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Jackson County Marriage Book #3 Indexed by Groom's Name

Old Photo of Wedding Couple

RVGS volunteers have photographed and indexed the marriage record books housed in the Jackson County, Oregon courthouse. Below is our index to Marriage Book #3 for 1884-1888. It is in alphabetic order by the groom's name. Marriage Book #3 uses preprinted forms completed by the county clerk. Each page in Marriage Book #3 contains the certificates for a single couple and includes both the marriage license and certificate (assuming the license was acted upon).

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Marriage Certificate
How to order:
Names of bride and groom

Groom Bride Page
Adams, Alvin Trimbley, Virginia 292
Adams, Lyman Matney, M J 158
Aldrich, J W Claver, Mandina 340
Alford, M L Applegate, Rachael L 10
Allen, J D Savage, Annie 132
Allen, William Dunlap, Rhoda A 309
Amy, Frank M Pankey, Lydia Mary 224
Anderson, Albert Devenny, Josephine 238
Anderson, D W Hull, Dora 107
Archer, C E Stanley, M A 227
Armstrong, J B Hodges, Lilly 246
Asken, Burt H Bailey, Mary I 258
Austin, Minot Edwards, Linda 346
Banister, Wm F Roten, Emma F 326
Barneburg, James L Dick, Maggie E 272
Barneburg, Peter Henry, Addie 44
Barron, E B Payne, Stacy 223
Bauten, Henry Pulzer, Mary 372
Beatty, James W Bell, Hulda 311
Bechdoldt, Fred C Low, Irena E 43
Beck, George Fields, Minnie 190
Bellinger, John H Merriman, Effie 304
Benefiel, J T Clark, E M 260
Berry, J H Simpson, R M 331
Berryman, Thomas Berryman, Jane 16
Bigham, John Berry, Allita Bell 305
Blount, W H Tolman, Hattie 341
Bradley, Isaac A Hull, Mary C 201
Bristow, J B Wilson, Nancy J 345
Brockley, Thad Stanley, Olive 300
Brophy, Nick Robinson, Anna 256
Brophy, Nick Robinson, Anna 257
Brown, Carl Farrin, Paulin 23
Brown, J C Roden, Frances E 68
Brown, J J Louden, Rachel M 30
Brown, William Nelson Hutchinson, Mary Jane 25
Burkhalter, Charles C Kubli, Barbara R 56
Burson, J W Fowler, Martha V 333
Butcher, P N Davis, Belle 278
Caldwell, S M Gregg, Mary 329
Carr, George G Roper, Austie Lavinia 210
Carter, E A Humphrey, Mabell 75
Casebeer, J M Dahack, Minnie B 291
Charley, Lemon Brown, Jennie 19
Childers, George C Norton, Dora E 281
Childers, George C Winton, Dora E 285
Childers, William A Craddock, Ettie M 229
Clayton, Edward W Bunt, Dora A 373
Clayton, N H Gore, Malvina 197
Close, Frederick Talent, Josie 312
Coburn, W T Baldwin, Mary 137
Coffin, P B Todd, Martha P 220
Coffman, Samuel R Dunlap, Mary W 169
Cole, George W Cummons, Nancy C 131
Coleman, Elmer G Briner, Jennie 212
Cook, Richard Smith, M J (Mrs) 189
Cooper, H L Payne, Elizabeth 128
Cornish, J D Fordyce, Clara 177
Cox, D Y Gregory, Almira 351
Cox, Rufus Dutton, Charity 150
Craig, Joseph Wilson, Ida 352
Crance, Ambros E Grigsby, Mary E 307
Crawford, Willard Eaton, Linda 359
Crawley, J W Duff, Eliza Vina 262
Crow, M T Davis, Dollie (Mrs) 129
Culbertson, James D Swingle, Cora E 138
Cunningham, Archie Gooden, Melissa M 58
Cunningham, W J Becker, Elsie D 180
Curry, John Plymale, Anna 318
Curry, John W Plymale, Anna 321
Curtis, Joseph Bayley, Hattie 203
Cushman, W H Vogeli, Rose 249
Cushman, William H Vogeli, Rose 246
Daley, George W Simon, Alice C 264
Darneille, H L Sanders, Martha A 79
Davis, G M Moon, Laura E 101
Davis, George Q Shelley, Annie M 110
Davis, John H Shoemaker, Abigail 153
Davis, R E Ross, Aba 239
Dean, B W Miller, Mary 155
Dean, Bradford W Ralls, Annie E 12
Dean, M S Conger, Sarah A 206
Dean, W J Robinson, Ersula 202
Delano, J Wright, Susie 178
Delk, Joseph T Ward, Sarah E 146
Dickey, George C Callaghan, Lucy A 105
Dickinson, Boyd T Casto, Rosa D 293
Dickson, Edward E Pollock, May 61
Dollarhide, L D Dunlap, Florence A 160
Doney, George Davis, Ella 3
Dora, Charles Chandler, Rhoda A 282
Doran, Lew Colwell, Ida 28
Dugan, T F Conley, Catharine 48
Dunlap, David Hetsel, R D (Mrs) 199
Durkee, H F Thompson, Nancy Jane 49
Dyar, John Smith, Emma 29
Eads, W W Provolt, Ethelent 13
Eddy, A F Slover, Mary E 76
Edwards, G W Anderson, Laura V 308
Egan, John B Dean, Sherry A 6
Ellis, E L Downing, Annie E 66
Engle, Henry C Tammen, Anna A 336
Faircloe, Horace G Murray, Anna 254
Farra. E L Dean, Clara E 55
Faulconer, E W Blevins, E E 108
Fink, John F Cardwell, Della F 123
Finley, Grant Haskins, Jennie 144
Fisher, John E Ferguson, Hannah 188
Fleck, D B Armstrong, Martha S 348
Florey, A J Nye, Ettie A 135
Framer, Henry A Davis, Mollie 134
Frasier, J W Torry, Nora 209
Fredenburg, T H Pearson, Alice 342
Frizell, J F Kennedy, Lucy 124
Fronk, C R Merriman, Isabelle 139
Furry, Frederic E Caton, Mary Isabel 208
Gale, E W Conger, Nancy E 80
Garrett, William Plymire, Elizabeth 97
Geary, S E Schoermake, Maggie J 115
Gilbert, William H Eggleston, Cora A 164
Gilroy, W M Pennebaker, Della 324
Goddard, Reno Elliott, Jennie E 186
Gookin, F W Fares, Clara A 360
Gorden, Monroe Murray, Sarah J 50
Gray, George T Higenbotham, Olive 271
Gray, William S Randles, Mary D 219
Green, J R Fryer, Arglee 234
Gregory, Henry L Owens, Mary E 266
Griffiths, T M Sutton, Zetta 240
Guerin, James T Brown, Sarah A 73
Hall, Charles Childers, Nancy A 126
Hall, P C McSweeny, Ida 284
Hall, P C McSweeny, Ida B 287
Hamilton, I L Gibson, Enola 306
Hamlin, Andrew Fitzwater, Elba Helena 364
Hamlin, S V Barr, Theresa F 297
Hammond, Asa Crump, Alice 187
Hange, O K Erickson, Nellie 141
Hansen, James Brawley, Elizabeth F 343
Hargadine, C H Casey, Carrie E 88
Haskins, John A Saltmarsh, Lily J 159
Hathaway, S F Leever, Lavinia 39
Heffner, William Turnham, Luella 140
Helman, John K Younker, Grace A 174
Helman, U S Applegate, Minnie E 34
Helms, A D Fitzgerald, Mary E 191
Henderson, W E Panter, Emma 83
Herrin, D C Howell, Maggie E 165
Hickethier, Augustus Kunz, Laura C (Mrs) 181
High, Nathan S Spencer, Belle 325
Hill, Dillon R Stewart, Cora E 344
Hoagland, Charles H Buzan, Margery C 99
Hobson, P E Simpson, E Jane L 317
Hodges, Marion Anderson, Polly 196
Hodges, Samuel T Gall, R S 322
Hoeber, Eugene G L Hubbell, Laura S 36
Holburg, C Dunn, Lizzie J 248
Holsey, Eli Thompson, Pollie 339
Homeward, Edward D Hobert, Clarinda 289
Houston, D L Wall, D L 63
Houston, John A Hammond, Mary Alice 53
Houston, W T Rodgers, Emma Y 213
Houston, W T Rodgers, Emma F 225
Hubbell, George Andrew Johnson, Annie 192
Hudson, George Fredenburgh, Sarah 15
Hull, M F Fitzgerald, Elizabeth 100
Huppert, John Waters, Maggie 171
Hutchens, Eugene Marlow, Carrie M 318
Hutchings, J B R Shephard, Martha E 27
Inalls, S W Harrison, Susie 294
Jacobs, N A Strang, Emma 256
Jarvis, James W Evans, Ollie M 40
Jennings, William Dews, Eliza Jane 7
Johnson, F L Drexler, Caroline 296
Johnson, Henry B Kincaid, A A 275
Johnson, O H Justus, Anna 70
Jones, Douglas A Plymale, Ida C 121
Jones, William V Birdseye, Dora 235
Jorden, William M Bos, Mary 267
Judd, Cory D Shephard, Martha 366
Judd, Cory D Shephard, Martha A 370
Kane, E C Berry, Alice 51
Kavanagh, John Cummings, Johanna 236
Kelly, J F Hukill, Lula 60
Kilgore, E G Herrin, Nettie M 118
Kimble, Edward Johnson, Martha E 179
King, David Hopkins, Sarah (Mrs) 21
Klippel, F W Sisley, Mattie A 145
Knighten, A Martin, Alice 374
Kubli, H D Cameron, Maud E 274
Kyle, A F Hargadine, Etta 37
Kyle, A T Hargadine, Etta 32
Laist, Martin Donegan, Mary A 172
Lawrence, Thomas Gribble, Elizabeth 211
Leever, W C Armstrong, Isabelle 286
Leever, W C McSweeny, Ida 286
Lewis, C F Crystal, A M 363
Lewis, C S Durkee, Ella 175
Lewis, I N Heckethorne, Etta 103
Lewis, O F Riggs, Nancy 357
Lindsay, Charles B Montrose, Marian 120
Little, Harry H Stanley, Mary H 243
Loftus, E H Jr Helm, Jessie 214
Lomas, James Denny, Cordella J 162
Londenn, Leoama Mee, Martha Ann 168
Long, J B Bell, Hulda 127
Loosley, P S Brown, Nancy E 316
Lorane, Bernard Barlow, Mary Ann 96
Low, G M Abbott, Teresa W 207
Low, U H Wilcox, Mary O 353
Luckey, W N Cox, Amanda A 57
Lund, William Svanoe, Milla Christine 86
Lyttleton, William Million, Esther 270
Macklin, William Hodges, Susia E 65
Maegly, Aaron N Levy, Cecelia 74
Manion, Joseph Givens, May 303
Mann, J F Farmer, Mary E 93
Manning, Frank M Phipps, Clara 157
Marcus, Nathan Brown, Sada 330
Markham, W D Miller, Nellie Myrtle 290
Marks, M M Peterson, Lena (Mrs) 183
Martin, H F Ratrie, Sarah E 365
Martin, Joseph H Price, Susan J 261
Matney, Lewis B Royse, Eliza E 302
Maule, Milton Murray, Eleoner 116
Mayfield, Nicholas S Slover, Ann M 233
Mayfield, W S Slover, Jane 156
McAdams, Willis H Morris(on), Maggie 78
McCain, J S Farmer, N 5
McClaren, George Tetherow, Sarah E 277
McClellan, Harry L Orth, Celia 255
McConnell, George F Gillette, Caroline M 269
McCoy, J W Soliss, Adaline 315
McCulloch, James L Howard, Annie M 109
McDonogh, James Smith, Lily S 237
McGee, S B Crosby, Nettie 218
McKee, Amos Pence, Lottie 356
McKee, George Pence, Mary Elizabeth 24
McMillen, B F Fee, Sarah A 221
Meek, G W Slagle, H L 62
Merriman, I A Bellinger, Emma L 268
Messal, William Bussy, Emellia 18
Million, Jackson Hamilton Kemper, Mary M 20
Mingus, F M Wright, Mary M 230
Moore, Charles S Langell, Mary L 26
Moore, W B Holt, Mary S J 263
Moore, W T Brown, E 38
Morgan, John McKee, Almira 337
Morrow, William H Packard, Cora W 151
Mundy, A J Taylor, Ellen E 142
Myer, E B Muller, Ida 89
Myer, H G Tonn, Mollie 122
Neathammer, Daniel E Oden, Leona Ann 375
Neel, Lewis Simmons, Emma 288
Neil, L A Sisson, Augusta 14
Newman, F Harris, Alice C 323
Nichols, W J Cardwell, Jane A 205
Norris, John R Drake, Sarah May 276
Oliver, W E Simpson, Nellie 133
Owens, James Ramsden, Mary 232
Pankey, H F Hooten, Nancy E 52
Pankey, Lewis Wade, Ollie 148
Pankey, Obediah Obenchain, Sarah M 368
Parker, Francis M Reynolds, Helena 98
Payne, R A Fox, Clara E 35
Pelton, John E Ganiard, Lottie L 54
Peninger, W H Hesse, Alvina 72
Phipps, W J Cooper, Minnie F 295
Plymale, W L Luy, Nellie 332
Pomeroy, Erwin C Carr, Adaline J 64
Pool, J L Dunlap, Anna 112
Powell, George W Shores, Elizabeth 319
Priddy, G W Guches, A 349
Pruett, Charles A Cox, Malinda L 299
Pruett, Irwin A Garrett, Jennie 182
Puckett, P S Broyles, Kittie E 154
Rader, John Severence, S M 313
Ragsdale, R F Ellis, M J 149
Randles, Samuel S Gilson, Elsie 361
Redding, William McMahon, Jane 350
Redfield, E Crawford, Alice 47
Richardson, G H High, Alice G 9
Ridinger, George D McDonough, Hattie 215
Rieve, George Sturgis, M E (Mrs) 283
Rifner, Charles D Haskins, Gertrude G 231
Rippey, Charles G Buzan, Addie 280
Rissue, William Williams, Ara W 59
Roberts, H M Brightman, Nettie 362
Roberts, J E Howard, Martha 301
Robinson, J R Coleman, Marcia 252
Robinson, John B Elliott, Anna M 77
Rodenberger, Levi C Egan, Sherry A 334
Rose, L A Colver, Jemima 198
Rose, W H Culp, Mary 216
Ross, L G Lane, Ida 91
Ross, Thomas D Shipley, Annie M 247
Roten, A L Ford, Josephine 265
Roten, U S Ford, Josephine 263
Ruch, Fritz Estess, Jennie 273
Russell, J T Johnson, Eva C 42
Saltmarsh, Arthur B Pool, Dora M 163
Sam, Wan Lan, Bee 81
Sanders, George B Roper, Ella C 84
Satterfield, Joseph W Newell, Catharine 94
Savage, E M Piatt, Elvira 22
Savage, Lawrence L Ulrich, Lillie 67
Savage, William J Piatt, Almina 17
Schultz, Charles McDaniel, Katie 82
Schumpf, George Barry, Ella 69
Sears, D T Foster, L J (Mrs) 371
Sechrist, C J Kenney, Bertie 279
Shaw, W F Bever, Sarah M 245
Shearer, A W Knutzen, Ettie 271
Shearer, A W Knutzen, Ettie 284
Shock, H G Wooley, Martha 31
Shock, Hawkins G Hankler, Lizzie 367
Shook, J N Payne, Martha 176
Simon, E F Daley, Francis C 349
Simon, E P Daley, Frances C 366
Simpson, Frank J Perry, Nellie 242
Singletary, James H Farra, Lucy J 328
Sly, C J Stimson, Sarah A 45
Sly, Oliver N Stimpson, Effie 244
Smalley, L J Hussey, Hattie C 32
Smalley, L J Hussey, Hattie C 37
Smith, Charles W Aytch, Irene 90
Smith, E E Parker, Ella 226
Smith, Elliott F Hammer, Hattie E 104
Smith, George S Gordon, Nancy 200
Smith, John R Geary, Mary 125
Songer, S T Slade, Belle 170
Spencer, Fred Firestone, Susan 130
Stanley, M A Gall, Carrie I 251
Steadman, N F Bentz, Barbara L 347
Stearns, J R Radcliff, Mary 355
Stephens, Andrew English, Mary 85
Stevens, James Gilson, Hattie 298
Stilwill, William B Schneider, Matilda K 173
Stover, Charles Means, Mary Edith B 354
Stowell, Eugene S Geary, Sarah 250
Strang, Charles Beall, Mary 222
Stricklin, F A Dennis, Malinda E 117
Sturgis, A W Coffman, Paulina 106
Talent, John T Close, Carrie E 167
Terwiliger, S F Hill, Susan E 204
Thompson, Arthur Smith, Martha 119
Thornton, Sheridan F Patton, Emma E 185
Tolman, John C Anderson, Minnie 33
Traylor, H A Heckethorn, Dora 71
Truett, J L Galberth, Minnie J 369
Turpin, Charles W Wade, Alta 314
Van Buren, W P Potter, Alice 259
Van Dyke, W S Mathes, Mary 327
Van Horn, L M Firestone, Elizabeth 41
Van Horn, W A Moomaw, Margaret A 111
Vanderford, Charles roden, Mary Ann 161
Vaughan, Richard Gordon, Lenna 338
Veghte, C H Beach, Ida A 253
Vincent, C O Gordon, Lavina J 152
Vincent, L Pankey, Sarah J 102
Wagner, J M Anderson, Anna M 335
Walker, Daniel Grubb, Sarah J 147
Walters, C W Alford, Ollie 143
Walters, William W Devenney, Lula May 358
Wattenbarger, Thomas H Bellinger, Lucinda 4
Weaver, J W Mayfield, Maggie (Mrs) 193
Webb, B S Howard, Nettie L 228
Weeks, Arthur J Stewart, Anna Bell 166
Whipp, J C Shippley, Florence E 87
White, H L Lufts, Hattie 11
White, John W Peterson, Lena 114
Whiteman, Albert A Kent, Blanch May 217
Whortman, J W Rummel, Mary G 95
Wilkinson, Edward Orth, May Florentina 184
Willey, A L Thornton, Laura 113
Williams, George W Foster, Mary F 136
Williams, John B Brown, Callie 320
Williams, John W Swensen, Gertie 241
Wilson, Elmer Obenchain, Lorena 310
Zimmerman, William Turner, Ella 194
Zimmerman, William G Turner, Etta 195
Zimmerman, Wm G Turner, Ettie 155