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Jackson County Marriage Book #23 Indexed by Groom's Name

Old Photo of Wedding Couple

RVGS volunteers have photographed and indexed the marriage record books housed in the Jackson County, Oregon courthouse. Below is our index to Marriage Book #23 for 1946-1948. It is in alphabetic order by the groom's name. This book used preprinted forms completed by the county clerk. Each page in this book contains the certificates for a single couple and includes both the marriage license and certificate (assuming the license was acted upon).

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Marriage Certificate
How to order:
Names of bride and groom

Groom Bride Page
Abbott, Lynn Lewis McDonnald, Ottilee Clare 333
Abell, James J Gormley, Donna May 79
Abercrombie, Otto Carl Abercrombie, Gladys Margaret 439
Adams, George W Holmes, Elizabeth Tempest 113
Addington, Melvin Elmer Jr Dodson, Elva Margaret 440
Ahern, John Francis Mason, Virginia Louise 545
Akins, Gene Allen Vance, Barbara May 406
Albrecht, Henry G Rothermal (Rothramel), Pauline A 88
Aldrich, H Ray Goodwin, Florena V 218
Alexander, James William Ellsworth, Geraldine D 315
Allen, John C Briceland, Nellie 538
Alley, Frank R Jr Thompson, Virginia Patricia 126
Allyn, Ralph Sven Dawson, Doris June 301
Almeida, Manuel Turley, Frieda 453
Ames, Jacob Douglas Reichman, Orilla 20
Anderson, Arleigh Anton Miller, Ann Elizabeth 282
Anderson, George Carl Davis, Iris Mildred 242
Angell, Robert Bennett Babcock, Eleanor Joyce 518
Ansted, Ronald Lewis Majeske, Audrey Joanne 260
Antner, Bud J Hubbard, Lois Ann 609
Arant, Donald L Russell, Sally Lee 442
Arens, Arnold Ray Clark, Betty Louise 199
Arnett, Jewel Cramon Baker, Willma Neoma 412
Arnold, Elvis Jr Sullivan, Patricia Fae 262
Ash, Benjamin Wade Shadley, Dona Maxine 328
Ash, Gene Edward Green, Georgina Gibb 24
Atwood, Woodrow Wilson Atwood, Helen Kathryn 247
Autry, Robert Earl Doll, Margene Minette 605
Babb, Ralph Charles Boeglin, Eleanor L 382
Bacon, Edgar Paul Stinnett, Vera Edna 443
Bailey, Maurice Eugene Buffington, Billee Adele 585
Bailey, William Norman Junker, May Everette 560
Baker, Raymond Clair Larson, Margaret Mae 159
Baker, Robert Lee Taylor, Eva May 340
Baldi, Richard Nelson, Arlene Ruth 16
Baldwin, Roldolph Earl Bradley, Betty Jane 243
Bales, Albert C Schank, Alma L 638
Ball, Frederick Vernon Pugh, Elizabeth Ferne 540
Barker, Robert Melvin Moore, Alice Louise 57
Barker, Roger V Bailey, Verene E 119
Barnes, Earl LeRoy Beeney, Delora Demetria 569
Barnes, Elmer Allen Rodgers, Cora Mae 175
Barnes, Erwin Burdette Crawford, Lucille Virginia 56
Barnes, Howard Leslie Zattlin, Anna Louise 568
Barney, Jewell Darrell Henry, Margaret Louise 369
Barnhart, Gordon Dean Allen, Kathrene Virginia 543
Barnum, George C Konopasek, Evelyn Dorothy 458
Barrows, Robert Eugene Willard, Ida 273
Barth, Arthur William Phillips, Dorothy Marie 630
Bartlett, Fred Wayne McClearen, Bonnie June 161
Bartley, Dale LeRoy Pfaff, Mildred Lois 45
Barton, Glen Loyed Whitman, Dorothy Delia 429
Bartsch, Vernon L Barber, Virginia M 629
Bastiani, Otto J Stennett, Suzette Aileen 563
Bates, Billy Joe Jones, Betty Jeanne 213
Bauman, Harold Bali, Myrla Marie 614
Bayless, Doyce Royal Kaufman, Jean Elizabeth 255
Baylor, David Dorn Taylor, Bonnie Lucille 375
Bayne, Robert Wallace Ferris, Helen Caroline 316
Becker, Abraham Frank Schultz, Lorraine E 588
Bell, Walter William Bell, Mary Edith 83
Bender, John William Provost, Sylvia Elma 239
Benner, Howard Joseph Barnett, Alice 281
Bennett, Bruce Leon Robinson, Lucille Josephine 180
Bennett, Clinton Alden Nieto, Peggy Barbara 338
Bennett, Douglas Kay Nightingale, Jeane Evelyn 578
Bennett, Edward Carl Sr Robinett, Myrtle G 30
Bennett, Everett Douglas Halgren, Viladean 602
Bennett, Harold Keith Pirtle, Virginia Georgeanna 519
Bennett, John Louis Jr Sterne, Wilma Vera 525
Bennett, Stanley Mertz Wertz, Norma Jean 633
Benson, John Gleason, Ella Lorraine 477
Berge, Einar Sutherlin, Myrtle Elaine 125
Bernheisel, Allan Ray Killingsworth, Wanda Gloria 298
Bernheisel, Nye Edward Jones, Mary Evelyn 366
Berry, Granville L Belcher, Albina 573
Besondy, Charles Elmer Baughman, Edith Maiee 457
Betz, Paul Timothy Hutton, Jewell Alline 571
Bevel, Jimmy Cline Thomason, Mabel Lena 60
Birge, Lowell Wallen, Edith Grace 291
Bish, Walter Earl Thomas, Geraldine Joy 42
Bishop, Guy William Dawson, Frances Leona 321
Bishop, Harold Ernest Jackson, Flora Dorris 68
Blaess, Robert Lee McKittrick, Colleen Marie 548
Blair, Edwin Merle Corbett, Dorothy Helen 75
Blair, Thomas Eugene McDaniel, Hilda Elizabeth 158
Blankenship, Elvin Wade Hawkins, Wynonah Lou 192
Blankenship, Wesley Justin Sweem, Donna Lee 151
Blasor, Charles Oscar VanDewalker, Joan Lois 435
Blaylock, James S Marshall, Alma Ruth 150
Bleile, Earl Kropscoth Jarmin, June Bernice 397
Blunck, Elmer W Jr Ziegler, Marianne 318
Boatner, George Leonard Kettler, Rose G 376
Boehm, Doanld Lucine Hilkey, Luvene Marie 67
Boemer, Robert Anthony Louis Purcell, Lois Ann 424
Boen, Loda C Conafax, Winnie Lee 479
Bohl, Henry Edwin Henson, Millie Velta 320
Bohling, Fred William Storey, Mary June 384
Bohnert, Don Winston Morrow, Shirley Lee 451
Borders, Leonard L Tison, Lenor Virginia 357
Borg, Clair Wilfred Stolp, Wretha Pearl 300
Bostwick, Gerald Clark Reeder, Patricia Doreena Mae 12
Boulton, John Edward Sessions, Clydene Edna 586
Bower, Mark Robert Busse, Grace 550
Bowman, Raymond Glenn Jr Henderson, Nadine Rachel 245
Boyd, Irvin Leslie Boyd, June Eleanor 124
Boyden, Charles Albert Ferraris, Marie Rose 316
Braack, John Alfred VanCurler, Irene Ellen 191
Brackenbury, Donald James Spence, Gwendolyn Ellinyedde 44
Bradford, Alva Noel Fraley, Joyce Elizabeth 370
Bradshaw, Merton Charley Caldwell, Betty Helena 390
Brandon, Deane Rodrigues Hill, Zoe Amelie 543
Brannock, Jack Verl Haynie, Beverly Ada 221
Branson, Charles Quin Branson, Hulda Elizabeth 39
Breach, Paul Hawkins, Flo Catherine 92
Brenner, Donald Ivan Rockwell, Grace Irene 144
Brewer, George Walter Cattanach, Lois Benette 179
Brewer, Robert Arthur Jr Glascock, Mary Marie 257
Bridgeman, Lorenzo Dow Hopper, Ethel Evelyn 166
Briggs, Arthur Lee Phipps, Virginia 287
Bristoe, George Albert Gelvin, Shirley Maxine 625
Bronson, Albert Byron Harris, Elizabeth Louise 95
Brooks, Howard Rollin Refley, Lois Maxine 84
Brooks, William E Culp, Sam Ethel 94
Brown, Arnold Jack Barr, Margaret Colleen 55
Brown, Dennis A Jones, Bonnie Charlotte 449
Brown, Jesse Neal Yarnell, Edna Shirley 338
Brown, Lee Evan Strang, Mary Lee 436
Brown, Leslie L McDonald, Jacqueline 575
Browne, Donald Campbell Grigsby, Janis Lee 442
Browne, Robert Campbell Gilbert, Mary Elizabeth 598
Brownrigg, Miles R Payne, Verona Marie 620
Buck, Gilbert Wallace Miracle, Mildred Fern 499
Bue, Olaf Anthony Pease, Jeanette Marie 103
Buehling, Fred William Berntson, Hollis Marie 513
Bullock, John Edwin Jennings, Hortense Caton 187
Bunch, Vada Ray Rauh, Ina Mae 604
Burchfield, Bruce Frederick Brown, Bessie Charlotte 305
Burdell, Frank Walter Over, Helen Virginia 102
Burdell, John William Coleman, Mary Jane 359
Burdic, William Samson Roberson, Flora Charlene 521
Burdon, Harold J Chapman, Mildred Ethel 559
Burleson, Robert Wood Clary, Alma Jean 416
Burnett, Kenneth Tex Conner, Joan Patricia 384
Burnette, Howard Clay Christie, Lillian L 380
Burnette, Milan Ralph Hunt, Margaret LaVerne 604
Burns, Frank E Chase, Mina B 477
Burrell, Cecil Delmer Brown, Eleanor Corrine 545
Burton, Frederick William Phair, Ruth Lucille 83
Bushnell, Melvin Clarence Bell, Barbara Alicia Veronica 253
Busse, Alvin Ernest Mengersen, Virginia Louise 144
Butler, Edwin Arthur Davis, June Marilyn 7
Buttram, Trudie Arthur Motley, Jessie Kathryn 162
Buttram, Wayne Rubin Magee, Melvina E 592
Byrd, Curtis Lee Albers, Opal Edna 634
Byrd, Richard Evelyn Madison, Hazel Anna 53
Byrum, William L Smith, Wanda Dorothy 21
Cady, Malcolm William Wignall, Gleniss Irene 318
Calhoun, Charles Arnold Gibbs, Helen Ruth 368
Call, Charles W Speers, Frances Jane 549
Callahan, Don Callahan, Joyce Valerie 603
Calvert, Billy Brice Clendenning, Patricia Margaret 223
Canly, Dale Ernest Brigden, Barbara Miller 182
Cannady, Robert V Winchester, Agnes 5
Cannon, Wallace Clarence Smith, Eva Mae 435
Canoose, Edward Udell III Estill, Varian Isa 177
Cappello, Frank Angelo Bufton, Ida Ellen 76
Caramella, Lawrence Miller, Gayl Mervill 506
Card, Roger Ellsworth Ralston, Georgia G 185
Cardwell, Dave Jr Bennett, Marjorie Rose 1
Carlson, Arthur Edward Hammack, Kathleen LaVonne 23
Carlson, Henning Harris, Mary Maxine 122
Carmean, John Charles Beers, Ruth Marie 325
Carney, Dexter P Wolf, Joyce Elaine 242
Carothers, Floyd Barton Clifford, Miriam Faith 111
Carr, Oren Budd Vaughn, Jeanne Ellen 468
Carrico, Owen E Johnson, Arlene 501
Carrigan, Orville J Oakland, Donna Jean 315
Carroll, Lonnie Joe Johnson, Shirley Dolores 490
Carter, Chester Edward Wells, Dorothy Lee 577
Carter, Donald Richard Frey, Margaret Alice 330
Carter, Francis Willard Kitchen, Elsie Marie 66
Carter, Horace Albert II Lovejoy, Jerrilee 17
Carter, Wilmer H McPherson, Jean Catherine 641
Casad, Allen Kester Merriman, Margaret Edna 36
Casad, John Junior Vroman, Marjorie Lee 65
Case, Ray Mearl Haptonstall, Dorothy Evelyn 459
Casey, Benjamin Curtis Erwin, Norma Dolores 285
Cash, John A McMackin, Agnes 238
Caster, Newman Haskell Hanscom, Irene June 450
Castleman, Luther E Castleman, Emma Duncan 570
Cate, William Frederick Youngs, Arliss Genelea 297
Cave, James Sanford Wenner, Gloria Bess 444
Cearley, Kenneth Wayne Knutson, Doris Ellen 170
Centers, William Laroy Reynolds, Mayme G 29
Champlin, Charles P Jr Staples, Sally Ann 468
Chapman, Delmar Eugene Christensen, Dagmar Maxine 113
Chappelle, J D Langford, Ruby Jo 292
Chase, Frank Heber Kimball, Frances 68
Chastain, Ralph A Owen, Iris Louise 614
Chastain, Ralph H Zwolinski, Nancy Lorraine 184
Cheshire, George Fred Kemna, Marjorie Ruth 259
Chester, Elroy Henry Jacobs, Jessie Leona 27
Childers, John William Lown, Frances 393
Childers, Thomas Lloyd Hutchins, Jean Louise 355
Chinchiolo, Andrew James LeMire, Louise Marie 309
Chriss, Robert Eugene Hemphill, Elna Carleene 556
Christensen, Edward J Harn, Leona 129
Christeson, Nile Willard Farrell, Marian Jane 95
Christie, Robert Hobson Woolven, Colleen 392
Christlieb, Norman Edward Lewis, Mary J 194
Claflin, Cecil R Keene, Dorothy Anne 539
Clapp, Irvin E Wilson, Callie Isabel 262
Clark, Ben Frank Clark, Anna 64
Clark, Douglas Harley Puryear, Addie Beatrice 219
Clark, Joseph Frank Devaney, Edith Christine 174
Clark, Orval Vernon Walls, Barbara June 37
Clark, Robert Wilson Beatty, Darlene Phyllis 60
Clark, Sylvester D Lewis, Sarah Josephine 172
Clarke, Robert Codding, Gail 546
Clement, Terrence Neil Davis, Phyllis Jean 283
Clements, Walter J Caldwell, Marie Madeleine Garcia 65
Click, Ralph Seybold Cullenden, Esther Etta 295
Cline, William Elsworth Johnson, Ethelyne Marie 157
Cloet, William Smith, Violet Lura 255
Coats, Paul Marion Galbraith, Helen Hope 590
Cobleigh, Donald Dale Tower, Willamae Irene 455
Coffman, Leland Roscoe Stephenson, Dorland Irene 404
Coggins, Ralph Cecil Cobleigh, Iva Maxine 296
Cole, Donald Dwayne Purdy, Esther Ruth 375
Colley, John Daniel Hunsley, Margie Ellen 23
Collins, Verlin Norman Hemple, Georgina Mary 49
Colton, Robert Harry Munro, Marilyn 22
Combs, Orville Compton, Marie Joan 500
Conley, Clay Marion Wright, Enzie Mildred 362
Conley, Don Harland DeHaven, Lorraine Amaryllis 15
Conner, Richard Nelson Johnston, Betty Adella 120
Connolly, Charles Colton Manahan, Lyda 376
Cook, Clarence Floyd Smith, Mildred Elaine 252
Cooper, Charles Elmer Deivert, Marian Lenore 505
Corby, Morris Vincent Havens, Erma May 110
Corwin, James Harvey Maurath, Cheryl Jane 544
Cox, Gaylord Raymond Rominger, Helen Marie 284
Cox, George Ewell Peterson, Josephine C 528
Cox, Lewis Jackson Burgess, Geneva Minnie 97
Cozad, John Gifford Hawley, Delores Edith 63
Craft, Vestel Leroy Wyatt, Faye Frances 229
Crandall, William E Jennings, Alta A 623
Crechrion, John L Moore, Evelyn Mary 418
Crisel, John David Muncie, Mable Edith 307
Croskell, John T Eudey, Josephine I 128
Croucher, Donald Frank Bush, Viviene Virginia 167
Croucher, William Warren Price, Charlotte Estella 306
Crumley, Thurston Edward Olsen, Sara 612
Cuffel, Laurence Everett Champlin, Pauline Abjayne 40
Cullop, Clarence Hobert Mueller, Juanita Jean 470
Cullop, Leon Walter Sutherland, Louetta Belle 43
Cullop, Paul Wayne Lance, Mary Elizabeth 163
Culver, Don Marsh Egan, Alma Rossetta 499
Culver, Ted Howard Baker, Martha Ann 599
Cumming, Kenneth Eugene Lundberg, Althea Maxine 337
Cummins, James Sheldon Anderson, Marjorie McNair 126
Cunningham, Earl C Hutchins, Emily May 323
Curtis, Eugene Owen McLaughlin, Frankie Louise 138
Dale, Wilbert LeRoy Burt, Eleanor Garnet 283
Dallaire, Joe Arthur King, Towana Sue 62
Dallaire, John Francis Sullivan, Margaret Marie 84
Daniel, John P Daniel, Roberta L 553
Daniels, Ray Alexander Edwards, Lucile Jane 252
Darland, John Leroy Pendergast, Dorothy 372
Darneille, James Lane Shanks, Beverly Louise 4
Darting, Robert Gordon Prowell, Janet Raye 167
Daugherty, Lowell Wilson, Marcella Minerva 251
Davidson, Harold John Pederson, Lettie Maxine 146
Davidson, Paul Elliott DeYoung, Christina LaVerne 292
Davidson, Robert George Gibson, Eileen Isabel 387
Davis, Berthel Gene Hiemble, Mildred Irene 605
Davis, Dwight Lyle Soctt, Alice Enola 487
Davis, Edson Silas Eldridge, Opal Joy 438
Davis, Elbert Darius Minor, Elsie May 528
Davis, Jack Frank Buchmaster, Florence May 565
Davis, John Thomas Davis, Barbara Marie 564
Davis, Lavon L Lycett, Dellis Marie 547
Davis, Warren James Blair, Inez Imogene 365
Davison, Jack Eugne Kowell, Diane Marion 246
Deardorf, Louis Everett Trogdon, Eunice Evelyn 289
Decker, Willard Fields, Fern Adaline 163
Deem, Charles Wynant Bowman, Edna Merle Neff 332
DeGregori, George William Brill, Alice May 472
Denison, Bernal C Gray, Mary Mildred 287
Dent, William Lee Winbolt, Virginia Mae 542
DeShazer, Roger Franklin Buhl, Mildred Alice 342
Dickson, John Granville Urell, Geraldine L 398
Dimick, Donald Benjamin DeFur, Beverly Lee 618
Distell, George Dyer, Eloise 518
Dobbs, James Robert Miller, Ouida Mae 334
Doney, Eugene Madison Holland, Bonnie Lucille 19
Dooley, Lester Andrew Crouch, Jacqueline Jean 330
Dooms, Willard Ferns, Elma Anbrose 11
Dopp, Ralph Bettercourt, Olivia 640
Dorris, Alcide David Smith, Bethel Sheila 173
Doty, Marvin Eugene Morgan, Elva Jean 448
Downes, Harry Ira Waldref, Gladys 137
Downing, Ted Edward Merriles, Cecelia Lee 139
Drennan, Wyatt Jr Bobbett, Helen Margaret 10
Dressler, Leland Roy Preston, Barbara Marie 335
Driskell, Donald Dudley Ellis, Geraldine 278
Driskell, Robert Edgar Hodgson, Betty Louise 217
Dunagan, Charles W Reynolds, Mabel 520
Dunlap, Harry Vernon Nettleton, Elsie May 409
Dunne, William Floyd Pierce, Wilma Louise 26
Dusenberry, Donald Calvin Cameron, Joan Lee 593
Dutton, Harvey Neil Coulter, Lorraine H 464
Duvall, Tex James Phillips, Mabel Florence 489
Dyer, Jack Eugene Lancaster, Jessie Fern 516
Easton, Milton H Jr Johnson, Marjorie Lois 636
Eatherton, Jay William Wright, Carmen Ella 409
Eddy, Jack Mitchell Roberts, Doreen May 38
Edgin, John Riley King, Jewell Lillian 497
Edwards, James Gerald Truax, Madelyn Yvonne 208
Edwards, Loren Richard Wyatt, Faye Frances 562
Edwards, William L Broyles, Myrle Jeanne 182
Eek, John William Dutton, Venita Marie 2
Eek, Robert Allen Bolin, Lois Irene 248
Eichendorf, Leonard Frank Martin, Avalie Roberta 152
Eicher, Wilbur Emerson Potter, Nancy Marie 446
Einkopf, Fred Louie Young, Ava Crawford 373
Eklund, Richard Gordon Kiefer, Mildred Mable 135
Elder, Terence Bruce McKenzie, Mildred Louise 188
Eldridge, Thomas Hallahan, Grace Irene 317
Ellery, Franklin Edward Phillips, Vergie Ellen 555
Elliott, Charley B Pine, Lois Louise 422
Ellis, Byran Richard Lloyd, Ruth Aileen 568
Ellis, Orin James Jr Cappello, Norma Mary 156
Elmore, Ernest Carl Goodwin, Alice Margaret 196
Engeli, Hans Fritz McKey, Lara Elizabeth 346
Epperson, Roland C Ware, Jennie 512
Eppinger, Dean Ernest Shaw, Bette Ann 497
Erickson, Clarence Walter Croker, Dorothy Marie 15
Eslinger, Thomas Ralph McKee, Jeannette Frances 69
Ettinger, Robert Lewis Baize, Nellie Irene 187
Evans, George Alford Evans, Avon Hollis Gardner 61
Evans, Harvey David LaMarr, Olive Clara 371
Evans, Leon Loren Schurman, Doris Genevieve 100
Fairrington, Roy Albert Cardwell, Frances Vella 373
Falls, Verl Linuel Conlon, Orpha Louise 101
Farr, Harold Roy Jr Wycoff, Beverly Jean 554
Fawcett, Richard Gerald Baker, Betty Lou 341
Fenton, J I Forbes, Roselee Mae Shell 587
Fentress, Ormand Westley Wright, Gwendolyn Lucille 142
Ferguson, Chester Haynes Conroy, Catherine Mar 339
Ferguson, Stephen Ferguson, Ellen 298
Ferlen, Jerry Arthur Crosby, Clara Ellen 558
Ferns, Leonard Larson Phillips, Barbara 349
Ferris, Clive Nelson Freitag, Thea Janet 396
Field, Charles Bruce Andrus, Betty Jean 504
Findlay, Robert Edward Smith, Ruth Eliza 232
Finney, Donald T Haynie, Lillybelle 632
Firman, Allen Holmes, Delcena Vareen 504
Fitzgerald, Arthur Henry Gregg, Harriett Edna 183
Fitzgerald, Tom Tison, Rachel Anna Rebecca 476
Fitzsimmons, Robert Allen Young, Leotha Faye 24
Flagg, William Robert Rector, Mildred Bernice 417
Flemming, John William Goulter, Elva Evelyn 104
Ford, Robert Allin Planalp, Mildred 422
Forkner, Gaines LeRoy Spencer, Lois Eleanor 6
Forkner, Harley Jefferson McNamara, Doris Maxine 302
Forster, Bruce C Bushman, Mary L 639
Forsyth, Allen George Shaw, Minnie May 261
Foster, Clarence Albert Thrane, Gussie Augusta 87
Foster, Donovan Gibson, Winifred Lucille 632
Foster, Lloyd William James, Loretta Lucille 205
Fraedrick, Everett Eugene Jr Stone, Mary Josephine 142
Frakes, Lawrence Kenneth Chickering, Elsie Morea 421
Frank, Wendall J Pfaff, Dora Mae 154
Fraser, Thomas Milton Newman, Pearl 310
Frederick, William Henry Benbow, Meredith Lela 34
Friesen, Henry Peyton, Eloise Eileen 378
Frydendall, Lewis I Burr, Pearl 155
Fultner, Gene Earl Boliou, Gertrude Marie 10
Funk, Robert N Criswell, Bonnie Lou 374
Gabbard, Lewis Gabbard, Gertrude 213
Galland, Jack B Segsworth, Vera Louise 572
Gardner, Harold William Bush, Genevieve 544
Gardner, James Wardell Herdman, Elva Mae 186
Garrett, Guy Jewel, Clara Rippey 554
Garrett, James Sheldon Tthomas, Vida Maebelle 582
Garrison, Angus M Speaks, Fannie Bell 158
Garrison, Odell Alfred Buck, Eva Pauline 324
Garvin, Edwin Zenith Gray, Eleanora Helen 596
Gates, George Eugene Jr O'Rourke, Lois Giffen 239
Gebhard, Franklin Hal Parris, Mary Louise 609
Geppert, Delbert Landers, Lee Ella Beatrice 39
Gerety, Thomas Harold Edge, Ruthe Laine 101
Gibbs, James Walter Sewell, Alma Anna 313
Gibson, Boyd Allen Rose, Temple Laurraine 328
Gibson, John Wesley Juarez, LaVita A 365
Gidney, William Arthur Jr Moss, Betty Ruth 590
Gilcrist, Leonard H Bray, Bernice M 627
Gilman, Willis George Thomas, Phyllis Jeane 114
Gitzen, John Henry McGlothlin, Norma Lee 466
Glass, Glendan Charles Glass, Marjorie Marie 173
Glassford, Ernest Everett Riemer, Helen Lucille 152
Gleaves, Dean Frank Ettel, Coralee June 539
Gleim, Charles Will Blevins, Verdie Grace 327
Goodloe, John R Smith, Doris Wilson 117
Goodsby, Floyd Alwine, Myrtle 277
Goosman, John Frank Quigley, Jo Ann Kathryn 112
Gorden, Milton Francis Benston, Barbara Louise 516
Gorman, James R Davis, Ethel Louise 105
Gossett, Neil N Bonham, Leah Sarah 201
Gosson, Eugene D Schilling, Esther Louise 445
Gott, Emmett Marion Shaw, Glenadean M 131
Governor, Vernon Bernard Mather, Dorothy Mae 176
Graham, Curtis L Swing, Mercedes Barbara 526
Graham, Derward Clement Ganfield, Barbara Ann 352
Gravelle, Richard Frederick Knapp, Inez Lorraine 280
Green, Clyde Anderson Hudson, Carolyn May 308
Green, John Wesley Noel, Dolores Fae 197
Green, Ralph B Cobb, Ada Isabell 153
Green, Walter Eugean Maybee, Vianna Faye 591
Greene, Homer L Fluke, Zella 311
Griffin, Herbert Stanley Harden, Marcella 218
Grigsby, Richard Lavon Schumacher, Helen Loretta 419
Grissom, Clyde Owen, Betty Lou 323
Groves, Jesse L Jr Carter, Mabel Ann 42
Groves, Meredith R Wilson, Dorothy Mae 251
Grubbs, Clarence Richard Wickersham, Judith Lee 105
Gunter, James E Conover, Doris 457
Gustine, Homer Weaver McConkle, Cecelia Ray 635
Gustison, Leigh Ellsworth Brown, Dorothy Lindley 70
Haertle, Harry Elmer Kincaid, Dorothy Jean 235
Hagler, John Allen, Viola L 285
Haines, Robert Keith Baumann, Mary Lee 567
Hale, Clifford Alford Holmes, Hazel Mary 491
Haley, Lyle Frederic Anderson, Marjorie Eunice 136
Hall, Arthur Bryan Jr Oakes, Eula Rose 175
Hall, George R Lowe, Ruby Wallace 301
Hall, John Parks, Laura 506
Hall, Montegene F Edwards, Shirley Evelyn 556
Hall, Walter N Reeve, Diane Claire 565
Hall, William J Steenburg, Jeanette 523
Halllinan, Patrick Joseph Hallinan, Mildred M 486
Hamilton, Harper Kenneth Jr Day, Janet 169
Hamilton, Jay Ralph Dudley, Mary Virginia 288
Hamilton, Robert Melvie Conroy, Betty Ann 452
Hamilton, Samuel P Bedingfield, Wilda Marion 512
Hamm, Harley D Hulse, Lois Mae 121
Hammerschmidt, Charles Cardin, Martha Eugena 141
Hamrick, Clyde L Harding, Daisy May 631
Hance, Warren George Crowson, Charlotte Louise 178
Hand, Norman E Grafton, Mary Ann 82
Hannstein, Ralph Henry Fields, Mildred Hannah 367
Hanscom, Lloyd Elton Rutherford, Dorothy Maxine 533
Hansen, Bruce Edward George, Joyce Lorraine 204
Hansen, Donald Batie, Beverly Ann 491
Hansen, Ralph John Jr Bali, Oda Evelyn 228
Harger, Kenneth O Kiplinger, Anna Rosetta 237
Hargrave, Lawrence Wilson Edmondson, Iona Mae 249
Harlan, Dale M Niedermeyer, Joyce D 615
Harnish, Elmer Ray Nelson, Alice Margueritte 562
Harp, Bobby Gene Dusenberry, Dorothy Delores 431
Harp, Raymond David Feltz, Elizabeth Ann Jackson 236
Harper, Donald Schwartz Cole, Kay 90
Harper, Hershel Milton Foster, Marie Martha 347
Harper, Robert G Mueller, Bettelu 370
Harrel, Jonathan M Jr Rasmussen, Norma Naomi 150
Harris, Paul Orr Mitchell, Nadine Ann 37
Harris, Wayne Ralph Cave, Gladys Joyce 69
Harrison, Thomas Jefferson Lewin, Eva May 552
Harroun, Donald Gayle Sisk, Dorothy Marie 266
Hart, John Royston Ford, Wilma Mary 389
Hartig, Emil Ray Hickman, Velma Jean 202
Hartley, Richard Leon Marquess, Lucille Marie 110
Hartley, Walter Leonard Brown, Frankie Jean 620
Hartley, Wesley G Millage, Lily Ruth 51
Hartman, Dwight Evan Walline, Mary Envon 297
Hartman, Ernest H Carone, Daisy Dell 519
Harvey, Robert Ritchey Cunningham, Joan 364
Haskell, Howard Carl Tison, Katherine Angeline 77
Haskins, John Wickham Newton, Rhoda Rosella 594
Haslock, Harold R Ferrell, Nellie Louise 621
Hatfield, Earl Worsham Jr Canton, Jeannine Lea 115
Haugen, Lloyd V Halaas, Jean Marie 91
Hausotter, Charles Edwin McCombs, Barbara Rose 119
Hawkins, Robert Wayne Brandt, Charmaine Avonne 227
Hayes, Karl Alton Rose, Elizabeth Sharon 216
Hays, Herbert James Howard, Aloha Helen 66
Hays, John Daniel Jr Sellers, May Lucille 153
Hayse, Warren Hamilton Brown, Virginia Arlene 200
Head, Dormer Morgan Holler, Cleta Faye 311
Head, Henry Warren Reusser, Jeanette Constance 582
Healy, Jack Durward Rudd, Darlyne Merle 300
Heath, Adolphus James Stuart, Elva Sarah 247
Heavilin, Lewis Ray Hicks, Muriel Inez 329
Hedrick, William N Chambers, Ethel M 332
Helgeson, James M Horn, Leona 555
Helman, Jack Farley O'Gieblyn, Colleen 460
Hendrickson, Jack Daryel Tilley, Mary Anne 507
Hendrickson, Paul Hobart Kinkle, Louise Mildred 282
Henry, Pat G McGundy, Doris Henry 53
Henson, Merle Melvin Brown, Pearl 483
Herman, Charles Henry Jr Andrews, Ruth Lamb 541
Herring, Edward Curtis Janes, Barbara Adair 281
Hess, Raul Alvin Lewis, June Elinor 462
Hiatt, Calvin Henry McCullough, Margradelle 166
Hibbert, Veron Floyd Perkins, Annamay 473
Hicks, Gerald Lamont Stefani, Ardis Marie 450
Hicks, Marvel E Lewallen, Martha Helen 278
Higinbotham, John Wilmer Mee, Beverly June 400
Hilberg, Steven Murray Axtell, Helen Joan 437
Hill, George Hayes McCann, Mildred Grace 227
Hill, Robert Lewis DeVore, Norma Margaret 117
Hillis, Edward Hill, Louise O 610
Hiner, Clarence H Hiner, Ruth H 93
Hiner, Richard Clarence Stinson, Betty Marie 290
Hinkle, Edward Arthur Hayner, Ruby Louise 581
Hobson, Kenneth Edwin Centeas, Donna Marie 510
Hodges, Doyle T Poitevint, Cloey L 67
Hoefs, Robert Franklin Norris, Emily Emenence 240
Hoffman, Glynn Gresham, Marie Belle 465
Hoffman, Theodore Orville Hickson, Arlene Effie 538
Hogan, Dale Robert Williams, Helen Dorothy 410
Hogan, Ernest Lee Robbins, Violet Maxine 115
Holcomb, William Sanford Peterson, Rosa Myrtle 347
Hollenbeck, Robert Dale Dye, Vernon 228
Hollowell, Charles E Smith, Greta Renee 327
Holmes, John Lewis Coats, Helen Virginia 515
Holmes, Richard David Olson, Mary Vivian 522
Holtzman, Milford Ellsworth, Marjorie B 72
Hoover, Roy Elsworth Jr StMarie, Kathleen Mary 399
Hopkins, Charles Jr LaCasse, Dorothy Alene 269
Hopkins, George Dykes Armstrong, Jessie S 349
Horn, Thomas Henry Bryant, Barbara June 383
Horn, Walter Cornwall, Myrtle Maude 116
House, Donald F Freshwater, Paulette M 55
Houser, Aubrey L Houser, Pearl Rebecca 272
Houston, Weldon Lerane Giannopulos, Ruth 325
Howard, Merle C McCoy, Patricia Mary Lou 294
Hoylman, robert L Harkey, Lois Enocha 559
Hudron, Joe G Hudron, Grayce E 210
Hudson, John Daniel Funderburg, Eva Faye 147
Huestis, Ralph Parke Utz, Joyce Carolyn 633
Huff, Tilford Kenneth Wales, Roberta Louise 279
Huffman, Harold Newton Hopper, Nina Mae 493
Hughbanks, Clarence A Cramer, LaVina Leola 628
Hughes, Darrel Freeman Robinson, LaMae Patricia 293
Hughes, Earl Watson Thompson, Kathryn Jean 233
Hukill, Elwin Ross Buchanan, Claudiana Elizabeth 154
Hull, Dan A Clausen, Ilene Joyce 108
Hulse, Vernon Martin, Marian 265
Hunt, Denzil E Gascon, Arlene Genevieve 471
Huston, Jackson Wade Jenkins, Shirley Marie 534
Hutchins, Elvin Sanford, Betty Ellen 643
Hutchins, Elvin Sanford, Betty Ellen 642
Igo, Richard Wyatt Smith, Vera Frances 391
Ireton, Vernon Nolan Longacre, Verloise 20
Isaacson, Lawrence Leo Smith, Mary Louise 32
Ivie, Donald Merle Dooms, Helen Frances 103
Jackson, Arthur Wilburn McBeth, Victoria Lydia 193
Jackson, David Eugene McCrea, Beulah Mae 268
Jackson, George Hamilton Killian, Lois Mildred 322
Jackson, Kenneth Edgar Rollins, Wilma Ruth 608
Jackson, Wayne H Edmonds, Helen Louise 86
James, Donald Eugene Fandel, Greta Lew 385
James, Estle Francis Dean, Pauline Cecelia 112
James, John Ira Alarid, Mary 557
James, Paul Culbertson, Neolae Louise 185
James, Robert Marvin Myers, Bernice Jane 217
Jamison, William James Cox, Mattie E 246
Jamison, William James Bergstrom, Rose Elizabeth 595
Jammerthal, Leo Worthington, Emma 596
Jandreau, James Edward Stansbury, Sherry Ann 165
Jantzer, Frank Xavior Kouts, Nancy Jane 34
Jennings, Carl Benjamin McCracken, LaVelle 109
Jennings, Henry Jacob Sutter, Billie Lue 134
Jensen, George Robert Johnson, Shirley Elaine 291
Jensen, John James Driscall, Suzanne Helen 351
Jensen-Norman, Herbert Jefferson Jr Rinde, Ruth Lorraine 481
Jewett, Harold Paul Wilson, Elizabeth Ann 162
Job, Dale Howard Drake, L'Marie Frances 321
Johns, George Arthur Utz, Joanne Harriett 537
Johnson, Arthur Ray Pearson, Lucille Loyalty 567
Johnson, Burl Clayton Wyatt, Maxine 358
Johnson, David Louis Harris, Marie Sutton 2
Johnson, Donald Eugene Smith, Marvalyn 317
Johnson, Douglas Eugene Duckworth, Peggy Jean 206
Johnson, Edwin McCrystal, Myrl 305
Johnson, James Oliver Hannah, Doris Afton 229
Johnson, LeRoy Edwin Hussong, Laura Georgiana 45
Johnson, Ormand Schultz Broughton, Blanche Anna 414
Johnson, Robert Lee Reed, Virginia 214
Johnson, Vernon R Kessler, Naomi Ruth 145
Johnston, William Verner Young, Lessie Gaynell 388
Jolliffe, Robert Lynn Pearce, Edolene Mae 171
Jones, Byron Nelson Parton, Lola Fae 77
Jones, Davie L Greenwood, Eva 358
Jones, Duane Edwin Dubs, Marie Mae 432
Jones, Leon Crider, Beryl Bernadine 133
Jones, Volney Princehouse, Ailsa B 404
Jones, William Jr Girton, Wanda Gene 508
Jones, William Vernon Robertson, Patsy Paul 509
Jordan, Lewis Edwin Whiteman, Rosemary Diane 386
Jordan, Marvin Travis Jr Rasmussen, Joyce Evangeline 344
Judy, William Herman Woodruff, Sanaha Patricia 238
Kaake, Lee Roy Smith, Mary Louise 198
Kear, Donald Eugene Raush, Rozella Hughey 472
Keener, Rodger Serry, Helen Louise 579
Keesee, William D Weaver, Doris Mae 141
Kegg, Charlie William Fink, Amy 38
Keim, Robert Bruce Walch, Betty Jean 453
Kennedy, Robert Clifford Palmer, Lilah Jacqueline 276
Kerby, Frederick Henry Perkins, Neva Joy 312
Kerr, Gerald Robert Kohlenberger, Audrey Nyoda 511
Keyes, James L Smith, Bonita Elaine 54
Kilburn, Harold Eugene Pence, Mary Hester 286
Kile, George Everett Hawkins, Avis Louise 636
Kincaid, Walter Lucius Hatcher, Faith Louise 16
King, Kenneth Russell Jr Hays, Dorothy E 250
Kinkade, Jack Oliver Skelton, Bobbie Arlene 471
Kirk, Henry J Eden, Frances Fidelis 369
Kirlin, James Lewis Sasse, Olga Victoria 72
Kitchen, Archie Lee Jr Backes, Beverly June 309
Kline, Richard Wayne Gearey, Arlene June 259
Kohn, Calvin Jesse Harper, Harriett Ellon 160
Kosel, Albert Alexander Luckett, Lucie Mae 81
Kruggel, Fred E Jr Davis, Dixie Alene 436
Kubli, Norman Edward Clarke, Lois Ann 74
Kunz, David Münich, Josefine 574
Kurtz, David Sidney Randall, Shirley Nadine 622
Kyker, Clifford H Sloan, M Wilma 108
Kyker, Clifford H Simonsen, Esther Cathrine 413
LaBarge, Alfred Vincent Deardorff, Threasa Bell 630
Lacy, Clarence Andrew Brown, Minnie Beatrice 114
Lacy, Delbert William Monroe, June Roach 520
Lahr, Jacob Paul Davis, Mary Esther 454
Laible, William Anton Quinn, Roma Morrison 485
Lamb, Robert Buck, Hazel May 588
Landing, Delbert Theo Burton, Florence Monique 302
Landing, Elmer LeRoy Pierce, Dorothy Lois 558
Lange, Jack Oliver LaBanté, Lieselatte Helena Anni Luise Martha 206
Larson, Curtis Benjamin Kelly, Norma Mae 245
LaValley, George A Brown, Edna Mae 264
Lawrence, Harold Robert McVay, Verna Rosella 189
Lawton, Boyd Aldo Burrough, Jessie Thelma 430
Leaf, John J Gregory, Margaret Jean 92
LeBlanc, Weston Abbott, Joyce Arlene 124
Lee, Jason Whitman Beare, Alice Ellen 581
Lee, Robert Lora Brownell, Nancy Louise 433
Lee, Stanley Malcolm West, Elaine Cora 46
Lees, James Ronald Weiss, Norma Elizabeth 503
Leffler, Robert S Bushnell, B Jean 478
Legg, David Don Ward, Madeline 253
Lemire, Louis George Hoppe, Joan Lamea 542
Lemmons, Elzier Daniel, Hazel Lillian 122
Lengele, Chester Cordell Fredenburg, Lucille Alice 625
Leonard, Morris Bamford Jr Smith, Joan Asteria 407
Lerwill, Walter Ralph Bratten, Betty Rose 371
Leslie, William Charles Wilson, Katherine Ilene 467
Lewis, John Colvin Reed, Irene Lucille 64
Lewis, Joseph Donald Conser, Beverly Jean 521
Lewis, Robert Milton Fowler, Barbara Aline 467
Lewis, William Jerald Kettler, Ellen Lou 411
Lietzke, Leonard G Kerr, Susan Bruder 22
Lilly, Ernest James Rasmusson, Mary Leora 418
Lindell, Walter Franklin Johnson, Geneva Mildred 205
Linderman, Doyle Davis Floyd, Julia Ann 18
Lindley, Basil Henry Hartle, Edith Emmalene 593
Lindstrom, Donald Foster Meester, Pauline Mae 88
Littrell, Elijah A Carter, Frances I 149
Loffer, Robert Warren O'Connor, Margaret Cecilia 552
London, James N Mathes, Patty Louise 447
Long, Donald Booth Beer, Margaret Martha 121
Lovlien, Robert Arthur Shere, Beverly Ann 498
Lowe, Glenn Allan Witt, Dawn Maria 447
Lowe, Morton E Phay, Betty J 639
Lowther, Laurence Luther Johnson, Pearl Ruby 91
Lubbers, Duane Lee Bridgeman, Betty Jane 362
Lund, Herbert Robert Larson, Margaret Sidney 532
Lutz, Theodore Murphy, Gwendylon 610
Lydiard, Harry Lester Tousley, Muriel Ruth 496
Lyon, Roy B Myers, Virginia Mae 574
MacCracken, Charles Gordon Chamberlain, Aileen Mary 644
MacDougall, Ralph K Parish, Bertie 487
Mack, Marcus James Waffle, Lucille Marilyn 578
Maddox, Rupert Francis Greenamyer, Patricia Mae 474
Magerle, Ralph Edwin Rummel, Shirley Ann 172
Maldonado, Juan Jose Saldivas, Dolores 381
Malin, Frank Loyd Jonson, May Frances 433
Mallon, Harold George Cruse, Shirley Irene 587
Manley, Fulton Melvin Key, Marie Poole 263
Maraglia, Jack Black, Mary Pitrina 498
Marek, Jack Edger Pryor, Ethel Mae 551
Marsh, Larry J Frey, Betty Jeanne 210
Marshall, David Ross Luelling, Barbara Jean 164
Marstad, Apolinasis Santos, Mary 265
Mart, Howard Ray Matthews, Ruby S 617
Martin, Edward Franklin Babb, Reatha Fern 635
Martin, Herbert T Marava, Geraldine 8
Martin, Joe Melvin Martin, Leota Marie 571
Martin, John L Lyons, Cloie Luella 576
Martin, Ramon Walter Heath, Evelyn Faye 267
Martin, Robert Lee Lauritsen, Betty Ann 611
Martin, Walton Russell Conley, Arline Zoa 296
Martinez, John Ortega Titus, Shirley Beryl 207
Mason, James Robert Tilly, Marian Agnes 535
Mattson, Willard Copeland Jr Orndoff, Beatrice Jean 26
Maupin, Clarence W McNair, Juanita 401
Maxwell, Mathew William Trautier, Allie E 535
Mayfield, Norman Edwin Reed, Margaret Ellen 344
Maynard, Robert Wayne Dungey, Lillie Ann 394
McBriety, Michael Dennis Scranton, Marjorie Luella 207
McCallister, Gene Stuart Eklund, Carolyn Joy 456
McCallister, Joseph James Chesnut, Reva Lorena 428
McCollum, John Alan Storm, Helen Eunice 177
McConnell, Ernest Chestley King, May Elizabeth 461
McCormick, John C Keeler, Effie Grace 432
McCoy, Darold Carleton Reynolds, Genevieve Faye 267
McCoy, Herbert Allen Hay, Eva Arlene 536
McCoy, John Leonard Kennan, Betty Jeanne 464
McCoy, Wilfred Lawe, Ellen Babe 155
McCurdy, Lloyd Chester Griffith, Thelma Inez 405
McDougall, Jerome Allen Meadows, Barbara Louise 531
McFall, Lincoln E Linville, Ann Maude 204
McGarry, David Conroy Reimunger, Lucille 190
McGonagle, Monroe Marvin Stout, Elsie Eileen 202
McGonagle, Ralph David Hedges, Ruth Olivia 383
McGrath, James Bernard Halaas, Verl Jean 41
McIntire, James Roy Goodman, Arlene Nola 564
McIntyre, Russell Ernest Ayres, Melba Aileen 97
McKechnie, Russell Rodgers Batzer, Margaret Cecelia 413
McKee, Douglas Maddox, Barbara Marie 424
McKeen, Samuel Albert Layton, Mary Lou 87
McMahan, Leonard Robert Taylor, Charmaine Lea 156
McMullen, William Thomas Smith, Betty Joy 241
McPeck, Charles E Henry, Dorothy Alice 248
McPherson, Walter LeRoy Summer, Lauretta Mae Kirkendall 130
McQuat, Paul C Brooks, Beverly Lee 275
Mead, George B Degraff, Elizabeth May 21
Meadows, Jerry Preston Jacobs, Joyce Leslie 429
Meadows, Samuel Isadore Pauliot, Elna Laura 188
Medcalf, Thomas Edward Bartlett, Mary Ellen 63
Meehan, Myron Benjamin Campbell, Betty Jo 214
Meeker, Bobby Clair Buckner, Nelvia LeVerne 116
Mellon, LeRoy Blanchard, Waunita Audrey 79
Merrifield, Kenneth Otto Coleman, Ada Belle 184
Mershon, LeRoy F Cardwell, Winifred G 140
Metelak, James Duane Kamroth, Clara Leona 274
Metz, Leland Marven Leeper, Edith Pharine 93
Middlebusher, Fred Max Vanderwal, Sharon Marie 379
Milkowski, Wayne Joseph Gribble, Cleo Lavon 1
Miller, Albert G Kline, Fern Fiona 198
Miller, Arlo M Culp, Margaret Jean 341
Miller, Earl Wright Perry, Laura Idella 412
Miller, Henry Kershaw Conley, Edith Lyle 482
Miller, Kenneth G Paulson, Lydia I 395
Miller, Kenneth William Smith, Thelma Elizabeth 496
Miller, Oscar Jack Hart, Bette Eleanor 393
Miller, Richard Darrow White, Lillian Evelyn 580
Miller, Richard Dean Wiltrout, Reva Jean 351
Miller, Walter Jennings Dusenbury, Newman L 303
Mills, Elvin Lee Wentling, Donna June 529
Miltimore, George Albert Fasel, Geraldine Marie 584
Minor, James Cecil Tharp, Vivian LaVerne 532
Minor, Rudolph O'Niel, Mary Magadlene 618
Mitchell, Andrew Darnell Parsons, Bonecia Rae 80
Mitchell, Earl Cardellini, Anita Marie 6
Mitchell, James Carrel Couch, Mary Ann 536
Mohler, Harold Allen Dooley, Nancy Marilyn 628
Momberg, Walter H Barker, Billie L 129
Mongrain, Aldric Lambert Mongrain, Marian Helen 353
Monteith, James D Lawrence, Mary Sue 324
Montgomery, Donald Thurman Williams, Patricia Ruth 396
Montgomery, Harold Ward Moore, Esther Irene 131
Moore, Charles Robert Lovell, Avis Charlotte 123
Moore, Clarence Wilbur Dodd, Barbara Ann 592
Moore, Eugene Neil Jones, Julia Ann 626
Moore, Fred Ruffis Sturgis, Golden Rae 591
Morey, Charles Mac Hanscom, Avis Elizabeth 437
Morgan, Philip K Deutschman, Waunita Marie 78
Morgan, Richard Phillip Weisman, Betty Lee 577
Morris, Alva Cecil Zimmerman, Jennie Avis 277
Morrissey, Harland C Nelson, Jewell Estella 530
Mortimer, Charles R Adolphs, Dolores Ione 225
Morton, Harold Howard White, Frances Pearl 475
Morton, Robert J Armstrong, Leota 269
Mullen, Raymond A Dailey, Viola Grace 313
Murray, Arthur Franklin Reid, Gwendolyn Mae 194
Murray, Joseph Waldeman Gayhart, Ethel Irene 533
Murrey, Stanley Richard Lamb, Helen Marie 395
Musgrave, Edwin C Ptak, Ann M 603
Myers, Claude Franklin Sherrard, Alice Matie 326
Myers, Frank George Riggert, Juanita Bell 386
Myers, John E Jr Headlee, Mary Jane 381
Myers, Lee Roy Burrell, Clara Mae 345
Myers, Robert Henry Garcia, Mabel Edith 560
Myers, Robert Walter Petersen, Geraldine Leona 345
Myers, Roy Elmo Schnurr, June Ethel 280
Napolitano, Robert Bob Heston, Betty Ruth 423
Natwick, Tommy Carlyle Parton, Juanita Marie 111
Neagle, Maurice J Watterson, Phyllis 387
Neal, Murray LeRoy Hobbs, Erma Marie 169
Neeley, Clinton Carl Starkey, Leta Painter 569
Neill, Richard Lunsford Hager, Eunice Clara 203
Neish, Michael Elbert Tregillis, Shirley Hope 85
Nelson, George William Williams, Florence Agnes 3
Nemeyer, Ellis James Willis, Lucille 333
Nevill, William James McClure, Harriett Isabel 271
Newcum, Dale George Wilson, Joanna Joyce 488
Newton, Harold E Sweeney, Mary Martha 619
Nichols, Randolph H Bishop, Norma H 611
Nichols, Theodore Richard Johnston, Betty Lou 86
Nicolai, Arnold N Miller, Sara E 615
Nilson, Norman Donald Meadows, Gracie Beulah Evelyn 403
Noel, John William Pursell, Barbara Jean 109
Norcross, Robert Eli Ziegler, Barbara Ann 502
Norris, Kenneth Wayne Ballhorn, Lolamae 312
Norris, Paul James Leach, Adrienne Mae 128
Northey, Ronald Melvin Grilley, Jeanette Merle 398
Northup, Philo Edward Brown, Nancy Virginia 70
Norton, Wayne Louis Schneider, Shirley Rae 449
Numes, George William Oden, Elizabeth Jean 480
Nybo, Palmer Oliver Lorentzen, Betty Lucille 272
Odam, Dale Matovich, Anna Joyce Hubbard 106
Oettinger, Fred Charles Ross, Vivienne Mae 320
Offenbacher, Elvis Leon Clarke, June Catherine 74
Ogborn, Elmer Irvin Bliss, Jane June 411
O'Harra, Robert Wisemiller Lutz, Marjorie Jean 159
Olds, Claude M Meier, Georgie Gertrude 589
Olsen, Archie Keeler, Grace 427
Olson, Donald Lynn Smets, Arlene Eloise 244
Orr, Ira Vernon Brock, Pearl L 352
Osborn, George Sanderson Osborn, Lola Elizabeth 14
Otis, Martin S Shanahan, Dorothy M 61
Ott, James Ira Jr Russell, Leta V 319
Owen, Lloyd LaPlante, Gladys A 219
Owens, Homer Edward Bentley, Lucile Watson 127
Owings, Andrew Earl Theirol, Josephine Marie 118
Owings, Ivan Spencer Johnston, Betty Gene 134
Page, Hugh Clinton Johnston, Myrtle Dorothy Jean 244
Palacios, Fernando P Walch, Marcene May 270
Parentice, Alfred J Lindt, Edith C 236
Parker, Dee O Groves, Connie Jean 35
Parker, John Richard Olufson, Mary Elaine 527
Parker, Orlan Alton McKey, Laura Elizabeth 81
Parkhurst, Douglas J Smith, Sarah Francis 523
Parson, Paul Eugene Lindquist, LaDona 465
Parton, Howard Raymond Foister, DeClara Belle 357
Patten, Ervin Charles Hanlon, Shirley Rae 224
Patterson, Jack Bruce Pidcock, Evylan Jannet 293
Paulsen, Russel Merlin Buchanan, Edith Elizabeth 212
Pearson, Vernon Lee Mikesell, Anna Libby 420
Pease, Edward Leland Culy, Verna Leora 14
Pederson, Ervin Harold Hudson, Irene English 276
Peek, Robert Logan Hubbard, May Sandra 102
Pence, Mel Minnus Rock, Martina Virginia 266
Pence, Noel Minnus Rock, Martina Virginia 629
Pennell, Edward Lavern Dutra, Gladys Leora 226
Pennington, Albert William Pennington, Mary Jane 456
Perdue, Bobby G Smith, Betty Jean 601
Perry, Laurence Allen Stanley, Dorothy Mae 329
Peters, Leland Benjamin Ralph, Bessie Louise 602
Peters, Wesley M Black, Arnita Louise 100
Peterson, Alan Dane Sawyer, Elizabeth Laureen 139
Peterson, Chester Carl Gleason, Marjorie Estella 343
Peterson, Clarence H Andrews, Mary Lou 427
Peterson, Harold Wilbur Holloway, Mary F 233
Peterson, Joseph Myron Ross, Phyllis Elaine 5
Peterson, Melvin S Wiltrout, Goldie Ilene 304
Peterson, Stanley Eugene Dynge, Dorothy 234
Petitt, Gerald Donly McLaughlin, Thelma Kathryn 401
Peyton, Eldred Warren Thompson, Mary Lee 147
Peyton, William W Thomas, Helen Maria 623
Phillips, Edward Harrison Parkhill, Gail 621
Phillips, Howard James Jr Tjoelker, Jeannette Erna 133
Phillips, John Neuson Pech, Frances Virginia 230
Phillips, Richard Melvin Price, Edna Louise 85
Picton, Herbert Dan Case, Dorothy Alice 500
Pidcock, Earl Lee Currie, Joyce Maurine 493
Pierre, Maurice Randolph Daly, Carmela Berniece 336
Pierson, Charles Littrell Rickard, Emma M 342
Pinkham, Lee D Wall, Janet E 517
Pinkham, Ronald Vernon Davidson, Betty Jean 600
Pitts, Houston Rutledge Kay, Elizabeth Jane 54
Pizzuto, Joseph W Killingsworth, Shirley Faye 183
Poilke, Fred C Bush, Effie 485
Polkinghorn, Charles H Heard, Thelma 199
Poole, Gerald Amos Brown, Ada Rose 492
Pope, Adolph S Hamilton, Charlotte Louise 367
Pope, William Sherril Boyd, Viola Joan 534
Potter, Earl Meadows, Gladys Juanita 334
Potter, Elbert Elliott Green, Mae Alice 40
Powell, Louis W Pitts, Janice Elizabeth 241
Powell, William Franklin StClair, Anna 290
Powers, Arliss Gordon Mauro, Jo Anne 82
Prettyman, Fred David Jr O'Brien, Mary Ruth 48
Price, Floyd Price, Celia Glendora 353
Price, John Robert Connor, Cecile Joan 466
Price, Mayford Smith, Nona Rose 595
Price, Orville J Ludwig, Flora B 209
Price, William Carter, Ressie 425
Prichard, Robert Thomas King, Joan Margaret 509
Priem, Ernest Herman Straehan, Joyce Blanche 462
Pritchett, Max N Tison, Beverly T 619
Privett, Oscar Dudley Privett, Tressie Belle 8
Pruett, Louis Diestelhorst, June Irene 476
Pruitt, Frank Blevins, Olive Ruth 261
Puckett, Howard F Barnett, Pearl B 454
Purrier, William Bradford Machado, Viola Lee Jensen 617
Quackenbush, Ronald James Church, Mary Louise 511
Rabel, George Fritz, Dorothy Louise 508
Rae, Gene Curtis Pritchett, Beth Elaine 106
Rainey, George A Cragg, Ruth R 428
Ramirez, Jose Villa Lockwood, Dora Lucilla 31
Ramsdell, Clyde Cecil Bennie, Martha Elizabeth 563
Ramsey, Alfred B Stockwell, Peggy Jean 391
Rapp, Raymond Earl Taylor, Geraldine 143
Ray, Jonath Lynn Killian, Pauline Ann 382
Rector, John Orland Lowney, Netta Rose 348
Redding, Dallas Vere Lehnherr, Lucille May 414
Reed, Nelson Hoss Ager, Ruth Marie 475
Reed, William L Crosby, Ruth M 561
Reeder, John G Moran, Eva June 143
Reitmeyer, Thomas Lamkin Rhodes, Louise 13
Rentz, Louis John Donahoe, Helen Kathleen 201
Rester, Theodore Wilbur Jr Pruett, Opal 366
Rettmann, Ray Lee Feldhausen, Naomi Joanne 319
Reynolds, Phillip Gordon Montgomery, Marynell 469
Reynolds, Robert Burns Walker, Zetta E 221
Rezner, Gerald Everald Arnold, Gene Louise 120
Rhea, John William Rusk, Arleen Anne 270
Rhoads, Hollie Alvin Parrack, Edna Mae 461
Rhoads, John F Finley, Mabel 408
Rhodes, Joseph Edmund Jones, Ethel Faye 89
Rians, Richard Earl Brown, Betty Marie 62
Rice, Guy F (Dr) Stone, Erma D 125
Richardson, Jesse L Thorp, Ada Maybel 263
Richey, Elsworth Sylvester Dinsmore, Bernice Alice 336
Richey, Frank Jack Tepovac, Vonnie May 36
Richman, Thomas Howard Jr Ryan, Mary Lou 572
Riddle, Kenneth Sydney Rice, Hattie Lou 9
Riggs, Darrell Dean Preston, Gloria Virginia 374
Riley, Wesley Sherman Bratcher, Lonora Alene 480
Ring, Ellsworth Harris, Eleanor Jeanette 576
Ring, Lincoln Martin Key, Julia Cathrine 444
Rinkel, Carter Harrison Shkeriek, Edith Isabel 549
Ritter, Earl Alois Brooks, Pauline Wilson 273
Robb, Ted Edward Leclair, Juanita Mae 356
Robbins, Carl S Gooch, Joyce Patricia 237
Roberson, Elijah Franklin Quintard, Anna 470
Roberts, Frank C Miles, Audrey Eileen Price 257
Roberts, Max Harrison Mellor, Veda B 104
Robinson, William Lawrence Converse, Annella Faye 18
Robison, Ellsworth John McManama, Doris Ella 446
Robusteli, Richard J Bartels, Edith Fay 224
Rodgers, Edward H Ball, Elnora Yvonne 279
Rodgers, John Wayne Lindgren, Betty Jane 394
Rodriguez, Tiburcio Sottelo, Francisca 361
Roelle, Eugene W Cox, Marian Irene 380
Roethler, Eugene Ruben Lamman, Margie Madge 331
Rohde, Arthur Frederick Jr Herbat, Donna Marie 634
Rolls, James W Siders, Carol Knox 235
Rose, Marion Lee Hurless, Virginia F 164
Rose, Robert Roy Rusch, Florence Dorothea 642
Rose, Wayne Oral Riggs, Christine Frances 501
Roseborough, Russell William Hill, Monta Mae 438
Rosenberg, John G Clay, Billie M 392
Ross, Carl Allen Vedvig, Margaret 599
Ross, Walter J Ward, Georgia M 479
Rossi, Michele T Tucker, Alberta Elizabeth 135
Row, Edward B Yarnall, Irene 622
Rowland, Darrell Ray Shrum, Betty LaFern 176
Rowley, Clarence Arthur Eason, Charlotte Maye 307
Rowley, Harvey Merlin Akins, Dorothy Evelyn 73
Roye, Claud Belshe, Delores Joy 360
Ruch, Hiram Fredland Beck, Eva 140
Ruger, John Jacob Lininger, Olive Viera 580
Rupp, Wendell Seth Boes, Lou Ann Marie 616
Rusho, Charles Lee Wall, Joyclin M 193
Russell, Herbert Luther Brittsan, Betty Jean 47
Russell, William S Alansky, Carolyn Alyce 551
Sage, Daniel D Parsons, Doris 168
Sain, Charles Henry Falconer, Aloma Loa 439
Salgado, Jose' Covarrubias Graham, Josephine E 9
Sanford, Donald Raymond Axford, Eva Ruth 148
Sanford, Joseph Cleveland Henderson, Lola W 58
Satterlee, Alvin LeRoy Satterlee, Ava Bertha 425
Sauer, LaVern Maurice Kinley, Georgia Lee 503
Savage, David H Beihl, Doorthy Marie 123
Saylor, Bonny Addison McGlasson, Effie Lee 200
Schafer, Richard Gordon Rostetter, Alice Louise 400
Schermerhorn, George Raymond Mulhollen, Helen Rachel 304
Schieber, Edgar Whitaker, Mary Elizabeth 286
Schippen, Paul Imhausen, Alberta Elizabeth 484
Schipper, Clarence Hubler, Naomi Marie 132
Schmitt, Otis Valentine Fortiere, Marian Dorothy 274
Schrouder, Ralph Clayton Robins, Donna Jeannine 196
Schulz, David Calvin Gage, Betty Jean 584
Schuster, William Elmer Morris, Daisy Alice 419
Scott, Melvin Perry Bradley, Rhoberta Jean 513
Scott, Wallace Benjamin Graves, Ruth Irene 195
Scovel, Floyd S Ross, Rita Alice 4
Secrist, Robert Lee Pozzolo, Ada Lucia 490
Seely, Raymond Virgil Walker, Charlotte Nadine 314
Sell, Louis Wetsel Pullen, Mary Agusta 107
Sellers, Lawrence Saunders, Martha Louise 191
Sessions, Gerald Leroy Laird, Mildred Rose 28
Setchell, John Edward Larsen, Shirley Louise 306
Setchell, John Edward Mancil, Bessie Blanche 489
Sexton, Bruce Royal Kurz, Ruth Lorraine 434
Shafer, Richard Gene Fletcher, Betty Jean 226
Shafer, Richard Gene Fletcher, Betty Jean 631
Shanklin, Richard Eugene Krueger, Dolores Lelon 430
Sharkey, John Joseph Gottsacker, Bernice Marie 56
Shaw, Albert Marvin Smith, Lena Mae 161
Shaw, Harold Eugene Roberts, Linda Lafern 537
Shaw, Warren Richard Bynum, Roma 7
Shere, Wilfred K Baughman, Maryetta 275
Sherman, Lee Vail Croisant, Darlene Ann 402
Shields, Harold Linday, Betty 76
Shores, Donald C Rhymes, Elaine 492
Sieck, Charles P Jr Telkamp, Marie 495
Simpson, DeRoy Jr McCormick, LaVonne Eva 256
Sims, John Henry Griggs, Betty Lou 507
Sims, Marion Henry Cosad, Barbara May 397
Singler, Milton Duane Morse, Grace Lucille 186
Sirmen, Sedat M Hicks, Beverley 421
Skeahan, John Joseph White, Leona Jean 583
Skeahan, Michael Thomas Mabes, Marguerite Elaine 579
Skeen, Danny W Edge, Ruby Ilene 52
Slater, Wilson Gideon McCallister, June Mildred 27
Smith, Arlie William Allen, Alexandria Hazel 553
Smith, August Richard Tackett, Myrtle Elaine 145
Smith, Buel Francis Shipp, Dorothy Louise 107
Smith, Charles Herbert Penney, Betty Jean 530
Smith, Charles L Campbell, Hilda M 96
Smith, Clarence LeRoy Taylor, Margaret Estelle 94
Smith, Donald Gordon Crawford, JoAnn Alithe 494
Smith, Donald Montgomery French, Alma Lurena 517
Smith, John Bryan Henspeter, Joyce May 250
Smith, Ralph Richard Atkins, Mary Lucille 355
Smith, Richard Bird Jr Hammond, Virginia Esther 220
Smith, Roland Edward Gebhard, Merylline Marie 388
Smith, Stanlie L Maywhort, Mary F 637
Smith, Stephen Francis Norris, Mamie Ferren 258
Smith, Thomas Harry Smith, Doreen Mae 310
Smith, Wesley Franklin Gilliam, Lena May 363
Snook, Harvey R Wales, Patricia Marie 11
Snyder, L J Cox, Delores Raye 264
Snyder, Odis Columbus Cain, Jewell Josephine 390
Sommer, Earl A Withrow, Claire M 137
Sorensen, Albert Martin Jennings, Evelyn Christina 57
Sorensen, Lowell Curtis Bestul, Mary Jane 31
Spangler, William Allen Stoddard, Lucie McCormick 637
Sparks, Paul Millington Jr Childs, Ruth Nadine 434
Sparling, Dewey Marvin Monroe, Rhoda Audrey 294
Speciale, Charles Michael Ash, Faye Ileene 284
Spencer, Donald J Snyder, Harriet Alberta 626
Sphar, James Henry Blaess, Lorraine Octavia 46
Spiker, Manning L Peer, Winifred Ethel 600
Splawn, Elisha Oliver Schweitzer, Flora Della 195
Springer, Emmet Lee Cook, Emily Mae 440
Sprouse, Joe B Swindler, Susan Nadean 33
Spruill, Arduth Preston Bahr, Patricia Louise 28
Staggers, Raymond Pierce Moore, Melba Darlene 426
Stallsworth, Jack Taylor Hagen, Nancy Carol 531
Stammen, Frederick Charles Mullin, Betty Elaine 463
Stamper, Lester Lee Pidcock, Lillie Marie 50
Standley, Ellis T Carr, Teresa Margurite 644
Stanfield, Robert J Shaffer, Loretta Jean 624
Stanley, Charles William Sach, Erika Wilhelmine 180
Stanley, Leon Gordon Redding, Miriam Joyce 469
Staples, Leonard Olin Brunson, Margarette Helen 136
Starnes, Walter Shirley Crosby, Avis Noreen 423
StArnold, Willard Cherclie Robbins, Hazel Belle 30
Stefanovicz, Walter Jr Akins, Virginia 256
Steinbach, Michael C Marsh, Geraldine M 232
Stenerson, Donald Ervin Quandt, Grace Anna 586
Stephens, Gerald S Thoreson, Merrilee Anne 78
Stephenson, Earl L Martell, Dorothy 90
Stepp, Pete Warren Hankins, Ernestine 165
Stewart, Henry Leroy Wolfe, Alice 75
Stickel, Vernon Ray Montgomery, Marian Fay 47
Stiles, Glenn Everett Stiles, Lillian Josephine 575
Stocks, Kenneth Merlin Charley, Janet 41
Stockton, Andrew Benton Stockton, Josephine Mildred 407
Stone, Donald LeRoy West, Helen Alyece 209
Stone, Orville Gilbert Hawks, Betty Darlene 146
Story, Henry David Jr Williams, Margie Marie 3
Strahlendorf, Werner John Mole, Wilma Joan 71
Stratton, Albert Glenn Wooten, Elizabeth Grace 13
Straus, Richard Wayne Centers, Marcia Louise 29
Struve, Arthur Henry Hays, Lois Jean 326
Sturgill, Richard Earl Banta, Peggy Arleen 25
Sullivan, Orville T Paul, Helen May 80
Summers, Orvin Dell Lown, Marion Katherine 372
Surber, Carl Wenaus, Eunice Evelyn 354
Sutherland, Richard Les Roberts, Josephine Lorriene 441
Sutton, Alton Eugene Colpitts, Arlene Marie 607
Sutton, Murray Jr Sleppy, Wilma Joyce 160
Svaren, Glen Marvin Robbins, Violet Maxine 494
Svensen, Norman Randolph, Barbara June 231
Swan, Charles C Rivers, Edna Florence 43
Swanson, Donald Eugene Degman, Winnifred June 32
Swanwitt, William Douglas Langton, Margaret Marie 613
Swarthout, Neil F Jr Erwin, Marilee Ivane 640
Swindler, Bobby Jr Garman, Virginia Pauline 482
Talbot, Ement Wayne Jenkins, Marna Jean 514
Talbott, Richard Keith Stephens, Ellen Jean 452
Tall, John R Woolven, Betty Lou 583
Tate, Noah Roberts, Millicent Ruth 132
Taylor, Clinton Welburn, Eva Joyce 488
Taylor, Henry Harvey Bossingham, Vanetta 557
Taylor, Herbert Irvin Boatwright, Anna Moreen 223
Taylor, Wilber Arthur Miller, Rita Jeanne 222
Teigen, Edward L Brown, Jeanette Sloan 502
Templer, Gene Austin Espy, Carol Josephine 473
Templin, Richard Laurence Jr Wright, Roxie Marie 495
Terry, Howard William Amberg, Wilma Joy 410
Tharen, Olaf A Thomas, Imogene 289
Thatcher, Paul Nathaniel Thornhill, Edith Mae 474
Thomas, Joseph Newton Read, Ella Murceal 525
Thomas, Kindred William McDaniel, Betty Lou 33
Thomas, Vealyn DuBois Austin, Emily Catherine 89
Thompson, Arnold Lee Furman, Mary Louise 51
Thompson, Edgar Warren Holmes, Eleanor B 271
Thornburg, Raymond George Morrison, Barbara Lee 215
Tiedeman, John Harold Carroll, Irma Belle 597
Tilley, John Edward Smith, Mary Ann 52
Tilton, Alvin L Stallings, Virginia 486
Timm, Garland Gale Schurtz, Evelyn Mary 192
Tingley, Robert Leroy Roberts, Phyllis Adrienne 378
Toft, Stanley F Christensen, Barbara J 624
Toman, Claude Eugene Winkleman, Thelma Fay 585
Tomlin, Noel Theodore Camp, Bonnie Jewel 240
Tompkins, Elmer Ernest Coffman, Helen Pauline 415
Tousignant, Albert Joseph Havlick, Leah Martha 25
Touville, Frank Louis Love, LeRay Hilda 377
Tracy, Francis C Sr Wooley, Doris Fay 254
Trautman, Harold George Parker, Barbara Lea 606
Tribett, Lawrence Eugene Wood, Clara Millicent 597
Trimble, Robert Harold Stallings, Claudine 408
Triola, Luke Burris, Margaret 178
Trotter, Richard Edward Wright, Doris Ann 148
Troxell, Delbert Vern Hendricks, Martha M 613
Truett, Pierce Haston Southall, Barbara Frances 308
Tryon, Floyd Newton Tryon, Elouise Edwina 598
Tucker, Bernard Carl Deblet, Adrienne 561
Tucker, Ormal Wesley Blair, Betty Ruth 348
Tupper, Dennis Duane Ogaard, Denna Marie 322
Turnbull, William Diamond Book, Esther Mae 608
Turner, Claude C III Stille, Emma Elizabeth 174
Tygart, Henry Maurice Geppert, Betty Lou 339
Umberger, Sam L Elrod, Ruth Ione 157
VanBlericom, Wesley Eugene Ross, Ada Mae Cora 606
Vance, Norman Wallace Burleson, Shirley Sybil 483
Vance, Theo Vance, Edna Marie 73
Vanderpool, Charles Emerick Daugherty, Lola Lee 510
VanDewalker, Hugh M King, Diane M 190
VanDyke, William Russell Hill, Mary Lou 540
VanLiew, Raymond Marshall Burke, Beverly Johanna 215
Varner, Jay Dee Stanton, Dora B 514
Vaughn, Donald Raymond McEwen, Maxine Phyllis 231
Vaughn, George Francis Dodson, Pearl Elizabeth 522
VerBryck, Benjamin A Soderman, Marion Turner 441
Verschoor, Gerald Jake Jones, Mary Ellen 431
Vessey, Donald Eugene Hodin, Pearl LaTicia 415
Vincent, Robert Collins Adler, JoAnne 225
Violet, Richard V Buck, Charlotte Anne 573
Vogel, Carl E Healey, Virginia L 478
Volkoff, Bill Ducklow, Florence Bernadette 230
vonderHellen, Robert Lawrence Fletcher, Julia Lorraine 44
Vosbole, Charles Staflund, Jetta Argyle 258
Wade, Glen Lee Wyckoff, Evelyn Lorraine 515
Wade, James Edwin Christlieb, Marilyn Olive 335
Wade, James I Hicks, Anna E 455
Wadley, Donnell Lee Ulstad, Pauline Mae 118
Wadsworth, Philip Timson Pringle, Lois 130
Wagar, Mitchell G Swoope, Marian Louise 212
Wagner, Andrew Miles Bush, Ruby Jean 149
Wagner, Arnold Paul Anderson, Sheila H 594
Walch, Kenneth N Tant, Margie Marie 541
Walch, Lloyd Alfred Williams, Margaret Arglee 48
Walch, Rob Leon Childers, Clara Ida 385
Walch, Willard Monroe Simmons, Bessie Joe 343
Walker, Gordon Jesse Greer, Beatrice Mae 181
Walker, Robert Clair Brown, Marguerite Randle 570
Wallmann, Lester Eugene McCollum, Margaret Kathleen 340
Walls, Charles J Ditsworth, Evelyn Ilene 616
Walrath, David Alan Belcher, Dorothy Kathleen 458
Walter, Edward LeRoy Haptonstall, Bernice Lucille 547
Walter, Harlow John Fleener, Pauline Margaret 12
Walters, Eugene Keith Dougherty, Fae Jeannette 379
Walters, Vernon Dale Keaton, Frances Evalin 426
Wans, Albert Edward Galey, Ellen C 254
Warner, Alva Louis Porter, Vela 171
Warren, Gerald L Werner, Winona Mae 451
Washburn, Roland Jay Christensen, Beverly Marie 402
Wassmund, LeRoy Mirrell Thompson, Ella 288
Waterbury, John Roger Tatlow, Ella Armilda 445
Waterston, Robert Donald Lawler, June F 417
Watkins, Ray Tickner, Elinor Elviria 460
Watson, Earl Everett Raymond, Etta Delores 331
Watson, Herbert John Crosslin, Jessie Pearl 360
Watson, Recil M Tolman, Violet Mildred 363
Watson, Wilbur Creig Fuller, Donna Lucile 399
Wear, Thomas Jefferson Gallagher, Cynthis Lovena 526
Webb, Elvin Gentry Moore, Pearl N 403
Webster, Arthur Handell Steege, Lula Viola 96
Wehmann, George Cobleigh, Lola June 50
Weisenburger, Robert Conrad Vogel, Shirley Mae 589
Welburn, Donald Lee Clark, Mary Jean 222
Wells, Howard Leonard Cooper, Novella Mae (Mrs) 151
Wescott, Maurice Arthur Petersen, Inez Ann 17
West, Marion E Millard, Thora Ann 203
West, Wallace B Willingham, Nola M 601
Westerfield, Richard Herman Loomis, Virginia Rose 443
Westerman, Troy William Krouse, Gwen May 641
Whelden, Walter Leslie Coté, Adeline Katherine 260
Whetzel, Erwin Andrew Richey, Betty Mae 208
White, Edgar William Hollingsworth, Betty Jean 566
White, Francis Coleman Lewis, Barbara Dean 295
White, Melvin Glenn Podratz, Lorraine Elise 550
White, Roy Dennie Wolner, Dorothy Ellen 35
Whiting, Roscoe Henry Cornwell, Jane Gifford 268
Whitsett, Joseph C Funsett, Jacqueline Jeanne 448
Wiggins, Melvin Junior Havens, Crystal Louise 234
Wilcox, Robert Randall Drysdale, Margaret Lelia 337
Wilkins, Glenn Nelvin Martin, Daphine Anne 406
Wilkins, Henry Gardner, Pearl 170
Willard, Ross Potter Wyant, Joan Caroline 220
Willcockson, George Hardin Page, Corinne Victore 607
Willford, Glenn F Johnson, Wanda Jean 389
Williams, Floyd Shannon McDougall, Irene Louise 546
Williams, James Martin Frost, Naomi Ione 243
Williams, William Joseph Arnold, Arwilla Caroline 181
Wills, Walter L Giles, Vernita Fay 189
Wilsey, Rolland S Gracey, Frances I 356
Wilson, Donald Dale Whitney, JoAnne Barbara 364
Wilson, Harold Ray Robison, Reggie Irene 354
Wilson, Lawrence Holt Green, Elizabeth Ann 463
Wilson, Lester Wray Mellin, Marian Elizabeth 529
Wilson, Norman Grant Burns, Hazel Mary 168
Wilson, Richard Eugene Norris, Portia Kathryn 249
Winans, Ray McLaughlin, Pauline 49
Wing, Jacque Clark Sears, Daisy Mae 548
Wingert, Thomas Hayden Weaver, Margaret Mae 350
Wininger, Francis J VanDeusen, Marie Jeanne 612
Winklebleck, Carl James Kotila, Rachel E 71
Winn, Ruben LaMar Giem, Olive Eileen 505
Winnop, Bill Silver Bowers, May Marie 481
Wise, Cecil Harold Mitchell, Ethyl Verle 484
Wise, Leon E Wise, Celia M 459
Wisely, Duane Merlyn Bismark, Dolores Estelle 138
Witt, Richard Hugh Warner, Agnes Miller 361
Wold, Donald Burgess Waddell, Mary Jean 643
Wolf, Albert Elec Hall, Stella Asenath 359
Wolfe, Ricardo J Young, Arlene Rae 368
Wood, Carl Luman Tucker, Myrdee Lillian 197
Wood, Donald Lee McKenzie, Betty Jean 524
Woodbury, Steven Hayes Smith, Audrey Alice 638
Wooldridge, Jack Neil Reed, May Elizabeth 346
Woolsey, Denver Schutzwahl, Marjorie Blanche 377
Wooster, Harry William Blackburn, Iva Lou 524
Wrigglesworth, Victor George Elliot, Violet Dorothea 303
Wright, Charles Ernest Hannah, Jeanette Margaret 179
Wright, Donald Lee Hoskins, Lois Irene 299
Wright, George Clarence Payne, Ellen 566
Wright, Wayne B Dow, Ruth Janice 211
Wyatt, Richard Davison Bloomingcamp, Elsie Berniece 416
Wysong, Carl P Hall, Bessie Kathryn 19
Yokley, Howard Brayton Close, Margaret Leona 216
Yonce, Floyd L Stuart, Patricia 314
Young, Davis Miller Yocom, LaVerne May 350
Young, Elbert Ray Young, Loretta May 211
Young, Howard Burchard Thornton, Naomi Mae 420
Young, John Edward Cobb, LeElla Mae 299
Zimmerlee, Basil Francis Lakey, Elizabeth Loraine 405
Zimmerman, Vernon Clifton Rolls, Barbara Aleene 627