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Jackson County Marriage Book #26 Indexed by Bride's Name

Old Photo of Wedding Couple

RVGS volunteers have photographed and indexed the marriage record books housed in the Jackson County, Oregon courthouse. Below is our index to Marriage Book #26 for 1954-1956. It is in alphabetic order by the bride's name. This book uses preprinted forms completed by the county clerk. Each page in the book contains the affidavit for a single couple which includes the names of the bride and groom, the name of a person acquainted with each, the date, the certificate number, and the number of eacj consent form, if any.

This Marriage Book contains only the affidavit--not the "marriage certificate". Because we are supplying only the marriage affidavit from our library, our charge for copies from this marriage book is just $5. Because we must travel to the courthouse and pay a fee for a copy of the "marriage certificate", our charge for a copy of both the affidavit and certificate is $15.

If you would like to have a copy of the marriage affidavit and optionally the marriage certificate, follow the link below to display the request form. Print the form, fill it out completely, and send it to us along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope and a check for $5 payable to the Rogue Valley Genealogy Society. If you make the check for $15, we will provide both the affidavit and certificate .

Postal Request Form

For faster turnaround, use the form below to make a secure $5 or $15 online payment using your major credit card. Pay $5 if you wish only the affidavit or $15 if you wish both the affidavit and the marriage certificate. Complete the form online and our librarian will make a copy of the record you have requested and send it to you via email as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy. If you have also requested a marriage certificate, a volunteer will have to travel to the courthouse for a copy, so please be patient.

Affidavit only or Affidavit + Certificate
How to order:
Both parties: last, first
Book, page(s)

Groom Bride Page
Turner, Bobby Gene Abbott, Adrienne Wynnelle 10
Kelley, Kay Lindell Abbott, Lucile Nona 527
Colley, Herbert Houston Abbott, Patricia Gayle 340
Love, James Albert Acker, Betty Jean 335
Robertson, Thomas Lee Adams, Myrna Rae 259
Luman, James Arthur Agee, Eva Louise 1
Safberg, James Besson Ahlm, Hildred May 143
Kaplan, Archie Roscoe Aiken, Ramona Stone 592
Webber, William Oliver Akins, Emma Carol 149
Shults, Burton Filmore Albright, Phyllis Harriet 158
Richins, Charles Marlin Alexander, Colette Kay 246
Shutt, William A Alford, Echo 32
Whitteker, Boyd Allbrook, Margaret Benetta 618
Kimpton, Robert Owen Alldridge, Lila Miller 205
Meister, Richard Joseph Allen, Barbara Jane 630
Copley, Donald Dean Allen, Bertha Belle 608
Yates, Paul Beighton Allen, Patricia Darlene 607
Davis, Robert James Allen, Virginia Eva 566
Snyder, William Allison, Darlene 475
Stewart, Richard Harry Anderson, Dorothy Marie 95
Smith, Clifford Dale Anderson, Elizabeth Geraldine 383
Willoughby, Ted Wilson Anderson, Joan Day 56
Griffin, Donald Luther Anderson, Pearl Eileen 562
Jeffers, Dale Edward Anderson, Shelby Jean 543
Curtis, Ivan Lynn Andrew, Delores Ethel 221
Smith, Darrell Warren Andrew, Eileen Mabel 221
Knutson, Richard Theodore Andrew, Margaret Evelie 450
Rolin, John Anselm, Alvina Cora 490
Bretzel, Ernest Emil Arashiro, Irene Utako 49
Tracy, Robert Henry Jr Armstrong, Harriet Esther 519
Smith, Loyal John Arnold, Arlene A 300
Gertz, Grant Franklin Arnold, Florence May 393
Pilgeram, Clinton Rayne Arnold, Mary Ann 544
McCoy, Claude Oliver Jr Arthur, Colleen Dorrette 583
Shelton, Kenneth Virgil Asher, Betty Kathryn 79
Christlieb, Wayne Wesley Atterbury, Sharon Louise 42
Peters, Richard David Austin, Jeanne Marie 153
Norum, Walter Arnold Ayres, Beverly Jean 148
Bust, Roy Henry Baer, Lois Ellen 21
Ray, John Bailes, Lura Lou 532
Carr, Reginald Francis Bailey, Lora Gay 469
Jansen, Edward LaVern Bailey, Nora Kay 262
Worth, Russel Ralph Baird, Anna Lucille 231
Chokie, Kenneth John Baker, Barbara Louise 563
Dugger, Jack Joe Baker, Darlyn Jean Suedell 424
Heckler, Julius Albert Baker, Emma Thresia Hendricks 489
Beiter, James Edward Baker, Joyce Marie 51
Reddick, James Monroe Baker, Ramona Dixie 353
Scott, Roy Wayne Banz, Dolores Jeanne 4
Pence, Harold Brooke Barger, Thelma Irene 98
Brown, Wayne T Barnes, Judith Leon 359
Sinks, Eugene Alfred Barnes, Lillian Jennie 220
Branum, J Roy Barnes, Reala Colleen 521
Nelson, Herbert Edward Barney, Helen Mae 383
Reynolds, Roger Dale Barnwell, Luanne Mary 392
Campbell, Earl Barry Barrett, Barbara Jean 319
Anderson, Lutherdean Barton, Pearl Marie 564
Cook, Rolland Theodore Bartow, Lola May 183
Wyant, Richard Samuel Basey, Donna Louise Fawkes 206
Russell, Earl Leray Bastendorff, Carol Marie 290
Gaily, T Dean Bates, Carole Ann 575
Baughman, Howard Rees Baughman, Viola Ellulu 351
Brookshire, Randall Lee Beach, Virginia Darlene 352
Bossler, Mike Nick Jr Bean, Marian Nye 113
Flagg, Roger Henry Beard, Christine Evelyn 199
Moberly, Vern Edwin Beare, Carole Ann 518
Elbert, Moritz Andrew Beaton, Mary Lucille 356
Note, Gerald William Beck, Olive D'Ann 12
Wells, James Arthur Beeney, Lena Lou 41
Nye, Emery G Bekker, Lorraine Helen 213
Pearce, Clarence Eugene Bellows, Rita Gayle 503
Osborne, Richard Owen Benedict, Margaret Yvonne 218
Dickman, Ted Benefiel, Eula P 273
Gillmore, Gordon Robert Bennett, Gwenda Lynn 86
Dollarhide, Danny Dean Bennett, Lorraine Rose 238
Morgan, Claude DeVere Bennett, Nancy Mae 261
Fries, Archie Clinton Jr Benson, Josephine Haupert 300
Kurth, Winston W Benton, Peggy Janice 325
Pfahler, Otto Karl Berhausen, Thea 255
Roberts, Richard D Berriman, Mary Susan 283
Hewitt, Charles Lyle Berteau, Virginia Maria 3
Pierson, William D Bessey, Grace Maxine 60
Hok, Joseph Betebenner, Ella Mae 90
Bochardy, John Donald Bieghler, Helen Margaret 431
Lee, Herbert Sigurd Bigman, Margaret Dorothy 404
Green, Harley George Bilderback, Joyce Annette 254
Pease, Louis O Billings, Patty Jean 37
McCasland, Seth James Billingsley, Ruby 545
Schermerhorn, Elmer Bingham, Annie 205
Doty, Dan Wayne Birdseye, Mary Anne 348
Yarton, Del R Birdsong, Dorothy L 456
Wright, Donald Edwin Bish, Alice May 160
Cellura, Leonard Eaustachie Bishop, Darlene Victoria 410
Greene, Donald Lyle Bishop, Joan Pearl 200
Mitchell, Melvin L Bishop, Myrtle J 295
Bishop, Gerald Leroy Bishop, Nona Rose 252
Toews, Billy LeRoy Bishop, Sarah Effie 157
Meadows, Frank Anderson Bishop, Sylvia Inez 583
Ward, George Edward Black, Holly Helen 131
Pryor, Loren Stephen Black, Wanda Louise 377
Gouker, Elmer Lee Blanchard, Sandra Sue 370
Smith, Frank Wesley Blasch, Ethel Mabel 301
Lindvall, Lloyd R Blessing, Nina Jean 375
Mitchell, Donald Wayne Blocker, Eunice Grace 337
Ashcroft, Myron Kenneth Blotter, Betty Joan 373
Read, Paul Edward Bobbett, Betty Ann 87
Sherman, Ronald Elvin Bodenstab, Lilly Marie 304
Gaches, Lloyd Ralph Boeglin, Betty Jean 45
vonderHellen, Ronald Lee Boenig, Betty Ann 336
Ivie, Elmas Delmen Boggs, Deanna Lee 511
Workman, Edwin Grant Bohannon, Marlene Annie 473
Rice, James Frank Bohnert, Edyth Marilyn 502
Gambee, Eugene Blodgett Boitano, Shirley Ann 587
Johnson, Troy Bolan, Anna Margaret 160
Roswell, Ottis Henry Bollinger, Carol June 80
Winner, Boby Joe Bond, Colleen Marie 463
Kennady, M James Bond, Georgia Ann 391
Payne, Cecil Jay Booker, Mary Elizabeth 406
Boshears, Gary Lee Boone, Fidelia Janet 516
Perry, Kenneth Gerold Booth, Dolores Marie 289
Moore, James Benjamin Boren, Aloha Louise 50
Botens, Lewis Frederick Botens, Mildred 195
Ellis, Delbert Vincent Bourn, Nancy Jeanette 448
Crotty, John Dwight Bourne, Elsie Lucile 451
Logston, Alfred Jack Bourne, Sharon Annette 428
Huffman, Clifford Arthur Bouslaugh, Donna Loree 388
Ruby, John Wesley Boussum, Katie 15
Sparks, Robert Stanford Bowdoin, Gail Marie 315
Bower, Virgil Avery Jr Bower, Betty June 11
Rickenbach, Fredrick Vern Bowman, Lynda June 265
Knight, George Richard Boyar, Dolores Bradeene 100
Hoggard, Henry James Boyd, Patsy Ruth 113
Hurt, Ernest V Boyd, Ruth Marie 54
Graves, George Allen Brabbin, Una Maurean 590
Walter, William Robert Brad, Mary Catherine 259
Sweet, Desmond Lewis Bradley, Delcie Jeane 145
Mitchell, James Jerome Bradshaw, Darline Violet 272
Spatz, Thomas Elliott Bragg, Eleanor Catherine 537
Thomas, Nathaniel Gordon Bray, Jeannene 244
Renfro, Thomas Elvin Brazille, Joanna June 38
Doty, Alva Allan Breese, Minnie Sue 418
Jack, James Clyde Bridge, Ivalee Mae 492
Thompson, Willard William Briggs, Ruby Marie 402
Gibson, William Clare Broker, Edna Ann 11
Shull, Larry LeRoy Brooks, Judith Constance 33
Mete, Ronald Alex Brooks, Linda Delores 506
Findley, Robert L Brooks, Vera 66
Donaca, Leland Walter Brown, Barbara Lillian 266
Faber, Ralph Eugene Brown, Ellen Mae 437
Wissler, Wendell Warren Brown, Jeanne Estelle 495
Roby, Nolan Jude Brown, Joan 492
Holcomb, William Sanford Brown, Louise Margarett 96
Nelson, Kenneth Merlin Brown, Patricia Gail 368
Oberst, Norman Ralph Brown, Shirlee Yvonne 245
Keene, Richard Earl Bryant, Barbara Ann 354
Allen, Arthur Buckingham, Elizabeth Jean 25
VanGalder, Raymond Monroe Buckley, Elizabeth M 186
Smith, Harold Glenn Bullard, Myrtle Irene 619
Pearce, Melvin Wesley Bunnell, Patricia Marie 480
Thach, John Smith Jr Buonocore, Carol Beatrice 122
Burk, Carl Gardner Burk, Zadee Joan 215
Cramer, Victor Burns, Dona V 136
Woodburn, Charles P Burns, Lillian 625
LaMarre, Elzear J Burton, Jennie 82
Hutchinson, Johnny Doyle Bush, Betty Mabelle 582
Baker, Edward LeRoy Butcher, Virginia Lee 168
Caldwell, Vernon Junior Butler, Delores Yvonne 529
Berry, Richard Eli Byrns, Nancy Marie 340
Williams, Kenneth Calderon, Connie 552
James, Gordon Albert Caldwell, Oscella Ann 115
Harnden, William Albert Calhoun, Carolyn Josephine 162
Roberson, Elijah Franklin Calhoun, Clara Belle 73
Eller, John H Calhoun, Valeita May 236
McCulloch, Donald James Callaway, Rita Catherine 280
Bernheisel, Nye Edward Cameron, Barbara Ann 632
Kellenberger, Lonnie Robert Campbell, Harriet Louise 344
Phillips, Kenneth Campbell, JoAnne 143
Wickman, Robert Malcolm Campbell, Joanne Grace 461
Swan, Charles C Campbell, Lola Elva 306
Curran, Daryl Troy Campbell, Naomi Ray 600
Jack, Alva Earl Cane, Nola Winona 44
Strong, Gary Maynard Cantrall, Marion Louise 288
Kiihnl, Charles Raymond Cappel, Myrtle Ruth 62
Coulter, Kenneth A Carbo, Wilhelmeni L 548
Johnson, Wayne Fred Cardona, Rita Lorraine 498
Bennett, Jerry Lyle Carlino, Barbara Ann 184
Powers, J T Carlos, Cora Addline 71
Farley, LeRoy Thomas Carlson, Dorothy Ellen 268
Carlson, James Alvin Carlson, Lillian Harriet Murele 185
Myers, Charles William Carmen, Valerie Jean 536
Eccleston, Eugene Wayne Carnes, Peggy Elaine 181
Adamson, Gerald Edwin Carnes, Shirley May 12
Reese, Joe Carney, Tina 104
Luchterhand, LeRoy Spencer Carr, Janet Louise 139
Johns, Robert Duane Carr, Lilly Irene 203
Weber, John Richard Carr, Mabel Loretta 287
Bretches, Robert Lee Carter, Barbara Elizabeth 372
Boardman, Harvey Earl Carter, Carol 470
Kimble, Lloyd Charles Casey, Vera Mae 225
Grove, Ross K Cason, Georgia Mag 561
Young, James Oren Cavin, June Frances 453
Bieberstedt, Donald Chamberlain, Opal Lola 480
Roach, James Thomas Chambers, Dona Ana 358
Wenaus, Theo Champion, Ella Anne 68
Larson, Robert Edward Chandler, Juanita 170
Johnson, Stanley Russell Chapin, Gladys Lillian 83
Bates, Robert Dean Chapman, Joyce Lee 144
Vrooman, Harold Francis Chapman, Nelda Mae 117
Miller, Max Milton Childers, Vida Olivia 148
Layton, Gordon LaVerne Childress, Erma Jean 269
Sheffield, Donald Dudley Chittock, Shirley Louise 16
Newton, John Kenneth Chrisman, Helen Ruann 317
Lawrentz, Kenneth D Christian, Janet Lee 477
Cullop, Donald Edward Christian, Phyllis Darlene 23
Green, Russell Lorenzo Christian, Rena Frances 103
Cresap, Robert Charles Christiansen, Beverly Jean 486
Darrah, Colin Louis Christianson, Jean 534
Turnbull, Roger Duane Christie, Marjery Ann 75
Peterson, William Patrick Claasen, Mary Joanne 590
Enright, John Clark, Edna Eileen 212
Watkins, Howard Gene Clark, Jacqueline Marie 57
Keener, Ulric Carrol Clark, Mary Eloise 78
Masters, John Henry Clark, Rosa Irene 292
Gott, Dale Clary, Marjorie Fay 454
Atchley, Travis LaVon Clayton, Anna Joy 291
Jackson, Neil Edward Clement, Darlene Lucille 120
Zimmer, Orin Merrill Clement, Patricia Louise 152
Hudson, Kenneth Charles Close, Myrna Joan 549
Amaro, Melvin Vieira Clower, Shirley Wenell 614
Toole, Mark Spurgeon Clutter, Roberta Lea 604
Bowen, William G Clymer, Elva F 78
Hayes, Wendell L Cochran, Gayleen 607
Chisum, James E Coggins, Delores 226
Nichols, Claud Ray Coiner, Judith Ellen 365
Kinslow, James Edward Cole, Mary Alice 126
Monroe, Arthur Schweikhart Coleman, Carol Ann 343
Pickell, Sidney Gordon Colley, Annie Mae 219
Bonney, Kent Wiley Collins, Elizabeth 563
Brown, Charles Raymond Collins, Janet Junita 323
Black, Clarence E Collis, Florence M 226
Bellon, Donald Clyde Cone, Mary Louise 442
Glass, Wheldon Floyd Conklin, Orvella Emily 194
Black, Leonard Ralph Conklin, Orvella Emily 433
Wight, Sharow Connell, Betty 372
Adams, Billy Ray Connell, Mary Constance 364
McMasters, William Converse, Effie Lorraine 172
Gleaves, Duane Carrol Cook, Charlene Alyce 491
Arms, John Walter Cook, Flora Louise 224
Cook, Charles Bayley Cook, Helen Davis 357
Lown, Lonzo Leonard Cook, Joan 593
Smith, Henry Robert Cook, Phyllis Ann 82
Riddell, Gerald Deweese Cooper, Barbara Ann 102
Smith, Albert Mitchell Cooper, Beatrice 402
King, William Ray Cooper, Shirley Betty Ann 411
Seguin, Edward Ronald Corbin, Alma Pauline 306
Burns, Robert Dean Corley, Juanita Lois 512
Richardson, Sam H Cornett, Mina E 535
Card, Richard Albert Cottingham, Nancy Nina 183
Dorris, Roy L Couch, Helen Pauline 352
Johnson, Glenn LeRoy Couts, LaRene Elaine 277
Pech, Roland Albert Cowden, Lane Grace 531
Richards, Gordon James Cox, Carol Kathleen 449
Jones, John Reid Cox, Edith Florence 388
Sanders, Earl John Cox, LaJuan Ellis 77
Birk, Clifford Lee Cox, Rose Mary 271
Donaldson, Thomas Alexander Coy, Sleatha Marie 282
Owen, Frank Tracy Craig, Thelma Grace 140
LaCourse, Arthur George Cramer, Elizabeth Madge 216
Burr, Merle R Cramer, Ruth B 181
Carlisle, Roy Edward Crandall, Ruby Ann 131
Ridenour, Stanley LeRoy Criteser, Mabel Katherine 361
Mayes, Hugh Virgil Cronan, Lillian Mary 230
Abel, Joseph Patrick Cronce, Mary Jane 93
Culver, Walter E Cross, Doris Marie 30
Wallace, James Henery Crouch, Martha Re 210
Kimmons, Douglas Keith Croucher, Charlene Dee 238
Jones, Robert Harold Croucher, Lela Lane 611
Birkland, Oliver Wayne Cuddie, Carol Emma 31
Mann, Horace Tharp Cummings, Ethel Lorraine 468
Kinney, Harold Ray Cummings, Irene Grace 228
Earhart, William Clarence Cunningham, Frances Myrtle 3
Crawford, Ray Samuel Currie, Benita Elizabeth 173
Putnam, Alfred Porter Currie, Mildred Sue 100
Fleming, Gary Duane Curtis, Charlotte Ruth 344
Cuslidge, Raymond Henry Cuslidge, Flora Belle 635
Moore, Willie Ray Cutburth, Connie Mae 488
Bryant, Richard Ralph Danford, Mary Odessa 167
Swim, Roy Allen Daniel Marie Julia 429
Forney, James George Danley, Alberta Marie 631
Gordon, Richard Harry Daves, Betty Jo 25
Sherer, Keith Roger Davidson, Carolee Lana 531
Watkins, Lester Albert Davies, Norma Nadine 107
Weiss, Roger Leo Davis, Betty Loan 206
Wertz, Stanford Monroe Davis, Carol E 89
Pree, Gary James Davis, Elenaor Dale 286
Dixon, Byron Stricklin Davis, Fern Elaine 111
Smith, Norman Berten Davis, Julia Elizabeth 128
Bailey, Edgar Harrison Davis, Levona May 212
Maloney, Elmer Earl Davis, Marilyn Jane 272
Myrick, Robert DeWayne Davis, Mary Jean 285
Kirklin, Jewel David Davis, Mildred Lenora 598
Tyrrell, John Arden Davis, Ruth Charlene 137
Davison, Bert Clark Davison, Barbara Ann 331
Nelson, Ronald Arthur Davison, Blaine Gearldine 85
Mang, Donald Frederick Day, Mary Jane 612
Bernard, Howard Clinton Deakin, Marjorie Teresa 335
Fletcher, James Edmond DeCarlow, Margaret Ann 30
Sheedy, William Joseph DeGroff, Shirley Ann 616
Jones, Aaron Wallace DeHaas, Pauline Ellen 422
Stokes, Lewis Dement, Delorce Elizabeth 370
Lynch, James Henry III Dempster, Janet Marie 633
Holst, Glenn Monterey Denman, Carol Louise 585
Erskine, Alvin Chester Dennis, Lulu 582
Watts, Otho Mason Derrickson, Irene G 525
Dorn, Rudolph Charles Desselle, Nancy Ann 22
Morris, William Howard Dew, Virginia Irene 578
Carter, Johnny Westley Dionne, Aster Westwong 459
Jackson, Arthur C Dix, Pearl Z 54
Dodd, Charles Ray Dodd, Margaret Barzilia Anderson 501
Swearingen, Clarence Allen Dodson, Ellandar Irene 444
Grunden, Dale Leonard Doering, M Jean 380
Schulz, Dale Paul Doran, Marsha Rae 26
Wagler, Clarence Lee Doran, Myrna Lee 61
McAllister, Charles Earnest Dotson, Doris Delayne 594
Cox, Troy William Downing, Virginia Nell 332
Friesen, Milton George Dubs, Mildred Louise 622
Dubuque, Joe Frances Dubuque, Joanna 456
Carlson, Maurice Lee Duncan, Betty Carolyn 584
Taylor, Walter Earl Dunlap, Helen Louise 58
Masterson, Herbert Jay Jr Durgin, Josephine Ruth 571
Stringer, Brian Douglas Durno, Janet Claire 487
McKellar, Jack Miles Dutro, Marlene Marie 1
Hull, John Siner Eagle, Naomia Katherine 38
Welch, Arthur Lester East, Betty Ellen 362
Watrus, James Burton Eaton, Jerry Ann 198
Striplin, Kenneth Ray Eckel, Patricia Ann 497
Norris, Bob Gene Edmund, Roberta Joan 172
Driskell, Ray Lee Edwards, Annette Louise 540
Walker, Delbert Francis Edwards, Diane Gloria 458
Luper, Delmer R Edwards, Emma 241
Luper, Delmer Roland Edwards, Emma Y 371
Wunderlich, Daniel John Edwards, Wanda Mary 278
McMillian, Julius Eldridge, Mildred L 280
Reynolds, William Lamar Elkins, Donna Elaine 114
Bernard, Arthur James Ellingboe, Mary Lou 631
Robinson, William George Ellis, Barbara 271
Baker, Chester Ellis, Elaine Marilyn 57
Lodge, Charles Everett Ellis, Laura Bernice 179
Garner, Dale Virgil Ellis, Virginia Mae 17
Jones, Virgil Vanburen Jr Elrod, Mildred Claire 170
Sander, Charles Aubrey Elson, Mary Ann 141
Hughes, James Clifton Elting, Mary Electa 553
Baughman, Lyle V Epperson, Mary Jane 28
Willis, Louis Marvin Estes, Phyllis Elaine McIntyre 586
Holzgang, Curtis Ray Ettel, Darrelyn Patricia 580
Milburn, Frank Evans, Elva M 361
Vaughn, Earl Evans, Harriett Josephine 346
Cartwright, Donald Eugene Evans, Jacqueline Frances 165
Fields, Keith Richard Evans, Joyce Janene 209
Evernden, Ernest Edward Evernden, Gloria 74
Hunting, DeNile V Fairbanks, Leslie Marie 209
Collins, John Clark Fairfield, Helen J 94
Williams, James Norman Faler, Donna Lee 595
Edwards, Oren Ralph Jr Faler, Virginia Mae 341
Ellis, Leland James Falk, Pearl Elaine 129
Cordray, Lee Marion Jr Falkenberg, Delores Carole 577
Vilott, Gay O Falkenhagen, Lucille C 246
Falls, Miles O'Neal Falls, Mable Florence 412
VanVleet, Carolos Marshall Falwell, Elaine Cathryn 505
Toulou, Clell Richard Farber, Donna Louise 154
Bigelow, Oliver Wade Farley, Mary Zora 167
Archibald, James Alfred Felipe, Norma Anne 146
Martin, Robert Eugene Fellows, JoAnn Fae 59
Jolliffe, Richard Lee Ferguson, Charleen Marie 98
Lanford, Jack Vaughn Ferguson, Corma Helen 426
Bartol, Gerald Wayne Ferguson, Gwen Darlene 540
Newport, Robert Dean Fernimen, Beverly Willovene 249
Thomas, Carl Henry Ferrier, Dorothy Faye 483
Hall, Bobby Darryl Fielder, Aldona Louise 617
Hagen, Allen Craig Findlay, Ruth Eliza 426
King, Eugene Findley, Bonnie F Dolores 92
Bender, Nathaniel B Jr Findley, Diane 286
Carroll, Ralph Lamar Findley, Mary Kathryn 253
Bartz, Gerald Franklin Findley, Ruth Jeanine 472
Planer, Willis Frederick Fischbeck, Bernice 169
Straus, Gary Leroy Fitch, Lou Alaine 125
McKinney, Jackie Dean Fitzgerald, E Arlene 457
Negles, Ronald LeRoy Fletcher, Geraldine Joanne 122
Ellis, Willborn H Fletcher, Maxine Lenor 84
Coleman, Franklin Dee Flowers, Myrtle Elizabeth 310
Baker, John Riley Floyd, Octavia Lucille 159
Evans, Barkley Jr Folks, Shirlene Ruth 10
Sullivan, John Laurence Ford, Lucille Lady 400
Ford, Gaston Ray Ford, Rita Ruth 476
Jeffers, John L Forget, Claudette Angel 525
Krotz, Daniel Fremont III Forrest, Phyllis Russell 351
Foster, Vernon L Foster, Luella May 13
Morgan, Richard George Foster, Peggy Lucille 565
Heinzman, Luke Henry Fowler, Carol Josephine 441
Elder, Ronald Marion Fox, Berniece Lucille 425
Boyce, Robert Lester Francis, Mary Labertha 140
Danielson, Robert George Franz, Honey Fern 266
McComb, Ramon Leigh Fraser, Ona Ethel 39
Foster, George Parker Frederick, Katherine Mae 145
Walls, Joel Edward Freed, Bettie Ruth 309
Copley, Waldo Harley Freed, Evangeline May 407
Bell, Voy Nelson Freeland, Dolores Louise 156
Pendergraph, Wayne Freeman, Ethel L 20
Dexter, Rollin Benjiman Freeman, Ileana June 350
Barnes, Edmond Sargeant Freitas, Minnie Ellen 7
Edwards, Bill Linton Frick, Carol Mae 124
McCay, Dale Allen Frohs, Judith Arline 619
Clark, Everett Edmond Fry, Letha Elizabeth 393
Phelan, Ralph Ray Funston, Rowena Mae 336
Wrede, Paul M Furry, Sybil Nannette 444
Degner, Ernest Derl Gage, Esther Helen 390
Rey, David Gallardo, Guadalupe 130
Hyland, Richard Aubrey Gammill, Doris Edith 72
Cramer, William Raymond Gardner, Linda Jean 360
Adams, Marvin D Gardner, Lois 604
Jack, Dick Ray Gardner, Venita Deloris 260
Zieser, Wallace Norman Garrett, Phyllis Elaine 566
Crandall, Eugene Allen Garrison, Rita Marie 46
Hunziker, Alfred Vincent Gaster, Ruth Lorraine 15
Ryan, Bruce Preston Geomeroth, Ardith Mabel 491
Hodges, LaMerle Edgar Gerbing, Sandra Mae 308
O'Dell, Billy Charles Gerbing, Sandra Mae 551
McWhorter, Charles Lincoln German, Winona Rose Weber 378
Kline, Harold Richard Geyer, Geraldine Marjorie 519
Kezer, Robert Wendell Geyer, Marlys Joanne 479
Kilburn, Henry Benton Gibbons, Margaret L 202
Inlow, Alfred Day Gidney, Geraldine May 152
Bennett, Fred Lee Gillaspey, Peggy Ann 260
Gile, Norris Haynes Giltner, Irma Ann 101
Lutcavich, Stanley Thomas Gipson, Nettie LaJoyce 360
Williams, Clifford A Gish, Vera Mae 613
Babbitt, John Ennis Glenn, Barbara Ray 307
Getter, David Francis Glover, Dorothy Mae 127
Curtis, John A Godden, Marjorie Gayle 223
Edge, James A Goehring, Neola Oleta 40
Modin, Richard Lee Good, Delia Claire 418
Croucher, Edward Gene Goodman, Janice Arline 161
Ferrarelli, Frank John Gosch, Joyce Collette 363
Whitcher, Dennis James Gott, Katherie Elaine 547
Berg, Donald Arthur Gottfried, Dolores May 8
Spencer, Lester Edward Graham, Nellie Mae 59
Downing, Wayne Elton Gray, Geraldine May 366
Fries, Robert Lee Gray, Lynette Pearl 348
Demmer, Edward Wayne Greaves, Nancy Lee 312
Feinstein, Ellis M Greb, Barbara Joan 201
Nelson, Harvey Hirum Jr Greb, Freda Marie 310
Griffith, Ottie Ray Greb, Janet Rae 121
Barnum, William Birthold Jr Green, Barbara Lee 414
Coveney, Thomas Ralph Jr Greene, Una Jerdie 20
Stewart, Robert Arlo Greenwood, Marilyn Jane 526
Stuart, Robert Boyd Greer, Barbara Adrienne 321
Bailes, Edmond Garfield Gregory, Nina Anne 339
Harling, Victor Ray Greiser, Ruth Lelalia 42
Lodge, Robert Edward Griffin, Shirley Gene 432
West, Thomas Andrew Grigsby, Julia Lee 626
Summers, Donnie George Groom, Betty Marie 358
Bruse, George Kilian Gross, Barbara Brewer 211
Foster, Richard Grant Grow, Margaret Ethel 603
Avist, William Stanley Grubbs, Alene Eloise 434
Walwyn, William Henry Gruberman, Hazel D 66
Lee, Jimmy Dale Gunter, Juanita Marie 268
Atkins, Ronald Bryson Guss, Gladys Juanita 81
Hanning, Don V Haak, Rosemary 419
Luman, Bert Preston Hager, Leora Hope 339
Lindley, William Valentine Hahmeyer, Anna Marie 65
Wilson, Leslie Alden Hall, Ella Lucile 233
Witt, Ralph Lloyd Jr Hall, Patricia Louise 258
Peck, Clyde L Halsey, Maria 591
Dotts, Cecil Caleb Jr Halstead, Edith Anne 130
Kastner, Everett William Jr Halvorsen, Donna Mae 623
Patterson, Carl L Hammonds, Ruth 108
Gillooly, Edward Allen Hampson, Patricia 515
Burroughs, William Henry Hand, Mary Evelyn 146
Tompkins, Whirley Gay Jr Handsaker, Margaret Viola 384
Rowe, Ervin Jay Hankins, Sarah Ann 235
DeLong, David E Hansen, Mary Elizabeth 628
Lewis, Charles Roland Hanson, Carol Yvonne 497
Lee, Frank Jay Hapes, Karen Lea 390
Baker, Clarence M Harader, Patsy Dean 629
Madderra, Robert Leon Jr Hardin, Rose Marie 255
Hokes, Daniel Laurel Hargis, Irma Jean 327
Depuy, Gene Melvin Hargitt, Marilyn Anne 367
Garrett, William David Harkey, Beulah Mae 379
Rametes, Lawrence Norman Jr Harlow, Joy Ada 177
Larsen, Carl Russell Harmon, Shirley Jean 417
Young, Philip Thomas Jr Harper, Carolyn 453
Mitchell, James Carrel Harper, Virgie Lee StClair 229
Guss, James Leon Harris, Gail Arden 236
Dolan, Ernest Richard Harris, Helen Irene 204
Jackson, William Franklin Harris, Sarah Louise 256
Harden, Francis David Harrison, Evelyn Laurene 474
McCord, Richard Harrison, Lue Eddie 558
Beavers, Arthur Mountjoy Hart, Ruth Ann 571
Hunt, Harry Horace Harvey, Ethel Lynne 451
Wilson, Herbert Leroy Hatton, Mary Joan 429
Grieve, James W Hawlin, Harriett C 376
Loop, Norman Monroe Hayes, Ruby Joan 188
Desavedo, Max Thomas Haynes, Lorena Ann 270
Howard, Harold Jackson Haynes, Lyda Elizabeth 600
Martin, Ray Archie Haynes, Patricia Carol 398
Thompson, Theodore Romaine Head, Shirley May 124
Hardy, Horace Kindall Headrick, Benne Jeanne 415
Frohreich, Harold George Heaton, Judith Marilyn 61
Metternich, James Grant Heavilin, Margarret LaVern 162
Willey, Larry Randolph Heavilin, Muriel Inez 470
Hamilton, Richard S Heberling, Mary Jane 574
Ewart, Daniel Thomas Heckathorn, Jessie Anna 305
Freshwater, Ira G Hedgpeth, Erma Mary 161
Smith, Carmel Ray Heeter, Shannon Wilma 254
Robinson, Walter Douglas Heim, Mary Louise 81
Strickland, Frank O Hemmerle, Ruth Madeleine 501
King, Terence Ramond Henderson, Jeraldine Joan 462
Green, Donald Edwin Henderson, Pauline Irene 443
Lyon, Roy Larry Henson, Donna Lee 430
Klepper, Albert Raymond Herdman, Carol Jean 248
Clemence, Donald Glenn Herman, Frances Imogene 67
Vilas, George Warren Herried, Frona 318
Tilton, Thomas Joe Herriott, Hope Loraine 504
Meadows, Robert Samuel Hershiser, Dorothy Jean 51
Mickle, Kenneth Alton Hess Frances Cordelia 443
Stansfield, Allen Frederick Heston, Dawn Fae 610
Earnest, Edward W Hewitt, Yvonne Irene 242
Ellison, Richard Earle Hickey, Mary Jean 28
Dunlap, Donald K Hickey, Sandra Leigh 99
Cunningham, Jimmie Seth High, Geraldine May 14
Asher, George Leroy Higinbotham, Nancy Lee 596
Keith, Arthur Herbert Hill, Anna Mae 307
Bolyer, James Edward Hill, Georgia Mae 53
Swanson, Albert Louis Hill, Minty Elizabeth 136
Hoover, Ian Richard Hilliard, Roberta Lucille 319
Sanders, Roy L Hinkle, Carrie E 227
Stone, Luther E Hise, Opal D 193
Flackus, Walbert Charles Hitzel, Velna Mae 223
Houston, William Douglas Hoadley, Harriet Dunlap 196
Grimm, James Dale Hobbs, Barbara Louise 45
Richards, Stewart Whitney Hobbs, Jacqueline Joyce 56
McCarthy, Mike Henry Hockaday, Paula Lorraine 24
Hoctor, Harvey Edward Hoctor, Cecilia Ethel 159
Dunn, Peter Holcomb, Frances Isabelle 208
Struckmeyer, Ernest F Hollingsorth, Margie Lois 441
Parks, Drury M Holmes, Joyce M 187
Summers, Walter Carwin Holt, Katie Mae 386
Cordier, S Ron Jr Holt, Sharon Lynn 108
Gambini, Jake John Holt, Theodora Elizabeth 602
Pickett, Perry R Holum, Florence Judith 334
Haven, John William Hooper, Ada Deloris 320
Stewart, James Walter Hopkins, Evelyn June 274
Wheatley, Harold Ray Hopper, Betty Jean 132
Hukill, Arlen Warren Hopper, Sharlene 562
Zahnow, Theodore Henry Houchin, Annabelle 202
Guldahl, Alf Houghton, Harriett Florence 333
Gilliam, Douglas Howard House, Patricia Lee 484
Baker, Billy Lee Howard, Frances Lorraine 97
Dyer, Lewis A Howard, Janie Marie 144
Long, Gene Douglas Howell, Donna Neal 320
Newnham, Stanley Arthur Howsley, Lois Ann 213
Hard, Trueman Irvin Huckaba, Wanda Sue 481
Loucks, Robert J Hudson, Jean H 192
Dobson, Leslie Charles Huffman, Marjean Evelyn 64
Hardy, Lauren Durand Huffman, Norma Jean 457
Bartlett, Charles A Hull, Phyllis Louise 79
Morris, Robert L Hulse, Mary Ann 163
Bigelow, Harold E Humphrey, Pearl Victoria 34
McKay, Donald Gordon Hunt, Cynthia Lee 417
Conger, Robert Lawrence Hunt, Marjorie E 496
Hardy, Eugene Casper Hunt, Nola 83
Chapman, Willard Hunter, Carole Marie 80
Hoover, Earle Huntley, Ruth Alva 397
Wall, Douglas Oliver Huson, Laura Mae 584
Brown, Kenneth LeRoy Huson, Margaret Lucile 529
McGuire, Ralph Gerald Hutchinson, Irene Charabelle 596
Perry, Jim Earl Hutton, Claudia Jean 313
Scarborough, Omarah Hyland, DeEtta Jean 627
Gallatin, Louis Herman Imel, Frances Jenkins 220
Bean, Ronald J Ingram, Mary Elizabeth 381
Stanislawski, Melvern Boyd Inlow, Bernice Thelma 232
Smith, Harold Dean Irion, May Evelyn 485
Peterson, Virgil John Irvin, Edith Pearl 558
Crumm, Jack Lionel Jack, Jane Caroline 207
Layton, Joseph Howard Jackson, Barbara Lucille 359
Buchanan, Larold Alvin Jackson, Suzanne 72
Glenn, Donald Eugene Jackson, Wilma Lois 468
Wiley, Wilmer Wayne Jr James, Doris Ann 126
Bunker, John William James, Juanita Lucile 578
Benton, Henry Benjamin James, Lavina May 325
Slater, Al Alex Janes, Helene Nadine 527
Harding, Warren Dick Jansen, Lucille Delores 214
Harding, Wayne Jeansen, Dorothy Marie 63
Lindstrom, Howard Angus Jeldness, Adella Jean 355
Swinford, Lathanuel Jensen, Joanne L 622
Super, Peter Ray Jerry, Nancy Lee 365
Cullop, Woodrow Duane Jett, Barbara Joan 538
Hartley, Roland Spencer Joanis, Joanne Margaret 330
Hoffine, Lloyd Lee Johannesen, Marjorie Anne 400
Bergquist, Ronald Bailey Johnson, Amy Sue 345
Herndon, Robert Carl Johnson, Claire Agnes 14
Henson, Arthur Leroy Johnson, Darlene Joan 375
Timmons, Lloyd Stephen Jr Johnson, Doris Carole 166
Johnson, Carl B Johnson, Eunice E 403
Johnson, Gilbert Johnson, Eva M 112
Dallaire, Raymond Bruno Johnson, Florence 475
Chaney, Wayne Franklin Johnson, Florence Anne 539
McLendon, Tom Barron Johnson, Gladys Mae 293
Gunter, Daniel Leon Johnson, Glenna May 635
Messer, James Edward Johnson, Karlene Mae 201
Powers, Robert Delmar Johnson, Rosemary Helen 381
Josephson, Boyd Oleen Johnson, Shirley Jean 559
Griffin, Lester Lee Johnston, Deronda Idabella 190
Covey, Harold Gene Johnston, Dorris Joan 76
Derrick, Ormel Wright Jones, Anna Lorraine 380
Nutter, Kenneth Leroy Jones, Betty Fern 407
Kohn, Kenneth William Jones, Beverly Ann 139
Holbrook, Roy Frank Jones, Cecile Mae 74
McNeil, Calvin Glenn Jones, Charlotte Ann 177
Nelson, Nils Ellis Jones, Eva Ferne 198
Miller, Jerry Wayne Jones, Judith Genevieve 450
Barrett, Jerry Vernon Jones, Lois Evelyn 70
Niles, John Dickerman Jones, Ruth Ellen 103
Silva, James Oliver Jones, Shirley Ann 624
Buchanan, William Leroy Jones, Wilma Irene 508
Longan, Alvin Roy Jordan, Willidean 338
Smith, John Dale Jore, JoAnne Beverly 13
Swindler, Robert Jr Jorgensen, Sonja Kristine 305
Talbot, Robert Dale Julian, Jacqueline Lea 178
LeVeille, Philip Rock Kale, Clara Dell 137
Stevenson, Louis Karjala, Fern 555
Starboard, Frederick Franklin Karrick, Virginia Lee 614
Nicholson, Edwin Harry Jr Keene, Patricia Anne 573
Strait, Amor Eugene Keesee, Betty Lee 510
Kalista, John Edwin Kelley, Elaine Mavis 522
Lacy, Dennis Lester Kelly, Carol Jean 190
Eldred, Dale Carson Kelly, Muriel Ernestine 149
Dodge, Steven John Kennedy, JoAnn 106
Moore, Harold Neal Kennedy, Lucille E 570
Archibald, John Melvin Kenney, Jo Carol 222
Rock, Ivan Clifford Kenney, Virgie Pauline 465
Swofford, William Hays Keplinger, Shirley Jean 293
Wood, J Loyd Kilburn, Sharon Lee 438
Cowart, Gavin Owen Kimball, LaGretta 588
Hurd, Herman Neil Kimsey, Myrtle Paulien 156
Carter, John Eugene Kimura, Barbara Tayoko 40
Rolland, Fred C Kincade, Dora Ann 193
Roberts, Wilmot Roberts Kincaid, Mary Ann 591
Vahle, Alex Henry King, Monnie 416
Schwartz, Philip Otto Kirby, Esther Stout 371
Eppeheimer, George Kirkpatrick, Thais Eugenia 142
Rutherford, Walter Lee Kiser, Marian Lucille 549
Hornbuckle, Melville Junior Kitsmiller, Evelyn May 439
Klaus, Melvin Arthur Klaus, Talcie Fay 397
Carstensen, Robert Joe Klein, Marlene Adele 6
Larson, Charles LeRoy Knox, Barbara Ann 155
Dew, Stanford Charles Koch, Mary Louise 141
Watkins, Robert Jean Konkel, Doris May 408
Lane, Forest LeRoy Kost, Betty Mary 624
Aoki, George Kazumi Koyanagi, Lilian Yurie 500
Gardner, Donald Edward Kyle, Jean Arden 273
Fillman, Walter Charles Laborde, Gladys Olive 415
Oe, Edward W Lacey, Rae Loretta 180
Austin, Thomas Ewing LaComb, Beverly Jean 576
Segur, David W Laird, Marie Evelyn 88
Bresland, Omar Wade Lamb, Jeannette Joyce 185
Hoeflin, Walter Lambert, Lucille Evelyn 55
Reich, Frankie Leon Lamp, Edna Joyce 276
Myrick, Richard Alvin Lamp, Marguerite Dawn 304
Kimmons, Warren Edwin Landers, Mary Janet 47
Parton, Weston Ellsworth Larsen, Mary Lou 135
Jackson, Samuel C Larson, Ada 277
Harper, Ronald Lane Larson, Flora Jean 464
Bellinger, James LeRoy Larson, Thora Jeanette 241
Erickson, Harvey D LaTorra, Mary Katherine 118
Hall, Jimmie D Lavin, Donna 263
Winans, David LeRoy Lawrence, Barbara Marie 173
Jacobs, Donald Walter Lawrence, Patricia Anne 189
Allen, William Franklin Leach, Lee Anne 408
Wytcherley, Donald Ira Leatham, Florence Dorothy 195
Mirick, Keith Ray Ledingham, Charlotte Lou 287
Baize, Frank Richard Lee, Deanna Jean 542
Robertson, John Pershand Lee, Mary Kathryn 452
York, Gene Clifton Leedy, Colleen Gayle 507
Merriman, Thomas William Leffler, Dora Mae 192
Roid, Harold Edward Lefler, Lael Davene 634
Earley, Keith Everett Leisher, Carol Jean 32
Knackstedt, Kenneth Dean Levine, Elizabeth Ruth 112
Derhalli, Zouhdi Munib Lewis, Anelda Annette 333
Lutton, Morgan Frederick Lewis, Anna 299
Krous, Bob Lewis Lewis, Joyce Louise 347
Pegel, Dean Earl Lewis, ViEtta Asunda 43
Powell, Guy Ottis Lien, Rae Evangeline 446
Simpson, Harry Henry Lightner, Dorthy Irene 52
Clute, Paul Kenneth Lilly, Dorris Elizabeth 499
Smith, Joseph Daniel Lind, Dolores Mae 180
Sleight, Clarence David Lindgren, Venna Blanche 409
Malloy, Edwin John Lindley, Betty Jean 369
Dietrick, Lorne Morris Lindsay, Mary Lou 35
Lillie, James Edgar Lindvall, Myrna Mae 403
Ivie, Lisle Wilton Linville, Manette Kay 493
Henzel, Benjamin Joseph Liskey, Mabel Elinor 423
Puhl, Herbert Henry Lofthouse, Thelma 92
McLeish, Earl E Loucks, Dorothy Lillian 405
Harding, Stanley Don Lovaas, Mildred Claraine 507
Chandler, Ralph S Love, Laura M 199
Lucas, Clarence J Lucas, Anita Irene 395
VanHorn, Keith Brian Lucas, Mary Jane 47
Weber, William Stephen Luschen, Mildred Jane 342
Pothier, Percy Henry Luthe, Diane Lee 237
LaBar, Donald Gene Lydiard, Margaret McQuat 538
Surber, Manual Lyman, Mary Louise 135
Smith, Edward Forest Lynch, Eleanor Lucille 315
Roberts, Peter Lynn, Florence 324
Pointon, George Thomas Lyon, Margaret Louise 316
Armpriest, Walter Marvin Lyon, Maude Jane 17
Dillard, Donald Eugene Lytle, Victoria Ilene 477
Bennett, Robert Craig MacDougall, Florence Evelyn 568
Ritzinger, Eugene Austin Mackay, Betty May 495
Walker, Amas West Maddux, Hazle Alzora 281
Riggert, Orville Herman Maesse, Nancy Louise 178
Stuckey, Jonnie Dean Mallon, Nancy Ruth 343
Alexander, Richard Louis Mallow, Phyllis Anne 520
Backes, Glenn Arthur Maloney, Margaret Joy 346
Swayer, John Gerald Manley, Carol Lee 449
Mann, Guerdon Ray Mann, Betty L 174
Ring, Ira Ray Mann, Joyce Lee 353
Haslett, Warner Leon Mann, Rebecca Belle 247
Price, Ritchie Albert Mann, Theo Marilyn 102
Gay, Lon Herschel Marney, Ruvata Irene 328
Moore, Frank Kittredge Marsh, Ann N 350
Searcy, Verl Dale Marshall, Ruth Maudalene 612
Kimbrell, Albert Jackson Marshall, Verola Darlene 386
Marteney, Leonard Lane Marteney, Reta Marie 406
Gay, Sidney F Martens, Susie G 182
Forman, Dennis Ward Martin, Glenda Eileen 4
Lady, Donald Alfred Martin, Joann Barbara 116
Pickerill, Robert O Martin, Josephine Marie 422
Brown, John Jay Martin, Patricia Lee 494
Hentges, Herman Nicholas Martin, Sarah Victorine 628
Titus, Harold Stanley Mason, Marilee Anne 118
Spencer, James Byron Massey, Ruby Mae 505
Niedermeyer, Arnold Carl Massey, Wynona Leone 621
Skrable, James Leslie Massoni, Claudia May 97
Moore, George Walter Mast, Evelyn Alice 168
Castle, Ray Jay Mault, Beulah 288
Faurot, James Lovaas Mazula, Betty Louise 120
Pratt, Owen Charles McAllister, Hazel Juanieta 500
Brenner, Delbert Martin McCammon, Margaret Lee 506
Marshall, Joseph Bryan McCarley, Fay C 84
Hanson, Richard Theodore McCarty, Edith Doreen 299
McCall, Verner William Jr McCay, Donna Lee 96
Hahn, David James McClearen, Loreta Fay 24
Pruitt, Lyman Stuart McCracken, Janet Louise 297
Tolle, Harold Edward McCulloch, Gertrude Dorothy 515
Keane, Eugene Maurice McCullough, Sonja Catherine 436
McIntire, Cappy Winston McCurdy, Rae Lavonne 466
Spliethof, Alvin Harvey McDonald, Bobby Jean 517
Chapman, Norman Lloyd McDonald, Jeanette LaVern 541
Shinn, James Louis McDuffee, Gail Ellen 116
Boyer, Gilbert Vincent McGee, Ruby Lee 447
Solus, John Robert McHenry, Betty Jacqueline 518
Wood, Cartie Jr McIntosh, Nina Leona 18
Pratt, Neal S McKitrick, Donna Arlene 29
Cameron, William Robert McLaughlin, Minnie Mae 62
Milburn, Clyde Leon Meade, Eleanor Jean 269
Kelley, Earl William Medley, Dorothy May 191
Combs, Gary Robert Meeder, Shirley Frances 597
Armstrong, LaRay George Melland, Nancy Logene 60
Davis, Edmond Dean Mercer, Dolores Yvonne 329
Purdum, Peter Frederic Merrick, Phyllis 435
Higgins, Roland Jean Merriman, Patricia Jean 330
Richardson, Lawrence Vernon Messinger, Charlotte Dean 576
Gano, Willard A Metcalf, Louise F 274
Dressler, Francis Lyle Middleton, Patricia Jane 121
Shippy, Marion David Milburn, Lois Lavern 599
Baker, Clarence Elbert Jr Millage, Laura Louise 513
Wasson, Joseph L Milleman, Inez Miriam 174
Rhoten, James Howard Miller, Betty Lee 142
Lane, Allen Dale Miller, Cecil Jean 342
Edwards, Larry Ray Miller, Dolores 87
Overstreet, Don Delane Miller, Elda Jean 329
Lisac, John Vince Miller, Eleanor Ruth 636
Graf, Alex Miller, Lulu Mabel 396
Hodges, Dale Newbern Miller, Marilyn Ann 577
Radcliffe, Walter H Miller, Maxine Buck 595
Williams, Charley T Miller, Mildred C 462
Lowe, Gene Dellwin Miller, Murrayel Darlene 513
Stricklin, William Lloyd Millsaps, Betty Agnes 615
Elder, Donald Roy Milton, Edith June 155
Prettyman, John Lester Milton, Joyce Lavonne 263
Chancellor, Edward Eugene Milton, Nellie Jean 433
Vielbig, Lawrence Eldred Mires, Odessa Evelyn 191
Vinson, Robert Ellsworth Mitchell, Alice Marie 331
Chavez, Henry Mitchell, Blanch Marie 609
Bridges, Charles Leo Mitchell, Dorothy Lucile 308
Smith, Robert Arthur Mitchell, Mary Ann 301
McCourry, Kenneth Maynard Mitchell, Rayellen Jeanne 58
Livingston, Laddie D Mitchell, Sharon Lorraine 560
Jenkins, Roy Lee Mitchell, Willa Maggline 438
Culy, Charles William Moeller, Vanetta Heloise 627
Lopez, Robert O Moen, Marlene M 228
McLane, Robert Dwaine Mohr, Peggy Lorraine 585
Rouhier, James Edward Moldovan, Charlette Jean 99
Saimons, Nick E Monaghan, Elaine Marie 222
Piper, John Edwin Monia, Janet Rae 250
Lichens, Jack McClellan Moody, Ann Morrel 73
Nelson, David Norman Moore, Dixie Joanne 440
Fulton, Ben Thomas Moore, Gladys Hope 134
Cureton, James Willard Moore, Lana June 428
Lowery, Orbert Dewitt Moore, Mary Belle 235
Goodenough, Charles Albert Moore, Wanda Angelene 356
Powers, Donald Lloyd Morehouse, Lois Lillian 382
Goodman, Dale Morgan, Claire LaVerne 176
Lang, Tony Anthony Morgan, Cora Mae 611
Stuart, Donald Guthrie Morgan, Darleen Joyce 414
Carnes, Ray Allen Morgan, Lola Joanne 106
Aldredge, Robert Eugene Morrill, Annie Margaret 514
Morris, Clifton H Morris, Ada Beulah 128
Reimers, James Louis Morris, Dorothy Marie 510
Brood, Ronald Eugene Morris, Harriet Pearl 114
Venable, Wiley Richard Morse, Effie Elizabeth 134
Richardson, Neil Moser, Beverly Jean 182
Kent, Gleason Edwin Jr Muir, Barbara Jean 86
Hamlin, Wallace Mitchell Murphy, Marilyn Louise 71
Sartor, George Arlette Jr Murphy, Neoma Irene 570
Bergren, James Iver Murray, Beverly Jo 490
Vaughn, Clarence Robert Muse, Dorothy Elvira 385
Barraclough, Max Joseph Nagy, Ruth Eloise 90
Fleming, John William Nary, Bernice Vince 154
Olsen, Rodger Peter Naylor, Elizabeth Jeanne 471
Scheffel, William James Neal, Lois Mary 374
Francis, Joseph Charles Jr Neathamer, Dixie Lee 556
Pfahl, Herman Miles Neeley, Darlene Faye 485
Daley, Duane Gilbert Neff, Donna Jean 424
Moore, Rex Trebor Nelsen, Carole Mae 322
Wallace, Richard Newman Nelsen, Marvena Rae 524
Lister, Robert Dale Nelson, Doreen Dee 574
DeBacker, William Nelson, Elaine Helen 2
McNeill, Douglas Ray Nelson, Elaine Maureen 233
Marshall, Edward Lewis Nelson, Florence Agnes 314
Young, Robert Alvin Nelson, Madge Johnson 184
Swanson, Curtis Lee Nelson, Millicent Louise 573
Konopasek, Frank Benjamin Nelson, Peggy Ann 34
Stephenson, Earl Leslie Neubauer, Dorothy Lucille 328
Prom, Gary James Neumann, LaDel Jean 487
Johnson, Roland Keith Neumann, Lorraine Louise 399
Moad, Jack Lee Newbry, Beverly Ann 378
Sanford, Harry Gallup Jr Newman, Marjorie Jeanne 379
Lovett, Danny Emery Nichols, Phyllis Ann 636
Slaton, Ralph Horton Nichols, Rosemary 440
Williams, Dow Egbert Nicholson, Grace Flora 249
Adams, Ray C Nielson, Maxine Darlene 494
Hill, James William Nigl, Shirley Anna 279
McLaughlin, Delmar Al Nix, Marion Mae 279
Mekvold, Gordon Kenneth Noel, Vicki Jeannine 567
Turk, Jackie Lee Norling, Darlene Mae 369
Cardwell, Dave Jr Northey, Agnes Marie 387
Kennett, James Wilbur Norton, Jeanne Eloise 261
Hallett, Gaylord Lincoln Norum, Jean Ellen 29
Gleason, Leslie Warren Nutter, Charlene Rosetta 425
Morgan, Robert Willard Oconnor, Jean Marie 208
Kennedy, Robert Olsen, Rosalie C 373
Clemens, Harold Lloyd Olson, Joyce Lynn 412
Carr, Robert Merrill Olson, Karen Dale 472
Kelly, Guy F O'Malley, Margaret Jeanne 158
Henry, Jack Davis Orton, Joan Lee 264
Williams, Keith Ellwood Oswald, Juanita June 620
Meador, Howard Harrison Owens, Gradie Beatrice 476
Schieber, Norbert Richard Owings, Leona May 311
DeKorte, Andrew Martin Owings, Rosemary Alice 232
Christiansen, Donald Ray Owsley, Beverly Jean 75
Minger, Melvin Earl Padgett, Nola Ruth 219
Roberts, James D Palmer, Emma Evalina 626
Fox, Garry Glenn Palmer, Janis Elaine 133
Allen, Lloyd Eugene Palmer, Louise Jane 552
Whitlock, Phillip Allen Palmer, Noletta 460
Shoemaker, Sam John Palmer, Verna Mae 188
Hogenson, Donald Stanley Parsley, Donna Lee Jean 127
Jones, charles Donald Parsley, Marlene Ann 7
Rose, Warren David Partridge, Annie Pearl 41
Meeds, Sherman Alvin Partridge, Diane Pearl 48
Creamer, Joe Lee Paslay, Alcie Jean 575
Cole, Gary David Pearce, Pauline Nelda 617
Frye, Harold Arthur Jr Pearson, Deana Kanzler 265
Christianson, Yrgve Sirten Peirce, Dorothy Myers 479
Goodin, Weldon Franklin Pence, Joan Marie 489
Hill, Donald Robert Penney, Carla Nadine 65
Farmer, James Omar Perdue, Betty Jean 337
Queener, Leonard Joe Perkins, Ruby Pearl 455
Almond, James Arthur Perry, Gladys Marie 341
Foster, O'Neill Peters, Claretta 55
Daun, Robert Daniel Peterson, Helen Nelson 317
Wright, William John Peterson, Irene Lovana 579
Gleason, Mervyn Charles Sr Peterson, Isobel 19
McComb, Gerald Ray Peterson, Viola Irene 240
Turner, George Thomas Peterson, Virginia Lee 36
Dix, Paul Judson Petre, Margaret Esther Custer 49
Albern, Lloyd Lee Phillips, Barbara June 284
Moody, Donald Wayne Phillips, Darien Alice 464
Revis, Emmitt Gerald Phipps, Barbara Lee 376
Boggs, Gary Miles Picarelli, Dawn Concietta 486
Bean, Norman Robert Pierce, Marie Hildegard 151
Steele, George Wesley Pierce, Mary Elizabeth 436
Maxson, Robert Lee Pierce, Nancy Jane 514
Hammack, Dwight Lloyd Pilcher, Nina Imogene 421
Haynie, Lloyd James Pilkington, Edith Mary 18
Govenor, Virgil Lyle Pitts, Alta Pearl 437
Hughes, David Smith Pitts, Paulette 447
Sletten, David John Plummer, Janet Ruth 39
Clark, John Ralston Poet, Lois Joanne 326
Hoover, Jay Orin Poling, Myrtle Ann 93
Clark, Kent L Pollock, Mary Elizabeth 211
Green, John Olaf Potts, Myrna Maureen 463
Rice, Lee Duncan Powell, Doris Marie 5
Gleason, Jimmie M Powell, Ruth Louise 548
Jackson, Eldon Elmer Prather, Patricia Louise 605
Crawford, William Warren Pratt, Dolores Faye 105
Tucker, Henry Irving Preslar, Faye Arlene 526
Alen, Harold Henry Preston, Edythe Gertrude 104
Feeler, William Clayton Preston, Mary Carol 569
Gray, James Pierce Prettyman, Ramona Yvonne 63
Rupp, Thomas Arthur Prevo, Ruth Marie 467
Nesberg, Louis Edwin Price, Clara Edith 314
Krambeal, Albert Keith Price, Elizabeth Gaynell 37
Hannah, Thomas Dale Price, Frances Elizabeth 217
Wolf, Delbert J Profitt, Effie Cordelia 26
Hunter, Lisle Bernie Jr Puett, Lois Irene 284
Clawson, Ronald Clair Ragland, Margaret LaNell 557
Fisher, Robert Lee Ragsdale, Theressa Lillian 349
Senter, Richard Hicks Rainwater, Aleva Ruth 322
Bush, Ardean Louis Rambo, Josie 458
Wilcox, Donald Frederick Randall, Dorothy Jean 349
Martin, Don Floyd Rankin, Barbara Lou 244
Kornstad, Roger Edward Rasmussen, Arlene Louise 420
Davidson, Harley James Rasor, Charlene Ann 634
Hoodenpyle, Donald Elbert Raybould, Leona Mae 488
Waterbury, John Roger Read, Barbara Jeanne 8
Birchfield, Charles Victor Read, Barbara Jeanne 251
Campbell, Lee Donn Reed, Betty Jean 242
Kee, Stanley Alan Reeves, Patricia Daun 445
Beber, Armour George Regnani, Dorothy Jean 243
Rutherford, Johnny Charles Reich, Patricia Diann 618
Brown, Richard C Reis, Delphine Lou 434
Lapp, Edward Richard Reise, Frankie Ann 169
Cline, Lyle Henry Renhard, Evelyn Florence 210
Stoughton, William Clyde Rentchler, Ann Louise 313
Bethany, William Floyd Reynolds, Ila Bea 297
Shearer, David Hugh Rice, Shirley Anne 115
Bolan, Carl Richard Richardson, Sylvia I 327
Penrose, David Ayres Ricketts, Marion Achsah 409
Larson, Robert LeRoy Ricks, Edna Roberta 303
Hoffman, Floyd F Jr Ricks, Ruth 256
Hudson, Leonard C Rifenbark, Ruth Ann 534
Setzler, Edmund Reynold Riggs, Shirley Ann 435
Brockman, Edgar William Riggs, Virginia Lowayne 22
Engel, Robert Arthur Rightmier, Anna Fern 478
Steele, James Alvin Rightmier, Eunice Arlene 275
Heath, Paul Stanley Riley, Barbara Ruth 110
Caster, Dick Allen Ring, Nanci Helene 289
Cress, John Ajah Robbins, Sarah Frances 474
Head, Raymond Allen Robbins, Verna Marie 524
Heck, Anthony Henry Roberts, Cecile Faye 528
DeGroot, Robert James Roberts, Joycelynn Elizabeth 215
Anglim, Robert Daniel Roberts, Patsy Nell 496
Robbins, Carl Samuel Sr Robertson, Bertha Elizabeth 123
Karrick, Theron Geore Jr Robinson, Alicia Noemi 442
Winslow, John Blaine Robinson, Judith Evangeline 89
Cooper, Robert Lee Robinson, Sandra Jean 460
Crow, Lawrence Gilbert Robinson, Zelma Belle 543
Saltmarsh, Melvin Lee Robison, Beverly Lou 625
Reeder, Gerald Alvin Rock, Joy Odell 621
Naffziger, Charley Enos Roda, LaRue May 592
Butts, Norman Alvin Rodgers, Corinna Lee 502
Cavin, Frank William Rodgers, Patricia Ann 439
Haptonstall, LaVerne Iler Rogers, Patricia Louise 394
Keddie,William Duncan Rooks, Irene May 218
Janssen, John Bernard Rosch, Sue Dale 445
Griffis, Berry L Jr Rosecrans, Janyce Joanne 601
Bennett, Norman Dee Rosecrans, Joyce Jean 483
Grissom, Donald James Ross, Deloris Lorraine 252
Watkins, Floyd Boyd Roth, Dorothy Marie 138
Adams, James Pond Rozell, Mary Kathryn 117
Wies, Stanley Eugene Rupp, Lois Arline 629
Kunz, Fred Currie Rutherford, Dorthy Maxine 276
Casey, Vernon Roy Rutherford, Vona May 455
Doty, Ellis Rydberg, Phyllis Gail 550
Gleason, Mervyn Charles II Saari, DeLores Barbara 171
Ohman, Donald John Sams, Carole Annette 111
Gordon, Jack Ellsworth Sams, Ellen Beatrice 217
Kano, Phillip Kimio Sanford, Phylis Eilene 427
Hood, Ned James Sanford, Wilma Jean 546
Freitas, Andrew Sausser, Darlene Lavina 21
Loeffler, Joseph Louis Scarborough, Lela Patricia 312
Hood, Johnnie Andrew Schefers, Linda Joyce 374
Irvin, Larry William Schevenius, Myrna Joyce 452
Blankenship, Donald Wayne Schleigh, LeOna Jean 610
Tosh, Joe Harold Schmeltzer, Neva Elaine 391
Garner, John Robert Schmelzer, Shirley Eileen 532
Jeter, Guy Schrader, Josephine May 27
Andrews, Duane Adair Schroeder, LaVerne Arlene 396
Ricke, Marvin Orvil Schroeder, Leona Helena 225
Jones, Jack Turner Schroeder, Shirley Marie 589
MacCracken, Elliott Bolte Schuster, Flora Jane 602
Keen, E Roy Searcy, Margaret Alice 530
Harmon, Roscoe Searle, Mabel A 382
Lusk, Kenneth Donald Sears, Marjorie Jean 484
Garner, William Roger Seaver, Joanne 387
Camp, Orville Jefferson Seedbury, Eunice Kathryn 298
Alexandro, John R Sefarly, Anna Marie 294
Pfluke, Chester Henry Jr Segessenman, Mary Elizabeth 282
Mouser, Clyde Thurmond Seigmiller, LaVerna 234
Dynge, Henry Donald Severson, Gladys M 389
Oberg, Donald Edward Sexton, Billie Mae 109
Vaughn, Ray Willford Seymour, Imogene Leota 423
Nix, Richard Baron Seymour, Patricia Gayle 588
Mueller, Bernie William Shangle, Carolyn Ruth 239
Skeeters, Perry Allen Sharp, Wilma Pearl 399
Konopasek, Clifford E Shaul, Ardella Joe 171
Greenman, Ralph Griggs Shaw, Anita Mae 355
Gannaway, Thomas Ray Shaw, Betty Lou 207
Stryker, Robert Nelson Shaw, Fern Lillian 594
Boen, Harold Lloyd Shepherd, Dixie Anne 23
Shepherd, Ira Orlando Shepherd, Ruth Ellen 630
Meyers, Robert Earl Shepherd, Viola Maude 615
Pancoast, Donald John Sherman, Ruby Roberta 285
Noonchester, Theodore Thomas Shilts, Darlene Gladys 239
Radtke, Lowell Johnny Shine, Edna Matilda 461
Coggins, Paul Charles Shoemaker, Janice Ethel 517
Worth, Theodore R Jr Shroll, Vazel Jane 599
Bohm, Barry Fredrick Shults, Janice Marie 536
Wilson, Quentin Boyd Sickels, Viola May 264
Reid, Oliver Kenneth Silva, Mary Ellen 224
French, William Everett Simonson, Betty Norene 569
Dickerson, Richard Donald Sims, Willie May 606
Kezer, Johnny Lee Singler, Joanne 478
Snider, Kirk Thomas Sinyard, Tilde 33
Sams, Charles Alan Skinner, Constance Kay 533
McFarland, Neil Arthur Skraba, Marilyn Mae 547
Smith, Douglas Lawrence Skyrman, Gail Patricia 187
Swartout, Ross James Slaton, Fama Gay 482
Pierce, Stanley Edward Sloan, Nelda Lee 516
Tycksen, Lyco Gene Sloper, Loretta Frances 411
Reed, William Winn Smith, Carol Jean 616
Smith, Charles Chester Smith, Carole Ann 133
King, Glenn Arnold Smith, Carole L 553
Nelson, Eric Carl Smith, Delores Lee 364
Schiffman, Clair Raymond Smith, Julie Ann 347
Parmelee, Wallace F Smith, Lois Jean 465
Rocker, LeRoy Howard Jr Smith, Margaret Jolene 446
Surran, Alfred LoVon Smith, Nancy Aleene 508
Ward, Paul Michael Smith, Patricia S 283
Phillips, Otis Arthur Smith, Sylvia Darleen 597
Warner, Austin Ralph Smyth, Pearl Rachel 303
Helmick, Robert L Snedley, Laura Ann Joanas 541
Wallace, Jim Boyd Snelson, Sandra Lee 603
Simmons, Bert Edward Snook, Esther Pauline 119
MacDonald, Richard Claude Snow, Minnie Jean 431
Baysinger, Willard Julian Solomon, Alta Helen 416
Brown, Edward E Songer, Cloma 581
Mello, William Boyd Southwood, Helen Jane 250
Johnston, Robert Stanley Spencer, Donna Rae 31
Vaughan, Jack Milson Spencer, Judith Lee 243
Stacy, Charles Dean Spiker, Cleone Ellen 151
Kinney, Bennie Dale Sprague, Florence Suzanna 367
Danrich, Edward Ramon Staar, Helen Irene 179
Rasmussen, Donald Duane Stafford, Mildred Loraine 253
Trueax, John Richard Stalker, Anna Josephine 94
McRaven, Haskell Milton Stallsworth, Eva 275
Inlow, John Melvin Stanislawski, Betty Jane 43
Coon, Kenneth Paul Starcher, Robene Swan 401
Johnson, Martin Paul Starks, Frances Marie 267
Moore, Eugene Hiram Starr, Hazel Marie 542
Warner, Donalld E Staten, Lucile 509
Haga, Herbert Hoover Steen, Ruby Arlene 101
Henry, Lowell Herman Stelle, Nova Loleta 200
Brown, Lyle R Stelle, Zoedell Irene 77
Phillips, Wesley Stembridge, Audrey Christine 257
Parker, Glen Hildred Stembridge, Marla Wray 309
Decker, Milton Arthur Stephenson, Ellen Kay Lucinda 581
Hartley, Don Day Stephenson, Mavis Bernice 623
Doren, James Artie Stewart, Betty 551
Gibson, Johnnie Dean Stewart, Mary Therese 572
Stickel, Vernon Ray Stickel, Sarah Ann 420
Johnson, Richard Haviland Stickney, Barbara Ann 533
Hackney, Ralph Leon Stock, Patricia May 302
Story, Henry David Story, Margie Marie 392
Cardwell, Billy Jay Stotler, Rosetta Ann 587
Payne, Winifred Clark Stovall, Mabel Irene 231
Widmer, Francis Xavier Strahan, Mildred Ellen 471
Baker, Douglas Howard Strange, Jerene Fern 572
Starr, David LeRoy Strowbridge, Ellen Lee 294
Graham, Lloyd Glen Stuart, Gracie May Pierce 554
Buttram, Lendel Carl Stuart, Janet Ann 432
Castle, Ray J Sturdivant, Violet May 523
Burnette, Terry D Suksdorf, Kary Ellen 257
Perdue, John Gilbert Sullivan, Clara May 609
Rapp, Sidney Fred Sullivan, Shirley Phyllis 368
Gabbard, Claude Maurice Summers, Le-Etta May 554
Linville, Daniel Keiland Sumrall, Peggy Joann 9
Sanders, Philip Lloyd Sundahl, Wilma Annendale 321
Moore, George Edison Sutton, Phyllis Waunette 204
Roberts, Roland Marion Svenson, Gertrude Frances 605
Lehman, Victor Dale Swanson, Mary Helen 175
Copley, Dale Gene Sweeney, Harriete Gayle 608
Day, Noble Byron Swift, Fredena Marie 291
Gosnell, Arnold Allen Jr Swindler, Juanita Louise 565
Apparcel, Alfred Leon Talbott, Nelle Ann 229
Dunn, Richard Phillip Tann, Helon Louise 430
Waites, Elmer Joe Tarr, Beverly Caroline 398
Gilstrap, Robert R Taylor, Ada Mildred 109
Carson, Eric Hanoli Taylor, Esther Ruth 332
Glenn, Andrew James Taylor, Hattie Lee 410
Wiest, Harold Clarence Taylor, Margaret Lucille 589
True, Gerald Wayne Tenney, Phyllis Marie 36
Triller, George Ronald Tepovac, Joyce Elaine 189
English, Frank Earl Theesfeld, Rosella L 454
Morrill, Guy Benson Thibault, Jennie H 6
Peterson, Howard George Thietje, Helen Mae 110
Watkins, Robert Lindsy Thomas, Barbara Jean 295
Higgins, Den E Thomas, Carrie Lee 9
Rickrode, James Calvin Jr Thomas, Claire Loraine 559
Hornbeck, George Washington Jr Thomas, Georgia Ann 377
Oswald, Charles Kenneth Thomas, Shirley Kay 633
Fleming, Loren Lee Thomason, Barbara Jean 419
Yancey, Oland James Thoreson, Clara Margrette 281
Mullin, Donald Garry Thoreson, Gayle Jeannine 227
Clary, William Ray Jr Thorne, Carol Jay 568
Twedell, Rodney Daryl Thumler, Dorothy Lucille 216
Roder, Russell Edward Tiegs, Colleen Jay 557
Schulke, Ernest Everett Todavich, Albena Rose 362
Lambert, Roy Garlon Todd, Elizabeth Rosa 240
Green, Lawrence Leonard Tosh, Margaret June 214
Cottrell, Lloyd LaVerne Towne, Billye Irene 550
Jacobsen, Marvin Arnold Travis, Doris Jane 247
Ellis, Lawerance James Trefren, Phyllis Carolee 64
Hutson, James Clyde Tripp, Arline Marie 262
Strong, Richard Alvin Tripp, Betty Lou 511
McDonald, Richard Clarence Trost, Eleanor Ruth 544
Stewart, Gerald E Trott, Emilyn Elene 580
Shoemaker, James Paul Trowbridge, Tanya Pauline 606
Gundry, Richard Dale Troxell, Frances Iona 105
Murphy, Ralph Eugene Tucker, Doris Mae 528
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Zellmer, Willard Albert Tully, Norma Meserve 119
Bradley, James Donald Turnbough, Myrna Mae 44
Breedlove, Rolland LeRoy Turney, Janet Loraine 230
Nilsen, James W Twedell, Judith Lynn 67
Wright, Thomas Arthur Tyler, Sharon Nadine 290
Griffith, Fredrick Lee Vail, Patricia Ann 467
Ells, Harold Leroy Valline, Eileen Davine 157
Loros, Richard Alan VanAusdall, Carol Jean 620
Morgan, Buckley Wayne Vance, Betty Ann 150
Rawls, Grover Gabriel VanDermark, Hazel Charlotte 302
Smith, Ernest Bigham Vanderpool, Lois Marie 326
Lynch, Lester Howard Vanderpool, Mabel Estella 499
Jordan, Harold Edward VanGalder, Darlene Sue 503
Lucas, George Lee VanHorn, Joan Lee 48
Walker, Leonard James VanMatre, Ruby Irene 395
Zett, Robert Lawrence VanWinkle, Marlene Joyce 125
Allison, Harry D Varner, Jane E 53
Nelson, Keith Floyd Vessells, Rose Adaline 394
Bex, Marshall Lee Jr Vessey, Maxine Eleanor 5
Frank, Charles B Vicari, Emilie A 164
Dickerson, Maynard William Vick, Eleanor MaryEtta 539
Hayes, James Collins Vilas, Catherine Deuel 546
Burrill, Donald Malcolm Vincent, Ruth Marice 197
Runyard, Richard Lee Vogel, Kay Gladys 632
Wooton, Richard Lee vonderHelen, Marilyn 363
Morrison, Milton Elmer VonKissinger, Jacqulyn 50
Selby, Jimmie O Voss, Dolores Sonia 153
Fendall, DeVere Votaw, Naomi 357
Girdner, David W Waddell, Rila Winnifred 530
Gouley, Robert Archie Wadley, Janice Marilyn 324
Arnold, James Edward Waggoner, Dolly Dee 237
Riggs, Glenn Lee Waite, Geanette Ellen 88
Therres, Richard A Waite, Nancy Lou 404
Peile, Edmond Alfred Jr Walch, Lela Maxine 413
Herman, Willis Grant Walden, Betty Mae 147
Stevens, Henry Lowell Walker, Donna Fern 481
Gjevre, Andrew A Walker, Margaret Electa 316
Nogle, Eugene LeRoy Walker, Mary Louise 296
Ayres, Jack Harvey Walker, Patricia Jeanne 469
Steele, James Aaron Wall, Gloria Maurine 318
Soden, Ellis Elmer Wallace, Roberta Jeanette 448
Sanderson, Lawrence Lester Walls, Charlotte Jeanette 421
Phelan, Gerald Eugene Walser, Patsy Ann 46
Gascon, Fred Andrew Walter, Dorothy L 164
Crosby, Blain Donivan Walton, Janet Naomi 166
Vielbig, Walter Willis Ward, Geraldine Evalyn 16
Pledger, Willis Leon Warren, Edna Mae 405
Carlson, Stanley Herman Watkins, Norma Dean 27
Gardner, Jack Albert Watson, Judy Anne 203
Kelley, James LeRoy Watson, Leah Anne 267
Thomas, Stafford Griffith Watterson, Peggy Maurine 19
Ayer, Robert Stephen Weaver, Mildred Lee 613
Tye, Donald J Webb, Lottie Ellen 561
Richardson, David Francis Weech, Norma LaVonne 296
Nelson, David Bruce Weich, Winifred 593
Waterston, Alan Lee Weiss, Rubymae Ann 147
Harris, Robert Nelson Wells, Jeanne Audrey 69
Hoots, Harold David Werner, Shirley Jean 2
Hewitt, Howard Ira West, Daisy E 175
Balch, Dan William West, Elizabeth Hayes 579
Spriggs, Donald David Whealton, Ethel Virginia 70
Furch, Benjamin J Wheeler, Nettie Jane 338
Baker, Eddy Hugh White, Dolores Ann 509
Downing, Warren Lee White, Elizabeth Anne 366
Stewart, Edward L White, Hildean 196
Johnson, Dennis Ray White, Marjorie Pauline 512
Whorton, Clifford Mahlon Whorton, Gertie Leathe 473
Bergren, Carl Wilhelm Wickleim, Lillian Lueretia 150
Souza, Richard Francis Jr Wicksten, Carol Ann 138
Misener, Robert Cecil Wicksten, Roberta Lee 537
Bolin, George Harold Wieskamp, Agnes Frances 52
Jessen, Christen Johnsen Wiest, Elizabeth Catherine 567
Caldwell, Seth Richard Wilcox, Jeanne Ann 107
Dick, Robert Martin Wildish, Carol Marie 493
Garrison, Angus McCopton Wilkins, Myrtle May 234
Leavell, Herbert C Williams, Alzina M 586
Thurston, George Washington Williams, Bessie Diantha 522
Silvers, Robert Markey Williams, Betty Ruth 35
Small, Robert Ernest Williams, Charity 334
Stauble, Paul Murray Williams, Delia Mae 601
Tenney, Vernon Harvey Williams, Elaine Mae 545
Hatten, Holis William Williams, Helen Marie 564
Bruner, Harold D Williams, Irene Ann 427
Wunderlich, Harold Fred Williams, Jean Olive 176
Thomasson, William Francis Williams, Jessie Joan 123
Faulkner, William Elton Williams, Peggy Jane 598
Standley, Charles Louis Williams, Rachel Faye 401
Moore, Delbert Leland Williamson, Ida May 311
Foy, James Francis Willis, Hesta Hardy 197
Cartwright, Robert L Willson, Bernardine Kay 413
Wallace, Milton Edward Wilson, Credellia Devis 194
Myers, Harry Ernest Wilson, Jessie Ann 354
Campbell, Lee Donn Wilson, Kathryn Louise 466
Anderson, Benjamin Bendick Wilson, Mildred Olive 270
McCurdy, Gerald Dorance Wilson, Peggy Ann 278
Fix, Daniel Peter Wiltgen, Linda Ann 504
Holzhouser, Glenn Earl Wiltse, Alberta Marian 498
Tenney, Edward Grant Wiltse, Barbara Deane 251
McUne, George Howard Winchell, Wilma Ann 129
Rock, Warren Clarence Winkelman, Margie Allene 482
Dickenson, Gary Lee Winningham, Georgia Ann 292
Wadley, Neal Stewert Winters, Dorothy Lois 69
Apparcel, Richard Ervin Winton, Natalie Alberta 95
Higinbotham, John Wilmer Wirkkula, Julia Ann 163
Wolfe, John Samuel Wise, Loretta Mae 523
Acker, Jay Lewis Wisely, Geraldine Mae 85
Liddell, Gilbert Forrest Wisely, Janet Marie 389
Smith, Jesse Davis Wisenberg, Mary 76
House, James Gerald Withrow, Darlene 384
Williams, Joseph Ray Wolfe, Helen Louise 258
Minter, Robert Riley Womelsdorf, Wynona Mae 556
Sullivan, Elbridge Gerry Wood, Ruth Jean 520
Bonds, Charles Freeman Wray, Barbara Jean 323
Richardson, Dwain Allen Wright, Mary Ann 535
Bookhart, James Arthur Jr Wyant, Dorothy Jean 345
Bates, William Edward York, Katherine Marie 298
Miller, Curtiss Howard Yorton, Leone Evelyn 248
Walker, Bruce Martin Zawislak, Mary Jo 459
Cullup, Clarence L Zink, Goldie M 560
Holloway, James LeRoy Zumwalt, Donna Frances 245