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Jackson County Marriage Book #14 Index for 1926-1928 Alphabetized by the Groom's Name

RVGS volunteers have photographed and indexed the marriage record books housed in the Jackson County, Oregon courthouse. Below is our index to Marriage Book #14 for 1926-1928. It is in alphabetic order by the groom's name. This book uses preprinted forms completed by the county clerk. Each page in the book contains the certificates for a single couple and includes both the marriage license and certificate (assuming the license was acted upon).

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Marriage Certificate
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Names of bride and groom
Book, page

Groom Bride Page  
Abbott, Clark Emerald Spencer, Thelma Lorraine 195  
Adams, Robert E Hoffman, Florence E 45  
Adamson, Oren R Robertson, Lois 207  
Adkinson, Frank W Putman, Emma 427  
Adrian, Daniel Kenton Gentry, Ila Verle 543  
Ahrens, Theo Edward Ceass, Anna Marie 127  
Alcock, Earl M Rausin, Bernice 418  
Alday, George E Carrithers, Ruth 267  
Alexander, Cecil J Allen, Mary 392  
Algeo, Paul V Parke, Mary 33  
Allison, Delbert J Shull, Elaine 511  
Althers, Victor Ernest Cook, Mary C 148  
Alton, James Mathews, Cecilia 380  
Amamdien Ranbecker, Mona Myrtie 280  
Amore, Dennis A LaRue, Lena 452 License
Anders, Otto Arthur Hollenbeak, Evelyn Leona 464  
Anderson, Alton M Cleveland, Betty Jean 488  
Anderson, Andy O Yackley, Miriam 470  
Anderson, Earl L Graham, Hazel 458  
Anderson, Edward N Bower, Mabel 318  
Anderson, James A Hunt, Vesta Maxine 60  
Anderson, John W Johnson, Olga 235  
Anderson, Raymond W Covert, Alice V 228  
Andres, William M Faulhaber, Claudia 311  
Antonio, Jen Campbell, Emma M 487  
Apple, Peter Harrison Cummings, Helen 288  
Applegate, Chester A Shaver, Hazel 342  
Archibald, James A Holland, Vera 244  
Armes, Norval W Reed, Violet B 550 Marriage
Armstrong, Ardell Taylor Porter, Martha 248  
Armstrong, James Thomas Haley, Lula Elizabeth (Mrs) 425  
Arpke, Frederick Tryor, Remoh 125
Arthurs, Lee R Donahue, Elmira 420
Arvan, Harry Zilli, Bernice 218
Ash, Lowell W Wimer, Dorothy 25
Austin, Owen Elmer Martin, Leona 6
Avery, Roy Morton Sheehan, Thelma Irene 334
Avery, Ted Sherman Smith, Edna Mae 484
Avgeris, Theodore S Ernster, Grace V 399
Bachman, John Cook, Linda 298
Bagley, Henry M Ryan, Mary 285
Bailey, C H Hoyt, Rose M 87
Bailey, Everett Vincent Rice, Maude R 254
Baker, Charles B Tankersley, Nan L 520
Baker, Charles Theodore Lee, Mary Phillips 344
Baker, Glenn Franklin Hoffman, Edith Gertrude 165
Baker, Harry S Amick, Tina B 92
Baker, Ralph J Thompson, Bertha 415
Baker, Ralph Leslie Tatman, Viola Eldora 242
Baker, Roy A Kiser, Eva 483
Barfield, Robert Raymond Barfield, Drusilla 237
Barker, Sidney S Bergman, Myrtilla 28
Barnes, Ernest Murdock, Thelma 522
Barr, Gerald A Wilmot, Dorothy Gertrude 39
Barr, Warren L Wolgamott, Velda R 110
Barrick, Marvin K Murray, Martha A 462
Bartholomy, Lester John Graham, Ida Katherine 486
Barton, Frank Tiller, Mary A (Mrs) 99
Baskin, Frederick L Martin, Lennie 360
Bateman, Peter R McKray, Josephyne Evelyne 119
Batten, Benjamin Wilber Morgan, Nellie 74
Bauer, Bruce H Fluhrer, Ruth E 264
Bauer, William C Briggs, Cecille 328
Beal, Harry Elmer Maultby, Marie 429  
Bearss, Howard P Egger, Dorotha 43  
Beauchamp, Glenn D Shepherd, Verona 318  
Bedient, Harry R Searle, Clara E 443  
Beebe, Charles Irvin Sloan, Grace Lillian 216  
Beebe, Earl Willard Johnson, Ora 421  
Beer, Vaughn R Stevens, Orpha M 275  
Beers, Levan L Simpson, Idalean 527  
Beery, Charles H Mordoff, Jessie A 185  
Beggerow, Phillip Frank Baum, Evelyn Marie 265  
Bell, Thomas Calvin Beck, Irma Iola 490  
Beltz, Harry Leroy Walden, Opal 476  
Bender, Ralph E Abel, Madge 314  
Benjamin, Robert Franklin Easterday, Elizabeth Mated 544 Marriage
Bennett, Claude E Copenhaven, Kathleen 425  
Bennett, Earl Williams, Roberta 225  
Bennett, John Boyd, Luella 344
Benton, Alton T Shuffleton, Aurelia 347
Berg, George Arvid Dunlap, Annie Catherine 491
Berry, James E LePage, Ruth 335
Berryman, E F Hayes, Mable 84
Bethel, Robert Kirkwood Kiehn, Luella B 223
Beyers, John Herbert Wilcox, Mabel Stuart 163
Biaggini, Charles E Hartzell, Josephine V 126
Bird, Reese L Ehrhardt, Gladys M 333
Bishop, Homer G Hopper, Dorothy 332
Black, Warren Jessie Bushnell, Irene Bernice 172
Blackburn, Gilbert E Howard, Ethel L 120
Blake, Charles H Green, Olive (Mrs) 540
Bland, Clarence E Clarno, Alta 193
Bloom, Leonard A French, Helen 170
Boardman, William E Harvey, Alberta Lillian 253
Bogenoff, Thomas Byrd, Mary 521  
Bohnert, Otto Henry Hathaway, Virginia Melvina 509  
Bolger, William S Dunbar, Doris 140  
Bonwell (Bonevell), John E Paston, Gladys E 481  
Boothby, Edwin J Green, Addie L 293  
Borge, Louis Arthur Pierce, Opal 290  
Bossen, William C Lee, Flora 475  
Bostwick, Henry O Maharry, Ruth F 354  
Bosworth, Harlon P Myers, Marie 45  
Bowles, Reginald Putnam, Leona 118  
Boyd, Bennett C Carr, Pearl Alice 234  
Boyd, David M Hill, Charlotte 385  
Boyer, Scott Wilson, Gladys 130  
Bradshaw, Ted A Martin, Alberta Hilma 510  
Bragg, Theodore T Lambert, Bernice 388  
Breslin, J L Ragle (Royle), Jessie R 547 Marriage
Broderick, G Henry Platt, Grace 151  
Brophy, Glenn Warren Anderson, June Vera 243  
Brougham, Robert G McDonough, Clara M 20  
Brown, Arthur L Cline, Addie E 73  
Brown, Chester Lee Norred, Mildred 331  
Brown, Clifford L Baker, Dorothy 358  
Brown, Edwin G Mattos, Marie 270  
Brown, Emmett W Olsin (Olsen), Elsie M 551 Marriage
Brown, Joseph R Farlow, Maude 233  
Brown, Leonard Chapin Johnson, Margaret Lillian 335  
Brown, Lester M Adney, Opal 388  
Brown, William C Bull, Martha 294  
Brownlee, Jesse J Fowler, Ruth 527  
Brownlee, John Wight, Mary L 179  
Bruce, Wallace Edwin Quigley, Ethel Imogene 509  
Bruegger, Fred M Smith, Elizabeth 313  
Brunelli, Ubaldo Calzoni, Annie 242
Brunken, August Winn, Gladys 369
Brunson, H B Blatten, Florabell 76
Bryant, Thomas R Campbell, Luthera 386
Bryson, Bob Dodge, Katherine Elaine 435
Bullis, Russell Harlan, Golda 24
Bunting, Thomas Barone Moulter, Rowena Vera 434
Burch, Loren Mugler, Lucille 149
Burdette, Fred W McDonough, Margarite 205
Burgess, Harold H Schwartz, Louisa 368
Burleson, Ray Castor, Marjorie 128
Burns, Aaron F Parker, Edna Pearl 49
Burton, Joe B Parker, Frances W 385
Butler, Elliott Newell Parrett, Eunice Audrey 446
Caldwell, Chales C Kinnear, Jessie 542
Caldwell, Donald Wayne Hughes, Bronaugh 113
Calhoun, James V Ruch, Mae 290
Callahan, Charles R DeHaas, Marguerita 337
Callanan, Raymond Bernard Blaney, Frances Jane 275
Callesen, Frederick P Reinhart, Marie 182
Cambers, Royal U Hogan, Viola Agnes 539
Cameron, Jack A Staub, Lois 78
Campbell, Evan Robert Linebaugh, Elma 277
Cannon, Mahlon T Jenks, Lillian Frances 337
Cannon, William Granucci, Mary 152
Carleton, James Grover Thomas, Byerl Iona 436
Carlson, Herman J Stafford, Ellen 321
Carlson, Oscar Theodore Moak, Huldah 160
Carney, Francis Keeton, Winifred (Mrs) 343
Carrico, Charles A Beery, Jessie 276
Carrington, Harold J Luman, Anna L 30
Carter, Marion L Walker, Janie M 447
Casey, Winfield S Priest, Barbara Eden 190
Cashin, John B Smith, Ruth Murray 297
Caster, Thomas M Burleson, LaFay S 90
Catey, William Harold Verbick, Christina 20
Causley, Frederick V Mohler, Blanche 313
Cavin, A L Shinar, Hazel 46
Caviness, Fred Phelps, Eva Maud 89
Chandler, Chester Clay Myers, Grace A 289
Chaney, Val P Wright, Gwendolyn 2
Chase, Harry Curtis Allwood, Lora N 158
Chastain, Ira E Bryan, Ethel Frances 12
Cheney, Neil B Heple, Helen L 402
Chilton, John S McCann, Lillian 139
Chisholm, Samuel R Jr Warner, Rowena 248
Ciardi, Rimio Clemens, Opal Marie 309
Clark, Charles Samuel Hogan, Carnita 387
Clark, Earl Wayne McConnell, Fay Volumnia 176
Clark, John T Robinson, Hazel 500
Clark, Orville O Demmer, Esther A 123
Clark, Oscar B Walker, Orpha M 107
Clark, Tom Gray, Gussie 409
Clary, J Ray Smith, Adelaide 398
Clendenen, Leo Lawler, Bertha (Mrs) 26
Cleveland, Charles T Rodgers, Opal (Mrs) 295
Cleveland, Eddy T Hodson, Henrietta 303
Clifton, Clarence J Peart, Belle L 119
Cline, Robert Richard Kramer, Mildred 430
Cline, Walter Parrish, Lola 423
Clymer, Earl L Blair, Wanda H 372
Coburn, Frank Shadley, Elvira Pearl 277
Coghill, Charles H Simmons, Emma 308
Coghill, William F Simmons, Sadie 309
Cohen, Jack H Zager, Bella 316  
Coker, Thomas M Eachus, Bessie L 76  
Colby, John Morton Blakeslee, Millicent 461 License
Colby, John Morton Blakeslee, Millicent 545 Marriage
Coleman, Gilbert P Robinson, Avis M 68  
Coleman, Wesley W Foster, Clarissa R 264  
Collett, Leonard James Frasier, Gussie Arnora 157  
Collier, Clifford John Train, Audrey Leora 512  
Collins, Fred C Rust, Katherine Cover 377  
Collins, James McCallister, Mary 72  
Collis, Charles Edmunds, Margaret E 93  
Comegys, Lloyd Thurston Corum, Fern Helen 134  
Conley, James W Gandrup, Myrtle 384  
Conn, John T Green, Essie Jane 222  
Converse, George D Hollmeyer, Florence K 35  
Cook, Delbert Tyler, Edna 449  
Cook, Floyd M Runyon, Gladys 142  
Cooley, Royce Allen Waldron, Gertrude 13  
Copeland, Alvin O Beymer, Myrtle 212  
Copinger, Richard Hubbard, Doris 17  
Cornelius, William A Woodson, Odie 394  
Corson, Teddy R Sullivan, Gertrude 274  
Covey, Ariel Berg, Olga 530 License
Cowart, L D Purcell, Pearl 410  
Cox, Harold J Stoneman, Bertha M 410  
Cox, Leslie H Miles, Ruth A 376  
Crabtree, Lee Palmer, Emma 537  
Cramer, Walter T Cartwright, Carrol 153  
Crandall, Charles Irwin Pyburn, Betty 471  
Crason, Lee W Butler, Ruth E 246  
Crump, Harold F Hughey, Irene F 114  
Curran, Kenneth Hart, Elizabeth 422  
Curtice, Wilford Glen Adamson, May 488  
Cushman, Charles W Ash, Irma 229  
Cutsforth, Thomas D Gilbert, Margery 364  
Dahlke, Henry F Monia, Velda 82  
Dailey, William Earl Conley, Mary J 100  
Daily, James H Foote, Ruth Clarice 551 Marriage
Darneille, Stanley Archer, Virginia Ellen 39  
Daugherty, John P Ridley, Louise R 137  
Davenport, Frank E Good, Nettie (Mrs) 533  
Davidson, William Shelp, Mina 502  
Davies, Evan Wells Anderson, Noreen 299  
Davies, William E Hinkley, Anna L 7  
Davis, Alfred B VanDyke, Gertrude 73  
Davis, Charles Ward (Dr) Richardson, Christina 59  
Davis, Chester Casey, Vera 52  
Davis, Ellis Everett Kantor, Margaret Mary 108  
Davis, John L Morse, Anna Mae 539
Davis, Melville E Welch, Addlettie 162
Davis, Wendell H Brazille, Della 224
Day, Horace Truman Morse, Stella May 197
Day, John Lester Blakley, May Ivy 405
Dazey, Kendal I Murphy, Ethel E 475
Deardorf, Louis E Olin, Alice 542
Deason, Wilborn J Dewey, Lucille E 357
Delean, Nicholas T Harris, Leola 167
DeMoss, Lester E Burton, Viola 366
Dennison, Sidney Smith, Neva L 164
Denzer, Frank W Dietrich, Kathryn 462
DePatts, Frank A Segur, Rosella 203
DePuy, A J Batman, Ruby 15
DePuy, Dennis E Reizenstein, Velma 15
Depuy, Elza Vernon Hauf, Viola Berneice 156
DeSoza, Tony L Smith, Zelda May 351  
DeWitt, Jesse Porter Cook, Emma Violet 550 Marriage
Dexter, Charles Hurt Roddan, Una 196  
Dial, William Earl Arent, Maude 208  
Dias, Antone B Long, Laura E 476  
Dickman, H Theodore Barry, Margaret C 438  
Dill, Otto Elmer Nixon, Anna K 279  
Din, John Moody, Elda Grace 230  
Ditsworth, Hobart Foerst, Clara 68  
Dixon, Richard E McCormack, Minta May 145  
Dobson, Clarence Norman Hannaford, Ruby Zelma 160  
Dobyns, Harry Paul McNabb, Margaret Blanche 179  
Dodenhoff, Burt Lester Moore, Hollie 435  
Dodge, Clarence L Deter, Iris 336  
Dodson, Everett Wells, Fay 75  
Doran, Raymond Douglas Williams, Ellen Rae 347  
Doty, George W Niswonger, Clidena Ruth 268
Dougherty, Albert Hendrickson, Sadie 238
Downey, Ronald M King, Edith 314
Driftmyer, Paul H Starkey, Nina 107
Duane, Joseph James March, Delva 300
Duanne, Chic Peters, LaVerna 95
Dunlap, George W Douglass, Mabel 500
Dunlap, Ralph L Dunlap, Dolly Golden 46
Dunlap, William Chambers, Mildred 370
Durrin, Lewis Edwin Erickson, Ida Gertrude 405
Dutton, Cecil Atkins, Myra 172
Dyhre, Alfred Stanley Faulds, Mabel C 368
Eachus, Everett L Eachus, Myrtle 66
Early, L A Rishel, Glennie Mae 64
Eastland, Arthur Jones, Mildred 538
Eaton, J L James, Evelyn 104
Eddy, T J Lorentzen, C H (Mrs) 98
Edison, Jack H Andersen, Anna 306
Edsall, Robert Elder, Lillian 315
Edwards, Arthur Theodore Leazer, Irene 91
Edwards, Charles Samuel Turner, Erla 129
Edwards, George A Lounsberry, Novie Irene 282
Eggen, Walter Brewer, Eva 420
Ekstrom, Allen S Sportsman, Helen 393
Eldridge, Levi Almond Stephensen, Lottie 165
Eleano, Pedro S Hamilton, Rena 317
Erdman, Paul Grubb, Eva 61
Estes, Ira Calvin Estes, Lottie M (Mrs) 429
Eudy, Ike Johnson, Flora Vestal 95
Evanson, Jess Thomas, Annie 254
Evanson, Joe Eusted, Hazel 30
Faisey, Frank John Osborn, Arabelle Ella 404
Fassolitti, Peter Aiello, Vincenzina 396
Featherstoan, J Howard Young, Ethel 448
Fenton, Addane E Henson, Nannie 517
Fernlund, Roy W Horner, Hazel 38
Ferral, Robert Lee Burnett, Mabel Lee 373
Ferrari, Arthur M Holley, Frances L 442
Field, Robert Henry Easter, Nettie A 201
Fields, Claude Gerald Weaver, Thelma 535
Finley, Vernon Lacey, Bertha 346
Fish, Raymond Sears VanDyke, Florence Phyllis 208
Fisher, Delbert John Hughes, Violet 257
Fisher, Lloyd Howard Oldenburg, Beatrice Arlien 232
Fisher, William H Nansen, Judith E 108
Fletcher, George Adam Cole, Helen 296
Fletcher, M E Gilbert, Blanche 64
Fliegel, Joseph F VanCamp, Esther E 374
Flinn, Walter Edward Perry, Frances Elizabeth 412
Flynn, Marshall Alvin Smith, Hellen Mae 36
Foley, John T Cary, Maxine 120
Forrest, Mark L Forrest, Nellie B 444
Forward, Alva L Dillabo, Bernice 362
Foster, Edgar Earl Stone, Lena 137
Foster, John D Stillwell, Saloma 170
Foster, Ray Hart, Fern 360
Fowler, George V Burger, Leola 256
Fox, Vernon L Crum, Mabel 479
Fox, Victor Barney Randolph, Virginia Lee 200
Francis, Alton L Goodrich, Lillian 284
Franklin, Oscar M Jr Hoyt, Anna Marie 327
Frazier, Robert E Snodgrass, Alice 415
Fredenburg, Fred Wiley, Hazel E 200
Freeman, George Leo Roberts, Lois Naomi 124
Frees, John M Wheeler, Pearl 455  
Freikart, Grant Davies, Leta A 549 Marriage
Frey, Irving W Gipson, Mayme 84  
Fries, Henry W Woodell, Inez Lenore 243  
Frohreich, George R Smith, Beatrice Jeanette 358  
Frulan, Barton Reid, Dorothy Camille 473  
Fry, Francis D Lewis, Mary Elizabeth 517  
Fry, George D Knighten, Letha M 111  
Fuller, Clarence Albin Rea, Luvicy 295  
Gall, William R Silliman, Edna Mae 352  
Gardner, William J Holms, Ellen 353  
Gassett, Allan Oakley Durren (Deurer), Rita Leora 441  
Gates, Henry Dale, Inez Myrtle 278  
Gates, Wilton N Farber, Pauline 491  
Gavin, Emerson Bartlett, Flossie K 65  
Gear, Howard Homer Payne, Emily Elizabeth 22  
Geary, Robert Johnston, Maude 470  
Gentry, Dee F Pence, Hazel 241  
George, Lewis A Bentley, Veda A 412  
Geppert, Louis Orvil Hilkey, Anna Mae 530  
Gerrue, Louie E Wynant (Wyant), Audrey 493  
Gibson, Calvin Earl VanHorn, Velma Fay 528  
Gifford, Nyle Lawrence Jensen, Jessie 445  
Gifford, Roy L Bascom, Olive L 499  
Gilbert, Bert R Roff, Elvira Pearl 5  
Gillmore, Charles A Munson, Oliva 529  
Gillmore, William Nelson Hill, Marion 106  
Gilmore, Edward William McRae, Virginia 473 License
Gilmore, William Edward McRae, Virginia 545 Marriage
Girot, Leo A Girot, Blanche O'Edgar 319  
Glasscock, Rex D Ellestad, Thelma B 8  
Goddard, Norris J Page, Hildreth 356  
Gordon, Harry C McGinniss, Rose 323
Gordon, Leslie Charles Dressler, Bernice 41
Gordon, Richard E Baker, Mary Harriett 326
Gorman, J H Rodgers, Louisa (Mrs) 77
Gowans, Russell Mullin, Lorraine Sands 244
Graham, Glen Cook, Alma 23
Gray, Clarence L: Goode, Genive 359
Green, Arthur E Jr Smith, Ruth 431
Greene, Charles R Brophy, Doris Elizabeth 215
Greenwell, Louis Eber Larter (Lantes), Adriene 189
Grider, George E Neal, Hazel 234
Griffiths, David Hess, Mary O 486
Grigsby, Thomas N Grigsby, Mary 320
Gross, John Higgins, Garland 44
Grubb, Charley Earl Nidever, Mary 451
Grubb, Joseph L Mann, Bernice 485
Guzman, Jascinth S Sadler, Ida 479
Haertle, Walter Eugene Price, Mary 204
Haff, G L Thompson, Emma (Mrs) 74
Haines, Edward D Cole, Susan Margaret 16
Hale, George Henry Leadbetter, Velma Louise 281
Haley, Ora B Monahan, Lillie M 322
Hall, Thomas R Norcross, Alys 70
Halstead, Thomas J Arrowsmith, Edith M 214
Hamman, Arthur S Tyler, Vivian 122
Hanchey, William L Jones, Gladys Irene 452
Hand, Jose Merritt, W L (Mrs) 166
Handsaker, Abraham K Ellis, Carrie Marie 9
Hanscom, Noel Huff, Berneice 194
Hansen, Harry O Hager, Mabel 320
Hansen, John R Foster, Thelma E 502
Hanson, Fred E Woods, Leona R 7
Hanson, Fritz Westbrook, Eva L 523  
Hanuschek, John Hatler, Ruby 298  
Hard (Hand), Lyle Ervin Dallas, Thelma 219  
Hardy, Thomas Harvey, Bess K 178  
Harkins, Clinton F Nave, Sadie 61  
Harmon, William Smith Miller, Florence 228  
Harris, Vernon K Bell, Pauline 324  
Harrison, Walter Wade Hansen, Ingeborg 546 Marriage
Hart, Alton Eugene Learning, Bertha 334  
Hart, Fred Emery Bowman, Ruth 255  
Hartley, John L Apathy, Helen 448  
Harvey, Basil V Kingery, Ocie 444  
Haskins, Harold Wayman, Donie Helen 127  
Hassett, William Marengo, Anna 299  
Haven, Dwight Berg, Marie 414  
Hawk, Leslie Matthews, Muriel 397  
Hawley, Custer H Cruse, Martha Madonne 492
Hayman, Ralph Maurice Davis, Berneice 23
Haynes, William H Dole, Gladys S 338
Heath, Delwin Clayton Adams, Grace Verona 461
Heckert, Otto Ernest Meier, Elizabeth 346
Heflin, Walter Willard Bedford, Rose (Mrs) 144
Heidrick, Frank Greer, Florence 489
Helms, Herbert G Stockebrand, Frances 345
Hendrickson, Harry L Hendrickson, Edna Elvira 482
Henry, James William Jr Edwards, Viola May 440
Heriford, Earl Zemke, Annie 135
Hermanu, Gilbert L Sheets, Jeannette 123
Herrington, Lloyd E Wescoat (Westcott), Carrie 353
Hewitt, George Clement Headlee, Bertha Belle 408
Hewitt, Harry Dickson, Edythe 12
Hibbard, Russell Henry Allen, Lila 251
Higgins, Curtis A Owen, Ruth 319  
Higgins, Lawrence W Colombo, Mabel 38  
Hill, Harold S Rannells, Edith M 397  
Hill, Laurence W Black, Olena Martha 19  
Hill, Leslie L Smith, Lenora K 111  
Hill, Lester Archie Loesch, Thada 241  
Hill, Lewis A Hall, Edna 66  
Himelwright, Lyle J Glaser, Alma 547 Marriage
Hinton, George Fred Hampson, Helen Dorothy 218  
Hitchcock, Ernest A Mason, Ilama 504  
Hitchcock, Harold M Kinyon, Evelyn 217  
Hobson, Wilford I Boates, Pearl Irene 204  
Hodgson, Thomas F Neale, Rose 57  
Hoelsher, Earl Wheeler, Eva 135  
Hoenig, Leopold E Seaman, Carrie 428  
Hoffman, Ferd W Davidson, Rose Ava 519  
Hoffman, Justus Arthur Meyers, Nora Kathryn 167
Hogue, Everett Stevens, Eva (Mrs) 390
Holliger, Walter C McDermott, Irene 326
Holman (Halman), Edward Ray Sawyer, Nola (Mrs) 350
Holman, Guy Johnson Harrington, Myrtle 351
Holmes, Clyde H Talken, Mollie 516
Holmes, George E Sharp, Mildred 289
Holzgang, Frank Joseph Meier, Mary Louise 537
Homes, Frank Tucker Burns, Edna M 25
Homes, William Henry Bess, Irma 474
Homuth, Earl U Holmquist, Aimee I 407
Hoodenpyle, Oral E Weeks, Mary D 253
Hoodmacher, Harold Elmer Maas, Elsie H 343
Hooson, Sam Albert Pellum, Ruby Mae 4
Hopkins, Eugene L Rice, Sarah 221
Hoppe, Arthur Henry Burkhart, Bessie 224
Hopper, Milford Mehl, Emily May 67
Horn, William H Jorgensen, Rose 194
Houston, Merle Hoskin, Nola 103
Houston, Sanford Weitman, Mabel 131
Howard, Frank M Eicher, Jennie 430
Hudson, Marshall A Messner, Jean 521
Huenergardt, Henry Vroman, Matie D 125
Huff, Martin R Montgomery, Gloria 177
Humphrey, Albert V Brady, Iona B 143
Hunt, Arthur Henry Gunn, Pearl 187
Hunter, John Edward Robinson, Edith (Mrs) 311
Hurgett, Henry Robinson, Aileen C 411
Hurst, Glenn W Hannaford, Jewell 171
Hyatt, Lyle Hall, Irene 460
Hyde, John Albion Thomson, Marjorie Elspeth 455
Iles, W Ferroll Hamilton, Lois 47
Inlow, Albert Pitman, Glenora 361
Inlow, John F Rogers, Margaret V 447
Irvine, Earl A Bennett, Bonnie Jean 10
Irwin, Harold Randall, Dorothy 186
Isham, Harvey H Stein, Elsie 80
Jackson, Benjamin Barr, Myrtle 407
Jackson, George W Stancliff, Vivian C 26
Jackson, R James Wiley, Gertrude Alice 10
Jackson, Thomas J McDonald, Edith 94
Jackson, Virgil D Malmgren, Marie Hull 294
James, Albert Perigo, Mabel Edith 214
Jameson, Frank E Taylor, Beverly 263
Jantzer, Charles Hanson, Frieda 180
Jaycox, Harry R Jaycox, Lou 168
Jenkins, Horace Alvin Calvin, Evelyn Dorthea 308
Jenks, Lynn Dolphus Eddlemon, Martha Marion 51
Jennings, Louis W Polley, Berneice 146
Jeschke, Carl C Snider, Bessie G 281
Jewell, Edbert L McQueen, Lottie 159
John, Walter C Fielding, Grace A 142
Johnson, Arthur H Russell, Beatrice 86
Johnson, Charles Randle, Aimee 5
Johnson, Harry A Barrett, Eula 403
Johnson, Julian P (Dr) Riddle, Laura 260
Johnson, Lawrence W Lasell, Christina Agnes 262
Johnson, Lawrence W Lawrence, Lelia 536
Johnson, Orrin C Foster, Marion 196
Johnson, Overton C Nesler, Theresa 16
Johnson, Royal Young Johnson, Daisy Lavern 40
Johnston, Thomas J Kiner, Edith 130
Joiner, Roy Benamati, Mary 513
Jones, Charles L Thurman, Hazel 325
Jones, Frank Ralph Burgess, Maude 432
Jones, Samuel Hartwell Barker, Merle 286
Jones, Theron W Daniels, Emily 59
Jones, Tom Morgan Fortna, Verda Irene 13
Jones, William M Yeoman, Inez 498
Jordan, Harold B Talbott, Mary Lucille 93
Junker, John M Snowden, Mae 364
Kane, Harold L Petersen, Ellen 251
Kato, Navichi Yamashita, Ito (Mrs) 315
Keagle, Everett R Kennedy, Elsie 101
Keffel, Fred E Bean, Pearl E 468
Kelly, James Brent Kluppert, Mona Elizabeth 148
Kelly, LeaRoy Duane Kelly, Thelma D 278
Kelly, William Hubbard McRea, Jessie Wilson 261
Keltner, Keith E Hendricks, Mollie Gertrude 519
Kendall, Clinton DeWitt Babb, Floris 156
Kenneth, Monroe Ellsworth, Evelyn 506
Kent, John Edwin Bell, Aileen V 141
Kerby, Emmitt E Elder, Mildred 14
Kernohan, Clifford T White, Ines A (Mrs) 386
Keyser, Alfred P Boldon, Ida 293
Khazayan, Norris J Pushman, Grace 138
Kimmel, Willis Jefferson Telford, Lenora 180
Kimmell, Walter W Poley, Minnie Irene 378
King, Cecil George Shaw, Margaret 446
King, George E Goyette, Zela 198
King, Gilbert L Webster, Catherine 34
Kinney, Theodore R Buker, Edith 514
Kirk, James L Hardin, Birdie 312
Kirkpatrick, V W Kirkpatrick, Sadie 1
Kline, Raymond J Wilkinson, Mary 375
Knoblauch, Leo J Heil, Elizabeth 321
Knotts, Frank D Welch, Nelda 147
Knox, Fred James Millering, Ethel Josephine 245
Knox, O M Mitchell, Lucy 85
Knox, Thomas Patterson, Edith L 541
Koeller, Charles L Noyer, May 468
Kramer, Clarence W Field, Bertha 501
Kronholm, Thomas Carter, Jean 4
Kuklinski, Otto G Welch, Gladys E 240
Kurt, Herman C Johnson, Mary B 348
Kutor, Joe M Deen, Pearl 83
Kutrubis, Gust Loraines, Clara 49
Kutrubis, John Turner, Eva 434
LaDue, Harold Stoeckel, Ruth E 250
Laird, Wilfred S Tripp, Gladys 70
Lander, John Faske, Katherine 393
Lane, Albert Jalo, Rachel 175
Lang, Harold Arthur Gideon, Veeda 372
Langhorne, Thomas J Wright, Bessie 526
Larson, Louis Lofquist, Cora 75
Lathrop, Charles W Maxwell, Blanche E 239
Lauderbeck, Don C Koons, Edith Emma 375
Lawton, Morris Andrew Larter, Beth Gretta 341
Leach, Grover Beckett Anderson, Ruth Jean 176
Lee, Dennis E Hoff, Florence 339
Lee, William Henry Dodge, Katherine Elaine 190
Leeds, Samuel Powell, Laura E 153
Leeper, James S Behrens, May 133
LeFebvre, Jesse M McKenzie, Rose 225
Lehman, Leonard Samuel Taylor, Ethelyn Bernice 138
Leitritz, Earl Sullivan, Madeline Ritchie 465
Lewis, Franklin J Beattie, Leta 189
Lewis, Lester L Henrich, Katherine 29
Lewis, Roy R Polk, Sarah 116
Lighthill, Delbert Ladd, Vivian 538
Lindblom, Levin Strand, Sophie 496
Lindley, Clyde George Montague, Lula May 199
Lindley, Francis H Callish, Mignon 374
Lindsay, Jeff B Mulkey, Minnie (Mrs) 216
Lininger, Ellis S Hall, Olive V 11
Lloyd, William Forrest Ellwood, Frances E 499
Lofftus, Clarence E Greig, Margaret 506
Logue, Walter P Baxter, Jean 292
Long, Claude H Whitehead, Kate Savage 426
Long, Samuel A Marts, Nellie Marie 376
Loos, William Earl Hadden, Lottie Thelma 54
Lorton, Garland N Wilson, Ellen Bertha 331
Love, G W Moore, Agnes 80
Lowry, Roy Alfred Houk, Georgia Edith 249
Lucas, Mike Martin, Annie 211
Lundy, Fay Elbert Chandler, Eva May 541
Lusich, George J Bird, Nannie Frances 272
Lynch, Mark P Shirpser, Constance 490
Lyndes, Byron Anthony Fitzgibbon, Bess C 166
Maben, Lewis Egbert Gerhardt, Lorraine S 106
MacDougall, P A McCutcheon, Sarah J 154
Machac, Frank Kral, Mary 3
Mack, Charles Henry, Clementine 523
Mack, Jouhn D Cook, Dora P 306
Macpherson, Donald Stewart, Mona E 17
Maguire, Edgar W Brison, Dorothy 507
Mahoney, Maurice A Moore, Clara A 478
Manfredi, Aldo Rossetti, Mary 283
Manley, Tyler H Aufrane, Dora R 140
Manning, Charles Hurd (Hund), Sylvia Belle 78
Manson, Harry Eugene Brown, Maxine Marybelle 239  
Mapston, John Henry Jenkins, Mildred 487  
Marcellus, Lawrence Keith Kleine, Clarice Norma 338  
Marshall, Edward E Hughes, Mildred Evelyn 96  
Marshall, George Henry Hall, Ruth P 367  
Marshall, Joseph R Jr Ritchson, Elizabeth E 279  
Martin, Clarence Victor Tetherow, Gretchen 220  
Martin, Walter Smith, Elizabeth 416  
Marx, Homer Semon, Beatrice 549 Marriage
Marx, Homer A Seamon, Beatrice Annah 198  
Mason, Kae W Johnson, Marie C 366  
Mathews, Alfred R Jorgenson, Rose May 531  
Mathews, Eddie Lynwood Jr Sutherlin, Alma Alta 213  
Maxwell, Benjamin H Buster, Aline Doris 359  
Maxwell, George Ian Scholl, Allison 552 Marriage
Maynard, William E Jr Finley, Edyth C 317  
Mazzoni, Amadeo E Ney, Hazel M 365
McCall, James Irving Mow, Celestia C 369
McCandless, John Andrew Hymson, Stella 188
McCarthy, Florence B Kane, Mari 457
McCawley, Ray Moore, Mary Frances 413
McClain, Charles E Short, Minnie E (Mrs) 236
McConochie, Rob Roy Swanson, Mary F 493
McCormick, Wayne E Fullerton, Eileen 532
McCourry, Stanfford A Cooper, Verna 416
McCoy, Roy L Hart, Lorraine 266
McCracken, Paul Barron, Isabell 6
McCullough, Corlyss M Hrivnak, Marie D 531
McCullough, Edgar C Benson, Ada May 406
McCullough, George Knotts, Mae C 86
McDaniel, Selman Harrison Retallick, Eva M 185
McDonald, William George Bunnell, Gretchen 98
McFadyen, William Howard, Madalyn 162
McGill, Frank E Hunsaker, Ona Mae 285
McIntire, Stewart Claude Beattie, Esther 150
McIntosh, A R Orchard, Blanche 9
McJenkins, William Sam Derrick, Mary 71
McKee, Ervin E Rice, Helen 114
McMaster, James C Steiner, Theo A (Mrs) 445
McMullen, Richard T Larson, Anna O 226
McNulty, William L White, Eva 454
Meade, Robert J Loftus, Eva M 512
Meadows, Edgar Madison Stanton, Zada 424
Meek, John Lutz, Velma 40
Meeker, Carl O Wool, Lulu A 459
Meeks, Joseph A Lake, Florence Grace 3
Meigs, Royal P Auten, Leona 441
Mellinger, George E McClane, Opal 513
Melvin, Clyde A Pearce, Zola C 126  
Mendiola, Jose S Musso, Rose 413  
Mendonca, Joe F Swygert, Odessa 50  
Menichetti, Gilbert Kolb (Kalb), Mary 193  
Merklee, Hugh John Sparks, May B 307  
Merriman, Thomas Francis Beal, Betty 449  
Messal, Lawrence Hoffman, Bernice M 132  
Messner, John Weeks, Janet 514  
Meyer, Harland F Jeffers, Hazel Leota 469  
Meyer, Joseph H Hofbeck, Loraine 27  
Meyer, Lloyd H Lofton, Leola Elva 252  
Meyer, Vernon L Stevens, Delilia 115  
Meyers, Emery L (Dr) Jackson, Violet 174  
Meyers, Harry Zoellin, Bernita 419  
Milkowski, Natus Joseph Morgan, Linnie Luella 97 License
Miller, Adam Mack Greb, Frances 116  
Miller, Charles Walter Applegate, Elsie Theresa 89
Miller, Victor F Quigley, Marian 272
Million, Elwood L Rice, Alma 223
Millspaugh, Robert Jacob Doty, Minnie May 97
Milnes, William Elsworth Barker, Ethyl L 211
Milton, H Elmer Snow, Grace E 147
Minnis, Edward Thompson, Verina 37
Mitchell, Charles Phillip Balga, Lucy 501
Mitchell, Henry Clement, Marston C 459
Moats, George William Massil, Cleo R 136
Moe, Wesley G Rumsey, Helene D (Mrs) 188
Mohammed, Noor Reich, Lydia 273
Molino, Paul G Hickok, Alberta 173
Montana, Mike Jr Leivas, Dora 42
Moore, Elmer Homer Frakes, Elsie 427
Moore, Paul A Greer, Arethusa M 230
Moore, Ray Albert Springer, Esther 381
Moore, Ray Delbert Springer, Anna May 268
Moore, William Claude Clark, Virgie Opal 379
Moreland, Floyd Edward Wood, Edna Mae 155
Morgan, George T Robinson, Gladys A 69
Morgan, Richard A Matthews, Olive 463
Morris, Frank Reagan, Ethel 310
Morris, Walter Edmond Jennings, Irma Evelyn 11
Morrison, William M Pounds, Nell 186
Morton, Thomas G James, Nella 159
Moss, Ira C Boren, Henrietta 406
Mote, Hugh B Stone, Dora 55
Muellerweiss, Alban G Doll, Bernice Myrtle 373
Mullin, Walter A Palmer, Elva Belle 384
Munden, Robert H Chaney, Elizabeth 504
Munger, Robert W Kenneth, Lucile 183
Murphy, Harry D Knight, Evelyn 543
Murphy, John William Elliott, Naomi Bessie 365
Murphy, Mason L Nelson, Elizabeth Estella 534
Musgrave, George L Hatch, Lelia Myrtle 340
Myers, Albert R Ross, Betty Marie 303
Mynatt, Joseph C Miller, Fay 400
Mynatt, Lawrence W Princehouse, Velma Elizabeth 443
Nance, Audd Elmer Dube, Emma Bernice 310
Neal, Homer H Ellis, Letha E 81
Nelson, Bert Spencer, Katherine 19
Nelson, Ewind M Stevens, Hazel A 456
Nelson, Henry Ferrell, James G 271
Netherland, Harold William Vincent, Ella 215
Newland, Robert Neel Frye, Myrtle Edith 352
Newman, Jerome L McCauley, Virginia Patricia 62
Newstrom, Theodore H Clark, Vida 305
Newton, Chester H Daugherty, Pearl 342
Nichols, Harvey L Voice, Vera 511
Nixon, Fred Brown Johnson, Ina I 222
Noble, Charles Beeding, Helen May 292
Nock, Everett H Hart, Eulale Marie 528
Noddin, Charles C Harrison, Margaret 451
Nordwick, Ray Victor Leavell, Lurline 99
Norman, Arthur Guy Smith, Greta 439
Norman, Thomas Franklin Wirtz, Helen M 437
Norris, Robert Kearney Sanders, Hazel 348
Norsworthy, Frank Chester Hearn, Mabel Irene 440
Norton, Perry Ernest Greene, Bertha Elizabeth 505
Nortridge, Walter Burnell Smith, Marjorie 262
Notthoff, Lawrence Anthony McEwen, Eleanor Raub 496
Nutting, Bernard L Swanson, Ruby Alice 168
Nylen, David F McKinney, Bessie Hester 50
Nymeyer, Bart H Brown, Myrtle S 175
O'Brien, Raymond Hanley Brooke, Mildred 18
O'Connor, Cornelius Campbell, Catherine 181
Oden, Richard Edwards, Elizabeth 54
Oestricher, Henry G Cowles, Sarah 226
O'Leary, Francis O'Meara, Alice K 402
Olin (VeOlin), Mischa Hillman, Florence 21
Olson, Marmie Edwin Currier, Oletha 345
Olson, Walter Charles Feil, Clara I 422
O'Neal, Loran A McNerney, Mamie 431
O'Neil, Jack M Costello, Lucille S 312
O'Neil, Thomas Patrick Freel, Christina M 133
O'Neill, Charles P Dallaire, Juliana 174
Orton, Ralph Mead, Dorothy 480
Ostrander, Frank M Millspaugh, Renie Catherine 82
Owings, Leo E Pitcher, Vera 390
Padelford, Kenneth Irvin Ridgeway, Vivian 291
Pape (Pope), Harvey Thomason, Genevieve 477
Parker, Dick Cochran, Della 173
Parker, Sumner Austin Parker, Minnie Owen 503
Parker, William H Edwards, Minnie 1
Parmeter, John A Coope, Queen 184
Parry, William Lear, Aleita (Mrs) 270
Parver (Painer), Harold L Urdahl, Verda A 453
Patterson, Earl Egbert Vicars, Beulah Florence 105
Patterson, Norman Swain, Doris 209
Paxton, Edward R Stevens, Alma Beatrice 121
Payton, Claude L Edler, Mary 471
Pazina, Ernest R Derrig, Sally Beatriz 52
Pearce, Daniel M Dougherty, Pearl E 128
Pearson, Thomas B Ostlund, Edith S 51
Peart, Clyde W Grubbe, Rita 150
Pehrson, Albert V Shepherd, Frances C 472  
Peirce, Howard Maxwell Myers, Dorothy Deane 333  
Pena, Francisco T Damian, Jesus 355  
Penney, Pitt P Dunken, Vera 433  
Perkins, Harry L Battenberg, Elizabeth V 363  
Perry, Alfred L McIntyre, Dytha Marie 304  
Perry, Joseph Robert West, Mary Freeda 466  
Perttula, Frank Johnson, Hilma A 382  
Peters, Jack G Pedrona, Evelyn E 484  
Peterson, Paul Leonard Morgan, Iris Marguerite 438  
Peterson, Peter Christensen, Geneva 195  
Phiffer, Willard L Oden, Maude 33  
Phillips, Donald Swain, Katherine 209  
Phipps, Dwight Lowell Phipps, Ruby 121  
Pierce, Clarence Allison, Marjorie L 548 Marriage
Pierce, Raymond Noah Wright, Irene Myrtle 71  
Pierson, Elwyn F Nightwine, Leona F 403  
Pinkerton, F W Courts, Mary A 300  
Pitt, Edward M Nayer, Helen 110  
Pollack, Kenneth Morse Kuck, Ida Pauline 423  
Pollock, Louis Mizell, Katherine 201  
Polzine, Alexander Stone, Eve 516  
Poole, Cecil A Stewart, Corday Elise 544 Marriage
Poole, Claude H Sieloff (Sielaff), Nellie (Mrs) 389  
Powell, William B Atkinson, Leona 29  
Powrie, Alva Larch Mansell, Florence Esther 497  
Pratt, Ransom Purdy, Helen Throop 330  
Pratt, William L Miller, Zada Florence 18  
Price, Wallace C Matthews, Inez 88  
Prinz, Fred William Mackey, Lily 155  
Pruitt, Almus Green, Dorothy 14  
Pullan, Leo Archer Kreeger, Marthe Jessie 404  
Putman, Frank Bowling, Irma 47
Pyle, Emery R Stacher, Anna 236
Quigley, Marion Frances Johnston, Jane Gladys Muriel 450
Ragsdale, Jesse Wilmer Damoth, Arlee 332
Ragsdale, John Howard, Helen 433
Rankin, William W Berrian, Hattie L 417
Rasheim, Clarence McHale, Mabel 383
Rasmussen, Kai G Ginsburg, Josephine 481
Ray, Marshall W Jackson, Lois 267
Reading, John R Lamphier, Viola 263
Reams, Donald C Loveless, Lucile 492
Redding, William E Morrison, Gertrude 274
Reddy, Jean Paul Finley, Constance 184
Redford, Edward H Hartley, Gladys 362
Redifer, E W Cooper, Francis E 92
Reed, Willis Wallace Hand, Clara 482
Reignierd, Albert L Russell, Ruth 409
Reinking, Albert Benhard Edwards, Susanna Annie 67
Renfro, Fred Morley, Grace 361
Rester, Theodore W Jr Mazzini, Rose Marie 510
Reynolds, Edwin O Wheeler, Lora Alice 229
Rhodes, Lawrence Hugh Slatten, Myrtle 163
Ricci, Ben V Messenger, Margaret C 269
Rice, Martin S Cornell (Carnell), Ada (Mrs) 273
Rice, Vaughan M Lloyd, Bessie 426
Rice, William N Stone, Rose 301
Rice, Winston Chapin, Cordelia 169
Richards, Harry Copeland, Shirley 85
Richards, Rodney A Hamrick, Florence J 494
Richards, Russell Dodge Mann, Helen Fernald 518
Richardson, Elbert E Tedrick, Alma Edith 540
Richardson, Johnnie Edward Williams, Lucille 371
Riehl, Arthur B Parks, Terese 349
Riley, Forest McKinnis, Winonah 247
Riley, Kenneth Boyd Prince, Dona Maybelle 151
Riley, Tom O Hoffman, Marjorie 245
Rinabarger, William N Skinner, Bertha E 2
Rippin, Fred Weast, Gertrude 414
Rippon, Ernest Bristow Hosfeld, Tacie S 57
Ritzinger, Eugene J Braymer, Florence 124
Roach, Stanley H Mendenhall, Dorothy 233
Robbins, Charles L Chisholm, Josephine E 227
Roberts, Clarence Hughes, Mary Jane 257
Roberts, John B Bragg, Muriel 206
Roberts, Rube K Bovee, Mary F 396
Robertson, William Lincoln Milotte, Georgina 489
Robinson, Guy Nile Alderman, Grace Olive 210
Rogers, Ernest Ralph Kleinhamer, Juanita 258
Roper, Marion A Kinney, Lola 383
Rose, Clarence W vonderHellen, Joyce 87
Rowden, Elmer VanHardenberg, Mae 205
Rucker, Donald D Clark, Ruth 31
Runge, Oscar Lack, Elsie M 287
Runtz, Frank J Bryant, Katrina 325
Runyan, Frank K Folsom, Viola 418
Rupe, Ernest R Yokum, Dorothy (Mrs) 212
Russill, Frank Ellsworth Bechtel, Grace (Mrs) 307
Sachs, Morris A Cleveland, Helen R 191
Salatambos, Ross Oesterreicher, Mabel 329
Salter, Frances P Biden, Hattie 100
Sanborn, Jay Herbert O'Connor, Aileen 117
Sanders, Elmer Louis Prosser, Elizabeth (Mrs) 480
Sanford, Alton M Warden, Zola 213
Scales, Glen Montgomery Eager, Mildred 436
Schepman, Frederick Pardee, Clarice Echo 546 Marriage
Schermerhorn, George Raymond Bestor, Bessie 535  
Scherz, Gus J Grover, Charlotte 48  
Schlasser, Mason J Allen, Bessie 428  
Schnittyer, Lloyd C Chesta, Virginia 109  
Schoeniger, Frederick H Bunbke, Lieselotte 329  
Scholer, Walter Herman Russell, Clara 354  
Schomp, Kenneth K Fox, Lorena 117  
Schooler, William Harrison Hepworth, Hannah Leone 287  
Schrader, William Nyross, Alta 401  
Schuder, Paul S Hucke, Martha E 339  
Schuerman, Fred Dunnette, Beatrice 21  
Schuler, John Bagley, Maude (Mrs) 132  
Scott, Edwin W Dickey, Maude Frances 206  
Scott, Lee A Stroup, Nancy E 391  
Seely, James E Caton, Cleora Lavina 113  
Selby, Grant A Keller, Ivean L 192
Selkirk, William Spenker, Martha M 534
Selland, Arthur L Hagadorn, Cecilia V 199
Serna, Florentino Garcia, Grace 460
Sexton, Frank W Beaty, Louise King 44
Shaw, E Gerald Davis, Della 261
Shaw, Frank S Long, Cora 56
Shaw, Hugh Will Wheeler, Winnifred May 370
Shawver, William Dudley Frank, Mildred 302
Shea, William James Pries, Blanche Dagmar 503
Shelton, Clifford Linville, Edna 391
Sherid, Walter J Klingle, Norma 118
Shields, Charles D Dunham, Gertrude 466
Shores, Orville Leroy Copenger, Edith G 65
Short, James L Peterson, Esther O 474
Shoults, Howard DeForest Marbach, Avery 235
Shumway, Henry G Elam, Myrtle (Mrs) 478
Sill, Edmond Willard Aldersley, Patrice 515
Sills, Marshall W Dennis, Esther 323
Silver, George Kimball Fitzgerald, Willma 401
Simmons, Earl E Dillon, Myra (Mrs) 101
Simons, Malcolm H Perrine, Gladys 371
Sinclair, Isaac Calhoun, Mary E 232
Singler, Rudolph F Johnson, Eva Augusta 96
Skarda, Victor Albert DeMartini, Zella 169
Smith, Albert O Blake, Pearl A 322
Smith, Ansel Y Higdon, Edith N 341
Smith, Carl H McMillan, Lillian 367
Smith, Charles E Davis, Irma 69
Smith, Clifford J Davenport, Alla Mae 202
Smith, Coy L J Williams, Beulah 265
Smith, Herbert S Dungan, Ruby 258
Smith, Hoyt Farlow, Vida 55
Smith, John W Skinner, Kathleen 526
Smith, Joseph William Standish, Ruth Marie 178
Smith, Pleasant Lewis Sparks, Dora 207
Smith, Ralph B Bigelow, Mary G 381
Smith, Robert R Kirkpatrick, Etta 463
Smith, Theodore Elwood Gordon, Fern 41
Snavely, Charles Edward Finley, Flora 161
Snitzler, Albert Grimm, Sinthy E 494
Soares, Joseph J O'Neal, Loretta 477
Southard, John W Boesch, Elizabeth 419
Spencer, Lawrence R Spannaus, Thelma 284
Spencer, Walter Y Chaney,Cecil Clara 109
Sperry, Willard E Claugher, Fay 439
Spicer, Homer B Nelson, Gertrude 259
Sprague, Wayne Leslie Robbins, Lucy 37
Sprague, William H McClannahan, Frances 349  
Spray, Wilbur A Howard, Helen F 36  
Stafford, Franklin E Hayenga, Clara Margret 357  
Standridge, William A Sandquist, Anna 552 Marriage
Stannard, George E Yeo, E Bernice 62  
Stansbury, Philip Harry Talent, Marchial 456  
Starkey, Clarence Clinton Goble, Vivian Marie 387  
Starnates, Sheldon E Geyer, Eleanor 432  
Staub, William N Sampey, Grace E 158  
Steele, Cyril Campbell, Viola Agnes 136  
Steele, Guy Stickler, Pearl 122  
Steiner, Howard F Johnson, Thelma 94  
Stephens, Edward Earl Neathamer, Etta 164  
Stephenson, William H Menhineck, Marjorie 437  
Stevens, Fred Eugene Petty, Geneva Irene 42  
Stevens, W Leroy Webb, Cornelia F 395  
Stevenson, George Isaac Pinnegar, Bertha Daisy 522
Stewart, Lester J W Guches, Gertrude 145
Stewart, Rodger H Porter, M Marie 144
Stickney, Edwin Wolff, Anna Pauline 90
Stillman, Robert Richardson, Josephine 56
Stott, William Lloyd Carr, Modeska Ruth 296
Strickland, James A Booker, Willie Maye 302
Stryker, Robert S Cooley, Mae L 269
Sturgess, Orval Butters, Ruth 154
Sugg, Clay Marvin Goyette, Grace 340
Sundquist, Alfred O Bower, Faye A 231
Sutherland, Harold Crandall Young, Amber Nettie 131
Sutton, Marion LeRoy McCallister, Elva Sabina 250
Svenungsen, Sigurd Turner, Darlene 283
Swett, William Berkeley Frederick, Geraldine Marie 220
Syphers, Ralph R Duty, Maud 485
Taber, Harry E Lowe, Laura B 260  
Tabor, Otis E Craven, Eva 203  
Talcott, DeWitt C Faltz, Lillian Louise 183  
Tanner, Treive A Hemminger, Martha 515  
Tarrance, Homer William Brown, Wiltha May 548 Marriage
Tate, Fay Laurence Heutis, Margaret E 43  
Taylor, Forrest Moreland Alexander, Frieda Roeachle 467  
Taylor, John Raymond Honzik, Josephine 458  
Taylor, Lee R Cofer, Bertha Lee 529  
Taylor, Thomas L Robertson, ethel Rose 328  
Teanby, Joe Willis, Etha Brooke 157  
Tebbe, George A Jr Hurst, Katherine B 398  
Tedrick, Fred Adkins, Mary E 417  
Thaanum, Alexander Mack, Phoebe 524  
Thacker, Estel Sweet, Iola 297  
Thierolf, Howard A Chitwood, Dora M 442  
Thiessen, Henry Wallan, Beryle 394
Thill, Joseph J Salak, Ruth E 453
Thode, Herman Fish, Hazel 525
Thomas, Herbert O Luman, Vera M 280
Thomas, Manuel Rose, Mary 525
Thomas, Paul W Bauer, Kitty 497
Thompson, Burtis S Cummings, Margaret 380
Thompson, Charles A Fawcett, Helen 221
Thompson, Daid Cole, Edythe 389
Thompson, Henry J Coffey, Daisy M 139
Thompson, Hilbert M Buchanan, Alma C 53
Thompson, Virgil S Stovall, Velma 411
Thompson, William Ringuette, Florence 237
Thorndike, Charles A Currie, Ida E 197
Thrasher, J W Bundy, Frances Mae 112
Thurston, Charles H Jr Bridges, Gladys L 103
Tibbets, Fred Clarno, Bertha 231
Tieke, Edward J Wallace, Lu Phemia 187
Timmons, Lloyd S Lawson, Florence 8
Tingley, Washington I Goers, Rena M 181
Tobin, Anthony Coggins, Sarah E 378
Tompkins, Charles A Scharff, Lois E 379
Totman, Evan S Hildebrand, Zelma L 336
Trask, Hollis Sanford, Jane Jenness 102
Trefren, Joseph McCabe, Malvina S 171
Truphemus, Denis Sequeira, Mary C 81
Tule, Sanford S Hamor, Alida S 58
Turner, Louis W Mitchell, Katie 102
Ullom, Delbert Richard Curtiss, Olga B 134
Upchurch, Leo Taylor, Effie 469
Usseglio, Frank J Patten, Lorene Wheeler 255
Valverde, Perle C Barnett, Elva 48
VanBreemen, William Jr Dalaba, Maxine 191
VanCleave, Jesse M Frederick, Irene 161
VanWormer, Virgil A Morris, Doris Nadine 483
Varney, Glenn H Smith, Letha 507
Vaughan, Charles Ashby Murray, Ellen Kathryn 177
Vaughn, Chester Scott, Pauline 79
Vaughn, Orville E Potter, Nola 115
Vaughn, Pierce B Nonnemaker, Emma E 450
Vimont, Ben Markle, Anna 182
Vincent, Charles Wilford Albright, Alice Elsie 105
VonderHellen, Hugo Silver, Evelyn 238
vonderHellen, William M Prock, Doris M 129
VonLastowicka, Hans DeNigtere, Berendina 27
Waeltz (Wealty), Raymond Bates, Dessie 83
Wager, Harry Snyder, Barbara 35
Wagoner, Walter L Brown, Ella L 259
Wait, F Wilson Smith, Virginia M 152
Walker, Charles William Clark, Eva 524
Walker, John Clinton Lowe, Margurite 316
Wallace, Carl T Douarin, Frances 22
Walsh, Clyde Leo Deen, Alice 210
Walters, Carl Elbert Wright, Catharine 240
Walton, Mark A Neumann, Virginia 465
Ward, Fred E Randle, Frances Orlane 495
Ward, Stephen Nicks, Sigrid V 112
Warford, Edward William Clute, Roberta M 276
Watkins, Floyd P McClain, Dorotha M 219
Watts, Herbert S Babcock, Bessie M 266
Weber, Albert L Brooking, Thelma 518
Weber, John C Fahl, Mary Frances 72
Webster, William E Dennett, Dora 31
Weedy, Lyle A Holly, Irion Alucia 508
Weger, Ray Taylor, Ruby 146
Welburn, H W Young, Delia Louise 252
Wells, George Lylburn Lamb, Gladys 467
Wemberg, John O Wagner, Ethel 408
Wentner, Lisle George Guthrie, Jessie Vivian 424
West, Gerald Dean Elliott, Vivian 63
Westcott, Evert H Sohnrey, Grace 288
Westman, Algot C Hjert, Greta 498
Whaley, Orval M Jenner, Norma 286
Wheeler, Henry Hale Wiard, Blanche Iva 399
Whisenant, Walter Harris, Leona 363
Whitchurch, Jack Frederick Earle, Emma Maria 377
White, Ocla Edward Ward, Cora E 271
Whitelaw, Fred Wheat, Cathryn 454
Whitley, Clarence A Mellott, Georgia 247
Whitman, Willard Wakefield, Hester 79
Wiedoeft, Herbert A Reinholdt, Esther 282
Wild, Glenn P Counter, Esther L 143
Wilder, Winfred Valentine Young, Juanita 505
Wiles, Lester Allison Bradley, Viola 508
Willhite, Harold Engene Rutter, Thelma Agnes 520
Willhite, Robert James Arthur Rutter, Pauline 355
Williams, George J Tipton, Vera I 350
Williams, Herbert Fay Heicher, Myrtle Evelyn 330
Williams, James Robert Sewell, Stella Moore 202
Williams, James Robert Scharff, Bertha 249
Williams, James Robert McRae, Gertrude 392
Williams, LeRoy Lutman, Zelda 24
Williams, Marvin Viall, Olivia 464
Williams, Thomas Ernest Newbry, Elsie Ruth 58
Williamson, Floyd A Huntoon, Margaret 246
Williamson, Vestor D Hokanson, Nina E 457
Wilson, Horatio F Murray, Anna 217  
Wilson, Jack P Merrill, Edna 305  
Wilson, W Hugh Kent, Alice 495  
Wimer, Onie Roscoe Matney, Marie Margurett 32  
Winship, William C McNair, Ada W 291  
Winters, Harry Lee Blakely, Leonore Belle 28  
Witte, Christopher M Randall, Jennie M 227 License
Wolfe, Benjamin E Smith, Ruby Opal 60  
Woodward, Carl Birdwell, Eileen 304  
Woodward, Delmar Loring, Nettie Mae 421  
Woody, Clarence F Tunnell, Zelma N 324  
Wright, William J Cochran, Sarah J (Mrs) 91  
Wright, William Lawrence Dusenberry, Mildred May 256  
Wright, William T Hathaway, Thelma Opal 382  
Wycoff, Walter Ray Roach, Virginia 192  
Wynkoop, Perry E Johnson, Vesta P 356  
Yaple, Harold O Thornton, Jessie Bernice 141
Yocom, Paul R Davis, Kathleen I 32
York, Chester Messenger, Wilma 532
York, Harry R Bemis, Nellie 149
Yost, Louis Carman, Dorothy G 104
Young, Armine O Fenton, Cora 536
Young, Herbert Wagner, Emily 400
Young, John C Nelson, Sophia M 327
Young, Rupert Jackson, Thelma Mae 63
Youngmark, Carl B Davis, Dorothy Dix 301
Zachary, Claud D Burns, Tillie 53
Zarka, Stephen J Hach, Sylvora 472
Zempke, Leslie L Heriford, Ethel 395
Zimmer, Ben C Peterson, Viola 34
Zimmer, Harry R Nofte, Beulah K 533
Zuccala, Frank Gianni, Aliade 88