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Jackson County Marriage Book #16 Indexed by Groom's Name

Old Photo of Wedding Couple

RVGS volunteers have photographed and indexed the marriage record books housed in the Jackson County, Oregon courthouse. Below is our index to Marriage Book #16 for 1930-1932. It is in alphabetic order by the groom's name. This book used preprinted forms completed by the county clerk. Each page in this book contains the certificates for a single couple and includes both the marriage license and certificate (assuming the license was acted upon).

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Marriage Certificate
How to order:
Names of bride and groom

Groom Bride Page
Abbott, Elwood Schulz, Rosalie 451
Abbott, Loyal Donald Jones, Esther Lucille 511
Adams, Bertram Earl Bolton, Clara 55
Adams, Donald Johnson, Cleta 39
Adams, Herbert H Nelson, Rosella E 408
Adams, Joseph Elias Morton, Frances Dona 372
Adams, Lafayette Burse Wunder, Myrtle Irene 182
Adkins, Chester Glover, Ella 227
Agee, Lester F Williams, Velma Luella 104
Ahlgren, Abe Lewis, Emma 353
Akers, Earl Reed, Nellie Isabel 205
Albright, Edwin B Waters, Mae P 329
Alderman, Garnet William Fulton, Dorothy Florence 152
Aletto, Frank Gallo, Margherita 413
Allan, Fred W Brown, Mary A 513
Allen, Jesse Bland, Annamae 530
Allen, Walter R Hanson, Elizabeth 523
Alvies, Warren B Heinke, Martha 16
Amick, Herbert Gosnell, Jewell 297
Amrine, Dorrance W Wilfong, Fountie 28
Anderson, Claus Walters, Maymie Blanche 479
Anderson, Herman Reinhold Hamilton, Natalie May 468
Anderson, Martin Nirschl, Mary 18
Anderson, Walter Smith, Stella 59
Anseth, Theo L Porter, F Lucille 18
Armstrong, Albert Allen, Mabel 81
Armstrong, Harold Hill, Elna L 520
Arnold, Irving P Cooper, Georgietta 356
Aronson, Clarence C Baldry, Mary Loree 464
Arthur, Alpha E Ray, Zelma F 38
Arvin, William L Mackintosh, Mabel 253
Asensi, D Y Roberts, Gladys 169
Ash, Wayne Edward Harrold, Erma Avis 194
Asher, Glenn Atkins, Martha 120
Asher, James M Hill, Ruth A 503
Atkinson, Leonard Raymond Mackay, Beulah Mary 466
Aubrey, Jefferson J Sanderson, Nellie Betty 453
Audia, Leo L Young, Emma 137
Avery, Ernest Eugene Starkey, Lethia May 429
Babb, Emerson M Cunningham, Clara G 302
Backes, Arthur Marion Solomon, Ruth 505
Baggerly, Charles T Kimsey, Vernie E 128
Bair, Thomas Melanson, Marie 349
Baker, Arthur Morris Cummings, Mamie Jane 345
Baker, Emery E Baker, Ruby Louise 143
Baker, Everett L Brown, Anna Edith 230
Baker, William G Trevithick, Josephine Arnold 411
Baker, Wright L Schaeffer, Kathleen 53
Ball, Joseph Beatty Gallagher, Eva Alice 166
Bantam, John D Mobley, Maude Mae 435
Barba, Jesse Ernest Quadrous, Alverit Harriet 57
Barker, Cecil William Carman, Nina 101
Barker, Deon Bromley Harrington, June Berneice 50
Barnett, Guy Davis, Ruby 277
Barnhart, Duncan William Lowden, Avis Novell 177
Barr, John Warren Crews, Lucille (Mrs) 164
Barrett, Conrad William Tyson, Marie 120
Barry, Mike Murphy, Annie 437
Bascom, Horatio N Cavin, Minnie A 457
Baseel, Frank H Morey, Sydney 246
Bashaw, Lewis S Powell, Cora M 209
Bateman, George Charles Coss, Vivian Mary 541
Bates, Aron Jr Simon, Eveline 280
Bathurst, William Joseph Jr Hayward, Jaqueline 264
Bauer, Anton Powers, Mary 165
Baugh, Orville O Randles, Evalyn 289
Bechthold, Alex Stefan, Emily 380
Beck, Robert Hackler, Ada Faye 544
Beckworth, Nelson Lewis Miller, Clara A 31
Beebee, Ralph A Leavy, Irene Loretta 7
Begley, Spencer Deryl Sheeter, Aletha Henrietta 383
Bellus, Lord C Lewis, Marguerite M 302
Benjamin, Vernon Anthony, Dorothy 340
Bennett, Cyrus A Nielson, Ruth M 209
Benson, Fred J Shepherd, Loismae 531
Bent, Wylie Chandler Steele, Ann Elizabeth 91
Berry, Eugene C Daugherty, Melva 400
Bishop, Benjamin Newton Tower, Ruth A 200
Black, Glenn Newman Stockton, Ruth Louise 82
Blaine, Claude Orville Bitterling, Frances Alexandria 68
Blair, Jerome L F Sheldon, Charlotte A 438
Blair, Orval R Taylor, Ardoth Hope 231
Blake, Eugene Edward Larsen, Myra L 266
Blanchard, Leonard Lesh, Flora 3
Blankenship, William J Boone, Leelah 458
Bliss, Norman W Gillis, Nanette 102
Boden, Ernest William Matschinegg, Lucy 217
Boesen, Earl S Orcutt, Lena E 5
Boggan, Randall Alger, Reva 48
Bohnert, John Arnold Inman, Edyth Rhea 77
Bond, Glenn B Marguess, Dorothy P 49
Bond, Norman L Mansfield, Bertha 405
Bonderson, Anton Neeley, Aliena 233
Book, Amos Leroy Merritt, Edna May 145
Booth, Dean Burnett, Thelma 358
Booth, John H Kidman, Violet 314
Bordeaux, Jesse Anthony McCoy, Vera 152
Borough, Lawrence Anderson, May 95
Boshears, Miner Templeton Beelby, Myrtle Lavina 159
Bostwick, Harold William Howell, Ketura 54
Boswell, John Edward Briggs, Audrey Mildred 245
Bottega, Don Chiotti, Florence 105
Boulware, Orlin Chester Webb, Jenny Adeline 96
Bowman, Charles R Young, Georgia 525
Boyd, Forrest Beldon Gauthier, Ruby M 357
Boyd, Ludovic Church, Dorothy M 147
Boyle, George T Pehrson, Ingrid 412
Braden, Wayne C Pine, Ruby Ethel 318
Bradley, Hal Galle, Bertha Madelane 170
Bramhall, Joe G Lee, Ula D 552
Brenner, Donald I Love, Viola Faye 444
Brinckerhoff, Thomas J Colby, Alice 100
Brock, Joseph Marquis Hansen, Lillian Frances 6
Broderick, Dennis Sterchi, Freda 363
Bronner, Theodore Trent, Velma Faye 139
Brookfield, Myron B Busic, Madeline 129
Brookhart, Edward Forrest Knutson, Anna Emelia 386
Brooks, Jack Samuel Miller, Gladys A 140
Brophy, Stephen L George, Margaret Christie 278
Brothers, Oliver R Hagedorn, Catherine 146
Brown, Dave E Yarbrough, Elsie 298
Brown, John Melvin Rominger, Esther 332
Brown, Theodore Simons, Pearl 180
Brown, William G Griffith, Maurica Ellen 116
Brownlee, George Elmore Kirk, Lillian Grace 198
Brunton, William James Brunton, Elithe 234
Brusso, Fred Joseph Nelson, May Violet 423
Buchser, Herman R Noll, Martha L 270
Bull, Oro Benjamin Daron, Ethel Marie 208
Burdick, Jesse Elisha Stockton, Melba June 99
Burgess, Edison Marr, Ruth 397
Burgess, Robert Thomas Chandler, Lillie Rosie Lena 465
Burnette, Harold B Hunter, Mayme A 1
Burt, Otto L Williams, Naomi I 252
Busch, Paul Robert Fail, Bertie 360
Bush, Maynard Christenson, Olga 222
Button, Bruce E Beelby, Muriel 227
Butzbach, Arthur Graham Carlson, Ora Clarissa 212
Butzbach, Clarence Benjamin Bishop, Hazel Irene 85
Byerly, Lloyd A Schmeer, Elizabeth 551
Caldeira, Manuel Jr Rocha, Laura 396
Calhoun, Samuel Thomas Lucas, Leona Mary 338
Calip, Marcelo P Thompson, Lulu 509
Cameron, Harold Douglas Mardon, Elsie Helen 331
Campbell, Andrew L Bough, Georgia 110
Cannon, Everett E Wilson, Helen Ruth 241
Cannon, Marion B Wright, Mary 193
Cantrell, Paul C Aitken, Ruth Agnes 385
Carey, Samuel Elwood White, Lenora Mae 13
Carpenter, Earl E Jones, Helen E 195
Carpenter, Emmett Jean McKee, Helen 398
Carr, Rodric B Dawe, Amanda 134
Carre, Willis Harlan, Georgia 162
Carroll, Harold Wilson Marshall, Flora Edith 447
Carter, William Leonard Davis, Edna Rose 347
Cary, Charles Arthur Hudson, Alice Maria 166
Caton, Herbert Fritter, Alberta 92
Causley, Thomas Reedy, Gertrude 67
Cavin, Rafelle M Rose, Alice E 381
Chapell, Albert M Ackerman, Mary J 453
Chapin, Carl V McCrackin, Esther 72
Chapman, Earl P Houston, Lena Marie 538
Chase, Harry C Latham, Alice 514
Chastain, Ernest F Morse, Lucile 304
Childreth, Kenneth F Wilson, Helen 521
Childs, Robert McMullen, Mary 478
Childs, Vinnie H Hobbs, Thelma 425
Christean, Fred William Dobbyn, Lelah 19
Christensen, Alfred Barrick, Thelma 421
Christensen, Raymond Emory White, Frances Pearl 34
Christian, Lester Joe Walter, Evelyn Jennie 365
Cingcade, Lloyd Guy Hatfield, Hazel Loretta 431
Clancy, Robert E Clemenson, Camille C 269
Clapp, William R Stevens, Mabel 6
Clark, Delbert William Belyeu, Frances 8
Clark, George Fredrick Glass, Ruth 314
Clark, John Franklin Webster, Ruth Crystal 33
Clarke, Lawrence Sidney Clary, Alice Mae 198
Clausen, John W Allison, Julia A 97
Clauson, Fred W Hall, Wilma A 36
Clawson, Eldred Mervin Boring, Blanche V 434
Clawson, Fredrick M Hessig, Marion E 407
Clawson, Theodore C Shinar, Edna May 21
Clawson, William E Reynolds, Gay 436
Claypoole, Langdon A Loomes, Edith M 444
Clayton, Lucian B Ritter, Bessie M 160
Cleland, Elbert Thibaut, Zavada 371
Clemens, Richard Driver O'Donnell, Vurene Marguerite 41
Clemenson, Larry F Reynolds, Helen S 536
Clement, Glen F Clavelle, LaVonne 266
Cline, Lloyd Marian Robbins, Leota Lee 502
Clover, Roy Kinkade, Anna Maria 259
Cobleigh, John Corum, Ida Mae 226
Coghill, Alva Cecil Sehorn, Leslie Edna 339
Coker, Vernon C Maharry, Ethel 542
Colby, Frank A Markwick, Cathrine Mary 500
Cole, Frank L Coupe, Mae 475
Cole, Tom Dean, Ruth Anna 373
Coleman, Elbert Foudary Thorbus, Marion Ruth 92
Coleman, William D McBain, Avis Marie 490
Collings, Albert E Bell, Alma 446
Colquette, Jack Oris Anderson, Alice Clara 313
Combs, Ila Benton Terwilliger, Mildred A 505
Comer, Glenn R Winters, Mildred Mable 76
Coney, Floyd Smith, Geneva 439
Conklin, Charles W Daron, Lillie M 517
Connell, Henry Banks Chastain, Gladys Mildred 243
Cook, B Lewis O'Connor, Luella D 273
Cooper, Elbert Leslie High, Frances C 244
Corrigan, Edward J Robinson, Elizabeth Alice 431
Countryman, Charles E Crosby, Cora 36
Cowdrey, Wayne C Kerby, Dorothy Charlotte 143
Cowgill, John B Hansen, Genavie 47
Cox, Homer Virgil Schrock, Vertina 70
Cozine, Frank G Stillwell, Irene 368
Crance, Ambrose E Caster, Minnie 300
Crandall, George D Cadle, Thelma 383
Crosby, Vincent Clarence Taylor, Laura 199
Crossland, Alfred Palmer, Emma E 386
Crowl, Kenneth E Robinson, Louise 203
Cruikshank, John William Lutch, Katherine Montana 11
Crum, Charles T Kemble, Tillie 90
Crum, Otto Charles Chastain, Pearl Edna 11
Crumley, George Raymond Cook, Frances Mae 84
Cummings, William Ralph Anderson, Dessie 321
Cunha, Leno J Correa, Sarah D 291
Cunningham, George Kenneth Ferrill, Mildred Emma 5
Curtis, Leonard W Schuler, Lola 97
Cusick, James O Dennis, Burnice Ida (Davis) 315
Cyphers, Kenneth Garold Beaudette, Edna May 543
Dahl, George M Ratty, Thelma L 478
Daken, Vernon L Calkins, Lillian G 65
Dallaire, Raymond Brown, Frances 26
Dallas, Carl McKinley Crouch, Rosalthe Valeria 237
Daly, Walter E Howland, Esther 65
Danbacher, George S Gallagher, Edith 213
Darby, Cecil E Sigler, Ruth 447
Davis, E Earl Prescott, Harriet I 303
Davis, Guy W Webb, Jessie 46
Davis, Harold Arthur Mires, Lola Max 108
Davis, Lawrence LaVerne Crowl, Sylvia 350
Davis, William Pearl Ginet, Corinne 296
Davis, William W Young, Henrietta 114
Decker, Clifford P Murphy, Thelma 173
Decker, Lawrence A McCormick, Bernice 89
DeHaas, Hubert Aaron Wilson, Vivian Aileen 228
Dennis, Amos Samuelson, Josephine 356
DeSoza, Thomas Otis, Violet 346
Deter, Fred Clarence Northrup, Sara Vestina 461
Dibble, Clyde Arza Rogers, Helen 33
Din, Iman Khan, Pearl 472
Dobson, Hiram O Petersen, Minnie O 489
Dockendorf, Earl B Burns, Mildred E 512
Dodson, Alfred E Swanson, Ruth V 494
Dodson, Ellis C Ausland, Allegra G 213
Doherty, Thomas C Hallman, Anna M 322
Doorschodt, Jacques Cornelis Hughes, Anne Sarah 294
Dougherty, Arthur Ridgway, Thelma 293
Dougherty, Charles F Johnson, Clara B 309
Drolette, John H Ray, Ella B 471
Duchi, Ernesto Barbieri, Josephine 504
Duckworth, Joseph Carl West, Myrtle Leona 44
Duff, Robert Alexander Lynch, Jean M 215
Duke, James Walter Tims, Elizabeth 7
Duncan, Roy Raymond McClure, Maurine 541
Dunn, Harry Howard Bohnert, Emma 109
Dunn, Harvey Ora Hoffman, Freda Marcella 389
Duprey, Louis Joseph Greene, Laura Elizabeth 360
DuPrez, George LeRoy Harrell, Edna Ignota 510
Duren, Warren Howard Troxel, Dorothy Willma 225
Durette, Harry Wertz, Pauline Clair 536
Durgan, Walter T Dodge, Edith 504
Dutton, Charles E Green, Vivian 226
Dutton, Wallace G McRae, Angelina 173
Dwyer, Thomas R Owen, Gladys 104
Eakin, Charles E Howell, Minnie Lou 477
Earle, Omar Brown Mehrtens, Polly Terry 171
Edmonds, Archibald G Jr Wengler, Helen N 142
Edsall, Harold Ray McCourry, Elma 305
Edwards, Clarence G Hibbert, Dorothy E 72
Edwards, David Irvin Woods, Marjel Wemple 249
Edwards, Francis C Criteser, Thelma L 422
Egan, Floyd Ryckman, Ruth Ann 300
Egan, Jack Leroy Sisson, Marguerite 258
Eghoan, John Patigan, Della E 471
Ehorn, Liston Brown, Helen 393
Eichelberger, John Brewton, Christine Wilma 208
Eide, Jacob Coffey, Thelma L 342
Eiting, George Jr Bowen, Esther 287
Eller, Wyburn A Behrens, Alva Alice 91
Elliott, Jack Wentworth Stafford, Wanda Lou 264
Ellis, Walter S Harrington, Theresa F 415
Embry, James C McKinney, Bessie 317
Emery, Ernest L Gammill, Iva A 136
Engelbrecht, Hans Rixen, Eldoris M 256
Erwin, Gerald Wentworth McKinley, Jean 498
Estep, Dewey Alger Goll, Alzada Vivian 156
Estes, James M Smith, Lora E 252
Evans, John M Palmer, Elinor Gertrude 290
Evans, Leland Cecil Cummins, Rebecca Mildred 486
Fafri, Emil Chris Minch, Myrna 422
Farmar, Richard B Furry, Donna Sybil 263
Farmer, Robert T Shields, Wynona 80
Farrell, Virgil Rayol Darrah, Henrietta 115
Feeny, Jack S Phares, Grace 66
Fellos, Alex Hasenoehrl, Agnes 61
Fendt, Herman H Huffman, Mary E 366
Fennell, Kieth Campbell Gregory, Gladys Elizabeth 457
Fenno, Dan J Howell, Marilyn 481
Ferguson, Ralph Lewis Edsall, Barbara N 95
Ferns, William John Hoffman, Myrtle 60
Fiack, George Weems, Vivian 402
Fidler, Jess William Pratt, Esther Jean 529
Fisher, Leo Lionel Isenhower, Hazel Gertrude 395
Fite, Roy Main, Lena 190
Fitzpatrick, James Cashman, Mary 495
Flath, Robert Wayman, Olive Gertrude 513
Fleischer, Jacob K Peasley, Mary 524
Fluhrer, William Henry Ames, Margaret Strong 86
Ford, John Renfroe, Camille L 343
Foreman, Orville Dietz, Hazel 443
Foreman, Wilbur Thomas See, Mary B 373
Forman, Albert Victor Daley, Christa Marie 508
Forrest, Frank A Schraft, Julia M 88
Foster, Joseph H Hill, Cecile Lorean 122
Fowler, Lewis A Humphreys, Aurelia 107
Fox, George Kenneth Austin, Edith 151
Franchini, Ferdinand Cattani, Eugenia 99
Franks, Clarence Thomas Tedrow, Violet May 52
French, James Thomas Spangenberg, Mabel Alice 19
French, Leonard N Borba, Minnie 540
French, Merlin Smith, Hazel 282
Frinca, Filippo Piva, Rosie 276
Frost, George M Poley, Evangeline Collins 496
Fry, John Earl Vincent, Velma Evelyn 267
Fryer, Roscoe H Alberts, Minnie 317
Fullerton, John Edwin Fry, Gladys Marie 69
Fulton, Linton A Jonas, Mariam F 507
Gall, Van Albert Hillyer, Nona Montana 452
Gammon, Clyde C Aubrey, Bernice 450
Gardner, Harry Logan Chisholm, Jean Martha 382
Gardner, Richard Velvie Peterson, Edith 169
Garlock, Lee C Hughes, Lavera C 392
Garrison, Albert Sutton, Bertha Viola 534
Garrison, William E Beers, Ruby E 261
Garvey, James Martin, Lyra Larue 181
Gebhard, Harold L Voss, Lucille 88
Gibson, Wayland Philps, Phoebe 393
Giesler, Harold L Fernel, Ruth Marie Stevens 319
Gifford, Ferris Leslie Kingman, Ruth Louise 355
Gilbert, Clyde Edward Jones, Mary Elizabeth 460
Gillaspey, Guy Otto Minkler, Ona Gladys 170
Gillis, Harold B Watson, Jean Ingelow 418
Gingich, Walter J Naught, Dorothy 31
Gioletti, Jack Nunzeo Bermingham, Ada Lois 506
Glick, William Lloyd Hansen, Ruth 190
Goble, Harry Ivan Williams, Lois Irene 119
Goff, Leland D Wilson, Ida 214
Goldstine, Samuel L Webster, Millicent C 427
Gooch, Rupert P Nason, Frances Mae 378
Goode, William Wirt Catron, Ella Mae 440
Goodlin, Marlin M Mottern, Susie Irene 341
Goodloe, Fred A Jones, Clara Isobel 219
Gosha, Charles Ed Jr Hamlin, Ruby 24
Gosline, Jamed E Mithcell, Marie 488
Goss, John L Darley, Rose 410
Gottschalk, Donald John George, Fern Eola 310
Gould, Edward R Snyder, Evelyn 543
Gould, Willis Gibbens, Elma 26
Gove, Ancil Emerson Childers, Beverly Gertrude 554
Grantham, Earl Perry Milkowski, Frances 502
Graves, Marvin R Whiteman, Irene 364
Greb, Clarence J Chambers, Freda O 330
Greb, Foster Whaley, Marcia 30
Greb, John C Fredenburg, Gertrude 181
Green, Charles R Johnson, Bertha Irene 416
Green, Ralph B Douglas, Allegra Lillie 403
Gregory, Don A Jacobson, Dorothy 472
Gregory, Liles Ray Loesch, Margaret 39
Griffith, Eugene H Davis, Elsie Mae 219
Grigsby, Harvey W Hagedorn, G Jean 64
Grimes, Elmo D Becker, Myrtle M 362
Grow, Robert C Deitrich, Leona R 351
Haas, Leo Aussem, Gertrude 441
Hackenberg, Nathaniel Sklarenko, Nellie 365
Hafley, Ernest Albert Thompson, Edna Florence 207
Haggerty, Arthur R Stuart, Bessie M 455
Hall, Leonard Nelson Rodgers, Burnus Nelly 155
Hall, Ralph Sizelove, Jeannette 76
Hall, Richard W Norred, Helen E 273
Hall, William Herman Peet, Amanda 275
Hallgren, Fred E Thorberg, Alice 377
Ham, Clair Lavirn Davis, Margaret 334
Hamilton, Moore Nealon, Eva 341
Hamilton, William Tracy White, Grace Dolores 267
Hamlin, Everett Garfield Spires, Margaret Beryle 94
Hammersley, Joseph Phelps Foster, Lena Bertha 392
Hammond, Harve N Swanger, Opal 377
Hamrick, Philip A Hill, Evelyn L 485
Hanscom, Earl H Cole, Eva B 87
Hanscom, Roy Lee Rowden, Irene Doris 292
Hansen, Carl C Zumwalt, Virginia Logan 467
Hansen, Will Eugene Jones, Grace Isabel 275
Hardman, Vixil L Cole, Jessie H 532
Harlow, William B Young, Laotha 348
Harper, Herschel M Rigsby, Myrtle E 46
Harrington, Lee Duncan, Alda Audrey 555
Harris, Edward George Rallens, Esther Dorothea 15
Harris, James G Andruszkiewicz, Irene 35
Harris, Robert F Bacock, Ethel A 554
Hart, Earl D Rodgers, Gladys Ellen 529
Hart, Frank David Clark, Dorothy Agnes 456
Hartley, Leonard Glos, Annie Louise 43
Haryman, George Guptill, Emma A 83
Haskins, John W Wright, Sarah Jane 210
Haswell, Wesley Roy Birdsall, Thirza 399
Hatch, Linden Kenneth Owings, Freda Fay 549
Haugstrup, Samuel Powell, Alice 533
Havis, Clovis R Sautter, Laney 548
Hayes, Frederick Henry Keller, Phyllis Carlyle 358
Hegler, George T Gorevan, Ida 301
Height, Eugene Herron, Emma 25
Helm, George C Carter, Marguerite H 146
Helmig, Richard E Snook, Ruth M 118
Hemphill, John Presho Abbott, Eleanora Mary 133
Hendershot, William B Orput, Maybelle 510
Henderson, George H Beaver, Marianne 71
Hendricks, Elmer E Carter, Blanche E 339
Hendrickson, Joe L Stone, Bessie 523
Heryford, Guy F Curtz, Florence V 379
Hescock, Austin Lloyd Numbers, Clarabelle J 250
Heslin, Edward H Guthridge, Sara 295
Hevener, W W Weeks, Myrtle A 44
Hewitt, Roy Frederick Wright, Bernice 348
Hiatt, Sherman L Ferris, Doris Lillian 286
Hibbs, William Roblin, Ruth 391
Hicken, Charles Kenneth Anderson, Josephine Aura 411
Hickey, Edwin A McBride, Hazel L 34
Hickey, Eugene M Kemp, Margaret Esther 488
Hild, Hubert H Hamaker, Gladys Loree 133
Hill, Curtis E Atwell, Juanita Mae 138
Hill, John L Reynolds, Rose 436
Hill, Oscar Clark Jones, Marie 201
Hillis, William Lee Pullier, Mary Elizabeth 544
Hillman, Charles K Norton, Doris I 71
Hilton, James Marvin Parker, Florence Mae 345
Hinshaw, Chester E Miller, Gertrude Lorraine 520
Hippler, Jerome A Austin, Dorothy 477
Hiserman, Harold E Swenning, Nadine Doris 58
Hitzler, Benjamin Lucian Timmons, Parl 206
Hobgood, John Robert O'Brien, Laura Mae 132
Hodges, Judson Isaac Stevens, Nell Leota 142
Hodges, Roy W Wilson, Bessie 518
Hodgson, William Henry Porter, Lillian 79
Hoertling, Karn W Bechthold, Nettie E 308
Hogan, Merle L Wells, Edna Margaret 390
Hokanson, James Wilmar Mathews, Helen J 93
Holben, Arthur Vincent Lavey, Edith Marie 482
Holcomb, John Malcolm Schaffer, Lela Mary 319
Holdridge, Wayne L Allison, Ethel M 299
Holdsclaw, Gilbert Lucky Stafford, Alma Ethel 268
Hollingshead, Ami John Long, Grace Estelle 141
Holzgang, George V Bachelder, Agnes I 321
Holzgang, John Robert Bessonette, Ollie M 8
Honeyman, Wintford Dewain Beeson, Mildred Marie 547
Hood, Elton Berle Dahack, Clara 187
Hood, William Allen DeHaas, Verna Ellen 316
Hooper, Vernon R Johnson, Martha Olive 494
Hooton, John Estell Mitchell, Edna May 263
Hoover, Floyd Ishmel Lee, Alice 312
Hopper, Sherman Clinton Wiley, Ida Irene 106
Horne, Paul Harris Miles, Letha 216
Horr, Jesse G Huse, Pauline 202
Horton, Dwight Cornelious Cardin, Sylvia 550
Hoskin, Joe Baker, Mabel Florence 242
Howard, Lowell Cleon Sargent, Alice Lorene 448
Howard, Vernon Bryan Hiatt, Leona 448
Howard, Wesley Peterson, Nellie 212
Howell, Myron Albert Inlow, Alvia 479
Howes, W J Garrison, Natalie 210
Hoyt, R Elden Cowles, Eloise E 90
Hubbard, Austin James Smith, Erma 243
Hubbard, Chester A Edwards, Mary L 331
Huber, Horace Offord, Jessie 51
Huff, Ernest Lester Brown, Juneva Olive 369
Huffman, Eugene Smith, Naomi 414
Hughes, Lawrence Barcaglia, Teresa 41
Hughes, Lawson Thomas Heffner, Ida Mildred 468
Hulseman, Henry Baker, Mary 278
Hulslander, Fred L Fuqua, Mary (Mrs) 503
Hume, Edward Heath Whipp, Frances May 3
Hunsaker, Harold H McGee, Inez 27
Hunt, Wallace R Wilcox, Edith 199
Hunter, Clarence J Bates, Irel Lee 40
Huotari, Harvey Connolly, Julia Fitzpatrick 506
Hurst, Ralph Whaley, Mary Alice 293
Hurt, Ernest Vern Schleigh, Berniece 533
Hussong, Herbert Oren McDaniel, Glenna Geneva 161
Ice, Andrew Lee Redmond, Charlotte L 139
Ingenhutt, Thomas S Breyen, Gertrude M 535
Ingle, Harold Schooley Fabrick, Kathryn Elizabeth 29
Jack, Austin J Lawrence, Eva 180
Jack, Merle Wilfred Jeffries, Othello Rose 135
Jacks, Kenneth LeRoy Farnsworth, Hazel 450
Jackson, Clarence H Scott, Jessie H 257
Jackson, Harvey Earl Jackson, Daisie Dean 519
Jackson, Howard T Marks, Mary Agnes 164
Jackson, Samuel Clinton Kinnicutt, Amy Virginia 151
Jacobson, S Charles Tucker, Elizabeth Helen 527
James, Claud C Chisman, Marion E 417
James, Merrill B Rudolph, Mary Belle 47
James, Thomas D Staton, Paula Jeanne 428
Jaques, Lawrence E Oswald, Edna 177
Jasmann, Robert Edwin Goff, Iva May 68
Jensen, Hans Kerns, Gertrude Hazel 60
Jeter, L Everett Fowler, Ellen E 238
Jeter, Wilford R Norris, Mary Susan 129
Jobe, Charlie E Jurgensen, Gladys Maelee 150
Johnson, Chester Jourdan, Elaine 144
Johnson, Edwin William Thompson, Mary 248
Johnson, Eugene Welch, Willetta 123
Johnson, Frederick H Jr Heard, Itha L 474
Johnson, Lee R Shepherd, Lora Ione 408
Johnson, Oscar Arvid Hamlin, Vivian 121
Johnston, Charles Harold Gorden, Faye V 185
Johnston, Elmer F Phillipe, Olympia 176
Johnston, Thomas Slater Bromley, Hazel 539
Johnstone, Elmer L Chausse, Eathel 167
Jonas, Paul LaVern Crouch, Jeannette 459
Jones, Denver Thurman, Viola 174
Jones, Glen L Shannon, Marguerite E 271
Jones, Harvey Irvin French, Laura Alice 165
Jones, Ralph Minish Murch, Lillian A 124
Jones, Samuel L Peters, Vera M 163
Jordan, Dennis R Maxwell, May 328
Joyce, Gary Marvin Naught, Doris 115
Jurgens, Edward Herman Eakins, Mary Pauline 308
Kamikawa, George Seiso Shimohara, Hidemi 530
Karvonen, John Matthews Little, Florence 221
Kaski, Adelph Alexander Swanson, Hazel Kathrine 307
Kaufman, Mearl S Cummings, Lela Mae 37
Kay, Marion F Dale, Greeta 336
Keadle, Dee Monroe VanDyke, Mary 81
Keely, Vernon Wilgus, Ethel Mae 427
Kegg, Charlie W Drake, Elizabeth 521
Kelly, Harold L Daniel, Janice 242
Kelly, Talbot Pulver, Ina Louise 141
Kenworthy, Lloyd H Brooks, Mary Angeline 229
Kersey, John I Barrington, Dorothy 270
Kessler, Ralph L Coupe, Amy Mae 475
Kimball, David H Fowler, Oma 351
King, Cliff Austin Franson, Fanny Victoria 414
Kinney, Kenneth MacDonald Roop, Irma M 78
Kirk, Newton Miles McRae, Alice 37
Kirkpatrick, Gordon R Chown, Margery A 255
Kirkpatrick, Karl B McCoy, Winifred J 157
Kleaver, William Leonard Maguire, Mary Margaret 432
Klenzendorf, Warren Gimblin, Nettie 175
Kline, Irvin Christiansen, Christine 286
Kline, Mark M Pidcock, Darthula 394
Knight, Edgar Davis, Blanche 288
Knight, Mervil C Salas, Jennie 285
Knox, Alva Lloyd, Gladys 111
Koster, George S Freyer, Eunice E 451
Kraus, Frank Crain, Edna 260
Krauss, Lew F Olson, Helen Cecelia 13
Kron, Charles Darwin Lewis, Coniemay 223
Kuhnen, Wesley E Scott, Blanche Lucille 186
Kutzer, Karl Henry Evans, Nita Dell 430
Lacy, Clyde Everett Mansfield, Lucille Ethel 28
Lacy, John Hooper Sutherlin, Alice Eldee 189
Laine, John Saari, Allie 147
Lance, Walter Garant, Mabel 323
Lander, Martin Cummings, Rena 492
Landers, George Washington Wakefield, Ethel 231
Landis, Frederick H McNabb, Vera 61
Lane, Robert Arthur Huck, Clara Susanne 193
Langberg, Morris Driscol Nash, Ruth Mildred 407
Lange, Luke Erven Farrin, Frances Ann 283
Langley, Gilbert Harrell, Seibyl 64
Large, Wesley Wayne Pollard, Bonnie Margaret 476
Larsen, Carl F Redden, Mary Lorraine 445
Larsen, Wendell Murray Koehler, Margaret Helen Clara 160
Larson, Elvin E Wheeler, Sorolta 4
Larson, Oscar L McClain, Wilma 93
Lassus, Frank Servel, Esther Zellie 178
Laurence, Frank Haas, Annie 508
Lawley, John C Turner, Muriel 188
Lawson, Harrison Neet, Minnie 315
Lawver, Shelby Schonchin, Jane 465
Layton, Charles Kenneth Forward, Vera L 404
Learmont, William C Scott, Marie Estell 280
LeConte, Alfred Pearce, Ruberta 515
Ledford, William F DeWitt, Mae 340
Lee, Harold Clapper, Zella Mae 70
Leever, Charles Russell Wilson, Alta Leigh 167
Leininger, Leon D Grider, Malinda May 486
Lewis, Austin David Jr Mee, Gertrude Mae 438
Lewis, Harry M Smith, Ila M 203
Lewis, Robert Moore Roberts, Violet 98
Ley, John C Trivelpiece, Wilda May 153
Lidley, Will G Orr, Elsie E 12
Lincoln, George Winthrop Culbreath, Edna 45
Lindsay, Charles Myers, Frances 366
Lindsay, Jeff B Morrison, Mary L 150
Little, Claude Robert Knight, Helen Rebecca 179
Logan, David R Smith, Evelyn Mildred 232
Lommel, Eugene A Eldridge, Ruby I 507
London, Cecil Leland Chandle, Zola 107
Loughan, George W Hamelin, Ethel K 32
Lucas, Mace McKay Bellows, Mildred Elizabeth 483
Lucas, Robert E Bigler, Erma Martha 385
Luke, Norman William Rinehart, Dorothy Faith 401
Lund, Charley Morris, Olive 421
Lundale, Leonard William Sullivan, Thema Doris 73
Lundine, John E Cornelius, May E 283
Luster, Jess Alfred Patch, Dorothy Doris 265
Maas, Walter H Cory, Vesta Verga 489
Mabin, Walter Pfrengle, Mary 17
Macaulay, Lloyd Thomas Bradley, Zelda 185
Maciel, Manuel G Perry, Lillian Veronica 492
Madden, Kenneth J Brower, Norma A 235
Madison, William Henry Clark, Mary E 418
Madsen, Lloyd Anton Hopton, Luella A 30
Magruder, Ivan Dodds, Nina 188
Mahar, Robert David Roberson, Orra Frances 126
Maher, Leo Joseph Miksche, Mercia Rose 23
Manfull, Everett A Conklin, Beryle Bernice 207
Marcus, Gene E Verdui, Mary 126
Markwick, Kenneth C Taylor, Aleeta L 299
Marlotte, Melvin Jacob Carter, Helen Martha 135
Marmet, George Herman Foster, Jessie 458
Marquam, Philip Burke, Clara Isabel 116
Marsh, Frank V Lydiard, Susan Chisholm 248
Marsh, Willie Remington, Rhoda 103
Martinez, Juan Clift, Pauline 420
Marvin, Norman Meader, Jean 153
Mason, George Steiner Powell, Ruby Antoinette 484
Mason, Wilbur C Mendenhall, Pauline 526
Massey, Francis L Martin, Christie 138
Mast, Lowell E Wooster, Elisabeth M 14
Masterson, Edgar L Campbell, Cecile 279
Mathias, Paul L Parker, Dolly Esther 303
Matzka, Ernest John Dennis, Mabel StClair 241
Maulding, Harold Garrison Knight, Perilla McClane 376
Maxfield, Jasper Thomas Swift, Louise 43
Maxwell, Frank Heard, Wanda 324
Maxwell, Mathew W Inman, Lillian E 342
McBain, Ruth M Shaw, Marvin B 551
McClain, Calvin Gordon, Anna Belle 56
McConnell, Roy Wilson Harrold, Verna 197
McCoy, Charles A Maxwell, Freda B 413
McCoy, Kenneth F Turnbow, Eunice A 85
McCuen, William Albert Boussum, Beulah Jeanne 482
McDaniel, Ralph Brockmueller, Myrtle 235
McDaniel, Van Buren McGovern, Anna Elicia 184
McDonald, Benjamin F Chastain, Laura L 204
McDonald, Orion Roth, Anna E 474
McGarvey, Leonard Arthur Younce, Grace Barbara Jones 74
McGee, Everett Henry Neill, Donzella 218
McGee, Roy F Dehnhoff, Mary P 367
McGillivray, Gordon A Payne, Alvina D 419
McGowan, George H Fitzmorris, Rosella 197
McGrew, Henry Tucker, Lillie 388
McKee, Charles Leinen, Blanche Marguerite 290
McKenna, John F Brownrigg, Lenore O 531
McKenzie, Robert Bertram Jackson, Virginia May 335
McKillen, William George McKillen, Mary E 497
McKinney, Howard Arnold, Gertrude 134
McKinney, Voscol K Hendrix, Lucy 130
McKinnis, Carl Henry Edwards, Gladis I House 376
McKitrick, Frank A Loveland, Elsie Jeane 257
McKy, Glen W Ramsey, Mildred Cecilia 123
McLain, Chester Johnson Curtiss, Sarah Annie 309
McMahan, Harold N Bundeson, Dora 86
McManus, Robert E Clark, A Louise 459
McMullen, William Lee Martin, Lillie Viola 469
Meadows, Donald McQuigg, Lillie 306
Meamber, Forest Francis Halliday, Bertha Merle 156
Mego, Mervyn G Everhardt, Agnes M 487
Melhase, Dan Whitson, Lola Mae 462
Melton, J Branner Lockwood, Willma Whitman 159
Merrill, Ream Zink, Bernice 443
Meusel, Herbert R Craig, Dorothy C 495
Miles, Aubrey C Johnson, Floy 112
Miller, Alois Seger Scribner, Lila Etta 201
Miller, Earl H Parentio, Phyllis 287
Miller, Gerard Maddox, Virginia 374
Miller, John F Schraeder, Inez 328
Miller, Rueben H Bandon, Isabella J 556
Milligan, Wallace DesMazes, Dorothy 509
Mires, Edward P Cottle, Dorothy 163
Mitchell, Raymond W Mitchell, Nellie H 412
Moak, Lee Arnold Freeman, Luella Bernice 344
Modrell, Floyd LaDue, Mabel 222
Mohr, Henry Keller, Samantha 200
Monahan, James F Meeks, Marie 310
Monroe, George R McElwain, Alta Pearl 22
Montgomery, Wilbur L Whipple, Mabel M 109
Moore, Andrew J Wilcox, Elizabeth 217
Moore, Clyde L Phillips, Leona Edna 234
Moore, Jack Forrest Kenyon, Jeannetta 136
Moore, Jack Forrest Newton, Levertta Edna 483
Moreno, Joe Barcajlea, Katte 434
Morgan, George Edwin Koger, Catherine Elmira 330
Morgan, William John Wilhite, Opal 552
Morley, George Edwin Chamberlain, Elizabeth 17
Morley, Jeff Lucas, Kathryn 553
Morrill, Don Cooksley, Virginia 127
Morris, Raymond C Wein, Ollie 125
Morris, Robert Edmund Hall, Lillian Irene 312
Mosconi, George Perdue, Mary Elizabeth 454
Mose, Clyde D Smith, Ella I 338
Mulderick, Philip Marion Robbins, Jane Gertrude 528
Mulligan, Walter Whitney, Lena 22
Muster, Carl Arlan Brown, Wanda Vanessa 277
Myers, Cliff L Province, Nina Alberta 326
Nale, Charles E Garren, Gertrude 236
Naught, Lester H Geyer, Myra Marcella 402
Naugle, John K Belden, Gladys D 244
Navarra, Dominick Matteson, Lucille 240
Neasham, James F Daw, Loretta Mae 246
Neathamer, Matt Todd, Neva M 288
Neeley, Lincoln L Whitman, Dorothy E 446
Neilson, Donald Dixon Willer, Esther Marion 463
Nelsen, Clarence A Henneke, Elma 397
Nelson, Gustav V Schwartz, Katherine 292
Nelson, Hilder Ward, Iris Lelia 367
Nelson, Jacob A Miller, Ruth 205
Nelson, Ralph E Kent, Annie J 229
Nelson, Robert Allen Linton, Florence Elizabeth 352
Nelson, Theodore R Frazer, Corine 437
Newberry, Ralph M Smith, Frances M 416
Newell, Gerald E N Jones, Alice L 225
Newland, Oswald W Allen, Edna 326
Newlun, Elbia L Bingman, Mable 42
Newman, Floyd L Wood, Helen M 57
Newman, Fred Lyle Radcliffe, Edna May 269
Newton, Archie Grisez, Katherine L 175
Nibecker, Cornelius Braids Broad, Edna Elizabeth 16
Nichols, Gordon F Gordon, Mary 388
Niedermeyer, Henry Fred Gray, Marion 148
Nissen, Christian T Rendon, Lula M 517
Nitzel, Walter Edwin Howie, Mabel 480
Nixon, Archie Barrett, Betty 362
Noble, Alex E Rametes, Eva 311
Noble, Kenneth G Timm, Thelma 389
Nolan, Don F Chrissinger, Theodora Valentine 329
Noles, Wallace Reeves, Marian Edith 117
Norby, Theo J McCoy, Margaret Elizabeth 211
Nuckolls, Earl H Wolff, Florence C 272
Oates, Harry M Effman, Virginia M 148
O'Connor, Francis Clyde Stanley, Juanita Marie 276
Ohles, Floyd Arthur Pratter, Pansy 363
Olsen, Alvin C Perigo, Evelyn 122
Olson, James E Steele, Ernestine 524
Olson, Joe Parkhurst, Bessie 176
O'Neill, Joseph L Jr Hawkins, Edna Mae 161
Onn, Clyde Chapman, Ellen 441
Opdyk, Albert Russell McWilliams, Selina Beatrice 119
Osberg, Arthur L Ward, Mildred Helen 223
Osborn, Leonard Morgan, Julia 359
Osborn, Verne L Crumpler, Alice 49
Otis, David Elmer Arata, Anita Alice 525
O'Toole, Charles Potter, Alice 218
Overbeck, Harry F Anderson, Ella S 311
Owens, Richard E Hottendorf, Anna 337
Owens, Roscoe S Smith, Dorothy 445
Pagh, Elmer C Renfro, Flora Whitaker 298
Palmer, Marvin White, Gladys May 220
Palmer, Nathan Knight, Doris 404
Palmquist, Albert J Macomber, Helen Grace 157
Pardue, Alec M Palmer, Alice Lillian 233
Paris, Charles Lemuel Coghill, Ruth Frances 491
Parolette, Louis Roberson, Dorothy Josephine 130
Patterson, Alexander Hamilton Meeks, Lucille Agatha 461
Paulsen, Henry W Goering, Mabel C 442
Payne, Lewis N Dingler, Mabel 171
Payne, Richard E Peter, Dorothy Eleanor 409
Pearce, Don M Christensen, Sena 62
Pearson, Ernest Rowe, Jean Louise 191
Peil, Glenn W McEwen, Ruby 113
Perry, Bud Joseph Speer, Mary Amelia 352
Perry, Gilbert Linn, Mary Ruth 400
Perry, MacKenzie Ruth, Grace 9
Peters, Charles J Whitney, Hazel 423
Peters, Robert W Scott, Violet I 295
Peterson, Gust Troxell, Elva J 74
Peterson, Ray McKeen, Ethel Winnifred 368
Pettegrew, Leland W Meyer, Helen M 59
Pettit, Roy Gibson, May 80
Petty, Lyle Little, Mildred 442
Phetteplace, Guy W DeLosh, Irene 550
Pierce, Elvin L Ripley, Rosalyn R 240
Pifer, Walter Fredrick Rothauge, Rosie Lilly 499
Pinson, Robert Henry Hughs, Eva Bronaugh 179
Pitches, Oliver J Paquette, Valada 285
Poe, Carrol A Stone, Carmen E 496
Poole, Francis Emanuel Albert, Essie M 375
Porteous, Floyd W Braden, Beatrice Rabecca 14
Porter, James Austin LaBarge, Eloyse C 369
Powell, Arthur Frank Bodine, Frances 117
Powell, Kenneth DeWitt Vonosse, Adelene 127
Powell, Paul R Mead, Katherine 106
Price, Lester Pulley, Martha Louise 168
Priestly, Harry Frost Fickas, Prudie Ethel 191
Printz, Frank A Stone, Mary J 539
Propst, Roy N Propst, Erma 470
Pruitt, Wilsie L Hurt, Geneva Ethel 320
Pugh, Thomas John MacDonald, Florence 322
Puhl, Albet Henry Fay, Sara Frances 491
Purcell, Hugh Milford Swanson, Vendla Theodora 294
Putman, Ralph F LeBlanc, Bertha 50
Pyle, Jesse Jackson Baker, Blanche Lorraine 124
Quackenbush, William Merlin Gebhard, Inez Leota 370
Quayle, Kenneth W Quayle, Mildred 249
Rackstraw, Harold E Clark, Hazel Jane 20
Ragsdale, Clarence Franklin Harvey, Clara Eugenia 540
Ragsdale, Raymond Cowden, Gladys 347
Ralph, Kenneth David Henderson, Sarah Dorothy 251
Ralph, Lewis David Laird, Evaline 251
Ramsey, William Baughman, Marjorie 2
Ramsland, Glendin F Madison, Oleta Mae 111
Randall, Platt Adolph Bushnell, Lucille Hannah 140
Rankin, George K Rankin, Hattie L 232
Rankin, Walter A Wilson, Eunice E 534
Rappaport, David S Schwartz, Agnes 449
Reed, Charles T Hersey, Mary M 131
Reichman, Cecil A Francis, Lela Elaine 9
Reiser, Edwin Elmer Bachelder, Evelyn Frances 391
Render, Arthur Gannaway, Thelma M 262
Reno, Jack D Muenter, Rose Marie Eleanor 214
Reppert, Benjamin F Jr Krause, Frieda L 430
Reynolds, Edwin Oliver Randolph, Florence 38
Reynolds, Wiley R Kuhn, Myrtle R 259
Reynolds, William T Albee, Riscilla B 162
Rhodes, J H Brewer, Martha E 370
Rhodes, Ralph Clayton Wooley, Geneva Francis 101
Rice, Clarence L Hansen, Hazel Ann 455
Rice, Homer Leroy Smith, Susie Faughn 63
Richardson, Jack Frank Bittner, Dorothy Evelyn 372
Richardson, Verne A Lofland, Iris Josephine 206
Rigsby, Theryle B Olinghouse, Alice B 538
Riley, Rolland L Welch, Gladys L 424
Rippon, Cyril Bristow Kouts, Frances Ellen 382
Rivers, Harry A Ham, Bonnie 327
Rivers, Henry Carswell, Wanlyn 537
Roach, Ray B Vogt, Rhoda 490
Roberds, Paul B Stanbury, Florence Beatrice 535
Roberson, Lee H Roberson, Arvilla 374
Roberts, Cehster Lee Croft, Helen Beatrice 192
Roberts, Henry C Simmons, Agnes 354
Robertson, George W Mohr, Anita 420
Robinson, Frederic Richard Burton, Nell Vivian 158
Robinson, William V Elder, Muriel O 131
Rocchio, John Anthony Hobbs, Trecia 301
Rock, Ausie Fernlund, Hazel 2
Rodgers, Wallace Bishop Flynn, Mary Louise 145
Rodrigue, Martin D Jr Gibbons, Francis 512
Rodriguez, Martin deSaniago, Refugio 184
Roff, Lester H McLaughlin, Hazel 77
Rohwer, Ray Schmeiser, Elda Helene 462
Romaneski, Louis Karl Stockstill, Audrey 485
Rose, Ted Taylor, Elsa Retta 381
Ross, Allen Russell Carter, Crystal Iris 522
Ross, Randall H Fenton, Elleen Mae 112
Rothacher, Otis E Hanson, Marguerite B 337
Rowley, Nelson Sylvester Thompson, Eliza C 469
Roys, Dwight Lenear Roat, Marguerite Winifred 403
Royse, Henry Edmond Weipert, Olie 51
Rumsey, Odell C Sylvia, Angeline 114
Runyan, Wilfred M DeAvilla, Kathryn 96
Rusteen, John Sandness, Clara 215
Sakota, Andy M Alpheus, Vina E 542
Salomon, Arnold L Thompson, Ethel R 196
Sanborn, Harry Burtch Zeis, Jean Adele 204
Sanders, James E Woods, Geraldine D 224
Satterlee, Lloyd Henry Cave, Margery E 325
Sauer, Ludwig Maxey, Edith 110
Sawkins, Thomas Waite, Florence 187
Sawyer, William A Gallatin, Rosina Bertha 473
Schellhous, Hubert Loranger, Frances 344
Schleigh, Clifford E Peters, Ruth Madalynne 245
Schnecengost, Fred Joseph Harrison, Greta Mable 516
Schneider, Howard E Smith, Avis 82
Schulz, Paul H Frink, Ruth L 172
Schulz, William H Glenn, Gladys M 45
Scott, Ernest E Burger, Elizabeth B 305
Scott, Robert Eisenbrandt, Carrie Evalee 395
Scott, Wallace Marion Edwards, Lottie May 183
Scroggin, Wesley James Wickhmann, Jeanne 378
Seitz, Raymond Andreazza, Lena 440
Selak, F A Nevala, Mary 555
Selby, Eugene William Morgan, Olive Viola 406
Semon, Russell D Haskins, Helen Claire 94
Settlemoir, Norman H Pagni, Catherine 476
Seybold, Elvia F Eckert, Marguerite Lowe 514
Shaden, Denver Kistler, Mary Jacqueline 361
Shanahan, Edward Thomas Nicholl, Delma 454
Shaw, Carmi K Knabe, Rotha 327
Sheats, Howard Clare McClanahan, Cora 435
Shelley, Everett S Radcliffe, Vivian Marie 380
Shelley, Hugh W Linton, Margarette A 384
Shelman, Herman R Clifford, Wanda A 274
Shepard, Lee Breese, Maratha 158
Sheppard, Ray Hilton, Edythe 313
Sherwood, Stanley G Swanson, Mable L 526
Shields, Floyd M Hendricks, Margaret 424
Shilling, Jack H Moder, Katherine M 20
Shoeman, Oscar B Hayes, Vera 419
Sidener, Clay W Doyen, Helen E 239
Siegmiller, Rulon Don Calder, LaDonna 516
Silvers, Francis J Mose, Hessie 194
Simons, Malcolm H Phair, Adelaide 132
Sittel, Otto F Bell, Mary C 334
Skillen, Ted Russell, Ellen Harriet 296
Slaven, John P Chockie, Irene June 323
Sloop, Carl C Phillips, Dolly Lee 32
Small, William Houston Walp, Clara Elene 27
Smeltzer, Charles A Graham, Bertha A 73
Smith, Charles Edward Troxell, Velma Jeannett 384
Smith, Dewey Harkleroad, Gertrude Lucille 4
Smith, Don R Davies, Marie 216
Smith, Donald C Garman, Wilma 332
Smith, Gerald Bernard Sanford, Grace Bernice 346
Smith, Loran F Ameral, Emily J 487
Smith, Theodore W Pomroy, Louise 154
Smith, William R Powell, Gladys Dorothy 364
Snow, John Lawrence Ferre, Grace Alice 497
Snyder, Chester J King, Louise 396
Southwick, Raymond L Strange, Frances 515
Spencer, Raymond Carlton Wood, Lottie 195
Spesert, Willis E Moore, Alta 54
Spicer, Johnny Raymond Roth, Sylvia Anne 282
Stanlake, Earl Waddell Weir, Marie Flora 401
Stephens, Lovett W Mathus, Ellen 473
Stevens, Andrew Ezekiel Trask, Dolly Blanche 390
Stevens, Dow H Nelson, Olive Marie 316
Stevens, George H Moore, Theda K 343
Steward, Lewis T Lounsbury, Thelma 466
Stewart, Vern Medley, Mildred 470
Sticha, Emil Landis, Shirley 102
Stilwell, Edgar William Lacy, Ila Lorraine 432
Stimson, Charles Arthur Stanley, Alice Perkins 247
Stockton, Ira L Irwin, Minnie 426
Stokes, William Charles Jr Burrows, Winona Irene 289
Straub, Merele W Frulin, Ina 25
Straus, Harold Walter, Ruth 55
Streif, Robert J Sheldon, Bertha A 10
Stroud, Harry Peet, Ruby 67
Stroup, Daniel George Boerman, Meryl 399
Sullivan, Chris E Williamson, Esther B 333
Sullivan, Francis Bennett, Carol 172
Sundquist, Charles Frederick Coleman, Crissola 144
Sutherland, Henry W Whittle, Ruth 149
Sutherlin, William LaVerne Halley, Angie 449
Swanson, Walter Boss, Drusilla 260
Swedberg, Gideon E Flynn, Cecile L 53
Swenson, Otto Julius Wilson, Evelyn Margaret 265
Swingle, Artro W Gosnell, Ida Elzada 21
Swope, James F Palmer, Inez E 15
Sylva, Aloysius Lancelot, Edith Lucile 398
Tabb, William Taylor Spry, Edythe Alberta 174
Tadina, Gerald Ferrari, Katie 155
Talbott, Preston Lorenzo Green, Carolyn H 261
Tannahill, James S Asher, Julia J 113
Tanner, Gordon Daniel Peterson, Dorothy 532
Taylor, Harvey Robinson, Edna S 35
Taylor, Samuel J Schomann, Hazel I 75
Tedeschi, Ernest Draper, Edythe May 484
Tessier, James Eggness, Thomess 415
Thiede, Kermit Bristow, Theoma 189
Thomas, Douglas L Norris, Lois V 320
Thomas, Jeremiah Bradt, Winifred Blanche 467
Thompson, Alvin Phillips, Mary 405
Thompson, Earl E Slonicker, Ella 62
Thompson, Harold A Yearnshaw, Freda 12
Thompson, Lewis Elmer McKray, Besse Edna 220
Thomsen, Ferdinand Stilts, Ella B 256
Thorpe, Henry E Forrest, Wanda Louisa 410
Tice, Joe P Chambers, Hattie 335
Todd, Theodore Leslie Ellis, Genevieve 258
Tofft, Ivan J Holt, Stella F 460
Tolomei, Peter Maltagliaty, Mary 463
Toskas, Spiro Mills, Lura Lenora 192
Totten, William B Dorf, Frances A 58
Touchatt, Lloyd Franklin Phillips, Eugenia 425
Tow, Roy E Stafford, Florence 268
Tracy, Orville E Paine, Estelle C 186
Trask, George Edward Johnson, Alice May 307
Tribble, Emmett Baker Dobrowsky, Frances Lucille 291
Trotter, Wallace Beck, Clara 375
Troxell, Arlo Gale Peters, Lillian Esther 29
True, Ira Earl Strawn, Lola 464
Tucker, Hayden M Dessinger, Phyllis 154
Tucker, Howard Triplett, Eleanor 359
Tunison, Peter M Durnil, Wilma E 433
Turner, Kenneth Edward Suggett, Alberta May 262
Turner, Walter A Norton, Helen M 271
Turpin, Ray Woodrow Hill, Katherine 255
Turre, Wallace A Soule, Josephine 196
Twing, Edward W Sheppard, Rose A 426
Umbarger, Joseph Y Griffin, Margaret Dorothy 498
Underwood, George T Gransbury, Wilma 48
Vance, Cecil Leroy Hunt, Merle Louise 439
Vetterlein, Bert Ruff, Goldie 69
Vetterline, Harold Andrew Warren, Anna Jeannette 354
Victor, Walter G Gilpin, Florence L 108
Vietti, Charles Jackson, Pauline 10
Vincent, Emery James Hamilton, Ida 306
Waddell, Perry Ray Rutzer, Josephine 353
Wademan, Rudolph Campbell, Daisy R 125
Waelty, Henry Cox, Dotha L 325
Wagner, Lawrence Brown, Elizabeth 548
Wakefield, Wayne Edwin Brown, Isola 128
Walker, James A Cook, Lela Mae 394
Walker, Owen Patterson, Elsie 456
Wallace, Frank N Swedling, Ruth 324
Wallace, Phillip Hilton, Bethel D 304
Walp, Henry D Gilliam, Meda 75
Walrath, S E Wheaton, May 553
Walton, Eugene A Cox, Ruby 239
Ward, Albert Pete Ely, Phoebe Nina 24
Ward, Dewey Montgomery, Marjorie 211
Ward, Emmett J Callick, Marie R 202
Ward, George S Lange, Carolyn 253
Ward, Jack Watson, Miriam E 137
Wardrip, Holt C Hamaker, Gayle Ruth 281
Ware, Utus Elmer Tilson, Avea Mae 318
Warneke, Fredrick Neumeister, Marjorie 118
Warner, Eugene Smith, Edna 56
Watkins, Ray Probstfield, Harriet 297
Watson, Harry M Alexander, Mary Luzanne 274
Webb, Verne R Wood, Ruth Ann 281
Wegener, Henry G Sheehan, Helen 87
Weger, Raymond Robert Smead, Elsie 428
Welburn, Samuel J Burnett, Lilly Mae 357
Welch, Edward Calvin McMarcus, Elizabeth Clena 547
Welch, O Farrell Adams, Marjorie Alice 228
Wells, Norman W Jones, Stella M 349
Wergland, Irving N Waite, Merle 83
Weston, Morgan Avery Rowan, Eunice Irene 250
Westphal, Chester Edwin Ross, Wilma Mae 230
Whaley, Wilbur C Harvey, Lois 406
Wheat, Harold H Vestal, Margaret 433
Wheeler, Charles Leavitt, Elizabeth 499
Wheeler, Charles Lester Holmes, Bertha Lucile 528
Whipple, Ray VanDyke, Marjorie 518
Whitaker, Elijah S Simpson, Patricia A 387
White, Claude Standish Fong, Marion 355
White, Elmor Morgan Chadbourne, Laura Orene 519
White, Emile Alves, Althea 429
White, Gerald Lilya, Esther Marietta 501
Whitehurst, Graham Grant, Audre J 556
Whiting, Herbert W Downing, Mary Inez 247
Whitlatch, Gerald Schiesel, Marie 89
Wible, Virgil Ward, Luella 84
Wickert, Byron A Stainbrook, Verna Viola 279
Widmer, Victor M Lemieux, Lorraine 409
Wilcox, Harry David Greer, Verna 279
Wilcox, Harry David Greer, Verna 379
Wilcox, Mike Algerman Bowers, Gladys Dorothy 254
Wilkinson, L Lee McHan, F May 350
Wilkinson, Raymond Alfred Newman, Ethel Irene 98
Williams, Amos Edward Lockwood, Margaret 121
Williams, Clarence Clemens Jones, Sadie 79
Williams, Glen Brown, Ruth 481
Williams, Homer Eslie Burger, Chrystal Bessie 182
Williams, Orval Miller, Doris 23
Williams, Tommie E Cooksey, Gladys M 183
Williams, William F Brinson, Katheryn 237
Willoughby, Lewis R Reich, Waneta Mae 40
Wilson, Cecil B Booth, Cecile C 221
Wilson, David E Sharples, Alice K 511
Wilson, Elmer J Stephens, Elma Mae 272
Wilson, Jack Kidwell, Nina 63
Wilson, Jack Henry Sanders, Polly Elizabeth 493
Wilson, Leslie Everett Mansfield, Emily Mildred 105
Wilson, Raymond A Epperhart, May 149
Wilson, Vernon Greenwell, Addrienne 417
Wilson-Wilcox, Lee V Gyger, Mildred May 42
Wiltse, Charles Rutzer, Matilda 284
Wines, Harold Harrison Dunbabin, Alys 549
Winfield, Robert Marvin Long, Mabel 52
Wingfield, James Erickson, Edith Viola 238
Winningham, John Lee James, Kitsey Belle 78
Winters, Emmett B Smith, Mary Ethel 103
Winters, Jess Lee Hill, Doris Shirley 500
Winters, Lester Allen Hurst, Margaret Ada 254
Wise, Harvey E Sheets, Vivian 371
Wolfe, Eugene S Smith, Mildred 66
Wolfe, John Frank Ostrom, May Belle 527
Wolff, Edward Elmer Conrad, Dorothy Kathleen 537
Wolff, Fred J Williams, Thelma V 501
Wooden, Harry J Brotton, Helen E 284
Woody, Arthur H Hendricksen, Eloa M 522
Woolfolk, Walter Clark Goodman, Evelyne Minnie 452
Wright, Howard W Bernert, Elizabeth 1
Wright, Leroy Franklin Hudson, Ruth Irene 336
Wyant, Raymond Clair Clymer, Ruth Lucille 100
Wymore, Earl Winston Hon, Margery Jane 493
Young, Newell Jordan, Berneice 236
Younger, Robert Lee Rodgers, Marguerite 480
Zaniroli, Emelio Manfredi, Josephine 178
Zemke, Edward Loos, Viola 333
Zolskey, Arthur R Calkins, Gladys M 224
Zundel, Golden Farlow, Beth 387
Zuver, Lee J Rogers, Wilma 361
Zwyer, Jost Miller, Belle 168