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Jackson County Marriage Book #8 Indexed by Groom's Name

Old Photo of Wedding Couple

RVGS volunteers have photographed and indexed the marriage record books housed in the Jackson County, Oregon courthouse. Below is our index to Marriage Book #8 for 1903-1907. It is in alphabetic order by the groom's name. This book used preprinted forms completed by the county clerk. Each page in this book contains the certificates for a single couple and includes both the marriage license and certificate (assuming the license was acted upon).

If you would like to receive a copy of the consent/affidavit and certificate, follow the link below to display the request form. Complete and print the form, then mail it to us along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope and a check for $10 payable to the Rogue Valley Genealogy Society.

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Postal Request Form

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Marriage Certificate
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Names of bride and groom

Groom Bride Page
Abbott, Sylvenus S Taylor, Emily 415
Acree, George A Cadelle, Nancy C 607
Adams, Jesse L Charles, Elizabeth 562
Adams, Oliver Beck, Clarrissa J 211
Addison, George W Hevener, Laura M 237
Addison, Roy W Rogers, Elizabeth M 395
Allen, John W Riggs, Mabel L 463
Allison, R E Morgan, Cora P 108
Alnutt, Joseph M Hilty, Lillian M 558
Anderson, Alex Abbott, Della 102
Anderson, Fay Felix Goode, Bertha Belle 479
Anderson, Gilbert E Minear, Maud M 473
Anderson, Merrill Kensely, Ethel Laura 453
Andrews, George A Randles, Celia A 188
Andrews, Henry T Berger, Thresa Barbara 281
Ankrom, John Cornell, Maggie 551
Applegate, Clyde Gillette, Della 194
Applegate, Frank Lindsey Wilhms, Lida Frances 346
Applegate, Jesse Payne, Lola 459
Applegate, Mark McClanahand, Sarah 231
Arthurs, Chester Copple, Anna 285
Askew, J B Brantner, Laura 303
Avery, Roland Tarbell, Goldie 115
Avery, William Bradford Dawson, Irene 615
Baer, Edward Dosier, Mattie 260
Bailey, John Wyatt, Matilda 191
Bain, William D Wolgamott, Maggie J 592
Baker, Walter F Folland, May 529
Baldwin, Marshal O'Brien, Rose 138
Barclay, Burton E Leslie, Dora E 161
Barkdull, J E Hazel, Silvia 243
Barnum, William H Eifert, Jessie 556
Barrett, Jonas Sleppy, Minnie Pearl 372
Bartholomew, Willis L Albright, Martha 109
Bassett, William H Greninger, Audrey A 465
Beadle, Richard Brooks, Erdine E 547
Beagle, James C Randles, Ethel 93
Beale, Ralph H Wood, Alta 608
Beck, Aaron Tyalor, S A (Mrs) 293
Bedford, H E McLellan, Viola 342
Beebe, M H Terrell, Martha J 295
Beers, Ambrose B Rhoades, Elizabeth Ellen 631
Bellinger, Exsurey J Dickey, Mary Amelia 82
Bellows, Carleton E Wyant, Lena 50
Bender, L E Codrington, Mamie (Mrs) 132
Benson, Frank L Bursell, Ellen 153
Bibby, William A Glore, Lulu 170
Biggins, William E Foster, Adelia N 554
Bigham, Charles William Maness, Grace Bell 461
Black, Lee Holton, Helen 418
Blakely, Ray Perry, Cassie 197
Blalock, W W Joffray, Fannie C (Mrs) 265
Blanton, William A Shelton, Grace S 409
Boardman, Charles A Lovejoy, Lydia E 250
Boothby, Tracey Manning, Mary 500
Bostwick, B C Saltmarsh, Josephine 398
Bostwick, Walter C Lytle, Clara 114
Bowman, Wison Ferguson, Ostella 387
Bradbury, John W Benn, Annie M 583
Bradley, Thomas G Wilhoit, Amy 268
Bradshaw, Ira L Charley, Nora 423
Briggs, G R White, Rose 337
Bristow, George S Schneider, Elizabeth 582
Brophy, Benjamin H Nichols, Anna 514
Brouse, E W Whitehead, Grace 215
Brown, George B Bell, Mable 101
Brown, J M Scott, Ethel 117
Brown, Lawrence I Ellis, Loretta 553
Brown, W H Taylor, Mattie V 401
Bruin, William Garvin, Hattie 617
Bryan, Harry M Loynachan, Marion E 623
Buckley, James T Ulrich, Emma 278
Buckman, Charlie Allen, C 339
Bunch, Ray Babbs, Iva 58
Bundy, Thomas R Gault, Kittie E 434
Burch, Robert E L Pankey, Emily 569
Burke, Patrick Nute, Ellen (Mrs) 370
Burnett, Henry Work, Mary E 37
Burroughs, Grant McAndrews, Maggie 576
Bursell, Victor Corum, Bertha 271
Butler, John Francis Shoemake, Clara J McCormick 247
Buzzell, Jay C Johnson, Josephine Clara 193
Caldwell, Frank Gilchrist, Eva 141
Caley, A Norton, Anna 640
Cameron, C J Dungey, Myrtle 505
Cameron, J R Corbin, Veda L 359
Cameron, Royal Danmirre Dungey, Edith May 487
Canfield, C L Smith, Mayme 230
Carnahan, F W George, Carrie E 580
Carpenter, Harry H Freeland, Jannette R 452
Carter, George Searcy, Elma 184
Carter, John Horn, Eva 548
Cartwright, W C Wattenburger, Maggie B 206
Casebolt, Ira D Musty, Effie 323
Caster, Marion F Gray, Marie E 143
Cates, Frank M Carter, Pearl L 341
Cesalta, B Faucett, Bertha 252
Charley, Nimrod N Finner, Addie M 18
Childers, Horace Egbert Gilson, Ivy R 127
Childers, William Robison, Ethel 466
Childreth, George M Leader, Elaine M 602
Chinn, Christopher Robson, Jessie 426
Chittick, Robert J Westcott, Essa 283
Christie, Alfred M Roundtree, Effie May 450
Churchman, John A Patterson, Elsie M 232
Cincaid (Cingcade), Harry L Perry, Lulu 614
Clark, Charles E Newman, Lillie E 627
Clark, Fred Snyder, Edna 146
Clark, George W Larrabee, Sarah A 571
Clark, J A Zumwalt, Ollie E (Mrs) 144
Clark, John R Ford, Mary 564
Clise, Don M Irwin, Emma 417
Clute, Bert Pernoll, Lydia 273
Cochran, E L Coleman, Edith 274
Coffman, Bert Cook, Eva 99
Coffman, Ira Horn, Nancy 64
Cole, Henry C Beeson, Frances E 253
Cole, William S Bultman, Elma W 175
Collar, Lloyd D Avery, Carrie P 6
Collins, Charles E Wyland, Bertha 420
Collins, Thomas Plymale, Katie May 192
Conner, Walter E Whitney, Harriet Louise 512
Cook, J F Bailey, May 284
Cook, Jack Robert Childers, Jessie May 454
Cook, William W Smith, Myrtle 629
Coop, William Henry Bedford, Rosinia 616
Copple, William Matney, Annie 94
Corum, George Jacobs, Kate 172
Cotchett, James Goren Orth, Eleanor J 486
Cotton, John L Horn, Mary I 559
Counter, William Charles Ashcroft, Laura Esther 575
Courtade, Frank D Wilson, Minnie 366
Cowen, Charles Mael, Minnie (Mrs) 246
Cox, Ralph Hazelwood, Elzora 591
Cripe, H L Woodruff, Ora D 289
Crouch, Frank I Stephenson, Bessie L 328
Crystal, Carl J King, Clara E 10
Crystal, Ray Kiernan, Genevieve 391
Culy, Cory W McKee, Verna 279
Cunningham, Cushman Parker, S A (Mrs) 315
Cusick, James Cornelius O'Toole, Julia E 403
Daily, Murt L Weiss, Effie R 307
Danielson, W O Milligan, Anna 320
Davis, Ansil A Hale, Ida 140
Day, Fred Stewart Wilson, Nancy Bowen 414
Day, John E Wilson, Maud E 354
De Roboam, William E Hall, Mabel Independence 135
Dean, William Kitto, Mildred 597
Demmer, John L Spuhn, Lily 449
Demmer, John L Schafer, Mary 523
Dennis, William B Godfrey, Mamie E 347
Denton, L S Rose, Cleo 319
Dews, Oliver B Jones, Hattie (Mrs) 1
Dow, Robert B Cantrall, Amy 68
Downing, Fred F Demmer, Marie F 431
Drake, Ira K Armbrust, Laura L (Mrs) 484
Dufur, Burnham M Hays, Addie Alice 228
Dugan, Timothy C Sidley, Mary 78
Dugger, S W Bland, Retta J 425
Duncan, J H Elliott, Pearl 282
Dunham, E A Beeson, W Katherine 394
Dusenberry, Calvin L Householder, Nona Grace 156
Dyer, Edward John Billings, Nettie May 542
Dyrud, Axley Cook, Susie 220
Eads, Everett Boyd, Susie Katherine 458
Eads, George Wilson, Anna 257
Earhart, Arthur K Blass, Kitty May 314
Eaton, James Holt, Violet 638
Edington, T B Rowe, Ethel 389
Edmondson, Benjamin Franklin Hale, Kizzie 100
Edmunson, T F Mayfield, Elizabeth 223
Edwards, Frank Watkins, Minnie Bella 456
Eglin, George F Holgate, Clara 67
Eisley, S C McCormack, Mary A (Mrs) 294
Elliott, Theodore Cotton, Ella (Mrs) 137
Ellis, Eli Walker, Melvina 84
Ellison, Arthur B Baker, Emma 310
Elmhirst, J A Mulkey, Sadie E 419
Emery, Harry C Gore, Maycel P 239
Emm, Henry Clinton Tucker, Ardie Ruth 338
Enyart, Jesse E Elliff, Lucretia E 455
Erskine, F H King, Etta 382
Erskine, Walter M Wolgamott, Maggie 565
Evans, Albert Robinson, Nellie 326
Evans, Roy Walker, Della V 349
Everett, Harry J Noble, Erma 356
Ewing, Ernest Cooper, Ethel 611
Farnham, Clarence Maass, Fradia Irene 329
Farrington, Ernest Hardwick, Mary 66
Fields, John W Bryant, Lucinda 517
Finley, Fred Owings, Madge 63
Fisk, George N McPherson, Lulu B 388
Flesher, Wilber E Drake, Ida B 270
Floyd, Harry W Grainger, Mae E 31
Fox, Howard Ray Abbott, Elsie May 485
Freeland, B R Smith, Ida M (Mrs) 142
Freeman, Jesse Kincaid, Beulah 498
Fry, Francis Luther McNair, Della Hart 392
Fuller, Albert Messner, Anna 331
Fuller, Frank N VanStockton, Mae S 2
Furrey, W A Potter, Lillie 390
Gaddis, E C Angle, Katherine 550
Gale, Rowe G Colvig, Helen M 11
Galey, Henry C Dodge, Rosa 244
Garrett, Ed Nute, Nellie 225
Garrett, George C Blackard, Tilda 276
Garrett, P C Anderson, Annie 235
Gaunyaw, Guy Earl Wiley, Cora May 471
Gearheart, Pierce O Buchanan, L Florence 29
Gehrett, Lloyd E Caldwell, Margaret E 581
Gerth, Emett Sloan, Mary 22
Gibson, Walter Dosier, Camilla 269
Gillespy, M F Black, Rilla A 593
Gillmore, Chalmers Warner, Hazel 332
Gilmore, J A Rexford, Bertha 92
Gilmore, James W Amter, Bessie 364
Gingg, Henry Meier, Louisa 218
Glass, Jesse E Clark, Emily Unis 412
Gleason, William D Davis, Ethellyn E 589
Goddard, Fred R Shaffer, Myrtle M 158
Godfrey, W J Askew, Creth 229
Gorsline, C R Miller, Jennie 119
Gowland, J E Long, Della 336
Graham, Edwin F Weber, Emma I 475
Graham, W S Dungey, Olive 224
Grant, Harry F Curry, Mae 297
Gray, Ralph E Wrisley, Grace Rachael 304
Green, W C C Corliss, Mary F 34
Gregory, Will W Wilson, Martha 538
Grieve, A R Adams, Fannie 424
Grieve, James E Pankey, Mary E 124
Grigsby, James A Leep, Deliah A 322
Gumble, Louis Rasmussen, Helen 17
Gunther, Hugo Wolff, Lena 405
Gurnea, George A Chapman, Mabel N 165
Hakes, U L Terwilliger, I M 588
Hale, Dexter Hale, Mollie 373
Hall, Charles T McDonald, Elva 413
Hall, David Webster Johnson, Ida 422
Hall, Harley H Whelpley, Eva 173
Hall, Peter A Benson, Etta (Mrs) 65
Handley, William Albert Craven, Ethel Mae 634
Hanks, William Chappell, Bessie 186
Hanna, John Pankey, Anna B 621
Hanscom, Daniel G Inghram, Mary A 532
Hanscom, William V Clark, Myrtle G 533
Hansen, C E Johnson, Mildred 549
Hansen, J J Olson, Mathilda 36
Hargadine, George R Baker, Beatrice 241
Hargrove, Daniel G Taylor, Louise 519
Hart, James Sargent, Lillie May 375
Hartzell, F E Shelly, Maude E 377
Hathaway, Ernest A Gilmore, Corda 316
Hawkins, N A Burrows, Ella F 87
Hayashi, T Games, Elizabeth 610
Hayes, Elvin Meeker, Ella 203
Hayes, F T Wilson, Allie 164
Hayes, Harry M Riley, Mollie A 404
Hayes, John C Riley, Inis Maud 399
Hayes, O R Heffner, Saddie L 209
Hebard, Henry F Whitesides, Viola 478
Heckathorn, Jerry Park, Annie 39
Heft, Earl Grisham, Stella M 522
Hensley, R C Batchelor, Nora 348
Hensley, R C Clift, Anna E 604
Heriford, Charles Johnson, Minnie Myrtle (Mrs) 333
Herriford, Claude E Tyler, Gertrude 528
Hesselgrave, John Hurley, Dora 181
Hessler, Louis J Wright, Sarah J 598
Hibbard, Josiah G Davis, Bertha E 25
High, Frank C Rouschow, Julie 90
Higinbotham, Eddie Caster, Norma 560
Hockenyos, William J McKeever, Maud 402
Holden, Arthur Martin, Dosha 467
Hollenbeck, George E Goodlow, Lizzie 509
Homes, Frederick Cleveland Myers, Bessie Larrane 574
Hosley, William H Perkins, Ella I 266
Howard, Harvey T Fleming, Madge 429
Hubbard, Alexis Roberts, Bernice 624
Hubbard, Arthur Stephen Long, Dora 199
Hughes, J M Provost, Eva M 383
Hughes, Lem Roberts, Lillie E 407
Hull, Ida O Guches, Laura 626
Hutchins, Daniel Danielson, Bertha 599
Hutchins, Edward Walter McAhron, Lura 480
Hutchins, John H Williams, Vina 290
Hutton, William A Wilson, Mable M 136
Ingram, W L Cooksey, R M 240
Inlow, Fred Wilson, Maggie 80
Irwin, George L Heaton, Edna May 587
Jack, Wilbur Nichols, Dolly E 469
Jack, Wilfred Vestal, Lizzie 585
James, Roy Davis, Sarah Lethen 198
Jehle, John Gilstrap, Lulu (Mrs) 384
Jeldness, Otto Hazel, Beaulah 637
Jennings, Luke Miller, Nona 579
Johnson, Coyle Bedford, Ruby 317
Johnson, James Thurman, Ellen (Mrs) 71
Johnston, Lucien C Barr, Minnie Myrtle 139
Jones, C E Plymire, Lula 48
Jones, J C Albright, Alice M 437
Jones, John W Williams, Callie 596
Jones, Robert O Rowe, Ina 544
Jordan, Frank Devine, Hanna Mabel 88
Karnes, D G Haymond, Gladys 125
Keal, John H Bagley, Olive A 104
Kearns, Richard Seng, Jennie 49
Keegan, Christopher Lewis, Bertha M 543
Keeney, Harry G Tibbetts, Delia 541
Kelsay, Thomas F Stockern (Stockem), Sarisa A 628
Kelso, Ted E Ward, Stella A 182
Kenney, William C Little, Cora B 12
Kerr, George Gilbert Silsby, Mary Helen 357
Kershaw, Peter M Gregory, Tamar D 19
King, Charles A Dickson, L Lotella 474
King, Frank Nickerson, Hanna 61
King, George F Sutton, E Gertrude 24
King, Herman G Margrieter, Mary 275
Knapp, Edwin Zumwalt, Inez 222
Knott, Fred Kaeser, Freda 133
Kramer, George N Eliason, N Beryl 578
Lacy, Charles A Spencer, Gay 213
Lamb, J A Woodford, Vergie 72
Lamson, Charles Dudley Walker, Maud May 262
Law, T P Smith, Ida L Wilson (Mrs) 151
Lawrence, Frank Eaton, Hattie 155
Lawrence, J D Bradley, Ida (Mrs) 296
Lawrence, John M Bradley, Rose 447
Laws, Garfield Pitman, Daisy 255
Lawton, Guy Cameron, Corinne 470
Leaming, Edward W Manis, Lizzie 380
Lefrene, Proppere Davidson, R (Mrs) 361
Leland, W J Berry, Laura T 365
Leonard, Leander L Randolph, Martha 202
LePonte, Almarin E Jacobs, Mary F 233
Leung, Karl Theo Borgen, Johanna Marie 477
Lincoln, E T Sargent, Rose 86
Loder, Frank F Bennett, Laura M 440
Loesch, Louis Lewman, Margaret Rebecca 152
Long, William Andrew Spencer, Lucinda L 9
Loomis, Roy F Dyar, Carolina A 622
Losher, Claude Ralph Emery, Mona Ethel 116
Love, Asa Gardner, Dolly 33
Love, Ira O Smith, Minnie Ellen 594
Lovelace, Eben R Riggs, Ada 526
Low, Oscar D Chapman, Elsie 439
Lowden, Lancelette Hicks, Myrtle Viola 443
Lowe, Charles E Conard, Effie 481
Lucke, Adolph Hogue, Gertrude 483
Luy, Harry Cook, Isa 73
Lynch, Harry Anderson, Lelia 7
Lyon, Charles Grier, Birdie 166
Lyon, James W Burson, Stella 344
Lyons, Oscar Bostwick, Hattie E 55
Macaulay, John L Freshour, May 613
Magruder, E B Gilchrist, Cloe 106
Major, J M Hargrave, Josephine 77
Mansfield, James F Thumberg, Maud 149
Manwell, Edward Manwell, Sarah 154
March, Frank J Johnston, Frances 363
March, George Hurley, Myrtle A 180
Marvin, Carl DeWitt Layton, Lena Laura 248
Mast, John M Fisher, Florence W 324
Matney, John N Swartzfager, Fannie 520
Mays, Janus Centers, Essie 205
McCall, Guert L Howard, Katie 41
McCarvil, Thomas J Schmidlein, Maggie 410
McClanahan, John Summers, Rachael 212
McClarty, W A Skillman, Chappelle 563
McClellan, Fred Dungey, Ada 521
McCracken, Ed Harriott, Nellie 249
McDonald, I B Vincent, L B 448
McDonough, Martin Lout, E M 258
McFarren, C C Darling, Anna 506
McKee, Arthur E Silva, Theresa 171
McKee, Lyman D Garrett, Catherine 525
McKenzie, Percy Buck, Elizabeth 81
McKinstry, Edward T Delemater, Diadama 3
McLane, O E Vandewalker, Nora 302
McLaughlin, H F Thurston, Adeline 183
McNair, James J Briggs, Lulu A 98
McPherson, A W Jones, Lola M 494
McReynolds, Chester Alma Livengood, Margaret 340
Mee, Anderson Willetts, Lida 187
Meiss, F H Schaefer, D J (Mrs) 400
Messal, William G Walch, Emma 489
Messner, Rufus Quigley, Belle 435
Miehl, William Nussbaum, Dolly 200
Miller, Benjamin Franklin Irwin, Kitty O 54
Miller, Bert Moomaw, Virginia L 360
Miller, Cortes Baer, Maude 376
Miller, Curtis E Shipley, Anna 411
Million, F D Spencer, Leona E 38
Mitchell, William C Patterson, Minnie Blanche 497
Moll, Edwin Dunham, Mary S 201
Moomaw, Joel Ebersol, (Mrs) 95
Moore, Adelbert Drake, Mary 219
Moore, Charles Byron Hatch, Cassie D 178
Moore, George Edwin Caldwell, Amy 430
Moore, George Robert Foster, Bessie May 511
Moore, Guy M Buck, Lillian 524
Morgan, Fielding Sullivan, Carrie G 148
Morris, Howard V Swagerty, Lucy L 305
Moses, Willard W Collings, Mary E 457
Mote, Louis Rice, Madge 70
Mulit, L L McCallen, Gertrude 352
Murphy, Livy Whetstone, Alice 259
Murphy, T T Raymond, Mabel 438
Myers, Arthur B Marshall, Daisy A 216
Myers, George Marion Miller, Delia 513
Narregan, L C Eisenhart, Tallien M 446
Neal, H O Eastman, Elizabeth 609
Nelson, A W Webb, Pearl 42
Nelson, John Loder, Anna (Mrs) 299
Nichols, Roy Grisham, Pearl 491
Nininger, Amos Charles Logan, Vera Elizabeth 472
Norris, Vernis Courtney, Angie 301
Norton, Fred Woody, Catherine A 227
Norton, Howard Dunnington, Gertrude 379
Nute, James Ernest Garrett, Lulu 263
O'Brien, B F Smith, Susie 129
Oden, James Gardner, Emma 236
Orme, Grant Standard, Millie 460
Orth, William Henry Jones, Oral 157
Owens, Thomas Trefren, Minnie 462
Owings, Will De Roboam, Mabel Mary 145
Palm, G F Stoops, Jessie 639
Pankey, George Lawrence Grimes, Jennie 416
Parham, Crow Cavin, Mary Ellen 527
Parker, Chester Kenworthy, Etta 555
Parker, Hillary J Rease. Lanora 495
Parker, J J Little, Jhonnie 196
Parsley, George T Stidham, Bertha M 557
Patrick, George H Griffith, Ella M 195
Patterson, Simon P Edmunson, Verian A 488
Patton, Nathan Fred Sloan, Louetta Cozette 118
Payne, Clyde A Hurt, Judith I 288
Payne, Frank E McElroy, Minnie I 496
Pearce, Evan H Breeden, Emma 396
Peart, Ben G Clark, Gertrude 568
Peart, James W Bennett, Belle Lamar 300
Pellett, George H Hamlin, Bertha 530
Pence, Minnus F Middlebusher, Osa L 355
Perdue, Bert McCarvel, Sarah E 492
Perry, William Betz, Margaret E 601
Pfaff, C V Smith, Stella B 51
Phillips, Jesse Fry, Ada 150
Piening, William Irwin, Mary 28
Poe, Chester Arthur Margreiter, Elizabeth 451
Pool, Benton L Cameron, Ada B 427
Pope, Joe Eaton, Grace 433
Potter, Ezra O Stewart, Della A 577
Potter, George Picard, Elsie 85
Powell, Walter P Boyd, Elizabeth 30
Presley, David A Miller, Jennie May 566
Puhl, Frederick Pech, Augusta 130
Purdin, Grover E Hall, Hattie E 572
Quigley, Francis M Eastlick, Cassie 23
Radcliffe, Anderson C Barry, Lily J 507
Randles, P L Faith, Etta 59
Rapp, Fred Oatman, Artie E 35
Ravenor, Charles J Beery, Cora M 476
Rawlinson, Douglas Chapman, Lettice 318
Read, Harold H Fuson, Maud E 190
Rease, E O Carey, Martha E 502
Redden, Franklin E Law, Sarah L 351
Reed, Henry D Blackburn, Nellie 508
Reed, L E Porter, Margaret 234
Reeder, Ira Rush, Blanche Olive 584
Reese, Frederick Birdsey, Fannie C 15
Reidelbauch, John Adams, Cynthia V 20
Richardson, J L Wilson, Mary E 91
Ring, David R Pitman, Anna Clem 174
Roach, Earl J Gablebower, Elizabeth 110
Roach, Lowell Singleton, Virgie 44
Roberts, E G Montgomery, Leona J 385
Roberts, Hubert R Black, Pauline 536
Robinett, W B Blakley, Leona 167
Robinson, Reuben H Taylor, Lillian 26
Robley, Fred Grant Mingus, Daisy Ellen 516
Robley, Roy Reese Patterson, Maud Ethel 327
Robson, William Griner, Ida 408
Rodgers, Charles Tate, Ada 112
Rodgers, Howard Henderson, Ada 226
Rodgers, J F Amick, Eva 134
Rogers, John S Callahan, Minnie 605
Roland, G V Noe, Mae 242
Roop, James A Stiff, Belle (Mrs) 8
Root, Robert J Niles, Celia E 56
Roper, Fred L Chapman, Rose E 121
Rose, George W Sanford, Gladys 618
Roseveare, I A Castle, M A 32
Saborn, L R Bouldin, Lora 47
Sackett, Dewey W Simons, Edith A 600
Sanders, S D Whelpley, Ellen (Mrs) 96
Sargent, A H Fruit, Sarah Elizabeth 369
Sargent, Henry H Davis, Josephine 539
Schaumloffel, William Covert, Addie Luella 217
Schmitt, Joseph A Hall, Lillian 123
Schneider, Frank E Waite, Lizzie 633
Schulz, Max Holst, Alina K J 378
Scott, Earnest Eldon Throckmorton, Della 287
Scribner, Thomas R Renfro, Myrtle 335
Seefield, Charles Evans, Augusta 126
Shaffer, A M Cummings, Olive 277
Shaw, Clyde Hicks, Myrtle V 306
Shearer, H G Ford, Mollie 79
Shelley, Allen D Abbott, Edith V 570
Shelley, William F Maupin, Mattie L 619
Shields, Arthur Stone, Cora E 107
Shields, F M Olsen, Betty 325
Shively, Arthur J Ray, Clara 214
Shutt, Adam M Amidow, Laura M 13
Simpson, Frank C Bolton, Winifred M 40
Smith, Albert Lee Teters, Addie 238
Smith, Arthur P Moore, Agnes 168
Smith, Ira C King, Zoe E 122
Smith, James U Morris, Lottie 531
Smith, John R Mayham, Rosie 280
Smith, Joseph C Glendenning, Cora Bell 374
Smith, Mark W Jennings, Hattie H 630
Smith, William Clay Moreland, Elizabeth 421
Smith, William E Kenoyer, J Pearl 442
Smith, Z T Schofield, A E 503
Snowgoose, Charles Trefren, Josephine 169
Snyder, Wade Bolton, Nellie 62
Soliss, John E Hoover, Elizabeth 313
Soule, Ray Dexter, Minnie 490
Sparr, Henry C Norris, Nina O 510
Spence, A C Perkins, Ada 69
Spence, Edgar Thomas Conard, Eva Beatrice 501
Spires, William W Masterson, Agnes 586
Springer, Francis Firestone, Esther 428
St Germain, Frank X Noah, Rebecca Catherine 330
Stalkup, Richard S Dollarhide, M A 4
Stanard, Ben O'Toole, Frances 561
Stancliff, Luther F Moore, Olive Sunbeam 147
Standley, Charles W Brown, Ethel T 552
Stanley, Lewis F Standard, Blanch 21
Stephenson, Oren McAndrews, Belle 160
Stevens, Arthur R Neil, Margaret 595
Stevens, George C Carter, Fannie 131
Stevens, Levi N Johnson, Bessie K 111
Stewart, Charles M Hooks, Matilda E 286
Stiles, George H Patterson, Iva 590
Stiles, Lawrence Murray, Nellie 436
Stock, H C Biede, Maria Helena 444
Stone, Fred W G Hamlin, Theresa F 397
Stone, L M Wulf, Diania 14
Stoner, Benjamin Crary, Mabel Grace 159
Stowell, John E Weaver, Ollie 445
Strange, Pliny R Thompson, Maude 179
Strohmeier, Edwin H Beall, Lula 254
Stuart, Arthur Jones, Mable 499
Studebaker, Robert B Augir, Ethel Marion 540
Stumbo, Warren C Story, Josie Frances 632
Sutton, Ward K Randles, Josephine 308
Swartzfager, Charles May, Dora 493
Sweet, Clyde R Goodyear, Mable S 185
Swenning, Samuel T Carnell, Olive E 464
Swingle, H F Bennett, A Marie 367
Talent, Charles P Bradbury, Rydal M 74
Tate, William O Drew, Mae M 298
Taylor, Clay Freeburg, Irma V 545
Taylor, David Young, Louisa (Mrs) 381
Taylor, Marvel M Krause, Margaret E 291
Teatsworth, G W Daken, Ethel 406
Telfer, Robert W Merriman, May Lurene 264
Terwilliger, J G Herrington, Belle 518
Test, T B Chapman, Kate M 537
Tex, Guy Pankey, Della 334
Thompson, Charles H Bucknall, Margaret Annie 312
Thompson, Orrin Taylor, Ida 546
Thurman, Charley M Morgan, Almira (Mrs) 27
Tibbetts, Oscar Slover, Ella 261
Tickner, Percy Ray Wilkinson, Hattie I 468
Tompkins, Charles H Steward, Fannie May 204
Trask, George King, Fannie 120
Tremenan, James Williams, Hattie T 606
True, C P Hockersmith, Martha E 256
Tryer, Samuel D Wolf, Verna May 292
Tulley, John Faust, Mary 46
Tungate, Jasper Smith, Blanch 83
Turpin, Niron Charley, Mida 176
Twomey, William P Bailey, Jeannett (Mrs) 620
Tyrrell, John R Dodge, M Ella 207
Vanderfome, J B Fry, Anna B 57
VanNatta, G O Griffith, Ida M 251
VanNess, Charles Clark, Eva 441
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