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Jackson County Marriage Book #5 Indexed by Groom's Name

Old Photo of Wedding Couple

RVGS volunteers have photographed and indexed the marriage record books housed in the Jackson County, Oregon courthouse. Below is our index to Marriage Book #5 for 1892-1895. It is in alphabetic order by the groom's name. This book used preprinted forms completed by the county clerk. Each page contains the certificates for a single couple and includes both the marriage license and certificate (assuming the license was acted upon).

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Marriage Certificate
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Names of bride and groom

Groom Bride Page
Abbott, B J Gearhart, Agnes (Mrs) 265
Adams, Charles Howard, Minnie 318
Adams, James Blanton, Fannie 214
Albers, Henry Peck, Amelia 243
Allen, John M Edmondson, Lottie B 137
Amter, Henry F Dick, Rosa Anna 141
Anderson, A A Cimborski, Lena 268
Armitage, William Walker, Mary A 149
Armstrong, Frank M Noe, Julia 216
Armstrong, John W Callaghan, Uphraza T 179
Askew, Lewis A Glass, Nannie L E 6
Badley, W L Laws, Effie O 301
Bailey, J S Moore, Henrietta 229
Baker, James H Tungat, Emma 114
Baker, John A Simpson, Sarah M 113
Barlow, W H Neal, Minnie 131
Barneburg, John Kellogg, Nettie 11
Barr, Samuel Reed Wilcox, Anna Irene 124
Bateman, William Chambers, Evie 266
Beck, John Merriman, Josephine 58
Beeman, J H Hay, Hattie J 235
Bell, T J McDaniel, Amanda 128
Blevins, James T Williamson, Clara M 322
Bliss, Fred A Jones, Mary F 210
Bolle, Louis C Caton, Mary E 96
Bramlet, Charles Hill, Eliza 103
Brandenburg, J A Tice, Maggie L 282
Brophy, J J McAndrew, Rose C M 338
Bryant, Robert B Moezay, Ada 183
Buck, C C Parks, Mattie A 46
Buck, Joseph T Boothby, Sarah R 28
Buck, M R Parks, Edna 16
Buffington, George A Cason, Edith V 5
Buker, Frank Decker, Ella 19
Burnett, J S Smith, Fleeta M 308
Butler, W E Butler, Susan F 182
Byrum, William R Hensley, Ola 286
Calvert, Jesse L Coleman, H Isabella 184
Carr, Thomas Laist, Mary A (Mrs) 126
Carver, Eben. W Reames, Lilly M 187
Caton, Francis L Phipps, Alice N 258
Chambers, William H Obenchain, Lucinda 231
Clarke, William J Luy, Laura I 27
Clemens, Ed. Netherland, Mary 248
Clemens, John M Rummel, Tilly J 34
Clemmens, W T Reed. Ada D 130
Cleveland, R R Vincent, Mollie A 355
Clift, George L Van Hidenburg, Annie 256
Conley, J Pankey, Eva 280
Conover, Thomas J Mathews, Lucy A 40
Cook, J H Kincaid, A M 35
Cooley, Charles Williams, Martha M 167
Coulter, Samuel G Neil, Jennie E 47
Cox, J W Noe, Mary E 305
Cox, John W Crain, Elmira May 51
Crawford, O C Morelock, Amy 350
Creed, A L Matney, Ida 254
Crowell, Herman W Stewart, Clara M 165
Crump, J F Ankeny, Cora B 139
Cryder, John W Thomas, Mahala 152
Culver, Charles M Miller, Ada F 68
Cummons, C D Person, Nannie M 76
Daley, George W McNeil, Belle 190
Darnell, J K Higinbotham, Margaret Ellen 75
Davis, D R Wilson, Lucinda L 200
Deboy, J E Shumaker, Frances Edmonia 191
Deming, E E Smith, Jennie D 93
Demorest, Richard H Stewart, Bertha 146
Dennis, William Green, Bertha W 160
Dickey, F R McCullock, Alice C 270
Donoghue, P H Gall, Dora V 353
Downing, William M Pankey, Martha Luella 13
Dox, Henry Day, Mamie 246
Drake, F M Virgin, Grace E 262
Driscoll, D F Kuhn, Grace 309
Dugan, T F Hubert, Mary D (Mrs) 236
Dunkin, J C Tedham, May 219
Eagon, Levi M Hatch, Julia Irene 292
Edlund, Gust. Abbott, Emma A 271
Edmonson, Charles Obenchain, Laura 54
Eicher, C H Grigsby, Nancy 169
Ells, G H Lowden, Sally 239
Engledow, U G Noah, Maggie 278
Epps, George L Carpenter, Lily M 78
Evans, Hyman G Wheeler, Eunice 156
Evans, Samuel J Moore, Eliza (Mrs) 284
Fanning, George J Long, Annie 97
Farley, A N Fisher, Sarah Jane (Mrs) 275
Farmer, John W Inlow, Florence May 55
Farnsworth, George Jerome Langell, Jessie C 340
Fenton, John J Spencer, Ella (Mrs) 328
Fields, W C Stillwell, Cynthia 39
Fox, E A Elliott, Minnie B 9
Fox, H A Ferguson, Grace C 118
Fredenburg, William J Peck, Mary Anna 123
Freeman, Laverne L Bruck, Emma L 222
Freeman, Will J Owen, Minnie 209
French, J H Foster, Ida 242
Frierson, R W Youmans, Jennie 158
Fryer, Marion E Clemmens, Ida B 166
Furman, George P Orme, Cora B 59
Furry, Arthur S Culver, Coralita 98
Galbreath, Wallace Johnson, Mamie 287
Garvin, James L Beeson, Jesse E 186
Gay, Louis J Linn, Mamie 36
Gee, John Homer Hargrave, Grace Philipa 7
Gee, William Bowman, Mary J (Mrs) 247
Gillette, A J Coleman, Mary 347
Gilmore, Frank M Megerle, Mattie 86
Goddard, O R Nyswaner, Belle 215
Gorsline, E L Olson, Clara A 48
Grant, John G Evans, Arizona 335
Gray, Robert A Hargrave, Mary E 90
Green, Albert P Osborn, T Elda 345
Gregg, Charles A Oldakers, Maggie May 178
Griffith, Lincoln Heriford, Lora 120
Grigsby, L B Cook, Edith 320
Halley, P J Harvey, Sylvia E 63
Halley, W L Davis, Effie M 64
Hamilton, Charles Matney, Mary 323
Hammersly, Joseph L Carter, Matilda 295
Harding, Fred L Pickens, Helen 249
Hards, James Thurman, Helen (Mrs) 274
Harrell, Thomas A Childers, Martha A 174
Harvey, James W Springer, Eva A 150
Haskins, Val Jones, Etta 319
Haskins, William Jennings, Eliza 226
Hasty, Charles F Houck, Grace W 50
Hatch, F B Nelson, Sadie 228
Hatchwell, F Sprague Shaffer, Maud 314
Hayes, T A Thornton, Hattie M 109
Haymond, Ben Morris, Rose A 38
Heirford, J H Raglin, Ludiceon 33
Helman, A D Rockfellow, S A (Mrs) 291
Hendrick, T F Dollarhide, M. S 240
Heriford, Carl Cruson, Lillie 276
Hicks, H M Corbett, Nora E 138
Hill, Henry H Morrill, Sarah A 105
Hill, J P Shultz, Ida B 94
Hill, Thomas Swensen, Annie 259
Hoagland, Joseph Elliott, Cora 10
Holden, Emil Otto Blackert, Mary Jane 342
Hollingsworth, C A Thurman, Lucy 70
Homes, Charles I Tucker, Daisy A 171
Hooper, C E Reeser, Pearl 346
Hopkins, Al Grow, L D 288
Hougham, T J Moore, Matilda 170
Houston, Charles Stevens, Grace 82
Howard, J R Brown, Ella 153
Howerton, James Barnum, Melissa 211
Hubbard, Fortunatus Jr McKee, Tressa 185
Huestis, R G Lewis, Ella 290
Huffer, J H Jr Christian, Nellie 65
Hukill, C E R Woody, Mida 324
Hurd, Charles Neil, Ida 331
Ireland, Henry Walden, Olive E 300
Jewell, Leonard L Calhoun, Amelia M 163
Johnson, Albert A Cooper, Millie A 43
Johnson, John D Kennedy, Effie Ellen 21
Johnson, W O Anderson, Lucinda 349
Kahler, Orange Dunlap, Lena 356
Kippe, Charles Beck, Lillie 196
Kirby, Henry Cabler, Ida 310
Kneeland, John H Witt, Maggie 18
Knotts, P A Gibson, Ida 279
Kubli, K J Cook, Emma A 95
Laird, Charles J Caster, Elva E 66
Lamar, R J Adkins, Ora 329
LaPlant, Ernest Sylvester Butler, Josephine Sarah 49
Leever, Edmonson M Nicholson, Lizzie J 189
Loomis, Charles L Dodge, Nellie L 330
Lown, A T Shults, Lula D 339
Luy, Fred Jr Bybee, Minnie Ida 73
Lyman, George Hooton, Kate 343
Lynch, Dennis T Wimer, Samantha (Mrs) 260
Lynch, George H Buchanan, Dora B 117
Marquess, James Schneider, Josephine 327
Martin, Christopher C Bruns, Nettie W 212
Martin, Edward E Reuter, Mary G 15
Mathews, G B Dahack, Ida May 112
Matney, William Pearce, Grace V 336
McAlpine, C Phelps, Fanny 45
McCaslin, James Cox, Lizzie 29
McClenden, S W Coakley, Emma 23
McFall, J H Wimer, Alice A 31
McFerren, James Smith, Henrietta (Mrs) 311
McKnight, W G Swacker, Mary J 8
McLeod, A J Shockley, Etta 192
Meehan, John J Ober, Sadie 281
Merriman, Will Luy, Rose M 238
Meyer, August Thier, Theresa 155
Meyer, Henry A Klingle, Ella 277
Miles, Fred H Cook, Louise E 14
Miller, Fred Savage, Laura 106
Miller, John A Baldwin, Elva J 1
Miller, John E Thun, Helena 3
Miller, W L Rock, Mattie 315
Million, Charles Sutherland, Mattie 204
Mills, Felix T Holt, Nancy G 69
Mills, Herbert S Barr, Ada M 188
Mitchell, Gus Ward, Henrietta 57
Moore, F R Dixon, E D 147
Moore, William D Oden, Gerusha 175
Morris, Charles Taylor, Sarah 60
Mounce, I A Wiggin, Addie 250
Mowat, W H Forbes, A J 24
Mulveyhill, Stephen Wright, Florence R 194
Murphy, C W McDonald, Florence E 257
Murphy, Edward O'Brien, Rose 173
Myer, William Gall, Annie L 133
Myers, George Lowthare, Kate 81
Neathammer, Jacob Bateman, Sarah A (Mrs) 293
Neil, George R Turner, Susie M 181
Nelson, Frank L King, Lena 154
Nelson, John Martin, Estella 52
Neuber, George E Hanna, Hattie M 168
Newberry, Gus Rose, Ella M 125
Newell, Joseph P Sackett, Ellen J 41
Newstrom, Charles A Nussbaum, Maggie 302
Newton, Lewis H Ingram, Lulu A 225
Nichols, Arthur McDonald, Katherine A 208
Nichols, Charles, T Pool, Mary 234
Nichols, J L Greninger, Minnie L 53
Nichols, John E Higinbotham, Minnie M B 110
Noah, H A Olson, Ida M 172
North, J Johnson, Minnie 122
Orton, Sherman A Bousom, Carrie 312
Owen, George W Walker, Camilla 352
Owens, Calvin Gregory, Mary Elizabeth 164
Pankey, William H Obenchain, Nannie M 151
Parliament, Phillip C Williscroft, Wildy 32
Patton, J I Edmondson, Maggie E 162
Payne, C T Jr Wells, Estelle M 71
Payne, Taylor Dennis, Leah 79
Pence, Calvin M Caton, Ollie L 56
Perine, Luther Cantrill, Dora L 116
Perry, Albert Trefren, Sadie D 332
Phelps, Rufus N Schmitt, Adelaide 334
Phillips, Samuel Bell, Minerva 2
Phipps, D E Weaver, Minnie A 263
Phipps, Edward E Hall, Agnes 102
Pierce, Charles H Harrison, Laura G 89
Plymale, Francis G Brous, Bessie M 201
Pohlmann, Bernard Henry Kubitz, Emma Louise 80
Powell, Josiah Norton, Lizzie (Mrs) 251
Priddy, James J Virgil, M P 119
Prince, Louis L Smith, Cora C 30
Pryce, Roland Chavener, Mary A 129
Purkeypile, O C Fries, Elle 12
Ragsdale, B F Godfrey, Emma L 267
Raimey, Thomas G McLin, Susie E (Mrs) 121
Randall, George B Nelson, Ida M 83
Randles, Charles McNeil, Viola 17
Real, J H Bush, Clara 307
Redfield, J H Wilcox, Ida 193
Redpath, E L Gueches, Gertrude 144
Reed, H D Applegate, Omega 237
Reynolds, Henry Casto, Mary A 157
Rhoads, William P Boussum, Mattie E (Mrs) 217
Robbins, John E Smith, Annie E 101
Roberts, William D Bellinger, Eva 91
Rogers, L W Warren, Catherine (Mrs) 325
Rolf, Joseph Wiley, Irma 25
Rose, Antone Gilson, Mayette 299
Roundtree, F M Matney, May 230
Rummel, John R Thatcher, May 42
Russell, O F Bean, Lucy 88
Sargent, Oliver L Critchlow, Lizzie C 283
Sayles, H L Sutton, Alice B 296
Schaumloffel, William Pember, Estelle F 348
Sells, J B Williams, Jessie 135
Severance, H T Stricklin, Mary (Mrs) 74
Shepherd, J F Colvin, E A 132, 134
Sherman, Charles L Ball, Emma (Mrs) 99
Sherman, Dennis Bowers, Elizabeth B 107
Sherman, Frank Mills, Laura (Mrs) 77
Shirts, James Mayham, Rachel 202
Shores, J W Sutherland, Maggie 294
Simpkins, Oscar A Heckathorn, Jennie 333
Simpson, J W Teller, Hannah M (Mrs) 244
Simpson, Thomas H Glenn, Eleanor M 273
Sirnon, E F Beale, Charlotte 306
Sisemore, L C Orth, Anna 241
Slagle, Fred S Leever, Lucinda 351
Sleezer, George M Wiley, L May 159
Slinger, J W Farlow, Anna 255
Smith, A C Jr Anderson, Mary 227
Smith, Charles Moore, Maggie Day 145
Smith, R E Anderson, Carrie 298
Smith, Thomas J Dixon, Ada M 233
Smith, W. F. McVicar, Ida Maud 220
Smith, Walter C Simmons, Lydia A 37
Smith, William Law, Emma 177
Sommers, Harry Houser, Annie B 22
Sparks, L M White, Emma R 199
Standley, A J Wright, Edith May 221
Standley, Thomas D McNeil, Daisy 344
Starmer, D J Cottrell, Rachel A 326
Starns, J D Newton, Edith M 108
Stephenson, H B Anderson, Katy 195
Stevens, Bertrand R Robbins, Mabel L 223
Stevenson, Frank Earhart, Etta 197
Stevenson, John B Harris, Eliza Ellen 316
Stewart, T W Allen, Julia Francis 176
Stone, D W Goddard, Jennie E 313
Stroud, G M Jr Tolman, Ida 111
Sutton, Emmitt Brown, Carrie Ellen 92
Sutton, Frank Real, Pearl 317
Swacker, S D Williamson, Jessie (Mrs) 341
Taylor, C C Rose, Effie L 44
Taylor, E H B Osborn, Berthia 253
Taylor, Frank W Smith, Emily 142
Theising, Frank Schutz, Johanna (Mrs) 20
Thompson, David Keegan, Jane 87
Thompson, E Ellsworth VanDyke, Carrie 4
Tozer, Albert B Slater, Addie 115
Tryer, Frank M Birdsall, Nellie M (Mrs) 261
Turner, John H Hammond, Grace E 206
Tycer, Thomas J Gilmore, Hattie E 85
Venable, W H Offenbacher, Mamie J 213
Vincent, J M Taylor, Alice M 62
Vincent, John R Conley, Mary M 252
Wagoner, W H O'Donoghue, Honoria C 354
Walker, A H Pickens, Mary Jewett 67
Walker, Ira Robison, Lucy 245
Waller, Sylvester Rosenbrough, Margaret 180
Walther, Harry Lincoln Harris, Charrie Johns 26
Ward, Arthur Stanley Burkhalder, Ida Theodocia 100
Ward, L D Manning, Maggie M 303
Wells, Ed. C Wilkinson, Annie 148
Whetstone, Daniel Dowell, Florence J 272
Whetstone, Henry Francis Cook, Della 264
Whited, H L Colton, Bertha E 304
Whitman, J D Johnson, Caroline 132, 134
Whittle, S B Gibson, Luella 104
Willard, Isaiah H Bassett, Lucinda J 321
Williams, George W Shot, Lizzie 203
Williams, Wilbur Stevens, Clarabell 140
Willson, G W Oakley, J A 72
Wilson, H L Goodwin, Emma 136
Wilson, Henry Sager, Alice 84
Wilson, Jefferson D Wyant, Mary 205
Wimer, Reason E McElwain, Lillie 297
Winchell, Joseph L Miser, Lizzie J 198
Witt, Chali Loretz, Anna O 127
Witt, Fred Moore, Nellie Gertrude 337
Witte, Elmer E Cowles, Fantie S 207
Wolgamott, A Blackwell, Lizzie 224
Wolgamott, C M Smith, Lottie 218
Woods, Henry Savage, Clara 289
Wooldridge, J H Cook, Mary E 61
Wooley, A L Reynolds, Eva 143
Wright, Thomas J Moore, Mary 285
Young, Charles T Hammond, Kate 232
Young, David L Cook, Rebecca A 269
Zoosman, F M Crandall, Cora M 161