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Jackson County Marriage Book #1 Indexed by Groom's Name

Old Photo of Wedding Couple

RVGS volunteers have photographed and indexed the marriage record books housed in the Jackson County, Oregon courthouse. Below is our index to Marriage Book #1 for 1853-1879. It is in alphabetic order by the groom's name. Marriage Book #1 includes handwritten marriage certificates issued by ministers or Justices of the Peace between October 26, 1853 and 1862. The remainder of the book comprises parent/guardian consents or affidavits confirming marriageable age from 1863 to 1879 with the actual certificates for this latter range given in Marriage Book #2. Marriage Book #2 uses preprinted forms completed by the county clerk. If you find a name of interest in Marriage Book #1, be sure to check Marriage Book #2 as well to insure that you have located the actual certificate as you may have only located the consent or affidavit.

If you would like to receive a copy of the consent/affidavit and certificate, follow the link below to display the request form. Complete and print the form, then mail it to us along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope and a check for $10 payable to the Rogue Valley Genealogy Society. If the consent/affidavit and certificate are split between Book #1 and Book #2, be sure to include both volume/page references in your request.

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Certificate & Affidavit
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Names of bride and groom
Book2,page; Book1, page

Groom Bride Page
Abbott, Samuel Y Smith, Louisa 140
Ackley, Joseph K Reams, Martha 73
Acock, William A Gill, Martha A 247
Akers, Rufus Miller, Margaret 270
Alapai, James Indian, Bodey 50
Alberts, A C Franklin, Jane 86
Alford, Russell Neil, V T 459
Allen, William J Casey, Mary Theresa 63
Ames, Phineas Cooper, Rachel 109
Amy, Haskell McDaniel, Mahala 66
Anderson E K Myer, Elizabeth N 21
Anderson, John A Miles, Sarah S 186
Anderson, Quinton N Collins, Clara Emeline 358
Anderson, R F Dennis, Martha Ann 119
Anderson, William T Hamlin, Eliza Jane 141
Angle, W W Walker, Mary S 468
Applegate, I D Hutchinson, Margaret 275
Applegate, L B Grubb, Margaret E 135
Applegate, Oliver C Anderson, Ella 470
Armpriest, T B Whaiting, Sarah F 144
Armstrong, F H Carson, Jane 177
Armstrong, Felix Lytle, Margaret 64
Armstrong, Frank Rhodes, Martha 82
Armstrong, Jesse Cottri, Catharine 13
Armstrong, John W Griffin, Sally 63
Armstrong, Marcus V Johnson, Martha Ann 303
Arundell, William H Wheeler, Paulina J 123
Ash, Lewis Harmon, Ida 408
Babcock, John G Russell, Melinda 55
Baer, Charles Tethero, Mary Ann 370
Bailey, Geo W Johnson, Mary 167
Baird, C S Brady, Mary Ann 474
Baldwin, Wallace Million, Phebe Allice 400
Ball, Addison Justus, Martha 68
Barnes E W Mason, Georgia Ann 367
Barrow, Hugh F Walker, Martha 24
Baur, Franklin D Lofftus, Mary 321
Beard, John M Mills, Mary A 443
Beekman, C C Hoffman, Julia E 75
Beeson, Welborn Brophy, Mary Catharine 139
Bellinger, Edward Bowen, Martha 36
Bennett, James T Phipps, Mary Isabella 158
Bently, Isaac Weaver, Harriet J 84
Bigelow, Clare O Caldwell, Margaret Emma 379
Bilger, John Scheck, Amanda 76
Billenbrook, John H Durham, Elizabeth F 53
Bish, Allen W Woody, Adla C 409
Bish, Austin W Barneburg, Amelia 361
Blackwell, Charles Butler, Emily 261
Blake, C F Fordyce, Susan 105
Blanton, Thomas B Neel, Cynena 141
Blue, Amos Smith, Elizabeth 25
Boaze, Kinder Wells, Laura Jane 77
Boothby, Albion H Noland, Jane 311
Bowen, John S Maupin, Sarah 108
Bradley, Jay Meriman, Laura A 433
Brannan, John Loosley, Mary Ann 386
Bressler, Theodore A Raimy, Melvina 452
Brierly, B Connant Corcoran, Lucy 234
Briggs, Daniel Henderson, Adeline 54
Britt, Peter Grob, Amelia 83
Brooks, Thomas Gilmore, Mary Jane 213
Brophy, Henry B Neal, Kate J 474
Brown, Angus Howard, Elizabeth 18
Brown, C L Witt, Ruth 471
Brown, George C Anderson, Elizabeth 52
Brown, John Gall, Amanda J 267
Brown, Thomas Dewes, Florence 220
Brown, Thomas Kane, Sarah (Indian) 281
Brown, W F Cheatham, Martha 461
Brownsworth, Louis Neathammer, Mary 189
Buckley, James Reiley, Margaret 271
Burch, Lee Gordon, Lavina 216
Burch, Seth Catching, Martha 310
Burk, Richard Randle, Zench Elizabeth 472
Burns, Adams T Sparks, Lucinda 48
Buzan, John E Merriman, Auletta L 155
Caldwell, Matthew McCormack, Mary J 99
Cameron, William Sturgess, Emma 147
Campbell, John C Dimmick, Lucinda A 389
Cantrall, John Newland, Mary Sarah 95
Cantrall, Stephen Simpson, Catharine 81
Cantrall, Stephen Newlin, Mary E 103
Carleton, Adolphus Nichols, Alsameda 388
Carll, William Eddings, Mary 211
Carson, M A Strickland, Elizabeth 25
Carter, George W Low, Lucinda 83
Carter, J A Helman, M Jane 447
Carter, Loyal W Fitzgerald, Ettie 332
Cary, William C Plymire, Emily Jane 435
Cassedy, James D Griffith, Elizabeth 71
Caton, E B Armstrong, Mary 403
Cawley, Edwin R Colvig, Affie W 464
Centers, Isaac Conly, Sarah E 407
Centers, William E Gage, Frances E 233
Cercy, Payton Indian, Sallie 143
Chadwick, J W Livingston, Belle 146
Chambers, William Wilson, Mary Ann 102
Chandler, Ira T Hendrick, Lucy V 174
Chapin, F W Anderson, Nancy A 159
Chapin, H M Kinney, Susie A 134
Chapman, Daniel Neil, Sarah Ann 118
Chappel, Samuel Cormack, Hanna Melvina 77
Charleton, Charles A Newlin, Permelia C 54
Charley, A M Hurst, Mary F 459
Chase, H W Stout, Hester A 88
Chase, William Tupper, Sally 82
Childers, M D Sundy, Nancy 212
Clark, Thomas H Overbeck, Mary A 33
Clark, William J Savage, A Elizabeth 203
Clarke, W L Hayden, Mary W 305
Coakley, Andrew J Cox, Sarah Ann 78
Coen, Simon F Roten, Rachel 300
Colahan, James H Roberts, Mary J 327
Coleman, John Allen, Maria 79
Coleman, M H Goddard, F S 125
Collins, James W Stow, Ann 17
Collins, John Morrison, Sarah Elizabeth 202
Collins, William Flickinger, Mary Ann 14
Colwell, Daniel D Duggin, Mary 322
Colwell, M G Abbott, Florence E 241
Comstock, G B Saltmarsh, Ann 154
Comstock, William B Bratt, Florence 364
Conn, James W Denney, Sarah Catherine 461
Connelly, William McGuinness, Mary 350
Connet, W L Turnbull, Iceminda 173
Constant, William T Bledsoe, Jessie 94
Cook, David S Mansfield, Laura E 331
Cook, John A Baily, Emma Florence 199
Cook, T B Furgasen, C J 385
Count, James Hybury, Fanny S 58
Cox, Irial W Cowey, Ruthenia 448
Cox, Joseph E Houghton, Nancy E 404
Craft, Charles Fairclo, Clarissa A 282
Cramer, G L Bills, E A 104
Crane, Joseph Wright, Susan 83
Crenshaw, Jasper Justis, Rhoda A 183
Crosby, John L Collins, Margaret 107
Crosier, Henry Eades, Sarah Jane 170
Croxton, Walter Stow, Nancy S 259
Culp, John Melvin Miller, Mary L 479
Daley, W C Hambleton, Lavina 217
Dallas, Charles W Noland, Sarah C 251
Damon, Robert E Steadman, Anne 242
Dampcey, Ellis Newhouse, Lucinda 41
Daniel, Jasper Custer, Ellen 373
Darnielle, Oscar Conner, Margaret E 142
Davenport, Curtis Martin, Mary 27
Davenport, John Smith, Sarah Ann 57
Davidson, Andrew Wright, Mary A 17
Davidson, Elijah J Farris, Minerva A 252
Davidson, G B Robinson, Rebecca 7
Davies, S W Woodruff, L E 330
Davis, James F Smith, Lillie T 319
De Peatt, Edward Fidler, Antoinette 224
De Roboam, Emile Schmidling, Rosa 396
De Roboam, Emile Schmidling, Rosa 397
Dean, George K Wells, Elizabeth 2
Dean, Robert H Tuffs, Lydia H 456
Denny, John Austin Eades, Mary Ellen 467
Devlin, John Murphey, Anna 186
Dick, John Adams, Frances M 149
Dickenson, Martin Thomas, Lovisa A 176
Dollarhide, Henry Clay Fender, Julia 238
Dollarhide, Joel Mills, Rachel E 314
Dosier, Andrew Powell, Leonora 387
Dow, Frank T Spry, Mattie A 355
Dowell, B F Campbell, N A 99
Downing, F F Masall, Amelia 313
Dozier, J B Powell, Milly J 330
Drum, John S Gass, Sarah 70
Ducket, William Zillmore, Susan 156
Duncan, Legrand J C Thompson, Pernelia (Mrs) 39
Dunn, Patrick Hill, Mary M 5
Dyer, H M Shephard, Elizabeth H 331
Dyer, James B Briner, Amanda J 362
Edsall, John Savage, Margaret J 206
Elliott, Albert Bish, Martha A 371
Emery, Henry S Colvig, Alvilda A 339
Epperson, Evan R Boleyn, Louisa Allis 442
Eslinger, James Click, Mary F 263
Evans, Caswell Crabtree, Nancy C 59
Evans, Davis Brown, Mary W 36
Farley, John B Dews, Florence R 101
Farris, Tom J Martin, Roxana (Mrs) 333
Fender, Eli Croxton, Lavina F 182
Fielder, Thomas H Lytel, Ellen S 29
Fleming, Robert Rummell,Catharine 415
Flood, James Adams, Sarah J 97
Flowers, Frank P Million, Phoebe Allice 398
Ford, W F Engart, Josephine 390
Forsyth, William Overton, Mary Ellen 314
Foster, George W Friend, Louisa 115
Foster, Perry McConnell, Matilda 144
Foudray, E D Colver, Sarah Abi 80
Fountain, James D Russell, Grace 465
Fountain, John M Cooper, O H 329
Fowler, W W Gass, Temperance 41
Frank, Frederick Benzenoder, Louise 71
Frans, Samuel Johnson, Mary Jane 93
Frazer, G A Jackson, Ella E 422
French, W W Wilson, Mary E 226
Fry, George W Messal, Henrietta 392
Fryer, J J Lewis, Vi Jane 178
Fulkerson, John T Hiatt, Ellen E 145
Gage, Joseph C Cromer, Mary Frances 430
Gall, C C Pankey, Sarah J 86
Galpin, John Wills, Amanda 93
Garey, Lewis C Johnson, Maranda 47
Garfield, Charles E Wilson, Urzella 255
Garrett, Robert M Thornton, Sarah Ella 444
Gassman, Thilo Herling, Emma 269
Gearhart, Isaac Prine, Ulina 366
Gearhart, James Davis, Margaret A 391
Gianinni, Thomas Wilkinson, Narrissa 218
Giddings, Absalom. Million, Ellen 60
Gill, John L Arnold, Lizza 384
Gill, Thomas Slagle, Martha 98
Gillespie, M M Hamilton, Margaret J 312
Gillespie, M M Hamilton, Margaret J 346
Gillett, Huron V Hill, Martha L 13
Gilson, George A Vannoy, Mary J 411
Gilson, Thomas H McDonald, Mary 24
Glenn, James T Gass, Minerva 91
Goddard, B C Wrisley, Alice A 349
Goff, John A Lacy, Jeanetta 320
Goodale, Greenleaf A Beach, Fidelia S 248
Goodall, James P Johnson, Mary Jane 56
Goodwin, Joseph F Brockman, Sarah Ellen 438
Greenman, William C Feathers, Kittie E 146
Greer, George W Lumbard, Irene 53
Gregg, Henry Dilly, Oderenne 258
Gridley, Wallace A Edsall, Mary Jane 296
Griffin, John B Naylor, Bernetta 451
Griffin, William Hamlin, Mary 39
Griffith, Charles Matthis, Mary 45
Griffith, David Indian, Sally 8
Grimes, A J Allen, Susan 472
Groom, William Smith, Emma A 278
Grow, George W Powell, Rachel 200
Grubb, John F Walker, Mary E 193
Grubb, William Spencer, Frances E 171
Grubbe, W V Smith, Clara 403
Gunnison, Oley Root, Annie 101
Haley, John Griffin, Louisa M 27
Hamilton, Alex Burns, Mary C Dora 421
Hamlin, George W Lundy, Mary E 395
Hamlin, Thomas J Lundy, Ellen 198
Hamlin, William Armpriest, Lavina Ann 129
Hardes, James Arnold, Ellen M 163
Hargadine, R B Kilgore, M W 20
Haskins, Newton Saltmarsh, Angie E 443
Hay, Valentine Steward, Mary E 12
Hays, J W Wallace, Sarah E 120
Hays, James Willis Cook, Sophrena J 264
Head, George Paige, Matilda 130
Heald, A D Goodwin, Nancy A 266
Hearing, David B Thompson, Susie C 172
Hendrix, F M Million, Martha 208
Henry, W Grigsby, Emma D 446
Hensly, Thomas Pool, Clarinda Ellen 300
Hiatt, Lewis Jaquet, Catharine 43
High, W H Brittain, Ona A 477
Hight, James Foster, Barbara 169
Hill, Henry L Colville, Ann 342
Hinkle, George Smith, Calista 76
Holcomb, James Probin, Minnie 345
Holloway, Charles Carson, Margaret 147
Holloway, George Barneburg, Emily A 132
Holloway, George W Stephens, Rebecca Ann 135
Hopwood, Gaddis Bunch, Drusilla 185
Hopwood, James Jones, Silva E 285
Hopwood, Moses Bunch, Sarah (Mrs) 183
Horne, Dillon Satterfield, Barbary Ann 278
Houston, Thomas B Miller, Josephine 236
Howell, Morris Clayton, P C 21
Hudson, David Conner, Emeline 260
Hull, Amos Bowman, Jane 96
Hull, P D Rice, Sarah C 223
Hull, Richard Wilkinson, Mary K 257
Hung Foi, Eu 341
Hurst, Martin Simpson, Mary F 32
Hyzer, Joseph H Jones, Malinda 306
Ingleman, John C Winkle, Elizabeth 1
Ingram, George V Vest, Elizabeth 85
Inlow, Cornelius A Prentice, Ellen 285
Inman, T Roberts, A Elizabeth 326
Irwin, C M Savage, Hattie A 439
Isham, Southwick Baird, Keturah 207
Ivory, Edward Stow, Mary Catherine 317
Ivory, Peter Johnson, Minerva 104
Jackson, George A Meyers, Sarah Amanda 358
Jacobs, Orange Davenport, Lucinda 45
Jasselyn, Benjamin F Bledsoe, Josephine 95
Johnson, I W Swinden, Mary A 195
Johnson, Isaac W Briner, Missouri 194
Johnson, Joseph Doras Robinson, Hannah F 42
Johnson, Lafayette Scott, Mary C 31
Jones, James T Spencer, Harriet 28
Jones, Leroy A Johnson, Sintha Margaret 157
Jones, T L Baird, Mary E 168
Justus, John Roberts, Mary Jane 210
Justus, Jonas De Roboam, Naomi 393
Keeney, C E Trimble, Amanda 463
Kehi, John Indian, Julia 56
Kenney, Daniel M T'Vault, Lizzie 14
Kent, Joseph Zachary, Myra Allice 380
Kent, Thomas B Caton, Jennie O 280
Kentner, W W Million, Sarah Jane 87
Kerr, Gideon S Grant, Susan A 4
Kewins, John Indian, Mary 49
Kilgore, Felix Swingle, Martha 107
Kilgore, Silas W Herrin, Mary Alice 478
Kincaid, Jabez Tabor, Anna 65
Kincaid, William R Evans, Ophelia Jane 222
King, William Gall, Roxanna (Mrs) 34
King, William Gray, Lela B 475
Klingle, Simon Sullivan, Anna 192
Klippel, Henry Bigham, Elizabeth 67
Klum, Charles K Finley, Lucinda H 402
Knox, William H Brown, Margaret A 423
Kubli, Kasper Newcomb, Jane 42
Lacy, John S Fields, Jennetta 179
Lacy, William Calvin Infield, Eliza Ellen 301
Lamb, Abram Myers, Arthusa F 126
Lane, C A Indian, Sallie 143
Lang, Peter Oliver, Mary J 61
Langell, Nathaniel Hensley, Lauretta J 49
Langley, Edward Weakever, Nancy 57
Langly, Edward Indian, Gurthie 277
Law, Alfred McKee, Catharine 383
Layton, John Nail, Mary 20
Leaver, William T Constant, Elizabeth M 19
Ledford, Eli D Walker, Sarah J 46
Lee, Allen Sterling, Lucinda 26
Lee, Thomas P Baldwin, Hattie 442
Leeke, W T Farlow, Anna C 376
Lewis, Beriaga Randle, Martha Ann 478
Lewis, Henry Foster, Lotta 417
Lewis, James W Ellison, Sarah F 425
Lewman, John A Smith, Cecelia 106
Liles, Joseph S Henderson, Lavina 336
Lindley, Oscar Crisman, Mary L 148
Lindsey, James W Witt, Mary Ann 347
Linn, David Coffman, Annie S 72
Lobacker, John Smith, Ellen 98
Lockwood, C M Long, Levina J 81
Logg, Francis Hockenyos, Magdalena 230
Lonsignont, Joseph Parker, Hettie M 351
Love, John S Harris, Ann S 69
Low, John Lawson, Harriet 84
Lui, Frederick Jung, Francis 111
Magerle, George M Neathammer, Elizabeth 127
Magruder, Edmund Fleming, Catharine 28
Magruder, H H Ganiard, Ettie E 418
Maio, George Indian, Susan 85
Manning, J W Belford, Sarah C 209
Mansfield, J N Ralls, Hannah A 363
Mansfield, James M Swinden, Georgia Ann 316
Mansfield, James N Davis, Nancy M 291
Mansfield, W R Furgasen, Mary Ann 420
March, J S Walker, Martha N 232
Mardon, David Roten, Mary Lavina 121
Mark, John M Fordyce, Mary E 187
Marshall, George W Indian, Cecelia 283
Martin, Alexander Gass, Elvira M 40
Masterson, James Wells, Lydia A 78
Matney, Carrol B Maupin, Margaret A 60
Maury, R F Chambers, Elizabeth 33
Mavity, Robert McVay, Missouri E 250
May, John Randle, Cenora Ellen 353
Mayhams, David Mathews, Julia R 239
Mayhew, Thomas Plymire, Susan 287
McBride, J H Palmer, Rosella J 466
McComas, J. L Gibbs, Sarah E 106
McConnell, William Wells, Martha S 89
McConnell, William P McCoy, Harriet A 100
McCrosky, John S Thornton, Martha S 153
McDaniel, James Cooper, Elizabeth 91
McDaniel, W H Miller, Sarah Jane Elvira 266
McDaniels, James P Parker, Catharine 325
McDaniels, John Johnson, Priscilla Allender 292
McDonald, George Wilson, Mary E 340
McElroy, Joseph Horne, Mary A 151
McIntire, John M Jones, Amy A 205
McKay, John W Slagle, Sarah A 87
McKee, A D DeLong, Leila 414
McKee, Elias B George, Catharine 357
McKenzie, Thomas T Hopwood, Rebecka 133
McNeil, Andrew Johnson, Jane 48
McNeil, Andrew Mathews, Mary E 227
Mead, John F Huston, Julia 365
Mee, James W Darneille, Mary 162
Mench, Benjamin Wheeler, Rachel M 246
Mentz, Frederick Wilkins, Mary 253
Merriman, George Murry, Mary 446
Messenger, Simon Lindsay, Martha 256
Metzker, Benjamin Cauldon, Jemima 412
Michaelson, Olney Applegate, Alice C 308
Miller, Daniel Marsh, Frances Jane 359
Miller, E L Mulholland, Martha 253
Miller, Frank M Miller, Cerilda 419
Miller, Isaac Knudson, Cyrena 22
Miller, Isaac Knudson, Cyrena 23
Miller, Levi Cook, Sarah Emily 262
Miller, Manuel A Pool, Rohda Ann 425
Million, John B Baldwin, Sarah 303
Mills, John W Anderson, Talitha C 166
Minnus, R J Davis, A M 381
Mitchell, F W Hodges, Amanda E 426
Mitchell, Walter Dixon, Mary 428
Montgomery, John B Durbin, Sarah Jane 245
Morford, R B Pleasant, Amanda 9
Morgan, Franklin M Smith, Sarah J 119
Morgan, S M Hendricks, Martha 458
Morrison, A Selph, Adia 405
Morrison, F W Winters, Serpatha 328
Morrison, G Lytle, Sarah A 65
Morrison, John L Bannister, Ellen 182
Morrison, John R Morgan, Elizabeth 450
Motly, William Campbell, Elizabeth E 161
Mulky, Christopher Cooper, Flora 440
Muller, Max Hesse, Louisa 188
Naylor, Melvin Davidson, Eveline 445
Neil, R P Russell, Lydia 434
Neil, William S Parsons, Prudence A 219
Newman, H F Tetherow, Mary A 473
Nichols, George W Bradley, Eolah 354
Nichols, John M Hon, Drusilla 165
Nichols, Thomas E Bradley, S 235
Niles, Ambrose D Carter, Mary E 324
Niles, J E Helman, Mary E 111
Noban, John Moody, Ellen 359
Norton, Henry Anderson, Hazeltene 175
Norton, J D Ball, Abigail 476
Norton, John Gideon Dews, Anna M 137
Nunan, Jerry Grady, Delia O 302
Nyswaner, John Orrison Plymire, Ruth 477
Obenchain, John A Miller, Mary F 196
Obenchain, John A Miller, Carless 344
Ocheltree, R R Virgil, S L 462
Ogen, James R Hansbrough, Effie P 319
Oglesby, R C Armstrong, Mary Jane 279
Oiler, John F Matney, Sarah Jane 97
Oliver, J F Center, Angeline 445
Oliver, Seabring P McCollem, Stacy Elizabeth 434
Olliver, Wayne Riggs, Cornelia M 31
Orme, Alexander Berry, Jane 460
Osborn, Albert H Gage, Sarah Jane 377
Overbeck, Henry L Morgan, Emeline 51
Owen, W W Constant, Julia 89
Pankey, Thomas Morgan, Mary C 178
Parker, B M Baird, C E 362
Parker, Curtis P Carey, Matilda 299
Parker, William M Grigsby, Louisa D 307
Parnell, George Peterson, Sarah Jane 453
Parsley, Joseph L Wagner, Matilda 51
Paschal, J C Knight, Hannah 96
Patterson, James C Hopwood, Louisa A 66
Patterson, John Bechdolt, Margaret 150
Patterson, Sylvester Payne, Sarah E 436
Patterson, William Clift, Annie 360
Pattison, James Barnes, Melvina 34
Payne, David Clift, Ella Jane 436
Payne, William Miller, Rebecca J 268
Pearson, George Montgomery, Elizabeth C 454
Pelton, E C Rowe, Mary S 44
Penniger, David Cox, Sarah Louisa 214
Penning, Edward Clark, Elmira 406
Perry, Reuben P Lancaster, Barbara Ann 265
Peterson, Ferdinand Johnson, Mary Missouri Ann 62
Pfeil, Herman J Gerlah, Wilhelmina 304
Phillips, Oscar Naylor, Melvina A 437
Phipps, Mathew P Lowery, Allice 412
Pickens, Cyrus H Turnham, Sarah Ann 323
Pinkham, Joseph E Gray, Mary E 43
Plymale, Sebastian Little, Ellen 199
Plymale, W J Martin, Josephine 105
Plymire, James W Gage, Louisa R 431
Poe, James Madison Johnson, Mary Frances 334
Potter, John E Wade, Mary C 424
Potter, Samuel A Riley, Catherine 431
Prim, P P Stearns, Theresa M 35
Purden, Mahlon Worlow, Lizza 371
Purvis, James Stearns, Arminda 221
Putnam, Charles Hutchins, Elizabeth Ann 378
Rader, Jackson Levercamp, Clara 10
Ragsdale, J F Winters, Samantha J 152
Ramey, Thomas Saterfield, Elizabeth R 52
Rantz, Francis Joseph Horn, Martha Ann 315
Ratrie, George W Swingle, Sarah 293
Ray, William Enyart, Louisa 318
Real, John H Prentice, Della 394
Reames, Thomas G Williams, Lucinda 136
Reams, James R Strong, Lavica Allice 401
Rehkopf, August Wooldridge, May Nettie 265
Rexford, C M Meek, Alice 151
Reynolds, A I Walker, Cassie 410
Reynolds, Isaac H Vincent, Mariah 190
Reynolds, Silas Saltmarsh, Mary A 229
Roberts, John P Walker, Sarah E 69
Roberts, William H Durkee, Ella M 475
Robertson, Joab Woods, Margaret J 352
Robinson, J W Rush, Ginnie 457
Robinson, Jesse Constant, Lavina J 6
Robinson, Joseph T Barneburg, Mary Grace 295
Robinson, Orrin Barneburg, Mary L 338
Robinson, Robert Byrd Goddard, Ersula Isabel 375
Robinson, Samuel Barneburg, Hannah E 110
Robnett, Noah A Brewer, Ester M 337
Rockafellow, A G Myer, Sarah B 22
Rodgers, W J Houston, Cynthia L 374
Rogers, John W Riddle, Clarissa E 68
Roloson, J T Knowles, Louisa R 423
Rondebush, Jacob Mulligan, Harriet 46
Rooks Arthur, Mary Ann 164
Rose, Lewis A Colver, Isabelle 286
Rosenstock, Frederick Hann, Martha 70
Ross, William H Baird, Mary R 184
Roundtree, Martin H Cooper, Julia Ann 215
Rowland, D B Ritter, Parthena J 240
Rusk, John W Hamlin, Eliza 124
Russell, William F Harrer, Elizabeth 90
Russell, William F Way, Lavina 100
Saltmarsh, Sylvester Haskins, Annette 290
Sarter, J G Gerret, Margaret 76
Saunders, James Hill, Armilda A 180
Schaller, John Pool, Josephine 441
Schofield, Benjamin Arundell, Mary Adelia 153
Scranton, J W Taylor, Margaret C 411
Seiferth, Charles A Newlin, Eliza Emeline 114
Seiferth, John E Collins, Sarah J 112
Sheehan, Daniel Wright, M J 349
Shelton, Hawkins Harding, Amanda 23
Shepard, Irvin Helman, Almeda S 244
Shone, A White, Anna 16
Shoults, A Johnson, Mary Ann 93
Shultz, Henry Wortzell, Dora 298
Shultze, Henry Wartzell, Dora 297
Sills, Baldwin Dunlap, Nancy 231
Silva, Frank Indian, Nancy 276
Simmons, Nathan G Akers, Sarah L 264
Simpson, James W Conetto, Catharine 59
Simpson, Malachi Brown, Emily F 249
Slade, William Wells, Cecelia 16
Slagle, Conrad Gaunt, Sarah E 282
Smith, Francis Smally, Amanda J 301
Smith, George W Flowers, Emma Rosa 406
Smith, Isaac D Feeling, Mary 11
Smith, J N Panky, M S 254
Smith, Uriah R March, Lucinda Jane 272
Somers, Daniel R Huckabay, Catharine 79
Songer, W F Slade, Cecelia 243
Spear, James D Matthews, America 62
Spickelmier, Asa M Robertson, M A 476
Sprague, Herbert G Cimbosky, Mint Mary 211
Stanley, W J Ross, Mary L 289
Stearns, Oscar S McManus, Sarah 198
Stederoth, John Henry Kretzer, Christiana 131
Stephens, Benjamin S Gridley, Sarah 94
Stephens, Isaac H Smith, Lucinda E 150
Stevenson, Henry B McKee, Maxymilly 160
Stewart, Charles A Stearns, Louisa O 64
Stow, James M Vincent, Jane 228
Stowell, George W Hart, Mary Frances 379
Sturges, A W Talley, M E 88
Sturgess, M D McKee, Almira Ann 128
Summer, Christopher Nickerson, California 480
Summers, George A Arundell, Sarah J 138
Sutherland, William Dunlap, Victoria America Florida 90
Swingle, Oliver H March, Lavina 122
Swingle, Oliver H Heckathorn, Caroline 274
Sysley, Lewis Colver, Martha A 29
Taylor A J Morse, Rachael 356
Taylor, John Bunyard, Almira 19
Tenbrook, Abraham Thettiplace, Harriet 225
Terrell, John W Jaquett, Arletta L 416
Terwilliger, J W Wells, Jaenette A 458
Thomas, Tobias Newhouse, Jane P 30
Thompson, T W Low, Charity F 449
Thompson, Thomas P Shaw, Elizabeth E 191
Tice, Fred Dodge, Martha L 459
Tice, John R Wright, Margarette 26
Tomiah, John Indian, Maria 50
Town, Frank Stockbarger, Ellen 382
True, Hanes Sisson, Celeste (Mrs) 67
Tupper, Oscar F Tupper, Martha 73
Turman, Samuel Matthis, Drusilla 44
Turpin, Andrew J Wills, Sarah E 113
Turpin, William P Eddins, Virginia 117
Tyrrell, Oscar Randles, Alice A 454
Van Choate, S P Huston, R A 15
Vandorn, Isaac Wright, Martha J 35
Vanlandingham, E T Smith, Louisa E 399
Vannoy, James N Dimmic, Margaret 3
Vest, Bartlett C Oliver, Tabitha E 422
Vincent, A L Metcalf, Maria C 74
Vincent, Henry Buckmaster, Almira 368
Vincent, Washington Myer, Charlotte 139
Vining, George T Hoffman, Mary H 18
Von Helms, H Englebrecht, Augusti 92
Vrooman, Martin Strang, C W 11
Wade, James R Short, Rosell 136
Wade, Lancelot McCabe, Martha Ann 154
Wade, M Hamersly, Matilda H 367
Walker, James Simpson, Catharine F 32
Walker, Jesse D Van Riper, Ann M 343
Walker, John Walker, M A 12
Walker, Minus Erb, Phoeba J 237
Walrod, Eugene Smith, Lonora L 413
Ward, Elisha Price, Sarah A 55
Ward, Jeremiah Robertson, Mariah Drake 61
Warner, J H Butler, Harriet F 197
Watkins, Mark Langley, Martha N 427
Watson, Chandler B Chitwood, Ella J 372
Watt, Samuel E Harris, Sarah A 302
Webber, Nicholas Fields, Jane 288
Welsh, William Frick, Flora A 30
White, C E Farra, Mary P 467
White, John Peyton Bogarth, Julia Ann 47
Whitmore, George A Kilgore, Amanda 344
Whittaker, George M Clark, Mary E 348
Whitworth, Thomas King, Roxana 72
Wilkinson, C Hiram Singer, Martha Jane 429
Wilkinson, H C Centers, Jane 335
Wilkinson, William A Plymale, Narrissa 58
Willets, J D Dunn, Amy C 279
Willets, L T Alford, Laura A 459
Williams, A K Benefiel, Mary Ann 75
Williams, Charles Angel, Ann 40
Williams, J A Armstrong, Elizabeth 471
Williams, J C Simpkins, Lucy Isabelle 468
Williams, Leonard A Dewes, Martha A 201
Willis, C C Hamilton, M 23
Wilson, Charles C Mathews, Elizabeth Jane 294
Wilson, George Crook, Elizabeth J 284
Wilson, Simpson Hall, Nancy E 274
Wilson, W W Rummel, Esther 290
Wilson, Zadok Sheleton, M E 80
Wimer, Edward R Pelter, Alzenia 469
Wise, John Miller, Elizabeth 204
Woodson, J P Million, Laura J 116
Wooley, William Ingram, Catharine 273
Wright, N B Brown, Florence 309
Wright, Robinson Thomas, Martha H 181
Wright, Thomas Cooper, Elizabeth Jane 103
Wrisley, R W Wallace, Rebecca E 432
Wulf, August Parker, Elizabeth 416
Young, L D Downing, Angelina R 74
Zigler, Lewis Plymale, Sarah 15
  Whittle, Emeline 369
  Daley, Rosella 409
  Berry 447
  Kitterman, Mary Ollie Belle 455
  Gribble, Matilda (Mrs) 479