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Jackson County Marriage Book #2 Indexed by Groom's Name

Old Photo of Wedding Couple

RVGS volunteers have photographed and indexed the marriage record books housed in the Jackson County, Oregon courthouse. Below is our index to Marriage Book #2 for 1863-1884. It is in alphabetic order by the groom's name. Marriage Book #1 contains not only certificates for 1853-1879 but also affidavits for 1863-1879 that pertain to certificates contained in Marriage Book #2. If you find a name of interest in Marriage Book #2, be sure to check Marriage Book #1 as well to determine whether a consent/affidavit can be found there. Unfortunately a few couples for whom we have affidavits did not marry at the time/place the affidavit was issued. You may receive only an affidavit if that is the case.

If you would like to receive a copy of the consent/affidavit and certificate follow the link below to display the request form. Print the form, fill it out completely, and send it to us along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope and a check for $10 payable to the Rogue Valley Genealogy Society. If the consent/affidavit and certificate are split between Book #1 and Book #2, be sure to include both volume/page references in your request.

Postal Request Form

For faster turnaround, use the form below to make a secure online payment using your major credit card. The form also requests the specific information needed to fulfill your request (e.g., name, volume, page). When you complete the transaction, your request will be emailed to our librarian, who will make a copy of the requested information and email it to you as an attachment. It will be sent as a .jpg (picture) file. When you receive this .jpg file, click on it and it will be loaded into your picture viewer from which you can print a hard copy.

Certificate & Affidavit
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Names of bride and groom
Book2,page; Book1, page

Groom Bride Page
Abbott, Samuel Y Smith, Louisa 51
Abbott, William L Low, Laura M 525
Acock, W A Gill, Martha A 123
Adams, Jesse W Dickey, Mary E 431
Addison, William Blake, Effie E 476
Akers, M W Kitterman, Mary O B 329
Akers, Rufus Miller, Margaret 139
Akers, William C Conley, Malinda C 409
Alford, Moses L Applegate, Rachael L 396
Alford, Russel Neil, V T 385
Alford, Thomas E Etherton, F M 360
Allen, John M Mathews, Martha M 391
Allen, Thomas Perry, Harriet E 523
Allred, William Roach, Susan Ann 425
Alnutt, J W Mitchell, Hattie 464
Ames, Phineas Cooper, Rachel 19
Amy, Haskell Constant, Jessie (Mrs) 212
Anderson, Daniel P Crane, Nancy (Mrs) 211
Anderson, John A Miles, Sarah F 89
Anderson, Quinton N Collins, Clara E 209
Anderson, R P Dennis, Martha Ann M 320
Anderson, W F Hamlin, Eliza Jane 52
Angle, W W Walker, Mary S 342
Applegate, Henry Grubb, Nancy E 194
Applegate, Ivin D Hutchinson, Margaret 142
Applegate, Joseph Torrey, Alice L 394
Applegate, L B Grubb, Margaret E 46
Applegate, Oliver C Anderson, Ella 344
Armpriest, T W Whaiting, Sarah F (Mrs) 55
Armstrong, F H Carson, Jane 83
Armstrong, George Joseph Eaton, Louisa 438
Armstrong, Marcus V Johnson, Martha Ann 162
Arundell, William H Wheeler, Paulina Jane 32
Ash, Lewis Harmon, Ida 247
Askins, Simon Forrestall, Anna 328
Avery, Allen D Packard, Almira 31
Ayers, Clarance W Hargadine, Elizabeth E 505
Baer, Charles Tetherow, Mary Ann 221
Bailey, George W Johnson, Mary (Mrs) 78
Bailey, John R Layton, Lola M 521
Bailey, John T Collins, L S 472
Baird, Charles S Brady, Mary 348
Baker, John W Coakley, Sarah (Mrs) 308
Baldwin, Wallace Million, Phebe Allice 241
Ball, David Heckathorne, Matilda E 474
Ball, Francis Ball, Martha 27
Barbe, Emile Bienvenue, Maria D 514
Barkdull, John W Ferguson, Caroline 364
Barker, Sidney D Willetts, Lucy M 29
Barnes, Ephraim W Mason, Georgia A 218
Basey, Thomas E Cooper, Mary N 317
Baur, Franklin D Lofftus, Mary F 171
Bauten, N J Rohlman, Emma 47
Beach, Jay Cronemiller, Ida 290
Beard, John M Mills, Mary A 303
Beck, Aaron Adams, Eva A 515
Beeson, Welborn Brophy, Mary Catharine 50
Bell, James J Oliver, Sarah J 327
Bell, James J Culbertson, Ottie 377
Bennett, James R Rush, Nancy J 457
Bennett, James T Phipps, Mary Isabella 72
Bennett, Samuel L Merryman, Maria E 431
Berg, John M N Hess, Eliza Jane 444
Berry, I W Cardwell, Dora L 339
Berryman, Thomas Berryman, Jane 403
Bigelow, C Osborn Caldwell (Colwell), Margaret E 290
Bigelow, Russell Slagle, Jane 258
Billings, G F Myer, Frances 377
Bills, John Oliver, Sarah Jane 248
Billups, William T Enyart, Mary 10
Birdseye, James G Ruch, Catharine 471
Bish, Abraham Shannon, Rebeca 470
Bish, Allen W Woody, Adla C 247
Bish, Austin W Barneburg, Amelia 213
Bish, Thomas B Hockenjos, Louisa 309
Black, Charles Dyer, Margaret A 21
Blackard, William Shoemaker, Sarah Jane 233
Blackwell, Charles Butler, Emily 132
Blackwood, R T Caldwell, Lilly D 423
Blake, Christian F Fordyce, Susan 8
Blake, Christian F Fordyce, Susan 11
Blanton, Thomas B Neil, Cirena 51
Boaze, Kinder Newman, Elizabeth 301
Bond, Charles Slagle, H Lee 445
Boothby, Albion H Noland, Jane 166
Boschey, Peter Bauer, Catherine (Mrs) 88
Bowen, John Spraul, Nancy B 299
Bowen, John B Bellinger, Catharine 105
Bowen, John S Maupin, Sarah 17
Bradley, Jay Merriman, Laura A 278
Brannan, John Loosely, Mary Ann 231
Brawliar, Jacob Morrison, Ettie 526
Brayton, D H Ammens, Margaret Ellen 498
Breeding, William G Johnson, Sarah Jane 237
Breitbarth, Henry A Hopwood, Julia A 26
Brentano, Max A Hesse, Helena 25
Bressler, John N Belknap, Cora A 314
Bressler, Theodore A Raimy, Melvina 324
Brickles, Jeremiah Tingler, Milly 46
Brierly, Conant B Corcoran, Lucy 116
Brooks, E C Houck, A 453
Brooks, Thomas Gilmore, Mary Jane 105
Brophy, Henry B Neal, Kate J 350
Brown, Carl Farrin, Paulin 406
Brown, Clinton J Witt, Ruth 344
Brown, J J London, Rachel M 542
Brown, J P Lavenberg, Josie 480
Brown, John Gall, Amanda Jane 138
Brown, Thomas Dewes, Florence R 109
Brown, Thomas Kane, Sarah (Indian) 145
Brown, W F Cheatham, Martha 337
Brown, William N Long, Susan E 466
Brown, William Nelson Hutchinson, Mary Jane 444
Brownsworth, Louis Neathammer, Mary 91
Buckley, James Riley, Margaret 140
Buckley, John Billaps, Mary 196
Buckmaster, J R Miller, Rachel S 479
Bunyard, James B Hopson, Margarette 280
Bunyard, James N Worlow, Rena 314
Burch, Seth Catching, Martha 166
Burch, Silas Gorden, Lavina 107
Burckhalter, W M Kentnor, Ida 528
Burk, Richard Randle, Zeruah E 371
Burkhart, Joseph O'Brien, Elizabeth M 418
Burns, Thomas J Armpriest, Sarah F (Mrs) 68
Burriss, Isaac W Erb, Frocine 469
Butler, G S Barron, Alice A 375
Butler, William C Johnson, Mary C 12
Buzan, John E Merriman, Auletta L 70
Cain, Richard M Snider, Sarah A 416
Caldwell, S S Dunn, Ottilla 417
Callender, J A Miller, Amelia 248
Cameron, William Sturgess, Emma A 59
Cameron, Zachary Kubli, Verana 467
Campbell, John Dimmick, Lucinda A 234
Campbell, John Robertson, Lou 346
Campbell, Joseph H Obenchain, Alice A 207
Cantrall, John N Shoemaker, Mary A 252
Cantrall, Stephen Newlin, Mary E 3
Cardwell, C D Kenney, Rhoda A 388
Cardwell, Zachariah Stephens, Susan J 38
Carey, William J Plymire, Emily Jane 288
Carleton, Adolphus Nichols, Alsameda 232
Carll, William Eddings, Mary 103
Carter, J A Helman, M Jane 309
Carter, John M Hull, Jane Elizabeth 183
Carter, Loyal W Fitzgerald, Ettie 180
Carter, Major A Given, Mary R 483
Cary, Clinton Devear, Mary O 535
Cassidy, P Dunlap, R (Mrs) 23
Caton, E B Armstrong, Mary J 283
Cawley, Edwin R Colvig, Affie W 340
Center, Francis M Craddock, Lizzie M 485
Centers, Isaac Conly, Sarah E 246
Centers, Isaac Calkins, Emma M 423
Centers, Thomas Childers, Josephine 185
Centers, William E Gage, Frances E 115
Chadwick, J N Livingston, Bell 58
Chambers, Aaron Harris, Mary A 1
Chambers, William Dickson, H E (Mrs) 210
Chandler, Ira P Hendrick, Lucy V 81
Chapin, F W Anderson, Nancy A 73
Chapin, George W Deuel, Mary E 493
Chapin, H M Kinney, Susie A 44
Chapman, Daniel Neil, Sarah Ann 27
Chappell, Charles E Hoskins, Janette 380
Charley, Lemon Brown, Jenny 401
Charley, Merritt Hurst, Ada 447
Charley, N M Hurst, Mary F 332
Chase, George L Little, Annie M 448
Chavner, Thomas Riley, Rosa 443
Cheney, George O Farasal, Kate 538
Childers, M D Sunday, Nancy 104
Circy, Payton Indian, Sallie 53
Clark, Joseph Merryman, Anna 432
Clark, William J Savage, Anna Elizabeth 99
Clarke, William L Hayden, Mary W 163
Cloud, James Otey, Helen 158
Coen, Simon F Roten, Rachel 158
Coker, Lucian Wade, Eliza J 497
Coker, William F Hill, Deloras A 489
Colahan, James H Roberts, Mary J 175
Colclough, James W Lettiken, Leoniza 284
Coldwell, Michael Mullen, Mary Corcoran (Mrs) 61
Coleman, M H Goddard, S A 36
Collins, John Morrison, Sarah Elizabeth 99
Collins, O F Lewis, Sophia 313
Colver, Louie Dollarhide, Jemima 233
Colvig, W M Birdseye, Addie 360
Colwell, Daniel Duggin, Mary 172
Colwell, M Y Abbott, Florence E 119
Comstock, G B Saltmarsh, Ann 69
Comstock, William B Bratt, Florence 214
Conn, James W Denney, Sarah Catherine 335
Connally, John Wright, Alice 455
Connelly, William McGuinness, Mary 199
Connet, W S Turnbull, Iceminda 81
Cook, David S Mansfield, Laura F 259
Cook, John A Baily, Emma Florence 287
Cook, Nicholas McNamara, Anna 301
Cook, T B Furgason, C J 230
Cook, William Simpson, Clara 365
Cook, William A Morris, Mary C 383
Cooksey, George W Rowe, Martha M (Mrs) 128
Cooper, Herbert E McCollum, Missouri C 306
Cornell, Henry Coker, Ada V 395
Courtney, Daniel C Caldwell, Mary Jane 278
Courtney, James W Rummel, Clara I 490
Covert, D A Dunn, Lizza J 311
Cox, C H Baley, Josephine 411
Cox, Edward M Mathis, Mary J 509
Cox, Israel W Cowey, Ruthenia 315
Cox, Joseph E Houghton, Mary E 244
Crabtree, Abraham Davis, Barbary J 242
Crabtree, Zemis Miller, Mary C 255
Craft, Charles Fairclo, Clarissa 146
Cramer, G L Bills, E A 9
Cranshaw, Jasper Justis, Rhoda A 280
Crawford, James A Meeks, Sarah Ann 297
Crosbey, John L Collins, Margaret 16
Crosier, Henry Eades, Sarah Jane 79
Crowell, D A Wertz, M L M 424
Croxton, James H Simmons, Emma 475
Croxton, Walter Stow, Nancy L 131
Cryder, Henry A Greenwalt, Mary R 426
Culp, John M Miller, Mary L 358
Culp, Melvin Louden, Margaret M 306
Cummons, W R Garrett, Lucy M 376
Curry, Thomas Sutton, Mary E 13
Daley, W C Hambleton, Lavina 107
Dallas, Charles W Noland, Sarah Catharine 125
Damon, Robert E Steadman, Anne 120
Daniels, David W Banister, Sarah A 446
Darniel, Jasper Custer, Ellen 223
Darnielle, Oscar Conner, Margaret E 52
Davidson, Carter T Bailey, Cecelia 519
Davidson, Elijah J Farris, Minerva A 125
Davies, S W Woodruff, Louisa E 260
Davis, Davis G Singletary, Annie E 529
Davis, George C Noland, Ellen 295
Davis, James F Smith, Lullia F 283
Davis, O A Davis, Mary P 189
Davison, Jeptha Angle, Lucinda 4
Dawson, Levi Meyers, Laura E 491
Dawson, T B Winningham, Almeda 414
De Roboam, Emile Schmidling, Rosa 239
De Roboam, Jean St Luc Schmedling, Hanareatte 179
Dean, Bradford W Ralls, Anna E 398
Dean, Robert H Tuffs, Lydia H 330
Dean, William E Neil, Mary A 485
Delamater, N Berry, Mary A 320
Dennis, Abraham Eads, Adelia 440
Denny, John Austin Eades, Mary Ellen 343
DePeatt, Edward Fidler, Antoinette 111
Devens, Thomas G Cockroft, Elizabeth 3
Devlin, John Murphey, Anna 89
Dewes, James M De Long,Teressa 312
Dews, Oliver B Philips, Adaline 534
Dick, John Adams, Frances M 62
Dickenson, Martin Thomas, Sonia 82
Dollarhide, Henry Clay Fender, Julia 118
Dollarhide, Henry Clay Shideler, Mariette 201
Dollarhide, Joel M Mills, Rachel E 316
Doney, George Davis, Ella 391
Dorris, George B Hoffman, Emma A 45
Dosier, Andrew Powell, Lavinia 231
Dow, Frank T Spry, Mattie A 203
Downing, F F Masal, Amelia 167
Dozier, J D Powell, Milly J 177
Drannan, W F Brotherton, Sarah (Mrs) 210
Drew, N S Faith, Mary A 357
Drum, Rufus E Burr, Nettie M 541
Ducket, William Zillmore, Susan 71
Dugan, Dennis Callaghan, Mary Ellen 276
Duggan, John Priddy, Lizzie 498
Duncan, Henry Kilgore, Mary A 48
Dunlap, Geroge A Sisley, Donna D 424
Dunlap, R V A Sergent, Laura D 449
Dyar, John Smith, Emma 541
Dyer, Henry Milton Shephard, Hannah E 178
Dyer, James B Briner, Amanda J 216
Eades, Granville Sears, Elsie A 478
Eads, W W Provolt, Ethelent 399
Eccles, George Steadaroth, Tillie 487
Eckelson, A O Nickell, Sophia Q 421
Eddings, Norton Gall, Minnie 369
Edsall, John Savage, Margaret J 101
Edsall, John Barton Bishop, Lenora 443
Edwards, G C Morse, Eliza 187
Edwards, J T Hussey, Georgianna 522
Edy, John Ball, Martha 525
Egan, John B Dean, Sherry A 393
Elkins, Stephen Blakesly, Amaninda Emiline 245
Elliott, Albert Bish, Martha A 222
Elliott, George W Neuber, Lena (Mrs) 305
Emery, Henry S Colvig, Alvilda A 186
Enos, John Sherman, Sarah F (Mrs) 324
Enyard, Alexander Morrison, Ellen L 408
Epperson, Evan R Boleyn, Alice Louisa 300
Erb, William W Wells, Laura A 521
Esslinger, James Click, Mary F 134
Eubanks, John S Russell, Mollie 533
Evans, John S Zumwalt, Allice J 497
Faith, Charles F McCurdy, Cora M 512
Farlow, E J Colver, Mary D 249
Farren, S M Plymale, Pauline 77
Farris, T J Martin, Roxana 180
Faucett, George W Hartman, Martha 461
Fender, Eli Croxton, Sonia F 86
Feris, Henry Foster, Lotta 260
Fick, Peter A Reihter, Hennriette 292
Fielder, S L Brittain, S L 463
Finley, W W Dews, Nancy A 441
Fisher, Daniel F Pennegar, Mary 6
Fisher, Julius Nichols, Mary Jane 333
Fitch, C W Lewis, Annie (Nannie) J 131
Fleming, Robert Rummell, Catharine 258
Flowers, Franklin P Million, Phoeba Allice 239
Folsom, William H Brown, Phoebe Ann 445
Ford, Isaac N Haskins, Josephine 282
Ford, W F Inyart, Josephine 235
Fordyce, G W Mickleson, Ann 16
Forsyth, William Overton, Mary Ellen 168
Foster, Geroge W Friend, Louisa 24
Foster, John Sanford Simpson, Mary Catherine 366
Foster, Perry McConnell, Matilda 54
Fountain, James D Russell, Grace 341
Fountain, John M Cooper, O H 176
Fountain, P L Hockersmith, R E 462
Fox, Heaton Peal, Mrietta 276
Frazer, G N Jackson, Ella E 264
Freeland, Francis M Sly, Anna Laura 381
Freeman, Butter S Ward, Mary 452
Freeman, F M Shindall, Cora E 540
Freeman, George L Smart, Emma E 414
French, W W Wilson, Mary E 112
Freshour, John Wright, Mary J 325
Fridenburg, James I Pankey, Mary A M 464
Fry, George W Massel, Henriette 236
Fryer, J J Lewis, Vi Jane 83
Fulkerson, John T Hiatt, Ellen E 57
Gage, Joseph C Cromer, Mary Frances 273
Gage, William W Kent, Lorena Alice 182
Galbrath, A G Wooldridge, Minnie 539
Garfield, Charles E Wilson, Urzilla 127
Garrett, Robert M Thornton, Sarah Ella 303
Gassman, Thilo Herling, Emma 139
Gaston, Thomas Williams, Kate 348
Gearhart, Isaac Prine, Malissa 217
Gearhart, James P Davis, Margaret A 236
Giannini, Thomas Wilkinson, Narrissa (Mrs) 108
Gibler, F M Stewart, Lillie E 500
Gill, John L Arnold, Lizza 230
Gillespie, M M Hamilton, Margaret 167
Gillespie, M M Hamilton, M J 193
Gillette, Charles H Harris, T Lizzie 441
Gilson, George A Vannoy, Mary J 254
Glandon, H J Moreland, Frances 317
Goddard, Blinn C Wrisley, Alice A 199
Goddard, Hendrick H Sherman, Maggie 468
Goff, John W Lacy, Jeanetta 171
Goodale, Greenleaf A Beach, Fidelis S 123
Goodin, Joseph B Evans, Balla 307
Goodwin, Joseph F Brockman, Sarah Ellen 293
Gore, Walter S Jacks, Caroleta A 277
Gray, Dan Y Pearson, Elisabeth M 355
Gray, Robert A Gore, Annetta J 352
Greenman, William C Feathers, Kittie E 58
Gregg, Henry Dilly, Oderinne 130
Gridley, Wallace A Edsall, Mary Jane 319
Griffin, John B Naylor, Bernetta 321
Griffith, Francis M C Brawley, Elizabeth F (Mrs) 496
Grigsby, Basil S Faith, Emma R 520
Grigsby, Benjamin J Dewes, Elizabeth D 72
Grigsby, George J Poston, Emma Bell 500
Grimes, A J Allen, Susan 347
Grimes, Henry W Thompson, Ellenor 494
Grimsley, Nelson Wilson, Mary Ann 504
Groom, William Smith, Emma A 144
Grow, George W Powell, Rachel 98
Grow, John Estes, Mahala 1
Grubb, John S Walker, Mary E 93
Grubb, William B Spencer, Frances E 80
Grubbe, H V Smith, Clara 243
Grube, Frederick Gottleben, Agnes 183
Guilfoyle, John De Roboam, Jeanne 33
Hale, William C Langell, Eliza A 375
Hall, Samuel Little, Clarrissa B 129
Hamilton, Alexander Burns, Mary C Dora 263
Hamlin, George W Lundy, Mary E 238
Hamlin, Thomas J Lundy, Ellen 316
Hamlin, William H Armpriest, Lavina Ann 38
Hanley, John A Love, Mary H 478
Hanna, Charles E Pape, Minerva 499
Hanna, H K Overbeck, Laura E 203
Hanna, H K Brentano, Helena 415
Hannah, J C Stanley, Ledoatha 361
Hanson, H L Miller, Francis 456
Harbaugh, Oliver Reames, Dora M 474
Hardes, James Arnold, Ellen M 75
Harrington, Nathaniel Berry, Leniantha L 388
Harris, George M Sargent, Nancy L 22
Harris, Israel Bowman, Mary V 318
Harrow, James Mack, Ina 488
Hart, James Wells, Ann 507
Harvey, John A Morris, Matilda 383
Harvey, John E Buzan, Auletta L 190
Haskins, Newton Saltmarsh, Arzie E 302
Hawk, Silas Edwards, Eliza Jane 536
Hayes, James Willis Cook, Sophrina J 135
Haymond, Benjamin Beach, Hattie T 85
Haymond, Thomas Downing, Amanda T 337
Hays, J W Wallace, Sarah E 30
Hays, William B Packwood, E A 365
Head, John Paige, Matilda M 40
Heald, A D Goodwin, Nancy N 137
Hearing, David B Thompson, Susie C 80
Heeley, William Wetterer, Fredericka 491
Helman, A L Patton, Anna Bell 473
Helman, Benjamin F Applegate, Jessie Florence R 522
Helman, U S G Applegate, Minnie E 544
Helms, Addison Ross, Ann 41
Helms, Albert M Payne, Minny May 373
Hendery, David Wilkinson, Altha 378
Hendricks, Edward Schneider, Nelly 494
Hendrix, F M Million, Martha 102
Henry, William J Grigsby, Emma D 307
Hensly, Thomas Jr Pool, Clarinda Ellen 157
Herburger, John Dougherty, Bell 442
Herd, James De Long, H E (Mrs) 181
Herely, James Dugan, Martha A 537
High, A D Berneburg, Laura 371
High, R F Thompson, Laura A 367
High, W H Brittain, Ora A 354
Hight, James Foster, Barbara 79
Higinbotham, Samuel C Horn, Olie A 380
Hill, George A Inlow, Martha J 368
Hill, Henry L Colville, Ann 188
Hill, William N Garrett, Frances E 510
Hillis, William P Manwaring, Margaret 34
Hinman, T Roberts, A Elizabeth 175
Hockersmith, J N Stewart, Viola 262
Hockersmith, J N Stewart, Rebecca J 435
Hoeber, E G L Hubbell, Laura S 546
Hoffman, George C Bolt, Laura Ellen 505
Holcomb, James Probin, Minnie 192
Holloway, Charles I Barneburg, Emily A 43
Holloway, Charles I Carson, Margaret Ann 59
Holloway, George W Stephens, Rebecca Ann 47
Holt, George W Guilfoyle, Jeanne (Mrs) 189
Hopkins, Daniel McKee, Sarah Elizabeth 263
Hopwood, Gaddis Bunch, Drusilla 88
Hopwood, James Jones, Silva E 148
Hopwood, Moses Bunch, Sarah (Mrs) 86
Horn, Dillard Shoemaker, Josephine 508
Horne, Dillon Satterfield, Barbary A 321
Hosler, J H Ralph, Belle 530
Hosmer, Nelson Mathews, Martha J 412
Houser, Andrew Krouse, Margaret 64
Houston, James P Rodgers, Minnie B 362
Houston, Thomas B Miller, Josephine 117
Howard, W N Spangler, Adeline 381
Howard, Warren J Clark, Ida J 511
Howland, Frank Neathamer, Mattie 465
Hoxie, William H Crowley, Catherin 514
Hubert, L G Brittan, Mary (Mrs) 66
Hudson, David H Conner, Emeline 132
Hudson, George Fredenburg, Sarah 400
Hull, John W Willard, Mary A 364
Hull, Richard T Wilkinson, Mary K 129
Hull, T D Rice, Sarah C 110
Hung Foi, Eu 187
Hurlburt, Thomas M Files, Clara L 518
Hursh, George Welsbrook Brown, Margaret 413
Hutchings, J B R Shephard, Martha E 542
Hyzer, Joseph H Cardwell, Medora L 148
Hyzer, Joseph H Jones, Malinda 164
Inlow, Cornelius A Prentice, Ellen 149
Inlow, Franklin B Morrison, Serepta E 430
Irwin, C M Savage,Nettie A 295
Ish, Jacob Jones, Sarah E 333
Isham, Southwick Baird, Keturah 101
Isom, J D Woolen, Mabel 532
Ivory, Edward Stow, Mary Catherine 169
Ivory, Peter Johnson, Minerva C 6
Jacks, William Hamlet Gore(Gove), Ida 265
Jackson, George A Meyers, Sarah Amanda 208
Jackson, William Thompson, Hattie 137
Jacobs, Abram S Smith, May 232
Jefferson, R B Beach, Martha 367
Jennings, William Dews, Eliza Jane 394
Johnson, A L Brogan, Lizzie 502
Johnson, Alexander Neuber, Lena 434
Johnson, Isaac M Briner, Missouri 94
Johnson, J W Swinden, Mary A 95
Johnson, John Holt, Paulina A 370
Johnson, Willis Ward, Mary E 510
Johnston, Albert A Williams, Dora 511
Jones, Alexander N Macomber, Hannah D 70
Jones, Charles E Parks, Sarah 437
Jones, I W Roads, Emma 420
Jones, Samuel L Roads, Mary C 404
Jones, Stoughton P Twogood, Elizabeth V 54
Jones, T L Baird, Mary E 78
Jones, Terry A Johnson, Cynthia Margaret 71
Justus, George R McKnight, S J (Mrs) 429
Justus, John Roberts, Mary Jane 103
Justus, John Kenedy, Lillie 473
Justus, Jonas De Roboam, Naomi 237
Justus, William W Wilkinson, Sadie 412
Kahler, Robert Cardwell, Maria 326
Kahler, Thomas P Walton, Ida C 492
Kasshofer, Frank Britton, Mary E 389
Keane, J H Hills, Lilly May 368
Keeney, C B Trumble, Amanda 339
Keeton, Charles W Gillihan, Ada 470
Kent, James Wise, Mary Jane 460
Kent, Joseph Zachary, Myra Alice 228
Kent, Thomas B Caton, Jennie O 145
Kiefer, Charles Lager, Louisa 18
Kilburn, S P Vincent, Olive 508
Kilgore, David C Talent, Amanda 481
Kilgore, Felix Swingle, Martha Ann 17
Kilgore, Silas W Herrin, Mary Alice 355
Kincaid, Robert M Wilson, Mary A 517
Kincaid, William Evans, Ophelia Jane 110
King, David Hopkins, Sarah 405
King, George A Short, Laura A 178
King, William Gray, Lela B 350
Kingsley, Richard Morris, Mary E 453
Kinney, Thomas J Ulrich, Rosa 311
Kirkpatrick, Jefferson N Pearson, Retta 501
Klingle, Simon Sullivan, Anna 93
Klock, Henry Gribble, Matilda 357
Klum, Charles K Finley, Lucinda H 243
Knapp, Finley Atterbury, Jane 483
Knight, Elias Higgins, Ellen 490
Knox, William N Brown, Margaret A 265
Knutzen, Downie William Mee, Laura E 506
Koester, Andrew Coverdale, Lucinda 488
Krause, Frank Bilger, Mary S 351
Kyle, A T Hargadine, Etta 543
Lacey, John H Vanhorn, Emma J 340
Lacey, John S Harman, Mary Ann 179
Lackland, S W Darwin, Kate L 410
Lacy, John S Fielos, Jennett 84
Lacy, William Calvin Infield, Eliza Ellen 160
Lamb, Abram Myers, Arthusa F 36
Lamb, Archibald Cimborsky, Katie F 389
Lane, C A Indian, Sallie 53
Langley, Edward Indian, Betsy 143
LaPort, Joseph M Miller, Helena N 372
Law, Alfred McKee, Catharine 229
Leadbetter, Robert Henry Sherman, Luella May 436
Leak, Charles N Moore, Delila A 523
Leake, Car W Carter, Jane 277
Lecke, W T Farlow, Anna C 225
Lee, Thomas P Baldwin, Hattie 300
Leeds, William H Wagner, Nettie 449
Lewellen, Charles W Gorden, Jane 313
Lewis, Benaga Randle, Martha Ann 356
Lewis, Henry Dylt, Margaret A 55
Lewis, James H Ellison, Sarah F 267
Lewis, John F Heckethorne, Della A 454
Lewman, John A Smith, Cecelia L 14
Liles, Joseph S Henderson, Lavina 184
Lindley, Oscar Crisman, Mary L 60
Lindsey, James W Witt, Mary Ann 194
Linkswiler, Tobias L Riley, Hannah 5
Lister, William Allen, Virginia L 437
Logan, Charles W Reeser, Hattie M 369
Lonsignont, Joseph Parker, Hettie M 200
Loughton (Lofland), Mason Dollarhide, Matilda 211
Low, C C Lavenberg, Lena 480
Lui, Frederick Jung, Frances 20
Maentz, Frederick Wilkins, Mary 126
Magerle,George M Neathammer, Elizabeth 37
Magill, Joseph Scott, Tenina 20
Magness, David L Jaquette, Anna 482
Magruder, Constantine Constant, Margery E 240
Magruder, H H Ganiard, Etta E 261
Malley, J H Caldwell, Ida 543
Manion, A D Bressler, Julia F 322
Manning, J W Belford, Sarah C 102
Manning, John W Galloway, Euphra Belle 338
Mansfield, J N Ralls, Hannah A 214
Mansfield, James Swinden, Georgia Ann 169
Mansfield, James N Davis, Nancy M 152
Mansfield, W R Furgason, Mary Ann 262
March, J S Walker, Martha M 115
Mardon, David Roten, Mary Lavina 31
Margrieter, John Parker, Harriet 379
Mark, J M Fordyce, Mary E 91
Mark, John M Fordyce, Mary J 90
Marshall, George W Indian, Cecelia 146
Marsters, William M Grigsby, Clara 539
Martin, August Lerche, Marie Camillas 475
Martin, Joseph G Thompson, Mary 285
Mathews, Milo Bradford, Martha 268
Mathews, N Johnson, Lucy 291
Maury, Lawrence P March, Ora H 489
Mavity, Robert McVay, Missouri E 124
May, John Randle, Genora E 202
Mayhams, David Mathews, Julia R 118
Mayhew, Thomas Plymire, Susan 150
McAlister, John Taylor, Mary Jane 205
McBride, J H Palmer, Rosella J 341
McCain, J S Farmer, N (Mrs) 393
McCall, John M Applegate, Theresa R 87
McCall, John M Brown, Lizza M 269
McClosky, John S Thornton, Martha S 386
McComas, J L Gibbs, Sarah E 15
McDaniel, James Parker, Catherine 173
McDaniel, John Johnson, Priscilla Elinda 153
McDaniel, John B Cooksey, Elizabeth 120
McDaniel, Lewis Henry, Sarah A 427
McDaniel, W H Miller, Sarah Jane Elvira 136
McDonald, George Wilson, Mary E 186
McDougall, James Ralls, Catharine A 281
McElroy, Joseph Horne, Mary A 65
McFadden, J S Kubli, Kate 386
McGee, Oliver Coker, Ella W 469
McIntire, John M Jones, Anny A 100
McKee, Adelbert D De Long, Leila 256
McKee, Elias B George, Catherine (Mrs) 205
McKee, George J Pence, Mary E 417
McKee, J C McMillian, Libbia 384
McKee, Joseph M Merritt, Sarah Ann 272
McKenzie, Thomas Hopwood, Rebecca 43
McMahon, Patrick Donepan, Elizabeth 149
McMahon, Patrick Carr, Mary J 219
McNeil, Andrew Mathews, Mary E 112
Mead, John F Huston, Julia 215
Mee, James W Darneille, Mary 74
Meeker, Albert J Leak, Jane Elizabeth 459
Menson, Henry Chambers, Florence L 518
Merriman, George F Murray, Mary 305
Merritt, John W McCully, Mollie B 296
Messal, William Bussy, Emelia 400
Messenger, Simon Lindsay, Martha 128
Messinger, Harlow C Marsh, Bessie L 455
Metzker, Benjamine Cauldon, Jemima 255
Meuch, Benjamin Wheeler, Rachel M 122
Michaelson, Olney Applegate, Alice C 165
Miles, Thomas Hamlin, Julia 517
Miller, Daniel Marsh, Francis J 208
Miller, E L Mulholland, Martha Ann 126
Miller, Frank M Miller, Cerilda 261
Miller, Levi Cook, Sarah Emily 133
Miller, Manuel A Pool, Phoeba Ann 267
Miller, Philip C Howell, Ella 499
Milligan, C Turpin, Mary 532
Million, Jackson H Kemper, Mary M 401
Million, John B Baldwin, Sarah 161
Mills, John W Anderson, Talitha C 76
Mills, Sanford C Wilson, Martha 450
Minnis, R J Davis, A M 228
Mitchell, F W Hodges, Amanda E 268
Mitchell, Henry H Nichols, Mary E (Mrs) 421
Mitchell, Walter Dixon, Mary 270
Moltey, William Campbell, Elizabeth E 74
Montgomery, J B Redpath, Jenette 334
Montgomery, John B Durbin, Sarah Jane 122
Moon, A S Cox, Melissa J 29
Moore, Charles S Langell, Mary L 540
Moreland, John Low, Sarah M 349
Morgan, Benjamin F Baker, Mary E 200
Morgan, Franklin M Smith, Sarah I 28
Morgan, J S Cook, C J (Mrs) 529
Morgan, S M Hendricks, Martha 331
Morgan, Samuel M Wells, Lida A 44
Morine, George W Clift, Addie 487
Morris, Elbert S McReynolds, Nancy E 336
Morrison, Austin Selph, Adia 244
Morrison, Clarendon Culbertson, Elizabeth 429
Morrison, F W Winters, Serpatha 176
Morrison, John L Bannister, Ellen 293
Morrison, John R Morgan, Elizabeth 319
Morten, James F Huckusmith, Sally Ann 130
Morton, W G Robertson, Viola L 520
Moss, Churchill Rolfe, Perlina 197
Mulkey, Christopher Cooper, Flora 296
Muller, Max Hesse, Sonia 90
Murphy, John J Neil, Gertrude 536
Myer, Henry Clay Vining, Amelia Ruth 524
Myers, G R Gordon, Matilda M 378
Naylor, Melvin Davison, Emeline 304
Neathammer, David E Oden, Lora Ann 387
Neathammer, Joshua Haymond, Emma M 537
Neil, L A Scisson, Augusta 399
Neil, Robert P Russell, Lydia 286
Neil, William S Parsons, Prudence A 108
Neuber, John Bauer, Lena 30
Newman, Asahel M Robinson, Sarah Isabel 159
Newman, H F Tetherow, Mary A 349
Newman, T A James, Louisa E 447
Newman, Thomas A Bressler, Haddessa 363
Nichols, George W Bradley, Eolah 202
Nichols, John M Hon, Densilla 76
Nichols, Thomas Bradley, S 116
Nickell, Charles Prim, Ella L 427
Niday, H Gross, Clarie M 428
Niles, Ambrose S Carter, Mary E 173
Niles, J E Helman, Mary E 284
Noah, Alonzo Wood, Frances Jane 385
Noben, John Moody, Ellen 286
Noble, William H Rhodes, Marietta 35
Norton, Henry Anderson, Hazeltine 82
Norton, J D Ball, Abigail 352
Norton, John G Lewes, Anna M 49
Norton, John G Sargeant, Sarah E 177
Norvel, Thomas Wrisley, Elizabeth 512
Nunan, Jeremiah O'Grady, Delia 161
Nusbaum, William Densch, Minnie 212
Nye, Chauncey Burt, Amarantha 35
Nyswaner, John Orrison Plymire, Ruth 353
Oatman, Elmer R Talent, Sigourney A 433
Oatman, J N Dollarhide, Prisilla 234
Obenchain, John A Miller, Mary F 95
Obenchain, John A Miller, Carless 192
Obenchain, Maldoven Baker, Julia E 519
Obenchain, Matt Krauch, Minna 226
Ocheltree, R R Virgil, Sarah L 338
Ogen, James R Hansbrough, Effie 170
Oglesby, Roscoe C Armstrong, Mary Jane 144
Oliver, Debon P McCollum, Stacey Elizabeth 287
Oliver, J F Center, Angeline 304
Oliver, Robert L Stimson, Julia A 468
O'Neil, John Fitzgerald, Nancy J 216
Orme, Alexander Berry, Jane 335
Orth, John Hill, Helen 2
Osborn, Albert W Gage, Sarah Jane 225
Osborne, W J McMahan, Mary 446
Otten, Frederick Pflug, Dorothea 354
Oviatt, P H Ferguson, Sarah C 504
Owings, George W Ritter, Hattie E 524
Pankey, Thomas Morgan, Mary C 281
Parker, B M Baird, C E 213
Parker, B M Stowe, L J 451
Parker, Charley Waters, Nancy 528
Parker, Curtis P Cary, Matilda 156
Parker, Frank M McElroy, Mary Ann 409
Parker, Jesse A Walker, Mary H 372
Parker, Summer A Howard, Alice A 419
Parker, W W Catching, Annie 507
Parker, William M Grigsby, Louisa D 164
Parnell, George Peterson, Sarah Jane 327
Parson, John S Drake, Belle 465
Parsons, P D Roudebush, Harriet 204
Patterson, John Bechdolt, Margaret A 62
Patterson, Joseph Armstrong, Delila Jane 382
Patterson, Sylvester Payne, Sarah Elizabeth 288
Patterson, William Clift, Anna E 209
Patton, James H Patton, Georgie E 406
Patton, William L S Pike, Mary E 531
Paulsen, Thomas Campbell, Fannie M 147
Payne, David Clift, Ella Jane 289
Payne, R A Fox, Clara E 545
Payne, William Miller, Rebecca S 138
Payne, William Payne, Martha J 374
Pearson, George Montgomery, Elisabeth E 329
Pearson, John Allred, Mary 63
Peining, Edward Clark, Elmira 246
Pellett, M L Helms, Belle 486
Pelling, John Clark, Fanny 282
Penniger, David Cox, Sarah Sonia 106
Perry, Reuben P Lancaster, Barbara Ann 136
Pfeil, Herman J Gerlah, Wilhelmina 163
Philips, Riley Arnold, Berthia (Mrs) 104
Philips, Samuel Finley, Elizabeth (Mrs) 77
Phillips, Oscar Naylor, Melvina A 289
Phillips, Seb Irwin, Sarah N 346
Phillips, W B Anderson, Lena 459
Phipps, Mathew P Lowry, Allen Irene 254
Piatt, William Perry, Barbara Ann 484
Pickens, Cyrus H Turnham, Sarah Ann 172
Plymale, Francis M Nichols, Jane E 39
Plymale, S Little, Ellen 97
Plymale, W J Martin, Josephine S 10
Plymire, James W Gage, Louisa Ann 275
Poe, James Madison Johnson, Mary Francis 181
Pool, Arthur Safford, Laura (Mrs) 527
Pool, Wirt Chester Rader, Mary 456
Porter, George M Slagle, Nancy J 250
Potter, John E Wade, Mary E 266
Potter, Samuel A Riley, Catharine 274
Potter, William R Daley, Rosalla 250
Powell, Michael Earl, Louisa D 362
Powell, William E Traylor, Emma O 477
Prather, Thomas Theodore Merriman, Lucinda Jane 155
Prefontaine, Wilferd Eades, Nancy 221
Prentice, Albert Woodson, Della 484
Price, Antwine Capions, Sarah Ann 206
Prim, Charles Bybee, Effie 422
Pruett, Lorice A Hoagland, Clarency L 434
Pullen, William Whetstone, Lucinda 506
Purden, Mahlon Worlow, Lizzie 223
Pursel, Charles C Louden, Mary A 467
Purvis, James Stearns, Arminda 109
Putnam, Charles Hutchins, Elizabeth Ann 226
Ragsdale, Alfred F Taylor, Malinda W 191
Ragsdale, J F Winters, Samantha J 65
Ragsdelin, Isaac Shoemaker, Barbara Ann 249
Raimy, James T Helman, Susan E 363
Rapp, Joseph Ackley, Martha E 257
Rath, Samuel Marshall, Celia 271
Ratrie, George W Swingle, Sarah 153
Rautz, Francis Joseph Horn, Martha Ann 168
Ray, John Taylor, May 302
Ray, William Enyart, Louisa 170
Real, John N Prentice, Della 238
Reames, Thomas G Williams, Lucinda 49
Reams, E R Ross, Jane E 198
Reams, James R Strong, Lavina Allice 241
Redfield, H S Morrison, Laura 535
Redpath, David Griffin, Jeannette A 7
Reed, C D Staderoth, Christianne (Mrs) 94
Reed, Charles H Williams, Anna Faith Murray 458
Rehkopf, August Wooldridge, Mary Nettie 135
Rexford, C M Meeks, Alice 310
Reynolds, A J Walker, Carrie 252
Reynolds, Isaac H Vincent, Mariah H 92
Reynolds, Silas Saltmarsh, Mary A 113
Rice, George W Matney, Anney 370
Richards, William M Chandler, Sarah E 426
Richardson, G H High, Alice G 395
Richardson, Jesse Bell, Cordelia 272
Riggs, George Stephenson, Carrie 530
Riley, Joseph L Beck, Elsie R 435
Riley, Thomas J Hurst, Sarah G 479
Roberts, John P Baldwin, Harriet B 162
Roberts, William H Durkee, Ella M 351
Robertson, Joab Woods, Margaret J 201
Robinson, D J W Miller, Sarah Matilda 448
Robinson, John W Rush, Melinda A 330
Robinson, Joseph T Barneburg, Mary Grace 155
Robinson, Orrin Barneburg, Mary L 185
Robinson, Robert Boyd Goddard, Ersula Isabel 224
Robinson, Samuel M Barneburg, Hannah E 19
Robnett, Noah A Brewer, Ester M 184
Rock, Samuel O Woodward, Elmira A 501
Rockfellow, Eugene F Eubanks, Rosamond 382
Rodgers, W J Houston, Cyntha L 224
Rolason, J T Knowles, Louisa R 270
Rooks, Allen Arthur, Mary Ann 75
Rose, Lewis A Colver, Isabelle 150
Rose, Orlando E Rogers, Lottie 402
Ross, William H Baird, Mary R 87
Roundtree, Martin H Cooper, Julia Ann 106
Rowe, John L Smith, Martha A 516
Rowe, Marcellus McDonough, Helen 379
Rowland, D B Ritter, Parthena 119
Rowland, J T Marlott, Emeline E 299
Rowland, John J Priddy, Martha J 419
Royal, William B Modisette, S N (Mrs) 418
Runyan, J C Roundtree, Susan W 193
Rush, Albert Parsons, Mary Ann 42
Rusk, John W Hamlin, Eliza 33
Russell, E F Hunter, Carrie F 12
Saltmarsh, Joseph B Cameron, Ella 433
Saltmarsh, Sylvester Haskins, Annette 152
Sargent, Abram L Boaze, Emily F 457
Sargent, J F Boaze, Mary 402
Sargent, Oliver Shoemake, Marianne 405
Saunders, James Hill, Armilda A 84
Savage, G M Piatt, Elvira 403
Savage, W J Piatt, Almira 404
Schaller, Jack Pool, Josephine 297
Schmidling, Augustine Noland, Clarinda 451
Schofield, Benjamin Arundell, Mary Adelia 67
Schultz, Veit Lubcke, Johanna 496
Schumpf, Sebastian Swingle (Kilgore), Martha 323
Schutz, Veit Rollman, Josephine 41
Scott, Robert Lundy, Martha 326
Scranton, Joseph W Taylor, Margaret C 253
Seiferth, John E Collins, Sarah Jane 21
Sessions, Charles G Tuffs, Jane M 376
Sevedge, John W Miller, Mary L 516
Severance, N T Nichols, Mercy Ann 257
Shannon, Mathus Hand, Rebecca L 235
Shattuck, Solon O Culbertson, Doca 439
Sheehan, Daniel Wright, M J 198
Shepard, Irvin Helman, Almeda S 121
Sherrill, R H Wells, Minnie 420
Shipley, H B Hoffman, Florence E 66
Shock, H G Wooley, Martha 544
Shoemake, Albert Zumwalt, Mary Ann 503
Shoemake, John O Pence, Maggie J 486
Shoemaker, Joseph Higinbottom, Joseph 509
Shultze, Henry Wadsworth, Dora 156
Sieforth, Charles A Newlin, Eliza E 24
Sifers, John B Penniger, Elizabeth 2
Sills, Baldwin Dunlap, Nancy 114
Silva, Frank Indian, Nancy 143
Simmons, Nathan G Akers, Sarah L 134
Simpkins, Horatio Houser, Caroline 69
Simpkins, Simon Lancaster, Elizabeth 396
Simpson, Malachi Brown, Emily F 124
Simpson, William H Dyer, Maria D 22
Sisemore, John Pelton, Mary S 57
Slagle, Conrad Gaunt, Sarah E 279
Slagle, David Basye, Cecelia 195
Sly, George T Simpson, Sarah Frances 440
Smith, Benjamin Billups, Mary (Mrs) 61
Smith, Francis Smalley, Amanda J 159
Smith, Francis W Givan, Alice M 274
Smith, George W Flowers, Rosa Emma 245
Smith, Henry Williams, Elizabeth A 336
Smith, J N Panky, Martha S 127
Smith, Jacob Williams, Emma 347
Smith, James R Edsall, Eliza A 439
Smith, Lewis W Lane, Mary Jane 442
Smith, Uriah R March, Lucinda Jane 140
Sogg, Francis Hockenyos, Magdalina 114
Songer, William F Slade, Cecelia 121
Spahn, Michael Parker, Louisa 392
Speers, A C Kent, Belle 452
Spencer, David C Casey, Ella 215
Spencer, Eugene Taylor, Elizabeth 430
Spickelmier, Asa M Robertson, M A 353
Spiekelmyer, A M Rowland, Parthina J 251
Sprage, Herbert G Cimbosky, Maud Mary 322
Squires, Alexander Forbes Kilgore, Josie 407
Standley, John R Swinden, Olive E 531
Stanley, John A Cornelius, Rosetta 384
Stanley, W J Ross, Mary S 151
Stearns, Oscar S McManus, Sarah 96
Stederoth, John Henry Kretzer, Christiana 39
Stedman, William Devenney, California 397
Steers, John Hinde, Mary E 28
Stego, Henry Billenbrock, Elizabeth F 9
Stephens, Isaac C Smith, Lucinda E 294
Stephens, S R Abbott, Mary E 462
Stephenson, Elmore Lacy, Annie 411
Stevenson, Henry B McKee, Maxymilly 73
Stimson, Frederic G Centers, Alice 477
Stinson, William H Woody, Julia A 366
Stitwell, John S Bryant, Hanna S 242
Stone, W S (Col) Amerman, Elizabeth (Mrs) 207
Stormer, William O Wilson, Phoebe A 534
Stough, S M Way, Clara B 461
Stought, John Short, Sarah Ann 97
Stow, A J Baird, Nancy L 14
Stow, James M Vincent, Jane 113
Stowell, George W Hart, Mary Francis 227
Strang, Robert M Collier, Eveline 11
Sturgess, Alonzo L Parker, Delphia 373
Sturgess, M D McKee, Almira Ann 37
Summer, Christopher Nickerson, California 358
Summers, George A Arundell, Sarah Jane 50
Sutton, James M Shook, Mary J 60
Sutton, John Ingram, Laurissa 15
Swinden, R F Knotts, Mary Jane 410
Swingle, Oliver H March, Lavina 32
Swingle, Oliver H Heckathorn, Anna Caroline 141
Talent, William A Crane, Amanda 432
Taylor, A J Morse, Rachael 204
Taylor, Andrew Irwin, Luella 495
Taylor, Henry H Hockersmith, Florence L D 436
Taylor, John Noland, Mary Jane 422
Taylor, John M Yocum, Australia 253
Taylor, Samuel R Rogers, Melissa C 154
Tenbrook, Abram Thettiplace, Harriet B (Mrs) 111
Terwilliger, J A Wells, Jeanette A 331
Thomas, Thurston T Bailey, Iona 359
Thompson, Jacob Butler, A E (Mrs) 13
Thompson, Riley M Carey, Rebecca 191
Thompson, Thomas T Shaw, Elizabeth E 92
Thompson, Thomas W Low, Charity F 318
Thompson, W S Oglesby, Ida 428
Thornton, James Patterson, Catharine E 7
Thurman, C Randle (Randell), Harriett 407
Thurman, Charles L Heards, Helen M 157
Thurston, Benjamin Shoemaker, Seany 458
Tice, Fred Dodge, Martha L 334
Tolman, John C Anderson, Minnie 545
Town, Frank Stockbarger, Ellen 229
Tozier, J R Neil, Louisa 218
Traylor, J N Powell, Mary 425
Traylor, William W Powell, Sarah E 466
Trumble, Eugene S Neathammer, Sarah C 526
Trumble, Julius Neathammer, Ellen B 527
Trusten (Tristen), T R Robertson, Jane E 450
Tucker, Luther B Mickelson, Mary 34
Turner, William M Overbeck, Emeline 63
Turpin, Andrew J Wiles, Sarah Elizabeth 23
Turpin, James J Conger, Sarah E 495
Turpin, William P Eddins, Virginia 26
Tyler, William Simpson, Betty 481
Tyrrell (Terrell), John N Jaquette, Arletta L 259
Tyrrell, Oscar Randles, Alice A 328
Ulrich, Christian Gilson, Allice 251
Ulrich, William Milner, Emma 533
Van Vorst, Benjamin Hall, Clara (Mrs) 279
Vanlandingham, E P Smith, Louisa E 240
Vest, Bartlett C Oliver, Tabitha E 264
Vincent, Henry Buckmaster, Almira 220
Vincent, Washington Meyer, Mary 292
Wade, James R Short, Rosell 48
Wade, Lancelot D McCabe, Martha Ann 68
Wade, M Hamersly, Matilda 219
Wade, Robert F Rowe, Martha M (Mrs) 56
Wade, Robert F Chambers, Ida May 413
Wagnon, George B Swingle, Emma I 471
Wakeman, Miles T Evans, Sarah C 5
Walker, Enoch F Rice, Prudence (Mrs) 40
Walker, Jesse D Van Riper, Ann M 188
Walker, Milo A Dean, Clara 482
Walker, Minus Erb, Phoeba J 117
Walker, Samuel N Wirtz, Mary Alice 390
Walls, A J Armstrong, Elizabeth (Mrs) 312
Walrod, Eugene Smith, Leonora L 256
Walton, Benson Whittle, Emeline 220
Walz, Jacob Lacy, Ada E 356
Warner, J H Butler, Harriet F 96
Watkins, Mark Langley, Martha M 269
Watson, Chandler B Chitwood, Ella J 222
Watson, D L Owen, Laura L 133
Watson, E B Kubli, Ella 359
Watt, J W Parker, F Kate 323
Watt, Samuel E Harris, Sarah A 160
Wattenbarger, Thomas H Bellinger, Lucinda 392
Weaver, Oliva Geary, Laura 310
Webb, W S Jr Burns, C E 472
Webber, Nicholas Fields, Jane 151
Webber, Nicholas Stanley, Eliza N 493
Weed, James Ed. Johnson, Jennie M 513
Weedon, Thomas N Gregory, Lucinda 315
Weiss, A P Hockersmith, Mary E 397
Weiss, Christian Bethell, Sarah (Mrs) 56
Wells, John W Walker, Phebe J 325
Whelpley, Thomas H Jamison, Mary E 197
Whitaker, George M Clark, Mary E 196
White, C E Farra, M P 342
White, Colonel M Rowe, Rosa U 463
White, Edward H Lane, Winifred 42
White, H L Tufts, Hattie 398
White, John Lancaster, Julia F 502
White, Leicester P Stedeman, Mary Ellen 291
Whiting, William L Wilshire, Addie M 492
Whitman, George A Kilgore, Amanda 190
Wilkinson, Hiram C Centers, Mary Jane 182
Wilkinson, Hiram C Singer, Martha Jane 271
Wilkinson, William F Hudson, Susan 195
Willfong, William Letagen, Elizabeth 538
Williams, A C Simpkins, Lucy Isabella 387
Williams, A K Hopwood, Sarah 217
Williams, Charles Turnbow, Mary E 476
Williams, Charles H Fredenburgh, Luella J 361
Williams, Isaac M Farmer, Mary (Mrs) 308
Williams, John N Armstrong, Elizabeth 345
Williams, Leonard A Dewes, Martha A 98
Willits, B R Tice, Annie 374
Willits, J Q Dunn, Amy L 294
Willits, L F Alford, Laura A 332
Wilson, Arthur M Davison, Arnelia 416
Wilson, Charles C Mathews, Elizabeth Jane 154
Wilson, George Crook, Elizabeth J 147
Wilson, James A Newcomb, Frances 18
Wilson, Jefferson Obenchain, Jenny 460
Wilson, Jesse W Hamlin, Rosanna 298
Wilson, Joseph Collins, Ida Ann 513
Wilson, Simpson Hall, Nancy E 142
Wilson, William Collins, Lucinda 206
Wilson, Winfield W Rummel, Esther 345
Wimer, Edward R Ritter, Alzena 343
Windom, Lawson C Collins, Clarinda 454
Wise, George W Luttrell, Barbara 503
Wise, John Miller, Elizabeth 100
Wise, La Fayette Simpson, Maria Bell 438
Witcher, William Standley, Mary Ellen 415
Woods, Marvin S Griffith, Susan 266
Woodson, James P Million, Laura J 25
Woolen, Isaac Cook, Ester (Mrs) 174
Wooley, William Ingram, Catharine 141
Woolley, James R Hart, Elizabeth 285
Wright, James Howard, Nancy 64
Wright, N B Brown, Florence (Mrs) 165
Wright, Robison Thomas, Martha A 85
Wright, Thomas Cooper, Elizabeth Jane 4
Wrisley, John N Higinbotham, Rachel Isabel 390
Wrisley, Robert W Wallace, Rebecca E 275
Wulf, August Parker, Elizabeth 273
Yaudes, George Comstock, Anne (Mrs) 174
Yoder, M Arnett, Minerva 515
York, J W Meeks, Emma 298
Young, J M Hull, Mary 408
Young, John N Burns (Byrne), Anna 67