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Jackson County Marriage Book #25 Indexed by Groom's Name

Old Photo of Wedding Couple

RVGS volunteers have photographed and indexed the marriage record books housed in the Jackson County, Oregon courthouse. Below is our index to Marriage Book #25 for 1951-1954. It is in alphabetic order by the groom's name. This book used preprinted forms completed by the county clerk. Each page in this book contains the certificates for a single couple and includes both the marriage license and certificate (assuming the license was acted upon).

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Marriage Certificate
How to order:
Names of bride and groom

Groom Bride Page
Abell, John Samuel Millerke, Alta Mae 608
Ackerman, Richard Wendle Schell, Agnes Rita 344
Acosta, Ancel Mendez Ruiz, Guadalupe Michel 478
Adams, Allen Eugene Rigel, Frances Irene 17
Adams, Elmer Marion Brown, Artha Kathryn 566
Adams, Roger Allen Powell, Patricia Bea 299
Adkins, Gerald Edward Wink, Hazel Joan 552
Adkins, Roland Edwin VanHorn, Lila June 569
Adkinson, Brooke Wendel Ferris, Marjorie Elizabeth 492
Agee, Stephen W Bean, Rita Odett 237
Albertson, Genile E Powell, Patricia Louise 465
Allen, Jackie Walter Weidman, Carol Lee 435
Alsing, Allen Arthur Rice, Katherine Margaret 415
Alsup, Keith Tiller Hinks, Lelia Ann 82
Anderson, Claude Victor Cox, Dixie Mae 611
Anderson, Frank August Savage, Olice Ann 424
Anderson, Glenn Donald Fox, Patricia Agnes 115
Anderson, Joseph Ronald Overand, Nancy Patricia 489
Andrews, Glenn Anthony Groff, Ruby Evelyn Thrift 318
Andrews, Thomas Jefferson Cahail, Lula Mae 471
Angle, Edward Huntington McLaine, Lois Michaels 145
Archer, Elijah Frank Childs, Myrtle 32
Armstrong, Frank Starks, Lavonne 193
Arndt, Robert J Campbell, Alison Lucille 591
Arnold, Eugene Roy Wright, Margarettt Darlen 452
Arnold, Thornton Berten Davis, Maud Ellen 336
Ashley, Joseph Oliver Downes, Nancy Colleen 147
Atto, James Donald Babcock, Eleanor Joyce 521
Austin, Alexander Joseph Mitchell, Ramona Gay 359
Austin, Wendell Eugene Landis, Louise Grace 29
Avery, Donald G Norton, Karen Lucille 416
Ayer, Arthur A Young, Geneva L 333
Babb, Alfred Edison Roberts, Alta Louise 165
Babb, Richard Clinton Durham, Lelia Anita 277
Bachmann, Lloyd Melvin Bentley, Barbara Ellen 414
Bahr, Franklin Roosevelt Robertson, Dellene Merle 152
Bailey, Francis Knox Emmons, Lula Belle 319
Bair, Lewis Franklin Modlin, Clara Louise 118
Bair, Tobe Herbert Whitwer, Eva Gertrude 195
Baker, Myroon Alliewood Cox, Bonnie Ruth 150
Baker, William Dail Babbitt, Laverne Anita 283
Baldon, Earle Carpenter Dukes, Maude Augusta 529
Baldwin, Virgil Douglas Marshall, Effie Mozell 475
Bales, Ralph Virgil Bales, Marjorie May 267
Ballard, Norman V Page, Margaret 217
Barger, Kenneth Lee Mowbray, Betty Ann 383
Barger, Ray William Sollee, Patricia Adele 28
Barnes, Cloyce Elby Stanhope, Johnnie Bea 229
Barnett, Wallace Robert George, Verna Mae 458
Barr, Edward James Hillis, Patricia Lee 198
Barrett, Joseph F O'Halloran, May Frances 181
Bartley, Glenne H Maher, Mary M 122
Bartley, Richard Ray Anderson, Ella Louise 135
Bassman, Richard Jr Ehrhardt, Bertie Mae 557
Bateman, Franklin Bruce Weaver, Sarah Anne 485
Bateman, James Arthur Herring, Leona Rae 542
Bateman, Peter McKray Drew, Alice Neomi 156
Baughman, Clinton J McKinney, Bertha Lura 278
Baum, William H Keizur, Patricia Rae 395
Bauman, Robert Harry Catey, Betty Jean 91
Baylor, George Frederick Carter, Billie Colleen 158
Beagle, Donald Harmon Peters, Roanna Marie 11
Bean, Bill Van Rhodes, Barbara Faye 582
Beath, Clyde L Jr Jenkins, Donna Lee 375
Beatty, Robert Gene Johnson, Carol JoAnn 507
Beauchamp, Sylvester Allen Vogel, Carol 381
Beeney, Harvey James Bergquist, Lois Darlene 404
Beer, Ernest William Olts, Erlene E 123
Behler, Everett Charles Candini, Zelda 190
Bell, Samuel Gene Oakley, Stella Gloria 128
Bell, Thomas Marion Sweeney, Barbara JoRay 214
Bellows, Eugene Errol Cardwell, Betty Jane 97
Bennett, Earl Duane Hannon, JoAnn 114
Bennett, Everett Marshall Booker, Flora May 62
Bennett, James Theador Jr Richardson, Virginia May 269
Benson, Donald Joe Older, Suzanne Patricia 587
Benston, Dexter Ainsle Bohnert, Dolores Aleta 248
Berggreen, James Vern Smith, Mary Ellen 551
Berglund, Erick Mindor Conger, Sally Annette 246
Bergstrom, Jack Andrew Hart, Harriet 60
Berriman, John D Bordier, Verna E 548
Berry, John William Shults, Audrey Alice 197
Bickel, Kermit R Cotton, Marguerite 239
Bingham, John L Ritchie, Veronica Ann 403
Bishop, Ollie Curtis Lester, Shirley Marie 342
Bishop, Ralph Bruce Andrews, Elma Maxine 62
Bishop, Verl Clifford Jr Dallaire, Margaret Marie 134
Bittle, Louis Earl Farrar, Betty Lou 273
Bivings, Alvin Lee Gibson, Doreen Dee 41
Bjork, Glenn Percy Nelson, Lorraine Marie 275
Black, Carl Albert Scott, Letha Evelyn 549
Black, David Lincoln Vanderziel, Shirley May 35
Black, Leslie Charles Darneille, Helen Jean 67
Blackburn, Carl Eugene Baker, Celesta 598
Blackburn, Roy James Cheek, Fannie Gustene 39
Blackert, Ardern Gustov Doak, Velma Fern 17
Blair, Lloyd Earl Babb, Darlene Juanita 410
Blair, Paul James Cram, Vera Catherine 278
Bogener, Lester Wiley Bogener, Ruby Ilene 89
Boothby, Charles Wesley Whitley, Mary Edna 137
Boroff, Robert C E Powell, Mary Margaret 546
Bortolazzo, Bruno G Coffman, Anita Don Quay 226
Bostwick, Edward Everett Rush, Florence Beulah 238
Bostwick, Ray Donald McCormick, Margaret Ruth 208
Bosworth, Robert Lathrop Wing, Corinne Roberta 271
Botchek, Henry A Botchek, Elizabeth L 146
Boulter, James Alfred Thornton, Gwendolyn Ellen 477
Bounds, Philip Ray Ray, Janice Lee 86
Box, Delbert E Grant, Myrtle R 210
Boyden, Mark Elmer Neil, Joan Augusta 338
Brainard, Lloyd Douglas Cummings, Nona Orvelene 33
Brandon, Paul Lower Carnathan, Grace Evelyn 406
Bray, James R Seay, Alberta M 90
Bray, Lester Coffman, Jeannene 94
Bray, Lester Bray, Jeannene 462
Bresland, James Arthur Williams, Irene Ray 419
Bright, Burton A Colon, Terry L 22
Bright, Orvel Vern Stine, Pauline Marie 565
Bristlin, Kenneth Alton Owen, Shirley Donna 507
Brooks, Charles Jesse Crane, Retha Jean 9
Brooks, Earl Ross, Ruby Ida 276
Brown, George Ingram Wymore, Bettie Jean 124
Brown, Harold Clifford Johnson, Edna Ruth 562
Brown, Henry Taylor, Sarah Catherine 288
Brown, Paul Edward Dubs, Barbara Jean 366
Brown, Richard Loughton Downing, Juanita Elizabeth 189
Brown, Robert Andrew Friesen, Lorene Frances 181
Brown, Robert Franklin Wilson, Helen Elizabeth 49
Brown, Stanley A Kellar, Elsa L 614
Brown, Theodore H Jr Brown, Sonia Lee 385
Bryant, Ivan Lavelle Lindgren, Twyla Elaine 169
Buckingham, William Henry Jr Garris, Shirley Jean 235
Budovic, Walter Jervis, Eva Elnora 581
Burg, Marvin Fred Sheppard, Barbara Lee 106
Burk, Billy Warren Methvin, Betty Jo 425
Burns, Weldon Wayne Riggs, Marjorie Jeanne 45
Burton, Robert Leo Thames, Emma Louise 104
Buss, Alvin G Hunt, Cleta Vae 596
Bylund, Robert Parks Phillips, Doris Inez 15
Byrd, Walter Frank West, Elizabeth Octavia 621
Byrne, Paul Morris Bowman, Hazel Josephine 133
Cady, Harold Theodore Fisher, Dorothy Charlotte 274
Cady, John Julian Treichler, Joanna Sue 125
Caldeira, Manuel Jr Kirkpatrick, Mildred Annette 171
Caldwell, Robert Church, Louise 519
Callahan, Don B Cervellin, Leonilde L 48
Camden, Richard Joseph Morris, Cecile Lorene 241
Campbell, Allan C Hovey, Korena Juanita 52
Campbell, Don B Owen, Dorothy Gail 449
Campbell, Henry Abbott Cowfield, Hazel Mildred 600
Campbell, Rowland Deane Reed, Ruth V 612
Cardin, Robert Bruce Allen, Joette Ann 175
Cargill, Jeff Davis Johnson, Jessie Jewel 285
Carillo, Jess Smith, Carol Lee 304
Carlson, Frederick Herbert Barclay, Mabel Iola 2
Carlton, Thomas Alfred Jr Ward, Norma Jane 151
Carnegie, Earl Borden Shepphard, Merrilyn Noreen 36
Carpenter, Harry Sanders, Alice 583
Carr, George Monroe Humphries, Sherrod Marie 212
Carrigan, Eugene James Lown, Opal Elaine 172
Carter, Charles Leslie Linhart, Iris Marie 356
Carter, Loren Bruce Cooley, June Margaret Inlow 223
Carver, Wayne C Shepherd, Lillian Fern 536
Casebeer, Walter William Hathaway, Nellie Louise 433
Cash, Fred Jeroam Gibson, Mary Gale 442
Cassal, James I Clark, Mary Bulah 402
Caster, Walter Adams, Doris Parker 558
Casto, Clarence Edwin Brown, Susan 72
Cattanach, Donald Lee Humphrey, Roberta Darlene 344
Caulkins, John Wesley Dudley, Kay Donna 570
Chamberlain, Monte Borges, Linda Lee 386
Chamberlin, Nolan Glenn Weekes, Ruth Eleanor 260
Chancellor, John Oliver Jr McLeod, Carol Ann 276
Chapman, Richard Dale Ladd, Dorothy Mae 575
Chappelle, J D Yorton, Norma Louise 94
Chase, Vincen LeRoy Dobbs, Ouida Mae 210
Chastain, Charles Jr Willcutt, Beaulah Mae 43
Chilcote, Kenneth Orville Chapla, Ann Anita 287
Chipley, Joseph Nelson Chipley, Irma Mae 80
Chisman, Robert Wayne Maurer, Nellie Elaine 441
Christiansen, Clarence Wilbur Hollands, Elva Jean 327
Churchill, Elmer W Smith, Jessie Dee 186
Claflin, Lee Chadwick Ford, Myrna Ann 348
Claflin, Wesley Earl Botefur, Bonita May 252
Clancy, Daniel Fredrick Williamson, Ruby Lorraine 265
Clark, Kay Charles Davis, Bettie Lucretia 349
Clarkson, Ivan Marion Smith, Wanda Esteleene 234
Clay, Arthur Loyd Maddox, Duane Carole 254
Clayton, Walter Eugene Malloy, Joan Ruth 550
Clemence, Charles Francis Oviatt, Carole Frances 515
Clemmer, Charles William Sellars, Aileen 361
Cleveland, Van Chandler Honey, Esther 295
Clifford, Ferdinand J Holman, Nevah A 183
Cline, Donald Norman Melvin, Betty Lou 21
Cloyd, Marvin Kavanaugh DeBarbe, Eulalia Aloha 296
Coats, Alvin Richmond Lewis, Gertrude Eileen 4
Cobbs, Kenneth Roland Hartley, Katheryn Emma 607
Coffman, Joseph Daniel Davidson, Thelma Adelaide 128
Coffman, Melvin Ray Ainsworth, Carolyn Nancy 357
Cohen, Herbert Jack Carson, Virginia Eloise 98
Colbert, George Franklin Tucker, Mary Louise 106
Cole, Howard P Casper, Edwina Ruth 400
Coleman, Thaddeus Pound Jr Stegall, Marion Blanche 161
Collens, Vernon Jerome McNeil, Frances Elizabeth 547
Colley, Thomas Dale Herndon, Hazel Francis 65
Colley, William Hargus Mann, Billie Mae 55
Collins, Dallas Owen Jackson, Wilma Lois 136
Collins, Walter J Reel, Lucile Lorene 87
Collins, Walter William Fichtner, Shirley Ann 266
Conner, William Stilman Howard, Carol Jean 66
Connor, Dennis Lydell Payne, Marilyn Joan 448
Cook, Charles Lincoln Rendell, Virginia Luan 377
Cook, Marvin Stanley Rollins, Evelyn Elizabeth 240
Cooney, John Patrick McCabe, Eleanor Marion 129
Cooper, Charles Leroy Whaley, Wilma Marie 58
Cooper, Otto Maynick, Effie 108
Copley, Jack Leas Copley, Helen Mae 356
Corder, John W Rogers, Peggy Mae Dorothy 222
Corrigan, Edwin Joseph Gould, Dorothy Mae 209
Cossette, Eugene Roland Fields, Glenda Joanne 51
Cotton, Richard Walter Coverdale, Nadra Ethel 413
Couch, Daughtry Lee Blake, Beatrice 282
Couch, Roy Lafate Poage, Hazel Gladys 498
Courier, Richard Russell Haselton, Dorothy Doree 444
Covey, Earl Lynn Johnston, Naomi Jane 421
Cox, Dealous LaFayette Zickefoose, Lois Ethel 65
Cox, Eugene Davis Bean, Betty Mae 194
Cox, Richard E Childers, Jacqueline Louise 509
Craft, Daniel Eldon Hardenbrook, Helen Elizabeth 617
Craft, Gilbert Jr Brown, Darlene Lee Ree 125
Crammer, Kay Douglas Cross, Patty Luree 601
Cravens, Dow Kemp, Ethelyn Mae 188
Crawford, Donald Joseph Hays, Anne Elizabeth 5
Crites, Clifford Ray Williams, Betty Jane 198
Crocker, John Clarke Carlton, Nell Coy 186
Crosslin, William James Pirtle, Helen Christine 366
Crouch, Donald R Thompson, Lois Berdeen 340
Crouse, Allan B Palmer, Betty Ann 377
Crow, James Royal Toy, Madeleine Ming 331
Crowell, Frederick Gleason Kunkel, Catharine Potter 486
Cunningham, Wallace Edward Doucet, Mary Ollie 520
Curtis, Lyle Carson Byrd, Joy 571
Cushman, Leonard Holloway Pulsipher, Ruth 295
Cushman, William L Cooper, Shirley Lucille 211
Cyphert, James Sidney Swanson, Barbara Lee 275
Dabovich, Cyril Harron Ring, Rosemary Ann 427
Daems, Anthony L Hepner, Margaret A 395
Dahl, Albert John Mengel, Olivia May 582
Dailey, Dicky Lee Silver, Juanita Ala 74
Daily, Robert Timothy Renville, Jean Elizabeth 135
Dallaire, Robert Alfred Jeschke, Shirley DeShane 487
Dalton, Louis Melvin Alston, Marjory Monteith 306
Dantzman, Norbert Anthony Shine, Susan Louise 563
Darling, William Allen Jr Hausler, Mary A 423
David, John Ray Crawford, Patricia 126
Davies, William Walter Thompson, Helen Annabelle 79
Davis, Bobby J James, Jessie Nancy 362
Davis, Earl Trimble, Dorothy Ann 69
Davis, Elija Earl Davis, Harriet Isabel 544
Davis, Ira Craddck, Ora I 179
Davis, Kenneth Dode Pedersen, Katherine Maxine 107
Davison, Earl John Travis, Mildred Josephine 85
Dawson, Dennis Louis Hendrickson, Betty Louise 418
Day, Arthur Nolan Geren, Joy 277
Day, Fred Taylor, Lola Jo 280
DeAvilla, Ernest Edward Ferguson, Margaret Louise 473
deBeauchamp, Robert Louis Seiler, Mary Lucile 483
Deckelman, Richard Ervin Mullins, Norma Joyce 480
Deeds, Clarence Alvin Guyer, Vivian Ann 1
DeJarnett, Otto William Kanehl, Pearl Jewell 340
Delsman, Robert Louis Harrison, Ruth Anne 593
Deming, William Lincoln Schlegel, Ebba Elvina 231
Dennis, Kay Owen Evans, Nancy Elizabeth 500
DeRosier, Jackson Douglas Chapman, Lola Marie 301
Deuel, Halbert Sylvanus Johnston, Lois 411
DeVoe, Robert Carl McCullough, Donna Gayel 269
Dick, Donald Edward Crews, Marguerite Katherine 105
Diess, Hurley Elton Wayne Schroeder, Aloha 409
Dietrick, George Thomas Tansey, Nola Lorene 590
Dippel, S Ralph Steward, E Adrienne 385
Dizick, Galen George Vincent, Darlene Lou 337
Dobrinz, Donald L Nelson, Glenna Jean 82
Dodson, Bob Edgar Christensen, Jaqueta Irene 407
Dolan, Tom L Sloan, Signa B 347
Domnitz, Roger Clarence MacKenzie, Mattie Dean 586
Donner, Theodore R Thompson, Melba Eliza 93
Doran, Robert Keith Walker, Dorothy Ann 549
Dormer, Horace G Dormer, Mary Elizabeth 113
Dotson, Joseph Benjamin Daye, Jacqueline Mae 209
Douglass, Benjamin Franklin Queen, Leta Hazel 348
Dow, Howard Burton Keeslar, Beatrice May 292
Downing, Wayne Elton Downing, Jean Deloris 134
Driscoll, William Edmund Jr Gosch, Ellen Joanne 479
Duarte, George Edward Ford, Marlene Shirley 539
Duggan, Owen John Lauzon, Lillian May 7
Duncan, Rodney Eugene Moore, Darlyne Royce 305
Dunchew, James Carroll Cathey, Doris Anne 268
Dunlap, Darreld Acel Hagen, Carolyn Diane 415
Dunn, Robert William Nealon, Donna Mae 233
Durbin, Dale Claud Paul, Luana Dalene 533
Durrent, Vernon Edward Peckham, Betty Jean 614
Dutcher, Roy Hickson Delorie, Norma Isabella 203
Dyer, Leonard A Black, Mary Lorraine 589
Eaker, Jerry Jan Mays, Glodene Esther 532
Earnest, Robert Fenton Brown, Elsie Dell 206
Edminster, Robert James Brill, Mary Ann 228
Edmonson, Clintwood Meadows, Genevieve Alice 610
Edmund, Richard Malcolm Brummond, Roberta Joan 119
Edwards, Delbert Gene Crammer, Nelda Blythe 456
Edwards, James Moore Jr Coutts, Dixie Lou 202
Edwards, Kenneth Robert Kyker, Almeda Freda 142
Edwards, Robert Lee Corry, Janet May 109
Eisenstein, Irving Pitts, Leila Jane 205
Eliason, Charles Champ Linn, Lela Fay 380
Ellis, Charles Raymond Edsall, Bernice LaVerne 351
Ellis, Herbert Newton Hall, Shirley Arline 560
Ellis, Richard E Dillingham, Phyllis Ann 568
Ellis, Robert LeRoy Martin, Virginia Mae 264
Elrod, Robert Clayton Guches, Ramona Mae 571
Endert, Francis William Endert, Emma Jean 443
Engel, Bernard Fredrick Lewis, Patricia Nell 463
England, Leonard Earl Griffiths, Ruth Mary 211
England, Wayne T Schmeltzer, Mary Edith 114
Erickson, Donald Verdine Hudson, LaWanda Charlene 184
Erickson, Melvin Clarence Hall, Alene Atlee 69
Espy, James Albert Porter, Martha Almeda 619
Evans, Arnold Everett Parker, Helen Louise 378
Evans, Bill Ray True, Jacqueline Frances 509
Fairweather, Donald Frank Davies, Lovelle Jane 504
Fann, Francis Henry Neilsen, Nahldene Lovein 432
Farleigh, Byrd Borah, Effie Louise 326
Farleigh, Byrd Borah, Effie Louise 506
Farmer, James Nathan Wimmer, Marie Enid 332
Farrell, Thomas M Shane, Beryl H 458
Fast, Donald D Barnes, Sharon 595
Fenters, Byron L Reedy, Laura E 148
Ferns, William John Hayes, Geraldine Marie 347
Ferrell, Charles Stanley Rogers, Melba Earline 616
Ferris, Thomas Estle Shaw, Donna Jean 576
Fick, Dale LeRoy Clay, Loretta Marie 46
Field, Charles Bruce Barker, Marilyn June 327
Filey, William Harve Massey, Betty JoAnne 495
Findley, Charles Edward Kimmons, Lavonnia Mignon 446
Fitzhugh, James Raymond Landauer, LaVerne Lenore 215
Fitzsimmons, Haroldlee Martin, Merideth LoAnn 425
Fletcher, Charles Newton Green, Julia Anna 531
Flud, Anthony Edward Chance, Margaret Augans 607
Forbes, Stanley Osborn Davis, Beverly Jean 19
Fortin, Wilbert E Elliot, Maxine B 504
Fowe, Orval Glenn Long, Margaret Virginia Watson 405
Fowler, Harold Benjamin Briggs, Judith Logan 531
Fowler, John Elvin Campbell, Blanche 80
Foy, Richard Eugene Braun, Marianne Ruth 303
Fraga, Kenneth Lowell Thomas, Beverly Faye 314
Franklin, Keats Henry Reber, Annie Rose 261
Franklin, Milton Ronald Rigsby, Shirley Edith 363
Franks, Walter R Baxter, Sally Jane 372
Frantz, Harry Ralph Jensen, Helen L 99
Freeland, John Wallace Staggs, Sonna Beatrice 213
Freeman, Jan Carter, Benjamin Robert 243
Freeman, John William Smith, Flora Glenn 388
Freitos, Neil Roy Masoner, Gertrude Jerrine 45
French, William P Jr Pry, Dorothy Randell 555
Frey, George Thomas Roberson, Venita Loy 242
Friis, Paul Kent Hall, Barbara Jeanne 597
Fritzius, Alan O Hupp, Irmgard 173
Fromme, Thomas George Hagen, Sybil Ellen 563
Fuchs, Clifford N Hannah, Catherine Isobel 391
Fuiten, James Chritton, Ida L 599
Fuller, George S Culpepper, Jean 311
Fullerton, George Simmons McDonough, Lillian Elizabeth 31
Funk, Glenn Lewis Mayo, Marlene Kay 346
Funk, James Lorin Bywater, Gloria Lorene 444
Gage, Vance Horace Raduski, Arlie Grace 467
Garcia, Thomas Leon Stevers, Sylvia Donna 613
Gardner, John William Corman, Dorothy Elizabeth 514
Garner, Robert H Smith, Agnes Lee 35
Garrett, Claude Theodore Carlton, Elva Jean 20
Garrett, Lee Otis Vinzant, Alice May 316
Garrison, Albert Chester Johnston, Julia Ann 427
Garrison, Kenneth Doyle Nichols, Phyllis Ann 448
Garrison, Odell Alfred Bresnahan, Carol Theresa 91
Garritt, Darold Roger Kuyper, JoAnn 237
Garst, Virgil Lee Bond, Juliana K 374
Gascon, Howard James Christian, Dorothy JoAnne 99
Gascon, Raymond Philip Karnes, Narissa P 56
Gavin, Walter Harold Fogelquist, Donna Marie 310
Gay, Cyril George Bedford, Edna Pearl 285
Gay, Eugene James Starr, Jean Ardith 481
Gemaehlich, Eugene Earl Cox, Jean Gay 224
Genaw, Richard Francis Hahn, Dorothy Christina 422
Gennette, Earl Arthur Knighten, Elizabeth Miller 95
George, Philip Robert Walker, Ethel Elaine 168
Gerdes, LeRoy Charles Crumm, Beverly True 538
Germer, Robert Gordon MacKintosh, Martha Jane 117
Gerrard, Glen A Meador, Willa Janie 183
Geyer, Lorenn Jacob Henry, Bonnie Juanita 545
Gibbons, Mike Tommy Ice, Shirley Delores 37
Gibson, Arthur Allen Booth, Amory Bonnie Rose 57
Gibson, Verlin Lamoine Dietrich, Priscilla LaNeir 494
Gidney, Frank LeRoy Branum, Nancy Lou 397
Gilchrist, Charles William Frazier, Frances Claudine 158
Gillaspey, Guy Wayne Lane, Judith Ann 572
Gillette, Walter Scott Squires, Betty Eldean 434
Gillispie, Edwin B Cooper, Claudia Mae 219
Gish, Roy Jr Colter, Vera Maye 532
Gladen, Cyrus Raymond Doe, Agnes Marie 102
Glass, Richard H Siler, Bonnie J 61
Glenn, Dayton Elwood Williams, Betty Ann 299
Glenn, Vernon Dale Hoskins, Mary Virginia 247
Goble, Rex Carson Mack, Donna Lee 316
Godfrey, Winthrop Reed Godfrey, Virginia Louise 127
Goebel, Edgar Wallace Saulmon, Charlotte Ruth 46
Goguey, Melvin Emile Kruggel, Paulene Joy 438
Goodnight, Elden Gearld Geary, Bonnie Irene 113
Goodwin, Frank M Downing, F Joanne 587
Gordon, John Munger, Lucille F 115
Gorum, Kenneth Wayne Love, Donna Lee 439
Goss, Arthur Frank Heberling, Lois Mae 424
Governor, Willam H Jack, Alberta Mae 292
Graber, Raymond Edward Mathews, Frances Lucille 41
Grabow, John Kirkpatrick Miller, Virginia Louise 332
Graham, Alva W Denison, Mary E 305
Graham, Marvin Lee Hedges, Carole Jeanne 214
Gray, George Washington Johnson, Mary Vernettie 127
Gray, Thomas Morton Walker, Sallie Ione 25
Greb, Clarence Terrill Mitchell, Elizabeth Antoinette 409
Green, Leslie Everett Beeson, Elizabeth Lois 375
Green, Ralph Douglas Sullivan, Shirley Maureen 574
Green, Wallace DeForest Lillie, Betty Juanita 234
Greeninger, Raymond Peter Reisinger, Cuba Colleen 433
Greer, Richard Arlen Dickinson, Shirley Rae 164
Gregory, William Raymond Bates, Glowrene Dee 567
Grell, Charles David Howard, Alice Bernice 590
Grey, Herbert Joseph Starkey, Barbara Jean 569
Griffith, Roland Edward Jr Foster, Shirley Ann 55
Grisham, Arnold Fay Meeds, Lindia Amelia 371
Groebli, Robert Lankford, Edith Rowberry 15
Grosh, Edward Renne Schuler, Mary Josephine 192
Grossman, Henry L Ebnother, Norma L 461
Groves, Vernon A Clifford, Shirley A 605
Guches, Alan Ivan Sheperd, Dovie Mae 271
Guesenberry, Edgar Ray Shock, Mary Ella 608
Gunter, Eldon E Greaves, Mary Lorraine 270
Guthrie, Lemuel Kay Gillispie, Leora Colene 320
Gysbers, Leslie Arthur Sieck, Gladys 167
Haaland, Alf Goss, Helen Isabella 600
Hackett, Charles Howard Joyer, Jacqueline Ann 140
Hackworth, Lawrence Frederick Sutherlin, Hilda Louise 137
Hadley, Maynard Winfield Jr Gober, Donna Lee 50
Hagen, Walter Harold Lusk, Sue Ann 350
Hagens, Clarence Oscar Howard, Myrtle Mae 472
Haggard, David Warren McClanahan, Ann Lenore 493
Haight, Harvey Leland Taylor, Mary Alice 498
Hale, Lloyd E Clark, Joyce Ann 440
Hall, Jack Roland Holzhouser, Dorothy Myra 12
Hall, Richard Alan Glover, Barbara June 314
Hamilton, Doyle Jr Hawkins, Joyce Arlene 380
Hammersmith, William Joseph Carroll, Mary S 267
Hamstra, Andrew Trefren, Verna Arlene 372
Hankins, Gene Merle Hummel, Barbara 573
Hanks, Lloyd Melvin Moore, Betty Susan 454
Hanlin, Donald Ray Lisac, Leona M 259
Hanna, Darnell R Marcum, Velma 219
Hannaford, Edward Lawrence Hannaford, Fern Gertrude 6
Hanner, Lloyd C Sanders, Dora Elma 371
Hardrath, Leland Henry Waterhouse, Faith Ardell 163
Harkins, Lee O Arnold, Anna Mae 412
Harkness, Lewis H Harkness, Osteen Hopper 166
Harper, Vernon Lee McDougall, Shirley Fay 457
Harrett, David Allan Bennett, Valerie Anne 131
Harrie, Cecil Mattos, Carolyn Joyce 290
Harrington, Richard L Ellis, Dorothy E 313
Harris, Ralph Wesley Wimer, Shirley Venora 378
Harris, William Thomas King, Luella Dewie 548
Hart, Floyd Henry Jr Larsen, JoAnn Barbara 201
Hart, Richard Elwyn Gemaehlich, Yvonne 317
Hartley, Lester Leon McDowell, Marilyn Gail 334
Hasse, Frank C Rotroff, Katherine 188
Hassel, Keith Phillip Lane, Cora Delores 2
Hastain, Ernest Clayton Nurnberg, Gertrude 90
Hawkins, Clyde Renville Lemos, Elizabeth Jean 338
Hawkins, Glenn Claude Hawkins, Evelyn Loretta 273
Hayes, Edwin John Pleyer, Beverly Eleanor 195
Hayes, Richard Vernon Riley, Yvonne Lois 484
Hayse, Carroll Conwell Lowther, Allie Jane 83
Healy, Dexter Eugene Shuck, Lael Dolores 207
Heberling, William George Jr Hover, Carolyn Grace 256
Heckert, Donald Ernest Elder, Nadeane Marion 104
Heil, Kay Edward Sprenger, Pearl Elizabeth 199
Heinitz, David Yenne, JoAnn 399
Heinlein, Jacob Elroy Bailey, Mildred Joyce 501
Heling, Heinrich Tetsch, Gisela 398
Hensley, Richard Frank Durno, Evelyn Ann 443
Hepler, Donald Ralph Cowles, May Marie 84
Herald, Frank Edward Herald, Donna Jean 491
Herndon, Richard Edgar Chavez, Emma Lee 126
Herrin, Kenneth Vern Herrin, Gladys Minnie 461
Hertel, Herman Albert Zemke, Maxine Ione 482
Herzberg, Willard Wayne Stansfield, Alice Marrietta 369
Hess, Steven Roger Weddle, Donna Rae 451
Higbee, Robert H Palmer, Alyce Marie 497
Higbee, Robert Harold Palmer, Alyce Marie 488
Hilger, Claude Chapman Gelvin, Mary Carolyn 602
Hillyer, Robert Elmer Pratt, Drucilla Rose 384
Himelwright, Robert Vernon Teeter, Josephine Marie 341
Hinderer, Harry Joseph Walker, Gloria Ann 335
Hinkle, Ernest William Konkel, LaVelle Darlene 77
Hite, Wayne D Marshall, Elizabeth Leonor 508
Hixson, Steve Freeman Onn, Norma Rita 258
Hodge, Edward Lee Walker, Sophia Sarah 528
Hoff, Con F Tracer, LaDonna Marian 408
Holcomb, Ira Eugene Alliston, Jeraldine Leona 56
Holcomb, Robert Gardiner Marcroft, Joyce Irene 284
Holderness, Paul Eugene Jr DeLaVaux, Leeann Margaret 67
Holdstock, Kenneth George Neil, Mable Letha 33
Holinbeck, Neil Allan Welburn, Genevieve Wanda 360
Hollander, Sam Jr Church, Ila Gail 616
Holloway, Harold DeWayne Greb, Glona Geraldine 540
Holman, Clarence Eugene Otti, Bertha 471
Holsapple, Harris Jr Lady, Dianne 353
Holtman, Howard Muriel Holtman, Louise Clarabelle 557
Honey, Ralph Burton Swanson, Jacqueline Jean 391
Hoover, Raymond Laurence Strickland, Joy Lucille 606
Hopkins, Judd T Haviland, Marilyn Jean 95
Houston, Orage Oscar Roberts, Irma Genevieve Thomas 92
Howard, Edward Thomas Abbott, Carol Louise 58
Howard, James R Stenerson, Dolores E 620
Howard, Joseph Harold Chapman, Madeline Madge 492
Howe, Paul Edwin Howe, Kathryn Christine 156
Howell, Leonard Wade Harris, Betty Lou 575
Howry, Rae Forrest Caldwell, Geraldine Mae 577
Hoyt, Charles Henry Pratt, Pauline Claire 318
Huber, Henry J Trude, Katharine Elizabeth 179
Huberd, John Walter Flook, Colleen Nadine 497
Huddleston, Raymond Haldeman, Florence Geneva 464
Hudson, John W Nelson, Cora Bell 61
Hueners, Carl Fredrick Lyons, Billie Ann 76
Huff, Kenneth Neil Wright, Julia Mary 216
Huffman, Herman Lee Carr, Mary Lou 243
Hughes, William George Bosworth, June Marie 207
Hukill, Arlen Warren Turk, Shirley Mae 390
Hulse, Vern Jones, Betty Bernadine 517
Humphrey, Joe D Moore, Nadine L 584
Humphreys, Kenneth Douglas Smyth, June Lee 200
Hunter, David Wayne Smith, Donna Lee 434
Hust, William Elton Henderson, Joan Evelyn 14
Hutchins, Clifford Wallace Bayne, Barbara Ellen 153
Hutchison, Donald Albert Putman, Maude Marie 143
Hyde, Vernon Lee Pearson, Mary Lou 172
Iholts, L D Stewart, Catherine Joan 411
Ingram, Cecil D Glenn, Lois Ann 336
Ingram, Lester Lamont Carpenter, Edyth 218
Inlow, James Alphaeus Brown, Dorothy Anna 185
Inlow, James Alphaeus Brown, Dorothy Anna 606
Irwin, Eugene Albert Ellis, Phyllis Joanne 10
Jackson, Arnold Burton Keohler, Eunice Arvilla 251
Jackson, Eldon Elmer Thompson, Leala Marie 245
Jamieson, Edward Lewis Fisher, Bonnie Ruth 573
Jamieson, Russell William Barnum, Patricia Ruth 224
Jantzer, Carl Norman Gosnell, Patricia Barbara 286
Janzen, Marlyn Eugene Snell, Dorothy Carol 430
Jeffers, Russell Donald Blackwood, Betty Ruth 603
Jenks, Joe Henry Harruff, Bessie Elma 505
Jensen, George Robert Helm, Dolores Joan 112
Johnson, Arthur Almer Foresee, Velma 324
Johnson, Charles Garth Cleek, Enid L 394
Johnson, Darrell Lewis Ebnother, Carol Enola 77
Johnson, Donald James Shafer, Joyce Marie 196
Johnson, Earl Sharron Lange, Myra Alberta 368
Johnson, Elmer Leroy Conley, Margaret K 408
Johnson, George Yuel Stover, Shirley June 352
Johnson, Henry Irving Tompkins, Mary Louise 514
Johnson, James A Burns, Anita Louise 436
Johnson, John H Kohn, Emma Tracy 358
Johnson, Kenneth Winford Green, Ethel 24
Johnson, Melvin Maurice Fjarli, Elmina Lou 403
Johnson, Rex Lee Arnold, Maxine Agnes 452
Johnson, Richard Allan Johnson, Sara Jane 66
Johnson, Richard D Cronquist, Barbara Lorraine 345
Johnson, Wayne Edwin Therres, Bernice Elizabeth 322
Johnson, William Albert Jr Johnson, Mary Margaret Louise 199
Johnston, Albert Duncan Nelson, Bonnie Belle 604
Jones, Efton Gene Allen, Katheryn L 253
Jones, Francis Wayne Kaski, Lodi Lucille 487
Jones, Marvin Eldon Lucier, Donna Lea 116
Jones, Neil Pence, Janice Joann 187
Jones, Orion R Johnson, Gracie O 279
Jones, William Clarence Armstrong, Dorothy Mae 618
Kane, Donald Lee Zittercob, Mildred Jean 286
Kannasto, Raymond Ronald Sutherlin, Marian Louise 258
Kannus, Martin F Martin, Tina Marie 289
Karpins, Andrew Eugene Smith, Betty Anne 488
Keeling, Roy James Mezzanatto, Rose Emma 297
Keener, Frank Aurtiville Keeney, Katheryn Mary 496
Keeney, Charles J Tuffs, Shirley 233
Keeslar, Ralph L Keaton, Donna Mae 405
Keith, Carl Calvin Swimptkin, Elizabeth Beryl 524
Kekuna, George Luluupuaokauikawekus Hile, Edith Mae 253
Kelley, Dean P Bouldin, Ada E 85
Kendall, Herbert Ernest Babcock, Catherine Isabelle 429
Kennedy, Buren Clayton Jr Jacobs, Freda Dawes 147
Kennedy, Ernest Ray Jr Lausmann, Carol Ann 464
Kennedy, William Francis Jr Hall, Jean Pruitt 250
Kenton, Theodore Thomas Settell, Janice Tetreault 513
Kerr, Gerald Robert Kerr, Audrey Nyoda 63
Kidwell, Joseph Baldwin DeLong, Wilma Ann 103
Kight, Billy Charles Graber, Nancy Jean 389
Killian, Verne J Jr Forrest, Patricia Ann 287
Kimball, Arthur Calvin Mannin, Marie K 315
Kincaid, Robert Freeman Ohrman, Christina Ruth 370
Kincaid, Wilfred E Falkenstein, Patricia Ann 138
King, Albert Timothey Hopkins, Opal Bernice 413
King, Charles Meredith Powell, Vivian Verle 402
King, Donald Heath Miller, Jewel Allene 565
King, Earl Valentine King, Elva Catherine Day 431
King, Robert Allen Blackwood, Sylvia June 581
Kingery, Harold Albert Perdue, Ellen Irene 331
Kjensmo, Charles N Schober, Marianne 194
Klingle, John F Fortin, Ruth 584
Klope, William W Jewett, Marjorie Jean 594
Knapp, Joe H O'Brien, Rose Lee 26
Knebel, Ervin Chandler Smith, Nancy Lou 459
Kniffen, Don Carl Gritman, Mildred Bessie 133
Knight, Elmo Ardell Fry, Jessie Viola 610
Knott, David Victor Schuster, Wilma Audrey 64
Knott, Robert Church Coffey, Ivy Ruth 522
Knudsen, Kenneth Carlton Hartley, Hazel Sunny-Day 392
Knudsen, Neil Robertson, Beverly May 163
Koch, Frank Bernard Hunter, Nancy Jeannette 196
Koehler, Gordon W Lemmon, Betty L 159
Kosmatka, Dominic Frank Hellekson, Harriet 594
Kufner, John Frank Jr Card, Lola Mae 308
Kurtz, Elijah Alvin Jones, Winifred S 297
Kyle, Richard R Neal, Venetia M 611
Lacey, Russell Thomas Reid, Marie 139
Lacey, William Francis Olsen, Ilene Louise 477
LaChance, David Louis Farmer, Emmylu 107
LaDouceur, Frank Ihrstrom, Helen Florence 50
LaFleur, Richard Carson LaFleur, Rosalie L Stauffer 48
Landing, Dale Arlen Wenaus, Doreen Vilette 54
Landucci, Roy Carlo Gardenhire, Annabell 293
Larsen, Walter Hanning Marshall, Nancy Jane 261
Lausmann, Jerry S Moffitt, Sally Ann 119
Lee, Emmett Alford Walton, Eva Annie 29
Lee, Walter Wade Kennedy, Peggy June 184
LeFaive, Joseph Pederson, Clara Anna 337
Lehman, Vernon Dale Rush, Loretta Virginia 175
Lengele, Arthur Vonnie Golden, Beverly Gertrude 42
Lengele, Orvalle William Lengele, Lucy K 302
Lenz, Forest Emery Raymond, Tonia Jeannine 178
Leon, Manuel Salcido Stanley, Maxine Louise 130
Leonard, Ovid R Stonecypher, Margaret Mary Neibert 442
Leopard, Alva Edward Coy, Ethel 508
Leslie, Gerald Allen Rasmussen, Dolores June 220
Lewallen, Thomas Ried Martin, Winifred Lucille 40
Lewis, Andrew James Jr Green, Vera Yvonne 221
Lewis, Clarence Albert vonBuskirk, Shirley Carlene 553
Lewis, James Alfred Hamilton, Jean Louise 588
Lewis, Lester LeRoy Lewis, Alice Marie 544
Lindgren, Howard Clinton Smith, Shirley Edna 262
Lindgren, Steve Arthur Griffee, Mary Anne 410
Lindsay, Charles Henry Hutton, Marjorie Irene 300
Lindsay, William C Lamb, Ada June 315
Linton, Ernest E Sparks, Jessie L 537
Linville, Darrille Leroy Pitkin, Celeste Helen 334
Litwiller, Gene Russell Boggess, Donna Jean 414
Livingston, Elmont S Davis, Norma Lea 103
Lockard, Venzel Edmonds, Josephine Barbara 300
Logan, Lowell Garrison Nicholas, Wilma Madeline 535
Long, Wallace Maynard Kelliher, Shirley Anne 560
Lopez, Larry Lovato, Elvera 47
Loveless, Robert Wesley Lloyd, Nine Marie 238
Lowe, James Ronald Berridge, Shirley Mae 309
Lowe, Robert Eugene Rice, Mary Eleanor 3
Lowery, Charles Glen Harris, Mollie Sue 88
Lowery, Howell Arthur Wolf, Ruth Donovan 63
Lull, Lucius Edward Marshall, Edith Joyce 230
Lupini, Santino Roberts, Daisy Ruth 52
Lyda, Roy Nolan Oviatt, Roberta Louise 541
Mace, Richard William Barker, Barbara Anne 562
MacWhirter, Donald Eardley Jr Meadows, Verna Jean 236
Maddox, Raoul Gene Adams, Lois Astrid 379
Magness, Moran Roe Noonchester, Myrtle Adelaide 141
Mahaffey, John Wesley Jr Hill, Carol Ruth 39
Mahoney, Patrick William Brock, Jean Elizabeth 205
Malaby, William Allen Franks, LaDonna Lee 579
Malone, Marilyn Joan Beckwith, James Cecil 478
Manchester, William David Caza, Roxalee Grayce 447
Mann, Clifford Russell Siets, DaEtta Dawn 22
Mann, John W Stockton, Cynthia C 547
Mann, Lester Reeves Saxbury, Stella Mae 329
Mansfield, Jack LeRoy Morgan, Mary Lou 537
Maples, Elroy Columbus Lee, Mary Ellen 129
Marcum, Oliver Dean Peery, JoAnn Marie 373
Marion, Nolan Ramon Jr Walker, Mary Janice 394
Markgraf, Lawrence Harvey Boersma, Doris Esther 303
Marley, Eugene Arthur Reed, Beatrice S 388
Marmo, Thomas Joseph Hoover, Leota Faye 4
Marshall, Gerald Allen Avery, Laura Jean 255
Marshall, Harry B Thatcher, Jeannette Evarn 367
Marshall, Lee Henry Loomis, Christina Helen 423
Martin, James William Skevington, Juanita May 595
Martin, Robert D Lutz, Virginia Ann 609
Martin, Ronald June Lemmon, Patricia Mae 81
Martin, Roy Forrest Dorland, Lois Elizabeth 462
Martindale, James Francis Murphy, Deletta Catherine 23
Martinez, Frances A Fitzgerald, Carlton W 249
Marx, Gordon Dean Walker, Charlotte E 162
Marx, Harry V Smith, Hollis 164
Mason, Edward Joseph Rawhauser, Vera Virginia 264
Matlock, Charles Franklin Moreau, Elva E 568
Mattei, Charles J Perrine, Lolita A 256
Matteson, James Richard Cartwright, Marilyn 554
Matteson, Norman Reddie Miller, Norma Rose 30
Mattheisen, Lawrence LeRoy Davis, Delores Irene 325
Mattox, Milo Householder, Vivian Jean 177
Mauchle, Alfred Donald Miller, Lou Bobba 437
McConnell, John William Coy, Doris Geraldine 18
McCormick, Catherine Helen McElravy, Catharine Helen 19
McCoy, James Frances Davis, Margaret 352
McCullough, Frederick Doran Emery, Stella Bernice 71
McDade, Elmer Franklin Houghton, Janice Lucille 294
McDonald, Ira Wendell Arnett, Shirley Mae 574
McDonald, Robert Alexander Lull, Mary Helen 328
McDougall, Thurman Edward Prettyman, Bobbie Winona 16
McGinness, Leonard J Ives, Gracia R Barton 490
McGinty, Hugh Hefner, May Lindsay 515
McGuire, Wendell Bruce, M Joan 284
McKee, William Ronald Royal Mattoon, Audrey Martha 567
McKinney, Tomie Arland Stearns, Myrna Pauline 451
McKinney, William Ive Dallaire, Bonnie Rae 430
McLane, Jerry Norman Alderson, Donna Delight 474
McMacken, Nicholas Bilby Bergevin, Mary M 386
McQuade, Virgil Keith Vance, Barbara Mae 75
Meador, Howard Harrison Fidler, Mary Louise 112
Meadows, Donald William Jr O'Brien, Bessie Mildred 436
Meadows, William Kenneth Smock, Margaret Katherine 525
Medcalf, Cicero Milton Jr Henselman, Audrey June 351
Meeds, Homer Donald Davis, Loretta 602
Meeks, Bert M McFadyen, Mary G 70
Melton, Clarence L Wyers, Karen Marie 382
Meng, Martin Lawrence Fech, Olga Anna 345
Mercier, Clifford William Takier, Elizabeth LaVerne 213
Merrell, Stanley Winfield Bridges, Marjorie Alma 321
Merrill, John Earnest Ritter, Lois Colleen 453
Messer, Robert Charles Meunier, Denise Rhea 311
Messinger, Harry E Messinger, Maxine E 367
Metcalf, Donald James Hayes, Edna Maxine 358
Miles, William Lawrence Richmond, Leona Mae 416
Milhoan, Jack Schempp, Marilyn Ruth 363
Millard, Ellis Ray Foster, Jacqueline Betty 245
Millard, Howard Vernon Jerome, Barbara Jean 373
Millard, Johnny Walter Woodward, Donna Joan 512
Miller, Frank Busch Adams, Grace M 97
Miller, John Patrick Quackenbush, Myrna Lee 3
Miracle, John Ernest Marriette, Marlene Rae 71
Mische, Byron Francis Mische, Evelyn Juanita 445
Misener, Edwin Wayne O'Connor, Joanne Leona 160
Mitchell, Daniel L Mohr, Myrtle E 88
Mitchell, James Carrel Mitchell, Mary Ann 272
Moberly, William Ray Vantura, Mary Frances 476
Moehring, David Harvey, Marie Dean 146
Moher, John Burton Hirsch, Alice May 615
Moline, Gustav Adolf Rogers, Melva Darlene 265
Monroe, Joe Carl Phillips, Ethel 8
Montgomery, Carl Lee Glenn, Jewell D 155
Montgomery, Jerry A Paxton, Beverly P 202
Montgomery, Robert Walter Balfour, Norma Leah 470
Moore, Deltie Benjamin Arnold, Lorraine Maria 438
Moore, George Riley Hinkle, Rita Evangeline 382
Moore, Hershel Lee Myers, Patricia Fern 393
Moran, James Joseph Baker, Alice Mae 559
Moreland, Eugene Francis Elder, Norma Louise 435
Morgan, J Richard Shollenburg, Dena Rae 254
Morris, Frank Elwood Haas, Phyllis Carolyn 281
Morris, Ralph Gerald Serrano, Dolores Rachel 376
Morrison, Donald Fred Garner, Patricia Ann 296
Morrison, John William Lovell, Grace M 538
Morrison, Lloyd Park, Alice M 609
Morrow, Earl Daniel Loveless, Vera Mae 166
Morton, Leslie Howard Lehnherr, Betty Lou 187
Moskovita, William George Banta, Louise Alice Mae 111
Mott, Louis Dale Gresham, Peggy Joan 84
Moulton, Donald Stinson, Alice May 566
Mulhollen, James Henry Sagstetter, Dorothy 227
Murray, Holt E Crosby, Darlene Patricia 283
Muskopf, Frederich George Martin, Marlene May 339
Myrick, Jack Harris, Charlotte Marcelle 306
Naples, Thompson Ross Sherrill, Gwendolyn R 542
Neely, Delford McIntire Read, Lucy Virginia 42
Neely, William Edward Driscoll, Carolyn Marie 323
Nelson, Floyd Owen Neeley, D'Anne Lynne 476
Nelson, Jack Allen Niedermeyer, Barbara Louise 270
Nelson, Joseph Guy Jr Konopasek, Neva Fay 170
Nelson, Robert Lee Stover, Frances Pauline 259
Nelson, Robert Malcolm Bass, Marianne Alice 570
Newcomer, Edward Cator, Doris 612
Newland, William Neel Rhymes, Jacqueline 266
Nichols, Luman N Bourn, Elizabeth E 257
Nichols, Orville Dale Nordstrom, Reva Evelyn 467
Niedermeyer, Charles Lee Ross, Donna Lee 47
Niedermeyer, Richard Otto Heckert, Anita Frances 404
Nielsen, Clifford F Ferris, Audrey Shirley 524
Nilsson, Ralph Howard Sherfy, Nell Opal 596
Nixon, Albert Henry Jensen, Gearldine Mayme 244
Noud, Patrick James Carter, Barbara Kay 502
Nutting, Ronald Gene Antony, Sherry Joseph 518
O'Brien, Neil James Khouri, Dorothy Angelina 553
Offenbacher, Frederick Herman Kantor, Josephine May 132
Offenbacher, Richard LeRoy Killingsworth, Ruby Ann 78
Offenbacher, Wesley Eugene Ridgley, Bette Jean 421
O'Leary, Dale Francis Sample, Barbara Louise 101
Oliva, Raymond Daniel Jr Liles, Ava Janeice 417
Orr, Alfred D Stabler, Elizabeth L 165
Orr, Irvin L Baker, Charlotte Elizabeth 328
Orwig, Robert Louis Woodard, Marjorie Ellen 223
Osborne, Donald LaVern Young, Joyce Elaine 447
O'Shay, Gerald Harry Hathaway, Fawn Dianne 130
Ownby, Ralph H Sheppard, Rayetta Fern 230
Paganucci, Dino Leo Auman, Norma May 185
Parish, Stanley LaVerne Ashley, Minnie Ethel 346
Parke, Warren Wesley King, Dorothy Esther Hays 26
Parker, John D Coatney, Roxie Patricia 384
Parker, Junior Lee Bogenoff, Vona Beverly 501
Parkerson, Joel Knouse Davis, Iris Geneva 511
Parkison, Medford Wayne Baker, Geneva Marie 191
Parmenter, Roy A Bratcher, Mari Leta 617
Parton, James D Callaway, Roberta Adele 510
Pastega, Johnny Podauiltz, Colleen Kathrine 189
Pate, Horace Walton Morgan, Marie W 577
Patterson, Howard Frances Greenwood, Virginia Nan 555
Patterson, Lawrence Ridling Lewis, Carrol Jean 543
Pavao, Francis Richard Fierling, Laura Mandel 484
Payne, Herbert Annol Walch, Betty Lou 8
Pearsall, Edward Baker Wimer, May M 530
Pearson, Ted Lockwood Martin, Hazel M 539
Peden, Elmer Fay Deringer, Juanita Ruby 472
Pederson, Don Nichols, Mavis Shirley 73
Pence, David William Bedingfield, Anna Jane 36
Pence, Harold B Bush, Lottie Trevia LaJeane 176
Pence, Robert Erwin Mapes, Mary Alice 118
Penington, Stewart McKindra Thorsen, Grace Mae 144
Perkins, George Delarma Bullington, Ruby Louise 392
Perrine, Cash Ridley Hillberry, Mary Louise 558
Perry, Joseph Robert Hammonds, Wanda Lea 556
Pervorse, Richard Enos Neathamer, Norma Jean 197
Peters, Billy Harold Crist, Leona Jacqueline 121
Peters, Lewis S Scheel, Janet Dorothy 550
Peterson, Alf Leander Olson, Idella Faye 417
Peterson, Floyd Rowen South, Florence Marion 59
Peterson, Lester Hubert Porter, Harrietta Alpha 597
Peterson, Norman Dean Hollenbeak, Nina JoAnne 419
Peterson, Virgil John Melang, Ruth Eleanor Hanley 583
Petrehn, Charles Arthur Rainey, Marian Golden 599
Phelps, Donald Thomas Rigsby, Jaquetta 383
Philliber, Lewis William Payze, Kay Louse 561
Phillips, Fred Darrell Darby, June Maureen 204
Phillips, Robert Edwin Millsaps, Bebe Marie 139
Phillips, Roy Vaughn Phillips, Etta Irene 157
Phillips, William F Kingsley, Sarah Drusilla 96
Phipps, James Harvey Hall, Patricia Louise 491
Pierce, Everett Ellis Stedman, Sarah Elline 60
Piper, Joseph John Carson, Donna Mae 294
Poitevint, Troy Don Elder, Melba Myrna 381
Polk, Jack D Smith, Betty Lee 324
Pomeroy, John George Chavez, Conception 122
Pope, Carl Allen Ritter, Agnes Marie 374
Pope, Donald Leland Ray, Jane Ellen 527
Powell, George Houston Murin, Alice I 360
Powell, John Robert Jr Woods, Mary Lou 180
Pratt, Clarence Ellsworth Dorn, Daurise Louise 27
Pratt, Venerotia T Leveque, Frances 221
Preslar, Noal Douglas Malena, Erma Pauline 400
Preston, William Goldsmith Hicks, Mary Kathleen 361
Price, Earl D Jr Johnson, Goldie Adelia 355
Privette, Oscar Duddley Privette, Tressie Belle 100
Probst, Shirley Ivan Brewer, Dormillie Garnet 153
Pruett, Olan Dee Pruett, Ruby Kathleen 604
Pullin, James S Hoover, Eleanor E 620
Pursel, Donald Lee Russell, Charlotte Jane 379
Putnam, Lawrence Lyle Weister, Keitha Irene 13
Pyeatt, Eugene Larry Lawrence, Ethel Margaret 281
Quackenbush, John Duane Chase, Carmen Irene 10
Rachor, Jarold Arden Snow, Dorothy M 132
Radcliffe, James Wilbur Haynes, Doris Isabell 40
Ralston, Frank Abram Page, Ruby Lois 350
Rametes, Robert David Wolf, Stella Asenath 177
Ramsey, Lawrence Dale Clay, Donna Louise 420
Randall, Edward Eugene Whitney, Audie 274
Randles, Donald Merritt Frye, Barbara Earline 399
Randles, Gerald E Stone, Zelma Lee 474
Rapp, Chester LeRoy Jeldness, Anna Jane 505
Rasmussen, Carl Kenneth Hayslip, Mary Lee 576
Rasmussen, Robert Earl Svitak, Rose Marie 293
Rast, Dell V Oneil, Blanche E 59
Ratzat, Carl Frederick Willson, Frances Ellen 83
Read, Gordon Jerald Schatz, Helen Marie 145
Read, Marvin Gates Waldron, Geraldine Rose 387
Reams, Roy J Walton, Hazel Vivian 559
Redmon, William Russell York, Patricia Nadine 526
Reed, Frank Allen Kyniston, Minnie 168
Reed, George M Farmer, Mildred Ernestine 182
Reed, Marion D Mee, Beverly June 280
Reeves, Bethel Bishop Degraff, Elizabeth May 76
Regan, William David Nicholls, Carol Alejora 78
Reich, Carl P Ellison, Bettie Lee 333
Reigel, George F Vance, Juanita I 215
Reinhardt, Paul Denton Daniels, Clara Margaret 541
Renker, George Wilson, Mary Jenettie 176
Renner, Karl Renner, Lydia 499
Rentchler, robert Lewis Sandera, Kirlin Sue 1
Reyes, Frank Martinez Brager, Mabel Dolores 354
Reynolds, Calvin E Peart, Gertrude E 228
Reynolds, Kenneth Eugene Leeper, Joyce Wanda 232
Rhoades, Tom Merrill Strayer, Marion Adda 525
Rhodes, Thomas Arthur Fries, Ruth Diane 307
Richardson, Ralph Huntington Smith, Patricia Louise 523
Richey, Bill Joe Bunnell, Gloria Priscilla 460
Richey, C M Richey, Laura M 545
Rider, Franklin Gene Cameron, Janice Elaine 483
Rieck, Elmon Eugene Malone, Patricia June 307
Rieck, Lynn Louis Timothy Chilson, Gerane 585
Riegelman, Herbert Alan Drummond, Elizabeth Jeanne 27
Riegelman, Herbert Alan Drummond, Elizabeth Joanne 621
Riggins, Robert James Grubbs, Betsy Mae DeLois 7
Riggins, Robert James Frye, Phyllis June 511
Riley, Clarence Alvin Rosenberger, Ida May 220
Riley, James Franklin McCoy, Ethel Margaret 510
Ripple, Richard William Adamson, Melva Irene 81
Ritterspach, Van L Wenker, Lolita May 279
Ritzinger, Gary Paul Mackay, Doris June 517
Rivers, Herbert Byron Burk, Zadee Joan 70
Roberson, Elijah Franklin Doane, Mildred 149
Roberts, Ethelbert B Jacobsen, Bette Grace 159
Roberts, Freddie Harald Bouldin, Joanna Fulmer 445
Robertson, David Elmer Whaley, Shannon Wilma 440
Robertson, Howard Clifford Waterston, June Frances 218
Robinson, Charles Franklin Hukill, Bonnie Ruth 322
Robinson, Delores Wayne Coe, Dorothea Mary 592
Robinson, Edward William Russell, Joyce Elaine 44
Robinson, Fred Hurley Cook, Edith Marie 79
Robinson, Pike Calton Ray Smith, Evelyn Annie 470
Roesler, Ralph Conrad Miller, Cecile Faye 523
Rogers, John Hubert Robinson, JoaAnna Eunice 455
Rose, James Lewis Yates, Sally Jane 9
Rosecrans, Ancel Louis Rice, Nancy Earlene 446
Rosecrans, Gene Arnold Bunch, Shirley Mae 605
Rosecrans, Les Frances Gascon, Arlene Genevieve 235
Roselle, Glenn James Bennett, Anna Mae 225
Ross, Kenneth Marvin Morgan, Alice Virginia 313
Ross, Louis E Bailey, Patricia Louise 160
Ross, Max Smith, Jennie 449
Roundtree, Ross Edwin Adams, Dolores Lee 588
Royce, Jack W Eagle, Dorothy Louise 154
Royston, Earl Lee Williams, Dott 244
Royston, Victor Adolph Dykes, Helen 49
Ruckman, Robert Thomas Owen, June Elaine 298
Rudee, Lloyd Marc Giles, Doris 364
Rush, Clyde C Riedel, Helen 304
Rusho, Leonel E Smith, Netta Addie 529
Russ, James Eugene Klassen, Rosalie 170
Ruth, Bobby Joe Shadley, Gale Caroline 301
Ryan, William George Farley, Nellie Elizabeth 24
Ryason, Porter Raymond Waterbury, Mary Elizabeth 601
Sabo, Cornell Alexander Jr Kennaday, Charlotte Arlene 503
Saltmarsh, Richard Albert Hinkle, Leora Ellen 441
Samples, Fred Oswald Woods, Dixie Lee 12
Samples, Leonard Edward Otto, Irene Joan 321
Sams, Durwood Lee Berkner, Marilyn Ruth 422
Sanders, Bill Franklin Welburn, Pauline Jessie 110
Sanders, Thelbert Kemna, Shayne 439
Sandvik, Kent Lee Pearson, Vivian Ruth 593
Santos, Joseph Henry Perkins, Edna Louise 370
Saunders, Alfred Lee Helman, Alice Nellie 105
Scank, Milton Robert VanAmburgh, Leila Esther 212
Schatz, Raymond Victor Fowler, Helen Eyvonne 319
Schilling, Earl Christian Platko, Florence Louise 437
Schillling, John Fredrick McCurley, Marybeth 460
Schmelzer, Everett M Kline, Geraldine Fay 522
Schmelzer, Harold L Cocks, Barbara Evelyn 468
Schneider, Donald Paul Atterbury, Colleen Frances 208
Schoenemann, Herman Otto Beeman, Pearl 354
Schroeder, Arthur Wesley England, Mamie Marie 468
Schroeder, Roy Merritt Lowe, Betty Jane 312
Schwartz, Stanley P Smith, Frances Julia 226
Seabright, John Robert Tysver, Katherine Elizabeth 167
Seaver, Foster Albert Jr Mackie, Jessie Rosebel 232
Selby, Jimmie O Leisher, Nola Faye 257
Semon, Robert Leon Kaufman, Lena Amelia 272
Sessions, Vilas L Taylor, Ventie 216
Sewell, Richard Leroy Fry, Betty Lucille 74
Seymour, John Boxworth Jr Eagle, Marilyn Edith 393
Shaffer, David Bruce Norris, Donna Clair 535
Sharp, William Ross Taylor, Laura E 536
Shartis, Sherman Edwin Vielbig, Della Marshall 136
Shearin, Theodore Jennings Miller, Fern Elizabeth 376
Sheldon, Jack Harold Houghton, Ina Rosetta 554
Sherman, James Clifford Green, Benise Rey 131
Sherman, Jerry Burton Walker, Harriet Fae 101
Sherrick, Walter Virian Loomis, Aunie Victoria 236
Short, Harold G Chavis, Eula Mae 615
Shuler, Garry Coney Mitchell, Marian Purle 102
Shults, Joe LeRoy Settell, Arlene Rose 401
Shults, Walter Lee Young, Bonnie Bell 561
Sigala, Eugene W Branum, Barbara Sue 543
Silkwood, Edward Archie Miller, Lena M 201
Simmonds, Melvin A Methvin, Ruby Mae 13
Simmons, Bert Fredrick Boyd, Ruth Holmes 364
Simon, George Raymond Hansen, Astrid Pauline 420
Simpson, Robert Glenn Gandee, Diane Louise Tucker 229
Singler, James Dale Overstreet, Violet Alice 353
Singler, William A Singleton, Suzanne 92
Six, Winton M Yorton, Maxine Pearl 124
Skyrman, John Dawson Bearden, Dolores Irene 534
Slaughter, Kenneth Melvin Huffman, Laura Joan 406
Smallwood, Preston Thiemann, Eleanor C 37
Smead, George Mack Jr Zemke, Dolores Elaine 252
Smith, Alvin Roy Cowdrey, Shirley Anne 552
Smith, Aubrey DeWayne Sharp, Gloria Maxine 171
Smith, Charles U McCoy, Mary Maxine 14
Smith, Charles Vaughn Ford, Lucy L 291
Smith, Darrell Warren Colbeth, Shirley June 154
Smith, Elmo LaRue Klatt, Dorothy Joy 282
Smith, Firman L Stanberry, Winnifred Jean 349
Smith, Herbert Bernard Jr Brugman, Elizabeth Mary 527
Smith, James N Worth, Claudia Jean 540
Smith, John Elzie McCandliss, Verna Alice 592
Smith, Lorence Victor Reiswig, Freda Lorene 357
Smith, Marvin Silas Briseno, Rose Amelia 330
Smith, Max Ronald Huff, Frances Carol 521
Smith, Richard Lewis Bugbee, Barbara Ann 429
Smith, Russel James Vogeltanz, Doreen Bernadette 241
Smith, Russel John Nelson, Bessie Mae 290
Smith, Wilbur Franklin Solt, Helen Ruth 89
Smith, William Herbert Smith, Ruth Dillard 365
Snook, Gene Burel Jewett, Laural Janet 251
Snyder, Ivey Ray Lowery, Alma Jacqueline 580
Snyder, John Sylvester Greene, Roberta 38
Snyder, Roger Alan Chapman, Clara May 320
Soderlund, Loren F Rucker, Rieta Kathryn 469
Sommerer, Henry M Jr Womack, Shirley Nadine 148
Sorensen, Thomas Arthur Autry, Beverly Jean 426
South, Floyd Wayne Engh, Carlene Florence 486
Spencer, Chester Vernon Snider, Marie Orilla 564
Spencer, Gordon Wayne Carroll, Vivian Louise 323
Spieler, William Max Johnson, Edna Irene 162
Sprague, Charles Leroy Smith, June Juanita 494
Sprague, Elmer Lee White, Velma Lee 412
Stafford, Billy Joe Casper, Barbara Jean 355
Stagg, Leroy L McCoy, Louise Alice 193
Standridge, Milburn Leroy Cox, Joyce Grace 96
Stanley, Darrel Rader Simon, Lois Amelia 157
Stanley, Elmer P Lamb, Mary Louise 325
Starkey, Sammie Y Powell, Helen Alfrae 28
Starnes, Fred Fletcher Balderstone, Shirley Jean 242
Starnes, James Ned Anderson, Dorothy Joan 155
Steele, John T Maynard, Barbara Jean 123
Stennett, Lucius Everett Nutter, Myrtle 87
Stenton, Rodger Gene Winetrout, Marilyn Alice 580
Stephenson, Darrell Eugene Dye, Betty Lugean 401
Stephenson, Orville Norman Geppert, Barbara Jean 23
Stevens, Patricia Louise Kemp, Donald L 546
Stevenson, Richard Eldon Scott, Jeanne Myron 534
Stewart, Edward L Trescott, Alice I 418
Stinson, Robert Lee Jr Donaca, Jewel Alexina 53
Stiter, Henry Lynn Brown, Mayme J 111
Stoehr, Philip Wilson Monteith, Lola Loree 121
Stokes, Chan Albert Ragsdale, Barbara Lee 396
Stone, Edwin C Davis, Clara Elizabeth 289
Stone, Ewin Patten Barnwell, Mary Eileen 454
Stoner, Richard J Jr Lambert, Constance Dee 317
Stratton, Richard Leaman Faber, Patricia Ann 485
Stricklin, William Floyd Millsaps, Betty Agnes 288
Stubblefield, Robert Clarence Alberding, Lois May 57
Stubbs, J B Lamb, Mildred Lorean 390
Surber, Clarence Ellsworth Pizzuto, Ruby Janette 526
Sutton, Delbert J Higgins, Susie 308
Swanson, Donald Eugene Bryson, Edna Arlene 463
Swanson, Harold Martin Swanson, Buelah A 618
Sweet, Max William Colpitts, Vera Louise 329
Swift, Samuel Ervine Beck, Velma Leta 513
Talbott, Robert Ray Lilly, Jean Lorene 191
Talley, Floyd James Lewark, Erma Jean 246
Tamney, Francis John Eaton, Evalyn Phyllis 398
Tarvin, Thayer Y Pike, D Charlene 533
Taylor, David Richard Lacy, Dona Jean 298
Taylor, Kenneth Lowell Davis, Billie Jeane 204
Taylor, Robert Leland Green, Mary Alice 72
Teel, Richard Lloyd Shults, Stella Leone 263
Teller, Leon Isaac Dewar, Donna Jean 180
Tenney, Donald Loy Wise, Sharon Frances 5
Thanos, George E Wilson, Beverly Gean 249
Thayer, Leo Kimball Lowry, Roxey Nickerson 339
Thomas, Roy Joseph Day, Thelma Ophelia 473
Thomas, Thomas VanBuren Cummins, Charleen Lavon 100
Thompson, Richard Elston Paul, Joyce Roberts 30
Thuma, Daniel Ellsworth Cram, Beverly Lois 619
Thurston, Charles H Jr Hampson, Berte Porter 192
Tighe, William Francis Collins, Betty Joan 51
Tillotson, Clyde E Mingus, Anna E 44
Tippin, Ray Clyde Mongrain, Marian Helen 231
Tjoelker, Cornelius Henry Studebaker, Betty Jean 151
Todd, Lester Franklin Mackay, Evelyn Jean 225
Todd, William Edward Haring, Joan Carol 480
Tomjack, Beni Joseph York, Marguerite Lois 432
Toms, Dewey Gene Hill, Linda 502
Tosh, Jimmy Ray Heath, Annette Loretta 564
Town, Arnold Emanual Eaton, Alberta Mae 174
Tracer, Harvel William Yorton, Doloris Bell 496
Trask, Lester Hollis Deneault, Frances Joyce 428
Trim, Peter Thomas Miksche, Mary Anne 200
Trombley, Donald Roy Miller, Bertha Lorretta Mary 120
Trueblood, James H Howard, Gladys Irene 149
Tucker, Arthur E Spiering, Virginia M 613
Tucker, B M Neumiller, Catherine 178
Turman, Billy Ross Waters, Florine 206
Turnbaugh, Donald Wayne Cougle, Sandra Lea 457
Turnbull, Shirley Eli Austin, Pearl Tinker 32
Turner, Ralph Wesley Mathewson, Cheryl Joy 365
Turner, Walter Benjamin Stone, Edna Dorothy 68
Turpin, Phillip Ray Frazier, Carmen Darlene 482
Turrill, Herman C Waldron, Clara Louise 116
Tuter, Ellis LeRoy Gallegher, Dolores Lee 68
Twedell, Conrad Ralls, Edith Joy 309
Tycer, Lawrence Dean Fleeman, Virgean Emma 260
Tysver, Wayne Foorest Luchterhand, Aleta Claire 25
Ulrich, George Alfred Schmidt, Dorothy Lois 368
Uniack, Robert Philip Laden, Catherine Patrice 519
Unruh, Sylvester Wilson, Irene May 591
Upchurch, Glenn Hedges Edwards, Golda Elvina 150
Utter, Mervin John Phelps, Dorothy June 140
Vannoy, Robert Glenn Wall, Neysa Ann 459
Vargo, James A Taylor, Hilda L 389
Varney, Robert William Clary, Marianne Louise 120
Vaughn, Kenneth M Chandler, Ethel Maxine 110
Vawter, Jerry E Williams, Barbara J 589
Vest, Rudolf Edward Jr Davis, Sharon Kay 518
Vielbig, Jerome Oden Ellis, Lila Mae 520
Vielbig, Walter Willis Ward, Geraldine 369
Vigus, Paul Lawrence Inskeep, Constance May 397
Viles, Benjamin Franklin Gustafson, Dorothea 312
Viles, Edward Allen Nordstrom, Reva Evelyn 291
Vincent, Jess Gerald Riddle, Susie Lillian 456
Vranizan, James Matthew Lageson, Nancy Jean 343
Wade, David Lee Guss, Caryl JoAnn 506
Wade, Jay Berl Smith, Betty Lou 479
Wade, Leonard A Potter, Louella M 34
Wagner, Dale Babcock, Mable E 586
Wahl, Fred Ernest Barnum, Irene S 43
Walker, Charles Edward Hagen, Beverly Jean 34
Walker, Charles Edward Sloan, Viva Grace 387
Walker, Leonard Wayne Bachand, Barbara Jane 342
Walker, Lloyd Keith Frost, Dorothy Ann 117
Walker, Paul Amos Kinard, Elvera L 182
Walker, Robert Sill Hale, I Darlene 161
Walker, Verl S Erbes, Florence Marie 302
Walker, William Joe Reed, Vonna Lee 528
Wallace, Darrell Foster Sablock, Ethel May 255
Walls, Richard Burl Millard, Irene Andrea 475
Walsh, John E Moore, Elizabeth Anna 572
Walsh, John W Jr Murphy, Anna Marie 359
Walsh, Richard F Jr Cannon, Mary Ann 98
Walton, Thad Charles Smith, Mammie Claudean 11
Watson, Kendrick E Curl, Patricia Rae 142
Watson, Rollin Dean Hight, Diane Meridith 20
Watson, William Louis Yandell, Patsy Joan 585
Weaver, Roy Bern Watson, Frankie Jean 240
Weitzel, Ted Hunt Medders, Patsy Ruth 73
Welker, Ervin Eugene Means, Sandra Rae 499
Wellbourn, James Cortland Muir, Laura Dee 407
Welliver, Walter Leon Phillips, Eleanor Hesketh 450
Wellman, John H More, Mildred Florence 396
Wells, Chester Merle Clary, Virginia Lee 222
Welty, James Richard Hise, Janet Opal 489
Wendt, Donald W Johnson, Clara Llewellyn 248
Wendt, Robert Dale Older, Sybil Michele 465
Wenker, Robert Lee Melcher, Lois LaVerne 428
West, Wallace Stewart, Bettye Ruth 450
Wetherbee, Darrell Leland Vance, Rose Sharon 203
Whitaker, John Edwin Moulton, Avagene 551
White, George Arnold Edmonson, Beverly Jean 144
White, Harry LaVell Lowe, Doris Naomi 455
White, Raymond Bennett Gould, Doris Margaret 21
Whitehead, Allen LeRoy Shade, Shirley Maxine 500
Whitney, Louis James Forrester, Eva Dolores 268
Wier, Gerald Lee Emery, Mary Louise 466
Wiggins, Melvin Junior Brownlee, Donna Delight 190
Wilda, Otto John Yates, Roberta Ruth 263
Wiley, Donald Marvin Grigsby, Charlotte Ann 469
Wilkinson, Richard Kenneth Leffler, Jean Burly 138
Williams, Clifford Elisha Broyles, Pearl 516
Williams, Don LeRoy Misenhimer, Donna 516
Williams, Gilbert Alton Sweet, Leona Rae 18
Williams, James Arthur Atkins, Wynona Mae 495
Williams, Joseph Dean Sowa, Jean Olive 217
Williams, Kenneth Earl Oldham, Joett Lucille 262
Williams, Marion M Fowler, Jane Marie 603
Williams, William James Jr Hall, Audrey Joan 143
Willson, Gerald Owen Powell, Doris Marie 247
Wilson, Irving Richard Stone, Maxine LaVelle 362
Wilson, Marvin Lee Tuter, Kay Mary 556
Wilson, Robert Howard Pemberton, Barbara Lee 341
Wilson, William Witcher Brood, Mabel Arlene 86
Wiltse, Roy Delmar Falwell, Barbara Deane 310
Wimmer, Max Herman II Rowlett, Ruth Shirley 490
Winner, Royce Myles Wells, Patsy Mae 503
Winter, Courtney Ralph Rodgers, Alpha Irene Jeanette 141
Winters, Jack Pyper, Betty 466
Witter, Donald Bentelry Roush, Vivian Leona 53
Wofford, James Robert Oden, Mildred Lorraine 169
Wolf, James Alexander Longwill, Jennie Maude 579
Wolf, Richard Lee Walker, Delores Mae 16
Wolff, Ernest Alvin Wilson, Dorothy Delphine 330
Wood, Norris Navale Rietz, Marye Ruth 152
Woodard, James Irvan Sessions, Mary Louise 431
Woodard, Ray Dillon Valin, Dixie Pearl 239
Woodcock, Walter D Nave, Mary Regina 38
Woods, Roy Lee Cooper, Veronica 530
Woolley, John Emel, Helen 598
Wooton, James Derald Baker, Cynthia Charlene 173
Work, Robert Gregory Hedrick, Lola Helen 54
Wright, Peter Jerome Wright, Marilyn Helen 174
Wright, Robert Ernest Adkins, Jeanette Mae 6
Wright, William Harrison Steffenson, Geraldine Christine 326
Wyant, Burnell Oliver Black, Bernice Elaine 109
Wyatt, Neal Andre Worthylake, Barbara Anne 493
Wyatt, Walter Guinn Lineberry, Juanita Faye 75
Wyne, Wilbert G Ahlgren, Consuella M 453
Wytcherley, Martin Randall Mooney, Jacqueline Marie 578
Yawn, Gerald Rigel, Martha Jane 31
York, Frederick Lloyd Gwinn, Norma Jean 64
York, John M Green, Helen Carolyn 227
Young, Clarence Herbert Nielsen, Virginia May 481
Young, Ralph Blaisdell Young, Elizabeth 108
Young, William Edward Tizekker, Virginia Dawn 335
Young, William Henry Young, Jean Merline 250
Zemke, James Roy Smith, Carole Jean 426
Zimmerlee, Lester Glenn Austin, Patricia Arlene 343
Zundel, Robert Gerald Perl, Marianne 93