
Pettee, George Edson Dodson, Lillian 512
Sharp, Harold Henry Doran, Joan Mary 103
Smith, Warren Eugene Dotson, Rose Modean 537
Beggs, Edgar Lawrence Doughty, Mary Frances 99
Bradfield, Forrest Lee Jr Drapp, Mary Elizabeth 544
Morgan, Donald Guy Dressler, Gertrude Ann 475
Campbell, Charles Grant Dressler, Pauline Delia 403
Courtney, David Crockett Dreyer, Thelma Elmine 142
Lafferty, Lee Max Dubay, Ruth Lorraine 522
Frymire, Walter Roy Dubs, Lois Lorraine 538
Briggs, Clinton Leslie Dudley, Hazel Virginia 132
Quail, Thomas C Dudley, Lula Mae 73
Oliver, Joe Robert Dugger, Ruth Merle 94
Barleen, Clayton Eugene Duncan, Dorothy Mae 12
Childs, Duane L Duncan, Irene J 465
Crocker, Glenn Leon Duncan, Janis Arlene 52
Tilley, George Burley Dusenberry, Ida Pearl 500
Dunlap, Walter Pride Dyrenforth, Lois Elizabeth 512
Lindley, Thomas Lawson Eckerman, Mary Theresa 90
Bynum, Norman Lee Economy, Ruby Faye 6
Damon, Jim Lester Edmonds, Shirley Mae 494
Rose, Melvin Edsall, Carol Alene 442
Delsman, John Edwards, Bonnie 245
Stroud, Donald Eugene Edwards, Norma Jean 255
Dick, Carl Nicholas Eldridge, Shirley Eleanor 1
Morrill, Keith LaVon Eliason, Barbara Nan 615
Newhouse, Donald Allen Ellinger, Carol Elaine 82
Riggs, Richard Roy Elliott, Nina June 275
Shepherd, Ira Orlando Elliott, Ruth Ellen 70
DeVore, James Neil Elsey, Anna Loraine 320
O'Connor, John Raymond Jr Elstad, June Loretta 585
Currier, Charles A Emmons, Alice Marie 445
Foote, Donald William Entriken, Helen Vivian 151
Steward, John Floyd Ernst, M M Bobbette 71
Carmichael, Daniel Frank Esler, Ann 310
Rutter, Donald Clifford Evanow, Marie Antoinette 185
Berry, Wilbur A Evans, Donna Mae 54
Young, Cleo Halley Evans, Frances Axelina 312
Borch, Richard John Jr Evernden, June Louise 486
Gilliam, Eugene Carson Fagan, Elmorine 292
Klumph, Royal Eugene Falk, Louise Myrtle 545
Gideon, Wallace L Fann, Mary 75
Engelbrecht, Adolph Edward Farmer, Frances Enid 566
Martin, Jimmie Fasoletty, Mary Ann 128
Simpson, James Edward Faulstick, Bette Mae 470
Kreinbring, Charles Louis Faville, Anne Dorrie 519
Rowley, Charles Albert Feckley, Louise 182
Reed, Wiley H Feltham, Alvira D 40
Arthur, Alpha Edwin Ferrell, Maud M 249
Petersen, Oscar Carl Ferris, Audrey Shirley 393
Nave, Theodore A Fetcko, Irene Melva 574
Stanley, James Field, Moreen 404
Smith, Allen Norton Field, Phyllis Aileen 18
Dunn, John Finch, Bernadean Joy 363
Finch, Kay Jean Finch, Elizabeth Zora 597
Swearingen, Farrel Wayne Firestone, Frances Margy 271
Birman, Calvin Edward Fisher, Joyce Marguerite 541
Godley, Charles Fisher, Rose B 122
Perkins, Lyle Chance Fithian, Barbara Lucille 30
Boat, William C Flanders, Viva Berniece 396
Dozier, Robert James Flannery, Betty 341
Standridge, Arthur Tyree Flannery, Georgia Imogean 302
Riggins, Clyde Carlton Foco, Margaret Anna 324
Trueblood, Kenneth B Forbes, Edith L 223
Clover, David Wright Force, Dorothy Ann 614
Moore, James Richard Ford, Thiteg Therese 606
Klingle, Donald Emmett Fortin, Jacqueline Jaunita 376
Schmidt, Donald Paul Foss, Clara Anne 79
Herrmann, Bernard F Foster, Florence Marie 460
Wooldridge, Bruce E Foster, Miriam T 609
Venfurth, John H Fountains, Carrie F 636
Rosenberger, Russell E Fouts, Helen Margaret 258
Mongel, Aloyious Vincent Fowler, Esther Isabelle 603
Blore, John Lesley Foxworthy, Frances Marie 469
Whipple, Charle William Frazier, Evelyn June 509
Brighton, Archie L Frederick, Mary Elizabeth 307
Fjelstad, Fay Bernard Freel, Audrey LaVonne Dunn 146
Fry, Charles LeRoy Frey, Barbara Lee 209
York, Earl Halstead Frey, Marion Bernice 170
Black, John William Friel, Paula Adeline 204
Fuchs, Julius Fuchs, Florence Rowe 525
Graves, Clifford Milton Jr Gabriel, Marjorie Mae 509
Gwin, Francis E Gaines, Beth Lennell 238
Peterson, Stanley Galbreath, Bettejean L 540
Bruce, Gerald R Galland, Joan Corinne 368
Callahan, James Williston IV Gallup, Ila Alyce 326
Wilcox, Fred Herbert Gammill, Margaret A 387
Canfield, Jack Courtney Garrett, Wilma Rae 504
Keeton, Clifford Albert Garrison, Bertha Viola Sutton 204
Christie, Raymond Edward Garrison, Eva Pauline 580
Madden, Peter Anthony Gartman, Jayne 617
Lewis, Merrill Gascon, Gladys May 257
Guenther, Hugo Henry Gates, Adah A 97
Stephens, Walter Benjamin Gay, Erma Darlene 258
Wright, Peter Jerome Geier, Marilyn Helen 176
Cram, Lynn Gentles, Mildred Young 24
Barker, Roger Gibson, Wilma Jean 217
Harder, Ray B Gieschen, Pauline Katherine 436
Smith, Norris Orville Gilbert, Barbara Louise 192
Clouse, Gerald F Giles, Donna Grace 170
Chapman, Johnny David Giles, Thelma Mae 492
Yule, Donald Earl Gilinsky, Carol Anne 560
Olson, Ivan Clifford Gilliam, Eleanor 566
Root, Gerald J Gilliam, Lila 280
Watson, James Gray Gillispie, Mayola Janene 43
Kezer, Billie Gene Gilman, Avis Evaline 381
Gross, Homer O J Gilman, Florence Ellen 484
Bailey, Carl Curtis Gingerich, Dorothy Adeline 571
Pearson, Cecil James Glascock, Rosalie Jeannie 172
Jones, John Gleason, Emma E 529
Wolfe, Donovan Thomas Glover, Dorothy Jean 361
Gravatt, Leslie J Gochanour, Iris Vivian 158
Wetmore, Charles Wesley III Gohde, Thelma Irene 554
Freitas, George Clinton Goldsby, Georgia Katherine 502
Scott, Gordon Thomas Gongaware, Irene May 442
Howard, Allen K Gonsalves, Ann E 260
Center, Oran James Gonsalves, Caroline 197
Essley, Walter Everett Jr Gonsalves, Iris Cleone 217
Jameson, Everett Goodlin, Aline Martha 109
Pacey, Roland Fred Gorden, Thais Irene 289
Beaudrow, Harold James Gorham, Evelyn Irene 485
Niedermeyer, Henry Fredrick Goss, Betty Blossom 256
Jenks, Bert Lee Gossett, Joan Lee 506
Payne, John Howell Jr Gothard, Hazel Faye 181
Vincent, Donald Dewey Gould, Alyce Gail 416
Allen, Beverly John Gould, Rosemary Jo 111
Smith, Leslie Vernon Governor, Ruth Ellen 320
Clutter, Louis Albert Graffis, Etheljane 327
Irwin, George Graham, Ruth Fern 637
Luebcke, Eugene O Grammer, Mary Helen 572
Bleth, Jacob Raymond Gravelle, Freda Lou 308
Pope, William Alonzo Gravier, Jacqueline Jean 547
Bailey, Bartlett Winston Gray, Donna Evelyn Sorrels 619
Hyde, Fred R Gray, Lura E 467
Breeding, Lloyd Elmer Greb, Louisa Mae 435
Stolz, Robert Henry Green, Barbara Lou 601
Sheehan, Lawrence Joseph Greenbaum, Edna Eunice 631
Kornstad, Milton Arnold Greenwall, Ardythe Lorraine 386
VonStein, Alfred Dean Greenwall, Eva Mae 44
Lenderman, Thomas Edward Greenwood, Pearl Myrtle 625
Tams, Thomas Claus Gregory, Carol Lorraine 222
Culy, Cary Omar Gregson, Irene Elizabeth 42
Beegle, Delmar A Gresham, Mollie Mae 496
Millbank, William Ernest Grieve, Janet Mayre 531
Seywert, Frank E Griffin, Esther Fay 239
Gordon, Bruce Lloyd Grissom, Helen Lee 11
O'Malley, Marlin E Grissom, Nellie May 628
Gruber, Jack Howard Gruber, Jessie Margaret 493
Sparks, Robert William Guches, Betty Marie 85
Humphreys, Fane Kent Guderian, Phyllis Claire 415
House, Richard J Guenther, Mary Louise 62
Hedges, Marvin D Gunn, Barbara Joan 265
Lehman, Norris Keith Guyton, Alberta Ruth 28
Harris, Donald Thomas Hackert, Myrna Mae 309
Whaley, Rodney Dean Hackett, Clara James 110
Hawley, Harvey Hackett, Marjorie Mae 276
Smith, robert Wayne Hackney, Patricia Rose 290
Talley, Newton Lambert Hagen, LaVonne Maxine 214
Gish, Roy Jr Haggard, Montana June 156
Dixon, Robert Harry Hagood, Charlotte Permelia 155
Gettling, Marvin Leo Hahn, Mary Louise 166
Braa, Kenneth Duane Haines, Cora Lee 131
Baker, Orris Edwin Halaas, Jean E 123
Olson, Wesley Martin Halda, Betty Colleen 245
Ross, Jesse Wenndel Haley, Mary Louise 548
Henry, Carl Patrick Hall, Frances Carrol 582
Adams, Harold Richard Hall, Jacquelyn Lorraine 32
Pitts, Merrill Stafford Hall, Wilma Faye 129
Prettyman, Fred David Jr Hamilton, Del Lee 195
Harris, Elmer E Hamilton, Patricia Louise 272
Morgan, Charles Dave Hammond, Letha Leona 315
Hurst, Roscoe Patterson Jr Hammond, Margery Ann 611
McRaven, Haskell M Hammond, Pearl E 364
Sly, Robert Eustace Hammond, Virginia 152
Hurst, William Lester Hampton, Esther Virginia 36
McCoy, Dennis Perry Hanscom, Marieta Louise 248
Pace, Clayton Edman Haptonstall, Ellen Irene 471
Sanford, Fred B Harader, Gracie Elois 56
Oldham, Rufus Edward Haralson, Mary Ruth 11
Scheffel, William James Harbison, Dorothy Anne 188
Fitzsimmons, Billy Wayne Hard, Ella Lorraine 147
Pope, Roland Eugene Harden, Mary Jean 253
Rolie, Harlan Duane Hardy, Barbara Pauline 397
Watson, John V Jr Haring, Geraldine Sue 243
Robinson, Charley Carrol Harkey, Ruth Tudy 226
Sather, Gustav A Harlon, Barbara LaVerne 461
Pence, Harry E Harmon, Jean 252
McLarrin, Donald Gene Harnden, Willette J 483
Wolgamott, Richard C Harnish, Helen Marie 496
Barrett, Gordon LaMont Harper, Myrtle Blache 33
Anderson, Charles P Harris, Patricia Ann 287
Meeker, William D Harrison, Joanne Wray 340
Wheeless, Afton Othane Hartless, Doris 232
Barnhart, Earl H Harvey, Jean Francis 526
Rapp, Jacque DeVaux Harvey, Winifred Eloise 293
Brown, Arnold J Haskell, Lula M 527
Victorine, Joseph John Hasler, Mary Carol 546
Sewell, Leslie Gilbert Hatley, Amanda Elizabeth 56
Hausler, Joe Hausler, Mary A 343
Krissie, Herbert W Hayes, Dolores 171
Tucker, Bill D Haynes, Lynda Elaine 449
Miller, Willis Monroe Hays, Eva Mae 634
Huck, William Friedrich Headlee, Frances Virginia 60
Heald, Judson T Heald, Margaret A 561
Leever, Earl Heitkamp, Rose Marie 175
Helms, Earl O Helfrich, Lena Maude 129
McCorkle, Charles L Hemphill, Ema LaVelle 560
Brock, Ralph Milton Henderson, Lois Augusta 240
King, Otto Clare Henry, Betty Theresa 276
Campbell, William A Henry, Mildred Annie 8
Vernon, Hugo Dale Henry, Pauline 514
Vernon, Hugo Dale Henry, Pauline 581
Campbell, Donald Wayne Henson, Karna Joy 345
Groff, Arthur J Herbert, Mabel E 267
Boen, Theron Lee Herman, Julia Bessie 108
Bigalow, Earl B Hess, Maxine Vaughan 207
Park, James Ottie Jr Hickey, Wanda Geraldine 492
Culbertson, Cecil Raymond Higinbotham, Ruby Winifred 622
Smallen, Montie W Hilkey, Marie S 366
Dunlap, Howard Hill, Aubrey L 104
Mayne, Cleophus Hudson Hill, Goldie L 384
Woody, Hobart B Hill, Irma Rth 379
Kusel, Howard Louis Hill, Teresa Jean 287
Carl, Leonard L Hilton, Lila Lenora 447
O'Niel, Jack G Himple, Ethel Jean 31
Ouellette, Clifford David Hinds, Bette L 317
Evans, Edgar Allan Hines, Donna Jean 148
Burnell, Lewis Donald Hinkle, Leora Ellen 195
Minter, Raymond W Hober, Genevieve E 296
Rhoden, William Andrew Hodge, Etta Faye 244
Inlow, John Melvin Hodge, Mary Ruth 489
Sloan, George Hodges, Wanda M 565
Gault, Robert James Hodgson, Elaine T 227
Phillips, Jack Clyde Hodgson, Meldene Jeanette 45
Garman, Lloyd Harold Hoffer, Anna Katherine 149
Plane, Richard A Hoffman, Elaine 113
Robertson, Wilmer W Hoffman, Lois Marie 61
Ward, Uriel Gene Hoffman, Marjorie Mabel 429
Divers, Robert Vernon Holderness, Leona Eleanor 356
Wimer, John William Holland, Iris Josephine 166
Crews, Forrest Frank Holland, Shirley Marie 314
Edwards, Hjalmer Holman, Irene Caroline 34
Abbott, Glen Allen Holmes, Melba Virginia 77
Dionne, Joseph Israel Holmes, Ruth 332
Oren, William D Hoopes, Laurel 270
Faber, Donald Arthur Hopkins, Norma Aylene 588
Huffman, Harold Newton Hopper, Nina Mae 491
Gerdes, William Augustine Hopper, Patricia Louise 89
Coffeen, Jack LeRoy Horn, Jerrie Ann 401
Decker, Clarence M Horne, Ruby 623
Patterson, Ford Morris Horner, Eileen Berntson 254
Morton, Dan Alfred Hosler, Elizabeth Rose 569
Tucker, Bobby Lee Houck, Roberta Marie 437
Carney, Orvil House, Wilma Mae 308
Igo, Rex Jerrold Howard, Ellen Wanda 168
Ebnother, Floyd Lowell Howard, Gloria Ann 198
Ward, Willis S Howarth, Patricia Mae 375
Holden, Howard Curtis Howes, Dorothy Eleanor 9
Pardee, James Stanley Hoyt, Charlene Ann 608
James, Milton B Hubbard, Evelyn Virginia 38
Arnold, William Ray Huber, Patricia Ann 218
Maginnis, Richard Hudson, Marjory Lee 534
Kimmel, Charles Edward Huffman, Maxine 239
Holeman, Donald Lee Hughes, Beverly Louise 353
Clift, Harvey Elmer Hughes, Mary Ellen 196
Franks, Clarence T Hunter, Kathleen 479
Hausotter, Jack Owens Hunter, Virginia Anne 592
Smith, Chester Martin Huntoon, Lela Ernestine 640
Verling, Francis Patrick Hynes, Jane Elizabeth 499
Christie, William Dewey Imhausen, Doris Pauline 417
Turnidge, Wallace E Inman, Lois 194
Prevot, Albert Jules Inskeep, Susan Leslie 427
Redhead, William Norman Ison, Roberta Margaret 221
Hufschmid, Walter Emil Jacobs, Dorothy Eleanor 228
Wilson, Melvin Eugene Jacobs, Murlene Frances 295
Ray, John Jacobson, Philena 483
McVay, Ross Richard Jago, Maude 586
Miller, Arling Morris James, Louise Elizabeth 523
Silver, Lloyd Walter Jarrett, Evelyn Elizabeth 49
Loftin, Charlie Jeffries, Anna E 142
Red, Charles Junior Jenkins, Vivian Arlene 101
Boyes, Robert Stanley Jensen, Sarah Elizabeth 638
Davis, Dale Adair Jepson, Joanne M 230
Jefferson, James Edward Jessel, Alma Irene 241
Williams, Hugh E Johnson, Almeda Minnie 315
Robbins, Herbert George Johnson, Audrey Mary 119
Russell, Robert Lee Johnson, Auriola Larraine 52
Loeffler, Lawrence Anton Johnson, Bonnie Alice 309
Johnson, Wallace Earle Johnson, Carole Faye 181
Edison, Earl Gorman Johnson, Florence Alberta 619
Beier, Elmer W Johnson, Georgiana Hussong 552
Raymond, William A Johnson, Joan 540
Hughes, Clifton B Johnson, Margery 357
Rodgers, Roy Alexander Johnson, Mary Anna 92
Hoadley, Lloyd Arthur Johnson, Nona Marva 472
Kendall, Alvy S Johnson, Rose Marilyn 295
Noncarrow, Leonard John Johnson, Thelma Rose 577
Wolff, Oris Henry Johnson, Theola June 395
Jones, Ferd W Jones, Adah E 259
Reynolds, Roy Vernon Jones, Edith Sheffield 121
Studebaker, Raymond Jake Jones, Elsie Murl 259
Cleven, Glenn Orin Jones, Helen Lourine 574
Houlin, Warren Lloyd Jones, Jewel Agnes 238
Block, Paul Alexandria Jones, Nina Helene 251
Moore, Leo Frank Jorgens, Edna Belle 193
Price, Floyd Kadin, Ella Louise 475
Rutter, William R Kapp, Alma Martha 37
Johnson, James A Kayser, Marlene Barbara 553
Potter, Edward Eddie Keagy, Lyra 431
Collett, Howard Keith, Juanita Marie 591
Edwards, Fred Samuel Kendall, Beverly Joanne 500
Kenny, Edward Joseph Kenny, Gertrude L Sain 511
Lewis, Donald E Kent, Barbara Jeanne 459
Francisco, William H Kent, Charlotte Anne 478
Kirby, John Wesley Jr Kent, Lois Lucile 638
Holmes, Clarence W Kenton, Mildred 378
Haynes, Lyle Phillip Kester, LaVerne Dee 242
Christie, Donald Lee Kezer, Betty Elaine 310
Lindley, Kenneth D Kidwell, Betty Jean 203
Hatton, Francis Marion Kidwell, Mary Joan 289
Zieser, Jack Charles Kile, Katherine Patricia 255
Finn, Ted H Kimble, Mamie M 467
King, Eldon J King, Betty Lou 386
Anderson, Charles Willard King, Mary C 561
Baker, Ray F King, Thelma Frances 372
Kissinger, Stanley P Kissinger, Agnes Marie 546
Ruse, Donald M Kittle, Lorraine Henderson 455
Stewart, Lonnie Ray Kline, Juanita Mae 562
Glover, Robert Leonard Klingsheim, Naomi Ruth 121
Salee, Robert Melvin Klocko, Frances Eleanor 229
Ranstead, Robert H Kneeland, Lois Vivian 130
Taylor, George Albert Knight, Doris June 390
Montgomery, Monty Leon Knight, Sally M 185
Smyth, George Wilbert Koch, Bernice Mary 268
Vessey, Don Konopasek, Beulah 62
Till, Clare E Kortte, Violet M 236
Yoshida, George Koyama, Masa 118
Blackwell, Herbert Clarenece Kreisher, Mary Ellen 154
Foote, Gerald Perry Krieger, Dorothy Mae Foote 398
Vinson, Frank Laymon Kriesky, Grace H 169
Owen, Langdon Talbot Kropp, Kathryn Agnes 46
Galbraith, Raymond Harvey Kyle, Jeanette Agnes 481
Bengard, Wes LaBarre, Diane Thelma 275
Hassell, Clayton R Lacy, Barbara Jean 124
Conner, Ira Lairamore, Frankie Clara 182
Riggs, Amos Aaron Lake, Gertrude Fern 313
Hanson, Philip R LaMarre, Suzanne 410
Hamilton, Robert B Lamb, Helen M 208
Wood, William Junior Lane, Carla Darlene 306
Angel, Joseph Robert Lee Lang, Joan Delores 476
Hawkins, Richard T Langslet, Marlene Dee 564
Sims, Robert M Lappin, May Madoline 507
Couch, Norman Franklin Large, Winona Marjorie 632
Deen, Eldon Carl Larsen, Shirley Louise 294
Emery, Donald Raymond Larson, Faye Louise 362
Neil, Paul Allen Latham, Betty Louise 119
Quackenbush, Archie Wayland Lavin, Jean Nadine 300
Nikodym, Vernon R Law, Martha Agathea 29
Lawrence, George William Lawrence, Joan 19
Sutton, Robert William Lawson, Patricia Jean 322
Lawton, Pleasant Irvin Lawton, Joyce Eleanor 639
Lue, Donald Ray Lee, Rosemary 184
Knight, Beverly Collins Leffler, Elizabeth Ann 92
Thiel, Gilbert James Leisher, Monica Joann 564
Peters, Richard David Leisher, Nola Faye 503
LeMaster, Marvin Lewis LeMaster, Hattie Violet 165
Burrough, Lumas Lester, Donna 225
Quinlin, Gerald Wilfred Lester, Dorothy Margaret 592
Reum, Edward Richardson Leverette, Jeanne Margaret 244
Clement, Paul J Lewis, Beulah Mae 262
Smith, Donald George Lewis, Florence M 609
Bailey, Jackie LaVerne Lick, Shirley Ann 598
Legge, Grenville C Lindgren, Dorothy Jane 427
Conner, Ralph Emmerson Lindstrom, Leola Joyce 317
Copher, William Robert Lingemann, Ann Marie 246
Harris, James Lacy Linhart, Mildred B 306
Ramsey, Clyde Thomas Little, Anna Margaret 412
Meiser, Victor Fredric Little, Beulah Fern 451
Lewis, Bennett Bradner Lockwood, Dora L 544
Lockwood, Benjamin Leon Lockwood, Marjorie Elizabeth 75
Mayo, Kenneth B Loeffler, Grace Marie 112
Jones, Shirley G Loney, Mildred Lorraine 72
Andresen, Verne Harry Long, Mary Anne 419
Moore, Charles Edward Longmire, Violet Verda 58
Moberly, Calvin Newton Loop, Virginia Darlene 420
Shaw, Victor Dorman Loree, Cecile Mae 157
Damron, Leonard LeRoy Lovett, Ovie 505
Bennett, Lee Ellis Lowe, Jacquelynne Donne 293
McClearen, Loyd Gene Lowe, Loreta Fay 139
Gibson, Laine Wilson Lowry, Patricia Valeary 191
White, Charles William Lucas, Patricia Faye 397
Walden, Leonard Joshua Ludwig, Velma Louise 558
Henagin, Earl Keith Lull, Dorothy M 64
Leigh, Richad A Lusby, Gloria Rae 336
Conrad, Oliver Wendell Lusko, Olive Faye 95
Smith, Jerry Ellinger Luttrell, Joan Elizabeth 123
Shores, Robert Dale Lyons, Florence Mae 400
Malloy, John R Lyons, Omah Elizabeth 153
McNair, Harry D Mackie, Eloise Mae 167
Trefren, George Wesley Madden, Clara Irene 202
Parker, Clifford Merwyn Madden, Della Charlotte 213
Harding, John Jackson Madden, Margaret Anne 416
Schwybart, Isaac William Madsen, Betty Ane 7
Parren, Charles D Magerle, Virginia May 451
Arnett, Frank Eugene Magna, Harriett Mae 443
Lambrecht, Charles William Magor, Lorraine 612
Wall, Edwin Earl Majer, Phyllis Irene 53
Elliott, Raymond Stanley Makos, Bessie Irene 103
Rose, William Chester Malaby, Blanche Vita 570
Flint, Albert Willis Mapes, Jennie D 501
Pratt, Dale Lee Mark, Carlene Mae 359
Wearne, William John III Mark, Regina Pearl 190
Thompson, Carl Richard Marks, Jeanette Marie 345
Rebuffo, Raymond Frank Martin, Dorothy Leota 618
Conway, Jess Earl Martin, Eva Gene 68
Hatfield, Harold Theodore Martin, Margaret Joan 189
Thumler, Donald Robert Martin, Orpha May Ann 210
Martin, George Henry Martin, Wanda Fern 235
Allard, Gordon D Marx, Patricia G 271
Chaney, Daun Leslie Mason, Barbara Jean 583
Mato, Ramon Mata, Theodora 240
Stoner, Donald Clair Matheny, Marla Jeanne 267
Hanscom, Glenn Albert Matney, Hazel Iona 491
Great, John D Matney, Lucille A 419
Fischer, Willie Harold Matthews, Mary Jane 277
Nussbaum, William Patrick Maulsby, Helen Marie 66
Halsey, William Charles Maupin, Martha Virginia 214
Adams, Vance Eugene Maxwell, Helen Matilene 336
Smith, Victor William Mayben, Bernice Stanley 371
Burgess, Leon Mayberry, Mildred 162
Harms, William J Maynard, Grace Louise 487
Ray, Kenneth James Mays, Patricia Ann 493
Nelson, Darell William McBride, Mary Ann 304
Rae, Robert Jr McCallister, Bertha M 362
Smith, Stanley James McCallister, Phyllis Lee 330
Budden, Sidney George Jr McCamman, Joy Claire 190
Kemp, Donald Leon McClanahan, Kay Elizabeth 477
Clemans, Ralph Earl McClanahan, Margaret Irene 328
Ellis, Harold Elbert McClanahan, Nadine Ardith 96
McNeill, Darrell James McCleary, Barbara Ruth 253
Harris, William Leroy McComb, Mary Josephine 236
McPherson, William Delbert McCourry, Garnet May 428
Bolte, Alfred F McDaniel, Sadie Bess 453
Morris, Gerald Marion McDaniel, Wanda Mae 589
Jackson, Russell Bruce McDonald, Emily Mildred 14
Norris, Thomas Reed McDuffee, Joan Kathleen 165
Boyer, Terrence Leon McFadden, Patricia E 629
Maynard, Richard Dory McGinnis, Lola Barbara 311
Campbell, Samuel Eugene McIntosh, Joy Delores 370
Lehman, Dwane M McKay, Dorothy Lucile 279
Sullivan, Claude Leroy McKee, Bernadine 184
Wolff, Clifford LeRoy McKee, Enid Colleen 534
Bell, Lewis P McKeever, Marbeth M 613
Johnson, Don Wallace McKiddie, Wanda Mae 518
Davies, John O McManama, Doris Ardell 231
Matlock, Ralph Junior McMannis, Tresa Margaret 304
Morris, Robert Gene McMillan, Mary Lucile 520
Barlow, Clyde Merlin McMillen, Betty Marie 173
Tooker, John Langdon McNair, Viola Mae 113
Floyd, John Jr McNeal, Octavia 208
Jensen, Alfred Dale McVay, Geraldine Mayme 102
Moore, William Henry Meade, Cleora Belle 457
Jones, Floyd J Meader, Constance Jean 116
Aarseth, Donald Eugene Meadows, Helen May 282
Deiwert, Elmer Claude Mears, Anna 488
Harpole, James Dallas Medley, Betty June 503
Sherman, Theodore Franklin Medlock, Pearline Eva 78
Klaus, Milton Arnold Meek, Anna Marie 615
Busek, Oscar Melius, Lillian Emily 218
Bell, Chester H Merlevede, Dora 632
Calkins, Clay Virgil Mero, Margaret Beverly 488
Gleason, Alfred Marion Merritt, Janet Imogene 212
Wallis, Robert Lee Merwin, Flora Belle 399
Tolle, Kenneth Erwin Merwin, Viola Jean 474
Stelzenmueller, Fred Harry Meservey, Betty Lou 286
Nordtvedt, Ernest Richard Messenger, Barbara Jane 508
Boyer, Robert A Messenger, Marjorie 600
Pendergast, Lee Raymond Meunier, Jocelyne Claire 457
Parker, Jere Alonzo Meyer, Lucille Madeline 80
Lynch, John Martin Meyers, Carol Jean 595
Neff, Gene Adiel Meyers, Lois Verna 69
Pope, Franklin Henry Mierrill, Bertha 587
Ness, Lawrence A Miksche, Stephanie 411
McCulley, William Maurice Millage, Doris Jean 101
Olson, Eugene E Millard, Betty Joan 633
Braae, Harold Murray Millard, Dolores Mae 460
Higginbotham, Orland G Miller, Donna Mae 371
Butler, Billy Roy Miller, Elizabeth Jane 586
Miller, James B Miller, Evelyn B 601
Blunck, Richard Dale Miller, Lyalle May 413
Werner, William Glen Miller, Marilyn Ann 199
Baker, Leland Glen Miller, Norma Gean 100
Simmons, Richard Leroy Miller, Phoebe Julia 311
Hampton, Gerald Dean Milton, Ethel Laura 168
Alvarado, Manuel Montalban Minard, Norma Helene 224
Tarter, Willis Charles Minick, Carrie Lois 3
Haas, Walter Leonard Misener, Waunetta Jane 433
Gleaves, Edwin O Mitchell, Marian E 631
Gleaves, Jerry Lee Mitchell, Ruth Lois 623
Bostwick, Everett Junior Modisett, Jimonie Fae 108
Buehling, William T Moecknig, Marjorie L 147
Carter, Byron Baker Jr Moen, Evelyn Nina 425
Barnhart, Alvin Elbert Moen, Iva Jeannette 107
McMichael, Vinton Corydon Moffatt, Helen Lorraine 344
Knight, Robert William Moffatt, Shirley Lanette 608
Durham, Eldon Keith Momany, Delores Fay 409
Johnson, Emil Oscar Jr Monson, Roma Evon 572
Davis, Les Patrick Moody, Dorothy Evelyn 502
Martinez, Refugio C Moody, Nelda Grace 8
McKinstry, Ralph R Mooney, LaRue Erma 265
Gilbert, Buster Francis Moore, Anne Marie 381
Autry, Allen Newal Moore, Irma Gretchen 67
Ryan, Pat Moore, Renata Diana 513
Hyde, Joseph Gerald Morgan, Alice Madeline 340
Young, Harry Leland Morgan, Patricia Helen 301
Freeland, Jim H Morris, Dolores Louise 337
Brown, Daniel G Morris, Elouise 104
Miller, Dennis Elton Morris, Gladys Lucille 443
Morris, Joseph Herman Morse, Marlene Joyce 332
Benjamin, Charles K Morton, Eva L 207
Rails, Leroy Verne Morton, Louise Delma 398
Whiteley, Delbert Orion Moss, Mary Ann 318
Phelps, Clinton Richard Muir, Arrilla Pearl 102
Mulhollen, Thomas Oliver Mulhollen, Ruth Genevieve 76
Ferris, Thomas E Mullarky, Donna Carolyn 300
Marshall, Oland Eugene Mumford, Joyce Evelyn 136
Fergerson, Bob Murphy, Greta Maxine 322
George, Stillman Kibling Murphy, Veronica Bridget 164
Martini, George W Murphy, Viola Lois 595
Murray, Eddie Murray, Loraine Ada 410
Keith, Donald Musgrave, Barbara 407
Brady, Charles Bernard Musick, Marguerite Imogene 598
Barnett, Joseph Delane Myers, Joyce Allene 530
vonStein, Harold M Jr Myers, Maxine J 444
Ishida, Sodatsu Nakagiri, Kikuko 532
Fullen, Elmer Duane Nale, Coleene Irene 61
Perkins, Billie Dean Nale, Colette Ilene 60
Larson, Kenneth Loyd Nannenga, Alvine Georgine 390
DeBolt, Allen Nash, Genevieve 575
Moore, Ronald Dean Neagle, Phyllis Ann Watterson 74
Webb, William H Neely, Molly Jane 350
Sweet, William Elget Neely, Phyllis Ann 421
Hammond, Bruce Gray Negles, Betty Charmaine 196
Jolliffe, Donald Clyde Nelson, Florence Gail 594
Riley, James Gordon Nelson, Iva Jane 383
Nelson, Frank L Nelson, Ruby M 283
Denison, James Monroe Newbury, Nancy Jean 179
Hilkey, Milton John Newman, Delores Irene 325
Jack, Eldred Leroy Newton, Joyce Lucille 86
Walkenshaw, William Lee Newton, Margery Belle 134
Schatz, Raymond Victor Nichols, Gladys Eleanor 66
Ferg, Marshall Lloyd Nicholson, Elaine 525
Lacy, Kenneth P Nicholson, Minnie C 365
Kayser, Frank Christian Nicholson, Vivian Ruth 12
Lindsey, Daniel Theodore Nickens, Betty Dean 325
Henselman, Richard Lee Nickle, Marilyn Ardith 360
Henspeter, Gordon Dale Niedermeyer, Charlotte Anne 389
Osterhout, John Elihue Nill, Evelyn Ruth 2
Johnson, William Joe Nix, Patricia Ann 15
Kane, Richard Dean Norton, Wanda Louise 446
Nostrand, William H Nostrand, Elizabeth C 139
Young, James Nelson Nyberg, Mignon 140
Fernlund, James Edwin Nyhoff, Jeannette 278
Joslin, Lewis Walter Oates, Arleen Daphane 466
Hornbuckle, Melville Junior O'Connor, Beryl Jean 388
Cingcade, Lloyd Guy Odam, Angelena Pearl 552
Roberson, Elijah Franklin Odam, Angelena Pearl Harrison 161
Lundy, Charles Donald Oden, Katherene Evelyn 233
Barnes, Freddie Marvin Ogden, Joyce Ellouise 219
Troop, Oliver Derrial Ogden, Willa Dean 495
Calvin, Alfred Larry Oldham, Sybil Frances 505
Daniels, Floyd D Olea, Melba Joyce 588
Bretthauer, Willis George Oliver, Geraldine 212
Cox, James Theodore Oliver, Linda Joyce 575
Cowdrey, Carl Wayne Oliver, Maude Ileen 515
Peterson, Wesley Warren Olson, Emma Elizabeth 47
Gidney, Eugene Lawrence Olson, Marvel Marie 584
Rodgers, Glenn Brown Olson, Vernetta Mae 65
Fry, Howard Wreneford Jr Omann, Rose Marie 215
Cooper, Daniel Paul Oupor, Clara Rose 568
Renzema, Milton H Page, Mary Leona Smith 206
Bell, Bobby Dean Palm, Betty Jean 550
Miller, Robert Taylor Paquette, Beatrice Nadine 319
Stepp, Carl Roma Parker, Marjory Wuanita 133
Boyd, Elisha Lee Parks, Lois Marjorie 10
Heagle, Alex James Parks, Rosella 20
Richardson, Jesse L Partin, Frankie Jane 507
Werts, Tony Archie Parton, Vera Selena 50
Stankey, Harold Keith Paul, Karen Lauraine 456
Slayton, Francis Boyd Payant, Betty Jean Dolores 134
Yost, Howard William Payne, Clara Anna 37
Bruce, John Paul Penwell, Donna Willene 13
Kee, Charles Franklin Perkins, Donna Aileen 257
Blair, Robet Gene Perkins, Donna Maxine 425
Rose, Lewis Albert Perry, Muriel Ruth 281
Wolgamott, Jack Charles Peters, Mary Louise 563
Farnsworth, Dye Edward Peters, Nola Rose 63
Phillips, Hugh Raymond Peterson, Blanche Hazel 354
Watkins, James T Peterson, Helen E 47
Young, Archie Donald Phelps, Dorothy Louise 175
Cox, Richard Roy Phelps, Fawn Lorraine 283
Clemans, Olin Charles Phillips, Barbara Ann 146
Barbee, Robert Lee Piening, Lois Marie 464
Hotho, Arthur Frederick Pierce, Carmela Beniece 584
Shepherd, Darrell C Pierce, Marjorie Mae 68
Barchus, Virgil Delmon Pinko, Kathryn Jane 41
Weiss, Roger Leo Pitts, Leila Jane 573
Smith, James Barrington Platko, Anna Mae Regina 522
Haines, Robert Keith Platko, Bernice Joanne 367
Perdue, Clyde James Platkus, Valerie Ann 38
Lull, Robert Gordon Pleyer, Lois Kathleen 117
Chriss, Clyde Plumley, Phyllis Jean 302
Williams, Robert Joseph Poland, Etta Jean 547
Ragsdale, Vernon Edward Pollock, Eileen Barbara 463
Jessen, William Babbs Pope, Simone Irene 229
Griffin, Walter A Posey, Amy Christina 591
Schwalb, Kenneth Andrew Poutre, Dolores Maureen 335
Scrivner, Raymond Birch Powell, Barbara Ella 286
Harvey, Frank Edgar Powell, Carrol Arline 462
Green, Donald Arden Powell, Constance A 366
McGonagle, David Eugene Powell, Margaret Yvonne 159
DeMers, Richard Kay Pratt, Beverly Diane 516
Sumpter, Everett Wayne Pressly, Joan Beverly 612
Lockhart, Earl L Preston, Dorothy 562
Milestone, Richard Jr Preston, Mary Loree 511
McDougall, Raymond Russell Prettyman, Marcella Letha 5
Stuesser, Jerome S Prickett, Mary Anne 392
McIlvenna, Robert Theodore Pritchard, Jacquelyn Lea 408
Younger, Lorenzo N Proudfit, Millicent M 136
Klavano, Norman Eugene Pulsipher, Nola 405
Lowry, Bert B Purucker, Lilla Miriam 249
Coy, Theodore Putnam, Lillian Rachel 144
Gianaclis, Robert L Raber, Mara Lee 364
McCumsey, Frank Theodore Ragan, Betty Lea 629
Nelson, Charles Henry Rainville, Lois 18
Haas, James Dale Ramp, Bonita LaRogue 365
Henry, Donald Wayne Randleman, Amy Ruth 604
McDonald, Allen Bruce Rankin, Patricia Louana 191
Brooks, Elmer Lee Raph, Eunice E 539
Giles, Wayne Lavon Rasmussen, Elsie Marie 128
Ward, James Douglas Rasmussen, Joan 528
Bell, Archie Vernon Rasmussen, Mercedes Jan 292
Miller, James Clinton Rasmussen, Shirley Marie 159
Berrian, William T Rather, Helene B 76
Naish, Robert Alfred Ray, Dorothy Enola 602
Hundley, Samuel Luther Raymond, Bertha Belle 79
Woolsey, Donald Wayne Razsor, Marlene Faith 156
Nickerson, Charles Reed, Audrey Adelle 186
Payne, Harold Ray Reed, Erma June 411
Parkhurst, Jack Henry Reed, Etola May 180
Fichtner, Carl Reed, Grace Elizabeth 230
McWhorter, Charles Lincoln Reed, Grace Elizabeth 288
Kinnaird, Dexter Gene Reed, Mary Alice 151
Brown, Marvin Lee Reed, Wanda Elaine 141
James, John Edward Reilly, Jean Yvonne 391
Farrar, James Edward Reinking, LaMurle 385
Colley, Robert Wyndham Rempert, Agnes Lorraine 471
Lavier, Leonard Earl Reynolds, Lillian Delores 215
Scheiderider, Roland Richard Rice, Corrine Stenerson 90
Martin, Charles Franklyn Rice, Helen Jeanne 596
Gleaves, Gerald M Rice, Janita J 382
Whittaker, Lawrence Roy Richardson, Evadell Redburn 432
Johnson, William Troy Richardson, June May 499
King, Bruce Everett Richey, Ruda Winifred 133
Frederick, Francis William Richmond, Viola Joy 321
Bradley, Herbert Donald Riemer, Pearl Maxine 282
Williams, Glen Eldon Riley, Maxine Evelyn 91
Backus, Gouveneur Charles Riley, Shirley Aline 3
Browning, James Allen Riley, Vonita Elaine 377
Bradley, Merle Ellsworth Ring, Lillie Marie 83
Farnsley, Albert R Rinkel, Katharine E 243
Peek, William J Rivenburgh, Mary Harris 269
Shepherd, Herbert Melvin Roach, Josephine Anne 432
Simmons, Wiley Roberts, Daisy Ruth 54
Peters, Ralph Martin Roberts, Flora Belle 372
Anderson, Arno Samuel Roberts, Greta Beatrice 342
Hutchison, Varian E Roberts, Roberta L 373
Bowman, Howard Donald Roberts, Rosalie 439
House, LeRoy Robertson, Helen 348
Shutt, William Aroy Robertson, Inez Victoria 326
Damon, Lee Robertson, Wanda Wave 205
Jones, Wayne M Robeson, Betty Jean 482
Christian, Lester Joe Robinson, Helen Matilda 351
Strawn, Ernest Ralph Robinson, Jean Ella Marie 529
Lewis, Clayton W Robinson, Martha Belle 192
Cavin, Frank Eugene Robinson, Oleta Mae 587
Franks, Orie Dale Roby, Sharline Marie 521
Barnes, Jesse F Rodgers, Louise L 64
Schaible, Herbert Arthur Roff, Laquita Joyce 51
Verchnak, Albert Jr Rogers, Barbara Ann 559
Riggert, William Clarence Rogers, Rita B 361
Deen, Albert Harold Rojcewicz, Constance Alexandria 73
Dowless, William R Rosecrans, Betty Arline 454
Fredenberg, Donald Everett Ross, Theresa Delores 87
Milner, William Raymond Rough, Dorothy Arlene 527
Thorn, Thomas C Rowlett, Florence 334
Westover, Nestor Adelbert Rowley, Anita Olga 323
Crossley, Calvin Charles Rupp, Virginia Lee 51
Evans, Don Ivan Rush, Mary Frances 132
Scruggs, Guy Darrell Russell, Lois Alma 143
Ferreira, Alfred Perrira Russo, Lucille Frances 426
Nikodym, Lloyd Orby Rutherford, Helen Joyce 27
Hanscom, Lloyd W Rutherford, May Louise 43
Hemmerling, Kenneth H Ruud, LaVonne Mavis 412
Thomas, Leland Earl Ryan, Hazel Mae 241
Walch, Bonnie Draper Ryan, Marjorie Irene 356
Hulsey, Joel Sahagian, Virginia 439
Ludwig, Ernst V Sample, Doris Deane 2
Agee, Homer Jack Samples, Betty Emma 607
Mead, Noble Samuels, Alice Mae 465
Holmes, Charl;es Livingstone Sanders, Imogene 201
Ambrose, James Marion Jr Sanders, Nora Mae 394
Visnaw, Fred Jr Santens, Evelyn Rene 162
McGilvray, Robert Wealie Sartain, LaVeda 144
Branam, John Lincoln Sauer, Eleanor Jeannine 549
Amos, Arthur Emmett Sauer, Wilma Jean 355
Guest, John Lee Sawyer, Esther Edna 77
Johnson, Joe W Scheel, Mabel Janet 252
Erskine, Alvin Chester Schepers, Myrtle 197
Patterson, Edwin Elias Scherr, Catherine Verone 65
Ford, Gaston Ray Schleigh, Lou Rita Ruth 111
Draper, Jack Alden Schmidt, Mary Barbara 70
Pool, Christian S Schneck, Ruth K 266
Packwood, Robert Lavern Schroeder, Gayleen 581
Koorda, Gerben Schuler, Norma 459
Hibbs, Robert Dale Schultz, Cordelia Maxine 221
Botsford, Cleon George Schulz, Marie Ruth 577
Trefren, Eddie Homer Scott, Leitha Faith 368
Ells, John Anthony Jr Scott, Mildred Iola 597
Pittam, Glenn Lyle Seaver, Bonnie Jean 406
Norman, Lloyd Seger, Esther Mary 21
McCulley, Faye Morris Selby, Olive Viola 34
Henry, Carl Junior Sessions, Byrla Sue 569
Bjork, Lyle Virgil Seyter, Elizabeth Marie 72
Shappell, Lewis Shappell, Florence Belle 621
Coleman, Early Sharp, Alma Ritta 106
Peterson, Gordon Sharpe, Dallas L 260
Gleason, Royal Ernest Shaw, Janet Marie 80
Fehl, Earl H Shaw, Lilyan 430
Carter, Frank Edward Shearer, Betty Lou 225
Garst, George Farrell Shell, Delores LaVonne 389
McMahan, Norman Udell Shepherd, Dorothea Ellen 360
Lenhert, Ronald M Sherman, Darlene Ann 81
Bowman, Elmer Elroy Shockley, Betty Elmer 408
Fernlund, Raymond Winter Short, Earlene Meryle Bowman 290
Young, Everett Marion Sills, Lora Lorene 126
Kruggel, Robert Louis Silva Mary Irene 570
Sparling, Jerry Yates Silva, Barbara 423
Ellis, Willard Austin Silver, Catherine Edith 71
Church, Charles Raymond Simas, Clara Blanche 41
Holstin, Charles T Simmons, Elmira Ethel Ann 559
Davis, LeWyatt Simpson, Betty Jean 83
Merwin, James Eri Simpson, Marjorie Mae 39
Decker, Robert Louis Simpson, Mildred Maxine 441
Verschoor, Leonard Carl Sinks, Elsie Fay 176
Abraham, Allen Dethman Skidmore, Gayle Faye 622
Oswald, Victor L Slack, Louellen Nadene 125
Barry, Charles Paul Jr Small, Valda Mary 558
Chapman, Everett E Smith, Alice Louise 573
Rauk, Roy Junior Smith, Barbara Jane 284
McLeod, Donald S Smith, Deah Jeanne 640
Smith, Joseph Elmer Smith, Donna Maurita 30
Jamieson, Edward L Smith, Dorothy May 580
Girard, Franklin Smith, Edna B 583
Poole, Luther Thomas Smith, Edna Mae 59
Henderson, Clifford Marshall Smith, Jeanne Winifred 616
Vahrenwald, Amos Yuel Smith, Lola Ree 297
Daniel, Charles William Smith, Marie Julia 589
Antony, Paul G Smith, Melody Christine 318
Mathews, Lloyd Williamson Smith, Myrtle Eva 46
Gooding, Alex T Smith, Sarah Lenore 599
Cranswick, George Henry Smith, Selma Anne 85
Reynolds, Keith Franklin Smith, Shirley Mae 536
Jepson, Julius Walter Smith, Sylbia Vawn 453
Henry, Harry Merle Smothers, Melva Darlene 206
Guilliams, Gerald Frank Snider, Mary Joan 417
Blunt, Fred Arthur Soares, May Rosemarie 78
Verntjer, John Joseph South, Norma Glee Eugenia 307
Schultz, Edward L Sowell, Ethel M 44
Higgins, James Evan Spaur, Frances Beverly 349
Speers, Charles Wesley Speers, June Blossom 431
Adams, Fay Gerald Springer, Roberta Cleveland 5
Wisner, Arthur Lawrence Stacey, Beverly June 480
Eastman, Maynard Nelson Stahlman, Mildred Elaine 261
Baker, Elmer Edward Starr, Emily Joy 501
Farnsworth, Merlin Dale Stayton, Beulah Fern 533
Johnson, John Oliver StClair, Marjorie Jean 333
Scott, Daniel Walter Stearns, Arlene Alta 335
Martin, Stanley Lee Stearns, Geraldine Yvonne 163
Boussum, Samuel J Stearns, Katie 84
Bradfish, Charles E Stearns, Norma J 630
Davis, Richard Dean Stebbins, Nancy 438
Johnson, Leonard F Jr Stebler, Betty Alene 347
Morris, Paul Eldon Steele, Lois Jennie 268
Stelle, Paul Leeman Stelle, Doris Irene 341
Cowan, Charles Richard Stephenson, Beverly Ann 555
Gray, Dennis John Stephenson, Geraldine May 262
Decker, Kenneth Virgil Stevens, Beverly Florence 248
Manson, Dean Darrell Stevens, Donna Deane 16
Cowie, Robert Elsmere Stevens, Leona Pearl 567
Kelley, Harry Wilford Stevens, Wanda Lee 14
Robinson, Calvin Reginald Stewart, Betty Faye 7
Bormuth, Russell Wayne Stickelman, Dorothy Janet 24
Hunt, Vinson Allen Stinson, Wilma D 285
Gossler, James Stockman, Marjory Anne 605
Pankey, Louis Henry Stockstill, Anna Caroline 277
Skinner, Harold Halstead Stokes, Constance Kay 530
Hansen, Lester Morris Stone, Bobbie Nell 247
Brown, Clark W Jr Stout, Dixie Delores 160
Lewis, Everette Wesley Streitz, Marilyn Meredith 582
Hayman, Bert M Sullivan, Frances D 392
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Coppock, Joseph E VanPelt, Jessamine 510
Reilly, Richard Sparling Vaughan, Joan Marilyn 33
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Frick, Melvin Glenn Vinzant, Rebecca Jean 155
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Luce, James C (Dr) vonderHellen, Patricia Mary 426
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Kerns, John W Williams, Betty Joanne 374
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Roberts, William Newton Wilson, Thelma Margaret 596
Lawless, Alton Burdet Wilson, Zena Mary 36
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Hibbs, Junior Carter Winningham, Dorothy Joan 422
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Conley, Virgil C Wood, Johnnie Belle 434
Pote, Ray F Wood, Rebecca Margarite 338
Spain, Thomas Dick Woodrich, Edythe Margaret 402
Tinglum, Wayne Rexferd Woolsey, Peggy Sue 298
Gaines, Douglas George Workman, Nova Jean 205
Sanders, Paul Elbert Workman, Shirley Maye 284
Bird, Wayne William Wright, Dorothy Melba 303
Webb, Henry Gerald Wright, Grace Jenkins 350
McCormick, John Dallas Wright, Lillian 219
Huntley, Hugh A Wright, Lois Emmeretti 115
Wolff, Robert O Wuttke, Edna M 274
Fellows, Melvin Lee Wyant, Bonny Claris LaVonne 281
Moore, Jimmy Travis Wytcherley, Mary Louise 323
Willis, Benjamin E Yeager, Marjorie Alice 327
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Leland, Edwin George Young, Eileen Lucille 227
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Kircher, Alan Dale Zacharisen, Jean Helene 163
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Nelson, Leslie W Zumwalt, Faytene 590