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Jackson County Marriage Book #12 Indexed by Groom's Name

Old Photo of Wedding Couple

RVGS volunteers have photographed and indexed the marriage record books housed in the Jackson County, Oregon courthouse. Below is our index to Marriage Book #12 for 1915-1921. It is in alphabetic order by the groom's name. This book used preprinted forms completed by the county clerk. Each page in this book contains the certificates for a single couple and includes both the marriage license and certificate (assuming the license was acted upon).

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Marriage Certificate
How to order:
Names of bride and groom

Groom Bride Page
Abbott, Charles E Camps, Hattie M 272
Abbott, Lester A Stewart, Etta E 377
Abbott, Marvin M McKinnis, Hazel F 466
Abbott, Thomas Moore, Cecile Veneta 180
Adams, Edward Mieleng, Grace 452
Adams, Eli J Coburn, Katherine B 116
Adams, Lester F Wilson, Ora May 8
Adsit, Holdridge D Fielder, Roselthea 503
Ahlstrom, Tingner T Hilleary, Beatrice B 288
Aiken, S Stanford Walker, Belva L 192
Albers, Benjamin F Gipson, Lora 338
Alderson, Richard A Holmes, Audrey E 574
Allen, Hubert Burris, Claire 49
Allen, Yancy Hoyt McKee, Orpha 570
Amberg, George A Olsin, Edith V 296
Anderson, Alexander Nisonger, Viola 237
Anderson, Carl Lowe, Hazel Jincy 386
Anderson, Frank W Barry, Thresa Mary 385
Anderson, George A Foster, Idabell 266
Anderson, Myron Ivan Dishman, Lillie 524
Anderson, Thomas G K French, Bertha May 601
Anderson, Thorleif L Ossman, Effie V 156
Angle, Charles Fuller Briggs, Nellie 387
Apple, Amos C Goll, Alma E 132
Arcade, Pete Douglas, Josie 468
Arnold, Ralph J Thompson, Bessie 427
Ash, Howard Warner, Katie 319
Ashpole, C W Nichols, Otilla 94
Askren, William Kerr, Azalea L 361
Atkins, William J Beebe, Emma Hazel 70
Aucs, Mike Jewell, Etta 278
Austin, George A Storey, Lucinda Mae 63
Aveirs, Marcello F Davis, Idella 496
Ayres, Amos Trusty, May 35
Ayres, Ernest V Beveridge, Bernice M 283
Bailey, E A Brown, Elsie L 106
Bailey, Melbourne O'Connor, Marie Louise 506
Bailey, Raymond C Thimmes, Cora B 207
Baker, Archa L McKinnis, Florence 329
Baker, Lemuel V Hawk, Clara May 282
Baker, Roderick B Baker, Bernice 407
Ballod, John M Brown, Leotha 173
Barlow, Maurice F Witherow, Pearl G 445
Barr, Chester A Merrill, Grace Evelyn 555
Barr, Samuel R Halsey, Polly 543
Barrell, Dana A Hemphill, Agnes Mary 393
Barrett, Howard J Shinn, Allie B 334
Barrett, Howard J Shinn, Allie B 334a
Barrett, Luther Polk, Julia 400
Bateman, Joseph N Jackson, Bessie M 593
Bates, Charles H Carter, Olive Jane 467
Bates, Clarence Blass, Louise 304
Bates, William Morrison, Elizabeth 472
Bauer, John Young, Mayme J 225
Bay, Dale M Bartlett, Leta 573
Beal, Harry E Liming, Mabel C 143
Bedingfield, James A Stewart, Anna E 407
Beebe, Carl R Caton, Dulcie C 14
Bell, Edwin R Chapman, Delpha 538
Bell, Thomas N Mankins, Belle 147
Bellus, Wesley Parner Keeton, Lydia 481
Bennett, Andrew E Hamilton, Lee 288
Bennett, C E A MacDonald, Maude Howard 312
Benson, Axel Ekstram, Bernhardina 41
Bentley, Herbert B Watson, Lucille 485
Berendes, Max Greenaugh, Jennie E 602
Berg, Morris Smith, Elizabeth 318
Bertelson, Wallace B Mitchell, Vera 334
Betts, Merrill O Welch, Bertha 305
Bigham, Elbert M Smith, Laura 592
Billings, William E Sanders, Jane 530
Bish, Lewis Thomas Dooms, Ethel 368
Bishop, James W Brown, Marguerite L 73
Blackaby, Earl Kincaid, Bertha 84
Blackburn, James A Laws, Effie V 422
Blackert, William T Sharpe, Nina B 171
Blackington, Jesse M Avery, Mae Safford 269
Blakely, Lloyd H Satterlee, Pearl B 122
Blore, Frank Leslie Wilson, Myrtle Mae 572
Boardman, Charles M Boardman, Nellie Trefren 553
Boatman, Allan R Konkle, Esther 448
Bohall, Nelson E Osborne, Eva J 354
Boling, Lester R Puterbaugh, Augusta 108
Bonney, Henry Curtis O'Donoughue, Viva Esther 284
Borden, William W Clay, Sarah E 229
Bostwick, Henry O Neeley, Aliena 495
Bostwick, Lee Vance Martin, Bessie Lucile 376
Bostwick, Vance Sauer, Caroline 23
Boussum, Charley Lonsdale, Florence 68
Boussum, Harry Boussum, Eleanor (Mrs) 352
Boutelle, Ralph Y Bullis, Martha A 437
Bowers, B Jr Cheshire, Agnes 36
Boyd, Asa T Whitlock, Ethel Marguerite 516
Boyden, Charles Z Taylor, Grace Evelyn 536
Boyer, Calvin S Madison, Veda 510
Boyer, Calvin S Madison, Veda 576
Bradbury, J D Rukes, Geraldine 440
Brady, James I Cole, Elsie B 323
Brayer, Charles E Patch, Doris Mae 488
Breeding, James William Train, Mina 532
Breitback, Frank Hendricks, Georgia 351
Bridges, Charles Braun, Hanna 591
Bridwell, George Wallington Daddysman, Louise Emma 494
Briggs, M C Burkhart, Evelyn 21
Bright, Harry Hutchens, Vera V 568
Brophy, Robert C Parker, Helen M 254
Brower, Harley R King, Katharine 544
Brown, Arista B Townsend, Nancy Emeline 602
Brown, Bert Everett Weitman, Lela 428
Brown, Cecil A Cripps, Blanche Johnston 514
Brown, Frank P McKinley, Ruth 344
Brown, Fred W Rodgers, Grace Ellen 237
Brown, Harry B Mee, Helen 372
Brown, Harvey F Moffitt, Winnifred N 42
Browne, Edwin C Martin, Marietta 457
Brownell, Austin Balderree Lawrence, Ruth Carolyn 388
Brownlee, Jesse E Harrison, Barbara 214
Brumble, Henry Stephen Tedrick, Lora B 98
Bryant, H F Bryant, Ida M 265
Bryant, R B Howerton, Dana E 15
Buckmaster, Bert L Gibbons, Alice 47
Budge, George Melvin Pitts, Alameda 473
Buker, Richard K Lewis, Edith A 528
Bull, Ralph M Geiwitz, Martha A 549
Bunch, Harold G Sams, Emily E 439
Burchell, Ray F Greb, Elsie C 44
Burgess, C L Hanscom, Myrtle 333
Burkhart, Joseph Seaman, Bessie 512
Burkman, Charles Burkman, Mary A 99
Burns, John W Hathaway, Cordie O 279
Burns, Raymond L Hawthorne, Dona 412
Burr, Fred Price, Agnes 69
Burton, Scott N Frazee, Helen M 72
Busby, Francis M Nelson, Sadie T 391
Butler, James F Ellestad, Huldah Amelia 261
Butler, James F Henry, Hermenia 311
Butler, John A Everhard, Ruth 382
Butler, William Wesley Busby, Juanita 330
Butterfield, Merrill E Phillips, Mary 556
Butts (Britts), Andrew S Moore, Lila 369
Cadamo (Cadeno), John Sheldon, Alice 581
Calkins, Wallace Homer Shelby, Marie 443
Calvert, Archie Eggers, Alice Mabel 367
Calvert, Rodney Allen Crenshaw, Minnie 605
Cameron, John Pence, Hattie May 181
Campbell, Dana S Sayle, Myrtle 542
Campbell, James F Hamilton, Ruth Lee 527
Campbell, Martin E Keizur, Veneta E 81
Campbell, Tom A Reeder, Mary Virginia 435
Canfield (Caufield), Raymond P Merrick, Ruth M 4
Canfield, Ira D Hoppin, Julia D 418
Canon, Fay Jessup Hall, Myrtle Ruth 74
Canovera, Victor J Fristoe, Mollie 324
Cantrall, J Leland Johnson, Aletha 313
Cantrall, James E West, Gladys 483
Cardwell, Joseph Rouse, Bessie 447
Caris, Albert Steinmetz, Anna 557
Carle, Henry E Carr, Maudie M 305
Carlson, Erik Martin Addis, Katherine E 185
Carlton, Herbert L Miller, Meryle E 541
Carlton, Thomas A Ulrich, Gertrude 6
Carpenter, Leonard Taylor, Winifred Bartlett 125
Carrington, Harold J Cope, Ruth 449
Cartmill, George S Davis, Grace D 355
Cartwright, Clarence Vandorfy, Maecle 438
Cary, Carl Verne Jillson, Mary Gertrude 456
Cary, Carl Verne Jillson, Mary Gertrude 456a
Caton, Clyde N Hanscam, Winifred A 241
Caton, Lloyd L Bodenhamer, Bulah 577
Cattuzzo, Frank J Coldwell, Winifred 219
Chapman, Charles M Rowley, Caldora A 152
Chapman, Claude Whipple, Jennie 146
Charley, Reed Farlow, Myrtle 436
Chase, Arthur E Green, Opal B 478
Chase, Donald R Lane, Vera E 167
Cheadle, William H Howard, Ruby 400
Childreth, Graydon E Geppert, Zula 380
Childreth, Wesley L Robinett, Sophia 45
Chirgwin, Herbert Stanley Mordoff, May Ellen 340
Chisholm, Edwin J Starkey, Jessie 307
Chisholm, William P Lewis, Mary O 282
Christ, Gust Oliver, Josephine 287
Christensen, Harold Neely, Vere 54
Church, Elmer M Topping, Ethel Elizabeth 285
Church, Willard E Carnell, Ada 71
Clark, Frank Bates Thornbrue, Mary Bell 564
Clark, John Berry, Bernice 403
Clarke, Clem C Nye, Hope V 545
Clary, Frank B Hale, Bernice L 212
Clary, Jesse G Chauncy, Jessie L 247
Clemens, Cecil C Smith, Grace B 183
Clement, Albert C Whitley, Lois Miller 519
Clemons, George A Grigsby, Myrtle L 144
Cleveland, Volney C Myles, Ella 196
Close, Loren D Harris, Dortha H 314
Close, Ruben V Hale, Bernice L 97
Closton, John R Oswald, Heather 119
Cochran, Bert Clawson, Anita 573
Cochran, John Hanna Haskins, Frances 398
Codding, George A Corlies, Maude F 547
Coe, James A Milligan, Florence 565
Coffeen, Wesley Burleson, Blanche B 329
Coffen, Charles A Liming, Ethel 109
Coffin, Wallace Alson Hengstler, Julia 208
Coffman, Robert R Chambers, Bessie 271
Colby, Charles D Denny, Mae 73
Colby, Ray W Thermon, Elizabeth 43
Coldwell, Loyd E Gano, Effie Ella 61
Cole, Clinton Cameron Doran, Fannie Maria 159
Coleman, Ray French, Anna M 474
Coleman, Ural G George, Minnie A 365
Collins, Clark Beebe, Eva Myrtle 209
Collins, Raymond F Oblander, Elsa A 47
Combest, Voultine Hamilton, Fannie L 50
Conger, J Dewey Ritzinger, Christina B 444
Conklin, Earl O Gage, Norma J 10
Conley, Clayton M Chapman, Viola 128
Conley, Vernon Perry, Margaret 606
Conser, Elder M Tuck, Jean 429
Conway, Lewis W Brittsan, Iva E 341
Cook, Lemmie Ray, Inas 526
Cook, Robert H Burns, Venetta 595
Cook, Thomas T Dunlap, Alta 435
Cooper, Aaron Calkins, Nellie R 578
Cormany, George O Terry, Evelyn 432
Cornelier, Jean A D Pound, Hazel A 164
Corthell, Elden S Denzer, Stella M 343
Cory, William McKinley Cowley, Doris 480
Cotton, Jesse L Coverdale, Elsie J 189
Courtney, Samuel H Minter, Samantha 45
Cox, William A Sparks, Virginia R 126
Coy, Dorris Arens, Doris 80
Coy, Edward N Childreth, Loretta 23
Craig, Fred C Vann, Elfreda 194
Craig, William L McKilligan, Fern A 461
Crandall, W H Clarno, Jettie 5
Crandall, William John Anderson, Gladys 589
Crane, William A Knutzen, Laura E 100
Crawford, Lawrence I French, Laurel Belle 187
Crawford, William Raymond Miller, Grace Ethlyn 139
Creason, Edward P Potter, Lillian Francis 165
Crisp, Isaac Leybold, Lillian 358
Crittenden, Charles J O'Donnell, Hazel 221
Croft, George L Cox, Lucile 30
Croft, Joseph C Brady, Nellie Eulalie 78
Cronemiller, David H Overton, Veda May 248
Crowley, Philip B Boggs, Ellen E 54
Cummings, B F Wamsley, Louise 349
Cummings, Colice V Kreuter, Josephine 218
Cummings, J M Cash, Wava Cecil 401
Cummins, Darrell C Oslin, Effie E 421
Cunningham, Floyd Nye, Lillian S 280
Curtis, William L McCormack, Nan 260
Cushman, Wallace H Warner, Hazel L 10
Cusick, William Glenn Thomas, Ida May 136
Dahack, Eli Hooper, Emily 140
Daily, B E Shreve, Maude L 146
Daily, Henry M Martin, Marietta 226
Daley, Alonzo L Everhard, Mary 511
Daley, Pat Martin, Mary Frances 32
Danner, Clinton C Keeton, Ivy 134
Darby, Curtis C Tinker, Mary E 362
Darby, Glenn R Hamlin, Stella Fern 503
Darby, Scott R Schlinsog, Grace B 14
Daugherty, Albert Riggs Hartley, Cora Pearl 71
Daugherty, George W Broyles, Sarah E 577
Davies, Irwin W Shanks, Hazel N 277
Davis, Alfred H Plummer, Ida 297
Davis, Alfred H Plummer, Ida 297a
Davis, Clarence E Hartley, Maud E 339
Davis, George W Yost, Sarah M 592
Davis, Nathaniel N Conner, Ruby C 266
Davis, Ulysses Frank Van Dyke, Ruth 110
Davis, Walter Ray Hulen, Grace Viola 233
Davis, William Taylor, Marie 105
Davis, William Graves Marvin, Gwendolyn 438
Davis, William K Webb, Ethel 234
Davis, William R McGee, Minnie 220
Davison, Lew A Cornish, Clara 445
Dawson, John H Furguson, Mary 355
Dawson, William Thomas Miller, Estie Luetta 236
De Bon, Erniuis Hayes, Clarinda 403
Dean, George B Folger, Florence P 97
Deaver, John C Robinson, Agnes 467
Decker, E B Hibbs, Irene 222
DeFord, Byron F Cameron, Addie L 309
Deforest, William Blackburn, Printha 391
DeLosh, Beaumont Thomas Smith, Margaret Irene 53
Delsman, Bernard L Bailey, Anna E 2
Delsman, Bernard L Bailey, Anna E 2a
Demsey, John Neven Barnard, Neita 390
Denney, George W E Brown, Loretta 278
Dennis, Louis Hicks, Helen M 214
Densmore, William H Forgie, Louisa 234
Denzer, Leland A Young, Wilhelmina E 432
Derby, Albert A Dunlap, Teele M 249
Derby, Albert T Waltenbaugh, Margaret 484
Diamond, Loyal A Thompson, Ruth 224
Dickey, Floyd F Ralston, Dorothy 257
Dickson, Lawrence E Putney, Hazel M 254
Dimick, Don White, Mary 424
Ditsworth, J Frank Harr, Maud 433
Dixon, John F Springer, M Lucile 535
Dodge, Arthur Eugene Hall, Vina Edna 229
Dodge, John M Nealon, Mary A 458
Dodson, Fernando M Goodrich, Lorena 501
Dooley, F W Brady, Lois 185
Dooms, Charles Martin, Esther L 345
Doty, Roscoe L Rodgers, Blanche 89
Dow, McMorris M Beebe, Fernn R 392
Drake, George H Denzer, Florence 382
Drake, John L Mayfield, Zelda 350
Drew, Jesse N Smith, Hazel 127
Drumhill, William J Hamilton, Maggie J 224
Dungey, Elmer E Fink, Laura Mae 228
Dungey, Lester H Jamison, Ellah 193
Dunlap, Clinton Harvey Rigdon, Effie 205
Dunlap, Major Washington Wood, Margaret 284
Dunlap, Ralph L Hayes, Dolly Golden 579
Dunn, Arthur Vincent Woodcock, Lolita Grace 606
Dunn, George E Peachey, Nellie I 246
Dunnington, Tommy E McKee, Leila L 81
Dusenberry, Ralph R Nelson, Maude M 170
Duston, Arthur Given Jr Clark, Laura Estell 91
Eaton, William E Caine, Ella Mary C 514
Eddings, Fred N Hildreth, Maggie Odessa 199
Edler, Andrew J Phipps, Mary G 492
Edler, Frederick E McCallister, Celia 528
Edmiston, Jay G Cushman, Dora C 542
Edmondson, A E White, Lola M 178
Edmondson, Robert E Moore, Clara 545
Edmunds, William C Lewis, Ida Bell 199
Edwards, James T Gregory, Marie 40
Edwards, Jefferson L Margreiter, Ella 190
Egli, Emil J Prader, Verna 308
Eldred, Ed McJimsey, Katherine 26
Eldridge, Edwin N Barnum, Jessie 434
Eliason, Charles Ross Payne, Maple Ada 7
Eliason, Charles Ross Payne, Maple Ada 7a
Ellis, Lester Poole, Bernice May 105
Elwood, Homer LeRoy Gustafson, Florence Anna 135
Emerson, Linton L Weathern, Lydia L 130
Emery, Forest Blake, Mabel Frances 9
Emery, Forest Blake, Mabel Frances 9a
Engel, Richard William McKeown, Anna 100
Erickson, Andrew Martin, Nora 551
Ernest, Francis Marion Wilson, Mabel Elsie 69
Ettinger, Lester S Smith, Marie 593
Evans, Clarence B Whillock, Ida Bell 137
Evans, Leslie C Frame, Inez Minnie 530
Evensizer, George E Morrison, Rosie 412
Fansher, Wilbur E Nightingale, Clara P 375
Farlow, Elbert J Trowbridge, Florence 426
Farlow, William Lee Terrill, Maude 13
Farmer, Charles D Fry, Maud 471
Farrell, Frank P Robinson, Katherine 561
Fay, Clarence Bishop, Donna Hazel 525
Fay, Lester H Thomas, Elizabeth 18
Fick, Peter J Knox, Zola O 591
Field, Harvey Judson Roberts, Berna Elizabeth 132
Fields, Charles Rexford, Flossie Hildred 168
Fifer, Reginald D Cornelius, Minore G 302
Finch, Brayton Eccleston, Amy 513
Finney, Robert N McIntyre, Nellie M 4
Firestone, Nathan D Mayfield, Violet Ellen 413
Fisher, John H Johnson, Myrtle 370
Flaherty, Roland David Kincaid, Florence May 183
Fletcher, Robert F Byrum, Leta May 275
Flint, Victor W Milam, Grace 83
Florey, Andrew Jackson Anderson, Ethel 451
Flurry, John E Carnell, Hazel E 252
Flury, Henry P Lunt, Etta G 96
Flynn, Diamond L Rinabarger, Isabel Fay 384
Folston, Benjamin Cobleigh, Gladys 563
Fongley, Thomas W Jackson, Sarah A 584
Force, Bruce O Pomeroy, Vena 564
Force, William R Stevens, Josie 210
Forman, M Ernest Page, Helen 480
Foster, Carl W Spencer, Mary 238
Foster, William D Updegraff, Gustavae Irene 31
Fouts, Charles C Davidson, Stella 191
Fox, William Netherland, Meda 587
Fraley, Earl John Barber, Gertrude 163
Frame, Charlie L Campbell, Agnes Ruth 296
Franklin, Neil H Furry, Juanita M 560
Frazier, Oscar Kessler, Cloe E 547
Fredenburg, John Lewis Silva, Hazel Clark 33
Freeburg, W A Van Scoy, Catherine S 294
Freeman, Leonard J Dean, Clara Ethel 489
Frey, Fred R Edler, Flora 169
Frideger, Isaac R McCallen, Maude M 1
Fristoe, Willie Remington, Bertha 172
Frulan, David L Caldwell, Ina 580
Fry, Francis Dooley Day, Janette 241
Fuller, Edward A Flinn, Mary E 188
Gaines, Orville H Clark, Gertrude E 178
Galbraith, George Alfred Hanscam, Grace E 18
Galinot, William H Van Goethen, Edna 465
Gallagher, Eugene J Dayton, Myrtle 216
Gallup, Homer C Boenig, Ethel G 3
Garnett, Benjamin Myrl Curtis, Ruth W 417
Garrett, Charles D Schomish, Margaretha 378
Garrett, Clarence F Dungey, Eunice V 393
Garrett, Geary E Patterson, Jeannette 469
Garrett, Guy Gomph, Ina 121
Garrigues, Albert Graham Folger, Mary Joy 585
Garrison, Charles F Woods, Dora E 386
Gates, George E Anderson, Joan 297
Gaunyaw, Ray Storm, Nellie 33
Gentry, McKinley S Whipple, Ethel E 466
Ghormley, E F Downing, Zidana S 21
Gibson, Barak D Ketchum, Meria 204
Gilbert, Benjamin F Akin, Mary 139
Gilbert, Van R Bonney, Anna 470
Gillaspy, Frank C Oden, Wilma Arleen 527
Gillespie, Ted M Donicht, Alma 459
Gillmore, Charles Maurice Wilson, Grace B 313
Gipson, William Carl Smith, Mamie 337
Gitzen, Giles A Lewis, Bermuda 172
Glass, T Orion Wilson, Erminia 493
Gleason, Rupert S Sears, Nina M 86
Goddard, Delbert C Withrow, Donna 450
Goddard, Ormy M Anderson, Edythe 397
Good, Cyrus P Arnold, Susie E 208
Goodale, Frank H Pheister, Estella 158
Goodyear, Robert Woodward, Florence 469
Gould, Charles G Taylor, Margaret E 430
Graham, Elma Poole, Violet 48
Graves, Sumner George Lightford, Zella 499
Gray, F W Nunn, Pearl 395
Gray, Fred W Rundlett, Linn Myrtle 104
Gray, Miles Howard Donnell, Marjory Ellis 300
Gray, R A Caldwell, Amanda I 196
Green, Roy Elmer Centers, Opal 189
Greenwood, Bert M Maloney, Emily 346
Gregory, Harold Johnston, Mary 58
Grider, Harold Newton Williams, Dimple 346
Grieve, John Ludo Manning, Elizabeth Lorena 416
Griffith, Clyde Rice, Helen 311a
Grigsby, Bert E Pepper, Lenora L 145
Grigsby, William Clark, Daisy 228
Grimm, Howard J Lyons, Maude B 537
Grissom, Herbert L Stimson, Julia E 159
Grissom, Llewellyn James Davis, Amy Pearl 5
Grove, Henry P Lawrence, Alice Matilda 55
Grover, George Howard Seely, Willie Marie 161
Grow, Elmer A Whipp, Grace M 167
Grubb, John L Jr Clute, Mamie B 113
Guches, James Milton Hayes, Laura Eudohra 263
Gunter, Gerald Emmet Powell, Hazel 589
Hadfield, Thomas Edmund Hersey, Violet 56
Haight, A C Jones, Emma 270
Haines, James J McGee, Myrtle M 184
Haley, Glenn N Anderson, Stella Fern 523
Hall, Amory A Lacy, Etta 373
Hall, Charles M Lewis, Anna 362
Hall, O R Murphy, Ethel 179
Ham, Earl T Sivenius, Tyyne 540
Hammond, Charles W Spindler, Jennie E 270
Hammond, Earl B Eby, Flora M 420
Hanna, Frank Conner, Helen 369
Hansby, Edward V Morse, Salome 442
Hansen, Carl J Phipps, Isabelle 242
Hansen, P C Turner, Bessie 151
Harden, A Ross Taylor, Mary 567
Harnish, Robert E Nichols, Bessie 309
Harnish, Samuel H Frenna, Mary M 536
Harrell, Reid W Skeen, Mae 446
Harrington, Jack H Ramsey, Myrtle M 58
Harris, Newton H Davis, Grace Viola 381
Harris, Ralph L Bartlett, Irene 394
Harris, Robert Poole Calhoun, Clara Dorcas 323
Harris, W B Johnston, Matilda E 147
Harrison, Charles W Sears, Juanita V 239
Harrison, Harry S Dougherty, Myrtle 460
Hart, Floyd Henry Walther, Leah Cherrie 472
Hartman, John A Adams, Velma Myrtle 290
Harvey, Lewie R Newton, Ruby R 574
Haskins, John Luther Morton, Nellie L 125
Hastings, Walter J Trask, Harriett M 338
Hatch, Arlie D Burns, Myrtle E 361
Haun, Francis Morton, Mabel 395
Hawk, Sharon H Phelan, Pearl 259
Hawk, Walter Cecil Guches, Ethel Mildred 227
Hawkins, Roy B Cooper, Mabel 281
Hayes, Autis Moritz, Pearl 347
Haynes, S V Krutzler, Lora 348
Hayse, Robert Nathan Fisher, Inez 491
Hazelton, Frank B Hazelton, Ethel E 374
Hazelton, William Riley, Ethel 274
Hazelwood, Luther Barneburg, Mary 543
Heath, Frederick W Cochran, Ina G 327
Heckner, J H Courtright, Magdelena 76
Hedgpeth, Lee E Lowden, Marion 252
Hefele, Frank J Miller, Antonia 534
Heitchschmidt, Earl T Cochran, Mabel 265
Hendricks, Howard Harr, Ollie 56
Hendrickson, Roy Hurley Lonzo Britten, Moosie E 295
Henry, Carl A Larson, Minnie C 191
Henry, Dennis Y K Kelts, Bernice N 529
Henry, Dennis Y K Kelts, Bernice N 529a
Henselman, Edward G Burnett, Mae C 114
Hess, Walter J Roundtree, Vera E 567
Hewitt, William B Blessing, Mildred C 347
Hibbs, Frank J Carter, Annabell 446
Hickson, Clifford Norris, Eula B 548
Higinbotham, Oscar Patton, Mildred 535
Hildebrand, John K Goss, Myrtle 408
Hildreth, E A Jr Cobleigh, Mabel C 197
Hilkey, Ralph I Tolbert, Ethel 232
Hill, Martin V Davis, Hester 78
Hill, Seldon Dillon Barnett, Lenore 88
Hitzler, John C Impey, Blanche 601
Hoagland, D M Gleason, Lu Ellis 354
Hockersmith, Charles Loyd Garrison, Ethel Grace 129
Hockersmith, Ivan Henry Wyland, Viola 417
Hockersmith, John N Shook, Martha J 107
Hodge, L T Calkins, Bertha Elizabeth 75
Hoefft, Theo J Meehan, Maysel Elenor 145
Hoefs, E T Abbott, Gertrude Lorena 28
Hoffman, George J Swinson, Alice May 383
Hogan, William S Mires, Ethea 452
Hoke, Harry Eugene Norwood, Elizabeth Walker 131
Hoke, Stanley Hayes, Ella 111
Hollenbeak, Asa A Smallhausen, Cone 399
Hollingsworth, Ernest Isaiah Dox, Myrtle Pearl 29
Holloway, William A Whillock, Georgia O 310
Holman, William Robert Taylor, Neva 30
Holmes, Eugene M Walrad, Angie 291
Holmes, George B Riley, Josephine I 583
Holmes, Wilbur C Phillips, Irma C 306
Holt, Ava W Baily, Minerva 431
Hooker, William C Hansen, Carolyne 154
Horn, Charley N Williams, Jennie 273
Hoskins, Joseph Ralph Hanna, Dessie 307
Householder, Ralph Edward Mason, Mary 19
Houston, Edmond L Shatta, Cleopatria 434
Houston, Edward Pence, Viola May 19
Houston, Frank Raimey, Ora 65
Howard, Floyd F Blackford, Elizabeth J 250
Howard, George L Hawk, Mildred M 344
Howe, I H Ash, Rena M 170
Howell, Lyle T Taylor, Noma M 504
Hubbard, Fortunatus Meadows, Lida 273
Hubbard, Scott Corum, Nellie F 65
Huestis, Charles L Kenney, Mary (Mrs) 360
Huff, Leo Clinton Miller, Dora C 37
Huitt, Francis Marion Gregg, Lucy 251
Hukill, Henry Davis, Viva 600
Hull, Bennie Leslie Milleson, Lucille 261
Hume, Walter G Clarke, Agnes N 522
Hutchinson, F L Holmes, Marie 212
Ice, Loran D Crabtree, Bessie M 570
Ingram, Willard M Rider, Bertha 546
Isaac, Earl Rio Gage, Mildred Olive 83
Jacks, Lewis H Paulsen, Lydia E 550
Jackson, Andrew Reeve, Margaret 91
Jackson, Joseph D Mahoney, Martha A 539
Jackson, Laurence D Miller, Ivy 488
Jacobs, Leland W Hemphill, Ruth 408
Jacobson, Albert V Quackenbush, May 315
Jacobson, Ernest W Richardson, Caroline 160
Jenkins, Floyd R Lontz, Blanch 321
Jenkins, Louis C Johnson, Mamie A 308
Jennings, Cecil M Jackson, Mary Florence 138
Jerome, Frank Kenneth Clark, Josephine 541
Johnson, Earl Oscar Simmons, Elsie Barbara 88
Johnson, Emory Marion White, Margaret 13
Johnson, Gus A Dart, Maybel G 325
Johnson, Leo Lloyd Phillips, Fern Wretha 107
Johnson, Samuel T Moore, Marion 597
Johnson, William Byron Stennett, Edna May 436
Johnston, Everett J McDaniels, Fern 144
Johnston, Joseph B Daily, Eleanor M 411
Johnston, Joseph Barron Daily, Mary Agnes 256
Johnston, Thomas Wesley Magerle, Eva Elizabeth 2
Jolley, Ralph Schlinsog, Charlotte 87
Jones, Ernest R Ragsdale, Ora Edith 396
Jones, Frank Goodwin, Malvina 57
Jones, Stanley C Tetherow, Cosette 588
Jones, William Raymond Patterson, Eva 586
Jordan, John Samuel Payne, Anna L 486
Judy, Edward N Newland, Mary L 336
Judy, John Wesley Gates, Eltha Maria 404
Kahler, Edward W Hurd, Virginia M 605
Kaiser, Charles H Matthews, Juanita 325
Keeney, J B Cole, K C 148
Keizer, W Boyd Mann, Mabel 112
Keltz, John Allen DeCater, Laura 550
Kendall, Jefferson D Hanly, Alice F 154
Kennedy, Roy Keahey, Flora 34
Kent, Arthur C Houston, Ida 392
Kent, Robert M Purkeypile, Myrtle 389
Kerby, George A Penniston, Helen 55
Kerby, George A Penniston, Helen 55a
Kerby, George A Williams, Ada 559
Kerby, George A Williams, Ada 559a
Kerr, James Eastham Gates, Laura 468
Kershaw, James L Pheister, Viola 186
Kerth, George B Bates, Lillian C 87
Kerth, George B Bates, Lillian C 87a
Kimball, Alvin E Newton, Eva 190
Kincaid, William B Freeman, Lola 555
Kinder, Ira Owen Darneille, Lulu Ruth 292
Kinder, Mark W Harrell, Irene 598
Kindle, Murel M Cheever, Rose S 500
King, Frank Oden, Martha 230
King, James M Walker, E J 231
King, Otto C Dalrymple, Claire M 517
King, Roy Clifford, Naomi 495
Kinsman, William J Knutzen, Jessie M 418
Klein, Karl J Fansher, Beulah 248
Klonus, George A Johnson, Maggie E 244
Knight, N J Gregg, Rena 478
Knighten, C A Barlow, Louise 168
Knott, Victor Kenyon, Gladys 416
Knowles, Frederick W Hackney, Mary A 124
Knutsen, Louis N Heath, Nellie 64
Koehler, Samuel D Beebe, Sadie E 294
Koenig, Edwin M Riggens, Lorena A 31
Konkle, Ellsworth M Eads, Maud M 520
Kurz, Imanuel Austin, Grace 255
La Tourrette, John Walden Walden, Florence 268
Lafferty, Sherman J Lafferty, Marie 523
Lake, Frank J Davie, Anna 72
Lamb, A L Smith, Lillian 363
Lamb, Clyde E Brumble, Margaret 59
Lamb, Glen Harold Howard, Julia 538
Lamb, Milo Ellery Peart, Lela A 440
Lamb, William R Bellinger, Jennie 473
Lamkin, Herman R Kinsman, Minnie M 263
Lance, Floyd G Cook, Katherine E 508
Lance, George W Gaunyaw, Ella 36
Lane, Dennis C Clark, Gertha 332
Lane, Thomas A Jensen, Ruth M 365
Larder, George Peffly, Orpha 200
Laurance, Raymond Prowell, Ara 197
Law, William E Brumble, Ora 311
Lawrence, Delbert J Houghton, Genevieve 343
Laws, Walter H Pickett, Lydia 552
Lawton, Leon D Sletten, Esther L 431
Leach, Edwin J Stratton, Lorena 497
Leach, Henry L Rhodes, Sarah J 455
Leadbetter, Robert H Mercier, Irene 326
Lee, Howard H Neathamer, Etta E 98
Lee, Howard H Mooney, Ida J 379
Leslie, James Riches, Nina 402
Lester, Joseph Elder Pruett, Hazel Iva 152
Lewis, Robert W Stevens, Stella 138
Lewis, Trueman S Arnold, Lena 332
Lewis, William Leon Roberts, Violet Adeline 157
Lidstrom, Olaf O Attridge, Frances 46
Liebman, Manuel Zimmerman, Claire 200
Lilge, William N Pratt, Evelyn 496
Lincoln, Harold A Davis, Eva (Mrs) 149
Lindley, Robert George Balcom, Bernice 319
Linfesty, John Howard Rohrer, Emma Mary 380
Ling, Harvey Russell Greer, Vivian Dorthy 99
Lininger, Bruce M Minear, Blanche V 411
Linville, Edwin H Gage, Mary M 11
Lobsien, Carl H L Lane, Ruth May 554
Long, Ezra A Rickman, Minnie 102
Loosley, Raymond S Roberts, Willeska M 166
Loucks, John D Porter, Edith 198
Lousignont, Isaac Vincent, Maryann 479
Love, Alva Woodard Wright, Josie Elizabeth 322
Lowell, Ernest J Standard, Ruth A 490
Luck, Charles E Aldrich, Bertha 546
Luckeroth, Wendel J Scheble, Florence A 123
Lydiard, William H Hough, Lola 63
MacLaen, John A Dale, Audrey Louis 272
MacMurray, J S Staples, Katie H 290
Maddox, George E Koehler, Lola 371
Magerle, Carl L Seaman, Blanche 331
Magness, Lyle D Vincent, Myrtle 130
Maneely, Jack Johnson, Edith 363
Mankins, Henry Crowder, Eleanor 133
Manning, Cecil B Downing, Bessie F 526
Mansfield, George C Campbell, Ruth 513
March, E L Stone, Edith 118
Marshall, Samuel A Stacy, Odessa 25
Martin, C W Beeman, Virginia 250
Martin, George C Thomas, Edna L 149
Martin, James Bartlett, Ethelyn Grace 604
Martin, Roy V Young, Gertrude 103
Mason, A Wilmer Housholder, Iva Bearl 38
Mason, William Howard Howard, Olive 249
Masson, Richard G de Lano, Louella 206
Masters, John L Wood, June 598
Mathes, Clarence D Strahan, Margaret A 211
Matney, Ralph R Oden, Vera 509
Matthews, George W Madison, Ellen 52
Matthews, George W Madison, Ellen 52a
Maxedon, John Riley Peterson, Emma Jane 295
Maxedon, John Riley Peterson, Emma Jane 295a
Maxfield, Orin George Felix, Lenna L 579
Maxson, Edgar W Withrow, Lucy Grace 150
May, Charles Glenn Hover, Eva 162
Mayfield, Howard Kincaid, M Josephine 240
Mayfield, J D Lacy, Elsie 258
McAllister, Roy Sober, Olive Almeda 604
McBride, William P Bucey, Ray C 16
McCabe, Albert Pepper, Hazel Helen 221
McCafferty, Ross J Gall, Ekron 269
McCallister, Harry Woodcock, Emma 451
McCandliss, Charles I Shaffer, Jessie E 202
McCanna, Charles McDowell, Leota 353
McCarthy, John J Canton, Florence J 244
McCaughey, Harold Scott Esterly, Katherine A 186
McCay, Lorne C Peyton, Pearl L 310
McClanahan, Orval Yocom, Yoda 389
McConger, Wendell H Coldwell, Winifred 494
McCormack, Harry G Shoemaker, Mabel 374
McCormick, A R LeFebore, Mabel 103
McCrary, B F Rice, Viola 39
McDonald, Alfred Clarence Allen, Agnes Fay 222
McDonald, Lester Elmer Olson, Jessie Caroline 80
McEachern, Neil W Bovo, Rose 439
McFurson, William E Trefren, Dorothy Frances 299
McGrew, F Louis Chambers, Ruth A 454
McHugill, James Courtney, Evelyn 554
McKee, Fort Lewis, Orpha 34
McKee, Ralph Lyons, Fay 193
McKenzie, John Hugh Homes, Bessie Wells 223
McKibban, Elmer Elsworth Petroff, Olga 53
McKinley, James H Webb, Lois E 233
McLaughlin, Charles Betts, Orpha 448
McLaughlin, Kelly Wilde, Emma 176
McMurdo, Charles Bayless, Iva B 499
McWilliams, James K Johnson, Rebecca L 150
Mears, Henry S Warmner, Marion Chase 603
Mecum, Andrew Davis Trenbreth, Sadie Anita 195
Medley, Claude C Pursel, Esther 444
Medley, William G Medley, Bessie E 377
Mentzer, Leland Alexander Fuller, Myrtle Margaret 599
Mercer, Paul K Thompson, Dollie 428
Merritt, William Lewis Koenig, Louise 123
Messino, John Daily, Mary 409
Metschan, Frank F Miller, Maude B 122
Meyer, Herman G Terrill, Mary 26
Middlebusher, Fred Houston, Eula 544
Middleton, Robert Searle, Mary 283
Miksche, Raymond A Turpin, Mazie W 470
Milland, Arthur Roy Snyder, Mabel 583
Miller, Benjamin Brissenden, Elizabeth 351
Miller, Edward G Skyrman, Clara 238
Miller, James William Lees, Florence 251
Miller, Richard J Brown, E J (Mrs) 300
Miller, Rowland L Hodges, Letsy E 162
Miller, Russell Good, Marie 372
Millner, James W Stannard, Ada L 511
Milton, James F Marerle, Lelah 166
Minear, Floyd Hollace Ensele, Louise Caroline 161
Minuth, Ernst Taylor, Mabel May 32
Mitchell, E L Gentry, Velma 320
Mitchell, Roland Boone, Martha 217
Moffat, John P Holmes, Mary A 525
Moore, Arthur D Mee, Lylie A 20
Moore, J R Fowler, Effie L 95
Moore, James J Storm, May A 311
Moore, Rueben E Chapman, Lillian M 277
Moran, Jack E Schuler, Vivian 599
Morelock, Richard O Cooper, Daisy 293
Morgan, Murl Walker, Gladys 427
Morris, C J Wedlake, May 518
Morris, Chester D Wilson, Grace L 316
Morris, Clarence J Spencer, Grace Margaret 364
Morris, William A Smith, May M 112
Morrison, Donald Roy Gerould, Irene 521
Morrison, Leland Stanford Miller, Elizabeth Emma 553
Morse, Frank T Vance, Ethel G 239
Morser, Bradford L Nelson, Grace E 29
Moss, Alfred G Jennings, Lala B 404
Mullin, Arthur L Sutton, Edna 247
Murphy, Harvey E Jones, Reedith Greta 62
Murphy, J H Edelman, Zolo 51
Murphy, Ray Neil Jenkins, Emma 388
Murphy, W J Deal, Lulu Barton 264
Murphy, William C Norris, Etta 95
Murray, James Cecil Reddy, Florence C 493
Murray, William E Hartley, Luetta H 387
Murray, William E Hartley, Luetta H 387a
Myers, A B Richardson, Edna P 46
Myers, Jacob G Cash, Susie L 335
Myers, James E Rouse, Ruth V 477
Myers, S A Franklin, Lillian May 86
Nance, Ruben D Davis, Ida Grace 201
Neal, William Torrey, Mary J 243
Nealon, John L Atkins, Flora May 60
Neil, Ed Doak, Annie 82
Nelson, Edward O Miller, Etta Maud 280
Nelson, William F Stimson, Myrtle May 202
Netherland, Lowell A Meadows, Virgie 461
Nichol, Robert T Whitman, Sarah 151
Nichols, Thomas F Farlow, Eva H 8
Niedermeyer, E H Stout, Ora Marie 24
Nikolaus, William Broad, Agnes M 93
Norcross, E J Hockenyos, Wilhelmina F 279
Nord, Walter G Kuton, Ivy 397
Nordwick, Harry Anderson, Phina 465
Norris, Riley J McKee, Doria 378
Norris, William E Jr Bunk, Lillian June 437
Norton, Cecil B Reinhart, Teresa D 326
Nourse, Glenn W Milton, Lillie 487
Nussbaum, William H O'Dowd, Margaret M 576
Nygren, Eric C Gardner, Rosalie 425
Nygren, Frank G Bieberstedt, Elizabeth M 341
Oberg, George W Pozzo, Noama F 539
O'Donoughue, Walter Livingstone, Juanita 568
Offenbacher, Ray Daniels, Maybelle 90
Olding, Frank Bruce Layton, Jessie Fay 600
Olds, Everett B Scholer, Mabel M 206
Olson, Adolph Middlebusher, Clara Lea 256
Olson, Gust Coverdale, Elsie J 569
Opperud, Alvin Yetter, Anna K 492
Orr, Vernon Moore, Gladys 469
Orr, Vernon Moore, Gladys 469a
Oskar, John Loren Espy, Izora E 342
Overstreet, Louis D Thomas Maud I 312
Owens, Henry A Rummel, Minnie Y 504
Owens, Laurence W Kujaneck, Lois 456
Owings, Earl E Pickett, Margaret Rosetta 552
Pace, Henry R Loomis, Doris V 376
Pack, Delbert Thomason, Stella 216
Painter, Howard C Potter, Cecile D 231
Painter, Walter Adamson, Ella 422
Palmer, Emmet Nathan White, June Delore 59
Palmer, Owen D Morris, Wilma B 281
Pankey, Albert McClendon, Laura 320
Pankey, Louis H Winings, Adda 96
Pankey, Vernon Watkins, Nora 304
Pannell, James William Robertson, Anna 205
Parker, Archibald R Elliott, Mary Eleanor 291
Parker, Daniel W Jarvis, Anita F 177
Parker, Sumner Owen, Minnie 6
Patch, Roy Guy Kingery, Ada 25
Patterson, Floyd R Clark, Lois 342
Patterson, John E De Carlow, Myrtle 153
Payne, E C Young, Dora 405
Peake, George T Flynn, Ione G 67
Pearce, Enan Ebe, Lola 236
Pearce, Paul E Boyd, Mildred 318
Peart, Benj F Herbert, Lou 512
Peck, Bert Neale, Teacle L 142
Peck, William Earl Herbet, Elmyra E 497
Peffly, Lloyd C Evans, Mae 49
Pellett, Martin L Harris, Harriett 450
Pence, Herman F Sweet, Ruth 423
Pendleton, Willard Hayes Silver, Madeleine 556
Peninger, W H Williams, Alvie W 264
Perdue, James G Boardman, Grace Ruth 156
Perkins, Fenol Headlee, Allie M 463
Pernoll, John W Crouch (Couch), Lora May 476
Perry, Ver H Decker, Marian J 298
Peterman, Isaac Wyland, Alma 155
Petty, Rollie Chappelle, Ruth 311a
Peyton, Charles H Swift, Lucile 415
Peyton, Homer Earl McCay, Mildred Grace 367
Phillips, Leslie R Landreth, Ida H 203
Phillips, Wayne E Chisum, Ana V 390
Phillips, Winfred W Kincheloe, Grace 340
Piatt, Donn V Moran, Fidelas 141
Piatt, John Bear Binns, Freda Fay 253
Piche, Albert Hamilton, Hazel 430
Pickel, Floyd M Bragg, Ruth 507
Pickel, Ralph A Schuler, Ruth E 119
Pierce, John M Jensen, Fern 476
Pierce, L Bryan Palmer, Marian 213
Pierson, John Pearl Martin, Ellinor 253
Pimpeil, Alois Buck, Ruth 317
Piper, Dean McCaslin, Frances 520
Pittman, Ira D Gorman, Alice A 121
Pitts, George E Scotts, Louise 410
Plymale, Ben H Merriman, Vera V 423
Plymate, Morris Stevens, Dorothy 85
Pomeroy, Chester L Sargent, Helen 464
Pomeroy, Morley V Fredenburg, Jessie 421
Port, Frank C Boutwell, Cora 258
Porter, Manie Alvin Morris, Ruth 474
Potter, Fay F Keller, Leota I 447
Potter, Fay F Keller, Leota I 447a
Potts, Walter E Lord, Bessie E 293
Powell, Albert Edward Stoehsler, Rosa 17
Powell, Alden D Erickson, Irene C 410
Powell, Frederick C Wakefield, Hazel 366
Powell, Hobart C Wakefield, Cora 595
Poynter, Clifford G MacLean, Myrtle R E 134
Prefountain, Edward R Witherall, Ida R 287
Priest, Chesley W Cyr, Evelyn 519
Prince, Lewis D Lambert, Marie 75
Propp, Jacob F Frederick, Nancy Marie 35
Pruett, Willard Guy Grover, Verta E 349
Pullen, Thomas J Robertson, Mary 303
Purkey, George W Howard, Lourena E 532
Pursel, Charles Willis Wick, Edna 509
Pursel, George H Lewis, Lydia L 358
Pursell, Chester R Boone, Virginia 356
Putnam, J E Hamilton, Elida J 330
Putnam, Royal F Burnett, Esther Alvah 276
Putney, Chester H Curry, Ethel 505
Pyburn, William A Bebb, Sarah D 131
Quaintance, Harry L Meadows, Mae 158
Raimey, Rex Pankey, Martha 471
Ramey, Andrew M Campbell, Virginia 531
Randall, Charles Z Johnson, Clayre M 336
Randall, George B Worth, Hester 314
Randles, Guy William O'Donoughue, Fern 260
Randles, Merritt Perry, Nellie 420
Randlev, Frank Dick, Ethel 82
Rapp, Fred French, Linnie E 209
Rasmussen, Frank E Hansen, Eva 366
Ray, Frank H Hammond, Marie 175
Ray, Henry A Cottrell, Alice 419
Ray, Leonard L York, Lucile M 406
Raymond, Ralph R Lewis, Frances Edna 311
Reagan, Elmer B Cox, Nellie F 289
Redifer, Aubrey Walker, Lola Clarice 443
Redifer, Aubrey Walker, Lola Clarice 443a
Redifer, E W Benedict, Pina 383
Redifer, E W Benedict, Pina 383a
Reed, Charles L Smith, Esther 16
Reed, Lester Robert Allen, Mary Eleanor 425
Reed, Lester Robert Allen, Mary Eleanor 425a
Reeder, Wallace W Smith, Norma A 118
Reinking, Ernest J Lawrence, Etha 175
Reinking, George J Macfarlane, Grace 176
Reter, Raymond R Florey, Marguerite 148
Rice, H E Schultz, Ella 174
Rice, James J Garrett, Jessie E 257
Richardson, Elmer G Helfrich, Velma 429
Richardson, Gordon Colin King, Jennie 558
Richardson, Grant A Casner, Eva Lena 3
Richardson, J S Nealon, Mae B 12
Richie, Orville V Chamberlin, Mary 174
Richie, Orville V Chamberlin, Mary 174a
Richmond, Edward Dix, Vera 498
Rickert, Judson D Headlee, Carrie M 274
Rickey, Edwin Lytle Hughes, Elsie Marie (Mrs) 331
Rickey, Edwin Lytle Hughes, Elsie Marie (Mrs) 331a
Ricks, Walter Chester Barker, Alice M 580
Riedel, Charles J Myers, Viola Effie 60
Rinabarger, Harry E Norris, Ora 102
Robbins, Howard H Whipple, Alice 61
Robert, Ernest E Robert, Eunice 596
Roberts, C S Ellis, Olive 182
Roberts, John W Gurney, Mary M 142
Robertson, Charles Curtis Loveland, Lydia W 540
Robertson, Ellsworth E Glenn, Leota 479
Robinett, Clarence B Perry, Gertrude F 328
Robley, Asa F Ferns, Eliza E 245
Rodgers, James E Gorden, Mattie 169
Rodgers, James W Peterson, Jennie Maude 590
Rohrer, Warren W Brobeck, Georgia M 242
Roland, Roy S Cotton, Retha 529
Rongey, Clyde A Sly, Ruby 301
Rookard, William Hynek, Eleanor 582
Ross, Bertie A Brumbach, Rebecca 551
Ross, James Cunningham La Bare, Violet V 586
Ross, Toney Martin Bailey, Catherine 558
Rouse, F M Eaton, Hazel 232
Rowley, Ivan J Hopkins, Mary R 464
Rowley, James Ivan Gifford, Amy F 12
Rucker, W Harvey Rigg, Hortence A 218
Ruff, Charles Andrew Cunningham, Ida 50
Rush, Frank Lee Payne, Annie L 124
Rush, Virgil Emery Rush, Mabel L 117
Rush, William Carder, Meda 406
Russell, Edward A Drake, Lorraine 449
Russell, Ralph N Wyland, Thelma 262
Russell, Ralph N Gatton, Stella 415
Russell, William Barber, Julia Mercedes 286
Rust, Custer Wayne Wood, Ethel 486
Ryan, John S Reed, Violet V 587
Ryan, Luke Steward, Ethel 20
Sackett, Harry F Lowe, Armilla Helen 324
Sams, William Henry McCallister, Agnes 507
Sanford, Wiliam M Hatch, Maud 484
Saulsberry, William F Williams, Lulu E 453
Saunders, Claud A Smith, Leona A 1
Schlip, Emil Carter, Mina 442
Schmidt, William Coffman, Anna C 187
Schnell, Louis Jenkins, Grace 184
Scholer, Homer Arthur Brenner, Verona 588
Scholz, Harry U Norris, Irene M 68
Schraeder, Paul Oden, Lily Mary 289
Schuchard, Milton E Antle, Mildred K 213
Scott, Dean N Tucker, Claire 373
Scott, Merritt F Saunders, Evelyn E 298
Scott, William W Bonner, Clara 201
Seaman, Russell T Robison, Irma 549
Sellers, Elva E Bates, Gertrude 584
Senn, Frank Holzgang, Anna M 337
Sepaugh, Lee Vernon Ebert, Lillian 220
Sergent, David W Winings, Carrie Aliena 27
Shafer, F E Haller, Alice 299
Shaw, Francis W Fifield, Ellen S 357
Shepardson, Charles A E Wolf, Margaret M 215
Shepherd, Lawrence Kaley Gregg, Miriam 108
Sherman, W B McCann, Verna 116
Shirley, William T Worth, Rose Crystal 379
Shirley, William T Worth, Rose Crystal 379a
Shock, James S Saffell, Ida 267
Shoemaker, Joseph Thrush, Mary 285
Shook, Harold F Taylor, Bertha Elda 135
Shook, Isaac N Eherenman, Frances L 43
Short, John Basley Carle, Anna 177
Silva, Joseph E Arens, Esther 192
Silva, Joseph E Abbott, Thelma 360
Silver, Harry Walwark Pracht, Maxine Evelyn 533
Silver, Oscar F Reid, Alberta 508
Simmons, Arley Louis Hicken, Nellie 276
Simmons, Elmer E Sweet, Louie M 173
Simmons, Glenn DeWitt Estes, Ruth E 163
Simmons, James Pinion, Linda 485
Skeen, Lynn Keeton, Vinie 127
Smedley, Earl A Maltby, Emily 339
Smith, Bardwell S Greb, Myrtle R 566
Smith, Bert H Gibson, Muriel H 243
Smith, Carl H Heer, Zelda 585
Smith, Cecil L Flippen, Marie 245
Smith, David Johnson, Janie 133
Smith, Dudley P Cavin, Ora I 368
Smith, Enoch M Messner, Amelia 101
Smith, Ernest E Bednoschek, Kathrine 399
Smith, Fulton J Minkler, Gladys Fay 44
Smith, George M Bristow, Frances I 455
Smith, Harry E Beeler, Goldie H 516
Smith, John E Chisholm, Margaret E 240
Smith, Lewis E Grigsby, Lorena 40
Smith, Lou A McCallister, Mary Wilda 515
Smith, Stephen E Miller, Hutoka 575
Smith, Stephen F Hoefft, Christina L 114
Smith, Thomas E Walker, Ruby Opal 207
Smithpeter, John E Neathamer, Gerusha J 89
Smyth, William H Wetzel, Elizabeth Anastasia 271
Snyder, David Arthur Barnes, Golda Etta 11
Snyder, Fitch M Elliott, Mildred 22
Snyder, Vernon L Ellis, Laura E 371
Southwell, Robert Walters, Clara Bell 460
Specht, Herbert E Keeton, Fern 566
Spencer, Peter Lincoln Skeen, Irene 66
Spickerman, George C Fleming, Grace 62
Spitzer, Jay J Riley, Margaret 491
Stafford, Alfred Logan, Jennie L 500
Staley, Oden T Staley, Georgia Floy 316
Stanley, Edison Blaine Gleason, Myrtle Estella 70
Stanley, Edward H Bess, Mae E 203
Stanley, Frank S Hutchison, Lura 353
Stanley, Ralph Miller, Blanche 141
Stanley, Thomas Pruett, Mabel Stella 109
Steffen, Franz A Hamilton, Venita G 85
Steinmetz, Ralph W Harget, Almeda 481
Stephens, Lloyd Monroe Steiner, Esther C 501
Stephens, Robert N Dotson, Viola 487
Stephenson, Verni F Watkins, Pearl H 303
Stevens, Claud Taylor, Inez 502
Stevens, Fred Nelson, Carrie 101
Stevens, J B Murray, Martha 454
Stevens, Raymond L Milton, Anna K 569
Stewart, Earle B Stuart, Peal E 557
Stimson, E T Gay, M V 143
Stimson, lloyd Rummel, Ethel 517
Stinnett, Arthur J Kirby, Mabel 405
Stinson, William H Conser, Katherine 302
Stockford, Max Henry, Frances 42
Stokes, Henry A Adkinson, Viola 477
Stone, Burgil E Fettic, Alma E 594
Stoner, Earl C Brown, Hazel C 537
Stoner, Raymond C McCurry, Evelea 51
Stoner, Raymond C McCurry, Evelea 51a
Story, Hugh Richdale Millburn, Ida C 522
Stowell, Pearl M Eckenberg, Elizabeth C 223
Strahan, Phillip Rogers, Othella 561
Strang, C Virgil Smith, Winnifrede 217
Strang, Charles Virgil Peart, Gladys E 385
Strickland, Archie L Swigart, Natalie E 41
Sullivan, J W White, Agnes Esther 321
Sumi, Kanjiro Shimizu, Sakye 394
Sutton, James M Davis, Irene B 246
Sutton, Lee Lytle, Lila 140
Sutton, Robert Lester Tilley, Ethel Loraine 603
Svenson, Leonard A Earle, Emma B 64
Svenson, Leonard A Earle, Emma B 64a
Swartzfager, John W Horn, Rita May 48
Swem, John H Dahl, Helen L 356
Swing, Merritt J Haney, Margaret 357
Swinson, F Leigh Eifert, Marie 120
Syfert, Roy A Eaton, Enid 110
Sylvia, Jess Elmer Baucke, Evelyn 533
Tainer, Otto F Russel, Mae 128
Taylor, Jesse M Thomas, Laura 210
Taylor, John N Miller, Gladys 359
Taylor, Theron P Adamson, Lula 375
Temple, George L Howard, Julia 518
Terrill, Dean Armstrong, Ethel 350
Terrill, Glenn L Coleman, Delpha 333
Thomas, Fern Walker Young, Martha Geneva 562
Thomason, Louis M Dawson, Nellie J 301
Thompson, Adrian G Grisham, Lola Fern 370
Thompson, George Richardson, Esther 262
Thornbrue, John R Baldwin, Myrtle M 317
Thorndike, James Everett Boord, Hattie K 548
Tolson, Frank Jones, Grace 90
Trefren, Everett Theodore Bailey, Vena Caroline 74
Trefren, Frank E Smith, Nellie E 157
Trefren, George W Jr Conner, Mae W 227
Treichler, George Utley, Cora E 306
Tresham, Jesse D Knotts, Hazle C 267
Trowbridge, Edwin G Boyden, Isabel 490
True, C P Toney, Hazel G 67
Tryer, Marion E Boosey, Anna Harvey 115
Tucker, Earl E Haak (Hoak), Winnifred 559
Tucker, W G Homes, Mary L 92
Tumy, Earl Severance Gilbert, Dorothy Champion 424
Tungate, Ira Smith, Alice V 113
Turnbull, J E Jacobs, C M 77
Turrell, Albert Edward Owens, Virgil Maben 211
Tyson, Dennis LeRoy Abbott, Fern Genevieve 230
Ulrich, William L Dean, Alice 581
Utterback, George R Seibert, Minnie B 27
Vaillancour, Ernest J Sergent, Hilda M 396
Vaillancour, Ernest J Sergent, Hilda M 396a
Van Dyke, William M Holman, Mary 401
Van Scoy, William T Walker, Catherine S 194
Vance, J Ervin Armstrong, Vola May 117
Vaughn, Mont Jacoby, Ruth 482
Vaughn, Roy Pence, Tressie 419
Verbick, Robert Lawrence Lewis, Christina 225
Vestal, Thomas T Hyslop, Wilhelmina 409
Vetkos, Frank Barr, Lena Viola 179
Vieaux, Harry J Carle, Lucy 510
Villair, Jack J Girsberger, Mabel R 462
Vinson, Irving Tucker, Pearl 414
Vinton, Harry Young, Della 475
Vogel, Fred J Burkhard, Lillian B 15
von der Hellen, Carl Alexander Thompson, Nelle Elizabeth 137
Vroman, Clinton D Turnbaugh, Elizabeth 215
Vroman, Elmer E Coggins, Ada M 93
Vroman, Elwin R Reeve, Mabel 226
Wagner, Claude E Bottjer, Meta M 328
Wahl, Charles Elliott, Pauline Elizabeth 77
Wait, Perry L Newton, Nora 402
Walch, John W Newstrom, Ida Marie 28
Walch, William B Kay, Myrtle 459
Walker, Clifford F Johnston, Sarah W 453
Walker, Joseph J Creighton, Rebecca 235
Walker, Lee O Hodges, Millie Pearl 115
Wall, Edward Kanoff, Cleo 204
Wall, Etha W Hayes, Lenora Jeanette 381
Walters, Norvin Brooks, Ruth 505
Walther, Harry L Banks, Carlotta S 475
Walthers, Rudolph Hopping, Dorothy 413
Wamsley, George H Whitney, Louise M 126
Warren, Claude H Culbertson, Ruth V 171
Warren, Delmar E McClanahan, Ella 181
Warren, Lester G Bachtell, Donna 441
Watson, Ambros E Davis, Myrl 590
Watson, Daniel D Boone, Hazel M 66
Watson, Walter Williams, Annie 433
Watt, Harvey K Herrin, Edith J 582
Webber, Ezra F Perry, Arminda 188
Weber, Arthur O Wright, Hazel 94
Webster, Charles S Slinger, Millicent E 286
Webster, Donald Payson Lea, Inez Genevieve 160
Weeks, Fred W Pickens, Mae M 398
Weichlein, Frank L Keeton, Myrtle 575
Weiss, Leslie Morrison, Vada L 565
Welch, William Leland Abbott, Hilda 489
Wells, Harold L Beltz, Marie L 335
Wenner, Gerald Houtz Bess, Grace Corinne 259
Weren, Eric H Cherry, Arminta C 164
Wertz, Lester Harvey Hanson, Mabel Marie 235
Wertz, Philip Thurston, Violet 315
West, Arthur Maule, Blanche Gladus 76
Weston, Gustav Edwards, Mary 521
Wetteland, Rolf Theodore Carpenter, Florence M 219
Wetteran, John A Davidson, Estella B 462
Weybright, William W Morris, Amanda A 129
White, Edmund E Rial, Ella M 292
White, James Herschel Bebb, Emma (Mrs) 352
Whitehead, Abe L Peterson, Catherine 594
Whiteside, Reginald N Cavanaugh, Beatrice N 38
Whitfield, Isaac Hussey, Minnie 322
Whitlock, Harry C Hall, Lillith M 84
Whitsett, Roy H Cook, Vivian 364
Wick, Arthur B Ross, Nellie B 562
Widby, John C Norton, Gladys C 515
Wilcox, Harvey E Bennett, Ethel D 57
Wilcox, Lester A McDougall, Lula 483
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Wilday, Guy Johnston, Sarah J 560
Wilder, Edward E Austin, Cora Belle 195
Wilder, Edward E Wilder, Alice D 463
Williams, James Carl Dickenson, Blanche 327
Williams, Leo Benjamin Vann, Flora Thelma 534
Williams, Leonard A Randall, Bessie O 52
Williamson, Sumner C Childs, Pansy V 111
Wilson, Cameron S Roberts, Sarah Lydia 9
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Wilson, Robert M Hackney, Mary B 498
Wimer, Jefferson A Woodcock, Mary M 104
Winkel, Jack Stillwell, Mildred 597
Winningham, James B Watkins, Mamie V 37
Winningham, Mark Watkins, Martha 165
Winningham, William W Bottjer, Gertrude E 426
Wise, Andy G Burwell, Mable 348
Wochnick, J S Emig, Margaret M 79
Wolcott, Phil A Bess, Evelyn 563
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Wolfe, John S Scott, Myrtle June 482
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Womack, Ace D Leiski, Annie Marie 106
Womack, Owen L Allen, Bessie Pauline 596
Wood, Burnie R Taylor, Irma 524
Wood, Leonard L Wilson, Iva Mae 120
Woodford, Leonard Peters, Viola Ion 92
Woodruff, Ronald Gage Kent, Nola Virl 572
Wooley, Sherman Smith, Nellie 79
Woolley, Orrin Woolley, Laura 384
Works, Byron G Brittson, Wanda L 457
Wortman, Harry G Jr Hathaway, Clara O 578
Wright, Dorssie Frederick Dunn, Anna Della 275
Wright, Edwin R Hamlin, Ruth O 502
Wright, Ray E Walker, Myrtle 198
Yamashita, Kame Kichi Tsujita, Shizu 24
Yamashita, Kame Kichi Tsujita, Shizu 24a
Yeager, William G Rasor, Edith 17
Yost, R C Denzer, Irene A 155
Young, Nicholas Robbins, Rosa 458
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Zimmerman, Orville Whetstone, Eunice 531
Zundel, Weldon Greer, Lillian H 182