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Jackson County Marriage Book #15 Indexed by Groom's Name

Old Photo of Wedding Couple

RVGS volunteers have photographed and indexed the marriage record books housed in the Jackson County, Oregon courthouse. Below is our index to Marriage Book #15 for 1928-1930. It is in alphabetic order by the groom's name. This book used preprinted forms completed by the county clerk. Each page in this book contains the certificates for a single couple and includes both the marriage license and certificate (assuming the license was acted upon).

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Marriage Certificate
How to order:
Names of bride and groom

Groom Bride Page
Adams, Fred Gore, Zoe Le 311
Adams, Glen A Bullock, Belva Norma 298
Adams, Richard Clayton Rogers, Winnie Mae 94
Adkins, Lester Raymond Glover, Mabel Mary 385
Ahlgren, Edwin Rich, Melva 392
Akers, Robert William Martin, Maxine 86
Albert, Thomas Rose, Evelyn 406
Aldredge, Pleasant M Cole, Velma Viola 469
Alexander, Thomas Robert Wheeler, Eunice Harriet 255
Allen, Albert Cooper Jjr Jester, Eva Mae 156
Allen, Glenn Mazzoni, Lena 488
Allen, Wallace G Gray, Georgia Marian 432
Allen, Walter Hampton Singler, Rose Marie 364
Allison, Robert Lee Hermetet, Emma J 301
Ament, Herbert Edward Speaker, Bertha 419
Anderson, Alvin C Lucke, Genevieve 266
Anderson, Edward C Fisher, Anna G 517
Anderson, Jesse George Biegel, Calla 460
Anderson, Lee Eugene Martin, Mamie Reva 47
Anderson, Oscar Melvin Bahl, Betty 38
Andreatta, Vito Holcomb, Josephine 544
Apollo, Sebastiano Lane, Minnie Canine 247
Appeldorn, Charles A Jr Carpenter, Maymetta 204
Arney, Jord C Brown, Mary 369
Ayers, Moses Cannon, Mae Wanda 523
Babb, Truman Babb, Leta 536
Babb, Truman D King, Carrel 153
Bacon, Stanley Richards, Amelia 289
Bagley, Henry Daniel Dacey, Pearl 308
Bailey, Wilmer Wyman Dusenberry, Nora Bell 358
Baker, Ben Birum Gigler, Bertha 559
Baker, Charles Warren Iunker, Thelma M 84
Baker, Fred C Allan, Inez 322
Baker, Harry L Moss, Eula Pearl 351
Baker, Robert Chester Troutfether, Gertrude 435
Balentine, Ulysses S Carden, Helen J 203
Ball, Lester F Hays, Elva Ione 457
Ballard, Edgar G Sobrero, Ivy Angelina 228
Balo, Ralph Patrick McIntyre, Florence 21
Bangert, Johnson Brownie Laws, Martha V 145
Banner, Eric Simmons, Patricia Elizabeth 222
Banning, Charles Floyd Russell, Lucy Katherine 306
Bardelmeier, William Darling, Beulah 156
Barham, Everett Fleury Kaegi, Mildred Eva 18
Barker, Warren C Butler, Bernice L 206
Barnes, Frederick Gilbert Wolfe, Myrtle Alberta 301
Barnes, Marvin James Bryan, Letitia Olive 57
Barney, George E Sholes, Maggie Zee 497
Barnhardt, Lester Swearingen, Olive Myrtle 315
Barnum, Roy A Norris, Carrol Mary 324
Barr, Samuel R Barr, Polly 109
Barrett, Floyd Valentine Stevens, Madeline Ruth 498
Barry, Robert M Bettencourt, Eva May 345
Bartlett, Willis H Patterson, Hazel 453
Barton, Earald H Bliss, Merna Isabel 440
Barton, Roy A Wilson, Mary Elizabeth 348
Bastain, James G Crabbe, Elizabeth L 390
Bates, Llewellyn William Doss, Doris Young 441
Bauer, Max Bauer, Margaret 447
Baughman, Howard Rees Alexander, Viola Mae 363
Baxter, Lloyd B Sovy, Ilis May 314
Baynes, Louis Warner Collier, Alice Eleanor 495
Beach, Curtis L Evans, Lena S 498
Beagle, Adam H Underwood, Edith Mae 89
Beaman, George T West, Laura M 236
Beck, Elbert L Shipley, Elaine 51
Beckley, Leslie Maves, Edith Bernice 207
Beers, Alford Stanton Fisher, Gladys Elizabeth 550
Beesley, Edward W Evans, Dorothy 382
Belcher, Bart Widener, Mary Elizabeth 293
Belcher, Harlen Sutton, Lillian Faunette 292
Bell, Albert W Conklin, Emma A 29
Bellows, Benjamin Lewis Bellows, Ethel May 422
Bennett, Dilbert Whitson, Thelma 346
Bennett, Leo Cullison, Elsie Marie 170
Bentz, Daniel DeBock, Ruth V 133
Berger, Newton R McCann, Theodora B 545
Bertram, Frederick Lawrence Ingram, Marjory Louise 302
Bewley, Bernal R Abel, Ella 199
Bigham, Leslie J Fredericks, Joy 30
Biles, Veltie Wyatt, Margaret 149
Bills, C Preston Rantz, Lucille 222
Bingham, Winfred W Facey, Mary Hazelteen 116
Birch, J A Roetzel, Lottie 261
Bisbee, Albert Chauncey Carpenter, Elsie Virginia 19
Bisset, L C Stover, Hazel A 406
Black, Charles R Bennett, Lena 75
Blackman, Robert B Cook, Viola 507
Blake, Richard E Hoehne, Nina A 103
Blean, James William VanValer, Roberta Sara 454
Boardman, Frank Elmer Perrine, Margaret 90
Boe, Arnold E McKenzie, Ethel 103
Boggis, John A Casebolt, May 254
Bohannon, Ulis Grant Brunkow, Thelma 434
Bohrmann, Charles H Bickel, Georgia M 354
Bommelyn, August Lawrence Carter, Margarett Evelyn 112
Bonney, Corliss Miles Dupray, Bessie Ione 244
Book, Richard N Pollard, Ruth Bell 452
Boomer, Leon Oscar Davis, Lola Venice 410
Boomsliter, Nelson Smith, Alice 415
Booth, Henry T Porterfield, Melwood 288
Borah, Melvin Edward Pryor, Isabel Irene 306
Boswell, Claudie Allen Alves, Helen Marie 457
Bottjer, Charles W DeLaney, Lovella 57
Bottoms, Franklin Otis Calloway, Agnes Alberta 348
Bourne, Chester I Watkins, Edna M 327
Bowen, Donald C Janson, Louisa M 77
Bowen, William Donald Cole, Lula Mae 108
Bowerman, Dan Timmons, Ruby 1
Boyd, Riley Boyd, Flora 59
Boyer, Arthur M Hilton, Martha J 73
Boyle, Robert James Coyle, Catherine Rita 59
Bradley, Clifford W Geandrot, Viola 399
Bradshaw, Leonard Brophy, Gwendolyn 349
Brady, Joseph E Kaser, Norrine 252
Bratton, Cecil Theodore Rose, Stella 171
Bratton, Lester Francis Collings, Eva Violet 316
Braun, Albert J Carl, Susanna Olga 253
Brauner, W Raymond Kirtley, Juanita 441
Brawn (Brown), Melvin Hart, LaVerne 126
Brazie, Fabron Wertz, Mary 69
Breilh, Celestin A Winkle, Bertha P 240
Brinser, Kenneth Goodrich, Lucille 491
Brisco (Brinco), Michael Moody, Myrtle 492
Brisco, Roy Frank Lewis, Viva Mildred 330
Brittsan, Donald H Brandon, Juanita 418
Brooks, Ira Samuel Tieke, Marie 492
Brooks, William S Williams, Thelma A 62
Brown, Arthur L Whitley, Esther 333
Brown, George VanSant, Stella 311
Brown, Warren Lawrence Hawkins, Susie 353
Brown, William A Nash, Laura C 483
Bruce, Clifford C Tunnell, Teresa 159
Bruck, Charles Rene Bigelow, Dorothy 30
Bryan, Albert H Lewis, Leona 7
Burbee, Frank Albert McKinnis, Myrtle Luene 104
Burks, Oscar Harris, Pearl 403
Burnett, Floyd McClone Braymer, Dorothy 162
Burnett, Ross A Rimane, Doris 433
Burnette, Lawrence Ellsworth Hamilton, Ella May 252
Burns, Martin T McNally, Marie 560
Burns, William Wallace Swaim, Alice Hazel 444
Burrows, Francis Marion Rannells, Helen Eloise 11
Burton, Eston Ray Sturguess, Florence 50
Burton, Floyd J Galligher, Irene G 257
Burton, Raymond E Tatum, Mary Ella 479
Burton, Walter Stephen Werner, Mildred Genevieve 373
Busch, Arthur A Lewis, Irene 22
Bushnell, Ernest Henry Stickler, Clara 123
Buttner, Percy Guerne, Pauline 45
Byerly, Charles E StThomas, Goldie 8
Byrd, Clarence Willis Boren, Nellie Mae 440
Byrne, Edmund John Nielsen, Anna 433
Caldwell, Warren A Stiles, Roxie Emily 275
Camp, Orville Jefferson Wilder, Elmira Hope 364
Campbell, Athole R Templeton, Erma Catherine 511
Campbell, Lee C Fleener, Florence 181
Campbell, Richard Ancil Allen, Alice Velma 12
Campbell, Richard B MacLean, Blanche A 194
Campbell, Turner Black, Nevada 413
Cannon, Clem C Brooks, Alice F 204
Canty, John Andrew Lindberg, Marcella 383
Cardoza, Wallace Brazille, Lyda 23
Carlson, Edward Samuel Loveland, Ida Mae 61
Carpenter, Chester B Papanek, Grace Ann 162
Carpenter, Ulman J Kavanaugh, Emily Louise 148
Carpenter, Walter V Henderson, Edyth 179
Carr, Lester Alford, Ethel Elizabeth 5
Carr, Lewis Mitchell Silva, Cathyron A 391
Carroll, Rosier P Rogers, Nola Lee 371
Carter, Henry Sidney Guymon, Reta E 72
Casaday, Floyd V Curtis, Adelene 451
Casebolt, Earl Wayne Jay, Mary Essie 378
Cass, Alonzo B Doyle, Elizabeth 530
Cassel, Calvin C Binning, Velma B 174
Cearley, James Elmer Merritt, Grace Mildred 140
Chambers, Raymond Henry Stucker, Bertha 349
Champ, Henry W Shermer, Florence L 217
Chandler, George L Netland, Marie B 446
Chapman, Wilbur C Johnson, Gladys A 363
Charley, John Hostler, Marion 271
Chase, Arthur E Smith, Bessie 377
Chatham, Richard A Gould, Martha S 461
Chavez, Antonio Garcia, Hazel 310
Cheever, Arnold M Nichols, Katherine 300
Cheney, Richard L Brinton, Orissa 427
Chesley, Carlton C Sparks, Rosanetta 539
Chesnut, Gordon T Schultz, Louise G 265
Childs, Leroy B Perigo, Dorothy 210
Chisholm, Thomas Hammersly Shorb, Fern 375
Clark, Alva E Miller, Ima L 264
Clark, Charles Edward Jr James, Isabel Sarah 528
Clark, Howard L Murray, Ruth 182
Clark, Paul Armstrong, Alta 540
Clark, Webster F Harrington, Virginia D 334
Clark, Willard B Stone, Marie E 510
Clarkson, William S Jr Clarkson, Helyne Z 524
Clausen, Walter J Jenkins, Ruth 188
Clausnitzer, Robert William Crawford, Retha 229
Cline, Thomas N Hemstra, Grace L 507
Clower, Eugene Doty, Lillian Irene 335
Cochran, Ollie Cody, Edith S 184
Cochrane, Edmund R Foss, Ethel 164
Cochrane, Elvis H Leaming, Anna Belle 16
Cody, Harold Hanscom, Edna 51
Cofer, Roland W Mitchell, Helen Evangeline 256
Colburn, Harold Earl Hinds, Marie Terese 542
Colburn, John Albert Hinds, Aileen Mary 543
Cole, Earl Fogle, Mary 291
Cole, Keith Randall, Dorothy 198
Collier, Ward Clemens, Ardelle 128
Colwell, Charles Louis Russell, Lillian Frances 45
Combest, Hugh McMullen, Alice 480
Combs, Howard W Nichols, Helen M 395
Conception, Benny Medina, Josie 396
Condrey, George E Roseman, Grace Emmett 13
Conger, John Luther Nahss, Hilma E 493
Conner, Albert J Smith, Juanita 26
Conquergood, Dick Cerbin, Irene 394
Cook, James Meservey, Florence 262
Cook, John Thomas Wilder, Ona W 175
Cook, Robert Ellis Springs, Ada Ruth 13
Coon, Burton M Patrick, Reva 137
Cooper, Arthur E Woolfolk, Doris H 460
Copeland, Thomas B Clay, Mattie M 535
Cornell, Samuel E Packard, Florine F 205
Cory, Frank Andrew Brainard, Frankie 481
Cottage, Lionel F Titus, Aleska Bernice 499
Cotton, Charles James Messenger, Ethel Estelle 436
Cotton, Dan Clarence Russell, Alta Irene 133
Coughran, Sylvester Hobbs, Rhua Ruth 530
Cowen, Thomas Philip Barber, Mildred Leet 125
Cowgill, Arthur Bliss Jahde, Henrietta C 25
Cox, Jasper Benner Kleinhamer, Georgia Lucille 446
Cox, Walter J White, Laura Mae 202
Cozine, Arthur Garrett Gregory, Esther Lorena 18
Crabtree, Floyd A High, Helen E 470
Crews, Graydon Talmadge Hermann, Naomi 448
Crews, Wilbert Russell, Ione 343
Crocker, Lawrence P Turnbow, Mary 267
Crockett, Elmer Wallace Austin, Alta Blanche 289
Cromwell, Ernest F Nichols, Corinnie 76
Crow, Gideon Ruff, Juana Jean 474
Crowder, Robert L Brewer, Laura Elizabeth 383
Cudigan, Raymond Leroy Brown, Rose D 92
Culy, Louis R Madsen, Rosalie L 475
Cummings, James E Doughty, Alberta 359
Cundy, Harold Reppert, Alice 529
Currington, Russell W Thomas, Mary Anne 232
Curtis, Frank B Croy, Blanche 329
Daley, George W Stanley, Della 407
Daniels, Clarence H Dennis, Frances Grayce 461
Dart, Harvey L Sorahan, Isabelle 272
Davies, Ivan Ragsdale, Nancy Jane 484
Davis, Charles Wayne Sievertsen, Isabelle May 538
Davis, Darrell Head, Dorothy D 307
Davis, Delbert J Hall, Evelyn E 34
Davis, Eli W Miller, Maud 231
Davis, Fred E George, Reatha Maude 510
Davis, Hubert M Dobbin, Viola 42
Davis, Samuel A Williams, Elizabeth J 228
Davis, William Franklin Burkhard, Catherine Ann 4
Dawson, John Munro Croxen, Florence Orvilla 238
Dawson, Rupert Percy Doyle, Bertha Burbridge 145
Day, Gerald Erasmus Hemphill, Naomi Louise 321
Day, Vernon R Palmer, Esther 555
Dayton, William B Childs, Myrtle Olive 47
Dean, Aubrey Zeno Kerr, Laura Gates 217
Dean, Charles Miller, Ada Laveda 398
DeCarlow, Leland Charles Gillmore, Hazel Morea 102
DeJarnett, Ralph E Hanson, Elizabeth 225
Dellinger, Shirley D Swacker, Averil 111
Denman, Glen Roy Randolph, Lois Edna 532
Derby, Lloyd H Glaab, Elizabeth 2
Deter, Theodore M Redmond, Geraldine 290
Dick, Donald E Murray, Murva C 501
Dick, Robert A Bowen, Laura E 53
Dickson, Carl Conn, Essie Jane 250
Dinnel, Clifford T Krikac, Ruby A 272
Ditto, Frank Fay Young, Margaret Julia 416
Dobkins, Elvis Ephram Butler, Beulah Mae 5
Dockery, Raymond C Boyle, Helen 141
Dolan, Jack VanMeter, Eldie 6
Donaldson, Leavens H Hans, Clara Belle 127
Dorman, Harry William Nickell, Marguerite A 557
Douglas, Clyde O Stacy, Opal 242
Downey, Myron M Koepsell, Mari Anna Elzora 305
Drake, Paul E Dillon, Margaret J 208
Drew, John Thomas Miller, Irene Ivy 386
Driver, William Wesely Lapree, Mary 32
Drumm, Bloomfield Anderson, Dorothy B 386
Dudley, Lester Monroe Knight, Elizabeth Mae 218
Dudley, Willard L Dunn, Clara 317
Duff, Lawrence Lynch, Verna 280
Dukes, George A Ferguson, Alice M 73
Dumont, Samuel Worland, Charlotte 192
Dumore, Joe Crain, Weilletta 408
Dunkin, Frank S Bedingfield, Deloris 409
Duval, August Forbes, Ruby D 211
Dye, James William Conner, Alma 93
Dynge, Gerald L Thomas, Dorothy Cooper 248
Eagle, Arthur McGimpsey, Norah R 450
Eck, Bob Hansen, Rose Faith 82
Ede, Sherman F Mackrill, Beatrice 169
Edmonds, Arthur J Pierce, Jessie 560
Edson, Chester Samuel Mercer, Marion Nettie 77
Edwall, I Stack, Albertina R (Mrs) 506
Edwards, Basil A Petersen, Ella V 438
Eldrige, Levi Almon Bowers, Elizabeth Helen 280
Elkins, Delbert W O'Brian, Mary 516
Elliott, George O Keenan, Louise (Mrs) 85
Ellis, Ninc Covnot, Sarah 405
Elston, Calvin A Wineland, Docia 379
England, Clayton K Letcher, Isabel Angeline 307
Ennerson, Ernest W Mahan, Montana Florence 453
Enos, Thomas M Chapman, Esther 91
Erickson, Emery Dick, Leola 499
Estell, Sherman West, Mabel 387
Etter, William Henry Freeman, Dagmar 34
Evans, Carl L Houdyshel, Alice D 323
Evans, Robert L Hughes, Flossie 352
Evans, Russell L Peyton, Nordene Irma 435
Evansizer, Orville L Butler, Jaunita 344
Evdokimoff, Peter Evans, Martha 105
Everett, Noble M Mulson, Marcelle V 241
Farmer, Chester Artur Wolfe, Ruby Opal 287
Farmer, Robert Ellis Yaple, Jessie Berneice 243
Ferg, Lloyd E Hoehne, Maxine 469
Ferguson, Phillip W Lewis, Lilly 389
Ferrari, Vincent Rossetti, Lucy 488
Fifield, James Ervin Nichols, Alice Mary 83
Finley, Alphues William Stevenson, Harriet B 308
Finnell, John Jr Childs, Hollis 445
Firman, Richard S Daniels, Gladys I 124
Firth, Conn Ruben Weaver, Carrie Estella 439
Fisher, Herbert O'Rourke, Myrtia 82
Fleenor, Elisha Fleenor, May 384
Flem, Percy I Libo, Anna Eugene 49
Fletcher, Percy Gallyer, Georgina 485
Flury, Theodore R Head, Blossom 76
Forness, Everett Zundrunm, Margaret 148
Foster, William H Felmley, Florence A 135
Fountain, Warren Norris, Maude Ora 241
Fox, Edward Knight, Christiana 420
Frain, George Willson, Thelma I 396
Franklin, Dale H Flynn, Bernice Marie 110
Freeman, John Arthur Wisecarver, Minnie Lucille 394
Freeman, William A Bland, Doris M 517
Friar, Merle Edward Petrick, Vivian Belton 146
Frost, Alva Siemann, Maymie F 255
Frost, Joseph W Hurst, Hazel 49
Fry, Norman Cannon, Nina 120
Fulcher, Alan Wallace Murray, Lucille 395
Fuller, Harold Pierce, Thelma 143
Gardiner, Harrison C Wilbur, Barbara 219
Gardner, Anders Antone Dinsmore, Effie 371
Garriott, Harold H Gillette, Marjorie 190
Garrozola, Anthony Stephens, Eva 165
Gay, Herschel Alonzo Peterman, Nina 11
Gensler, Myer L Jr Wynn, Marguerite V 151
George, William J Ralston, Lucille E 249
Gergen, Peter Edwin Hooper, Emma Luella 490
Gerken, Fred W Joy, Bernice M 237
Gibbins, Elbert Churchman, Vera 191
Gibson, Orval Clarence Wheaton, Velma Lillian 67
Gibson, Walter H Williams, Ethel Wynn (Mrs) 381
Gifford, Ray L Bascom, Olive L 39
Gile, Emmett Meyers, Alice 338
Gillespie, Raymond Walter Cardwell, Violet Mae 179
Gillmore, Chalmers Hugh Simmons, Bertha Maude 314
Gilmore, Alonzo R Donlon, Bessie M 260
Gimblin, Herbert Charles Rice, Bessie G 173
Girard, Leo Spesert, Lucille 277
Glayzer, William F Austin, Golda M 343
Glover, Wayne Adams, Helen 234
Goddard, William Charles Teigen, Gunhilda 428
Godding, William K Nonken, Olivia 331
Goings, Jesse Weston, Esther 535
Gonzales, B Norman Tupper, Nadean Evelyn 464
Goodman, Clark Kyvik, Thora 235
Goodman, Roy Truitt, Hazel C 31
Gort, John Audrey Casey, Frances 540
Goulart, John R Carter, Ruby Roselie 374
Gracey, Earl S Braaten, Marie 336
Grady, Henry W Bell, Helen Katherine 122
Graham, David A Wilkins, Eunice K 258
Graves, Herbert Fitzgerald, Elizabeth 84
Gray, Jack Kunkel, Estella Louise 108
Gray, Joseph H Jr Tyner, Ruth Elaine 367
Gray, Julie Charles Dehougne, Violet 421
Greb, Oliver William Brock, Lena 321
Green, Alvah J Coughran, Christine 456
Green, Guy Ryan, Helen 116
Green, Paul Franklin Hayden, Bernice Mildred 279
Green, Robert M Centers, Lila 56
Greer, Willis D Dunlava, Ethel Ann 304
Grey, Herbert G Gregory, Helen 312
Griffin, Gilbert W Scott, Margaret L 276
Grigsby, Claude F Ferrell, Hazel 147
Grigsby, Lindsey Edward Maneely, Florine Frances 384
Grimm, Edward Victor Dodson, Nova Jean 274
Groskoff, Lee Grider, Wilda 318
Grundy, Raymond Noyer, Willeta 208
Guddat, Walter E Coghill, Ella L 295
Guerrero, Ildefonzo G Mena, Lidia 136
Gunderson, Horace Conway, Nancy C 361
Gunter, Claude L Landing, Elsie Irene 339
Gutierrez, Angelo Ginocchio, Mary 374
Guyer, Harry H French, Helena 459
Haag, Frank W Sullivan, Lary 214
Haas, Bernard John Edwards, Carolyn Jane 502
Hall, Melvin Harvey Crews, Dorothy 471
Hall, Rayford W Fleck, Ruth Marie 33
Hallford, Rollin Moulton, Pauline Neoma 35
Halverson, Lionel M Kernan, Frances E 266
Hamby, Claude Myers, Vivian 88
Hamilton, Eldon W Gash, Alzada Mooney 426
Hamilton, Robert G Jr Roth, Miriam Elizabeth 201
Hammel, Floyd S Purdy, Ruth 69
Hammer, John Howard Thomas, Lela M 118
Hancock, Arthur J Wuthrich, Norma N 475
Haney, Homer M Trefren, Olive M 173
Hanna, Jasper Everett Adams, Vera Jacelyn 490
Hansen, Luther T Baker, Gladys Alvira 91
Hanson, Oscar Nicholson, Mabel 250
Hanson, Walter Oscar Huffaker, Lucille Idaline 167
Harding, Harry F DeMotto, Lucile 81
Hardman, Lehi R Cameron, Hattie May 36
Harrington, George H Ekstrom, Agnes Josephine 423
Harris, Stephen Haymond, Louise 270
Harrison, Russell B Baker, Edna Wadene 500
Hart, Robert C Vilm, Eugenia 477
Hartell, Guy Raymond MacDonald, Eva Fay 545
Hartle, Herbert Perkins, Edith 139
Hartley, James A Miller, Willetta Ann 431
Harvey, Aubrey E McLaughlin, Mildred L 512
Harvey, Harold D Robinson, Cora E 118
Haskell, Fritz E Bedford, Alta 502
Haskins, Russell G Page, Elizabeth 197
Hawes, Ray W Hufford, Ethel 268
Hawkins, Chester Opdyke, Zoe Millicent (Mrs) 323
Hawks, Max Jay Hart, Claude 42
Hayes, Gilbert Donald Nodurft, Louise Eugene 534
Hayes, Louis Edward Yockey, Edna Ruth 367
Hays, Craig Burdette Massey, Hazel Belle 249
Hays, Roderick Heryford, Kathleen 52
Hearn, Benjamin Franklin Stafford, Helen Mae 542
Heberlie, Nicholas Ramen Packard, Iola Ethel (Mrs) 299
Helms, Floyd G Mullenix, Violet Margaret 303
Helsel, Joe H Thomason, Dorothy Ida 452
Henning, Alfred William Hedberg, Agnes 123
Henry, Clifford T Fielder, Virginia R 210
Henry, David Thornburg, Hope Elizabeth 114
Henry, James W Brokaw, Pearl 537
Henshaw, John Dahack, Ernestine Genevieve 487
Henshaw, Lauren Lewis Stanley, Mary Louise 455
Hermann, Conrad Edward Bundock (Burdock), Kate 70
Herriott, John E Phipps, Gladys L 477
Higginbotham, Leonard H Dillabo, Virginia 225
High, Robert Nathan Thompson, Mary Ann 298
Higinbotham, John Lester Armstrong, Lena Elizabeth 550
Hill, Louis T Fleming, Irene 309
Hillis, George William Olson, Lillian 131
Hinckley, Glen N Spencer, Gladys Leone 473
Hirschy, Charles Sheahan, Edith N 486
Hoagland, William Frederic Brownrigg, Cristel Eleanor 520
Hobbs, Charles Messenger, Esther 476
Hober, Lee A Mitchell, Genevieve 297
Hocking, Francis Badley, Nora D 163
Hoffard, Paul J vonderHellen, Floy 20
Hofhenke, George J Bucher, Grace 459
Hogan, Fredrick George Crawford, Hazel L 428
Hoge, Jerry R Conroy, Jewell Ruth 157
Holcomb, Hugh McIntyre, Alameda B 203
Holland, Hugh Edward Holland, Lessie 294
Holliday, Dorwin F Smith, Mayme I 483
Hollis, Leslie Nelson, Betty 267
Holloway, John C Caldwell, Lida J 421
Holman, Delford W Winebarger, Bessie 448
Holmquist, Peter H Nelson, Evelyn 185
Hoopes, William H Gray, Belle A 302
Hopkins, Donald Fields, Augusta 107
Hoskin, James Mitchell Adams, June Edna 313
Hoskin, John Leroy Shaffer, Ruth Adele 312
Hossick, Charles H Dallas, Nora Clorine 193
House, Harold H Crawford, Lola Myrtle 522
Houston, Claude M Hegler, Rose Marthena 184
Howland, Max H Hirt, Lillian L 67
Hubbard, Norman E Bloxham, Mary E 226
Hubbell, John Ralph Clay, Thelma 296
Hudson, Jack Sheley, Wilma 283
Huff, Ted Lyle Keaton, Florence Ruby 365
Huffman, I Denzil Dick, Kathryn P 373
Hughes, Winifred Bertram Schmidt, Katherine G 505
Hull, Hic B Lewis, Edna B C 12
Hume, Matthew D Burk, Minnie M 532
Humphrey, Robert Lee Cole, Ethel Gertrude 512
Hunsaker, Claire Raymond Hess, Olive Florence 547
Hunter, Kenneth Esping, Mary 332
Hurst, Frank Martin Woods, Zelda 464
Hurst, Ira Stickel, Vida B 232
Hussey, Arthur Theodore Howell, Marie 556
Hylton, Simmie S Barnett, Ruth 74
Incion, Paciano Bradley, Mildred Velairo 111
Ingram, Thomas Gordon Differding, Marion 485
Inlow, Fred Elvin Hicks, Gertrude 16
Isaac, Albert C Grange, Virginia 221
Ittel, Harold W Scannell, Opal Darling 543
Jacobsen, Ronald Darling, Ruth 188
Jakel, Frederic Ford, Mary 258
Jarvis, Floyd L Wolford, Dorothy 290
Jenks, Walter F Wall, Melissa 135
Jennings, Walter Willis, Clara 41
Jensen, Lloyd V Petersen, Celestine M 187
Jensen, Wilbur B Ritchey, Alice Mabel 533
Jewett, Ambrose Teel Fritz, Alveda 206
Johnsburg, Morris G Hopkins, Susie 332
Johnson, Charles W Reynolds, Mattie L 391
Johnson, Eric Huneaus, Clara 109
Johnson, Howard Aldrich Sheffler (Sheffer), Vivian Luetta 54
Johnson, John Mark Shepard, Mae E 410
Johnson, John Morton Young, Maude L 239
Johnson, Raymond B Ruh, Ruth 92
Johnson, Thomas J Stuart, Vela M 100
Johnson, Uel E Jones, Laura Louise 412
Jones, Ensly J Salladay, Lucille 68
Jones, Frank S Wills, Margaret H 104
Jones, Laurence H Harris, Mabel E 158
Jones, Sterling Bascom, Jessie 40
Jones, Walter A Barrigar, Maude 159
Jordan, Maurice A Heckendorf, Hazel 551
Jorgensen, Bert H Erickson, Myrtle Elvira 251
Jorgensen, Jorgen K Semon, Marjorie E 4
Joyce, Orvil T Trousdale, Earline 529
Kaiser, Charles Vernon Hufford, Octavia 99
Kamlin, Carl R Lundstrom, Nora B 172
Keenan, David Petric, Ann Roberta 240
Kellogg, Ralph Lester Richmond, Gladys M 451
Kelly, Edward C Greiner, Mary 176
Kennedy, George Thomas Hoxie, Beatrice J 186
Kennedy, Harry West, Elaine 200
Kenney, Donald C Witter, Mildred M 372
Kent, Stephen S Lange, Clara 425
Kerns, Everett Edwin Vicars, Lillie 379
Kestner, Harry Zimmerman, Emma Grace 339
Kimsey, Joseph Monroe Lambert, Dorothy 1
King, Burton Edwin Taylor, Mary Margaret 138
King, George W Cook, Josie 160
Kite, Karl Smoot, Stella M 445
Klotz, Albert Shaffer, Isabel 41
Knight, Charles Wright, Parthina 414
Knight, Richard John Modrell, Lillian V 524
Knight, Robert G Coverdale, Ella 350
Koeller, Charles L Noyer, Ida May 207
Koger, Ralph Schulz, Gladys 61
Koster, Reuben D Freyer, Gladys 525
Krantz, Joseph J Arens, Juanita Delores 66
Kress, George R Taylor, Wanda 526
Krumwide, John D Conner, Ora I 62
Kyle, Harry Dixon Felten, Rose Elinor 6
Kyle, Harry Dixon Felten, Rose Elinor 6a
Laffranchini, Clarence Henry Swayze, Veda 361
Laidley, William Glenn Niven, Jeanne Mae 20
Laing, Arthur E Glascock, Nellie 434
Lair, lloyd Floyd Cooper, Fern Beatrice 449
Lange, William Edward Jones, Amy Annettie 463
Langer, Lester L Propst, Evelyn 132
Larkin, Leonard C Miller, Edna 354
Larsen, Holger L McConnell, Hazel 430
Larter, Loraine M Buckley, Ida L 90
Laws, Alva L Schow, Ruth E 420
Lawson, Floyd Kenneth Beery, Gladys Lena 138
Lawson, Irvin O Willis, Virginia 376
Lee, Benjamin W Powell, Hazle 2
Lee, John William Gilinsky, Verl 416
Lengel, Herman William Takala, Mary Justine 340
Leonard, Theodore Roosevelt Nyswaner, Dorothy Laura 201
Lepori, August Martinelli, Alma Cecilia 227
LesMeister, Paul Stanley Sykes, Margaret 337
Lester, Walter W McRae, Anita Laura 177
Lewis, Charles L Decker, Effie 44
Lewis, Donald W Woods, Hazel N 212
Lewis, Earl Varney Jackson, Helen 161
Lewis, Edward R Goetzman, Rita G 106
Lewis, John W Hicks, Juanita B 305
Lewis, Victor Courtenay Hyslin, Asta Wold 209
Linahan, Marvin V Peck, Emily Merril 213
Lincoln, Herman B Parrish, Beatrice 487
Lind, Frank Edward Patterson, Zylpha 284
Lininger, Orrin B Bowling, Zuba 144
Locknane, John W McDiarmid, Lila 22
Long, Donald Booth Corum, Kathryn Evelyn 178
Lorton, Garland N Wilson, Ellen Bertha 326
Lovejoy, James E Dunphy, Vivienne 443
Loveland, Carl H Hunkin, Carolyn 183
Lowd, George Reachert, Mabel 454
Lowe, George K Hill, Harriet 538
Luce, Robert S Brinegar, Louise 216
Lund, Carl Lewis, Alice 319
Lusk, Sidney O Palmer, Elsie 83
Maasson, Joseph Herbert Fryer, Susie Belle 360
Macdonald, John A Kite, Flora 131
Maddox, George E Crawford, Arleen Marie 472
Magness, Lyle E Raley, Annie Mae 25
Magnuson, Manford E Curtis, Beth 87
Maguire, Edward F Cron (Crow), Emily Cecile 44
Mahlin, Herman G Rees, Dorothy F 519
Mallow, Louis Huber Gaskill, Lula Irene 424
Mamuyac, Blas Connett, Velma 422
Mangas, Paulino Graham, Gladys 425
Mann, Lester Davis, Georgia 28
Mannin, Henry Allen, Eliza A 503
Manning, Arthur L Montgomery, Eilene 58
Manning, William Pierce Ryan, Gladys 264
Mapes, Delbert S Saunders, Della J 362
March, Marcel Idell Ryan, Mildred Mae 537
Marcus, Fred Joseph Tieke, LuPhemia 15
Markle, George E Peterson, Peggie 495
Marks, Ray Fred Ellis, Ruth 254
Martin, Brice P Cooper, Elizabeth F 516
Martin, Charles A Maxey, Siddie 78
Martin, Charles A Pereira, Margaret 400
Martin, Ingersoll Goerke, Annie M 356
Martin, James H Lathrop, Ruby 514
Martin, Joseph Jr Oswald, Fran 17
Martin, Lee Clarence McIntosh, Rosella Katherine 369
Martin, Lloyd A Medford, Amenda B 370
Martin, Richard Buell, Betty 237
Martin, Richard W Zurcher, Muriel E 96
Martin, Ross M Haworth, Helen M 544
Martin, Rowland E Day, Mary Alice 375
Martin, Wallis J Williams, Robert Mae 113
Mason, Norman W Wain, Lula Sargent 282
Mast, Andrew V LaFlamme, Maye 358
Masters, James Harold Sandborg, Mabel 130
Matheson, Arthur D Combs, Leslie 527
Mathews, Frank L Hulin, Doris Loraine 465
Mayberry, Charles Howard McKenzie, Laura Evelyn 528
Mazier, Harry B Howard, Vivian 168
McCann, Clinton Joe Payne, Ruth Bernice 154
McCartney, Creston H Prout, Elinor E 494
McCleary, Peter A Prinzler, Addie N 43
McConnell, Elmer Winfield Friend, Lucille 368
McCormick, John Dale Weise, Myrtle L 558
McCoy, David Combes, Alma A 262
McCoy, Jack Smith, Dorothy 405
McCue, Leslie L Burger, Bernice E 119
McCusker, Buford C Hogg, Edna 268
McDonald, Weir Wells Rochester, Olive Redford 23
McFadden, Harry Eugene Bosell, Anna L 79
McFarland, Frerick John Shell, Sadie Jane 548
McGowan, Raymond Edward Ferrari, Mae Lucy 66
McGuire, Melvin R Dutro, Alda E 28
McHenry, Albert L Porter, Iva V 285
McIndoe, Robert Irwin White, Marion 341
McKeeman, Daniel Wallace Willis, Jessie May 180
McMichael, Leland Stanford Payne, Mertina M 10
McNally, Harold Powell, Jeanette 402
McPherson, Fred Calvin Hansen, Gertrude 189
McRae, James W Dodson, Ferne 24
McVay, Myron W Olin, Pearl 534
Meadows, Samuel I Lyman, Gladys 71
Meeken, Durad O Creede, Edyth 152
Meeker, Orr T English, Elsie 388
Mello, Frank Young, Frances 385
Mellor, Clarence A Houghton, Lela 245
Melton, Harry Tungate, Gladys E 322
Menary, John Murphy, Laura 283
Mero, James Newlun, Goldie Bernardine 442
Merrill, Charles Tolbert, Ruth Marie 234
Merrill, Edward T Watson, Kate 147
Merritt, Ralph Eugene Davison, Reva Pearl 166
Merryweather, Theodore Robert Eads, Georgianna Irene 224
Metz, Walter J Reid, Jeanne Grey 291
Meyer, Harold C Clark, Thelma 17
Meyers, Merle W Lawson, Ermine 279
Miles, Hudson V Smith, Goldie Margaret 43
Millard, George E Taylor, Anna K 157
Miller, Charles A VanDyke, Sylvia 175
Miller, Charles Louis Bettencourt, Mabel Dephine 129
Miller, Dick J Milligan, Isabel 352
Miller, Earl Melvin Garrett, Arlene 3
Miller, Floyd A Garvin, Ruth Laveta 153
Miller, Mark John Young, Lillian N 513
Miller, Melvin R Niccolls, Edith Mae 256
Miller, Russell A Lotter, Elizabeth Marie 10
Miller, William L Slagle, Estella 357
Milton, Lloyd W Childers, Lora 192
Miniken, Donald K Worthington, Lola Viola 503
Mitchell, Will F Frisselle (Frizell), Dagmar Alix 447
Moffatt, Bruce W Shirley, Frances Bernice 347
Monia, Clarence Vernon Wilhite, Dorothy Eleanor 466
Montgomery, Eugene E Pendleton, Helen 182
Moon, Raleigh Anthony McClaine, Louise Bernice 277
Moore, Bert Puhl, Augusta 233
Moore, Cameron R Schmulian, Ruby 24
Moore, Charles Compton, Maude 319
Moore, Charles A Murphy, Anne Helen 437
Moore, Clyde Earl Rice, Virginia Lee 101
Moore, Herbert Max Russell, Lois Alma 554
Moore, John W McGowan, Rosebud Elizabeth 235
Morehouse, Frank B Billips, Maude M 102
Morehouse, John L Livingston, Helen F 89
Moreland, Roy Ernest Braun, Katherine Audrey 37
Morgan, Arthur Bice, Florence Evalyn 541
Morrill, George Clifton Winders, Sibyl Elaine 496
Morris, Freley Travis, Rosetta 19
Morris, Jasper H Davis, Lela 56
Morris, Lon Albert Jeannot, Mary A 72
Morrison, Robert L Newby, Janice L 194
Morthland, Lloyd G Sander, Marcella 340
Mosier, Franklin L Barkley, Nona E 531
Mottern, Clarence E Richards, Mary 523
Moulton, John Ralph Cota, Josephine Anna 64
Muhr, Frank F Chamberlain, Elaine 107
Mullennax, Alfred C Linzy, Ruth N 500
Munter, Robert E Green, Clara Jo 546
Murcersmith, Ben Alonzo Peterson, Selma 329
Murray, Kenneth F Combs, Flossie I 423
Musgrove, Willis Fritz, Marie Louise 55
Musswitz, Walter Paul Peter, Anna Elizabeth 257
Myers, Fred McMahan, Georgia 501
Myers, Gerald Britz Peterson, Goldie Catherine 180
Myers, Lawrence Beezley Calkins, Myrtle Leona 494
Nachreiner, Carl L Rice, Dorothy 478
Narregan, Lynden C Knox, Elsie 493
Neary, Charles T Grisez, Margie 215
Neff, Ray J Ragsdale, Eleanor 432
Nelson, Nels Anderson, Elin Greta 226
Nelson, Nels Bray, Alice 270
Newland, William Herman Offutt, Evelyn Mae 97
Newman, LaVern C Miller, Hazel 246
Newman, Leo Earl Burbridge, Alva Lauraine 380
Newton, Gene Bonney, Bessie 190
Nichol, Cecil E Elliott, Ruby 38
Nicholas, Elmer M Jackson, Wilma Madeline 113
Nichols, Paul F Klude, Lillie 88
Nickley, George Washington Sullivan, Betty E 372
Nissen, Arnold Christian Majors, Hattie 68
Niswonger, George William Perry, Mary 63
Nixon, William J Wilson, Eva Jane 211
Noaks, William F Keller, Lenora 3
Noble, Wilfred Hammond, Edith Mae 187
Noble, William W Schneider, Ruby 55
Norris, Vallen Aubrey Coleman, Clair 177
Nye, Stephen Gundlach Dew, Evelyn May 468
O'Farrell, Harry Carlton Smith, Julia 218
Olson, Clarence F McCollom, Ruth M 115
Olson, J Edmund Weismann, Mary C 172
Olson, Ray O Winters, Esther A 336
Omale, Geraldo Smith, Helen 33
O'Neal, James Dwight Smith, Beulah 137
Oppenheim, Leon Hilton, Ruth Jeanne 287
Orr, William R Graham, Olga 48
Ortega, Miguel Hall, Lora Belle 295
Osborne, Henry Homer Hooper, Virginia Pearl 98
Otterson, John Thomas Leffler, Emma Louise 417
Ottonello, Angelo Rice, Velma Bernice 303
Overstreet, James Ambrose, Myrtle 27
Owen, Jackson Thomas Rametes, Nellie May 381
Padgham, Henry Francis Jr Glover, Augusta Susan 518
Page, Wilbird Tanner, Louise Elizabeth 233
Palmer, Willis Baldwin, Helena 347
Parker, Sewall King Gilmore, Catherine C 359
Parr, Aldo Donald Doss, Margaret Young 215
Parrick, Jay James Miller, Garnett 342
Parsons, Edwin R Glover, Grace 288
Parsons, Lawrence Duncan, Melba 412
Pascall, George Leonard Wardrip, Gladys Ramona 94
Patterson, Dwight L Sackett, Delphine 170
Paul, Ralph E Eddy, Lucille 515
Pawley, Herman H Howard, Mae 35
Payan, Benjamin Cereceres, Consuelo 521
Payan, Benjamin Cereceres, Consuelo 521a
Payne, Clarence E Campbell, Gertrude 292
Payne, Orrin D Beeler, Emma 320
Pease, David Walter Dickson, Elsie Lanore 244
Peate, Leslie Wilson Dennis, Helene 230
Pedrotti, John Moore, Gladys 315
Peery, Alfred Melvin Royer, Grace Viola 7
Pefley, Gordon V (Dr) Hervey, Thelma Lucille 128
Pellush, Charles Woodward, Gordette 496
Penney, Verle L Kidwell, Iona 259
Perkins, Charles K Tade, Marjorie E 458
Perkins, Floyd P Ashby, Earline 456
Perkins, Raymond Byley (Biley), Alvie 171
Petersen, John Crain, Lillian 32
Peterson, Chester J NaVeau, Hazel 80
Peterson, Edward Albran Curran, Doris 345
Peterson, Elmer W Davis, Genevieve 167
Peterson, Harry Allen McDonald, Bernice Inez 242
Peterson, Henry T Schaad, Ora Evalyn 165
Pfeffer, Walter White, Charlotte 380
Phillips, Emmett R Allyn, Ruth 465
Phillips, Fredrick N Babington, Margaret 139
Phillips, Ralph S Vennewitz, Alice Pickering 508
Phillips, Walter B Kennedy, Nancy 238
Pierce, William C Boles, Elva 85
Pierson, Frank S Rathbun, Lois 36
Pike, LeRoy Earl Dorland, Eleanor E 489
Pike, Melvin George Thompson, Frances 71
Piluso, Frank Jr Turner, Bethel Irene 439
Pitman, Philip Herbert Harper, Vivian Inez 549
Plotts, Robert Ingersoll McCune, Ardell 509
Poe, Everett Buckles, Evelyn 115
Pomeroy, William H Talent, Viola H 99
Poole, Carroll Harry Weber, Della Lena 52
Popovich, Mark Elliott, Annie 50
Porter, Clay Philpott, Frances Margaret 333
Potter, Leo K Applegate, Elizabeth Luella 265
Powell, Carroll W Arthur, Ella 189
Powell, George Arthur Roberts, Genevieve 229
Powell, Lawrence L Spencer, Altadena 186
Powell, William S Webster, Gold Arietta 449
Powels, Verne I Reeder, Eulalee 558
Prescott, Francis George Fairburn, Sybol 557
Prevost, Louis J Swindler, Amy 397
Prickett, Chester Ferguson, Alena 504
Prince, Charles H Hall, Margaret M 484
Pruitt, Richard McLaughlin, Edith Velma 491
Pruitt, Robert Myers, Dorothy 342
Puckett, Etsell (Estell) High, Florence 413
Putnam, Glenn Irwin Wilson, Charline 536
Putney, Maynard Alonzo Iverson, Katie Marie 467
Pyle, Sidney Mathew Lathrop, Fredonia 555
Quigley, Frank B Zink, Helen Augusta 212
Quittner, Daniel Richard Shaffer, Helen 505
Radon, Albert Clyde Compton, Vivian Louise 275
Ragsdale, Marvin M Moine, Fay Le 353
Rais, Tony Wolfe, Ann 313
Ralph, Fletcher A Wohlander, Blanche Juliet 185
Ramsey, Leonard Rodenberger, Grace 259
Ramussen, Carl Jalo, Rose (Mrs) 54
Randall, Clyde W Coney, Elsa Ruth 427
Rausch, Frank Victor Wacker, Matilda 141
Ray, Charles R Harrison, Dorothy 21
Raymond, Glenn E Myers, Mildred 14
Raymond, Ralph J Johnson, Ada M 155
Reckers, Richard M Rutherford, Eva 60
Rector, Harry C Losey, Faye 338
Rector, William Franklin Watts, Iva Irene 106
Redfield, Charles V Kincaid, Hazel Bernice 166
Redford, Keith Deal Hurlbert, Wilma 429
Redmond, Anthony Valentine Larson, Alpha 161
Reed, Charles Ord Zastrow, Hazel 75
Reeder, Charles Peterson, Margie 221
Reichel, William F Smith, Helen B 378
Reichstein, William H Newman, Ruth Elaine 253
Reigel, Adin Ralph Welburn, Myrtle Jessie 297
Rhodes, Clarence N Christianson, Margaret A 9
Rice, George Thomas, Gladys 269
Richards, Charles Henry Bunten, Cozella 328
Richards, Joseph William Foltz, Loretta Gladys 325
Richardson, James Walter Marcum, Evelyn 202
Richardson, Louis Leedham Eads, Rachel Aleene 223
Richmond, Clyde R Bingman, Mildred Emma 389
Riddle, Thomas A Rogers, Bertha 29
Riddle, W Harold Wiley, Elizabeth 506
Ridenour, Floyd Hollis Robison, LaVerne 556
Riegel, Sprague Voorhies, Marian Hart 390
Rigsby, Thomas C Waltermire, Edith M 450
Riley, Elmer Bowman, Ruth A 224
Rimer, Merle H Carter, Alma Laura 474
Roach, Frank M Hocking, Agnes 355
Roberts, William H Spencer, Esther Maryen 231
Robertson, Elmer Gray Koenig, Lorena A 408
Robertson, Millard B Hannaford, Harriet 431
Robins, Earl W Nuley, Leona May 552
Robinson, Alberto Mahan, Alice C 144
Robinson, Arthur M Curry, Edith M 350
Robinson, Charles Henyan, Alene 281
Robinson, Lee Rivers, Clema 514
Robinson, Leonard Walter Springstead, Edna 285
Robinson, Richard W Stephens, Leslie Eleanor 193
Robinson, William McArthy, Helen 260
Robinson, William Gyrus Robbins, Bonita 286
Rock, Archie E Darting, Le Rea 151
Rogers, Richard Streets Karberg, Dorothy Irene 415
Rogers, Samuel L Aldrich, Minnie E 146
Romano, Benedetto Domenighini, Constantine 168
Rommel, George Leslie Royer, Luella Sadie 518
Root, Lloyd Martin, Bertha Dorothy 397
Rossman, Ray B Anderson, Ellen E 553
Rothchild, Herbert L McMahon, Jane M 278
Ruiz, Bart P Jardine, Elsie 95
Runnels, Ben L Graber, Esther C 508
Runyon, Fay G High, Edythe 87
Rupea, Walter A Smith, Pearl M 119
Russell, Claud H Brooks, Violet 407
Russell, Dale Secora, Eva 436
Russer, Fritz Maxwell, Mildred 97
Sabin, Oscar E Porter, Wynetta Cecil 197
Sadocchi, Vernon E Deguili, Edith 136
Salesbury, Dewey S Stewart, Alma B 98
Sanders, David A Ambrose, Elma Emily 341
Sanford, Frank Willis Sieber, Lillian 15
Sargent, Earl M Spencer, Sadie 216
Sauer, Ferdinand A Stewart, Mildred 78
Sawyer, Alden A Fogg, Bessie I 382
Sawyer, James T Andrews, Georgie C 401
Sayre, Lewis H VanEvery, Virginia 462
Schaal, Charles S Howie, Myrtle 200
Scharsch, Lawrence A Keely, Helen M 320
Schillinger, Frank D Eckels, Lucille 400
Schlenther, Stanley Shafsley, Bernice 142
Schneider, Eslie Levern Davis, Gwendolyn 46
Schortgen, Earl H Farno, Ida M 402
Schovler, Clarence Lewis Domes, Alice Gladys 552
Schrammeck, Robert B Escott, Edith Caroline 366
Schroeder, Loren Clinton Stringer, Ruth Threisa 310
Schultes, William George Edmounds, Ollie E 132
Schulz, Bernard C Frommeyer, Nellie 559
Scott, George W Smith, Jessie 334
Scott, Harry Barnett Kenyon, Mabel Mae 522
Seaver, Charles Franklin DeGarmo, Gladys 463
See, Gordon E Padekan, Leola 174
Self, Roy Paulson, Eva 150
Sellers, Sherman Cannon, Helen Geneva 351
Severin, John Close, Grace 248
Seymour, Willard F Ayres, Nelva 470
Sharp, LeRoy N Harden, Delsie (Mrs) 455
Sheffer, Frank Wilson, Madeline 393
Shepherd, Lloyd L Howe, Gertrude Elizabeth 155
Shirakawa, Hatsuto Hasegawa, Miso 196
Shore, Guy Robert Irwin, Doris S 466
Shoup, John Austin Battams, Ethel Arleen 130
Shoup, Leslie E Stuart, Verona 142
Siegman, Joseph C Burton, Lena K 356
Silver, Leland Renollet Reigel, Juanita Ola 129
Silvera, Joseph D Tarr, Katherine 26
Simmonds, Edward E Conway, Dorothy L 199
Simmons, Robert M Hale, Helen M 553
Simon, Alex Bob Oden, Violet May 309
Simon, Guy Jacob Berger, Helena A 247
Simons, Percy Ray Johnson, Fannie N 300
Simpson, Franklin A Paul, Grace E 154
Sisk, Homer Lee Dowell, Wilma Anita 326
Sites, Earl Huffmaster, Ellen Blanche 227
Sitton, Johnnie Englefield, Marjorie 511
Slichenmyer, Lavan B Edson, Gladys Carolyn 519
Sliger, William Earl Monroe, Vivian Aileen 418
Sloan, George S Dolan, Ida May 150
Smitchger, William Jennings Monteith, Marguerite Sarah 114
Smith, Adrian Clair Dole, Nettie 169
Smith, Aron Logan McNally, Susie Venetrice 479
Smith, James E Riffe, Jennie A 86
Smith, James F Green, Greta M 110
Smith, Ralph William Chase, Marie Belle 515
Smith, Russell S Bowles, Leila I 521
Smith, Sidney D Barnum, Ellen 122
Smith, William Merton Watkins, Edna May 467
Sneath, Richard G Percival, Margaret Marsh 239
Snedden, Melvin E Bouslog, Myrtle Eunice 414
Snow, Ernest C Hilton, Alma Lee 551
Snow, Lee Roy Bacon, Alice Lillian 404
Snyder, Fitch Montgomery Wyatt, Bertha Mabel 271
Snyder, James H Davenport, Frankie 63
Soares, Joseph Anthony Cuples, Verda Mae 100
Solari, Joseph Crenshaw, Imogene 27
Soop, Fred Allerton Mosher, Marguerite Elizabeth 399
Spencer, Harold B Wood, Blanche J 404
Spencer, John L Spence, Eliza M 443
Sprow, Edgar E Hines, Lela 273
Spuhn, Carl A Benschoter, Clarice R 531
Stacey, Archey Muril Adams, Lorene 481
Standfly, Wesley Harold Robinson, Elsie 120
Stanford, William Gordan Williams, Velene Edith 160
Stanley, Lloyd E Boyden, Marian L 388
Staples, Edward T Clark, Jane 304
Stapleton, Roy Eldred Titter, Dorothy 149
Starr, Fred William Hull, Marjorie Alberta 387
Steele, Frank Raymond Corey, Constance Olivia 143
Steidel, Louis H Gannon, Mary L 126
Stein, Daniel E Carr, Bonnie Louise 471
Stephens, Carroll Couch, Thelma 125
Stewart, Loftin George Warrick, Edith Blanche 478
Stewart, Paul James Curry, Grace Luvina 37
Stewart, Robert A Wilder, Alice D 276
Stillwell, Jacob A Freitas, Barbara 411
Stolker, William Ernest Waldorf, Freda Katharina 263
Stone, Donald Chumbley, Leon 48
Stone, Floyd B McElfresh, Bonnie Glee 324
Stone, Orlan Everett Jay, Dorothy 377
Storz, Herman Bertrum Fernandes, Genevieve May 462
Strattan, George Cook, Irma 134
Streeter, Lawrence C Gray, Irene Elizabeth 286
Strome, Gillis G Kester, Lela G 251
Strong, Virgil M Turnbaugh, Opal 269
Struckmeyer, Wilbur F Jackson, Elaine S 429
Stuttaford, Wilbur L Clifford, Olive 214
Stutz, Lester E Whillock, Bertha Alice 546
Sullivan, Clifford C Johnston, Beatrice 213
Sundberg, Fred Wallace, Dorothy 554
Sundirk, Elmer F Morris, Pauline Luma 163
Survera (Severa), Bert Terrill, Ada 539
Sutton, John Tom Wardrip, Olive 223
Swain, Ashley E Olsen, Rebecca Ardella 541
Swain, William D Gates, Beryl 31
Sweeney, Harry Floyd Talbot, Mildred Bonita 117
Swindler, Joe A Howe, Orpha Etna 220
Taber, Carys May, Clara Augusta 328
Tattam, Tom M Thompson, Jennie M 64
Taylor, Clifford A Furber, Mary 195
Taylor, George F Pendleton, Jessie R 198
Taylor, Kenneth C Greene, Geraldine Marie 209
Taylor, Merrill A Freudenthaler, Merle Emily 473
Telford, Francis Smith, Iva E 121
Tempest, Chester Hocking, Florence 335
Terrill, William Vivian Buchanan, Maxie 176
Thatcher, Lawrence A Currigan, Elizabeth H 261
Thibaut, Laruel N Simon, Dolma 366
Thibaut, Leon J Pratt, Selos Whittier 376
Thissell, Austin Charles Stewart, Katherine Elizabeth 140
Thomas, Harvey Gilbert Ludolph, Helen Viola (Mrs) 497
Thomas, Roy Williams, Frances 403
Thomas, William Alfred Smith, Hazel Azalea 14
Thomason, John W Bagley, Orcelia May 95
Thompson, Cleve Martin Wilson, Ada Barlow 278
Thompson, James William Wageman, Eva May 392
Thompson, John R Wamsley, Gertrude Irene 520
Thorn, Samuel M Stevens, Nellie I 195
Thornton, Clyde Robinson, Nancy Ellen 480
Todd, Frank Kneble, Clara May 117
Todd, Frank Kneble, Clara May 117a
Tolle, Harold E Dooms, Sarah Belle 296
Tollefson, Lavern Alvin Carrico, Margaret 409
Toven, Knudt Cummins, Ethel 158
Tracy, Harvey Freeman, Dorothy 281
Trafton, Charles Roscoe McCulloch, Margaret 424
Treat, Alvin Williams, Gertrude 65
Trubee, Raymond Todd, Violet 46
Tucker, Eugene H Nutting, Juanita 549
Tucker, George F House, Alberta E 60
Turner, Earl P Lucke, Mabel E 134
Tuttle, Oscar Hosley, Mildred 124
Underwood, Odes J Williams, Rose 81
Valin, Jack L Cromwell, Vaughn L 486
VanKeuren, Chester G Caseday, Julia 426
VanScoy, Harold R Hannaford, Stella 411
VanZandt, Raymond Jackson Porter, Thelma Bessie 533
Vestal, William J Baldwin, Louise 476
Vicars, John Raymond McElfresh (McElfrash), Willa 96
Vilas, Walter M Chester, Lillian G 79
Vinson, Clare G Johnson, Mary 282
Voorheis, Arthur McCall Robinson, Ruby Ellen 121
Vosburgh, Elwood H Higdon, Althea 360
Waggoner, Edward Franklin Gibbs, Jessie M 393
Wahl, Cecil Hugh Lamphear, Ella Martha 284
Wahlen, John Morrill, Josephine Oliver 355
Wakefield, Homer Tthomas Babcock, Wilma R 101
Walker, Harry S Dodge, Marilla Grace 370
Walker, Wilbert A Martin, Audrey Katora 152
Wall, Dan A Ross, Ena May 293
Wall, Eugene F Taylor, Nellie 93
Wallace, David C Gaviati, Lydia Marie 74
Walthers, Mervin Kinney, Marjorie Opal 245
Walton, Jacob J Carleton, Emma 527
Wandell, Dean Thomas Warren, Frances Elsie 191
Warren, Robert B Gleichman, Flora 438
Watkins, Francis A Stennett, Edna Mae 327
Watson, Allen Hatter, Ruby May 219
Watts, Lawson J Lawson, Mildred Maurine 398
Weaver, Warren Sessa, Anna 419
Webb, Vernon LeRoy Cline, Marion Gertrude 243
Webber, Ralph E Shults, Clara Marie 105
Webber, Russell M Dalton, Laura Olive 58
Welborn, Coy Neimeyer, Thelma 437
Welborn, Roy Cushing Norris, Verna Mae 183
Wellman, Nathan Halleck King, Frances Louise 316
Wells, Frank Francis Underwood, Viola 80
Wells, Louis F Puckett, Weltha J 344
West, Frederick Ronald Pursel, Ethel Marie 70
West, George W Beem, Orma 331
Weyerhaeuser, Robert N Stockman, Ruth Frances 112
Wheeler, Thomas Benjamin Wheeler, Helen Lourrienne 362
Wheeler, Truman O Herman, Ruth Jennette 365
Wherland, James A Jr Bray, Verna 230
White, Albert Edward Singletary, Leslie Marion 509
White, Bennett L Allen, Cynthia 401
White, Charlie A Fitzgerald, Carol L 273
White, Ernest T Pratt, Frances E 482
Whitlock, Clayton B Boardman, Addeline 39
Whitlow, Floyd Lee Bourne, Louise 164
Wickstrom, Conrad Westwang, Ethel Margaret 317
Wiggin, Asa S Silkwood, Nellie Lee 181
Wiggins, Harry F Wilie, Lulu B 489
Wilcox, Paul Avis Johnson, Myrtle Esther 526
Williams, Chester Hussen, Beulah Belle 548
Williams, Edgar James Bessey, Minnie 196
Williams, Harold Eugene Crawford, Lola Myrtle 357
Williams, Jesse Debs Kerby, Ila Fay 318
Williams, Richard T Foster, Louise 220
Williams, Roger V Higgins, Emma E 337
Williams, Roy Sparling, Ruth 246
Williams, Willis W Waldron, Josephine 274
Wilson, Harold Mercer, Thelma 40
Wilson, Ivan Elmer Williams, Viva Evelyn 417
Winebarger, Fred Wiley Stinchfield, Susan M 325
Winkler, Bernhard Duncan, Elizabeth Ellen 430
Wisner, Arthur Lemmon, Alta 458
Witter, Donald B Robinson, Valeri 263
Woessner, Curt Paul Cousineau, Gladys 330
Wolfe, James T Main, Marguerite 205
Wolgamott, George O Jr Dovey, Martha Mae 482
Woodcock, Ernest T Gividen, Dorothy 236
Wooden, Henry Hauser, Nellie 178
Woolman, A B Klineschmidt, Stella 504
Wright, Harold Willis, Ruby 346
Wright, Vernon A May, Edith 442
Wurts, Andrew Jackson Davis, Ansil 294
Wyble, Clyde Walter French, Elzora 8
Yarnell, Marvin C Welch, Mayme S 472
Yarnell, Raymond Ernest Hollars, Telitha Elizabeth 468
York, Frederick J Elson, Vera 53
Young, Albert Guittard, Selma 525
Young, Albert Fred Swithenbank, Gladys T 444
Young, Chester B Bergman, Amy 9
Zana, Fermin Howard, Lizzie Gibson 513
Zastrow, Albert H Jones, Leona L 368
Zeiss, Louis Williams, Gayle 299
Zibull, Emile Jr Dixon, Clara 127
Zink, Harvey E Smith, Merle Louise 65