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Jackson County Marriage Book #18 Indexed by Groom's Name

Old Photo of Wedding Couple

RVGS volunteers have photographed and indexed the marriage record books housed in the Jackson County, Oregon courthouse. Below is our index to Marriage Book #18 for 1935-1937. It is in alphabetic order by the Groom's name. This book used preprinted forms completed by the county clerk. Each page in this book contains the certificates for a single couple and includes both the marriage license and certificate (assuming the license was acted upon).

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Marriage Certificate
How to order:
Names of bride and groom

Groom Bride Page
Abbott, Elmer W Carson, Ruth 311
Abbott, Orbra Heryford, Beulah 286
Abbott, Raymond Kenneth Jones, Elsie M 34
Abel, Charles Virgil Mitchell, Charlotte May 123
Abel, Howard Conley, Thelma 357
Abel, William Henry Stockstill, Wanda Lee 527
Acheson, John Russell Daugherty, Edith Carolyn 528
Acord, William E Clark, Ruth 486
Adams, Arthur P Kirkpatrick, Fran Sue 298
Adcock, Clifton McGrew, Wanda 29
Akin, Clark C Student, Dorothy 535
Akin, Robert Roy Weiss, Eleanor 336
Alborn, Evan W Minear, Ruth G 533
Albright, Jesse S Checchi, Sue Mary 213
Aldrich, Thomas Lloyd Samuelson, Katharine Janette 261
Allen, Alva W Bossley, Sarah E 2
Allen, Christopher Columbus Morgan, Daisy Olive 274
Allen, Eugene R Bettandorff, Georgia Lois 289
Allen, Roland Arens, Vivian 98
Allen, Rollen Edward Clark, Elvira Belle 26
Althaus, Floyd Lewis Hudnell, Hazel Elizabeth 132
Ambrose, Keith K Hardenbrook, Margaret Julia 590
Amrine, Richard Mahlon DeArmond, Ardis 399
Anderson, Don Carlos Surber, Elyga 54
Anderson, Francis H Voss, Mary 369
Anderson, George Miller, Dorothye 96
Anderson, Lyle N Balis, Jean 415
Anderson, Nathan Elifrits, Rosie Lee 139
Anderson, Robert F Rigers, Jacquelyn 549
Anderson, Vaughn L Patterson, Dorothy Helen 454
Andrews, Gene Artig Youngberg, Lorraine Jeanette 74
Andrews, Lewis Lee Connell, Inez Elvira 351
Andrews, Paul John Holmes, Bonnie 560
Andrews, William Ray Williams, Ilda L 427
Angers, Wilford Leo Johnson, Lorna Doone 487
Angers, William Howard Pillon, Eole 276
Anson, George Clinton Barnaby, Elizabeth Theda 57
Appleton, Aldace E Oliver, Phyllis Marie 292
Arami, Fedele Fasoletti, Caterina 536
Archer, Harold Emerson Bolz, Violet 416
Archer, Lawrence Davis, Viva 259
Arens, William Wagner, Clara A 4
Arney, Andrew F Carless, Dorothy V 144
Arnold, Donald J Walker, Dora D 300
Arnold, Lester Vincent Case, Flossie LaBelle 59
Arnold, Robert F Shirley, Alice Mae 281
Arthur, Eustace E Arnold, Lorene F 426
Artmire, Raymond Lawrence Rae, Ethel 380
Ash, Wayne Edward LaDieu, Laurabel 244
Askwith, William Horace Tex, Geroline Mary 247
Athanas, William Verne Spencer, Alice Muriel 295
Aubrey, Walter Inskip, Josephine 193
Augustine, Norman Woodworth, Edith L 456
Ausland, Willis M Bunnell, Grace 236
Axland, Harold Beers, Goldie 325
Ayer, William Melcher, Virginia I 580
Babb, Benjamin Allen Kerby, Marjory 375
Baidel, William Gus Thedford, Ruth 7
Bailey, Benjamin F Shoemaker, Daphny C 446
Bailey, Carll Curtis Carter, Bernice Vivian 244
Bailey, J Ross Christiani, Bernadine 65
Baker, Bert Smith, Edna 566
Baker, George Amos Shumway, Lilla Bell 466
Baker, Grover Lee Frady, Josephine 441
Baker, Jess F Warner, Catherine J 544
Baker, Thomas F Bicknell, Nellie B 494
Baldi, Pete Barcaglia, Rose 127
Ball, Joe Hoffman, Elda M 151
Ball, Joseph S Frank, Evelyn M 233
Barnes, Cecil W Garretson, Loretta 410
Barnes, Charles Wesley Orth, Dorothy D 11
Barnes, Herbert Owen Schindler, Agnes 285
Barnett, Arlando Meredith Meyer, Marion Pearl 530
Barnett, Howard Wilson Mendenhall, Catherine Louise 330
Barnhardt, Benjamin Frank Landon, Hattie 202
Barnum, Howard W Adams, Vera 309
Barnum, William Laird Elliott, Amy Burritt 507
Bartels, William T Manley, Anna L 574
Bash, Francis C Ness, Kathleen 131
Bates, Albert Owen Corcoran, Marvel Iris 476
Beall, James Henry Day, Dorothy 563
Bean, Charles Nye, Marian 57
Bean, Richard Dixon, Lela 384
Behnke, Jack Lowd, Velma Irene 364
Belcher, James Sutton, Amy 333
Bell, Elmer L Pitchford, Gilla L 379
Bellows, Benjamin Bennet, Ruby 555
Beltz, George E Ratty, Ethelene E 251
Bender, Joseph Shelly, Florine 469
Bennett, D Allen VanOrtwick, Velma M 424
Bennett, Edward F Finney, Bertha L 42
Bennett, Lloyd E Rock, Patti 433
Bennett, William J Keaton, Laura Lavina 79
Benscheidt, Adolph Taylor, Helen 591
Benswanger, Alvin O Schwindt, Henriette J 594
Bentley, Perry Perry, Pearl 2
Berg, James Darling, Margaret 145
Berg, Roy L Francis, June A 273
Berger, Frederick W Quilhot, Gussie 546
Bergesen, Albert R Howie, Anne MacKendrick 91
Berke, Peter R Baldwin, Louise 339
Berryhill, Roderick M Coyle, Christina M 136
Bersch, Arthur Joseph Wilson, Dorothy 491
Bertsch, Harold Layton Campbell, Dorothy 3
Bevlin, Jack L Neely, Daisy Daan 599
Biancone, Tony Thomas, Josephine 395
Biddlecome, Ralph Albert Henderson, Olive L 323
Biden, Neville D Pickard, Bobbie 277
Bierma, Jack Warenfelt, Roberta 508
Bigalow, Earl B Fulton, Barbara W 27
Bigham, Ernest Kramer, Elizabeth 548
Bingman, Harold R Moses, Viola 303
Bishop, Lee Porter Whitman, Hester Wakefield 391
Bitterling, Robert R Crandall, Cora M 225
Bittle, John Louis Swafford, Jane Barker 561
Black, Leo Raymond Kane, Jennie M 298
Bland, Herbert Colvig, Helen 581
Bleil, Clarence J Owens, Lillian 39
Blight, Reynold F Cooper, Florence Palmer 38
Blodgett, William P Roth, Bertha 133
Blum, Robert E Hull, Elsiemae 329
Boggs, Dwight Stanley Sinnett, Dorothy Edith 8
Bohl, James Joseph Branam, Grace 28
Boize, Richard Hewell Ellenburg, Doris Roberta 386
Boone, Ralph Walter Holderbein, Helena 88
Boren, Bennie Mills Holman, Grace 338
Boren, Murl J Grow, Eileen 341
Boswell, Carl Knox Rutherford, Alice May 387
Boswell, Nathan Wharton, Celia 441
Bowers, Virgil Avery Wyatt, Emogene Morrison 567
Boyd, Elbur Bryan Kaiser, Ruth 275
Bradley, David Wells Williams, Lila May 75
Branstetter, Jack K Cavanah, Verlie 53
Broussard, Peter Arnett, Evelyn 363
Brown, Arthur Laffayette VanDermark, Hazel Marie 116
Brown, Everett Lyle Bigham, Ruth Aletta 290
Brown, George Ingram Smith, Zelda 340
Brown, John Pollock, Beulah Smith 143
Brown, John D McCarty, Charlotte 497
Brown, Norman J Abbott, Lydia L 318
Brown, Roy Wagner, Daisy 135
Brown, Willard C Hinton, Frances 471
Brown, William R Davis, Gertrude 515
Buchanan, William Alfred DeLosh, Joan Maxine 152
Burgoyne, Carlyle Ferris Conner, Virginia Mary 333
Burk, Orville E Knighten, Evelyn Lucille 221
Burnette, Ray Niswonger, Alice 219
Burns, Edgar C Brickey, Naomi 428
Burns, John William Strowbridge, Irene Ola 352
Burns, Philip Lee Gunter, Ida Cora 509
Burns, William E Shannon, Ethel 306
Bush, A J Grow, Mabelle 316
Butler, James Herbert Havens, Lorene Frances 410
Butterfield, George H Butterfield, Charlotte Mae 591
Byxbe, Ralph Leo Dawson, Estella Mae 412
Calhoun, Vernon F Gibson, Pearl Iris 114
Callegan, William J Hickam, Ona 351
Campbell, Dewey H Kavanaugh, Lucile 14
Cardinal, Meade Ehrke, Florence 528
Carl, William N Rexford, Flossie 584
Carlon, Charles William Arnold, Bernadine Z 515
Carlon, Vernon Blevins, Virginia 514
Carlson, Carl Anderson, Marie 97
Carlson, Kurt Leonard Mokler, Clella Alene 509
Carlson, Lloyd Maynard, Ida 182
Carlson, Paul R Wiley, Mary 500
Carmichael, Robert E Bowerman, Gertrude E 317
Carr, Aetna H Cash, Ruth 173
Carr, Otis L Roy Yager, Elizabeth Jacoby 186
Carson, Frank L Rigdon, Marie Elizabeth 25
Carter, Robert Rounsavelle Vaca de Torres, Alicia Paula 39
Casey, Delbert W Coy, Catherine 370
Casteel, Harold Robbins, Viola 404
Cave, Donald Garman, Nellie 229
Cearley, Harvey R Heath, Ruth 197
Chamberlain, Edwin Flint Rush, Mary 225
Chamberlain, Vernon Dale Pence, Alberta 484
Chandler, Frank L Chase, Josephine Barbara 141
Chandler, Walter Vance, Margaret 242
Chapman, Floyd Elmer Seal, Lila Ruth 470
Chappell, Homer W Cunha, Irma 94
Charley, Lincoln S Monia, Donna 169
Chase, Donald E Huntington, Kathleen Johnson 417
Chase, Morris Tanninen, Bertha 564
Chase, Paul William Funderburk, Leona Mae 554
Chausse, Norman J Gilman, Elizabeth 19
Childers, Clifton Beltz, Ellen 105
Childress, Walter L Fraley, Naomi M 372
Christensen, Antone O Brown, Georgia 542
Christianson, John Bowman, Nelle 307
Clark, Al A Vieaux, Margaline 84
Clark, Clifford Claud Grieve, Thelma 283
Clark, George McDowell, Margrett 498
Clark, Leonard Walter Dawson, Nellie Irene 256
Clark, Robert L Whelan, Jeanne L 573
Clarke, Frank Cathan Pitts, Jennie Louise 163
Clay, Charles Edward Jr Miller, Peggy Ankeny 418
Clayton, Calvin VanOrtwick, Bertha 254
Cleaves, Jack Alex Taylor, Erlene E 425
Cline, LeRoy Franklin Taylor, Josephine Naomi 595
Clogston, Frank H Edens, Margaret Elizabeth 570
Close, Frank Raymond Furness, Viola Mae 271
Clow, Vernon Charles Swisher, Viola Anne 142
Cobane, Jesse E Manor, Margaret 429
Cochran, Walter Perl Collins, Vivian 347
Coello, George Schmidt, Helen 99
Cogbill, Cecil H Turney, Anna G 268
Coghill, Roy Elmer Mason, Lois Maxine 129
Cole, Mark Douglas Harrold, Erma Avis 296
Coley, Herbert Theodore Austin, Rose 160
Colver, Eldred Coats, Eunice 493
Colvin, William R McCallister, Pauline 308
Compton, Vern Lewis Nixon, Grace 514
Conklin, George Ellis Leedy, Ella Mae 459
Connell, Albert M Finck, Amelia 37
Conner, Clifton Jean Paxson, Alice Alena 517
Conner, Wiloby Jacobs, Leota 189
Convirs, Jack Dennis Ryder, Rose M 539
Conway, W T McKenzy, Clara 287
Cook, Bert L White, Florence G 442
Cook, Clyde A Bevens, Emma Coates 537
Cook, Lemmie Robert Drake, Minnie M 414
Cooley, John Lawrence Matney, Estella 204
Cooper, Leonard Helliwell, Lenore 422
Coray, Albert J Harbaugh, Antonia 450
Corum, Jewell D Walker, Mary E 377
Cottani, John Pilgrim, Lucile Anna 49
Coulter, Walter Henry Jester, Idabel Blanch 544
Cowden, Robert Waddell, Evelyn 381
Cowin, Monroe M Gentry, Alice Marie 86
Cox, Harlan B Ferrell, Daisy 455
Cox, Noy Denny, Rena M 332
Craddock, Jesse V Cavener, Mary M 299
Crandall, William H Crandall, Florence 485
Cranston, William Maurice Carter, Faye 453
Crosby, Ed A Obenchain, Stella 569
Crown, Floyd A Fifield, Helen W 92
Cugnet, P H York, Florence 337
Culbertson, Homer W Hart, Eva 101
Culy, Naldrett Gale Coke, Helen 89
Cummings, Howard S Brandon, Leola 152
Cummings, Raymond R Aber, Alma M 214
Cunningham, Luther Bandrup, Elizabeth 312
Cunningham, William Edward McCredie, Gail 465
Curry, Arthur L Burdell, Grace 490
Curtis, Frank E Aronson, Katherine L 577
Cutshall, James Thomas Taylor, Thelma June 313
Dalton, Paul Clifford Mankins, Esther May 255
Daniels, Ray A Vogel, Adella N M 142
Darland, Floyd Edmond Lemire, Rita 496
Davenport, Lloyd Guerin, Jean L 111
Davidson, M Eldon Armstrong, Ruth 163
Davis, George Clyde Lantis, Marjorie Fay 37
Davis, J H McCloskey, Dorothy E 279
Davis, Jack Franklin Roberts, Zetta 237
Davis, Jeff Brown, June Noreen 223
Davis, Leland G Bates, Anna 174
Davis, Owen Kenneth Vroman, June Mercedes 269
Davis, Paul A Austin, Violet 181
Davis, Ruben Daniel Mackay, Ethel Florence 262
Davis, Russell Delzell Fuson, Clara Mary 224
Davis, Russell Edwin Mills, Evelyn 69
Davis, William G Trefren, Clara E 49
Dawe, Orval Walter Graves, Nora Ann 558
Daws, Charles F Horton, Arlene 185
Daws, Willie M Pahl, Mary Alice 66
Day, John S Parsons, Mary B 78
Day, Wesley Frank Kurtz, Elizabeth Hazel Marie 450
Dayton, Gordon Berl Montgomery, Naomi Pearl 487
Deakin, Jonathan James Hanna, M Grace Blackman 488
Dean, Charles H Waggener, Una 10
Deardorf, Louis E Marbach, Blanche Leona 154
Deatherage, William R Oswald, Cordia Mae 263
DeBerry, Clifford Allison Dudler, Loretta Alice 207
DeBold, Otto Sjolander, Esther 284
Decker, Frank Morris, Anita 69
Denman, Keith John Pahl, Alta 190
Denzer, Roy Earl Pool, Erma Jean 205
DeRoss, Charles DeRoss, Berniece 447
DeRushe, Basil Moore, Lilah 226
Deuel, L J Deuel, Edith R 427
Dewey, Birnam Clark Call, Thedora Terhune 460
Dewey, Fred Grant Grant, Agnes Mae 267
Dickson, Frank Meinecke, Edith H 124
Dickson, Samuel T Burrows, Minnie J 390
Dille, Charles A Howard, LaVone 440
Dixon, Walter N Jr Todd, Eleanor 291
Donahue, James C Swisher, Viola A 589
Doremus, Warren Bateman, Irwanda 64
Dorothy, Donald Oren Madsen, Alice Lorraine 384
Doty, Frank Adrian Mays, Ida Ruth 392
Dowden, Huberet Leon Hollinger, Frieda 408
Downard, Donald E Wooley, Opal C 282
Driver, Norman Wesley Wood, Dorothy Ruth 476
Duchi, Givanni Guerra, Mary 128
Duffield, Gordon H Talent, Doris E 102
Duffy, Edward F Grossen, Laura Milani 369
Dumore, Felix Jackson, Lititia 552
Dunlap, Cleo E Morgan, Alma L 579
Dunn, Carroll E Gooding, Ada 257
Dunn, Fred William Hanscom, Ruth E 349
Dutton, Fred Mattson, Myrtle 270
Dyer, Ivan W Lyons, Martha Estella 500
Eberhart, Willard Dean Gilstrap, Anna Ernestine 252
Eddy, John H Davis, Pearl 396
Edgecomb, E Homer Houston, Gwendolyn 47
Edginton, Harris C Chase, Belva P 396
Edler, Andrew J Adams, Elva Elsie 520
Edwards, Edgar A Mathews, Mabel 346
Edwards, George Andrew Ely, Carlyn 187
Egleston, John V Cline, Irene 79
Eichorst, Harvey Charles Drown, Eunice 498
Ekkelboom, Joseph Rudolph Malone, Martha Grace 122
Elander, Henry L Samples, Irene 322
Elden, Harrison Johnson, Naomi 448
Elliott, Charles Howlett, Hattie 246
Elliott, George Otis Kenny, Edith Mae 3
Ellison, George Russell Whitman, Maude Josephine 337
Elmore, Leslie Regnier, Evelyn 355
Erdman, Douglas Frank Lamoreaux, Diane 107
Erickson, Leonard G Oglesby, M Alsena 151
Ernst, Harold Boudro, Sylvina 419
Ervin, Albert William Wright, Luella Gertrude 72
Espey, Laurance V Jensen, Arlene 164
Estep, Paul C Agee, Anita A 195
Evans, Clyde Besoain, Juanita 342
Evans, Herbert A Jr Bowles, Enid R 62
Evans, Kenneth Landrum, Olive Brower 189
Ewing, Fred Armstrong, Lucille 347
Ezell, Irving J Weber, Mabel K 209
Fader, Joseph Leonard Hanscom, Clara 328
Fairbanks, Dick D Ringoen, Marion 468
Fairbanks, Dick D Ringoen, Marion 468a
Fanger, Richard Kludt, Clara 120
Farlow, Fred P Swinney, Lola Ferrantine 175
Farnsworth, Ray J Mathews, Dolly 123
Farnum, George H Martin, Margaret I 283
Fawcett, Frank W Borge, Luella C 485
Fenner, Allen S Brown, Martha 334
Ferguson, Floyd Shive, Anna 275
Ferrari, Michael E Pilatti, Adelina 425
Ferrel, Colman Wills, Nellie 319
Fields, George Earnest Custer, Margaret Mary 430
Filbert, Charles H Cloud, Alura 345
Finch, Roy Grant LaMar, Gladys 242
Fink, Jack J Hitson, Myrtle 301
Finney, George Frederick Scott, Dorothy Jean 215
Firestone, Mayo Howard Moomaw, Edna May 517
Firth, James Spencer Sparrow, Frances Withington 200
Fisher, Gerald F Rosenburg, Gladys 73
Fitzgerald, John Joseph Orr, Blanche 61
Fitzgerald, Paul William Smith, Edith Mae 235
Ford, Charles B Gibson, Ethel L 403
Ford, Paul W Harden, Ethel 55
Ford, William H Burns, Dorothy M 495
Forsyth, Norton A Warner, Margaret Nye 212
Foster, Charles H Barager, Elizabeth 170
Foster, Charles J MacDiarmid, Nell 578
Foster, Ellis Jacob Shimanek, Eleanor Ruby 411
Foster, Percival W Terry Florence Cornell 391
Fowler, Henry Ince, Ethel 388
Fox, Howard R Ward, Ida 16
Fox, LeVoy M Loveall, Lelia Bernice 273
Fox, Milton E Mays, Essie O 415
Fox, Neil A Davidson, Grace A 34
Fraley, Norman Judy, Violet C 50
Francis, Joseph Oliver Wheeler, Marie 20
Franks, George Lee Darneille, Wilda Irene 245
Frazier, Eugene Grubbs, Roena 551
Frazier, Lawrence Jay Long, Iris Verna 146
Frederick, Delmer O Darneille, Basha 91
Freitas, Laddie Chamberlain, Juanita 430
French, Clyde Holmes, Ethel Elizabeth Bamberg 83
Freytag, Ernst Hugh Meiling, Margaret Louise 510
Frisbie, Raymond Eric Runels, Blanche Estelle 393
Frohnmayer, Otto J Braden, Mar Abel Fisher 251
Frohnmayer, William Goff, Dorothy Dell 243
Frohreich, George R Frohreich, Beatrice J 297
Fuhrer, Henry M Daily, Patricia Anne 155
Gant, Denver Russell Brown, Gertrude 293
Gant, George Byrd, Elizabeth 327
Gardella, Charles Matthews, Gladys 131
Gardner, Albert H Mansfield, Helen A 433
Gardner, Cecil Watson, Mildred 222
Garr, Abren Ennic Paley, Margery Elizabeth 495
Garrett, Orion Damon Flickinger, Laura Louise 156
Garrison, J E Clayton, Atlanta 558
Garrison, Oakie Rheinsburg, Bernice 418
Gass, Robert Franklin Gray, Ruby Ethel 192
Gates, George W Brown, AnnaBelle 75
Gathwright, Lloyd R Bowen, Cora I 464
Gaul, Hugh Hamilton Annereaux, Eva 116
Gault, Howard Campbell Sage, Edith 379
Gehrman, August A Gehrman, Evelyn 145
Georgacopoulos, Efstathios Hall, Lillian 545
George, Franklin Head Harper, Laura Elmeda 179
Gettys, William Orval Morgan, Virginia 328
Gianotti, Leo Joseph Hugo, Frances 586
Gilbert, Merle Eliel Wiley, Shirley 338
Gilham, George Phillip Puhl, Lillian C Carlson 436
Gill, Desmond Neher Johnson, Lucy Cowling 67
Gillespie, Dick Mokler, Bernice 203
Gillmore, Harold Edwin Tennison, Jane 600
Glass, Hugh Anseth, Mildred 173
Glass, Theodore Orion McCuen, Helen Gertrude 41
Gloyd, Gordon Davis Brannan, Pauline Elizabeth 52
Godard, S V Klingler, Lea 588
Goddard, Gareth B Norvell, Margaret 262
Goodbaudy, William H Cooper, Francis Gene 349
Goodlin, Ira I Williamson, Grace E 113
Goodman, Ivan Claire Stearns, Lucille 266
Goodman, Orville L Kamolz, Irene A 443
Gotcher, Jesse Newton Tooley, Hazel Lorene 440
Gott, Emmett M Jackson, Maxine 439
Governor, Francis Ivan Durkee, Blossom 200
Grant, Patrick T Robinson, Evelyn M 96
Greaser, Ben F Eicher, Nellie 240
Green, Earl Edwin Mallison, Maywood 547
Green, Ralph Edison Jr Reames, Carvel L 32
Gregory, Ramey Howard Loos, Minnie Irene 560
Griffith, Russel McGee, Lucille 180
Grigsby, Byrd Elven Helms, Elsie Marie 390
Grisdale, Thomas E Stewart, Laura D 536
Grocey, James W Viers, Geneva J 210
Groening, Reinhard Curtis, Lucille 582
Grogan, James Marshall Parker, Violet C 463
Grossman, Earl Boone, Golda 413
Grove, Dallas Jr Vinson, Evelyn 22
Grow, Harold Nichols, Gladys 414
Guches, Clyde Albert Coller, Fern 178
Gusmerali, Pio G Pierce, Beatrice 406
Guy, Sidney A Grimstad, Ebbie M 406
Haas, George J Hall, Veva 72
Hadley, Herbert Gardner, Evelyn 87
Hagen, Billimore C Stockman, Esther 168
Hagman, Irven S Anderson, Jennie May 166
Haight, Willis E Hood, Elma 120
Haines, James H Aikins, Rose Marie 466
Halaas, Harold T Hendricks, Jessie Lee 596
Halbert, Elmer Louis Reed, Pansy Thelma 132
Hale, Walter Richard Benn, Geraldine Evelyn 589
Hall, Claude Marshall Maulding, Martha Leona 232
Hall, Irvin Edward Turpin, Ruth Ellen 41
Hallinan, Patrick Sly, Mildred 89
Hamaker, Chester H Duffy, Marie K 155
Hamaker, James C Whitney, Marietta L 460
Hamilton, Bertrand William Anderson, Melva 513
Hamilton, Joseph Blair Middleton, Vera Hazel 594
Hamilton, Lee Halleck Spears, Lillian Marion 100
Hamilton, Lester G Edmonds, Marian 432
Hamlin, Warren B Sweeney, Kathryn 125
Hammersly, Noel Clark Quakenbush, Eugena Kathryne 102
Hampton, Norman C Jr Quisenberry, Jeanne 503
Hanchett, Mark L Nelson, Gladys 20
Handford, Eugene Emery Rachor, Babe R 30
Handsaker, Hobart Josselyn, Azalea 18
Hansen, Gilbert F Schell, Margaret Dolores 360
Hardin, Odie John Hamon, Mae 468
Harmon, James Timothy Dunlava, Virginia Clare 435
Harper, Chancey A Shores, Charlene M 340
Harper, Elmer B Ackerman, LaVona 363
Harper, Verne Rosell Matthews, Verta Opal 25
Harris, Maurice N Briscoe, L Fern 428
Harris, William I White, Lillie J 305
Hart, George Keresey, Marcia 516
Hartley, Homer George Edwards, Betty Lee 227
Hartman, Herbert L Tognotti, Matilda B 371
Hartmann, Raymond F Renner, Katherine 180
Hartwell, Kenneth Earl Fowler, Luella Maxine 526
Hartz, John Wilson Heck, Iva M 397
Hatch, Arlie Dorman Farmer, Margaret N 575
Hatch, Stewart S Coverdale, Zella May 575
Hauber, Loren N Averill, Frances E 245
Haughy, James H Martin, Harriette M 228
Hauston, Louis Spencer Smith, Velma Elizabeth 559
Hawkins, Lawrence William Young, June Carol 183
Hawks, Max J Hawks, Claudine 230
Haworth, J Wilfred Jones, Hazel C 493
Hayes, Lloyd Delbert Hale, Gladys Mae 7
Haynes, Ted Wilson, Marjorie Helen 177
Hedlund, Axel Rheinsburg, Pauline 520
Heierman, Dan H Allison, Aultice 303
Helferstine, Fred Blakeley, Margaret 326
Helms, Andrew J Marguiss, Nellie Linda 135
Helms, George J Pagel, Alice 477
Henson, John W Long, Mary Lou 453
Henson, Stanley R Lind, Dorothea V 569
Hewitt, J Wiley Nourse, Willa Jane 325
Hewitt, William B Swafford, Stella Winifred 471
Hiatt, Milow R Davis, Esther 128
Hibbard, Russell Henry Patterson, Lucy May 50
High, Leon J Brown, Mildred Gertrude 162
Higinbotham, Clair Settlemire, Bonnie 380
Higinbotham, Wayne Williams, Lucille Arline 134
Hill, Chellis Burdell Maynard, Vera 542
Hillyer, Samuel W Rohlfing, Clara Alice 11
Hines, William Bailey Dixon, Jane 21
Hitchcock, Richard C DeAvilla, Anne 437
Hoar, Robert Ward, Annette 112
Hoepner, Francis C Young, Beatrice V 114
Hogan, Hyrum Arthur Fox, Geraldine C 45
Hogue, Everett George Avery, Gladys Mae 301
Holbrook, Gerald James Tedrick, Kathleen Etta May 165
Hooper, E Eugene Purcell, Elizabeth 546
Hope, John Holzhouser, Freda 473
Hopkins, Ronald Hanford, Lois Elizabeth 431
Horner, Robert A Riggs, Marguerite H 271
Horstman, Karl Mooers, Elizabeth 540
Hoskin, Joel Oscar Smith, Shirley Lynnette 122
Hottendorf, William J Dunphy, Lorena May 192
Hottendorf, William James Dunphy, Lorena May 192a
Hottendorf, William James Dunphy, Lorena May 192b
Hottendorf, William James Dunphy, Lorena 272
Hourcade, Peter Jones, Dolly 65
Howard, John R Conner, H Verlee 576
Howell, O L Theiler, Lillian 584
Howell, Thomas Edward Wolford, Mary Margaret 15
Hoyt, Hiram H Dewey, Eva D 185
Huber, Clifford Ralph Carpenter, Evelyn Georgia 592
Huff, Arthur Raymond Smith, Dorothy Violetta 222
Huffman, Willard Lee Porter, Helen Margaret 499
Hughs, Henry Thomas Whitney, Harriette Olivia 373
Hulett, Clarence Coleman, Anita 304
Hurtado, Ned Scott, Rubina 5
Hurtgen, Homer Cox, Priscilla 478
Hussong, Frank Tennis Holmberg, Doris 343
Hutton, Robert A Hockaday, Berdina D 472
Inlow, Clifford Munson, Olivia 329
Irion, Charles W Driver, Millicent M 188
Isaacs, Richard C Hayes, Thelma B 239
Jackson, Oscar Kelley, Aletha Maud 81
Jacoby, Verlan Clair Lawton, Helen 48
James, Fredric Roland Poole, Juanita 531
Jeffries, Luther Edward Bradfield, Margie C 510
Jenkins, Frank E DeTour, Viola S 404
Jennings, Evert Augusta Sauer, Zenna Emla 167
Jensen, Olaf Inman, Maxine 324
Jensen, Virgil Morton Bosley, Lois 389
Joaquin, Joseph Cooper, Odessa 16
Johnson, Carl O Williams, Vivian D 524
Johnson, Claude W Mather, Neva Emily 249
Johnson, Edwin William Baird, Pearl 186
Johnson, Elzie F Richmond, Edna 395
Johnson, Howard R Warner, Mabel A 527
Johnson, James S Leathers, Louise A 583
Johnson, John Wells Torrey, Dorothy Sanders 148
Johnson, Roy W Ring, Peggy L 373
Johnston, Arvel J Bean, Vera M 76
Johnston, Paul Smith, Louise 556
Johnston, Seely L Clark, Eleanor L 268
Johnston, Tom C Mizell, Jeannette 217
Jones, Donald Baccus, Jessie 60
Jones, Ellis T Farrell, Velma J 359
Jones, Ernest W Mulroy, Eleanor 438
Jones, Leslie Darby, Lucille 158
Jordan, Paul Schablein, Mildred Margaret 518
Junghaus, Arnold Emil Lemmon, Blanche 550
Kabele, Martin George (Rev) Brewold, Irene Margaret 255
Katzenbach, John H Swing, Anna May 505
Keener, Donald Elwood, Doreen 367
Keeney, Charles Kenneth Welch, Margie Leacy Melvina 317
Keller, William Paul Fields, Lucille 217
Kellington, George W Roseberry, Mary 103
Kellow, Leslie Irwin Currier, Ferne Alfreda 364
Kelsoe, Warren M Schow, Natalea Jule 31
Kendall, Edward Lee Kizer, Jessie 483
Kennedy, Robert Buck, Avis Irene 296
Kersey, Edwin Merritt Papst, Ada Ferrill 431
Kiel, John Jr Culler, Irene 348
Kiel, Milford W Haselton, Luella 505
Kienstra, Edward Francis Steen, Eva Jean 457
King, Frank A Kroesing, Florence 48
King, Leo Ralph Groves, Zuma V 497
King, Lorenz William Johnson, Arline Lorena 60
Kingsley, Harold Joe O'Connor, Tessie May 248
Kirker, Edwin Coleman Jackson, Lucile Claire 266
Kite, Raymond J Swank, Irene M 194
Klemm, Richard Church, Maybelle 490
Knight, Horace Fenton Frye, Roxanna Lucy 365
Knips, William Eugene Slagle, Ethel 218
Knotts, Edward Lee Gross, Charlotte A 512
Kohl, Victor John Jensen, Dagmar Christine 412
Kroc, James Frank Short, Laura Belle 578
Kurtz, Thomas Mack Yeoman, Effie Herbert 165
Kyriacatos, Christ N Zafiratos, Kathern G 117
LaBranch, Joseph Earl McNeece, Daisy Pearl 526
Ladd, Ralph A VanDyke, Patsy 126
LaFlamme, Millard Joseph Rippon, Irene Mae 489
Laing, Archie Gardner, Olive O 13
Lamanna, Sam Maurouds Paletta, Frances 241
Lamb, Gordon Pujol, Geraldine 316
Lane, John Boyd Oldham, Elsie Dareta 563
Lane, Paul Stewart, Helen 51
Lange, Harold Nelson Williams, Margie May 353
Langworthy, D M Hunt, Evelyn Marie 355
LaRue, Ervin Larsen, Helen 256
Latham, Gerald T Lindsey, Lois C 518
Latham, Leland C Corum, Juanita D 294
Latta, Sidney W Grizzle, Helen 112
Law, Arnold Corwin Powell, Leona Grace 377
Law, Robert E Shepherd, Gladys 531
Lawton, Keith B Compton, Carrie Mae 550
Layton, Gordon W Lutman, Mary 168
Leabo, Lloyd B Casey, Josephine 357
Leazer, Harold R Vieira, Anna 402
Ledgerwood, James C Lawless, Frances L 314
Lefler, Floyd Albert Williams, Lauretta 371
Lemen, Leslie Elmer Rains, Lela May 71
Lemen, Sam Pool, Eileen 154
Lemieux, James A Muellerschoen, Maureen 238
Lemon, Roy J Means, Madge A 85
Lennox, Keith J Leslie, Dorothy 27
Leonard, Theodore Roosevelt Green, Maurene Avice 23
Lessert, Adrien Donahoe, Gladys Irene 447
Leverich, Juel Charles Johnson, Jean 304
Lewis, George N Carr, Frances 235
Lewis, Lawrence M Spear, Sylvia Lenore 326
Lilly, John R Ramsey, Ruth May 530
Lind, Harold Ernest Wilson, Loree 331
Lindstrom, Frank A Walker, Alice 307
Lingren, Herbert S Rush, Elaine 477
Lingscheid, Edwin Frederick Jackson, Mildred 480
Liskey, Jack Rose, Vada 214
Locke, Stanley Williams, Aletha 221
Lockwood, Charles Morrison Sommer, Marjorie Elizabeth 19
Logue, Blair Slawson, Lillian Lake 161
Looper, Harold Boyd Claussen, Merriam 207
Love, Roy Milan Leith, Agnes C 496
Lovell, James Thomas Everett, Grace M 160
Lovell, Walter H Petri, Margaret L 74
Lowery, William Asberry StClair, Velma Frances 435
Lowry, Clyde D reed, Inez M 234
Luce, Clarence W Palmer, Alice Lillian 398
Lusk, Arthur Musty, Evadna 405
Luttges, Clarence Greive, Mary Pearl 407
Lyles, Fred M Goddard, Ruth I 457
Lyman, Clyde W Harrison, Estelle 87
Maasdam, Gradus H West, Maude Elliott 479
Macary, Joe Spini, Eda 191
MacDonald, Charles A DeWitt, Mildred 35
MacDowell, Leighton Clair Clark, Phoebe Ella 394
Maharry, Lewis Wilson, Erma 137
Malechek, Jay Valentine Stephenson, Vernell 95
Malkemus, Edwin Harold Lee, Mary Kathryn 392
Malmstrom, Carl Arvid Wayne, Mary Elizabeth 403
Mantel, Jacob Dalrymple, Hazel 291
Marks, Newton Melvin Johnson Moore, Ethel Elizabeth 253
Marsh, Burdette Bird Brown, Grace Helen 199
Marshall, Delmar Nosler, Jessie 422
Marshall, E Lewis Frazier, Leady Mae 341
Marshall, Horace Martin, Pearl C 318
Marshall, William A Montgomery, Hannah I 501
Marshall, William O Edwards, Leona 330
Martin, Charles Phelps Parker, Helen 70
Martin, David Melvin Bean, Lenora 394
Martin, David Melvin Bean, Lenora 394a
Martin, David Melvin Bean, Lenora 394b
Martin, Edward B Standley, Irene 125
Martin, Francis Charles Ferguson, Elva Lue 58
Massie, Walton Carl Bennett, Loleta Marie 521
Mathews, Clyde H Knowles, Laura 549
Mathews, Frank William Gembella, Mabelanna 190
Matthew, George W Stump, Evelyn 437
Maxson, Wayne Burg, Evelyn 139
Maxson, Willis Sheldon Shuck, Marian Elizabeth 101
Maxwell, Homer Ragon, Dorothy 220
May, Warren W Fowler, Thelma L 263
Mayberry, Howard Roberson, Mary Louise 521
Mayfield, Marvin Hall Blair, Dorothy Wilma 44
Maygard, Donald Pecht, Fae 483
McCart, Roy C Simpson, Alva F 451
McCay, Loyal Hood, Vera Lois 45
McClearey, Harold Creigh MacMillan, Vere D 417
McClelland, Calvin Sievers, Clara 362
McClung, Stuart Edgar Ewing, Addie A 334
McCollum, Harold Champy Schleigh, Rouelda Mary 276
McComb, Beeler Turpin, Mae 46
McConochie, Roy Bert Stephenson, Viola Dorothy 421
McCormick, Eli Hamilton, Pauline 494
McCourry, Elza Vernon Grove, Wilma 313
McCoy, J Walter Wallace, Imogene 280
McCracken, George G Johnson, Ethel 572
McCrory, Cecil D Spencer, Viretta 206
McCulloch, Harold Raymond Shelton, Susie Mae 331
McCullough, Charles Clarenece Kester, Myrtle 233
McCune, Fred Simpson, Helen 33
McDonald, Donald Allison, Clarabelle 455
McDonald, H C Howard, Lena 397
McDonald, Raymond Angus McGraw, Frances Margaret 107
McDougall, Gerald Smith, Helen R 121
McGonagle, Charles VanHorn, Margaret 342
McGowan, James Vincent Newman, Estella 387
McGrath, Karl W Lauth, Margaret 367
McGraw, Elmo Hood, Wilma 204
McKeen, Floyd Spurgeon Gold, Velma A 24
McKenzie, Gola Vernon Duffy, Geneva Alberta 284
McKinnis, Melvin Warren Houston, Hortense Evangeline 595
McLaughlin, Charlie McNeal, Bessie 545
McLaughlin, Daniel P Lester, Lucille 409
McMahan, Herbert William Grummett, Mable 585
McManama, Benjamin F Brown, Mary C 314
McMillan, Rex Willis Petty, Carol Madge 399
McNamara, Howard William McBee, Hazel Beatrice 265
McNear, Filmore B Wetzler, Agnes 292
McPherson, Samuel H Williamson, Louise A 554
McQuigg, Charles B Meadows, Esther 231
McQuigg, Chester Omann, Lydia 472
McWhithey, Glen Darwin Blanchard, Frankie L 597
McZone, Jack Seher, Margaret 323
Meadows, Fred Gillette, Rose 538
Meadows, Ora H Bendorf, Dorothy Jean 400
Medford, Luie L Whitten, Berness L 205
Mee, Frank J Sugg, Jane L 540
Melcon, Zenope Parnak Greig, Edna V 80
Meneni, Paul Mock, Carmelita 12
Meredith, Gordon F Erskine, Axine 398
Merritt, Alva Spayde, Jean 335
Messal, Lester J Cox, Mildred 218
Messecar, Walter Earnest Dew, Inez May 269
Messecar, Walter Earnest Hughes, Helenetta 378
Metsker, Otis Martin Yule, Gladys Elmina 449
Metz, Noble Lee Roy Wolfskill, Sammie 264
Meyer, Benjamin Harry Hammond, Dianna Louisa 465
Middleton, Alfred Arden Jones, Dorothy 17
Middleton, Dentley R Stringer, Velma Lavada 99
Milburn, Victor Orestes McDonough, Florence Pearl 409
Millard, Dell E Turner, Vivian 70
Millard, Earl Walton, Blanche 187
Miller, Albert G Sullivan, Ceacil M 582
Miller, Dan Rogers, Daisy 43
Miller, Delbert G Williams, Mildred 13
Miller, James William Wright, Laura E 261
Miller, Lee Wayland Johnson, Marjorie Isabelle 156
Miller, O William Lowry, I Lucile 9
Miller, Robert Austin Murphy, Julia Rose 76
Milligan, Walter Beattie, Ruth 568
Millsap, Henry D Williams, Clara 277
Milnes, Victor W Ray, Alene Virginia 36
Mitchell, Harry D Jr Haynie, Lora M 56
Mitchell, Kurt Peile, Norma L 553
Mitchell, Rodley Munro Merydith, Joy Jean 293
Modrell, Harry A Burck, Thelma M 354
Moffatt, Gene Edison Bockius, Ruth 543
Monia, Eldred Eugene Charley, Opal Adell 401
Montgomery, Charles L Addington, Lois Millicent 157
Montgomery, Grove Hampton Pruitt, Stella 170
Moore, Alonzo Harry Wilkinson, Ella Marie 564
Moore, Autis V Hansen, Helene 136
Moore, Daniel J Jr Crowley, Mae 150
Moore, Edson Field, Jennie M 362
Moore, Fred A Moore, Mary M 159
Moore, Roy Jake Johnson, Colista 320
Morgan, Elmer StClair Roberts, Alice Leach 81
Morgan, Harvey F Miller, Mildred Bristow 176
Morgan, Walter J Lynch, Lucy C 590
Morin, Francis W Bell, Lila 299
Morrill, Charles W Shellum, Esther Emily 130
Morris, Chester R Beers, Iris L 290
Morris, David LeRoy Hope, Rita 376
Morris, Irvin Ray Repp, Bertha Clarice 58
Morris, Raymond C Pitchford, Clara 231
Morrison, Ben F Williamson, Helen 117
Morrison, Willis N Cochran, Betty 383
Morton, Marion Ralph Brooks, Emma 14
Mose, Doran Meadows, Anna Mae 344
Moses, Roy Kenneth Kins, Dealie Margaret 51
Mosher, John L Strain, Emma 458
Moss, Frank Christie Boggs, Ruth Marjory 137
Moss, Rufus Marion Meyer, Mattie M 385
Mosser, Kenneth J Downs, Louise Anna 40
Motley, Robert Rippey, Wilhelmina 238
Mullen, Robert Leland Davis, Myrtle 504
Murphy, Ray George Ahlstrom, Leona Mildred 553
Muse, Raymond B Caffee, Mary F 555
Myers, Robert Raymond Frohreich, Alice E 480
Myers, William Leroy Sollars, Mary 443
Nagel, Wiliam Heater, Elizabeth Pearl 8
Napier, Amos W Morris, Alice 172
Narregan, Eugene Gerald Heath, Lena 175
Nash, Locey Leroy Rice, Dorothy Marie 537
Neathammer, Fred E Young, Marguerite 374
Nellis, Clyde Ernest Ross, Marcia Juanita 571
Nelson, Bert Schulz, Ruby 179
Nelson, Emel A Yowell, Nellie C 535
Nelson, Frank L Case, Evalyn 408
Nelson, John N Case, Sylvia 22
Newell, Archie W Hughes, Eva M 281
Newlands, Paul Ernest Watkins, Laurine 452
Newman, Ray E Miller, Marguerite 491
Niemi, Edwin Carr, Velma 463
Nininger, Edward Logan Solo, Vivian 358
Nixon, Henry C Velie, Hazel 438
Nolta, Loyal George Annand, Elna Belle 322
Nolta, Vance Gordon Musty, Maxine 315
Nolte, Kenneth Loyd Hesselgrave, Lotus 405
Norman, Frank Jr Miller, Helen F 144
Nye, Frances Ivan Camp, Sylvia May 382
Obenchain, Leo B Learned, Sylvora May 511
Oeschger, George Booth, Emilie 359
Ogle, Lawrence Albert Culler, Ursula Pauline 243
O'Kelly, Burwell Palmer, Josephine 164
Olney, Gordon S Coller, Rita M 393
Olsen, Arthur Strand, Janet 475
Olson, Ivan E Kantor, Helen T 382
Olson, Oris Aumon Sloper, Delores A 232
Omholt, Thomas Earl Peart, Louise Ruger 191
Ove, Earl A Poloni, Bruna 260
Owen, Clyde VanDeVeer, Helen 227
Owens, David Llewellyn Reed, Retha May 444
Owens, Elwood Edward Schaffer, Elizabeth Marie 216
Palmer, Daryl Martin Jones, Vivian Mae 474
Palmer, O E Miller, Gertrude E 529
Paris, LaMoine Blaylock, Cecile 121
Parks, Kenneth H Powell, Mae V 596
Parrett, Kenneth Wilfred GeBauer, Oma Mae 295
Parrick, Robert J Graham, Helen 421
Parrish, Stanley G Hill, Elizabeth 258
Parsons, Austin Robert Hervey, Agnes Mildred 149
Patterson, Albert Krause, Thelma 587
Patterson, Arthur Edward Widick, Opal 33
Patterson, Frank J Hamilton, Daisy 6
Patterson, William Offield, Florence 557
Patton, John Joseph Nordeen, Frances Anna 172
Peak, James A Parke, Mabel Lucille 106
Pease, Edward L Culy, Verna Leora 267
Peck, Richard E Hansen, Evelyn 345
Pedersen, Oscar Mescoline, Rosa 103
Peery, Ralph Mohr, Ollie 321
Pelland, Sylvester Lucia, Georgiana 140
Pence, Lincoln Sinclair, Vida 559
Penzel, Alfred T Anderson, Vivian I 148
Perkins, Omar R Burroughs, Delosia 581
Perl, John Adam Watt, Jean D 432
Perry, Allan Foster Mordoff, Janice Aileen 53
Perry, Donald K McAbee, Pauline Elizabeth 297
Perry, John Provost, Rose Marie 38
Peterman, Alvin Herman Clemons, Maxine Mabel 533
Peterson, Carl O Wilson, Flora May 23
Peterson, Chester C Taylor, Elizabeth A 118
Peterson, Emil Reese, Catherine 309
Peterson, Gustaf Fredrick Hopkins, Dorothy Adele 522
Phares, Wiley F McAllister, Marguerite Kathryn 335
Phelan, Owen Kelly Jones, Loleta Louisa 254
Phillipe, Carl Cronenwett, Dorothy 541
Phillips, Arthur M Larsen, Edith M 529
Phillips, James F Hathaway, Ann 538
Phipps, John Nelson Collingwood, Marjorie 32
Pickering, Howard Parker, Aileen Etta 593
Pickersgill, Edward Stevens, Mary 370
Pierce, George W Wallstrom, Anne Marie 64
Pierson, Vernon Udell Smith, Shirley Rae 445
Plank, Leon Godleib Sheridan, Violet Josephine 9
Ployhart, Peter Theodore Ployhart, Frances E 63
Polk, Arthur B Dickinson, Merle 512
Polk, Vergil Polk, Minnie 134
Pollock, Howard N Cannon, Helen Irene 92
Popejoy, Clarence David Scholfield, Ida 159
Potter, Chester Ellsworth Lyall, Janet Cameron 247
Pozzi, James L Joseph, Crystal 311
Prescott, Glen Austin DeVries, Marian Adena 106
Preuss, John Keyser, Laura Dorothy 236
Price, Ernest B Bates, Lema 10
Price, Lew Wallace Mills, Marjorie 171
Puhl, Herbert H Wheeler, Gladys 310
Purrier, James Butterfield Korth, Thelma Marie 336
Putman, Louis Lester Warren, Olive Ruth 358
Quenelle, Alan Courtland Jones, Thelma Rhea 566
Radcliffe, Walter A McLaughlin, Drusilla 169
Ragan, Ralph Joseph Rodgers, Elaine Elna 196
Rainey, Harry J Kirven, Cynthia B 47
Ramer, Stanley Herbert Reader, Lucille Blanche 586
Ramey, William F Helfert, Marie 82
Ramirez, Ulfred Florez, Charlotte 567
Ramm, Sidney Robert Kollert, Treva Mae 356
Ranney, Adrian Elroy Prince, Opal Pauline 193
Ratelle, Lansing E Gerhard, Helen M 541
Rawstern, Clairn Harold Kingsley, Elsie Freda 488
Ray, John J Adair, Katie 197
Raymond, George W Russell, Mary 305
Read, Walter L Glenn, Martha J 588
Reavill, Edgar A Jr Johnson, Ama Earl 353
Redfield, Seymour Roy Ronchi, Olga Freda 551
Redpath, Robert F Hunter, Betty A 424
Reed, Ralph Joseph Smith, Mary B C 374
Reed, Thomas Henry Harrell, Laura Margaret 260
Regan, William Whelpley, Mavis 104
Regnani, Daniel R Pace, Maroe 473
Reiling, George E Peterson, Lillian E 183
Reinking, Alvin Edward Hill, Lois Leone 300
Reiss, Alvin M Berg, Dorothy Eleanor 68
Reter, Raymond R Handler, Mildred T 133
Rhodes, Alex M Crandall, Melva C 104
Rhodes, Robert Couch, Thelma 278
Rice, Edmund Ross Johnson, Olive A 402
Richardson, Arthur Ivan Lawrence, Phyllis Mildred 265
Richardson, Hyrum Fogg, Frances 35
Richey, Donald Graham, Ruth Ione 519
Ridenour, Gail A Conner, Donas 506
Riebel, Oscar F Frulan, Lillian 454
Ringoen, Gordon W Hurley, Rose 467
Ritter, Hugh A Younger, Clara 461
Robar, Jerome Edward Harris, Mabel 15
Roberts, Frank L McQuigg, Mildred 108
Roberts, William Harold Thornton, Tessie Walker 40
Robertson, Jack E Hammett, Gladys Billie Anna 600
Robinson, Cyril D Lamorie, Irene 198
Robinson, Rex E Turner, Margaret 71
Robison, Alfred James Phelps, Pearl Marie 215
Roethlieberger, John Robert Izett, Dorothea 598
Rolison, Marion Selvester, Ruth 230
Ronfort, Robert W Walton, Elaine 486
Root, Archie Rubenstein, Wilma 315
Rorden, Earl B Atkins, Lorena L 470
Rose, William S Smith, Edith N 198
Ross, Charles F Holland, Joan 449
Ross, Donald Spofford Perry, Estelle 12
Rostel, Ernest A Hensley, Margaret Mary 90
Rowe, Vance Arthur McCoy, Beulah 479
Royer, Russell T Hampson, Mildred 386
Rudd, Halmar R Reynolds, June M 210
Rugg, Charles Stephen McDonald, Mary Frances 459
Running, Leif B Williams, Dortha Ann 419
Russo, Frank A Ellsworth, Erma 54
Ryan, William George Lange, Hildegard 5
Sakraida, Richard A RanCourt, Jeanne L 426
Sallady, Frank M Bertar, Laura C 332
Sample, William C Ames, Lucile 565
Samples, Claude Roscoe Casey, Frances Winnifred 525
Samuels, Albert D Wildrick, Willette Jean 55
Sanderson, Lawrence B Arnold, Goldie 344
Sanderson, Milton Alexander, Evelyn 501
Santo, Charles Merle Hammersly, Ethel Gene 348
Sawyers, William Roy Armstrong, Emerillia 376
Schack, Edwin Bellows Edwards, Icel Zelma 73
Schaffer, Frederick A Ellis, Ida May 153
Scharf, Cleon E Cesta, Mary Verona 302
Schatz, Theodore R Walker, Charlotte Rose 580
Schiro, Jack Offord, Shirley 593
Scholer, Edward A Garrett, Cleta B 119
Schopf, Theodore G Crandall, Virginia 492
Schortgen, Ray Clement, Semone 456
Schrader, Donald R Williams, Esther Alice 118
Schritt, Howard Harvey Davis, Esther Maud 1
Schroeder, Gerald Joseph Cooper, Marion 552
Schwarz, Frank Dewald Baird, Genevieve Olive 416
Scott, Everett Cochran, Jane 250
Scott, George A Harvey, Eva Ruth 375
Scroggins, Lonnie Goldy, Velona 366
Seals, Newell Stanton Law, Beth Elenore 474
Seegmiller, Rulan Henry Williams, Lenora D 206
Selmser, John H Gubrud, Olive 420
Selvey, John Francis Lyon, Viola 97
Severson, Andrus Gust Walker, Thelma 115
Shadle, Sam C Prefontaine, June 111
Shafer, Frank Everett Conger, Florence Prudence 279
Sharp, James Daniel Stokes, Helen 150
Shaver, Woodrow W Wright, Vivienne C 113
Sheerin, Richard D Sheerin, Rachel 17
Shields, Marshall J Wardle, Pearl E 592
Sholars, Carl Lee, Novel 212
Short, Norman M Naught, Elsie M 448
Shreeve, George H Clark, Arla R 228
Sidener, Flint W Greenwood, Lillian K 259
Sieck, Charles P Jr Henderson, Vivian Verdella 274
Silliman, George P Harvey, Ver Dean 124
Silva, Henry Theodore, Mary Louise 223
Silva, Manuel Butler, Lena 26
Silver, Camillus Colton, Mary J 270
Simmons, Clayton W Wilhite, Hazel D 234
Simmons, Phyliss Eugene Johnson, Lois Evelyn 556
Simpson, Rafael Jose Burton, Verna Odell 126
Singler, August B Meadows, Mabel Z 184
Sisk, Marcus Raker, Marja 294
Skidmore, Frank Renning, Juliette 199
Skirk, John Frye, Emanda 506
Skyrman, Harry C Wortman, Elizabeth 201
Skyrman, Ivan T Hamilton, Evelyn 43
Slayton, Hale Todd Baldwin, Charlotte Eileen 224
Sloan, Floyd Borough, Velda May 213
Sloper, Harold C Logan, Sylvia 202
Sloper, Willard Walton Herman, Ruby Merle 511
Smelcer, George V Harris, Ethel 350
Smith, Allen A Tolle, Claudina May 211
Smith, Charles U Chamberlain, Esther 462
Smith, Dale Dusenberry, Mabel 229
Smith, Donald Roscoe Amidon, Gertrude 108
Smith, Edon E Elescke, Eva E 115
Smith, Forest D Kirby, Pansy L 143
Smith, Fred Cook, Inas 478
Smith, Glenn W Peebler, Ruth M 56
Smith, Isaac Haney, Olive 302
Smith, Ivan Scott Cogburn, Gladys Thelma 88
Smith, John W Lemaster, Leone 177
Smith, Lester J Boyle, Mary 29
Smith, Lloyd T Morgan, Evelyn R 66
Smith, Moreland Evans, Ila 18
Smith, Ralph R Perry, Vivian Eunice 36
Smith, Ralph W Brainard, Willanna 285
Smith, Willard E Sexton, Bertha Dean 508
Snyder, Harvey E Frey, Harriet 385
Soli, Albert L Garner, Elizabeth E 216
Sommer, Truman Bagley, Edith 519
Sorensen, John Peter Prudden, Edith Agnes 439
Southworth, Budd E Zimmer, Viola B 184
Spalding, Benjamin David Foster, Irene Della 574
Spaletta, James E Woodruff, Winifred 219
Sparks, Fred Brown Wheeler, S Louise 141
Speers, Wesley C Wheatley, Lucille 562
Spooner, Leo A Larrabee, Irene 312
Springer, Don L Newman, Eva 423
Stahlman, Don C Reynolds, Dorothy Y 240
Stallcup, John Franklin Gore, Mary E 413
Stallsworth, Albert Bartch, Eva 286
Stark, Stanley Lewis Ramstrom, Ruth Margaret 4
Starr, Eradmus F Davies, Susan 361
Stearns, Carl V Tate, Juanita Essie 62
Stein, Edwin M Holmes, Sadie F 407
Stelle, John Raymond Miller, Ovie Ruth 208
Stelle, Paul Leeman Hamilton, Doris Irene 109
Stevens, George F Haddock, Marjorie Irene 226
Stevens, Harvey Miller, Delsa 324
Stevens, Marvin L Jones, Pearl 166
Stevens, Robert J Smith, Marguerite G 420
Stevenson, Harry Raleigh Mann, Lena 561
Stewart, William Linus Loomis, Nellie Loraine 579
Stiegeler, Eugene Augustus Miner, Lois 241
Stiegeler, Eugene Augustus Miner, Lois 241a
Stiles, Wilbur James Egeline, Allene Melva 585
Stockstill, Norval Nosler, Edith 257
Stone, Dow D Lewis, Mona 83
Stone, Henry William Maxey, Freda May 308
Stout, Joe Peabody, Doris 346
Stowell, Pearl Morgan Mitchell, Susie J 130
Strader, Felton C Slead, Dorothy H 319
Strahan, William Cecil Chambers, Earla 464
Strode, William Marcus Stinson, Bertha Margaret 597
Stuart, Harold B Hiniker, Beatrice 157
Sublett, John L Walker, Lillian L 451
Swain, Steve Watah, Esther 389
Sweasey, William T Reynolds, Earla 127
Swift, Fred Vinson, Evelyn 469
Taylor, George A Caldwell, LaNelle A 28
Taylor, George Jr King, Gladys 366
Taylor, Kenneth Plathe, Ruby Martha 360
Taylor, Lexas Casto Bauer, Doris Adelaide 429
Taylor, Loris E Wheat, Margaret V 339
Taylor, William Wayne Ford, Laura Faye 220
Tedrick, Guy L Jacobs, Mary Jane 503
Tedrick, Merle R Kramer, Myrtle F 288
Tedrow, Maurice L Batten, Nellie M 203
Teller, Henry S Wandell, Ella 434
Temple, Aldus J DuBois, Emma 196
Tennery, Tom Glassburn, Velma 158
Tepner, Fred Ralph Johnson, Ina 176
Thomas, Claude C Wimmer, Bernice 446
Thomas, Clifford Hollis Caldwell, Viola Evelyn 378
Thomas, Ellsworth Runnels, Hope Evelyn 484
Thomas, Joseph Howell Johnson, Thora Elisabeth 82
Thomas, Paul Rand, Dorothy 489
Thomas, Stanley Vaughn, Maxine 208
Thomas, Vernon Salladay, Ruth 543
Thome, William Miller, Hazel 361
Thompson, James Gray, Erma 381
Thompson, James Goodwill, Evelyn 467
Thompson, Lyle Palmer, Fern 565
Thornton, Berle G Mecum, Edith 282
Thornton, Enos Chester Laws, Freda 171
Thurston, Robert Keep, Marion 534
Ting, Gerald S Kincaid, Florence 352
Todd, Richard Henry Kautzman, Iva 539
Todd, Rolland Manier, Ruby 532
Tompkins, Leroy Ross Heap, Dorothy S P 246
Tope, Percy E Earl, Louise 153
Towse, Harrold Nelson Stinchcomb, Laura Ellen 278
Travera, Robert John Munn, Doris Jean 570
Travis, William Henry Turpin, Opal Leonia 525
Trepte, Martin Deringer, Ethel 598
Tresham, Otto R Jr Upton, Charlotte Jean 383
Trout, Philip M Teague, Juanita 77
Troutman, Emil E Boes, Louise 583
Trowbridge, Benjamin James Overby, Melba Margaret 93
Tunnell, Chester T Harrington, Evelyn 147
Turner, Carlton Glover, Jerene 573
Turner, Paul Daniel Bashaw, Doris 354
Turner, Raymond Scott Tycer, Kate 502
Turpin, Woodford Hayse, Inez F 182
Tyler, Emanuel Barnes, Willie Elaine 250
Tyler, Jay H Appleby, Edith 368
Underwood, Samuel E McCaughan, Nellie A 445
Urguhart, Norman W Urguhart, Lela F 522
Valentin, Walter Lee Jr Snider, Mary Elizabeth 576
VanBuskirk, Gerald Stampley, Maxine 85
VanBuskirk, William A Leep, Claudine 195
VanRiper, Fred H Meadows, Florence Leveta 110
VanWert, Ralph R Scroggins, Louise 599
Vaughan, William H Thompson, Leota B 30
Verbeck, Howard G Hogan, Winifred R 272
Vest, Walter A Mitchell, Emily M 138
Vincent, Richard Everett Peters, Mildred Pearl 264
Vinyard, Cecil F Merrit, Charity 365
Visconti, Peter J Wallace, Gladys 80
vonderHellen, Donald G Cookman, Jane Farrell 100
Wakefield, Charles Wesley Ness, Marian Ethel 237
Walch, Jake Drape Tripp, Olive 24
Walch, Louis A Robbins, Esther 6
Walker, Arlie G Wible, Lena M 67
Walker, Jack T Edwards, Adra M 86
Walker, John Elvin Brantley, Fern Winifred 90
Walker, John Omby Martin, Vivian 162
Walker, Louis Frank Jarratt, Pearl 372
Walker, Raymond E (Dr) Murray, Kathleen 513
Walker, William Thomas Saffell, Dorothy Norma 411
Wall, Carol Louis Fleischer, Elizabeth Blanche 524
Wallace, Lester Orland Howell, Norma Lorene 109
Walsh, Floyd Leroy Croft, Nina 562
Walter, Sheldon M White, Harriet E 401
Walters, Charles Harvey Grant, Bernardine 289
Walters, Clyde McIntyre, Alice 577
Ward, Charles Edward Light, Eva 532
Ward, Edward Elmer Walters, Lesta L 140
Ward, Everett L Hall, Doris 252
Ward, Hubbard Comel Webber, Mary Josephine 461
Ward, Newman Calkins, Zeneth Faye 78
Warner, William Allen Miller, Agnes 368
Warren, Wilbur Oden Ashton, Marjorie R 94
Washington, Roger P Chipley, Eleanor 21
Watanabe, Saburo Shimoda, Ayako 68
Watson, Carl William McCasland, Beulah Marie 306
Watts, Nelson W Williams, Gwendolyn 436
Webb, Robet Blake Anderson, Alice Marie 557
Webb, Wayne Hansen, Marian 209
Weber, Nicholas Jr Knupp, Elzadia E 523
Webster, Clarence A Miles, Thais 201
Webster, Ranson Wilder Fulford, Mary N 42
Wedell, Harry Wiley, Mildred 52
Welch, Robert Elmo Westerberg, Irene Azalia 129
Wepster, Bartholomeous Meindert Newbold, Ruth Marjorie 571
Wessela, Conrad P DeGrath, Helena A 146
West, LeRoy Andrews, Elaine 280
Westergren, Eric C Bardwell, Letha Elizabeth 181
Wheeler, Emerson B Claspill, Margarett Ann 400
Wheeler, William T Williams, Helen Artithe 458
Wheeler, Wilmer Oscar King, Bertha Mary 523
Whitaker, George Albert Landing, Mildred Leona 147
White, Charles Jr Galbraith, Eileen 188
White, Edwin James Carmean, Ellen Louise 110
White, Joseph Lee Tatro, Jeneva Ann 462
White, Tim Benjamin Kimball, Lois Luella 434
White, Wilton Albert Dodge, Carol Raymond 452
Whiteside, Harold R Richmond, Florence A 239
Whiteside, Lloyd L Tye, Dorothy 258
Whitney, Chester Cornelius Sanford, Winnie 249
Whitney, Harry G Adamson, Cora 388
Wick, Darrell Combs, Susan 253
Wick, Marvin G Turpin, Phyllis M 138
Wilder, Oliver Cleo Davis, Annie Theresa 44
Wilkins, Milton O Smith, Elisebeth C 475
Willard, Irving Charles Warrner, Ethel Irene 61
Willenborg, Frank C Schwartze, Mary Frances 149
Williams, Arthur E Goin, Willo M 167
Williams, Eldred Raymond Arnold, Frances Littie 46
Williams, Ivan Paul Miller, Bernice 547
Williams, LeRoy Vinton Spear, Hazel Bernice 59
Williams, Robert Calvin Sieber, Sarah A 534
Williams, Robert Neil Jr Cowgill, Linn Duncan 95
Williamson, Charles R Applegate, Josephine 84
Williamson, Edwin Howard Jackson, Talliene 63
Willson, Elwyn S McGonagle, Hazel 350
Wilson, Frederick Donald Kibbe, Leah Ellen 178
Wilson, Ira Cordell Robinson, Geraldine 492
Wilson, Irvin S Barcus, Gwendolyn 211
Wilson, Leander Anderson, Thelma 320
Wilson, Richard Reedy English, Virginia Eleanor 327
Winther, Oscar O Galey, Mary M 568
Withrow, J Harry Ruecker, Lenora 1
Witt, Fred Pitts, Lottie 194
Wolcott, Wallace M James, Edwina 423
Wold, Donald Burgess Owen, June Mae 356
Wonser, Roy Ellsworth Wolcott, Norma Nora Belle 587
Wood, Earl E VanNorman, Faye 93
Wood, Kenneth Stannard Billings, Ruth Frances 572
Wood, Kenneth Stannard Billings, Ruth Frances 572a
Wood, William Dennison Ferguson, Opal 343
Woodruff, Spencer T Johnson, Lola 507
Woods, Chester Y Sweet, Elsie M 499
Woodson, Maurice James Powers, Trilma Ellois 442
Wright, Harry Jefferson Boardman, Lillian B 516
Wyatt, Raymond E Patton, Effe E 504
Yager, Joseph Carl McDannald, Ethel 321
Yocum, James Steen, Leona 548
Yoder, Clarence E Grimes, Alma 444
Young, Elmer Cheslon McGonagle, Vida Belle 287
Young, Thomas Young, Annie Tullis 288
Younger, L N McNary, Eva 310
Yount, Edwin Walter Ruiz, Florence Estella 98
Yovovich, M B Barnett, H E 105
Yung, George Edward Bliss, Marvel 161
Zastrow, Albert H Davis, Hattie R 248
Zenor, Alfred C Rose, Gwendolyn 77
Zielinski, Melvin Hardisty, Mabel 119
Zier, Samuel Demorest, Elaine 31
Zumwalt, Omar F Webber, Grazia 174
Zwan, Andrew F Henry, Frances Marie 502