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Jackson County Marriage Book #7 Indexed by Groom's Name

Old Photo of Wedding Couple

RVGS volunteers have photographed and indexed the marriage record books housed in the Jackson County, Oregon courthouse. Below is our index to Marriage Book #7 for 1898-1903. It is in alphabetic order by the groom's name. This book used preprinted forms completed by the county clerk. Each page in this book contains the certificates for a single couple and includes both the marriage license and certificate (assuming the license was acted upon).

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Marriage Certificate
How to order:
Names of bride and groom

Groom Bride Page
Abbott, L A Finley, Ella (Mrs) 455
Ablia, Anton Silveria Francis, Emily 144
Ackley, S S Patterson, Bertha 383
Adams, Charles Leek, Lilly 491
Adams, William J Rice, Lillie E 616
Aitkin, William A Mingus, Clara 507
Alford, George Payne, Amanda 459
Allard, F G Tice, Pearl 343
Allard, Frank G Bush, Lena 399
Allen, Alva Corliss, Blanch 634
Allen, R M Wyant, Alice 251
Alverson, George Williams, Alice Josephine 49
Amick, James W Rodgers, Myrtle 605
Ammons, G F Smith, Alice 290
Anders, J L Burton, Jessie L 300
Anderson, Alfred Leabo, Susan E (Mrs) 349
Andrews, Henry T Vogeli, Myrtle W 516
Andrus, D R Whitman, S M (Mrs) 473
Applegate, Mark Hinkle, Sylvia 187
Arbuckle, T P Parr, Clara A 375
Archambeau, Henry Noah, Ellen 233
Arnold, Ira L Rawlings, Ella 385
Ashurst, Bert Caldwell, Mary Ethel 328
Austin, Clinton B Barclay, Rebecca May 127
Bailey, A Leslie Badger, Rose A 596
Bailey, George W Dingman, Margaret J 415
Bailey, H F Morelock, Pearl 521
Band, Ehler Schumpf, Ella Barry (Mrs. Joe) 206
Bannister, William Ford, Sarah 101
Barfield, Frank B Allen, Grace 400
Barry, Thomas Penwell, Mily J (Mrs) 294
Bartle, G W Miller, Ora Belle 327
Bates, John W H H Witcher, Margie L 559
Bates, Nate G Kame, Mazie A 503
Bates, William W Medynski, Henrietta H 288
Batson, Elvie R Shelley, Mollie G 570
Beagle, William M Clute, Maggie A 32
Beale, Christopher C Woodruff, Pearl Ann 3
Bean, P R Brown, Ettie May 306
Bean, R J Sloan, Grace M 135
Beck, F W Band, Nellie Ray 220
Beck, William A Milton, Ollie V 229
Becker, John Demmer, Minna 309
Beers, George Moegerle, Ida 181
Beers, Stephen H Williams, Margaret E 81
Beeson, John B Talent, Myrtle M 504
Beeson, Wilborn Foss, Nellie J 317
Bell, Waldo Crosby, Clara 587
Bellinger, Frank McPherson, Minnie 52
Bellinger, J H Arthurs, Jennie 279
Bellows, O L Wyant, May 441
Belts, F J Whitsett, Genevieve 115
Beltz, John F Edler, Louise K 202
Benback, Chalres Herr, Isabella 539
Betz, August Peters, Louise 615
Betz, William A Ayres, Margaret E 90
Bidin, M C S Marshall, Hattie I 472
Bilderback, Grant Dosier, Lottie E 139
Birdsey, Wesley Cameron, Effie B 339
Bish, Joseph A Peachey, Annie A 556
Blackford, Oscar S McKay, Nancy C 627
Blackmore, David J Eaton, Bessie May 574
Bogue, William Case, Pearl May 215
Boswell, J E Downing, Maude 500
Boussum, S J Henry, Ethel M 140
Bower, A Cook, Dora 80
Bowman, G J Bowman, Lulu (Mrs) 360
Boyce, A A Mansfield, Cassie E 336
Brannon, J W Scadden, Rosa E 492
Brantlacht, H G Parker, Nancy (Mrs) 106
Breeding, John Harvey, Maude 484
Bridges, J M Matney, Mildred 92
Briscoe, Edward D Holtan, Alena 188
Bristow, Joseph B Schneider, Anna 586
Brittsan, L P Hudson, Leila M 223
Brittsan, R W Cherry, Daisy B 4
Brown, A R Owens, Lydia E 253
Brown, Howard Carrico, Elizabeth 553
Brown, Jordan Bennett, Addie 176
Brownrigg, Miles (Rev) Smith, Alice Mae 214
Brundige, Samuel H Prunty, Susan (Mrs) 304
Bunch, A M Herriott, Lola 386
Burch, James A Kingery, Louisa 356
Burnett, Robert P Foster, Charlotte G 391
Burnett, Thomas Abbott, Lillie R 593
Burns, Charles Taylor, Lilian 329
Burrall, Frederick P Anderson, Sara E 231
Burton, Grundy Carter, Allie P 448
Butler, Harry A Nicholson, Edith 510
Calhoun, H B Beardsley, Mae 608
Calkins, James Walter Russell, May Isabel 374
Callan, Edward J Helm, Lucy E 513
Calloway, Thomas Lee Foster, Iva 51
Calvert, J C Gilson, Jessie 256
Cameron, Danmer A Hammersly, Carrie E 332
Campbell, Charles F Donegan, Anna E 357
Cardwell, Lawrence Pankey, Bertha L 257
Carlile, John A Wilson, R L (Mrs) 28
Carlisle, Henry M Washburn, Nora 547
Carlock, G R Tyrrell, Erla 523
Carlton, James W Schmidt, Lena 548
Carlton, John H Brown, Bessie 207
Carpenter, Aaron F Oglesby, Mary (Mrs) 599
Carpenter, G W Wolgomott, Maggie (Mrs) 607
Carr, H W Davis, Alice M 260
Carter, Charles F Rodgers, Lillie M 275
Carver, E W Little, Mary R 323
Caster, Otto Ellison, Enid 281
Casto, John A Puckett, Ida M 98
Caton, H F Pankey, Effie M 366
Caton, M J Baird, Chloe A 261
Caton, W E Law, C M (Mrs) 109
Chisholm, W P Hammersly, Maggie 31
Churchman, George H Walrad, Minnie E 600
Cincade, Thomas W Pankey, Lottie 520
Clark, John Gaines, Alice (Mrs) 303
Clarke, Silas G Wilcox, Frances (Mrs) 423
Clute, Frank Wallace, Lena 429
Clute, Frank Wallace, Lena E 435
Coates, F H Griffin, Orpha 67
Cole, Byron H Huston, Ruby L 316
Cole, J F King, Inez 591
Cole, Karl Frederick Sackett, May 308
Coleman, Noah William Patton, Carrie M 566
Collier, William H Doty, Maggie 563
Conley, J M Tucker, Myrtle 142
Conover, Frank F Shattuck, Elizabeth F 401
Cook, Clinton Rexford, Dora 443
Cook, Grover Nichols, Mollie 631
Cooper, L E Jones, Ollie N E 541
Cooper, Roy L Soliss, Eva 395
Cornutt, Clarence Bogue, Anna 623
Coss, H M Worman, Jessie T 437
Costel, August Yates, Elizabeth 379
Costel, Paul Long, Belle 35
Cottrell, George Wright, Madgie 371
Cottrell, William Zumwalt, Bertha 572
Cox, J E Van Order, I M (Mrs) 121
Craddock, William Slover, Clara 131
Craft, Daniel Woodward, Lily M 208
Crance, Alford Morris, Mamie 552
Crow, Frank Joseph Mathews, Mary Isabel 364
Crowson, E A Holbert, Minnie 33
Crowson, Winford Young Cottrell, Ida Belle 629
Curtis, Clifton Carleton, Ella (Mrs) 528
Daley, Irvin Conley, Eva 439
Darling, Herbert E Morelock, Anna M 186
Darling, Ralph L Noe, Lulu J 313
Davidson, Edward Taylor, Louisa E 571
Davies, James Armpriest, Annie F 153
Davis, Eber Vanderwalker, Rena 617
Davis, Scott V Weaver, Ida 310
Davis, W A Vincent, Lucy May 96
Deal, Joseph Ashbaugh, Amelia 27
Dean, I A Cochran, Rose 362
Deboy, Henry Varble, Elizabeth 413
Deboy, I E Courtney, Clara I 567
DeCarlow, A M Oden, Ardella 420
Demmer, Mathias Richter, Martha 389
Demmer, Paul Downing, Amelia 483
Denney, Walter Case, Alice E 284
Diment, Robert Burnett, Marietta 542
Dodds, William H Reynolds, Lettie 411
Doerner, John Demmer, Elizabeth 481
Dolan, John Jr Caton, Iva 425
Dompier, Frank X Sarvent, Mary 112
Downie, Mike Wagner, Josephine 536
Duffield, Charles E Mathews, Carrie J 34
Duggan, John F Keegan, Mary 116
Dunkin, David B Cook, Carrie A 449
Dunkin, John B Olson, Lucinda E 60
Dunlap, David Loder, Anna (Mrs) 93
Dunlap, Fred A Wilcox, Bertha 561
Dunlap, William E McDonald, Bertha L 347
Dunn, William S Helms, Anna 72
Dusenberry, Smith A Newton, Lulu B 534
Duval, Frank Dunlap, Bertha 82
Dyer, A F Steele, May (Mrs) 264
Earle, William A Clute, Emma B 76
Eastman, Emery J Booth, Lora H 527
Eaton, James Anderson, Effie 614
Eaton, John Schmidtling, Henrietta 370
Edsall, Edward Brees, Elida 39
Edsall, Fred Bailey, Jemima Dell 77
Eicher, Claron S Briggs, Helen A 269
Eicher, J H Pepper, Cora M 151
Elliott, Ernest Tressler, Ruth 88
Ellis, C E Taylor, Eva 452
Ellison, W J King, Emma 265
Engle, Adolphus H Pienning, Elmira (Mrs) 134
Evans, T B Nusbaum, Gusta 517
Evans, William Perdue, Mary 468
Everton, Walter Potter, Roberta 475
Fallis, J M Higinbotham, Rosa B 157
Farlow, Thomas L Downing, Augusta I 20
Farmer, W E Duffy, L Etta 494
Faught, James E Walch, Cordie 321
Feldmaier, George Roberts, Lulu Belle 160
Field, Clyde Barr, Artiminta 368
Fincher, J A Zender, Mattie (Mrs) 242
Fitzgerald, Francis H Morrison, Delia 318
Fore, Sidney J Duncan, Blanche E 295
Foster, Edward Dawson, Marie 387
Fowler, E Nickerson, Florence 496
Fox, O W Plymale, Meda 239
Fredenburg, H A Hooker, Eva 149
Fredenburgh, B F Graham, L M (Mrs) 47
Fredenburgh, Thomas H Coffman, Emma (Mrs) 241
Freeland, Walter B Reeser, Janette 164
Freil, Alfie O Wilson, Alma E 515
Fries, Amos A Wait, Elizabeth Christine 102
Gabrielson, G Albert Anderberg, Mary C 378
Gainey, W H Torey, Clara J 18
Gall, Ellis E Roberts, Nellie M 549
Garrett, J M Nichols, Lucinda 128
Garvin, James L Carlile, Lorena 529
Gay, Charles B Bates, Cora 555
Gee, H C Harris, Sarah J 351
Gibson, David Anderson, Jennie 119
Gigax, Aaron Burt Bailey, Bertha Mae 165
Gillett, O A Smith, Lou (Mrs) 485
Gilson, Harry Allen, May 369
Glass, Theodore A Case, Anzonetta V 107
Glidden, Moses Powers, Elizabeth B 133
Goble, J G Goble, Carrie E (Mrs) 248
Goble, J G Plymale, Bessie M (Mrs) 487
Gorden, Alfred D Obenchain, Effie 361
Gorden, Henry J Edmundson, Ora 322
Gorden, Uriah Stephens, Mary Ardella 238
Gore, Edward Emerson Warner, Hattie Mabel 158
Gore, John G Warner, Robin L 125
Gould, Thomas E Beck, Mollie E 325
Gregory, J F Jr Magruder, Lettie L 9
Grieve, F E Duncan, Letha 638
Grieve, W T Fries, Katie M 240
Grigsby, Ira Hubbs, Maud E 367
Grigsby, Thomas N Cook, Addie 91
Grisez, Edward F Towne, Nellie M 438
Groshong, William French, Evaline 326
Grover, Jarvis Perry, Nettie 23
Grubb, Charles P Robertson, Jessie L 538
Guches, R R Hillman, Gladys E 436
Gunn, N C Pendleton, Maria W 26
Haff, George L Pennig, Fannie 451
Haines, Henry Edler, Elizabeth 493
Hall, James H Davidson, Maud M 632
Hall, Magnes Cook, Edna 373
Hamlin, C A Bates, Nora 620
Hamlin, Fred Murray, Myrtle 560
Hamrick, Jesse B Scott, Carrie Ellen 244
Hannah, Jasper McLin, Lily 406
Hanscom, Charles H Crane, Nettie 431
Happersberger, Frank Happersberger, Eva (Mrs) 221
Hargrave, Henry Percival Weeks, Florence Maude 73
Hargrave, Roy G Gall, Core E 562
Harrigan, Edward Harding, Helen 118
Harriott, Thomas W Little, Helen C 526
Harris, John B Booth, Genevieve M 568
Hart, J E Wood, Susan (Mrs) 422
Hartley, Weldon Tucker, Anna 94
Harvey, Homer H Weaver, Lilian E 170
Harvey, William H Miller, Margaret 353
Hathaway, O C January, Maud 108
Hayden, Charles H Cottrell, Letta 166
Heaton, W H Sackett, Carrie I 499
Heberlie, Bernard Luster, Minnie D 352
Hefling, J L Wright, Effie May 196
Helms, A M Smith, Mary S 365
Helms, Oliver P Netherland, Lena M 247
Hendricks, F M Allen, Nora (Mrs) 11
Hendrickson, William Tucker, Lizzie 442
Herrin, Fred W Ford, Ina G 182
Herrington, A Waterman, Emma 609
Hevener, William W Ewan, Emma 204
Hibbard, F C Stinson, Lula M 252
Hicks, E A Carney, Almira A 129
Higenbotham, William Albert Phipps, Julia 372
Hildreth, Buel Fendall, Lola 225
Hitch, L D Jones, Lillian L 286
Hoagland, W S Baer, F D (Mrs) 159
Hodge, Richard Henry Philport, Catherine Root 519
Hodge, Walter C Smith, Maria A 530
Hoff, Jacob A Moore, Alice D 171
Hoffman, Elias Melanthon Clelland, Esther Alnora 64
Hoffman, Horace Hoffman, Kate F 467
Holmes, Charles M Booth, Amy L 237
Holst, John D Walch, Bertha 384
Hongelorn, H Schmidt, Bertha (Mrs) 53
Hooker, John D Royse, Sarah E 598
Houghton, Willard Coffman, R Adeline 227
Houston, A D Amick, Lillain F 465
Howard, Bert R Rose, Myrtle P 402
Howard, Jefferson Woodson, Laura J 580
Howard, Leon O Macaulay, M Jessie 564
Howard, William D DeCondress, Alberta N 337
Howell, Frank H Shirley, Minnie 235
Howell, Minnis H Shirley, Alphreta 236
Howell, William E Archer, Catherine L 621
Hughes, Charles W O'Toole, Mary M 576
Hughes, H H Bedford, Emma 344
Hunter, Lawrence E Stanley, Margaret Lee 382
Hyde, L C Snell, Anna M 243
Inghram, Claude Dosier, Mary A 161
Ingram, Peter De Roboam, Anna 589
Inlow, C V Stuart, Delia 462
Jackson, Alfred Wallace Berry, Bertha Elaine 376
Jackson, Harry Duer, Florence 8
Jacobs, Edward P Patterson, Myrtle 584
Jacobs, Joseph H Morris, Annie 597
Jacobson, Axcel C Willey, Arta A 558
Jeffers, Frank V McInerny, Nellie 348
Jennings, Eldon Saylor, Ida 138
Jennings, Eldon Saylor, Iva 141
Jennings, F W Reames, Mollette 89
Jennings, Ralph Gilson, Letitia 156
Jennings, Richard H Porter, Myrtle 592
Jensen, Joseph H Jeffrey, Mary L 19
Joffray, Albert Ralph, Fannie 486
Johnson, Alfred Hays, Carrie 150
Johnson, Francis Wells, Maria L (Mrs) 203
Johnston, Malcom Berwit, Jane 482
Jones, Charles T Laack, Emma Agusta 624
Jones, David L Hammersly, Caecil (Mrs) 25
Jones, Henry Daley, Ora 50
Jones, W L Rogers, Winifred 199
Keller, James Holsey, Nancy 595
Kellogg, A E Parker, Katie J 175
Kelly, J J Collins, Maggie M 533
Kenworthy, Hardy White, Anna 301
Kincaid, William J Johnson, Bessie 579
Kinney, M W Goff, Florence I 388
Kirby, Henry Elliott, Florence 618
Kleinhammer, Arthur S Anderson, Mary E 250
Klingle, Charles Nichols, Elizabeth Elsie 147
Klum, A J Denton, Elma 234
Klum, Blaine Dodge, Florence 489
Knips, W G Maben, Hattie 488
Lacy, A W Davis, Rosa M 122
Lacy, Lester Shideler, Eva 57
Lancaster, D A Best, Margaret 393
Lane, Clarence E Rockfellow, Minnie 283
Lang, Walter Craig Krause, Ella Lavilla 2
Lange, Robert Wolff, Elizabeth 113
Langley, Ernest Bienvenue, Anna 192
Leaming, E W Hoskins, Joycie 628
Lee, W H Bevins, Lily 289
Lehners, Diedrich Moore, Caroline 136
Leland, Lester M Tiffany, May 635
Leonard, Robert Shepherd, Margarette M 63
Lewis, W D Newman, Francis M 30
Lewman, Richard F Badger, Daisy 630
Lindley, J S Phipps, Anna B 48
Livingston, Alexander G Frulan, Maud M 299
Lofand, Charles W Breazeale, Rumina E 59
Lofland, Harry Matney, Icie 430
Long, Howard Carter, Mary 230
Long, Osmer Wallace Neil, Eliza (Mrs) 37
Lyon, Harry W Fyfield, Grace 190
Lytle, E L Wetterer, Josie 66
Maben, Charles Lozier, Pearl M 456
Mackey, H C Walker, M L 104
Manning, Bert Corlis, Bessie 603
Marks, William O Stanley, Helen R 285
Martin, T M Olson, Martha E 495
Mast, George Turell, M Ella 79
Mayfield, Finis Carter, Murta N 120
McAndrews, Thomas F Smith, Frances Isabelle 132
McCall, J A Rogers, Ora 16
McClain, George Harvey, Myra 544
McClendon, John H Betts, Jessie D 390
McClendon, John William Lindbeck, Rachel 333
McConnell, J P Mark, Irene 228
McDaniel, William N Throckmorton, Grace 447
McEldowney, Thomas A Shattuck, Elsie M 174
McElroy, Francis H Ensele, Anna 550
McHenry, John Bailey, Lorane F 573
McIntosh, John A Brown, Clara M 232
McKendru, Owen Klum, Hypatia 22
McKenzie, Smith Plummer, Mabel F 471
McKinney, Edwin Dudley, Ella 514
McPherson, A W Faucett, Grace E 350
Merriman, Thomas Whitmore, Nellie 143
Messner, George W Stidham, Daisy 480
Mickleson, August Jeffrey, Lillie May 178
Miles, Thaddeus W Wagner, Jessie N 512
Miller, Frank Blanton, Delia 110
Miller, Fred C Garrison, Clarissa A 201
Miller, J H Marksbury, Ollie May 58
Miller, John F Prim, Mabel T 637
Milne, James Waterhouse, Ola 205
Milton, William H Beck, Florence A 307
Monroe, William Dunlap, Ola 416
Moomaw, Benjamin Halton, Sarah Elizabeth (Mrs) 211
Moon, George W Wheeler, Addie 604
Moore, Jacob Oden, Rosa 146
Moore, Samuel H Hillis, Mary J 38
Morgan, John S Frick, Lottie C 601
Morris, S R Jacobs, Cora 138
Morris, S R Jacobs, Cora 141
Morrison, A V Foster, Bertha L 24
Mount, Alberto Robert Webster, Burtied E 445
Moxley, Edward I Howard, M A 246
Murphy, Joseph S Muller, Babetta C 424
Myer, B F Webster, Marie 626
Neeley, L McCall, Muriel 197
Neil, J C Sturges, Ida B 409
Nelson, F M Parham, Lura 450
Nelson, Peter A Miller, Anna C 103
Netherland, Frank D Crosby, Meda 330
Netherland, S G Garbin, Minnie 41
Newton, Percy Macholdt, Maria M 297
Nichols, Frank Perry, Adella 99
Norden, Herman Vanderkarr, Nancy 427
Norman, J A Hibbard, Jennie 219
Norton, Bert Morton Russell, Anna Margaret 130
Norton, Cyrus DeCondress, Alena G 338
Norton, Frank Hollenbeak, May Belle 407
Nye, H B Gregory, Lilly 477
Oatman, Frank B Sheets, Nida 341
Obenchain, Frank Wendt, Caroline 87
Obenchain, George E Cochran, Stella M 380
O'Brien, Emmett Byrne, Estella 466
Oden, Buddy Owings, Annie 145
Oden, Henry Williams, Mary E 280
Oden, O C Owings, Clara 195
Oden, Richard Williams, Alice 315
Offenbacher, Fred Cameron, Carrie 440
Oglesby, Robert W Robinson, Minnie N 594
Olson, E F Vrooman, Blanche 412
Opp, John W Ries, Rose 216
Orr, L P Millsap, Birdie Mae 611
Owen, J A Brown, May 61
Parazoo, Joseph Mitchell, Mary 267
Parker, Dick Helman, Jessie B 183
Patrick, Elmer Walrad, Ethel 377
Payne, J T Bostwick, Emma G 40
Pech, Rudolph Town, Minnie 83
Pelton, Horace I Morine, Mita M 463
Pence, Ed Dawson, Emma 65
Perkins, Jerald Blodgett, Ida M 458
Perozzi, Domingo Ganiere, Louise A 575
Perry, Albert Brown, Serilda 180
Perry, J R Nichols, Rachel 217
Pettegrew, Fred Ewen, Christina 433
Phillips, Albert P Watkins, Dora May 173
Phillips, George Watkins, Alice 258
Phillips, Raymond McKee, Edna 148
Phipps, D I Brown, Clara E 249
Piening, Charles Harvey, Florence 446
Plymale, F G Howard, Hattie 392
Post, Benjamin Howard, Alice 535
Pottenger, T E Cox, Laura 274
Potter, R W Frost, Lillie M 78
Pracht, William B Patrick, Nellie Leah 200
Prall, C A Cox, Sadie B 105
Pratt, Carroll E Trefren, Florence L 633
Praytor, J G Presley, Fannie 293
Prock, Curtis Welch, Nellie M 311
Provost, P Sylvian Storm, Lillian Agnes 305
Purkeypile, I J Stidham, E Estella 403
Pursel, Ernest Ferris, Lucretia L 15
Purvis, Robert B Whittington, Charlotte R L 454
Ragsdale, J L Dawson, Hattie 218
Ramsey, J F Rogers, Cora E 346
Randle, James E Helman, Susie A 184
Ray, William M Murry, Maude 46
Reames, Clarence L Colvig, Clara 163
Rehkopf, Henry A Wright, Ninna 582
Reynolds, Edward I Whelpley, Mattie L 342
Reynolds, J L Comstock, Lily May 7
Rhodes, A R Whetstone, Sarah Jane 43
Rhodes, Carl L Vanderkarr, Nettie G 479
Rickey, W H Reames, Genevieve 271
Riddle, Claude A Isaacs, Mamie E 453
Robbins, E C Cummons, Annie (Mrs) 511
Robbins, Francis D Luster, Anna V 394
Robbins, Leonard W Graves, Edith 577
Roberts, E F Davis, Eunice E 198
Robertson, George Rowe, Elva Blanche 262
Robinson, O H Nichols, Emma 224
Robinson, Philip Savage, Henrietta 1
Robison, Edward Morgan, Blanche M 62
Robison, Frank Conger, Minnie 537
Robley, A B Thompson, Ella J 276
Root, Fred Ruble, Bertha 602
Roper, Fred G Williams, Ella 319
Rosenbaum, A S Mathews, Alice G 84
Ross, John E Stidham, Elizabeth M 404
Rosser, Henry N Stanley, Margaret May 14
Rowe, A T Ford, Georgia A 405
Rowley, Alva A Russell, Laura E 501
Rucker, T A Horn, Julia A 54
Ruefly, William E Schmidtlein, Grace V 268
Rummel, J E Moore, Mary J 55
Russell, Edward Winningham, Ella 428
Safley, Charles T Catching, Mary 569
Salsbury, Frank Flagg, Laura 177
Samuels, Gus Rowe, Lottie V 114
Sayle, James T Asher, Alice 292
Schleicher, Charles Wilson, Grace 86
Schultz, Joe King, May 70
Schulz, Ewald Pech, Matilda C 557
Scott, E W Bliss, Myrtle 340
Scott, Ralph L Churchman, Helen D 444
Scribner, Abijah McAllister, Anna 191
Shadduck, Plarra M Bartlett, Hattie (Mrs) 606
Shafer, Henry Perry, Clara 498
Shaw, Robert J Parsons, Virginia (Mrs) 421
Sheets, Henry C Eaton, Nellie D 355
Sherrill, W E Schmidtlein, Lizzie M 277
Shideler, A F Colton, Charlotte E 263
Short, Owen Neusbaum, Minnie 255
Shown, Orian C Cole, Mollie 461
Shurtleff, William T Cornelius, Ethel C 29
Sifers, F W Stanley, Dora 152
Simmons, F H Dunham, Harriett A 5
Simpkins, P L Shields, Sophronia 314
Singleton, G R Roach, Dora 469
Slover, Alonzo Wattenburger, Lucinda A 226
Smith, Arthur Winningham, Pearl 540
Smith, Burl Bowker, Emma 522
Smith, C E Layton, Ella M 302
Smith, E D Law, Elva 44
Smith, Frank C Taylor, Elsie M 543
Smith, Joseph C Abbott, Fannie 358
Smith, W A Ferren, Lottie P 476
Smith, W P Leonard, Hattie M (Mrs) 298
Smith, Wayne P Alsanson, Lucy M 69
Smith, William H Nute, Laura E 583
Smith, William T Ferren, Rebecca A (Mrs) 56
Snudden, George T Kincaid, Emma L 345
Snyder, Cortez E Moore, Angeline 334
Snyder, Willis Edwards, Berylla 212
Soule, Irenis Short, Caledonia (Mrs) 155
Sparmaus, Charles Snodgrass, Alice 470
Spielman, Peter G Phipps, Elizabeth 335
Spores, J E Fields, Nettie May 45
St John, John C Slover, Ella 162
Stancliff, W S Blackwood, Jessamine 636
Stanley, George C High, Molla E 272
Stanley, John A Lee, Olive L (Mrs) 185
Stansell, William R Applegate, Susie 398
Stephens, C B Walden, Bertha 287
Stephens, J M Williams, Mary F 172
Stephenson, Lloyd DePrisho, Lillian 581
Stevens, Ephraim Mathews, Martha 324
Steward, M C Corthell, Ethel 410
Stewart, C E Hartley, Anna 85
Stewart, James Ratrie, Sophia I 506
Stewart, Levi Griswold, Lydia 17
Stidham, George M Nusbaum, Lizzie T 74
Stimson, W R Calhoun, Lucy 213
Stine, R O Perry, Emma 291
Stinson, O E Daily, Nannie 474
Stock, H C Mann, Mary E 42
Stockwell, George H Wallace, Lorene 585
Storm, William J Jr Cottrell, Martha L 167
Sullivan, Charles Painter, Clara 434
Sutton, Edward O A Rodgers, Reina 565
Swayne, P F Hubuger, Barbara 137
Swett, Cornelius Haskins, Icalena M 545
Taylor, John D Thumberg, Gertrude 111
Tharp, Alonzo G May, Nellie Belle 36
Tharp, George C Brundige, J G (Mrs) 282
Thomas, C W Walch, Lelah 354
Thomas, Clifford H Million, Mabel R 266
Thompson, Eugene Lewis, Nettie 590
Thornbrough, W B Martin, Astha (Mrs) 588
Thorsen, John Ruts, Edith 359
Thumberg, Fred Olson, Jennie 505
Thurman, William H Kellar, Iva (Mrs) 6
Tice, George H Riddle, Jennie M (Mrs) 381
Tobin, William Bourgeois, Marie A 331
Toft, Raymond H Tryer, Amelia F 625
Tonn, Henry Grissom, Annie 432
Tucker, Boyd Conley, Lila Leona 210
Turpin, Al Payne, Zoe 278
Turpin, Thomas Reed, Nellie 126
Tyner, William Paul Mellus, Jeanette Anna 612
Vance, John King, Gertrude 417
Vanderhayden, Samuel Bryan, Addie L 194
Vanderkarr, R A Rhodes, Elsie 312
VanHardenburg, Peter Vaughn, Kate 622
VanScoy, Paul E Brown, Lottie 254
VanSlyke, E A Ray, Lora 12
VonderHellen, Carl A Daley, Myrtle L 554
Voyle, Edgar W Applegate, Daisy 169
Vroman, Earnest Hayes, Ada 396
Wahlers, Henry Tonn, Emma 419
Wait, J F Tressler, Lillian 464
Waldroop, Daniel I Brouse, Fannie M (Mrs) 75
Walker, C P Bailey, Charlotte 296
Walker, Horace Myers, Addie 532
Walters, Henry Ford, Ora M 460
Washburn, Elmer E Williams, Bertha A 100
Waters, Alex L Wooden, Lavina M 429
Waters, Alex L Wooden, Lavina M 435
Way, E C Wood, Irena 10
Weaver, John W Dungan, Lillie 610
Weeks, G W Leabo, Eva 209
Weinzinger, Joseph Wagoner, Amanda (Mrs) 123
Wertz, G F Evans, Ida 245
Wertz, Joseph S Brown, Ruhama Louise 193
West, Otho T Kelsaw, Belle 509
West, William Moore, Frankie 259
Wetzel, Julian Lyons, Lulu 490
Whetstone, Daniel Whelpley, Cristiebel R 273
Whipple, Herbert J Washburne, Iva E 363
Wikstrom, Charles E Wikstrom, Mary E 168
Wilbur, Myron Layton, Florence 270
Wilcox, George E Householder, Lily 21
Wilcox, George E Grim, Clara 408
Wilder, Edward Fleck, Marie 578
Wilkins, Alva Rossnel Pracht, Charlotte Bronte 502
Will, Carl H Short, Jessie 414
Williams, A L Mauzey, Aletha 95
Williams, Clark Rose, L A 546
Williams, I B Funk, Catherine 525
Williams, Warren E Purves, Maud A 154
Williamson, William E Oliver, L Blanche 222
Wilson, Arthur Baker, Sarah Ann 68
Wilson, George W Rost, Pearl 531
Wilson, J E T Soukup, Rosa 497
Wilson, J R Nicholson, Myrtle M 619
Wise, Jacob Simpson, Sarah E 117
Witt, William Moore, Blanche L 189
Wolff, J E Oliver, Hattie M 508
Woody, George W O'Toole, Catherine 418
Worlow, James L Rodschon, Anna M 320
Wright, Charles S Zimmerlee, Leora Delpha 71
Wright, Fred W Whittle, Luella Gibson (Mrs) 397
Wright, George M Alfred, Maria M 124
Wright, John A Bishop, Etta 13
Wright, Joseph N Pankey, Mary A 179
Wright, Thomas W Patrick, Kate 551
Wulf, William Gilbert, Anna 97
Yeo, George H Gregory, Olive M 518
Yeo, William R Jeffery, Gertrude 478
Young, Earl A Carter, Marcella 426
Young, George D Howard, Tillie J 457
Zana, Ferman Smith, Arretta E 524