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Jackson County Marriage Book #6 Indexed by Bride's Name

Old Photo of Wedding Couple

RVGS volunteers have photographed and indexed the marriage record books housed in the Jackson County, Oregon courthouse. Below is our index to Marriage Book #6 for 1895-1898. It is in alphabetic order by the bride's name. This book used preprinted forms completed by the county clerk. Each page contains the certificates for a single couple and includes both the marriage license and certificate (assuming the license was acted upon).

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Marriage Certificate
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Names of bride and groom

Groom Bride Page
Coleman, James B Adams, Lettie M 121
Edmunson, L R Akers, Jennie 308
Jones, Fred T Amy, Laura 137
Bouer, Peter Anderson, Geneva M 71
Helms, H H Anderson, Mary 103
Wagner, Fred D Austin, Clara 47
Smith, Alonzo Axtell, Cady 126
Chapman, Joseph Babcock, M F (Mrs) 80
Hansbrough, J M Bacher, Clara L 284
Snyder, Ernest F Banta, Fannie M 335
Leonard, Robert Barnum, Jennie E 200
Wilson, Charles G Bashford, Cora A 157
Rummel, W A Baucom, Alice 20
Kerley, J E Baughn, L E 123
Brown, W H Bean, Emma D 350
Lute, R M Beckett, Hattie A 35
Warren, Charlie M Bedford, Cora E 270
Roberts, T K Bedford, Myra 105
Luckey, W N Benn, Amanda A 139
Simons, P K Benson, Ella 128
Jackson, W B Betz, Ida A 150
Murphy, W W Blanton, Lulu A 79
Harris, E R Bliss, Hattie A 285
Wiley, James W Bliss, Zorah I 272
Shinar, S M Blockwell, Priscilla 198
Anderson, C T Boling, Bessie 69
Vanlandingham, A J Bone, Arminda L 52
Crow, L F Bowman, Wilma 251
Terrill, Charles E Bradshaw, Effie 257
Howard, E T Brittsan, L E 356
Dean, G E Brockman, M E 203
Davis, Orin L Brooks, Rose N 6
Holmes, S B Brown, Cecilia M 133
Officer, W B (Dr) Brown, Cora E 208
Nash, J T C Brown, Ella 255
Dews, Thomas G Bunch, Eva 235
Turpin, Niron Bunyard, Edith May 226
Severance, W A Bunyard, Rena 220
Colvin, William J Burch, Emma F 146
Daily, P H Burch, Lutie 120
Bagley, Joseph Busey, May 249
Patrick, Henry B Caldwell, Venus J 151
Stevens, S S Calhoun, Lena 211
Holcomb, J J Carter, Alice 325
Rodgers, C O Case, Dora 113
Pruett, J W Caster, Effie 42
Newell, George R Caton, Lillie M 83
Howard, James M Chambers, Waittie A 187
Mitchell, Horace V Chapman, Cora A 182
Brown, John M I Chapman, Louisa 51
Fryer, Edwin W Chapman, Luellen 180
Jones, S D Chavner, Margaret 214
Smith, John F Chisholm, Mabel L 77
Aiken, F S Clute, Emma B 158
McClendon, S W Coakley, Laura E 112
Fergus, H A Coakley, Louisa 303
Zent, Isaac C Cole, Jessie E 282
Hammond, Eugene M Colwell, Mary L 266
Schira, G J Conley, S E 238
Watson, Fredrick J Crabtree, Ellena C (Mrs) 197
Horton, J M Cronemiller, Carrie 9
Hollenbeak, Asa A Crosby, Barbra 152
Hollenbeak, Edgar Crosby, Dotha 186
Phipps, E E Crouch, Edyth 60
Denney, Fred A Crouch, Maud E 109
Votaw, Luther L Cutts, Ethel 239
Jackson, Henry W Davidson, Anna A 164
Hosler, Harry Davis, Grace 347
Wyland, Lane Decker, Laura 242
Raffael, Gardener DeFrancesco, Marie 351
Pech, Emil R Demmer, Susanna 22
Bruckner, Paul Demmer, Theresa (Mrs) 127
Hines, Charles Devlin, Agnes E 153
Cantrall, Miles Devlin, Mary 155
Knight, Frank E Dixon, Lulu M 263
Damon, Loren L Dodge, Lillie A 160
Nichols, Gus Downing, Otilla 50
Calhoun, George S Drake, Ella E 78
Deveney, John Drake, Jessie E 359
Jeter, J M M Duncan, Mary J 305
Chaney, Alton F Dungey, Alice W 142
Norby, Paul Dunkin, Rosa 286
Goldsby, Joe Dunlap, Rosa I 125
Rayborn, J A Dunlap, Zora May 172
Corthell, Edgar Dunning, Edith 196
Storms, George H Dymoke, Clara 322
Scott, George W Eachus, Clara B 222
Rapp, John F Eaton, Lula 315
Anderson, H P Ehlhart, Minnie P 176
Grigsby, Edward Eicher, Mabel M 33
Coverdale, W H Evans, Ella 163
Hinman, Alanson Jr Farlow, Alice 67
Higgins, C B Ferren, Mamie E 319
Schmidling, Joseph Fields, Augusta (Mrs) 89
Crump, Firman Fields, Ida 36
Howland, George E Fisher, Ada M 213
Noah, William Fleming, D (Mrs) 192
Moon, T Fleming, Nettie 167
Gould, George P Forster, Frances E 245
Fitzgerald, D A Frakes, Julia 73
Van Natta, George M Freeland, Ethel B 224
Grieve, John Fries, Mary E 304
Bachand, Duffy Frulan, Cecelia 91
Pearce, Floyd Fryer, Gladius 342
Roten, E M Gale, Ella (Mrs) 360
Rowe, Chancy B Gall, Minnie A 269
Schatt, John Gallaher, Isabella 116
Robnett, I C Gibson, Edna L 216
Hubbs, C E Gigray, F A 201
Dean, R F Glass, Olive 96
Schneider, John Gomolka, Mary (Mrs) 24
Vincent, R B Gorden, Addie L 333
Dexter, G F Gosney, Annie 92
Stone, William Guy Grant, Jessie 328
Roundtree, Hiram Gregg, Hattie F 106
Matney, G W Gregg, Minnie E 31
Cardwell, E R Griffiths, Rose 1
Wilcox, Robert Grissom, Elizabeth F 307
Caton, Milo Groom, Emma A (Mrs) 273
Gilmore, F D Hackler, Maude 114
Pelling, John Hall, Hattie 2
Cook, R M Hall, Josephine 205
Minkler, Lee D Hammond, Nellie 18
Million, W B Handgen, Cora 38
Jones, D E Hansen, C M 253
Carpenter, Steven L Hardin, Minnie 148
Bradshaw, R H Hart, Mary 289
Derr, Robert L Hathaway, Sarah 302
Helms, A M Hawk, Elizabeth A 324
Ruggles, J E Hawley, Josephine L 221
Pence, D W Heckathorn, Elsia M 3
Haymond, W B Heckathorn, Gladys 281
Epperson, G S Henry, Annie E 227
Moon, N Herrick, Florence 141
Dixon, A C Herrin, Carrie B 207
Hyde, Z D Herriott, Kate A 76
Mee, Warren Hesselgrave, Effie 72
Powell, D S High, Lillian A 195
Heckathorn, George W Hill, Martha 244
Rigby, M E Hillis, Lizzie 28
Taylor, C F Hillis, Maggie E 101
Edwards, Arthur C Hoefft, Wilhelmina 355
Van Sant, J K Holburg, Elizabeth J 320
Damewood, W H Holler, Lou 87
Short, W M Holt, Caledonia 43
Inlow, Edward Hopkins, Millie 75
James, T Howard, Emma 84
Lacy, John S Howard, Louisa J J (Mrs) 233
Hoyt, Charles E Howlett, Millie 170
Wille, William Hull, Mary A (Mrs) 161
Colby, Ray W Huntley, Minnie M 17
Poiriera, J Hutchinson, M 271
Holtan, Henry N Ingram, Geneva S 231
Wood, William M Jacobs, Descel 261
Maultby, W H Johnson, Sadie 95
Elkins, C W Johnston, M E 39
Daw, Reuben P Johnston, Mae 149
Childers, H E Jones, Cora F 30
Cirac, Paul Jones, Lydia 16
Kleinhammer, Fred Jones, Nora Bell 293
Bates, James W Jordan, Jennie M 63
Stacy, Charles Kellogg, Nellie A 169
Justus, George R Kilburn, Ollie 317
Townsend, W L Kime, Maggie 64
Morris, Thomas A Kincaid, Etta F 159
Murphy, Omer King, Emma E 193
Higinbotham, E B Knotts, Rachel A 110
Woods, W W Knowles, Idora 111
Hubbard, A C Knowles, Rena 199
Bohnert, William Kupitz, Sophie 174
Hilt, Wilmer Lane, Ida S 298
Lyon, J A W Langston, Carrie E 90
Bailey, Henry Laplant, Sarah J 162
Rice, Edward Leabo, Blanche 21
Owen, W C Lee, Lulu B 173
Damon, Walter H Leever, Ada 181
McInerney, Thomas J Leever, Nellie 132
Magers, T W Lema, M (Mrs) 343
Farra, W H Letteken, Effie 260
Camps, F S Logan, Hattie M 117
Waterman, Claude Low, Mary 191
Armbrust, C W Lucas, Laura 291
Keller, William Luper, Fannie P 217
Attebery, Arthur Lute, Margery 88
Swensen, C N Lute, Susie B 8
Inlow, H C MacDonald, L C (Mrs) 229
Dimmick, Edward E Magerle, Anna M 313
Mitchell, S S Magill, Carrie 202
Winkel, Orlando Maham, Ida Belle 74
Dowell, Bertram Maham, Louvenia 68
Winkel, William Maham, Mary A 23
Hartley, M L March, Minnie M 107
Lance, F M Mathews, Minnie E 165
Foeller, Daniel Mathews, Rose Etta 225
Morgan, L E McCabe, C A 145
Washburn, L C McCall, Violet 277
Rauch, Joseph McCarthy, Mary 299
Whybark, W H McClendon, Rose M 34
Hartman, Jaston McDowell, Alpha 358
Lawrence, Claude V McElory, Willie M 306
Flook, J N McGrew, Ethna 250
Higinbotham, J S McKee, Mary 102
O'Brien, J E McLaughlin, Lue 85
Eaton, George M McMahon, Dora J 262
Larimore, George C Mee, Rachel E 37
Anderson, A J Meeker, Ella 184
Greene, L S Melville, Ethel 336
Maxwell, Hugh R Merrifield, Minnie 241
Bailey, C A Merritt, Evaline 118
Phillips, Joseph Messner, Madge C 46
Potter, Roscoe Miller, Elsie 40
Stockam, William Miller, Lula 4
Lance, George W Jr Miller, Mintie E 108
Kubli, Kaspar R Miller, Mollie L 295
Patrick, J E Mills, Glenn 144
Whitman, James A Mitchell, Nellie R 294
Tweedy, S C Moon, Beulah 209
Oden, A V Moore, Martha 264
Jacobs, J W Morris, Oda M 204
Van Riper, G P Mullen, Angia 65
Schermerhorn, G L Naylor, Ida 15
Hunter, J A Nessler, Arvilla Wise 12
Moore, Charles A Newbury, Hattie A 288
Eggers, U S G Newman, Alice Clifford (Mrs) 25
Lewis, R H Newman, M M 259
Barnard, J C Nichols, Isabella M 62
Miller, Frank S Nichols, Myrtie 234
Perry, William Obenchain, Lulu 56
Peninger, Fred Obenchain, Minnie C 290
O'Brien, James A Offenbacher, Flora 279
Short, A W Oliver, Minnie E 104
De Roboam, John Jr Owens, Ida 287
Moore, C R Pankey, Mary E 326
Carter, R A Parker, A L 256
Powell, T L Patton, Laura 55
Nye, Nelson M Paul, Clarice V 98
Martin, James J Pearce, Luella E 334
Lavery, J G Pech, Lena 97
Hanson, Israel J Penniger, Sarah L 337
Turner, Joe Pharis, Abagail 206
Goodlow, Otis Phipps, Lizzie 292
Randles, J E Pittman, Susie (Mrs) 59
Barker, John E Pitzer, Stella May 175
Kirkpatrick, A J Plantz, Amy Myrtle 19
Hatch, Harry Lewis Plymale, Marie Frances 341
Wilkinson, C E Plymire, Annie L (Mrs) 32
Murray, Edward C Powell, Rhosantha M 237
Twogood, Henry P Purves, Grace G 310
Wright, G F Pyburn, Lillian 177
Whipple, James M Pyburn, Rena A 223
McErlane, J P Radcliff, Lyda 93
Briscoe, James Ragsdale, Sarah 254
True, Frank Randles, Eva D 140
Downing, Fred F Ratrie, Edith 311
Simmerley, J H Redwine, Emma J 258
Yocum, Walter Reynolds, Orian 276
Wright, Vincent Rhodes, Anna 215
Persons, Erastus Richardson, Melissa 314
Calhoun, Henry H Robbins, Mary E 82
Perry, Martin Roberts, Lulu J 280
Pool, W S Robinett, Lula 100
Frisbee, John Robinson, Rose S 29
Roper, F P Robison, Della M 297
Carter, F J Rodgers, Flora A 321
Parker, M F Rolison, Louise R 115
Werth, Cristel Rose, Josie 66
Wilcox, Frank Ross, Nora 189
Barron, Homer W Ross, Wilhelmina D 268
Moon, Ralph Rowe, Elma E 210
Cavanaugh, Richard E Rucker, Isabelle (Mrs) 274
Zumwalt, William Henry Ruff, Lillie 246
Brown, J F Safford, Amy H 171
Crouch, B F Schoeneman, Carrie M 13
Reynolds, Clarence Scurlock, Louadda 331
Robinett, I P Simon, Sophia 86
Patrick, Harry Slagle, Blanche 166
Roach, A W Slagle, Maud 58
Dawson, E Slater, Annie 45
Bell, Thomas Sloper, Evalena 44
Hammersly, Riley Slover, Delilah M 219
Fisher, George S Smith, Anna L (Mrs) 348
Gray, Clarence A Smith, Annie P 135
Denney, William E Smith, Florence N 183
Torrey, Carlos Smith, Melissa 130
Stewart, W A Smock, Clara 327
Warmoth, Alexander Snelling, Harriett M 357
Clark, John H Soliss, Sopha Millie 134
Nicholson, A C Spencer, Georgia F 330
Boardman, James S Standley, Arville A 228
Hildreth, Ethan Allen Stanley, Winnifred May 312
Houston, E E Stevens, I C 156
Conklin, D D Stine, Anna P (Mrs) 344
Casto, S E Stockam, Rose 7
Stewart, H W Stratford, Winnifred E 318
Puhl, William Stroud, Myrtle 353
Sturgis, Fred Sullivan, Ida 136
Parker, C M Surran, Della 154
Knutzen, J C Swartsfager, Leona 243
Young, James Swartsfager, Oatha 185
Dungey, Thomas Tann, Elizabeth 10
Hillis, John B Taylor, Carrie H 346
Brown, Royal G Taylor, Mary A (Mrs) 143
Taylor, W W Thompson, Mary B 218
Ferguson, Robert A Thompson, Suphronia L 61
Helman, Otis O Tolman, Emma 129
Boynton, Charles T Torrey, Mary 122
Rostel, C B Toun, Ernestine Rosalie Emelia 354
Poole, Emanuel Tungate, Caroline 301
Glasson, Josiah Turner, Ida (Mrs) 340
Foss, Edward E Twogood, Josephine C 309
Farlow, Frank Tyrrell, Allie E 81
Dunkley, L P Van Matre, H M 168
Benson, G W Vance, Dora 26
Gall, Albert L Vanhardenburg, Martha Nellie 11
Hammond, C E Vaughn, Ida 278
Pankey, Charles Vincent, Mary 138
Centers, Charles B Vincent, Mary Belle 94
Holt, W H Vogeli, Violet 332
Smith, James U Vrooman, Hattie 252
Smith, James U Vrooman, Hattie 323
Smith, W J Vrooman, Nellie 178
Williams, Arthur W Vrooman, Pearl L 188
Kinney, A E Wagner, Mabel E 247
Montgomery, F P Waldon, Jessie 230
Howard, T L Wallace, Lena 190
Morse, H T Walsh, Lottie (Mrs) 316
Bankhead, Hugh L Warmoth, Lillie 236
Scroggin, Pleasant Marion Washburn, Lydia E 131
Guches, Edwin Watkins, Addie 49
Frain, William L Way, Effie P 345
Abbott, Arthur Webster, Louella 41
Martin, Joseph Wendt, Sarah 124
Curtis, T A West, Lavina 147
George, A Y West, Martha J 179
Beagle, John H Westcott, Eva L 275
Dunlap, Ira Whelply, Nellie V 349
Dodge, Arthur E Wiggin, Jennie R 338
Hamilton, Lawrence S Wigle, Elfie B 296
Satchwell, Raymond Wilkinson, Atlanta (Mrs) 70
Sherman, E C Williams, Maggie May 212
Geary, James T Wilson, Lizzie 283
Fries, Christian M Wilson, Lucinda L 339
Payne, R F Wilson, Mary 57
Coffman, W I Winningham, B A 240
Winningham, D Winningham, M J 119
Knighten, Edward Winningham, Polly 27
Bossum, Roy Wolden, Elinor 248
Willoughby, H G Wolfe, Mabel R 5
Wimer, Alonzo Wolgamatt, Mary L 194
Spuhn, Paul Wolters, Lilly 232
Mitchell, F W Wooley, Susan 99
Cochran, Frank Wright, Laura E 265
Olson, T A Wrisley, Mary E 329
Lowdon, W M Wulf, Diania 300
Owen, Joseph Wyatt, Lucy C 54
Craddock, R C Wyland, Viola 14
McDonough, J W York, Ida P 267
Owens, James Young, Annie 48
Shearer, T E Young, Clara B 53