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Jackson County Marriage Book #4 Indexed by Bride's Name

Old Photo of Wedding Couple

RVGS volunteers have photographed and indexed the marriage record books housed in the Jackson County, Oregon courthouse. Below is our index to Marriage Book #4 for 1888-1892. It is in alphabetic order by the bride's name. This marriage book used preprinted forms completed by the county clerk. Each page in this book contains the certificates for a single couple and includes both the marriage license and certificate (assuming the license was acted upon).

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Marriage Certificate
How to order:
Names of bride and groom

Groom Bride Page
Crabtree, J R Adams, Ellen C 198
Briner, F A Adams, Pearl 293
Rouse, Clarence E Ahlstrom, Elvina 116
Drake, Ira K Aid, Mary 284
Moore, R H Allbright, Minnie 153
Dahack, Eli Allen, Martha 124
Bowles, M D Almy, Jane 341
Carter. R Ammon, Ella 13
Carter, John H Ammons, Laura A 248
Wight, Milton F Anderson, Dora E 249
Bishop, Oran Anderson, Effie 5
Miller, B W Armstrong, Josie May 330
Slover, Joel Babcock, Maud 282
Butler (Butter), J W Bagley, Susan Frances 225
Wimer, Robert H Barker, Margaret 89
Stewart, William Howard Barneburg, Ida Jane 240
Guyer, A W Barr, Mary Jane 54
Wagner, F G Barre, Nina May 162
Dickison, C A Bashford, Ida B 209
Robinson, W J Bateman, Ida 200
Milton, Charles W Bateman, Rosa 105
Pittman, George Beagle (Bigham), Susie 32
Foley, Michael Beale, Alice 235
Smith, Charles Z Beck, S S (Mrs) 322
Alwater, Melvin D Beever, Lizzie J 6
Shank, F A Benjamin, Lizzie 224
Arnold, Ezra Bennett, Elsie 265
Hawkey, John Berwert, Jane 338
Ewen, Dudley Thomas Betts, Christina 143
Brittain, Daniel P Bonnit, Maria A 170
Schmitling, Joseph Booth, Debby L 237
De Peatt, E Booth, Minnie L 189
Cameron, Wilbur W Bostwick, Dora 33
Hawk, Silas Bouren, Catherine 22
Wright, Morris M Bowen, Abi Jane 73
Stevens, George W Bradshaw, Zadie 303
Kerby, William Briner, Emma E 288
Allen, J C Briner, Ida A 263
Rogers, John M Briscoe, Nannie E 147
Holmes, William M Brown, Emily A 152
Householder, Isaac Brown, Emily E 158
Charley, C C Brown, Imogene 76
Terrill, Delbert Brown, Mary 312
Cantrall, J M Buck, Verlinda V 236
Robison, George M Bunce, Anna M 323
West, Otho Bush, Hattie 315
Jacobs, Lee L Cameron, Helena M 88
Offenbacher, Charles S Cameron, Minnie 314
Wrisley, George J Campbell, Mary E 179
Fitch, Francis Cardwell, Laura B 268
Plaster, Thomas Carns, Mary 70
Gaines, James Carr, Alice 173
Overton, Thomas Chamberlin, Sadie 12
Townsend, William L Chapman, Lulu 155
Mickelson, M Chapman, Victoria 218
Roten, William N Clark, Lena 278
George, Frank Clark, Ollie 140
Slawter, E C Clemmens, Lydia J 85
Anderson, George E Closner, Caroline 137
Barneburg, D H Comstock, Oda 78
Knapp, James O Conley, Priscilla 28
Wright, H H Conley, Sarah 60
Edmondson, W L Cook, Ida M 51
McKee, W H Cook, Jennie 67
Ogg, George G Coolidge, Minnie J 126
Berwet, Peter Cooper, Jane 45
Hammersly, John B Copple, Cecely 285
Marlow, William N Cormack, Fannie 292
Nisbet, J S Cornelius, Rachel Isadora 59
Toepper, John Counts, Anna 277
Otto, William Cowles, Flora L 280
Cooper, Herbert E Cox, Mary J 299
Anderson, Charles Crane, Emma 109
Adkins, W B Creed, Mate V 98
Coyle, J L Crooker, Nellie E 177
Netherland, Leo Crosby, Minnie 217
Beamer, Joseph R Crowson, Elizabeth M 211
Fehely, Frank Crystal, Fannie 139
Cummins, T J Cummins, Jennie B 344
Parks, James C Davis, Annie 84
Wilde, William W Davis, Cora G 9
Haselton, Allen L Digman, Lorena 91
Sims, John S Dixon, Mary E 3
Wilson, James A Dixon, Sarah E 16
Jennings, Henry Dodge, Julia 118
Roche, Henry W Dollarhide, Florence M 242
Martin, A R Dollarhide, Hattie B 47
Watts, Jobe Donnegan, Birdie 31
Taber, H C Downing, Nettie 115
Wright, William N Downing, Nettie 244
Dungan, Thomas Dungan, Lillie W 122
Bostwick, W T Dunlap, Rhoda 1
Rice, David Lyle Dunn, Mary E 63
Rogers, M C Durkee, Eva 120
Wood, L F Edwards, Edith E 135
Downs, J L Edwards, Mattie 188
Taylor, William R Farmer, Jennie M 186
Jackson, D H Farnham, Eugenia 104
Muller, George Fath, Barbara 87
Sutton, Henry A Ferguson, Ermine May 4
McReynolds, John Ferguson, Martha 222
Jones, Melvin DeWitt Fields, Amy Annetta 252
Sechrist, Jay Fiock, Yetta 182
Morine, C E Firestone, Nancy 18
Louis, Alford Fisher, Mary 144
Silva, Manual Fore, Maggie 56
Finley, Henry Fox, Mindy A 62
Allen, David Fox, Susie L 176
Sly, James V Frame, Anna 160
Hearing, F M Freddenburg, Minnie 326
Adams, F M Fredenburg, Ada 57
Reed, David Fredenburg, Urana L 82
Stone, C B Freeland, Mary A 106
Graffis, John A Furry, Donna 340
Anderson, William E Furry, Edmona May 156
Werth, Louis Ganiard, Nina 251
Merrick, L L Gillette, Effie E 61
Wood, Eli J Gleason, Anna 39
Lennart, Frank Goodyear, Abbie 168
Eubanks, George G Goodyear, Amanda M 184
Sweet, J S Goodyear, Julia M 273
Wortman, Harry Gore, Ella 172
Morris, Levi Gray, Alice 294
Betts, Thomas C Greenwood, Olive 24
Cordell, W A Gregory, Mary Bell 272
Eaton, Willard Gribble, Eva 199
White, William A Grieve, Etta 291
Noonan, Coleman Grieves, Mary N (Mrs) 279
Wilson, J L Griffin, Josephine 99
Grover, Martin E Grover, Nettie F 253
Williams, Jerome D Grow, Brittania 146
Houck, Jesse N Hand, Kate 77
Winters, George W Hargadine, Hattie 71
McKee, Silas F Harvey, Felecia 167
Everton, W E Hawn, Jessie M 297
Neil, Claibourne Haymond, Amanda T 212
Flippin, William Hays, E J 123
Dunlap, Ira Hays, Zora May 229
Cronemiller, James M Helms, Elizabeth V 49
Henderson, S E Henderson, Delilah May 339
Smith, Charles L Hendrickson, Ann Bell 204
Dickey, C E Herrin, Grace Emma 48
Peyton, Ruben E Herron, Ora F 267
Root, Charles M Higgins, Addie 215
Chartrow, Andrew B Higinbotham, Mary A 38
Wimer, William Hoagland, Alice 103
Houck, Oliver Hoagland, Cassie A 94
Constant, William T Hopwood, Effie N 107
Stacy, George W Houston, Minnie B 17
Lewis, James M Howlett, Sarah S 210
Hebert, Nelson Hudson, Sarah 233
Hull, S B Hull, Mary A 276
Neil, J C Hummer, Lizzie 25
Howard, T M Hurst, Meda 337
Duncan, Charles Hutchinson, Mary 86
Pollock, B A Irvine, Alma 69
Baker, Henry E Ish, Sophenia 36
Gore, W C Ish, Sophenia J 232
Butterworth, John Jakway, Alice M 202
Newman, R T James, Amanda 181
Eggleston, Benjamin Jaques, Rebecca 55
Birdsey, James G Johnson, Fannie 228
Howard, William M Johnson, Jennie 157
Hines, George Johnson, P A 230
Dunn, Thomas Julian Judge, Mary L 318
Banks, John Kearney, Mary 163
Howard, Charles P Kincaid, Mary A 64
King, Rufus King, Malinda 262
Crisler, C B King, Minnie 306
Hamlin, George W Kinney, Lulu May 343
Abbey, M H Kist, Sadie 223
Vandyke, S G Kleinhammer, Catherina 26
Coleman, W R Klippel, Mattie A 334
Cameron, Theo Krause, Mary 342
Mishel (Mitchell), Nicholas Lambert, Lucy 171
Miller, W W Lewis, B R 15
Herbig, Thomas Lindsay, Bell 187
Grigsby, D L Locy, Minnie 20
Gaines, James Loter, N A 95
Creed, George M Lowden, Margaret 234
Nelson, R A Lowden, Melnotta 317
Dwinell, Elwood E Luark, May M 310
O'Bryant, H W Lumsden, Carrie L 74
Clift, Joseph Lyne, Jane 287
Noble, E N Mann, Susie 151
Goff, John W A Manwell, Delila May 327
Johnson, E A Manwelle, Francis I J 101
Penwell, A L Manwelle, Lillie J 100
Fraser, D C Marshall, Rose 43
Skyrman, Carl T Martin, Emma 335
McBride, J H Martin, J. A (Mrs) 180
Ledford, John M Mayfield, Laura 161
Norton, Dan McBriety, Maggie 110
Winings, Charles McCall, Adaline Laura 319
Ross, George B McCarver, Mary 58
Learned, George F McClendon, Janie 208
Herd, James McDaniel, Agnes 149
Coffman, Albert McKee, Emma 93
Walters, H H McMahon, Mary A 258
Weber, Richard H McNeely, Georgia 246
Cook, J B Meek, Amanda 50
Dunn, George W Miller, Alta E 164
Bailey, William T Miller, Catherine 197
Potter, J M Miller, Laura 321
Mathes, George Mills, Jennie 261
Evans, A H Mills, Mary L 307
Williams, Otis A Minkler, Grace L 90
Horn, Charles Moore, Alta 53
Merritt, James Moore, Jennie 320
Beatty Mathew Edwin Morris, Cara Dell 79
Cook, R L Morris, Sarah A 169
Knutzen, Edgar H Moss, Emma B 296
Kingsbury, B R Murphy, Lizzie A 66
Baltezore, E Musty, Asenath 129
Hale, John K Myers, Laura R 205
Lewman, Willie Nickerson, Lillie 21
Hodges, Allen Noah, Alice M 29
Bartle, A D Nord, Grace 250
Armstrong, J A Norton, Minnie C 130
Turnham, William Olson, Sarah E 148
Richards, George C Osborne, Nora A 316
Hall, J C Owen, Mabel C 243
Perry, J I Pankey, Emma 305
Dunlap, James Panter, Bertha Ann 136
Hughes, H H Panter, Mary 80
Dunn, Ransom R Pape, Emma E 264
Harris, James Francis Parker, Emma 281
Slover, James A Parker, Iva M 274
Muller, Isaac M Parker, Jennie 40
Kinsman, Theodore B Payne, Minnie M 145
Harlan, Newell Peers, Ellen Gertrude 216
Peil, Frank A Peil, Maggie (Mrs) 7
Winningham, Mark Pence, Nancy May 194
Scott, Sherman J Pennebaker, May 219
Dyer, James H Perry, Emogene 117
Nicholson, Horace Plymale, Cassie 331
Johnson, E S Plymale, Norah 207
Flackus, William Powell, Cynthia 325
Henry, Charles T Powell, Florence 271
Upham, Joseph W Pratt, Ellen E 42
Messenger, Walter J Praytor, Ora 336
Gregg, J T Price, Eva E 166
Helms, A M Priddy, Mary E 44
Canning, Montgomery J Prim, Ida M 75
Letteken, A H Provolt, Effie 185
Knight, Stephen E Purdin, Bertha L 138
Garrett, George C Rader, Frances M 301
Love, John Alexander Raimey, Elizabeth R 96
Ames, Frank Ramsdell, Lourella J 113
Martin, J H Raynor, Augusta D 221
White, John F Reames, Hattie 329
Carder, Eli W Redden, Cora E 231
Mann, J A Reeves, Jessie 150
Powell, J W Renfro, Ada 309
Silver, Theodore Renollett, Catherine Elisabeth 108
Fowler, Edwin J Richardson, Maggie 275
Pennebaker, George Walter Rieser, Tillie 302
Mills, William Roberts, Lora 8
Coy, Thomas N Robinett, Sarah A 27
Pottenger, T E Robinson, Ella 348
Dewey, George W Robison, Eva D 328
Schmitt, Julius Ross, Ada 72
Cunningham, James B Ross, Minnie 227
Walker, Daniel J Ross, Saidee P 298
Boggis, Alfred Roten, Emma 324
Greive, E R Rush, Florence E 37
Winter, Otto Russell, Bertha E 257
Walter, N L Russell, Dotia 286
Vining, Ralph Russell, Hortense E 256
Boyd, T B Jr Russell, Mattie 52
Johnson, M A Sackett, Charlotte C 270
Miller, William M Sargent, Mary C 68
Horn, John Satterfield, Mary 226
Borough, J B Savage, Esther M 191
Bostwick, William Schneider, Augusta 238
Thompson, E L Scott, Etta M 346
Howard, John F Scribner, Electa 214
Beagle, Thomas J Scribner, Lida 193
Letteken, W A Scribner, Lois 241
Brown, Gustave Sebring, Eveline 206
Skedd, William R Seiferd, Maggie 132
McCumber, Charles Sherman, Alice C 35
Pape, Henry Shipley, Maggie 134
Wilcox, Gideon W Simpkins, Angie E 300
Pearson, C C Simpson, Mary E 203
Dodson, Alexander D Simpson, Narcissa D 133
Wiley, John Simpson, Rose 213
Johnston, William B Sisemore, Ida 195
Pierce, Edwin Slover, Julia C 196
Cummons, Spencer A Smith, Anna Belle 111
Dungan, T J Smith, Daisy 289
Stevens, Thomas A Smith, Mary A 165
Wooley, Michael Smith, Mary Jane 332
Ramey, Edwin F Smith, Rachel 260
Griffin, Willis H Soliss, Mary E 220
Fewel, James M Sorenson, Jane 201
Lehners, Dietrich Soule, Cora Mabel 46
Hicks, Ernest Sovern, Eliza 30
Wooley, Christ Spencer, Margaret 190
Linville, Lewis Evan Stacy, Flora 23
Deuvaul, E M Stanfield, Minnie M 114
Rader, Joseph Stanley, Rachel 247
Ellis, E L Steckel, Serelda R 34
Ramsdell, J A Stephenson, Ida A 154
Wright, James G Stewart, Lizzie C 311
Posey, John M Stimson, Lena 259
Hanby, A J Stone, Eva M 254
McBride, James Swacker, Ida 308
Dow, Julius, E Swenson, Antonette C 92
Clark, Ezra Tedhams, Harriet 347
Phelps, Ira A Tice, Effie 83
Gruby, Lewis C Tice, Maggie L` 266
Harris, Thomas A Tice, Nettie 183
Neff, William Henry Traverse, Mary 14
Griffin, Henry True, Bella 112
Hale, M W Turnipseed, Elisabeth Jane 125
Minnis, C Tyler, E 81
Firestone, Nathan D Van Horn, Ida M 19
Barclay, Thadeus Van Tassel, Gertrude 350
Barclay, Thadeus Van Tassel, Gertrude 351
Fields, O H Vincent, Annie 290
Minkler, Ray A Vining, Emma A 269
Freitas, Joe T Wade, Ida W 141
Walker, James G Walker, Annie F 245
Wimer, Alonzo Walters, Ida M 175
Atterbury, Thomas F Webber, Eliza F 10
Hansen, Henry Webster, Lenorah 349
McGowan, William H Weeks, Mary Ellen 295
Tucker, M M Wells, Dela M 333
Messenger, Walter J Wells, Maud 313
Walters, John J Whetstone, Levina 142
Couey, Arn Whitsett, Martha F 11
Smith, W T Whittington, Mahulda M 65
Henderson, Peter Wilcox, Idis 131
Cunnyngham, James R Wilcox, Mary E 121
Wright, George M Willfroung, Sarah S 119
Morat, Raphael Williams, Ann F 178
Murray, William Wilson, Addie 127
Parkinson, George M Wise, Priscella Ellen 97
Cline, James L Wood, Julia 159
Kelso, T J Wood, Mary A 174
Craddock, S L Wood, Mary E 304
Taylor, Willis W Woody, Annie E 255
Watkins, James Wooley, Mary 102
Lewis, W H Wright, Ida 128
Simpkins, Phillip L Wrisley, Myra E 283
Daley, J H Wyland, Elbie 2
Cantrall, Andrew Yaudes, Annie 239
Allen, Fred J Young, Bell J 345
Given, George A Young, Catherine 192